Claude says Team Liquid trying to repel them out of their fate they have to try and push back Team Liquid with the mess up the junk gonna squeeze in a huge meltdown as its owners he’s gonna fall that should be the game one game to this entire packet we now know our grand finalists for the International 2019 Team Liquid witness of ti7 go head-to-head with the champions from the TI 800 G last year everyone was saying oh Jeep loop their way through TI well guess what here we are again at the Grand Finals the only player in the grand finals that has never wanted the core will be Levite he’s big there though to see him lose another finally submit I can’t eat there we are gonna have a 2-time champion guaranteed and then there’s a chance for back-to-back TI champion that is crazy yeah this is the whole team admission thank you very much it’s gonna be a different way of playing like it’s gonna be different dollar is gonna be our daughter like all the way I think it’s important note that we set our mind to give them the respect that they deserve they got to try grand finals they’re very strong team we’re gonna respect them we’re gonna slay them with respect that’s important as for the ones always that like them we’ve said outside but once again no fucking mercy today like they fucking go down I want you guys to feel free and play on your best abilities keep in mind what brought us here yeah him first and unity the only thing we have to understand about oh jeez we to show resistance that’s it cuz they will go and every level they’re like a funky businessman that’s original team like monkey stay we’ll go for you guys to relax right now ten minutes like bring yourself down just feel free like I’m not even gonna say like a scrim it’s just like the fun game you know in a way it’s a costly scrim though before the tournament looking for a bit dark Sebastian I mean honestly I dedicate this tournament to him I wouldn’t change a single thing these guys say they got my back I can feel it you guys are going head to head and now we are definitely going to see a repeat Ti champion it’s my biggest goal daughter Weiss right now so take the ages from zero and thank God I’m here now in my heart if it’s not me I wish it for nothing so this is very pure finance for me [Applause] did my motherfucking finals I’ll get the energy levels I’ve been taking care of someone has to sing they should be rollin they hatin what here am I playing tonight snipe I wish have you seen my snipe no and I don’t want a song test so we can get this out of the way yeah yeah hello I think everything’s good right guys oh I have a buzz you do know I do think let’s remember the lesson from yesterday and lesson from history it was when we’re about to punch them we’re gonna punch them real fucking hard and punch them together wait hurts right in the acid hmm stop thinking about winning focus on this

game say you’re a line man do what you didn’t say your line Hopper’s brackets for bitches man exactly make it just feel free okay guys fun final day final game it is time to get this International 2019 Quran finals started let’s get in to the draft look at the inche link enchantress yes yes let’s light him up give me tinker to tinker is one that kind of bully sense in my opinion because we all think our doesn’t really anything I mean the BKB time in town think is annoying for a street which is really scary when it gets the fucking Yasha it’s like inch all sides they pick and I can recall tight anyway you stick my damage we play on the big teamfight yeah I don’t give a fuck it’s tired versus and something except no they maybe they try to try to me but I don’t think it’s good I think he I think he thinks it’s good so tied was there is easy to fight the other one is chance so others chanted Gentile I think I can do a lot of the things yeah I think the universe Chen after all nice for a question so far night and chant together yeah and combine their 5 and 0 fake find a third 100% that fits in the pool I think we should get this tiny as well I think we should pick it leave it for the mid lane right yeah you can yeah something just sent you then to figure out which one is best looking like a booty game it might be it might be a very good nipple game by the way I mean I’m a poor simple can type I want you you want ta confident and that’s wrong let’s go for it this this TA is we has hero ever since he joined with it they started first making it last series I think it’s like their comfort way of playing I think we should pick your hero like the best pick what do you feel like think what do you think I’m kind of feeling the spectrum and I think that’s right what’s what’s the field hey listen listen to your instinct man you’re the best Spectre player probably in this fucking stadium oh thank you what you want yeah that’s fucking go then [Applause] spike up fuck let’s let’s run them over yes from the more evenly game I will kill the specter with lot or another fire by the way it’s actually crazy idea but we can still go for the meat because I think it’s all my gear let’s see what they do actually fuck me oh man I want to take you guys to look at the face but here you have Gentile yeah banner they’re not gonna be stupid about it just think of their pitch a little bit do they meet poor who isn’t me pretty good against our heels or or MEP it is real oh they can’t play before okay my opinion so I think if anything gyros bothers Arab and they banned the gyro I mean I’m not honestly isn’t fucking people really good people it’s all in my seriously sorry Owen that’s fine I’m sorry give me the fucking meat baby pumping and Darwin I’m confident it’s just to do it let’s nepo the last pick another hero that can quickly amplify his own farm I need Chuck wheel any choice today guys I’m McCarty and say gee remember yesterday I’m choosing the boom-boom mr team of the day like you know what cooking yeah it smoking yeah let’s go ready let’s fucking go voice you have to restart go to them yeah I’m a thing final to load my chest oh man welcome everyone’s the 2019 Grand Finals a best-of-five between Tina liquid and og you know what you don’t watch cool you don’t watch too if you don’t watch cookie if they annoy your mutant I think it’s a nightmare anymore it’s fun lanes are identified immediately oh geez

