Our flight is tomorrow, why are you here? What are you doing? I want to be here and stay with you Have you eaten yet Yes Is it because of Song Lin? Don’t mention him Qing Look Is that He Qin? Who is it? The recently famed actress I wanted to interview her while in Milan It’s really her Fang, you mentioned before that you quite like her She’s so good-looking much better looking in person than on TV He Qin Yes Mr. Su, it’s been a long time Such a small world Indeed Let’s me introduce you the designer of our company Zhou Fang Nice to meet you You are pretty I thought she is a star if you did not tell me Thank you Let’s take a picture together Shall I? Come on Let me take the photo for you Hey one, two, three Done Thank you See you at Milan Let’s have dinner back to Milan Sure Okay See you Let me check I added an emoji for you Post a Weibo now and at He Qin I will ask her to forward the Weibo There’s no need to bother, Mr. Su This is marketing. It’s very important Hurry Mr. Su is correct It’s far more efficient to have He Qin promoting for you than to make a hundred clothes yourself Thank you Mr. Su Mr. Song, recently WanFeng introduced a group of management personnel As instructed by you we are working normally training talents and handover timely But the current management is basically overhead now I always mention before that we want to try something new It’s time to call you back Mr. Song I thought that you deserted me Mr. Song Whenever you need us, we will show up There are many who want to follow your lead in our team Let me tell you the basic situation In recent days, Recently Xiaozuo and the technological team has already broken through the online fitting measurement technology What we need to do now is to catering for the market for more user groups This is what you good at Only this time We are turning into the mobile phone terminal from computer

Are you clear of what to do? No problem We’re on it One more thing I have invested several new firms lately They are all newly emerged industry So the senior employees of WanFeng, if anyone wants to change working environment and try new fields Please contact me Mr. Song Is there any firm with pretty girls? You are all in pairs except for me You can’t go! Go and find an office which can accommodate about two hundred people Alright What are you talking about? What is it? Feel unhappy? No, no Just in time Take this opportunity, I will go and find an office building where there are many pretty long ladies You can count on me Then please handle the rest of this matter No problem, Mr. Song See you Okay Bye Mr. Lin, let me show them the way Bye bye Go ahead Mr. Song It’s been long Did you ever miss me? No How is things go with Miss Fang and you? Great, very good What about Luoluo? How is she? She’s fine And granny? All good? I am planning to go back to see her Why don’t you pick her up over here? She’s getting old and cannot get used to the city She just wants to live in the countryside I cannot make her Rest assured Please trust me with the new office building You are the best Grandma Aunt Zhao Come and hand it over to me, I will take it for you Okay Grandma Song Come and check who is here to see you Here comes the silly boy I’m back Give me a hug How are you feeling? Have some talk I will do the cooking Okay How are you I’m all fine I’m okay I’m fine You are in good condition Right? I’m relieved That’s great It’s been long since I came back last time Did you miss me? Of course I do But you youngsters are busy with your work Don’t worry about grandma Okay I’m all good here Just look at the big house which you built for grandma I like it very much Whatever makes you happy I’m happy now that you are happy By the way I sent Luoluo to study abroad Did she call you? Luoluo calls me frequently She said she is fitting in well And there’s a kid named Xiaodi who is very good to her She told you everything Grandma, when you are free, let’s go to America and take your around I’m not going, it’s too far away Even Shanghai is far for me let alone the U.S When you get old, you just want still and quiet I’m all great here Well now that you are happy Later I will cook two dishes for you Taught by my girlfriend Is it really? Take her home sometime Grandma want to meet her Take her home when she’s free OK How long will you stay home this time? As long as you are happy OK Now that you are back go and take a walk while you are free The air here is better than that of Shanghai OK With less cars and less buildings here Okay You just take a good rest Come inside Okay Grandma will cook for you We had a lot of fun today We went to several shows and later we will go and join after party Do you know Su Yushan? He is awesome to know so many people He gave us the quota for the show today He is so nice to you Is there something more going on here? I have confirmed with Zhou Fang already She said no Then perhaps no Will you drink tonight? Being away from home I dare not drink that much Maybe a little Otherwise you’ll worry about me, aren’t you? You are so lovely now Do you love me more? I love you very very much Hey my dear I’m going out later Can you help me

