♪ ♪ – [exhales] – Oh, my God This is about to happen I’m gonna be married at first sight – Holy [bleep] I have no idea what to expect Marrying a stranger is definitely scary – I think this is a crazy thing to do in pursuit of a mate, but I just want to be married to have someone love me for the rest of my life – Last time, two of our four couples said their “I dos” and were married at first sight Jasmine and Will – Will, meet, for the very first time, Jasmine – Hi – When I see my wife, my first thought is, “She looks beautiful.” – Oh! – There we go – He is tall, dark, and handsome, and I believe that’s what I asked for What school you go to? Or where did you go? – Lincoln – No – Yeah – I went to Lincoln – No, you didn’t. Stop it – He graduated from Lincoln University I also graduated from Lincoln My dad is a die-hard Lincoln fan – I love Lincoln, I love my baby, and Will, I I’m gonna try and love you too, bro, all right, man? – Thank you. Thank you – Stephanie and AJ – Stephanie, I’d like for you to meet AJ – I don’t even know what to say “Hi, I’m AJ”? I mean, this is a blind date at the altar My eyes–I could not take them off of her Before I knew anything about her, I already could tell that we were connected – Oh! – Oh, yeah All right. Okay – I feel like, “Finally, this has happened.” I’ve been waiting for this for so long, m come true – You had to stop that? Really? In the middle? – Okay. Oh! – This moment, I can– – Cheers to that – So nervous – I just really hope that it isn’t the biggest mistake that I’ve made in my life – And tonight, our final two couples are about to be married at first sight Kristine and Keith – This is ridiculous What are you doing? What are you doing? – It’s all nerves. I’m scared – You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to – You know, I’ve been happy this entire time, and now the nerves are finally setting in This could be the biggest mistake ever – Please rise ♪ ♪ – [bleep]–oh, wait, no, hold on, hold on, hold on – Is she coming? ♪ ♪ – Kate and Luke – I really am freaking out – I run a speed dating business, so I see every day that dating is a lot of work, so I’m taking this leap of faith to get married to a stranger – Please rise – But I am so excited to finally meet my wife ♪ ♪ Oh, God ♪ ♪ – Then, after seven weeks, they must make the decision for themselves ♪ ♪ – At this moment, you have to decide – Do you want to stay married – Or do you want to get a divorce? – ♪ No holding back, no holding back ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ – This is “Married at First Sight.” – ♪ There’s no other way ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ – ♪ Give me a reason to believe ♪ ♪ So I hold on ♪ [electronic music] – I am your husband! – Here we go – Jasmine and Will and Stephanie and AJ have already tied the knot Now, the remaining two couples are about to meet at the altar for the very first time Right now, Kate and Luke are about to say “I do.” [tense music] ♪ ♪ – Today is my wedding day, and my mom got very emotional, and I honestly felt like it was my job to try to keep everyone calm – [sniffs] – I’m good – I think my parents are feeling somewhat skeptical, ’cause who wouldn’t be? And I just don’t want to, you know, disappoint ♪ ♪ – I really am freaking out now [laughs] I’m definitely a hopeless romantic, so I’m staying positive I’m having faith. Let’s go Let’s go. I’m ready to meet my future husband – It’s crazy. This is crazy Do you think it’s gonna be a good match? – Yeah – Yes – I am a mixture of nerves, excitement, happiness Just want everything to work out Hopefully I won’t cry too much – Okay – There’s something happening – [sighs] ♪ ♪ – What do you think he’s gonna look like? – A beard, I’m hoping You know, like my typical type But I’ll be open I’ll be open It does upset me to think about my father not being at my wedding, but my brother is going to be walking me down the aisle – This is it – Let’s do this – This is going to be an amazing day All of my friends and family are here I’m about to meet my husband for the first time Oh, my gosh

♪ ♪ – Family and friends, would you please rise? [building music] ♪ ♪ [violin music playing] ♪ ♪ [musical sting] – My bride is walking down the aisle, and she looks absolutely beautiful, but I recognized her immediately ♪ ♪ Oh, my God I’ve met this girl before ♪ ♪ – [laughs] Hi – He may be a stranger, but he’s looking right at me, and I’m looking right at him, and we just kind of, like, locked eyes [sweet music] Immediately, I’m attracted to him, so it is good This is good. This is good ♪ ♪ – Thanks – I don’t think she recognized me I’m very surprised, because we had met, like, three weeks ago – Kate for the very first time, meet Luke – Luke. Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you too [laughter] – I didn’t want to say anything mid-ceremony, especially with a bunch of people around, like our friends and family I don’t want to spoil anything – Luke’s family and friends would like you to know some things about him Luke is compassionate and gives the absolute best hugs – You do. [laughs] – He hopes that you are ready for fun and adventure and a partnership based on honesty and love and mutual respect And Luke, Kate’s family would like you to know some things about her When Kate is amused, she has a giggle that is contagious [laughter] She has a sense of adventure and doesn’t let doubt or uncertainty stand in her way She will stand by you and will never waver in her commitments And so now, Luke and Kate have chosen to write their own vows – [exhaling] Okay [both laugh] – I believe I was holding out for you It’s a leap of faith, it’s true– a risk, a gamble–but I’ll bet, and I have no will to second-guess I hope there’s friendship, a spark, and a home, and that you’ll never feel alone, and I will give this all to you, and I’ll promise to be true, and I’ll need you to believe that you could fall in love with me, and I hope you’ll take my hand today and discover more of me each day until our lives and hearts are intertwined as husband and wife for the rest of time – Great – Luke ♪ ♪ – [laughs] – I want you to know that I am so excited for us to get to know each other, for us to grow together, for us to laugh together, for us to take over the world together, to share this wonderful adventure called life together I want to let you know