– Over 50,000 amazing people have applied to be married at first sight But most of them are still single – I’m single because my ideal guy doesn’t exist – You have everything, but you just don’t have someone to share it with – When Mr. Right is here I’m ready to go Baby, rock me! [laughs] [upbeat music] – We’re inviting 16 singles, scientifically selected because of their compatibility, to the only island where you can have your honeymoon before your wedding – Gonna find the love of my life, man – It’s like I have a golden ticket to my husband – And if I don’t find love on Saint Lucia I’m just meant to be single – On “Married at First Sight” we make the magic However, we never know whether there’s going to be chemistry So now we are here to help you match yourselves – I came here to find a wife – Hell yes I think I’m a catch ♪ ♪ – We’ll bring some old favorites You may know me from “Married at First Sight: Second Chances.” I got dumped, but I still have confidence that I can find love – Hi, I’m Mickey – Corey – As well as more singles who’ve applied, but were not matched to be married at first sight – I’m here for something real Everything in my heart is ready for that next step – I also want to encourage you to be open because what do you have to lose? – During this three week process, we’ll be there to apply the exact same principles that we use on “Married at First Sight” as we help each couple towards marriage – I would love to meet a girl that I can take home to mama – I want a girl that’s on the same page as me – I don’t feel like I can find my words right now ‘Cause you just took them away I’ve completely fallen in love – At the end of their stay on Honeymoon Island each couple will have to decide for themselves Will they leave heartbroken? – He [bleep] another girl And so I’m, like, done – I never want to feel this pain again – Or will they fall in love and propose to their partner? – This is everything I’ve wanted in a relationship – ♪ Belong together ♪ ♪ ♪ – ♪ Set me free ♪ ♪ I am stronger ♪ ♪ Than I ever believed ♪ – Welcome to the St. James Morgan Bay – Thank you My name is Isabella and I was on “Married at First Sight: Second Chances.” – You know, I came into this knowing what I want And I just feel, like, you know, we’re not quite there ♪ ♪ – I went through heartbreak and it was really hard for me, but I definitely believe in soul mates And I am a hopeless romantic I am here to find someone and make a real connection, and get married and have kids ♪ ♪ – My name’s Jona, and I came to Honeymoon Island ’cause at this point in my life I’ve experienced a lot I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2012 Just someone didn’t see me, made an illegal turn, and that was it And then from there was surgery on the back, surgery on the knee, and rehab And I really snapped back faster and better then what they told me ♪ ♪ Now that I have my health back I feel like I got a second chance, and I’m really ready to share my life with somebody else I tried out for “Married at First Sight: Miami,” actually got to the very end where they actually did call me and tell me that, “We don’t have a match for you.” I’m really happy that this is Honeymoon Island Not Single’s Island, not Gucci Mama Island I don’t want that That’s–I’ve done that Believe me I’m here for something real Now’s the time – ♪ And I’m breaking down ♪ – ♪ These walls ♪ – I’m the champagne popper – Okay, pop that champagne then all: Oh! – Nice – My gosh [laughter] – Jocelyn, where are you from? – L.A – Oh, my God. Yeah You look super L.A [laughter] Beautiful – Thank you My name’s Jocelyn I own my own business I design padding inserts for swimsuits I would say I’m a girl boss I came to Honeymoon Island because I’m picky, not because I can’t find a date It’s that I don’t want to settle So I’m just excited to meet the guys, and see if there is a natural connection – All right, I think the guys are coming ♪ ♪ all: Hi – Ooh – [squeals] – As I’m walking out and I’m seeing the ladies they’re looking really attractive – I’m Kimberley – Nice to meet you Isabella. Jona Nice to meet you – Hi, I’m Lizzie – Lizzie. Nice to meet you – Brandin – Travis – Oh, my gosh – Hi! – Where’s the champagne? I don’t know – Tyler. Nice–how are you doing? Doing good – Isabella. Tyler Nice to meet you – As soon as I met Tyler there was an instant connection, and I just, like, knew from that point on that this is the guy that I want to get to know – Girls having a good time thus far? – Yeah, so far – Bet you the anticipation been killing you, eh? – Eh Where’s that come from? – Half of my family’s Canadian So it’s like–back and forth, yeah – I have family in Canada – Whereabouts?

