good morning from balmy Mazatlan today we’re doing another princess excursion we are going to the turtle sanctuary at Estrella Del Mar and then we’re going to be hanging out at the Estrella Del Mar Beach Resort for a few hours apparently they have a beautiful lunch and a nice pool and it should be good just to chill for a few hours so yesterday’s excursion with princess was that cool camel and Outback experience if you didn’t see that make sure you go back and watch it because that was really super unique we booked again with princess today and it’s just so nice to not have to worry about rushing back to the ship all the transportation is covered and it’s perfect so I’m going to show you what’s in my Shore day bag and then we’re going to get off the ship and go meet our tour guide definitely don’t want to forget our tour ticket so that’s the first thing I’m going to eat taking with me off the ship I usually just carry those in my hand so that I can hand them to the tour operator next up I’m actually taking a little change of clothes this is a rip skirt from rip skirt Hawaii it has a beautiful adjustable waistband and then I’m taking my wander wet bag this is a swimsuit bag to put our wet swimsuits in later but for right now I actually poked our travel sized sunscreens in there just to kind of keep them out of the general area of my bags of course you have sunglasses and then inside this mesh bag I have credit cards ID cash and some hand sanitizing wipes and some lip gloss and a hairband for my hair I’m wearing my swimsuit and so are the boys so in this bag we have water beach towels and a comb for our hair and then the boys sunglasses and then this bag is just gonna be where I put all of this stuff it’s gonna go into my shoulder bag because mr. cruise tips TV will have some camera equipment in his backpack we like to take two bags just to keep it light so that’s what we’re taking ashore and our tour leaves in about ten minutes so we’ve gotta get out of here right now we’ve just arrived at the turtle rehabilitation area so we’re going to go inside and a biologist is going to tell us all about the turtles but first I want to let you know how we got here so we took just over a thirty minute bus ride out to the Estrella Del Mar resort and once we arrived at the resort area we took a quick bathroom stop they let everyone off the bus to run into the lobby and use the restroom now there are restrooms on the bus so it’s very comfortable if you needed to use the restroom throughout that ride no problem at all so the way that things are going to work is we’re gonna go in learn about the little turtles see them in their little pools and then once we’re done with the biologists here we’re going to get back on the bus and take a really short ride back over to the area of the hotel which is on the same property but just a little bit a little bit farther away can’t really walk there so back on the bus to go enjoy lunch and some pool time so up with his Hut that you see right behind me we’re learning all about the turtles here at the Rehabilitation Center so many cool things to learn about them while they just swim around in this adorable little tank you

well the buffet totally exceeded expectations for every member of our family they had salad tortilla soup stuff to make chicken or beef tacos with they just had every kind of dessert you could imagine from flan to some other thing that jello for the kids but it was a cheesecake that you had kind of a cheesecake e thing everything was just delicious and high-quality and the service was great so your meal does come with different types of flavored waters like or cha cha and I believe that they had some was it huh mica the hibiscus drink if you want to purchase sodas or sand-covered margaritas it wasn’t sand covered when I got it it’s just that we’ve been down in the beach for a while anyway you can buy those they’re really reasonably priced so we went ahead and did that they take cash or credit card we ended up paying in American dollars and got our change in pesos which is kind of cool kind of nice to have some pesos for the next couple of days so we are here until 3:30 which is two hours from now so we finally after lunch made our way down to this lovely beach area there are people actually swimming in the water today but there is a lifeguard out here making sure everyone stays safe and kind of moving people around in the water if the waves get a little bit to be a little bit too much he just moves people a little bit out of that zone so it’s been kind of cool the pool here at the resort I will say is quite small so it felt crowded to us everybody’s kind of hanging around up there so we just thought let’s just go down to the beach and have some breathing room put on a little bit of sunscreen and have some family fun and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now I need to go find junior because I I see like a little speck of him in the water but we need to get down there and make sure he stays safe let’s