that no matter what happens, and no matter what you need, just talk to me, and I’ll listen, and I’ll be there for you, and I got you, okay? – Thank you – Now let’s start this exciting journey – Thank you. I love them [laughter] He read his vows, and he read them, and he looked into my eyes, and it seemed like he meant them He wasn’t shy and looked away Like, I think I got really lucky – And now, the rings – Now hold her left hand and slide the ring on her finger – [squeals softly] [laughter] – With this ring, I wed you, Kate – With this ring, I wed you, Luke – For today, tomorrow, and all the years to come – Please wear it as a sign of my commitment – And a notice to the entire world that I am your husband – That I am your wife – And so, by the authority committed unto me, I pronounce that you are now officially married – ♪ I’m gonna fall so hard ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – You may now kiss your bride [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ Once the ring was on my finger, it felt real,

and it felt heavy and important, and I just feel like I’m overcome with emotion [piano playing] ♪ ♪ – Thank you – Feels a little weird saying “my husband,” but I can say it now, because it’s true I have a husband I hope he’s okay with me saying that, but it’s true [laughs] Oh, they have champagne for us How nice He has a good sense of humor I think he’s very attractive I’m feeling a little spark, so I hope he feels the same ♪ ♪ – To marriage. [laughs] – To marriage – Right? Oh, God [apprehensive music] ♪ ♪ – So did you have anything in mind when you thought about, like – What? – What I would look like? – No. No. Not at all – No? Not at all? – Honestly, most of my–like, when I talked to the expert, it was mostly characteristics – Yeah? – Like what kind of person – Hmm – Yeah. I’d rather get along – Exactly – Than be like, “Hey…” [clicks tongue suggestively] [laughs] You know? – It’s true. It’s true – I’m sitting here drinking champagne for the first time with my new wife, and I’m just thinking, “How does she not recognize me?” And I think now is the moment that I’m gonna kind of break the ice and let her in on this little secret – Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine Just gonna start sweating profusely soon – Oh, it’s okay If I had a fan, I would fan you right now – [laughs] – That’s okay – [laughs] [exhales] [dog yapping] I’m trying to, like, make conversation, but he just seems, like, a little awkward and uncomfortable, and I’m not sure why – Oh, God So, I don’t know, is it your friend Megan I’ve met before? [musical sting] I have a speed dating business, and she came out to one of the events with one of her friends – You know her? – Yeah – How do you know her? – Mm-hmm ♪ ♪ ‘Cause she went to the speed dating event ♪ ♪ – Wait a second – Yeah ♪ ♪ – Oh, my God! – Yeah – Oh, my God! My roommate Megan was like, “Can you please go to this speed dating event with me?” and I was like, “I really don’t want to “I literally might be getting married I don’t want to go I’m tired of dating.” And he was running it, so I met him very briefly Dude, you emailed me the night before the night before the wedding – It was Wednesday. Yeah – And asked if I wanted to go – Yeah, I know – To a speed dating event – I know. Mm-hmm – And I didn’t answer you, ’cause – Yeah. It was good I’m glad you didn’t – Yeah, ’cause apparently I was getting married to you Oh, my God. That’s insane – I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to notice, but it’s all good – Okay. It took me too long ’cause of all the stress of the situation, but yes – It’s all good – Oh, my gosh – So I do that on the side sometimes – That’s nice, helping people find love – Trying – Philly is one of the biggest cities in the country, but at the same time, it’s kind of like a small town, so there was a good chance that I could have crossed paths with my husband, and that did cross my mind, and it turns out that I had, but, you know, it’s okay I’m fine with it – I did – Did you? – I didn’t know where I knew you from I just didn’t know where until, like, you told me – Yeah, you look really nice in this suit – I look a little different than my shorts – To strangers being married – Kind of strangers – [laughs] ♪ ♪ Gonna chug it? – Three couples have tied the knot – It is my pleasure to introduce – For the first time in the state of Pennsylvania as husband and wife – Stephanie and AJ [cheers and applause] – Will and Jasmine [cheers and applause] – Luke and Kate [cheers and applause] – But there’s still one more couple– Kristine and Keith– who are about to have the biggest moment of their lives They’re about to be married at first sight – This is ridiculous What am I doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? ♪ ♪ You know, I’ve been happy this entire time, and now the nerves are finally setting in I’m shaking, and–this is really about to happen I feel like I haven’t been able to pick the right person, maybe because I’m too picky and I find myself having too high of standards I’m hoping that the experts matched me with someone compatible ♪ ♪

– I’m a homebody, and I just feel like I’ve been focused on work and school, so haven’t really been dating, and that’s why I wanted to get married at first sight But this is nerve-racking I’m scared – What am I doing? This is insane I just hope he’s ready [laughs] – It’s time to start my life with my wife I’m ready to go I woke up single this morning I’m minutes and minutes away from meeting my wife for the very first time, and I’m nervous, I’m shaking Let’s get it over with [musical sting] – That’s the groomsmen [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – It’s my wedding day. Whoo! [cheers and applause] [tense music] ♪ ♪ – I’m not worried about his smile, but okay You know, I’m a little apprehensive–just the fact that you don’t know who you’re gonna meet I’m old school I’m all about tradition– courting the person before you actually get married and make that commitment– so, like I said, you never know We shall see – Whoo. That’s my baby! [cheers and applause] I’m feeling very excited for my son Keith looked extremely happy, and when he’s happy, I’m happy, but I’m a little nervous, worried sick to see who you guys actually picked for him – Oh, I’m Keith Nice to meet you [laughs] – Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm – [laughs] – Lovely – [laughs] – [breath hitches] Lovely to meet you [laughs, cries] Oh, my God There’s so many emotions going through me right now, but I’m just here to support my daughter in whatever endeavor, you know, she goes through But I’m very happy, relieved, and impressed by the groom today [exciting music] ♪ ♪ – Oh, I get a hug! [laughter] – I get a hug too I gotta get one too [laughter] – My first impression of the groom was “wow.” Good-looking. And I just hope that he’s raised very well and that he’s not gonna be, like, a player – You nervous? You’re not nervous? – I am, but I’m not trying to show it – Both of y’all are crazy for doing this [laughter] – You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to You know, you got to be completely sure that you’re doing the right thing ♪ ♪ – I’ve got this – It’s all nerves Shaking in my boots right now, and I’m scared ♪ ♪ Right now, I don’t know anything about my wife, but I hope she is able to, you know, nurture somebody, ’cause I kind of need that in my life, especially because the people that raised me was my mom, my aunt, and my grandma– mainly my grandmother, so I’m spoiled ♪ ♪ – Yeah, let’s do this ♪ ♪ This could potentially be the worst mistake I have ever made or the biggest reward – I’m feeling anxious, but I’m ready to jump off a cliff now, so let’s do this This is real. This is it ♪ ♪ – Ladies and gentlemen ♪ ♪ Please rise – Oh, it fell again It fell again [indistinct chatter] – Okay – I’ll hold that The doors open up, I’m walking down with my dad, and my garter is falling this entire time [laughter] I’m just so embarrassed This is not the first impression I wanted for my husband – Is she coming? – [bleep] – Ah – Ugh This is insanely nerve-racking, but I’m ready to take the hugest risk for love It’s the best feeling I’ve committed Is that him? Oh, God. Is that him? [giggles] Is that him? Like, oh, my God. I’m excited [piano music playing] – She’s cute – My first impression–whew! I love the way she looks as soon as she smiled at me – Yeah, Keith Whoo! – Ooh, yeah, Keith ♪ ♪ – Hey I was looking for someone tall, athletic build–check

I was looking for someone handsome He’s definitely handsome Right now, I’m 100% satisfied – Nice to meet you, finally – Nice to meet you too [laughter] – Can I get a hug? – Oh, my God ♪ ♪ – Please be seated ♪ ♪ Kristine, meet, for the very first time [laughter] Keith – Hi, Keith – Hey, Kristine. [laughs] – Kristine, Keith’s family and friends would like you to know that Keith is the only male grandchild He has been surrounded by strong women, persistent in reaching their goals Keith is compassionate, funny, and kind towards others, but Keith is a little spoiled guests: Oh! [laughter] – Oh! – Perfect romance – Perfect match ♪ ♪ – Keith, Kristine’s family and friends would like you to know, while her given name is Kristine, she is better known as Queen Kristine – Queen Kristine [laughter] – She is a social butterfly who loves to talk, but Kristine does have a heart of gold She’s the type who will give her last dollar to someone in need ♪ ♪ – Now, Keith, you have also written your own vows, and so I will ask you to present them at this time ♪ ♪ – Kristine, I vow to trust and value your beliefs I stand by your actions I promise to treat you as my confidante, best friend, and equal I’m excited to grow old with you gracefully, at our own pace That’s all I got guests: Aww – Kristine ♪ ♪ – Okay As we get started on this amazing journey, I vow to always be your rock I vow to laugh with you in great times and cry with you in times of sorrow ♪ ♪ I promise to be open with you as we share our hopes, thoughts, dreams, and build our lives together ♪ ♪ – Aww! – All right ♪ ♪ – Keith, please take Kristine’s hand, and as you place the ring on her finger, please repeat after me With this ring – With this ring – I wed you, Kristine – I wed you, Kristine – I wed you, Keith, for today and for tomorrow and all the years to come – Please wear it as a sign of my commitment – And a notice to the entire world that I am your wife [laughter] – That I am your husband [laughter and applause] – And now, by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you married Keith, you may kiss your bride [cheers and applause] – ♪ Seal it with a kiss ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Oh, you seal it with a kiss ♪ ♪ ♪ – Oh, yay! [laughs] ♪ ♪ – ♪ Seal it with a kiss ♪ – Oh, it’s the best day of my life – Really? – Yeah, I’m serious I’m serious – [laughs] Good I’m very attracted to my husband He has a nice, big smile The lips were amazing That kiss was fantastic Did you see that kiss? Oh, God It had to keep going – I guess we’ll get to know everything later, huh? ♪ ♪ We got a long time, right? A long time – Forever now – That’s right There is instant chemistry between me and my wife Man, she is gorgeous This is it Like, experts y’all did a good job I’m extremely excited to know more about my wife So what happened right here? – Right here? – Someone got scars – Oh, goodness. I have a bunch I play a lot of sports, so–well, I used to So are you active at all? Do you like to work out? – Nope – No? Never? – Never – Why? – You gonna drag me out? – I am gonna drag you out I’m gonna have to work on this – You know what my favorite thing is, is couch surfing Look. Look at – Couch surfing? – Look at this couch – This is it? – My first impression of Kristine is that she’s physically fit, but that’s what I’m afraid of I do not love working out, so we’ll see how it goes – Where’d you get that? – I was trying to cook – What were you making? – I was–I got attacked by this corned beef can – Can you cook? – I cannot cook – You can’t cook at all? – I’m horrible – How are you at cleaning and doing dishes? – I can do all that – All right, cool This is perfect If I’m cooking all the time, he’s definitely at least gonna be doing the cleaning Said he’s spoiled, which has always been a thing for me I’m like, “Yeah, did you catch ‘Queen Kristine’? Because that’s definitely in there.” To my lovely husband To a beautiful new beginning