– In Winnipeg – Winnipeg, yeah British Columbia I’m Tyler I’m a carpenter ♪ ♪ For any lucky woman I can build you any closet that you want So selling point right there The other guys are having a great time – Oh, there’s more – Corey – Jada – Jada, nice to meet you – Hi, I’m Lizzie – Lizzie, Corey – Hi! – [laughs] – Mmm, hold on now – Somebody forgot their shirt – I’m Mickey, nice to meet you – Pleasure to meet you – Chris – Hi! Katie – Chris, he’s my type He’s hot, right? – My name’s Chris I’m a personal trainer I’m a youth counselor, and I’m a singer ♪ ♪ And I also have a daughter Her name is Bella She’s my heart When I was younger, you know, I just kind of had fun and I was settling, but now that I’m older I got, like, a little checklist I want a woman who’s ambitious, loyal, and ready to be a stepmother Because if she’s not ready to be a part of my daughter’s life then she’s not ready to be a part of mine – Hold on Is it Shannon? Shannon! Oh, my God [laughs] – You guys know each other? – My name is Shannon You may or may not know me from “Married at First Sight: Second Chances.” – While I do think you’re an amazing person I think that you deserve someone different – Second Chances was a good experience Got really, really hard for me when I got dumped So it’s probably crazy that I’m trying this whole thing again, but I’m ready to be married – Hello! – Hey! – How’s it going? – How are you? Welcome to Honeymoon Island [all cheering] Dr. Jessica and I are just really excited to be with you guys on this three week journey to find your love, and hopefully your future husband or wife [all cheering] Out of the thousands of people from across the country that have applied to be married at first sight, you all have been scientifically selected and because of that, there are numerous people here who you may be compatible with There is a match for you on Honeymoon Island – Oh, my God – Ah! – Now, on “Married at First Sight,” we make the matches However, there’s one thing we cannot account for and that’s chemistry Sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn’t But on Honeymoon Island we’re gonna flip the script You all are going to match yourselves [laughter] – Here we’re gonna start with chemistry, and then we are going to apply the exact same disciplines that we use on “Married at First Sight.” And those include psychology, sociology, spirituality, and sexology – I came to Honeymoon Island to find the love of my life I want the long-term thing I want the 50 year anniversary I want all of that – One last thing If you do not find your partner by the end of the day tomorrow, you will be going home But those who do have chemistry will stay on the island and work towards marriage – Who’s ready to find the love of your life? [all cheering] Let’s go! Come on! Let’s go ♪ ♪ – Is that a [bleep] pirate ship? – Look, a pirate ship ♪ ♪ With only today and tomorrow to actually get to know one another our singles are going to have to rely on the instant attraction or chemistry they may feel or not feel The pressure is definitely on to get to know as many people as possible all: Cheers! ♪ ♪ – All right, let’s get ready! ♪ ♪ – ♪ ‘Cause life should be a party ♪ – Bryan – Bryan, nice to meet you – So where are you from? – I’m from Boston – Do you swim? Are you– – I swim Do you get to do a lot of that in Colorado? – Oh, yeah – Did you have any, like, apprehensions before, like, coming here? – I am not gonna lie to you I was nervous as hell – Were you? – I was very nervous in the sense where I was, like, I didn’t know what to expect – Yeah. Thank God for my friends and my family ’cause when I was thinking about doing this my girlfriends were like, “Yes, this is totally you.” – My name is Jada Rashawn and I’m a nanny placement specialist My last relationship was seven years long and unfortunately there was an infidelity that was involved, and I learned a lot It taught me a lot, and I decided that I would live my very best life So that’s why I decided to come to Honeymoon Island I want someone who is a family oriented type of a person I’m very close with my family I’m open to finding love, to getting to know someone who is potentially someone that I could spend the rest of my life with So what are your expectations? – My expectations, like it wasn’t to have a good time It was, honestly, to meet somebody and match with somebody – Yeah – What are you looking for? – So, like, aesthetically-wise, I care more about what’s inside a person than what’s, like, outside – But you have to be physically attracted to somebody – Absolutely. I love, like, people that know how to take care of themselves You do have to like kids – I do have a daughter – I feel like I’m describing you,