gonna play super aggressive down bottom they’re just gonna constantly be running out of it now it’s gonna be miracle in that matchup mid versus a tiny looking at the the other side they now can liquor brilliant put the pressure on a specter early on I think I’m just gonna build a farm up here just fine they could get set up some kills up to no tail he’s gonna take quite a bit of damage in response this time with the guts to the anchor smash trying to run away with the Tigers gonna look for the neutral creeps and ice not gonna get it gah let’s try all good all good right oh nice one that so quick look at oh jeez draft there about the late-game you look at liquids drafted there very early game centric they want to be snowballing the game getting bros control it just ending the game Oh taking them up towards the top setups down to mind control insta cracker shells off the sleeve but it doesn’t matter Thompson’s yeah I’m ready to connect me just like this Kuro still around in the neighborhood Thompson oh gee H here’s another combo it’s another kill Thompson he’s no actually he’s pretty low continuing to be very much in Thompson’s favorite miracle is gonna look to fight back Thompson getting robbed below miracle over the they’re just poking in orgy they’re monkeys I told you guys we’ve seen time to do this is classic Thompson he’s gonna find the app allows you Thompson any persist and he’s just getting so much done this tiny just can’t stop killing people’s put them together in you know look at they’re just securing farm force picture can we bless america save any of this government yes nothing we should do it yeah I can I can do it perfect perfect you got the star is huge I can’t DP you can do their image can actually fuck someone up here they’re ready press from the tower with the siege creep here trying to keep this aggression outlet oh another rabbit you made mine Carl’s gonna come in with a great setup puts Jackson I’ll hit from America will do the job now the body understands punish okey I want to deny the met our agreement our tiny paying trooper Agri table look at a time time time can you please Thompson getting a bit deep here getting surrounded in America with the round they are literally just running around it running around trying to set up kills and just make space for the spectre but now step also a bit far off but he’s [Applause] nice okay fucking disappear I mean what they’re doing it’s pretty crazy if I’ve never did your crap just say like you can suggestions they can never do this they’re just diving either insane they’ve got to keep the pressure on and they have now got that desolator done on miracle we’ve seen already the physical damage after they can all goodbye said bullshit us there’s this on tiny that is fancy garage garage disco loose I think we can easily turn this Devaraj how do we stop the rush it’s impossible look at the hero seriously we gotta make an age is something I’m gonna fight fight don’t get baited don’t get baited you got a voice for mind control Apple income ravage available he’s looking for an opportunity to set something up yeah I need to be ready though I’m ready I’ll be ready guys hey I’m ready got Robert up I’m ready liquid push on two boards this tier 2 Tower [Applause] [Applause] as you see me both whee-ha he’s constantly on the prowl looking for Honda looking for the spectre in the side mates religious pills you know the whole team of OG just sort of standing on Anna’s shoulders beautiful names of the trees there’s good at holding back half so the teepee should should still have the chance of running away with the dagger I mean I said I we asked until I I’ll go Donna this is why this man’s me but I could’ve gone with absolutely perfect as well yes you are right this meatball pick is really seeming to be

amazing for the message just puts too much pressure on the map in fact methane another attempt to push out tops and was trying to get the Cree waves away from the face but we are he is just everywhere on this map we huh he’s here he’s gonna make him pay for it Gerak’s and finding what supports to the side the roots making sure that no limit will save them he gets into crap alright boss let’s go let’s go let’s go and they stopped I know no official we’d rather go hard on that they’re fine man here just don’t don’t make the phone and immediately they’re knocking on the front door liquid 36 medicine 20k gold advantage it’s looking bad for og and they’re gonna look for more it’s gonna be about the road it’s all about the road fight this doesn’t matter I can sit in the front line I can pop I want to play with you to crack this after forgetten enchantress fucking good bench branch mind control jumps in gosh that’s gotta be careful he’s got the ghost scepter but the chair actually didn’t wrap the fights just miracle from to get another touching on to sab except we’ll be fine he said that should retail gameplay it’s right what do you want to do can we kill the pugna guys it is to kill us to shred up ahead in the crevice too strong I will trap the next waves they will partner ok ok wind again yes that Specter is the last target yes let’s fight him let’s find them I don’t think they can stop us and you see them immediately group up they’re still just trying to set up and push the base down we can fuck them fuck oh fuck oh he’s going bust niggas lost me he’s not suicide take the fighter feed us oh gee just struggled to get any fights going in that favors they’ll die bill might get us back online continues what how is it getting so much healed with a cheap cheap liquid that’s told they’ve been looking for for our sources most important I think on a Bible it’s really big we should buy back I love tiny right now go go go together more buybacks they do at the ravage still a micron mind control just looking for that option he’s stepping in a stomp from notes ow ravage does get it out there’s no follow-up though my control there’s no chalk and look at the goal difference but to bring up the graph look at this look at that swing it is a twenty thousand it both swing its back the other way oh my look at that drop off they’ve done it time and time again in games and in hole tournaments when people have been quick to count them out the range racks are gone a loogey they’re gonna get the metal racks as well this game one og swinging it round entirely as this is a second set of racks that ot is taking away this Specter is just an absolute mighty really as a full-power here in the grand finals Oh G is the last center acts we have to go man losing I don’t want to lose the star oh it’s not good I’m gonna find the structure doesn’t want to find this jump the back man lift the back the killer bees get in Vegas he wants to get niggas to go they’re gonna meet her but we’ll meet I just have to go like just go guys we are let’s go just rock this p.m. see the scope I’m on inch on one inch Eagle inch liquid the game they’re going Rose goodness buyback I know nah you don’t find it he has no heart leave you have to fight pace that’s where we have to fight poker our base defense is crazy I gotta go right away we have to get ready here liquid are