– Sweet ♪ ♪ – Four couples have been married at first sight, and they’re about to start their lives together, legally bound as husband and wife This is the biggest day of their lives, and they don’t even know each other’s phone numbers or last names – ♪ Only ♪ ♪ Only you can lift me up, up ♪ – Do you want me to hold the flowers? – Yeah Luke is very considerate He’s holding my bouquet, ’cause it’s heavy He’s offering to hold my dress I mean, I think we’re vibing pretty well right now It’s fun [cheers and applause] – Are they waving? – Yeah [cheers and applause] [bouncy music] – Bride and groom, guess what? Y’all’s married now – Yay! [cheers and applause] I’m about to take photos with my wife and my family, and I’m gonna try my hardest to not make them look awkward and make them look natural as possible – I don’t think I’ve sat in this dress yet – [laughs] – And the pants are tight ♪ ♪ – Yeah. Here we go – Thank you – On three. One, two, three All right – The wedding photo shoot is the first opportunity for our couples to be physically close with one another, and that is likely to be full of some uncomfortable moments You want to have photos that you can look back on and treasure, and so you want them to be romantic, but at the same time, they just met moments ago, so it’s likely to feel awkward for some of them – Now, three, the bride–the groom is gonna kiss, and you’re gonna hold it – Mmm! [laughter] – Do it – I don’t like forced intimacy, I guess, and especially with a bunch of people around, like our friends and family It’s weird to kiss someone you don’t know – Here we go – Would you like a cheek kiss? All right – One, two, three. Do it [wedding party whoops] Oh, we’re supposed to hold it I’m sorry I’m sure at some point we may kiss I don’t want to spoil anything, but, you know, maybe ♪ ♪ – Lean towards me. This is you – All right – Do not put a dent in her flesh – I’m not trying – Okay – This foot up? – Some of the poses that he’s making us do are a little bit cheesy – Freestyle – Freestyle? – You’re a pretty, pretty princess – There you go – I’m a pretty, pretty princess – There you go. Ooh! – Yeah, girl, keep it up! [laughter] ♪ ♪ One, two– come on Give me a smooch One, two, three. Come on Quick, quick, quick, quick Thank you – He’s a little bit nervous, so it’s a little awkward [laughs] Hopefully those turned out well and we don’t look like we’re, like, “Ee!” – Luke – Yeah? – Kiss her – Like upper cheek? – Yeah – Okay – Thank you. And hold it – I’ve never been married, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like, but there’s a nice chemistry right now with my wife She seems very giggly, which is a big plus It’s definitely a good start, and I’m happy – ♪ All of the things you used to do, used to do ♪ – [laughing] – You’re just laughing [laughs] [sweet piano music] ♪ ♪ – Yes ♪ ♪ – I’m feeling very comfortable with my husband, surprisingly Like, I thought it was gonna be weird, you know? Like, it’s this new person I’ve never met I don’t know if our personalities get along I don’t–but he’s just been so sweet this entire time, and I’m loving it I’m loving every second – ♪ ‘Cause we are delicate tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ – [laughs] Oh, my God, my husband is so attractive Like, he’s gorgeous I love his lips He has a fantastic smile His hair is so soft He smells fantastic! [laughs] ♪ ♪ – I’m a married man It feels good It feels really good It was an instant attraction I saw her, and–whoo! I can’t wait to brag about my wife at this reception, man You just don’t know I can’t wait to just walk in there, hand-in-hand, seeing our families, just like, “Yeah!” I can’t wait. Let’s do it [uplifting music] – ♪ We’re delicate tonight e it’s not real ♪ ♪ That I’ve got something to believe in ♪ – From The Inn at Grace Winery, I am pleased to announce the new bride and groom, Stephanie and AJ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – Let’s party! – Jasmine and Will – ♪ Wake m up and tell me I’ve been dreaming ♪ – Kristine and Keith – Kate and Luke – All four couples are officially husband and wife, and the first dance for a couple that’s just been married at first sight is very different from a conventional newlyweds’ first dance In this case, they’re still very much strangers,

but they’re also married It can be incredibly awkward for our couples It’s possibly the most physically intimate they’ve ever been with one another up to this point, and they’re doing this all in front of their friends and family – ♪ Say you’ll never ♪ ♪ Let me go ♪ [sweet music] – I think we’re supposed to dance now – I don’t know how to do this either – Awkwardly? We can do awkward – All right, all right, we can do – It’s okay. [laughs] – I don’t know Chemistry? No chemistry? – I think so – You think so? – If they would sit down, it’d be way better – [laughs] – It’d be less awkward – This day feels like a dream I can’t believe I’m dancing with my new husband on our wedding day It’s a surreal feeling, because I feel very comfortable with him already, and I’m just so happy right now – I feel like there’s a bond even though we are strangers ♪ ♪ I hope he feels the same – Just do not step on this thing – Luke, just pick it up and hold it – Fine. I’ve got this – There you go Take care of your wife – There you go [cheers and laughter] – Ow, ow! [applause and laughter] ♪ ♪ [indistinct chatter] – I don’t either Put out our hand now Give me your hand – Got to teach him some steps – Oh, yeah, he don’t know how to dance – Drag him with you, Jas – He all stiff Look at him. Oh! – It feels great to be a wife It’s a little awkward and surreal, of course, the circumstances of me becoming a wife, but as we’re dancing, we’re starting to click It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time, even though we just met at the altar It seems like we have that initial connection, and that initial chemistry, and I think that will grow in the future [laughter] – Yeah! ♪ ♪ – We both got two left feet – Yeah – Can I spin you? – Yeah. Try it Wait, which way? – Which way–you go this way – All right – Oh! – It feels like we’ve been dating forever, you know? Keith makes me feel safe and secure and wanted, like I’m attractive, so it just–everything feels natural–touching, holding hands–and it’s a good feeling overall I got married at first sight to find a great partner, and so far with Keith, I really like him I like him a lot, and I think I’ll grow to love him I hope so [cheers and applause] – [indistinct] [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – I don’t know how to dance – I don’t