but that’s not on purpose – Yeah, you describe me What you want to do? You want to get the notepad out? ♪ ♪ – I have to tell you, you are so dang beautiful Somebody else was like, “Oh, my God.” I was like, “Please, please let it be that girl that likes me.” – Aw, thank you Think I definitely have a weakness for, like, tall, handsome blonds You know, nice legs, nice butt I don’t think it’s asking for too much. [laughs] – I am so interested in– that it’s– I’d really like to get to know you – What brought me here was I was on, you know, “Married at First Sight: Second Chances.” It was one guy and, like, ten girls, so we were all after him And it came down to, like, me and another girl, and he had to choose one of us So he didn’t choose me and he didn’t choose the other girl either so he ended up alone Yeah, so Yeah, and I’ve been single ever since – What do you want to get out of this? – To find my love – Yeah? – To find the one. Yeah I’m just looking for someone who is compatible and stands out to me – I–I just thought you were so beautiful so I had to come over and say hi – Thank you [laughs] – I’m telling Isabella how beautiful she is and it’s the only thing on my mind The chemistry that we sparked off right away was it was magical – So did you grow up on a farm? – I definitely grew up on a farm – You did? What kind of animals does, like, your family have? – Name ’em. Like, chickens, cows, horses You know, when you grow up a certain way, like, you’d want to raise a family in that way just because I had such a great childhood – Really? That’s exactly what I want – Really? – Yeah. Yeah – Well, Thor and Izzy are already married So, couple, couple, couple – There is definitely an undeniable chemistry between Tyler and I from the moment that I met him and I saw him, we shook hands, and I knew he was the one We may not be married at first sight, but it feels like love at first sight, and it’s taken me by surprise – Man, I-I’m just trying not to smile a bunch – Why? – Okay, like, you said you, like, picked up on the chemistry, and, like, I like everything you’re saying – Likewise [laughs] ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] – Yeah! – It’s day one on Honeymoon Island and our singles are here to find their future husband or wife But unlike on “Married at First Sight,” our singles will be matching themselves based on instant chemistry, whether that be physical or emotional – I’m, like, all over the map So I double majored in elementary and special education Then I opened a boutique, and then I went back to school to teach English as a second oral language, and then I opened a distributing company – Okay – I’ll do whatever it is to make money except for, like, work the corners – So Brandin and I are connecting, and we’re in our own little tunnel vision She’s full of energy I’m really intrigued by all the impressive things she’s doing in her life, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know more I’ll check the corners in a few months just to make sure – Nope. I’ll never be there I’d call my mama before that, but– – Mom’ll save you? – Yeah, I’m a mama’s baby – Are you? You’re close with your family? – My mom’s like my best friend For sure I think that Jona’s really attractive He’s what I was looking for I physically love tall guys, but I want someone that, most importantly, is going to be honest and loyal – Like, yeah, I’m at that point, like, I want to be able to go do the traveling and stuff together before the kids and stuff are the conversation I want to be able to go have those experience I had on my own that I really wished I shared with somebody – Someone that gets you as, like, a person that you can grow with, and travel with, and make a lot of money with, because that’s important too – [chuckles] – Pull it! [all cheer] ♪ ♪ – Ah! – So I’ll go in with you Come on – Okay – You go first and– – I think I need, like, a life jacket though – Really? – I think so So I’m actually afraid of large bodies of water And I told that to Chris ’cause he wanted to go swimming and it was so cute because he was like, “Do you want me to wear a life vest too?” And I just thought that was really, like, considerate of him and, like, a