just holding on to arrange rats but they are doing exactly that they are holding all can we just go I think people kill thi victim let’s focus amiibo we’re talking to me progress oh mama we’re live I think it’s amazing that time for you no no look at me first time by the mutation oh thanks bye okay we need to can eat the image ETH right now let’s just go over it again liquid trying to force out these buybacks Anna he’s God to buy back still holding on to it he does a fire inspector crisis apparently the inch inch by inch wrong goes wrong goes wrong this is the pure gold tone is very honest yeah finally the buyback comes out the ancient issues Mars for ancient get the fucking phone fuck my wife fuck fucking fuck man this visit for secondary said man talk nice dar me you hate us reset resetboys every cent we fucked up here in there but today [Applause] all good we have time games were a lot to throw on it’s quite as part of the fun don’t let it get to you [Applause] we promise me you don’t feel bad about this guy it doesn’t matter when it happens we got this this was a feeling about this you fucking carried us the entire game when you went mitt you get off back-to-back Shoshu and then went again and again but we fulfill its SDG with that teamwork completely human yeah we all fucked up action I will tell you strategy you know how it works when I say go high ground we go no I promise I true the top lane it owns me but we already proved before that because the way the game goes like this they’re showing you we’re like Oh tiny tiny partner and then we keep on you should let just me do it nobody else but then just and I can be there too right come on just make the call it make the call yes make the call and you you did it but but then we start all running and then I couldn’t do it anyway we just need to not get you betta that’s all anyway research from that stooping yeah it’s easy games against really amazing like this comeback that it was so that the last leg and he made a mistake that was faithful it was a minor you know have boobs good job good job but please listen to guru yeah please you just need to listen to fool I don’t need you guys to talk so much I can do all the talking I want you guys support posts more focus more fuck it don’t talk so much don’t be like stress i como voice of no no no no no you guys are soldiers okay you’re the best players but play don’t talk let me do the talking oh let me call you guys to talks in the game okay I’m telling you ponies to do the action then it’s him in the fights I actually didn’t see him it’s a good player please say he’s a fucking champion Jeff – what are you big hey I was listen wasn’t me what I’m asking always charity okay I think it was a very good meepo game we decided against that which is confidence I love it we were playing a really hard game probably the hardest game of the tournament that people had to play honestly we’re 20 K behind and we’ve brought it back we played globally and we broke them and we won’t again they got two losses with TM e poor timing you know and we’ve brought it back that was an amazing game for us okay sure we let our guard down at the end it’s sure you know we didn’t

emphasize enough about the thrown defense and they got it whatever it’s a win in my book this game is a win in my so very nice they can only mean with their fucking cheese and they couldn’t even do it so you won’t believe man I promise you Lord is with us see this game is talking about really feeling the goodness man yes feel it in your heart it’s just not wasted no don’t waste [Applause] do it that comeback man it was the an inspector man you don’t just be an inspector you know amiable maybe yeah well maybe you do look oh oh gee strength is stressing teams let’s not fall into the trap okay yeah that’s what they do they stress everyone out but they can’t stress us old man you have to calm us motherfucker on the planet here why do they choose first oh you got first pick all right it’s gonna be the same here so they’re gonna pick honestly I have a strong feeling that contesting the chin you screwed in this case I would ban it because they have the first big yeah that sounds pretty good so you want to bend turn this out yeah oh shit I mention pi/3 I won’t go fight again I think over I’m always down for something okay it’s most likely ta come in second you know so can we think about that I think we should then take the tiny tiny is our answer to TA yeah I like it I think this is good let’s go open her goatee April to ten let’s fucking roll man we have T’s tie gives you everything defied rose towers push go ta ta fuck this tie ta they got so fucking lucky it’s fucking awful if first picking tighty was the thing we would have known when you first picked idea your bottom seven of the group says well think about what we are gonna do to them so tightly just in Baku span Wallenberg that’s it yes sir chef and I said I don’t believe in an Amber pen okay don’t just go I trust you man you do give you look what still scared of the invoker yeah I think they’ve been ill asking to do it yeah Thompson’s one of like most famous it vote kruseman I think it’d be a little surprising about you’d pick as like a four if we want a bad knee point Oh amber I like the amber around a lot I think it’s very interesting so we want the N bond 16 well no I don’t want to pick free Cookson – if they if they leave it I want it if they leave it I want it fucked Andrew I get some very strong girl boats I’m just thinking cuz they might pick up number I think is very powerful you and will fucks these two heroes their time in completely is it bad against a member like is it like completely closed or none at all I can’t I can’t okay chili pepper on them I’m down for anything okay then we keep it open fucking do it [Applause] definitely mmm it who is gonna get the treat of thing and we’re on the main stage okay hmm Oracle’s over me it really fast we should go fight I think sorry enigma I don’t pay me cookie I get this a bit for me but it’s too strong though that seriously I mean can’t we paste on them with enigma anyway – yeah yeah we can yeah and you’re a rush along we go yeah fuck it man pocket very young yellow so it’s a th ending much oh let me mark do them fucking me yeah what do people feel like on our amber and a monkey minute chimney damper on them yeah you get it yeah yeah good okay gee gee gee gee mo good monkey mint but this is so good for us what do people can pick an argument game-2 up liquid versus OG in the