either I took tap and jazz when I was, like, age five to ten, but that’s about it – You didn’t – Yeah, I did – Oh, yeah? – I swear to God, my mom wanted a daughter – Our first dance as a husband and wife, as a bride and groom, feels both natural and unnatural at the same time I feel like there’s a connection between us It’s a very confusing feeling, but it feels right doing it with her – ♪ Somehow feels like you and me sometimes ♪ – Dancing with AJ now that we’re a married couple, it’s really special I like my husband. I like AJ He seems really sweet and caring, and he’s so easy to talk to I am very happy that I got married at first sight ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] – ♪ Finally, we kiss for the first time ♪ – Eight individuals have just married a complete stranger, and now it’s time to celebrate But unlike other weddings, this is not your typical reception This is almost like a first date in front of all your friends and family That has to be a pretty crazy feeling – Hello – Hey – Hey – Cheers – How are you doing so far? – I’m really hungry – So what do you think? Are you attracted to him right off the bat? – Yeah. He’s so cute – Yeah – He’s sweet – He’s been smiling nonstop the entire time, so clearly he’s very impressed with you – I think so too – Who wouldn’t be? [laughter] We said we were a little nervous at first that he might have been too over-the-top, and everyone said he’s just really nervous – Yeah. He says we’ll always be laughing, and a lot of times, it’ll probably be at him ine with it – That’s awesome – Dude, go eat – I don’t want to eat without her, you know? It’s our first meal together I’ve been eating dinner alone for so long, I refuse to do it on my wedding night The one thing I’ve been looking forward to is five years of not eating dinner alone That’s the one thing that I was extremely looking forward to tonight,

was having dinner with my wife, with somebody else there by my side, so I put my foot down Like, I’ll eat it ice cold I don’t care I refuse to eat alone tonight – Thanks – What is this? – That’s a mirror – I think we’ve got a new friend. [laughs] – Oh, I’m so hungry Like, Oh, my God, I need food – Yeah. I was the same way Like I felt like a bridezilla ♪ ♪ – Can I get a piece? ♪ ♪ What is that, mozzarella? – No, I think it’s goat cheese – I’m not a big salad eater – No? – Nah. Whatever you cook that’s on the plate, that’s what I’m eating, I guess – You don’t know how to cook at all? Like – Nope I hope you’re at my beck and call ♪ ♪ – If I’m cooking all the time, he’s definitely at least gonna be doing the cleaning I won’t be doing both. Like, those are just my expectations – I could make the bed too – Okay It might work out – It might– [laughs] – It might just work – All right – Where do you live? You said Mount Airy? – Yeah – Be sure that we get an LU photo before we get out of here – Okay [quirky music] – What’d you say, Dad? – A Lincoln photo An LU photo – Oh, okay – You’re, like, focused on eating You wasn’t even listening [laughs] – No, I wasn’t ♪ ♪ – Jasmine’s dad, I think his wall has broke down because we both attended Lincoln University, and, you know, we just really got to know each other a little better, and it’s some eerie similarities, so I think the marriage and relationship will be fine – LU! all: Lincoln pride! ♪ ♪ – How old are you? – Oh. I am 28 How about you? – 28? Ooh – How old are you? – 31 – 31? – No, that’s good So we had a pool about you, obviously – Oh, yeah – And I was trying to figure out–I picked that – You picked 28? – Yeah. But I picked nurse, so I don’t know – Nurse? Oh – I don’t know what you’re supposed to do – Doing the speech here? – No, she’s trying to make us kiss is what she’s trying to do – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! – They’d like to see a kiss Ugh – As people were clinking the glasses, I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable, and I can sense that Luke does too It’s all so overwhelming I mean, I would kiss Luke, but he seems very against it, and it’s kind of weird So it’s a little awkward ♪ ♪ – Do it! – Okay [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – Kiss! ♪ ♪ There’s a little too much glass clinking, in my opinion. [laughs] ♪ ♪ I don’t like the public forcing of kind of compassion or intimacy That’s not really my thing – No, not again, Ariana – No. [laughs] – No – Those kids – At this time, I would like to call up the mother of the bride, Barbara – ♪ I wanna hear you sing it loud ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Just let your voice ring out ♪ – Our couples have only known each other for a few hours, so the family speeches are really important, because they’re looking for clues about who they’re married to – One of Will’s best qualities is a competitive spirit He always puts the team first – So they’re gonna be gleaning a little bit of information from every speech – AJ’s a fantastic guy He’s gonna do his best to keep you safe – I just know that y’all two will be just a match made in heaven – Thank you – Thank you – Our couples met as strangers, and they’re eager to know anything – [voice breaking] Welcome, everyone – Just take a deep breath – [breathes rhythmically] It’s okay, Mom ♪ ♪ Does someone want to stand next to her? You’re okay – Welcome, everyone Kate, my only daughter, today you look so beautiful ♪ ♪ I have often thought of this day not necessarily happening this way, but I am proud to be here and proud to be your mom ♪ ♪ You’re such a strong individual with much love to give to your new husband To Luke, congratulations on this day I welcome you to our family May you and Kate grow in friendship and love [sniffles] Best wishes on your new life together [sniffs] Congratulations