considerate man is something that I definitely want in a guy ♪ ♪ – There you go! – Whoo! – So I just wanted to get to know you a little bit You said you do medical device? We got a lot in common – My name is Kimber ♪ ♪ I’ve been engaged before, but unfortunately he had some issue with addiction That I didn’t that to be the rest of my life So I came to Honeymoon Island to see if I can find someone that I can really be in love with and stay in love with forever How long have you been doing your job right now? – Five years – Five years? – Let’s quit talking about jobs A job don’t define a person – Oh, my God – I definitely came to Honeymoon Island to meet the love of my life Have to have a beautiful face as far as nice eyes, maybe nice lips Race or color doesn’t play into that You know, it’s hard for me to describe, but when I see the person I know that’s the person I’m super attracted to

Let’s talk about happiness, love, what’s your perfect mate Let me get to know you What makes you tick? Like, what makes you happy? – Honestly, travel – Yeah? – The reason that I do, like, my job is because I can travel – Do you have kids? – No – Okay, cool – Do you want kids? – Eventually You don’t? – Ah, I don’t know I don’t feel, like, someday I need to have a kid, but if I have one one day, you know, that– that’s okay Could be okay I don’t know if it’s right when it’s when it’s actually, like, a possibility, I guess Shannon is definitely my type My hesitation with him was that there’s about four girls that have identical tastes to me in guys So I’m hoping tomorrow to see if I have anything possible with Jona – Going in for a hug – [laughs] It was nice talking to you – Nice meeting you – And getting to know you a little bit better – Yeah – I went to Panama and started my own fruit brokering business – Wow – And after a couple years I actually then decided, “You know what? What the heck, I got to finish my degree.” So I moved to Denver in 2016 My name’s Eric I was a son of diplomat So I grew up living abroad North, Central, and South America before I was a teenager, but now I am the executive of business development for a Canadian holdings company And I’m always flying between, you know, the U.S., Panama, Colombia I came to Honeymoon Island to find the woman to go on an adventure with me I mean, if your passport’s got a few stamps in it we can talk I was actually in Panama a couple days ago before I was in Colombia, so– – You’re well traveled – Yeah, a little bit – I stayed at an eco lodge in Amazon once – Really? – It was so cool. Yeah – Fact that you’ve been to the Amazon is really, really, really, cool – Sounds like we both travel a lot So that’s definitely key in someone – Definitely – I like a lot of things about Eric I think it’s really helpful that we share so much in common He likes to travel He’s a really good looking guy Wow, there’s so much I enjoy about him Do you believe in romance on an island? [laughs] ♪ ♪ – You and Jada, like, you seem, like, you have a real genuine connection – I’m at the point right now where I’m connected, but I’m not committed to anybody because I don’t feel, like, that’s fair to me or to anybody else I’ma be 100% honest with you When I first came in I thought you were the most gorgeous girl here – That is so sweet – When I first started talking to Jada, it was just that instant connection, that instant vibe, but I’m very attracted to Jocelyn It’s such a battle because I’m not trying to be a player, it’s just I’m kind of caught in the middle of–of what I want because I have interest in two different girls I don’t want to be selfish in the same sense and just, like, lead anybody on Do you go to the gym a lot and stuff? Your muscles are kind of popping off – I started working out with a personal trainer a little bit ago – For real? – Yeah – You look amazing – Thank you Look at this Rico Suave over here He’s really hot He’s really fit Chris and I have that spark At this point in my life, I’m 30. I’m single – You just hit your prime 30’s your prime – But I want children, and 30 is not your prime – Do you want, like, mixed kids? I can give you, like, 25% [laughs] I’m joking – [laughs] – ♪ Your love ♪ ♪ Your love ♪ ♪ Is all I need ♪ – ♪ Your heart is singing loud ♪ ♪ You’re breaking through the crowd ♪ ♪ Go get what you want go get what you want ♪ – Hey, guys Come on in. Come on in – Whoo! – Are you enjoying the Saint James’s Club Morgan Bay? all: Yeah – Take advantage of today Talk to