best-of-five gram finals at the International 2090 just about to kick up they’ve got a lot of comfortable things coming out for the side OG right we have Thompson on his master tier Monkey King of course up top we have honor analyst legendary emperor spirit talking about up tall Hotel packed Anna’s gonna turn chase my control and they’ll get first blood og it’s more on this place it saw what they were kill yeah tiny will try to kill you mid soon yeah I think we’re all doing some work oh the gank mid lane Thompson look at the bow this off we are trying to commit there’s the wraparound Jax comes in with the gang tosses back we are that’s her yeah they’re just run at us yeah we know what’s coming look look I mean oh geez already eyeing up the shots get back over bitch the diving change to their seven notes over the back of gh no tell getting the finishing blood I think we should look on the markers let’s man up Oh G looking to kill everybody look look at the map right now I mean they’re thinking about God the leads the lanes are open they’re just battling oh wait I’m gonna chop the tree down line katrell so just monkey would buy all day it’s ravage does get the three of them since getting birth slow heels out in time we are comes across hex lookdowns therefore coogee Oh out of the game as liquid say get out oh good keep bringing the numbers on them I think we should just wait for the Roche phone in one minute they will fight it via garage okay and we have tended heroes duking it out a solid chat area getting stronger strongly yeah this games going real good yeah I guess there are I mean you guys know when we pkv this game is over all right yeah we can just sense into the pit is spotted out by the we are trap there are doors you have that’s a panel slow roach mmm I mean we can’t be a balloon without you or no thing we should fight discus they will run for us I think we can kill them with a black garage yeah just run at them and kill them instead yeah which I still have to fight miracle is in the mid lane you’re gonna go jump on miracle in some rage in the back off still they managed to sandwich them if liquid can’t get the tide and the neighbor in they could go for a good part from the low ground lead him into the yes we fight goodbye Sparky in fact I bet you some topics here yeah man excellent dusting there that’s way more guys spy mark my god they just chilling yeah I think we should cut this how we can just agree TV and I mean I could kill him but we need to be patient you you guys need to come to us so again yeah it’s really neat to be on Myanmar on we would kill them all seriously they stacked like piece of shits I think they were just baiting the roads they’re not doing it they don’t wanna do it you know how much damage from the don’t get faced by the game so far yeah well so I’ll scale them it’s so hard to play hard to bkb’s you know problem is I actually don’t have any creepers I think the game is all wrong big heavy yes I hear you all the way there oh geez plague is that they want to punish the greed liquid went for greed they’ve gotten – on the lifestealer og wants to just keep this battle running at them the time vision with the rest of this world is top set said I was perfect from the trees were codes come on down balanced right already usually does mater he’s able to jump for look to chase miracle miracle just get the jigsaw they’re getting erect it so I’m good I’m good nice thanks I’m running running Brent relaying them don’t fall into them they won’t run it together who’s collecting Andres collecting guys th he comes forward Sun’s up Mahina he’s in with a rap rap slam down on stealing but GHS gon take the fight here yeah no no just for ya they’re way too fast oh god the chase continues

[Applause] nice voice keep running at them they have not they can’t wait like this everybody’s too saying no they just wanted us yeah what do we do against it ember spirit and Monkey King they’re everywhere you cannot set up anywhere on the map look how well they’re able to prioritize their main man Anna he’s only died for once said types like toxins not pardon he has a radiance with the echo saber already finish skews my first is a TA but they’re gonna battle top look at my controls that way I don’t think I’ve seen that one he is bottom three Network as this tidehunter they’re terrified getting small there’s how you’re here I’m chasing deer we hi Oh tell me believe is bad for chat he’s in position let’s good allowed Thompson to close the gap we are now rates they do not have to text your buddy he is slowly burning there go to the talkies Oh grunts a pieces disappoint oh gee let’s walk up to this high ground but up top I control kick it back to base there’s no tide for the defense look at this fuckin us can we kill the fire I won’t fight over there you should fight them on this I cannot no need to fight power if I don’t I’ll just jump I go up in a panic look at me we don’t fight little roll it you cannot escape it [Applause] [Applause] they’re running at you know missing I cannot get up Wow oh gee I’m making this game too he will go down the rapids it’s fun yeah it’s gonna be rough voice hey tomorrow yo what’s up this is cool okay let’s just roll or spell see og doesn’t mind they’re enjoying this they’re loving this they don’t want this to end they want to keep playing you have to imagine me they tap out of this look pretty soon eh eh he’s popped the beat hippies gonna go to the black hole on the two of them doesn’t the pulse and in fact gets a nose well with the rapper out but they just don’t take any damage at all GG is called and I think we’re so falling for a bullshit too much how can we stop the ball I mean honestly I think we were winning when they went both I think so yeah but we gave them four kills and Rochelle they made us angry they made us angry for them yes sir that was some amount of bouncing back Chuck’s the weakest biggest response I’ve ever had after a win fuck hahahahaha hi any quarnyx ta ta always how to play dollar so greedy [Applause] and then we need to paying everyone are certainly the type but only think we’re just not going for a strategy that we always do why are we picking any money eggs with ta like we run away from or ta carry when we’re picking two more carries I feel like it’s very grieving next not sure on understand can work but when did we play like this but we I don’t have any hero power like that man if they picked a heavy crate in Kaunas to Cusco Allah Allah just just remember if you see that if you see they put here don’t fuck it runner then the game is done MC is mentally done nice this is a week three MC I guess answer yeah this tide honor holy shit and I think the game is just too hard when we farm and they play active we can’t do much weights how all the teams build against us what that’s what we did to them we have to think only one I just addressed when I feel like that here we can just actually kill them and go I have a hard time finding our zero alone they pick Denver less to spend what’s good know isn’t quorum then the problem that we had enigma like we can’t react help examine everything when they were on the African don’t like this we’re like enigmas getting strong we’re like let’s pass on and with the helm and so but it didn’t come to the point guys guys hey think about it in their heads didn’t get they’re almost flux with their meatball and all they got managed to beat ITA this one got them to the finals they know they got nothing