I love–I love you both – Thank you, Mom – Congratulations guests: Aww! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – I am a mom, so I can’t help but worry and have fears, but I’m gonna put them on the back burner, and I’m gonna only think positive and have good thoughts to hope that it works out good for them – You did great. You did great – Thank you – Oh, absolutely You did great – To AJ, I know you are just meeting this amazing woman, so I just–I thought I would share a bit of what you’re getting yourself into from her bestie’s perspective – Please – Adventure I hope you have TSA PreCheck, ’cause you’ll be flying a lot [laughter] – True story – Steph loves to see the world and experience life to the fullest Driven. She works hard at what she does and expects herself to be nothing but the best at everything Ditzy Steph is the smartest ditzy person around [laughter] – I like that – AJ, you hit the jackpot when you were matched with Steph ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] Stephanie definitely looks very happy, and I’m so excited for her AJ definitely is different than a lot of the guys that Stephanie has dated in the past Stephanie tends to date introverts, so he’s–immediately I could tell that he was different, but that’s not a bad thing, ’cause clearly in the past, her relationships have not worked out for her, so, you know, I was actually kind of excited to see that he was someone different, and almost like a breath of fresh air Cheers to an amazing evening and a long and wonderful journey through life together – Thank you, bestie – Hey, Georgday? [cheers and applause] All right. We here for a wedding. Let’s turn up ♪ ♪ So I have some words for my dear, beautiful sister – [laughs] – I know Jasmine wouldn’t want me to say s hear it. Let’s – I think she’s the greatest sister anyone could ever ask for all: Aww! – What I love about my sister is her headstrong personality When Jasmine decides to do something, she’s gonna do it, no question, no hesitation – Obviously – Her bravery is what brought us here today, so I’d ask everyone to raise their glass to the bride and groom, Jasmine and Will, 2018, turn up, turn up, turn up, hey! I believe my sister does look happy on her wedding day He looks like a stand-up guy He’s very respectful, and they seem to have been having great conversation and great laughs together already, so I–I’m very happy I really am Love you, Jas – Love you too – Keith, my nephew, your role is to lead this union by honoring, respecting, and loving your wife Kristine, your role is to support, encourage, respect, and love your husband The two of you are now king and queen Your destiny: the success of your marriage, is under a regime Together, may God bless this union. Dilly dilly – Dilly dilly! [laughter] ♪ ♪ – Queen Kristine has made Keith’s world He’s been smiling from ear to ear from the time the wedding started, from the time he’s seen her They’re like magnets They’re sucking right together They’re gonna last ♪ ♪ – Oh, that’s it? – ♪ Finally, finally ♪ – So this is my cousin – Hey, cousin – Johnny – Johnny? – Weddings are normally a celebration of love with your closest family and friends – Hi – Steve – Nice to meet you, Steve – I’m Luke’s best friend – Yeah. He’s my best friend – That’s what everybody says – What’s up, dude? – What’s going on? – For these couples who have been married at first sight, this is the first time meeting new friends, family, and their new in-laws – ♪ Finding a way ♪ – That’s my dad David, David Jr – What’s going on, Dad? – How you doing there? – Dave and Dave both: Yeah – I’m a little nervous My wife’s dad just gave away his daughter to a complete stranger, and I just want to go in there and make him feel more comfortable in my intentions Your daughter’s beautiful I just want to ask for respect for it This is just, like, kind of shocking to you guys – Yes – And it’s kind of the same thing for me – Yeah – Understandable Understandable – It’s harder for you guys This is like – It is – “Damn, I’m giving away “my daughter, my sister, to some dude we ain’t grilled yet.” – This is not my style – Right. Right – I’m all about tradition, all the old-school stuff – I believe it falls on the man, you know God made man first as the provider, supplier, the backbone, right? It’s all on – The man – The man – It’s like, I can only give so much – Keep a smile on her face, and I’m happy, man – Yeah – That’s all I ask – Well, what about my smile? – Huh? – What about my smile? – No – Wait a minute What, what, what? [tense music] ♪ ♪ We’ll see Right now, it just feels a little awkward,

but at the same time, my wife’s dad just gave away his daughter to a complete stranger, so, I mean, I can’t blame either one of them for being overprotective of Kristine – Your feelings don’t count, bro – And my feelings don’t count? Okay – Yeah, yeah. Keep a smile on the woman’s face and you’re good – I think she won’t be complaining – Well, she’s a very sweet woman–you know, positive-minded, driven, kind of like– probably like yourself– you know, educated, smart – This is my risk of my life right here, so I’m putting faith inside these experts I feel like she did the same Let’s see what happens – All right – With meeting Keith, I feel a little bit better I mean, he’s seems like a nice guy He seems cool, down to earth Just hope it all works out for them Still a little apprehensive, but we shall see I’m gonna stay positive, so putting it in God’s hands is all you can do – I wish y’all the best Find a space for you, her, and God You know, it can be hard at times, you know? I think you’ll make it – Oh, yeah – I’d like to see some children too, man – Hey, that’s something you got to talk to her about You got to talk to her about that [laughter] I have no control over that – Today, the worries and concerns have kind of eased off a little bit Now that I met the groom, I feel a little more calmer They both have similar goals and similar ambitions Time will tell whether it’s perfect, but for now, it seems like a very good fit A very good fit Welcome to the family – Thank you – All right – Welcome to my side, man – All we’re gonna do is– I mean, our arms is gonna be open, man – Yeah – I have to say stuff now? – Do you need help of any sort? – Let’s see that dress spin – It looks terrible to be in–no, no, it doesn’t look terrible It looks terrible to navigate, I mean – Yeah. It’s difficult – I think it’s beautiful – [laughs] – I know it looks terrible to some, but I think it looks great have been married here ♪ ♪ – Luke’s not always the best communicator – True story – Really? – Been working on it on it really hard over the last – It doesn’t seem that way – He’s gotten better – He’s gotten unbelievably better at it, but every now and again, his words don’t completely come out the way he wants them to, so knowing that might be helpful, because sometimes you’ll be like–you can push it a little bit more or you can, like, ask