to find a good dress? Wait, my mom’s here I gotta go Ok, you go then What have you brought with you? Er Is this for buying vegetables I may take some of mine I’m here to learn something not to get on the stage Why bother to dress up? This is Milan Fashion Week Come on Could you please get bold? Sisters, how do I look in this? No bad It accents your shape But your make-up can get stronger than this More eyeliner Here? More? Ok, gotcha Look at Shen Peipei Look at you What? What are those? That looks awful Can’t you wear something with brighter color? How can you call yourself a designer? Over a dozen hours of flight can’t beat you down I am too lazy to change it You lazy girl Have you told Song Lin you landed safely No He hasn’t talked to me either I can’t understand you two What’s the fuss about the tiny thing Can’t he just say something nice and get it over with? Sometimes, being cute and saying something nice can be the solution to a real problem It’s gonna break out someday I can’t bear you Let’s get changed and eat I’m hungry Why are you still eating? Did you just eat? But I’m hungry Grandma It’s getting cold Don’t catch a cold Yaya It’s really a hard work for all these years Grandma is old There’s nothing I can do for you You just take care of yourself And be happy every day That would be a great help Grandma You are always alone Silly boy, you should start a family No need to hurry For now, I just want to get my company on the right track Get you all settled safe and sound There is Luoluo for me to take care The family thing is up to fate It’s a natural thing Don’t worry Yes I remember your grandpa once told me that he must die after me I didn’t expect that he’s gone for 10 years Then gradually I’ve thought this through When you are holding something you shouldn’t always be afraid of losing it Otherwise, when you lose it, you will regret I remember I read something in a book which goes like this For family members, the ones alive will send the dying ones to the ones in heaven then eventually they will reunite Stop thinking those things I am visiting you Cheer up As you are here, go to visit the cemetery where your grandpa’s buried Then send followers to your parents I promise A bunch of flowers Have the tea OK Come on Let me try my grandma-made tea What kind of tea is this? Come on Sit and drink My feet hurt After party is more exhausting than the show Add the one with the girl band before party I’ve done

thirteen interviews Remember to send the pictures of the show Okay Let me catch my breath first My legs are broken from visiting the jewelry fair Who suggested to wear high heels? Who? Isn’t that you? We asked us all to wear them Is it me? What was I thinking? If only my pencil boy is here He could have given me a massage Come here, I can do it Qing You are so good at making people jealous You need to catch up How is you and your boy? Have you talked? Not yet What the hell are you doing? I’m telling you If you two are always like this, you may be used to it If you love him then forgive him If I were you, I wouldn’t care who apologize first or who lose their faces As long as I love the person and we are together is more important than anything You are such a fool in love It’s the fifth day in Milan I miss pencil boy I wanna go back Come on Aren’t you going to Ireland and visit the shooting site of , The Game of Thrones, I don’t want to anymore I just wanna go back You have bought the plane tickets to Ireland, haven’t we? Just return them Let’s go back Miss Qing, I think you are the fool in love Could you help me to return my ticket? If you are leaving, we should all go Let me check Hey my dear Why did you suddenly come back? I missed you What is this? It’s for you It’s too expensive You give me everything Can’t I just give you a watch? How do you like it? I like it very much I’ve always want this watch for a long time But I just couldn’t make my offer I knew you’d like it In the future, every time you check on the time, you can think of me Are you hungry? Let’s eat Come on This is so cute I asked Xiaofei if you ate He said you haven’t so I cooked this for you No wonder he didn’t let me order food What are you looking at? Why don’t you eat? It’s too cute to eat Childish If you want to eat this I can cook for you anytime The egg is heart-shaped I learnt it online Lin Here comes your mother Mom Why are you here? I’m here to deliver food for you I was worried that you can’t eat properly I almost finish my work Aren’t you tired coming all the way here? No, I’m not Where are you going, mom I want visit you company Mom You have You have looked around before Can’t I look around again? Hello Nice to meet you, Aunt Look at your meeting room It’s quite nice It’s big and bright Nod bad The office is kind of small I will try to get a bigger one Mom Since you’ve done visiting, you may go home first You’ve finished your work, haven’t you? Let’s go together Xiaofei I’m going to leave this in your fridge Don’t steal it Rest assured, Mr. Zuo I’m going Sister Sister Miss Tian is gone Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure Here is your love meal I’m sorry, Mr. Su You just got back from Milan and I ask you to have the meeting Sorry to take up your time of resting Welcome Your company just acquired the share of WanFeng