else they know they’re gonna do our players to understand they have nothing else tied broken meepo in a perfect nickel being broken see a broken they’re all too so everyone said I mean I mean I know I said that but guys chill what do you guys to reset from this game okay like I know everyone’s a tireless I want to fuck them there but just take all the energy all no okay go all the way in August all that running influence they’re like they’re very queasy I’m telling her they’re monkeys like I don’t mean it in the flamey way you were in in a previous life before something like gorila or much yeah I’m not sure which one I haven’t decided yet I’m really sure I was some fuckin gorilla No [Applause] it’s a new password wait there’s a patch new password there’s a bitch I was like wait what or new patch guys new member is nervous shouldn’t we just say what we always don’t fit face them yeah I mean we need some new heroes okay no I don’t want to I want to go away from the TA okay let’s call Mars gyro will display these type of bureaus my shadow is the same module guys really how can they run a dozen Irina Calder we are already into Game three and it’s the exact same first phase bands mag a a IO band by liquid leshrac Alchemist Chen Dan by og why do you want fisting well let’s pick Kovac and we go from there I’m done any finance yes I was thinking and shiny as well tiny secures a lot for us gets it open also or a second big enchantress yeah we know what right looks good again make sure made but I know if you’re tired of paying here I’m not like I like it I just don’t want to have five leaky pipes or so I mean like tied Rubik I already have the lane ready let’s go one more time okay very like the MC here over here I think that title TAS well most likely guys can grow up their confidence they don’t do try to you anymore no more tears so I so we should be me this time around for sure there is serenity for your career if you look if you wanted yeah I’m thinking about it so I’m gonna be number you don’t need to write because we don’t think it’s the key hero for them I think they okay okay okay ticket enables them does show that this path I’m thinking about void for then yeah I don’t think it’s good I think it’s too much thing on target they won’t I Nev always associate I live on anymore these events and even if they do we feel good about it does show that I think we should pick that on a hero and which one do you want the most thinking boy would give me wanna what good know pretty slowly figure yeah it is it’s really cool I mean there’s no more saving support from yeah edgy yeah that’s good what can they do – pics – course pants I mean I’m not sure if I’m stupid about it but no ta is kind of good again like no they don’t have all their bullshit I liked it I mean I like to try again no I said common in TA of course man it’s my hearing this time they can’t run it you talk about your late way Templar assassin no real surprise here liquid go back to the Templar assassin and to be fair the loss in the previous game was her first loss on the main stage nice look at their death again it’s 100%

video then it’s better dressed like part Mason soon yeah we have one more band so what are we looking at I mean Red King is probably their go-to versus void i mr. hole blow you up kind of thing we do need to find the correct hero for you honor me yeah honestly I dig the Wraith King again that’s actually really good pick I think the risking again that’s good they Bandari let’s see let’s see I mean goatee awesome my opinion jock gyro jug cost off the pacing with the healing Ward we just go very fast okay it’s fine yes I think it’s fine oh and I banned what monkey I guess or D s penned the monkey what is top is thinking is really good let’s go three ready to go between og and liquid series stands one so on I’ll lick we’re running out of options they’ve really picked up our sense in all the games and og they have to know this is coming have a look on the mid lanes it well oh my god three denies in the first play of their porn voice in a very interesting starting I know I don’t think I’ve ever seen that is a crowd brought a bait sauce today Oh bail I think that was really nice excuse you that are burned that you’re lacking when you’re playing versus T a tiny is it okay miss omit I’m it yep midnight now we are it’s been caught up by a bit of a move for jerax he’s trying to switch the mango in to go for a manga refraction play without six seconds far too long actually got the manga on the back pay unfortunate no I want you is there no no it’s so – there’s a hunter though top top laner I know tell – are you fucking gone double – don’t have only the tops batch setups there Jax’s prepare for the dust we are cannot hide in the shadows they see him every time and the tower goes down I love this veil build on top city it’s just applying so much extra pressure that you normally would not be able to do as a partner we’ve got Dawson look at love some we should kill this bitch I’m tipping with I think I was wrong oh we have rabbits right hey yeah no till throws the silence on it but it’s only what before tide I’m decadal I’ve trained him down stars they were the stroke of fate will be out of krakozhia they do lose mind control nice nice man holy shipment circuit this tight is done with the life right now man and immediately miracles now gonna start getting pressure to keep running up them face honest advice yes I’m going for it right now are they wrong gonna die all this nasty combo – crap fi Phantom embrace yeah and they’re just looking around to keep the pressure going Oh God Mitch axe he’s got a name is Rick he teepees up top he’s gonna look for the set of the toss back Jarek success oh gee they just can’t help themselves they can’t stop making plays I hear lies boys listen level-5 girl don’t be fazed by the early game okay I think we can just slow on gang pops on beginning collapse myth right now yeah let’s do it I’m coming as well I’m coming as off from a miracle it’s got the bleep you’re in the Omni sighs to play around with me behind oh forget the silence silence again to them down to Detroit’s too much damage Akshay yes I thought yet but now energy they could turn and collapse onto my control surrounding the tide Derrickson Thompson said there no gonna stop chasing this life mission the stolen inks well they’ll keep that distance cherish closes the gap ghz chances Oh trickle for Thompson there is nothing that could stop this man this is just an absolutely good dispatch we’re just given us the repeat of Game two I’m gonna get blick first and I want to fight them yeah we should do it you need to just fight them back they’re just doing the same shit again I think the only ways you could smoke with four heroes on fuel Padma because he’s cocky