questions and he’ll answer it He’s not trying to, like, hide anything from you – That is such a relief to hear I’m glad that I got to meet and talk to Luke’s friends today So far, I like being around him, and it seems like they’ve known each other for a long time, and they’re helping me understand him a little bit better, and I really appreciate it – Congratulations – You guys want to give high fives? – I’m really, really happy for you guys ♪ ♪ – Hi, ladies – Hey, honey Are you having a good time? – Hey. I am I’m having a great time – His smile just seeing you – Yep – Coming down the aisle, like – He was so happy – Yeah – Yep. Yep – They got it right – That makes me feel, like, so much better – So you’re gonna have so much fun in this family – Yeah. I love it. I see it both: My sister – I always wanted a sister – I know. Me too – Always wanted a sister – I ain’t got one either – Really? – No. Yes – Yes I’m humbled to meet his family I also am welcoming them with open arms, and they are returning the favor When I met his sister, we instantly connected, so it is seeming like it is working out really well right now ♪ ♪ Give me a hug – [laughs] You look gorgeous, by the way. I love that dress – Well, thank you We think you look gorgeous too – Thank you My biggest fear was meeting her father – And rightfully so I would be the same if I were in your position [tense music] – Today, meeting her father is the biggest fear that I had I’ve always done good with meeting parents in my life, but this is very different A father has to give away his daughter’s hand in marriage to a complete stranger, and that conversation scares the bejeebers out of me [laughs] – Well, I’m nouy, but I swing a big stick – Oh! – In my head–and still, in my head, you’re Andre the Giant – He is – So what did you think when you saw us open the door and walk through the door and come down the aisle? – You guys or her? – Well – Her – Well, they came together – I’m more concerned about her – Yeah. Okay – They came together – Oh, yeah, you walked her down–sorry – No, no – My focus was on her I apologize I didn’t notice you – I got to meet him first, because he came over and said, “Are you the mother of the bride?” – Are you my bride’s mother? – I am – I don’t know how to address you I’m so sorry – Oh, it’s all right My name is Kay And immediately I had a wonderful impression – That’s very– – That was a nice thing to do – Thank you so much for doing that, because that really meant a lot to me, knowing that you reached out to – To me, right – The family – To Kay – To family – To extend that warmth – Again, that shows how important family is to him – Right Sitting with AJ today, I really began to get a good feel for what he’s all about, and he’s passing the test

I love the fact that he’s a little taller than she is, and I think we’ve got a little match here that could potentially be working – Thank you guys for being so welcoming It was great seeing you – I can’t wait to get to know you better – Thank you. Yes. You as well [bright music] – Have fun on your honeymoon – Thank you ♪ ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh ♪ – Oh, yeah! – Oh, yeah! ♪ ♪ – Four couples were married at first sight just six hours ago, and this is the biggest day of their lives ♪ ♪ They met a stranger today and married them, and everyone hopes this is the beginning of an amazing love story ♪ ♪ – ♪ I see the fire in her eyes ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ – Nice – Oh, it’s so pretty! – That is so pretty – That is gorgeous – It really is – Pretty pretty – You did good. You did good – So it seems like you guys are getting along pretty well Do you think you’re gonna have sex tonight? [awkward music] – What are those eyes? – Oh, my God – Cheesy eyes [laughter] – I mean, when it happens, it happens – Well, he seems like he’s just kind of “go with the flow.” – Yeah, it’ll be fine – Anything you’d want to do, so look out, AJ [laughter] – Like, wait, where are y’all staying at? – I don’t know Together somewhere – Staying here, or–okay – Together somewhere – Together – Listen, I’m not – No, I’m– [laughter] – What are you thinking in your mind – I don’t know – Stop – Yo, man, listen – No, no, no – Yo, you got to consummate your marriage, bro – No, no – I don’t care – Again, I’m–no, I’ma take it slow Like, I’ma let her kind of lead–I mean, you got to figure we just met each other – Yeah, like ♪ ♪ I guess I should have asked her her last name, huh? ♪ ♪ – How are you doing? – Cheers – How is it going? – Everyone Moscow mule-ing? – Yeah, we are – That’s what I’m talking– – We’re all Moscow mule-ing – You won’t get a hangover, ’cause it has ginger beer I figured that out at the bachelorette party Did you hear about it? – No, I haven’t heard about anything. We need to talk – You can’t tell him about that – Okay. All right – Yeah, that’s–isn’t that like the one rule of bachelorette parties? – Where do you think you’re gonna sleep tonight? Like, are you sleeping on the couch? – Probably on the coach, most likely – All right You’re a gentleman – We’ll see how it goes – We’ll take it – But I’m not – We’ll take it – They key word is “We’ll see how it goes.” – No. I’m just saying – You can always cuddle – Honestly, honestly – And not try anything – You could cuddle – I’m not rushing anything – Yeah. You shouldn’t It’s nice – I know. I know. I’d rather – You could cuddle and keep your new bride warm. I mean – I mean – No one would fault you for that – Yeah, what’s wrong with that? – We’ll play it by ear – We’ll see how it goes – See how it goes ♪ ♪ I’m, like, terribly slow in some things like that Like, when I was dating, girls would send me a text message after the date, and they’d be like, “Why didn’t you kiss me at the end of the date?” and I’d be like, “‘Cause,” like, you know what I mean? That’s not – “I just met you”? – Yeah, right? That’s not, like, required And they get, like, passive aggressive about it, and it’s just, I don’t know, not me I got to work on it It’s not my strong suit But I always try to work on it – And also, if you wait a little bit, then – Wait for what? ♪ ♪ – [laughs] – To get physical – Going to sleep. Cuddle – Wait to have sex That’s pretty rough – I like making people say things ♪ ♪ – Uh…uh I can really tell that Kate’s bridesmaids love her It’s just very genuine, you know, what they’re saying and how they’re feeling I was trying to make a good impression, so hopefully they think we’re gonna be a good married couple ♪ ♪ – It doesn’t make, like, your foundation about that – Exactly – Yeah – That’s my biggest concern – Yes, I agree with that, but, like – But you’re just– you’re pushing for it still – Cheers to a long, happy – To what? – I don’t have anything to drink, but yeah – Married life ♪ ♪ – Oh, wait. Fixing my boobies ♪ ♪ – Whoo! – Get in there [cheers and applause] Get in there [dance music] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] – Oh, my God ♪ ♪ – You’re not supposed to check out the merchandise yet! [bleep] it, take your time – The whole thing just feels kinky, you know? Like it made me feel sexy and loved and appreciated, and I’m satisfied [cheers ♪ ♪a p [cheers and applause] [laughs] [cheers and applause] – I feel ecstatic