go are you still following me well jr. is having a great time playing in the surf for this Beach is just wide open goodness look at this on either side of you it’s just big beautiful open speech so I’m glad that we didn’t settle down at the pool this is kind of nicer for us the water is cool it’s definitely not super warm it’s refreshing but it’s not like in California when you get into the water at the beach it’s miserable your skin gets numb and you’re like why did I do that why do I live in California if the beaches aren’t nice anyway I’m going on and on great place wonderful day another really super mellow excursion so I think I’m going to go seek out either a shot of tequila or another margarita I’m not sure which you have bartenders are very friendly very eager to help so that’s what I’m gonna do it let’s see what Jr’s doing right here, I’ll flip you around. where is he there he is right there such a gorgeous day so we’re back on the ship it is five o’clock there was a bit of a line today

in the terminal in Mazatlan I didn’t even know you could have a line in Mazatlan but with Oosterdam and Miracle here there’s just a lot of people getting back on the ship and again at the holiday week so we waited maybe 10-15 minutes if even that and then got back on the ship and now we’re just regrouping and we’re gonna see if we can get a specialty dining reservation but if not we’ll just go to the main dining room maybe goes play some tennis something like that juniors been itching to play tennis he wants to learn tennis on this cruise so regrouping for now and getting ready for dinner it was fun to relax on the balcony tonight and watch the oyster dam and the miracle leave the port of mazatlán those ships you guys felt like they were ten feet away from us it was so exhilarating of course we’ve played a little bit of Love Boat theme song action with our horn and it was really kind of funny to observe the different vibe on both ships Oosterdam was like good bye bye you know like really civilized friendly and very kind but then when miracle came around it was like everybody got out their flashlights and they were waving the lights and they were shouting and it was like wild and fun so anyway it was really really great to see everybody I’m sure I saw some of you on that ship so let me know if you were on Oosterdam or miracle Thanksgiving week and if we were waving at each other anyways so cool so good news we got a reservation at 7:15 at Sabatini’s it is 713 right now so we’re just gonna get the heck out of here and go have a wonderful Italian dinner and after that we’re gonna see if we can make the 9 o’clock fountain show Sabatini’s was wonderful tonight every single course was amazing from the little prosciutto on rosemary flatbread that they brought out before our appetizers to the calamari appetizer the salad husband had orange roughy I had the lobster three ways Jr had the brush Sato penne oh it was all just so good and sealed with a cocktail our waiter recommended the Sicilian kiss was it the Sicilian kiss and oh my goodness that is so good if you go to Sabatini’s be sure to give that drink a try so we didn’t make it to the fountain show we were in Sabatini’s until right about 9:25 and the fountain show went from 9:00 to 9:30 so we we’ve been on the ship for four days and we still haven’t made it to the fountain show just one more thing to put on our to-do list for tomorrow or the next day so today was amazing my goodness sakes that was a really fun experience highly recommend the turtle sanctuary and resort afternoon you really have a lot of time a tours at the resort we often feel rushed when we’re at those beach resort type places and it’s frustrating to me because I feel like as soon as you get settled in it’s like okay it’s time to go did not feel that way at all in fact it was 2:30 and we looked down and we’re like wow we have another entire hour before we had to leave so that was really cool fun day just frolicking on the beach taking loads of family photos tricking some very good tequila and having some wonderful food so tomorrow is our last port day we’re going to Puerto my art afore the day and we have booked our excursion with Princess Cruises we’re going to last collect us which is a wonderful place in the south of Vallarta only accessible by boat it’s kind of a beach day type activities you’re definitely going to want to stick around for that for our next vlog not sure what we’re going to do over there other than have lunch maybe have a few drinks play on the beach they have massages available they have activities for children they have watersports they have just lazy hammocks that you can lay around in but we’ll just have to see how the day goes we’ve got to get back to our room and get to bed because we have an 8:30 excursion time and the clocks are getting set ahead one more hour tonight that’s what happens usually the night before you go to Puerto Vallarta on these cruises so it’ll be our last port day it’s kind of bittersweet but we’re looking forward to those sea days afterwards for a little bit of rest and relaxation so we’re off to get cleaned up tuck ourselves into bed and wake up tomorrow morning thanks so much for following along this far we really appreciate all of you and until Puerto Vallarta we’ll see you on the high seas good night

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