every time it’s not the partner that’s a problem I mean he’s here yeah we just need four heroes so the same time no okay I’m ready I’m coming look at the truck on the track at the trap here Oh Thompson he’s a bit alone they’ve gotta kill him they’ve got to do something about it uh surround him they’ve got the blade fury I’ve got the stun Thompson falling low what the Stig charged over the life Trevor they kill them off we kill him the liquid can they get more rest boji have turns out running keep running I’m doing a real bitch I’m gonna pin again they’re chasing me he separated he’s shut down say that stuff he taken the blade fury off for the soul bike control with the impetus he’s far too much friends to deal they probably will store yeah good night is ours they might just go hide round Thompson just gonna start poking Hydra he’s gotten RK maroon with these another blast head yeah Tier three is gonna start start getting poked 17 minutes I mean liquid they they’re gonna try their best to push this away Oh Chi they have harness where now is already dead they’re already working on their axes beyond ever going up some guys that I mean if the Kris gonna gonna make a move they’re gonna make it super then we’re gonna get the chance to Jerry’s sham person on top of my crop dynamo brace upon him you know what fine but they are poking a blinked okay yeah we have a hard time jumping and your real jump let’s take of the racks 18 minutes said by God this is unbelievable the scepters gets used to stand in the base he’s bit far forward here but you get the multicast banners gonna come in with a backup these decrepit might keep in satsang don’t want everything get on top of at least some of them fine no it’s out mica drops back into the grinder making it a beautiful former double kill for Thompson the only way it’s quite us to be surprised by them like before they already at all yeah you may need to pay together stir together I guess together it’s the only way mm-hmm that was fucking fuck now he’s actually a throw away we witnessed we yak dachshund he’s always deep you all died just in one good fight on the yes one good fighter in water stone give them the kills anymore oh they’re running here yeah I’m gonna have mention yeah I get the way the work laid you get the bleep you off your time I fancy we also have to get in with a bleep mouth Jason Jason gonna chase if I know any song behind them I’m go can they get more out of this no tell we’ll pick up the broom has top some by cyber liquid they’re chasing they’ll listen I got turn around there Jackson with the copper the Merkle step for a minute to chew them whee-ha he’s got the inverse that don’t have detection but got a oe he’s got the blink away the refraction reveal no we don’t have said he’s right all century fucking universe I might get on they will let him be I was gonna be able to blink or is he he’s not gonna he’s not gonna be out of link he’s not going to be able to play that’s okay I didn’t expect the first appropriately learn something fuck this Oh MC he’s buying Glee oh he did suffer yeah I’m link need to be ready here right now smoke right now wait – right now home alone’d smoke no need to have to go right now we let’s jump together as a pug not really no Club jump 100 hungry I need you I need away oh ho please please no I need we find the rabbit are disabled take you down miracle the balladeer braces are kill to buy bags to come out for a liquid and smacked anything else we can do here bottom is getting low by back to never stop okay yeah Philip fucking the killer Padma I’m going in the morning and when we are trying to jump in find

at least top somebody’s not going to get it so Chiefs around them outnumber them a toss-up GH is ded GG G is cool no no [Applause] okay I think fucked sta tights no more tight actually don’t you think because of the lanes we can’t actually play aggro and then because of the lanes we use actually yeah yeah whatever was all the way when lanes though me too Oh refresh everything I mean I feel useless fear not I say it does not work I just can’t see I’m sorry it’s a classic like I picked four times slaughter for FC and Manila major like every day was like this time it’s gonna work stop this fucking fish heroes man fish here was the biggest debate it looks like this year the super 8 quick analogy or not the fucking dying animal you’re about to butcher it it’s gonna fucking bite you there’s no like it’s it knows it’s about to die so we don’t give it a chance to know with this Jong we keep our guard we keep playing when we take Chris I do not care yes we’re not afraid of losing they are so we let them deal with this shit we stay strong rock solid that’s it yeah perfect keep the energy you guess what you need for the next game let’s keep keep rockin guys good shit this tiny the hysterics guy actually is a huge problem I don’t have so many vents I feel like we should try to snatch the tiny zero doesn’t eat any I really don’t play it on four so what give me time this gives complaining seriously he’s the best tiny I’m gonna run them around me time to go monkey modes like they do it monkey more gas monkey motor on let them play on our terms it’s a best-of book smoking go they know how to play the true daughter patrol Dora is your play against your opponent like I always told you at the unity and division but we do too you know always you need to feel good about our moves that’s very important that we feel good about what we’re doing so it gets amplified I know it’s not easy but try to come from within once again we came here where we should already be so proud of what we’re doing you know so don’t think about anything at the end of the story has been written already it saw spinning we’re gonna find out if we are gonna have a fifth game to the series it is time for game for the grand finals of the International we just I think the goal two reps that we make a very strong ball as soon as possible is minute five I think four minute zero I mean how do you set on burns yeah thing is I can’t stop them from getting ten because I’m not even Magnus I all what if we leave the IO and and the chin and they pick IO we picked an omni night and then later we can pick like strong heroes and lane against them no I think it’s a decent idea let’s say they don’t bet anything they could for the trade it could be like Chen and then they io gyro no we should first pick the IO and we just pay against Chen we don’t give a shit okay most Ikeda Ben Heineman most likely they’re not gonna give us io in the hardest game of the tournament for them no and if they do it’s very desperate you know you wanna leave in the eye you do yes now you just get one or the other we have to feel good about it yeah I like that yeah oh they will get tiny if they want let’s call I like it okay yeah but yeah okay good evening it I’m gonna grab it the first phase bands and if it slips through it’s the io o G immediately snap it off Anna I promise you I like you got it man I would call it a chin gyro or same fire spirits needs tonight together and talk together about the craft no I tell me what this is a classic TI game like I need to pick your guys heroes you really feel good wanna play I’m feeling 15 nature’s products well I want to play profit in on this Missy I want to play properly then they pick on me with a few earners good against only there’s a bit of a problem I can’t watch an omni movie ball up very fast they think they churn the channel you might be pretty good who are you think I’m see yeah I mean I am I am worried about this I own nothing it’s problem okay just