someone you’re curious about There’s a lot of pressure on our singles to follow their gut and quickly match with the person they feel they have the most chemistry with Because after tonight they will commit to being a couple and we will be helping them strengthen their bonds towards marriage – What do you guys say about playing some volleyball? [cheering] Let’s play. Come on Let’s do this ♪ ♪ – Go, Jada! – Yes – One of my hidden talents is that I’m actually really good in beach volleyball I tend to be a little guarded and uptight, so I’m excited to kind of let loose a little bit – Yo, Jay, you got it You got it – Have you played volleyball before? – A little bit. You? – Yeah – I’ve just been, like, super anxious – Yeah, I’ve been getting up at, like, 4:00 a.m every single day, like, I cannot sleep – I thought about it last night and thought, you know, Chris is the guy for me here I just want to let you know that I picked you You did? – Yeah – I’m proud of you You really did? – Yes I’m there for Chris I’m not talking to Shannon I’m not talking to Jona Talking to him ♪ ♪ – I think everyone’s got the idea of what you and I have going on – No one’s come up to me today – Yeah. Yeah It’s true. It’s true – Eric and I are really solid, and we just kind of partner up and go But if another girl came up to him, he might be interested I don’t know We’ll see Hopefully not [laughs] ♪ ♪ – What do you cook? Like, what’s your favorite supper?

Do you eat super healthy? Pasta! Okay, that’s surprising Some people that have, like, very nice physiques just, like, watch their weight so carefully that they just can’t enjoy life I was kind of, like–like, expecting that out of you So then when you weren’t like that and you were, like, really sweet I was like, “Wait a second.” I feel like I judged you a little– a little harshly – And that’s the thing Like, when I first meet people I know that’s what they’re doing – Oh, the pretty mixed guy – I automatically have, like, an instant connection with Jada, but something about Jocelyn just attracts me to her Like, when I came up to you at first I was like, “Maybe Let me see what’s up I don’t know how she feels.” ‘Cause I saw you, like, kind of swaying other ways – [chuckles] – Chris and I have that, like, natural chemistry I feel pretty confident that Chris and I are gonna end up moving forward as a couple It feels good It feels real – I think you’re gorgeous I think this is 100% ♪ ♪ – What’s up? – Hey, Kimber – You having a good time? – Yeah, so far You? – Yeah, no I’m having a great time There was something about Jona that was very interesting to me He just seemed calm and collected, and I’ve been really attracted to that in the past So that’s something I want to, like, learn a little bit more about I wanted to talk to you on the pirate ship yesterday, but every time I was free you were busy – All right, let’s do it – So I didn’t get a chance to You wanna do– What should we do? – Let’s get in the water Cool off a little bit maybe – Yeah, I’m freaking hot – Are you gonna get, like, all the way in? – I’ll go as deep as you want to go Or don’t want to go – [laughs] – Will give me one second? – Yeah – It’s cool, right? You just want to get to know other people and– – Like, this is such an awful situation for me to be in Like, I hate it – I see Brandin really struggling with the pressure and this process, but before I can really make a decision I need to think who else would I be interested in and get to know some other people today – This is not fun to me – Take a deep breath – All it does is give me anxiety And then I wanna just, like, not participate ♪ ♪ – Deep breaths You’ll be all right Thanks, sorry – No, it’s fine – I love the idea of open communication That’s something I’m big on – Yeah, same – I just don’t like this situation I thought that Jona and I had such a deep connection, but I’m not one that’s gonna be competitive Like, if you want to choose another girl over me, go for it Because, like, I’m hot, and if you can’t see what I have to offer, go be with that other girl Like, don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours ♪ ♪ – ♪ If if you want me ♪ ♪ Come and get me ♪ – It’s the second day at Saint James’s Club Morgan Bay, and there’s a lot of pressure for our singles to really get to know each other because tonight they’re going to have to reveal to Dr. Jessica and me who they have the best instant chemistry with, and those singles who don’t have match, they’re