That makes you a shareholder of WanFeng Group Of course you have the right to supervise our projects at any time Don’t hesitate You are being so polite Any project of company and the management of the company are under your control We are just assisting I’m not going to beat around the bush I’m here to talk about the recent project you’ve developed Some parts of it are still questionable to me No problem You can give any advice For any project After the approve of its idea the major factor in next step is technology I assume that Mr. Su has all the information about Song Lin’s actions But as for the technology, there are few companies which are compete with his at all You must have got this information before you tried everything to cut his capital chain, right? But he still found your company as an excellent buyer I admit that Song Lin has his strength over technology But the fact that he found you is lucky for us, isn’t it? I think Technological advance is just one factor The other factors that decide the success of a project are the timing to launch the market operation and the acceptance of the customer Those are far more useful than technology Am I right? But according to my assess this app developed by WanFeng has a few bugs which need your attention So, my advice is to postpone the launching time of the app And of course, I will report the situation to other leaders in the company Our company are cautious about every project we invest You’ll have to excuse me, Mr. Su Miss Ling Xi, I understand your concern But since I am the president of WanFeng, I won’t allow any bug jeopardize WanFeng So, if you’ll excuse me I can’t accept your advice Pencil boy Do you know where Song Lin went? He went to his hometown Miss Fang, you came back as well Yes Qin Qing wanted to come back so I didn’t wanna be there either Got it When did Song Lin go? Right after you guys left Ok, talk to you later I gotta go Hey Hey How are you recently? I’m fine Why didn’t you tell me that you went to Grandma’s I’m just visiting my Grandma, no big deal You didn’t ask so I didn’t say What are you calling for? It’s fine I just haven’t heard from recently, so I just call to ask where you are and what you are doing What about me? I am just an idler without much to do But your trip to Milan was fun, wasn’t it? You must have learnt a lot I didn’t have the guts to call you in case I may bother you Song Lin, do you have to speak to me like this? What’s wrong with you? If I ever did anything that upset you, tell me, ok? It is way better than the situation now I am fine It’s fine I gotta go Sorry I just don’t want you to get involved in the war between Su Yushan and me If you were here with me I would have told you immediately As the person you are, you can’t stay out of it Miss Ling

Miss Ling Where is Mr. Xu Mr. Xu is waiting for you in your office But he seems very angry Got it Mr. Xu I am so disappointed You were always calm Where is your calmness? This time, your decision is too radical Before we have a inside discussion, you just run to Mr. Su so hastily You were not authorized to do that I have been studied the project of WanFeng for several days And I found some bugs, so I suggested Mr. Su to postpone the launch What I did is for our company and our project No matter what’s your purpose You need the permission from company after our discussion before you contact Su Yushan It looks like Su Yushan not only rejected my advice but also sold me out to you Come and sit Ling Xi I know that recently you are under huge pressure subjective and groundless decision has bad impact on your professional assessment You should go home and take a few days off What do you mean? I don’t understand All these years, you have taken good care of me If you have something to say to me just say it Well Then, I’m gonna tell you the truth Before Su Yushan went to Milan, he and I already met His idea not expressed in words indicated that you have given away the business secret You and Song Lin meet a lot in private which the shareholders have heard about Of course, this will upset somebody I am very aware of the rules of business I’ve assessed so many successful business for company Why would I do something bad to the company? Your performance is obvious to all But this time Su Yushan has taken you as his eye-sore The directors all acknowledge his project There is nothing can be done I offered you a long vacation and this is the best result Then what about the project of WanFeng? What are you gonna do about it? You can rest assured I have someone to follow it up I would like to ask that the doubts I brought up haven’t been verified, have they? It looks like that you’ve persuaded by Su Yushan OK Thank you for taking care of me But I have my principles Since I’ve brought up my doubts but the company won’t buy them I’m gonna try everything to prove that I am right I will hand my letter of resignation later Meet you again someday Then why are you so anxious to find me? Are you fired? Kind of By the way, does your U.S. Visas expire? No What’s wrong? Why did you get fired I think it’s a long story I will book the latest ticket to the U.S. for us I’ll tell you then No, no What’s the matter? You got fired Why are we going to the U.S.? Aren’t your company raising capital? Yes, but why? Actually I have found several companies there and arranged a discussion about it the day after tomorrow It is an once-in-a-lifetime thing It’s up to you to go or not But I’m not ready to go to Miss Fang Pencil boy What are you doing here? But right on time There’s something I want to ask you How is the financial situation of your company? It’s fine Song Lin didn’t say there is a problem or not What’s the matter? Nothing, I’m just asking Is Song Lin here? I need to see him Miss Fang Song Lin went with Ling Xi to the U.S. by plane last night There’s some emergency He didn’t tell you? I got it It’s okay, and go on with your work I gotta go Miss Fang You call me if you need anything Okay That house is pretty good