ignore me now okay this is shown around us this is like there they’re actually gearing up to run at us what auditors talking like what do you feel here do you think the finding is worse getting here because we’re most likely not getting enough to play its most flexing anyways okay good it’s pretty fucking do it I think if we get this one early game right on the stein he’s gonna fall off instantly the goal is always the same contained into higher on like they do it right we do the same shit you guys understand that right yeah I just seen mc2 like play like fucking mad I don’t know if you liked really did go to border then see what did you see I just need to repair on me like all seven thousand seven math know what those people I mean I honestly just founds he gets soaring a phase and shit and then he runs to him when he gets I go siren okay we could pick ember 15 now we can I can do like yeah we could pick under 15 hmm I mean what parts in is this a child I remember – I think Amber’s a better band yes they abandon one bambi be okay yeah it’s a good bet you’re off you like picking up I mean I could on 15 keep it ambiguous between your two guys I both comfortable playing Vivi yeah yeah you know me not so much not so much no like Viviana yeah I would call for it now and we just pull up yeah yes I’m finally Omni high ground I like that bro I’m gonna pick your timber who’s fucking they’re gonna pick – I mean they’re changing up they’re just going home in Greece pretty good right yeah zero damage there but then our lineup is kind of weird we have us tons now but they’re they’re running into us doesn’t matter because they’re on a hitch timer they are on a timer I agree we should timber timber I like tinker are like Odie I like control there’s so many pics what do you think is the best bro I think the range is great we not see what they do what about a gyro mid I’m just thinking imagine running into us when we are is gyro fucking a baton io tiny shit yeah and I’ve ended our amazing so it’s I afford wait is it yeah it’s how you for tiny awfully no or Abaddon awfully it’s in the timbre of thing it’s a not a it’s not a lie oh yeah fucking mad Abaddon bit timbre gyro IO gyro what do they have on winter on our own you have nothing man it’s a free when were here I would go in range and then like MCS might carry a fine you know I’m fine with that shit accion pay me I will kill them by the way guys don’t get your hero’s right away they don’t they don’t think there’s no right away we should do the same let’s fucking go it’s fucking go on our terms guys came for eg up at the moment in this best-of-five two to one against liquid okay I won my last baby dude okay that’s good I want my last baby decays just turn your back always on yeah I know my shits budget I don’t know [Applause] it wins in a row at forty eight to eight in this game for like what they have had the chance to switch it up but is it good enough to beat the og aya he is five and zero here at ti no one has been able to beat him liquid are gonna have to see if they can do it in their last chance shape guys you understand the game plan we can’t be static there you know be static on legs to what they do to us chunk them kill them just lo llamó yo let’s go boys alright guys now let’s get in the game let’s have fun we got 3d cool heroes that we love playing so let’s just enjoy it you do it guys seriously yeah liquid look to go for something that’s more early game centric the last two drafts they went for the tide under the TA and a jog very slow-paced draft this time they get their Chen cherish the bottom Oh Jax is gonna come down now turn this you’re into a trialing from oh jeez current pumps the ferret fire once save it [Applause] hi good shit