There is instant chemistry between me and my wife, and I feel like this is a lifetime partnership I have a new wife, and I can start a family Today has been one of the greatest days of my life – Look at Keith – Guy’s an animal – I am someone’s wife, – ♪ All our life ♪ – Now he’s ♪ ♪arried man.d ] and I just met him today, a few hours ago, actually, and I am feeling so relieved [cheers and applause] And the connection was so real I am excited about the future with Will and to start making a life together I’m very happy with him, and it seems like he’s a great guy [cheers and applause] -[laughs] – Yeah! [all cheering] – I completel– [laughs] Today went far beyond my expectations, and it’s starting to feel really real I don’t want to say “perfect,” ’cause nothing’s perfect, but it’s pretty close, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together I’m really happy – ♪ We light it up ♪ [uplifting music] ♪ We light it up ♪ – ♪ Ooh-ooh ♪ – Oh, my God, so I just got married I met my husband Keith for the first time, and he seems amazing He’s so sweet You know, he’s attractive, he has this nice beard I’m like, oh, my God, I’m excited I can definitely see myself having a happily-ever-after, you know? So I’m happy and ready to go [cheering] ♪ ♪ – I’m feeling really good, because I’m married That’s right I’m off the market I’m taking a risk by marrying a stranger, but to me, if this doesn’t work out, I’ll feel devastated I’m not in this to have a trial-and-error The reason why I’mve a lifetime commitment and a partner that will be with me for the rest of my life This is it At this point, I feel very connected to AJ, and yeah, we’re off to a really good start – [laughs] – ♪ We light it up ♪ – Yay! – ♪ We light it up ♪ – Gonna grab my wife – [laughs] – ♪ We light it up ♪ – For a typical couple, the wedding night is full of anticipation and an expectation of having sex, but for our four couples, there is nothing typical about this situation They’ve only known each other for a couple of hours, so it’s up to them whether they feel ready for that next level of intimacy – Fancy – Got petals Whoo! [laughs] – There is instant chemistry between me and my wife, and I can feel the love between both of us – I want this dress off – You want it off? – Yeah – I do want to have sex, but there’s no rush on it It’s up to her, so we’ll see how it goes – ♪ You build me ♪ ♪ You build me up ♪ – There really is, like, a million buttons – Mm-hmm – I think it’s important to have a healthy sex life in a relationship, but I definitely want to make sure my wife is completely comfortable on the wedding night Kate’s absolutely beautiful, but I haven’t gotten to know her enough on a personal level to know if there’s that kind of next-level attraction I think it’s gonna take some time to, you know, hammer out the details, I guess, and make it feel more natural – Look at this – What? All right It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen I mean, who knows? I mean, it could be 4 in the morning, and she wakes up and, you know, feeling frisky. I don’t know – Well, at least they’re, like, “Are you ready or nah?” – They practice safe sex – Yeah, that’s right Absolutely – Exactly – ♪ Don’t ever let me go ♪ – Oh, got this so you don’t trip Having a love story with the potential love of my life, it would be the best gift I’ve ever received – Okay. Here is our room – Stephanie is just an amazing woman and an amazing wife Can I carry you over the threshold? – Let’s go – And that’s all I’ve wanted Today has been the most perfect day of my life, and I see ourselves being together for a very long time – ♪ Don’t ever let me go ♪ – This season on “Married at First Sight” – To our honeymoon – To our honeymoon – ♪ Oh, love is a risk, one that I wanna take ♪ – I think he likes me – I think I might just a little bit – I finally have a husband, and it’s a dream come true – ♪ There’s no escape ♪ – Falling in love feels like everything in the world is complete – ♪ With you, oh ♪ – I want to make my wife feel loved forever – Want to take this upstairs? – Yes, we can Marrying a stranger is risky, but it’s paying off right now

– ♪ Oh, oh-oh ♪ – The sparks are definitely flying, and we’re adults We may have done a few things – I can see myself falling in love – ♪ Yeah, love is a risk ♪ ♪ One that I wanna take ♪ ♪ With you ♪ – He said that he felt repulsed and dead inside after we kissed – I’m definitely not cooking three meals a day I’m not a housewife – Let’s just go somewhere. an We’ve been talking about it for 20 minutes. We’re gonna end up not eating anything – There’s only so much you can take before you just go over the edge [dramatic music] – [crying] – I don’t want to talk about it, honestly ♪ ♪ – The line’s been crossed now, and I’m just really uncomfortable – I can’t believe you were hiding this from me – I don’t know how to move forward from here – I don’t want to get a divorce, because I care about you ♪ ♪ I don’t ever want to be married twice I want to be married once ♪ ♪ – If my marriage ended in divorce, I would feel heartbroken ♪ ♪ – This marriage means the world to me, and I will go out fighting the hardest for it ♪ ♪ – I woke up today just hoping that, “It’s our anniversary Maybe we can do something nice today,” and then [crying] [sobbing loudly] ♪ ♪ – The time has come ♪ ♪ – You will decide whether you want to stay married ♪ ♪ – Or do you want to get a divorce? ♪ ♪

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