Right This house is a cost efficient one Let’s talk after going back to company Okay Someone’s coming to see the house? What a coincidence It’s the house of the owner of your house who cleans the house so well The client is interested in it Song Lin? He wants to sell the house? I don’t know about that He puts out an ad last night He said it’s an urgent sale and the price is good The client is interested in it I still have something to deal with I’m leaving with my client Okay This is the information about these companies in the U.S Tonight we have to make a business plan What ah? Check the documents Why are looking at me? Know ourselves, and know our enemies better That’s how you win But we had a long trip without one bite Let’s have something first. Ok? But we don’t have much time Health goes first even if we are running out of time I’m dying Ok, let me order something Have a cup of coffee OK Is this ok? Not bad I didn’t expect after all these years working in the company I have to prepare document myself Sorry I fell asleep Never mind. You were just sleepy Me too Well Project Proposal is done When Xiaofei arrives from home Leave the professional matters to them I can’t handle this anymore I think I find the right person You find the right company and the project I mean, our project is worth investing By the way I didn’t mean to pry into your private On the way here, I heard that you told an agency that you wanna sell the house you’re living I’m short of money Cancel that There’s no need to sell your house What you did is an insult to my profession Since I chose your team, I believe in your strength There’s no need to sell your house I’m going to have a rest now Tell me if Xiaofei’s here Okay Go and get some sleep Thank you Call the agency to cancel OK I can’t do it I think the collar

is a bit rigid We can improve it These lines may be smoother Indeed Ok, I’ll leave it to you No problem Miss Tang What’s wrong? This is the latest order The time their customers are coming to do the measurement is marked You need to verify it OK I’m telling you The influence of idols are huge Since the boy band wore our clothes to the music award ceremony Here come some clients who are just teenager female fans Do they order uniforms for school? No, dresses Listen They must be rich Very rich You don’t know They often take part in banquet or party What a life Got it What are you talking about? Take a guess Go on with your work Now I’m going to send out those goods OK Miss Fang Someone’s here to apply for the position of tailor Hello, I’m Zhou Fang The person in charge I’m Fu Chunlai Do you have a resume? Resume? No All the information is within my hands and my head My grandfather, my dad, and me, we are all tailors We mainly make suits one version at a time I want to apply for the position of tailor here You are experienced Since three generations of your family are tailors, you should have open your own store How come you are here? It didn’t make much money I wanna a house and we need supply Then it’s all up to your skills A piece of case Why don’t I just make one piece of clothes now? It takes too much time to make one I got it Cutting and sewing of this one is all up to you Okay Not bad Have a cordial working relationship Details about contract will leave to Quanye She will talk to you Miss Quanye, thank you Welcome Follow me Tang Jie, Youyou, call Shao Kai We are going out OK Everyone here is our new house What do you think? Isn’t it pretty? The house is too big But as a seasoned employee I think that TKYSHOP deserves it Oh my god How much is the rent of this place? Miss Fang I didn’t know that our company is as rich as this This is a site offered by BaiSai It’s free It’s a great bargain You are amazing, Miss Fang Look at this couch Miss Fang The taste and the structure of the house are great Tang Jie, try this The couch is so comfortable Don’t want to move! It’s pretty good Am I right? Zhou Fang Mr. Su, what are you doing here? The design of the store is beautiful It feels right to be the environment for a designer to work Thanks to the support from you, Mr. Su

My pleasure I need to talk to you about something Let’s go have some coffee OK Welcome to Bestore The organizer said that a few pieces of jewelry I designed are popular Today I have got a order from them That’s great Congratulations, darling I didn’t expect that I’m so excited As long as you are happy But don’t work too hard Get more Mixed Nuts Designing must need a lot of thinking Too much I can’t finish so much Get some more if you like And I feel really sorry for your suffering My pleasure I’m fine Let’s go The new store is open If you need any help, don’t hesitate to tell me Everything is ok by now The trivial things can be managed by the stuff Is everything ok with Song Lin in the U.S.? I’m busy recently I didn’t even think about him How do you know he is in U.S., Mr. Su We are all in this business circle So it is easy to know However, I still want to thank you for staying with us regardless the competition between Song Lin and me You can rest assured I’m grateful for that I will treat well You are competing with Song Lin? You have no idea about that? Song Lin is really calm It’s such a big deal, he didn’t tell you? Indeed I am competing with Song Lin We are competing in R&D and technology He has advantages on these But on capital operation, he has no advantage at all He’s gonna lose, but he has someone to help him Ling Xi left us for Song Lin without hesitation Both of them shared lots of things in common at work

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