oh that’s kind of screwed up what caused the Jairaj yeah we should fight this let’s fight them let’s find the prime mid with your guys cool I’m with your agreement eh they’re trying to collapse it onto Thompson Thompson it gets the corner over there how bad smashes him with the club they quit making these moves around her they’re gonna keep burying this entire what helps us fight into them I got an insider maybe I want our cake again I wanna keep on I can’t tell though the timber fucking way I can I can I can oh yeah they all know that we need to do the first move okay yeah we can’t be static she ancient karate they’re looking to mold Sam I said keeping you the control there’s the realm of the stars shackleshot wrong with the power shop don’t do it liquid change up in draft and different approach it’s the answer they’ve been looking for gh they just keep looking for more he’s try to run I need help oh my god I don’t see P I’m gonna fuck dippin tepees will now start to come into play Jax Thompson’s here is on top of kuroky we are joining the gang they’re surrounding Thompson with a divine favor Brigham we are in liquid it’s fuckin you’re there kuroky every single one of these kills has been down to Kuro and his map movements when up in the mid or I’m so strong yes five liquid heroes in the mid lane trying to brawl again at the same time as last game it’s 13 minutes in they want to go for no tell he’s got ot out of the control and that’s the best target Americans gonna continue to chase this under the tissue and they will get it set holding them back SAP chains out back over the river he’s fine we are shackled along town them for the road Russian eyes not sure they use all the coolest yeah fuck it’s liquid they diving again these last two games of this and we can do it too never this is awful but I that’s my scene about departing yeah Thompson pass the cord and they won’t go too crazy they’ll let him live that’s like it’s okay forget it I’ll get the matura sightings yeah they’re getting both sidelines they’re pushing both silent there they’re not even gonna get this one here the side lanes are being split push on as well as jerax are actually pressuring these other two towers and we know this is the timing it’s all about just waiting for IO to get not only a glimpse but get that level 15 that’s what oh gee wants chili I’m think I’m going us and why shit what do you guys think oh okay all right I said why it is they’re gonna make a smoked play they have to like the map position you can have anything they’re all in guys or them before like cold before they make a move on us I want to make a move on them yeah Oh tiny tiny tiny tiny oh here we can all good they’re gonna go roast every day they will burn off can we find it yeah if you care about this no I mean Ranger has to take it right out so middle now they won’t fight us they can’t find a sweet way to Santa de depósito we need to keep going frigid shrew shrew temper here we need to eat we’ll keep going they ready to keep going we need to do the first of all let me go higher on top extreme yeah let’s do it okay let’s push this ours is looking we’ll get away with this and let’s see what I can do with it oh yeah absolutely free game on our chorus it was fucking perfect what’s happening so exile finished we’re about 20 minutes so I’m assuming that oh she’s gonna buy this home and diffusal gyrocopter wait what diffuser gyrocopter trench diffusal gyrocopter fancy that Thompson doing something I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever seen this I think we should be peeking no we should call Jeff level 14 I was not 50x he’s strong but we have an ageist BPA I want to go I go I don’t know what it can stop us again again again because they’re concerned to hit by Romo yeah I got where we have ax they just need talk or this ayah we revelation help level 15 on Io that spirit hero damage is there now I’m gonna join the trek finally here we have it Morocco’s mana it’s pretty much entirely gone by

Thompson’s Bugzilla 4jg – a coach I’d rather look at the jarett jarett’s back it away Thompson focusing miracle miracle still out of matter because of this diffuser Chargers he’s able to calm of the GA is we Thompson maracle’s trying to run I don’t have mana actually they’re fucking banana there’s no timber guys if you can tell the bone you nice I met I met a nice Winona I’m just meeting your handle don’t worry we fucked up and to be came over to talk spec this way the response yeah they’re actually the diff was fucking me I can’t use my shit I think we should go again though kind of can’t wait Oh we absolutely working super the other manner but I don’t think anyone would have expected to see Chara the deciding game the controllers is gone for when you’re minors go what do you do I can I can just kill them I can kill this with hey okay you have to kill actually need to wait a little fucking oil you have to kill the IO and BB kills the rest a tiny and their jaw gonna go on bristol temple right now right okay I’m coming yeah yeah keep in mind been rendered a focus oh my gosh poachy it’s not him to take over the game completely here min up number I’m looking at the Bristol good job boys and then just moving into the base now og they’re pushing in black star supports they quit back now focus Americo I’ll get himself out in a way the missile is out that I put my heels to say me but miracles techhobo don’t break down th let’s say three is going down 23 minutes again and in a match where look like liquid hide the pace to maybe bring something different but we’re back to the same place and we where he came to in game 3 they’re just taking it to each one we just reset take this the haste and take a shrine top they’re gonna cheat they want this it’s not a choice yes they’re desperate thing that are going to try them on the shrines right now back up clean up shrines but I think if liquid chases out oh gee condemn we just turn to look for the fight look at them look at them they’re running and oh yes I know Earth Spirit oh they got fight this no I know she’s ready to cause back it again Jackson with the wraparound the combo does the bike would have to back off again can they fight for the jury shit even though they’re getting too upset wheels applaud says [Applause] yeah [Applause] TI finals they want Karogi is about this one we’re gonna get him to chasing miracles well okay boys yes Yugi yes so try it oh my god I can’t believe this I got many what we’re seeing in this game for og yeah that’s okay guys we had to go wrong hey Jay did you [Applause] I’m I suspect Elektra it’s okay don’t landfill you guys I’m gonna read our best instead those last digit homework it’s okay try their best isn’t me my mom is more forgiving fucking I

for sure shaking so mom yeah [Applause] [Applause] okay boys for what I think is your third Nicole no no it’s not my turn [Applause] [Applause] well my boy you’re a sexy fucking beast and your Island playthrough good oles once again same shit same shit again take it actually we did try it but this differ by talks on what’s next elegant how does he might think of this fuck it man fuck it first of all like everyone should really feel happy about everything okay pocket man they were better if anything like for your future careers you look at this team and like I’m saying some things about this dollar to game at least you guys holla ti you can same shit 1 3 1 see I thank you guys for everything ok thanks for trusting me what I failed you we fucked it up for you cool you really did you were the best captain amazing then thank you know you’re the best magnet oh jeez the best thank you sorry I failed you yes I didn’t even think I was gonna play this ti I truly do not even know I believe in you you review Romi and I think you thank him ok ohh Oh [Applause] never never do this in yourself again you’re the fucking best Mary ah you’re the absolute best remind remind me later this year we all do it’s almost one of the ones my turn you’ll be there [Applause]

yep scheisse solution offline Spidey I should be no it should I wonder what the retired Oh go back what do we do now right now what do we do now after party anyone see a morning let’s go yeah let’s go thank you thank you thank you guys oh my god you here much less the fucking destiny story the best seaman is holy and your friends but the most important your friends imagine let’s get in their voice let’s get in there like taking did you know that the flute is one of the most common fish in sea

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