going home – Really appreciate you coming up to me – My only priority was to at least have a conversation with you Try to just be up front all the time anyways – That’s a hugely attractive characteristic – Thanks [laughter] I really wanted to know, like, how you’re feeling about Brandin I’m just having a really hard time reading you ‘Cause if you could just say, like, you’re not interested in me then I can be like, “Perfect My work here is done.” ‘Cause I know Shannon and I know that I like him But I have thought about you a lot, to be honest – Okay – So I just want to know ♪ ♪ – I think you’re beautiful I really do But I catch myself still wondering if there’s more for me to explore with Brandin Hanging out with Kimber was actually really, really refreshing I felt a connection to her, but not like the connection I have with Brandin So I know what I want I want a future partner I want a life with somebody That’s what I’m here for I’m choosing Brandin I think you show go whole-heartedly into the thing with Shannon, but from what I know I think you’re in good hands there, if that helps you out – Yeah, no, it does It really does ♪ ♪ – The first time you saw me was you interested or did–was it, like, half–halfway through talking to me that you were just like – When I saw you, of course, like, you were very handsome, but usually I don’t go for guys that, like–like, everybody wants or that everybody’s just fawning over ♪ ♪ – Feel really good about Chris though, but he he’s over there talking to Jada He said he wants us to make sure about each other And so he wanted to, like– we all talk to other people – Yeah – Chris and I have that, like, natural chemistry I feel like anybody can see it And I feel pretty confident that Chris and I are gonna end up moving forward as a couple No, I mean, I feel– I feel good about it – It’s more to me than just the surface So, like, you were definitely very handsome and I acknowledged that, but it wasn’t until– – And you’re beautiful – It wasn’t until you said, “Well, if I can be honest,

like, I have a daughter and I want to be a good example.” And so when I heard you say that, I was like, “Okay. Okay, he might have some substance.” It’s hard to say if Chris will be my match or not just because, like, on the outside he’s, like, what every girl wants, but he’s very passionate about setting a great example for his daughter and that just, like, really touched my heart because I’m a nanny So that definitely stood out to me Like, I’ll be completely honest, like, every time I see you, like, talking with, like, Jocelyn or something I’m like, “Jocelyn’s aggressive.” – My first initial person that I was interested in was Jocelyn She’s a beautiful girl And after talking to her, like, she’s cool, but then I met you and I vibe with you ♪ ♪ I’m struggling between Jocelyn and Jada They’re both amazing girls I’m confused. I don’t know I think by the end of the night I’m gonna have my decision ♪ ♪ – I didn’t, like, have a chance to tell you, like, what the full– what was on my mind before I went and talked with him – Yeah, but listen, dig what I’m saying Like, this is what we’re here for You don’t want to make the wrong decision So I don’t feel bad, like– – Well, I don’t want you to take it personally I want you to look at it as, like, if we stay here together and we do this you know that you were, like, my pick I am feeling pretty nervous right now I feel, like, I’m taking a huge leap of faith by wanting to move forward with Shannon You are, like, 100% my type – So–so what’s your type then? – I really like, like, confidence and, like, from the second you walked in you were very– I–you’ve been confident every moment since you’ve come in here and I’ve noticed that all day And yeah, I mean, like you–you look great – Thank you, I don’t– I don’t know what– all these compliments–rare – I just want you to know – Don’t keep complimenting me, I’m shy You see what I’m saying – We have a limited amount of time to pick who we want to try with, and that’s definitely nerve-racking My mind has been racing a little bit just with, like, possibilities and outcomes – So would you–would you move to Atlanta? – Atlanta’s one of the only places that I would live, actually I said that before – Do you like it there? – Yeah, no, I love Atlanta – Me and Kimber connection’s growing stronger and stronger She’s hot. She’s beautiful And she’s saying all the right things I just need to show her she’s number one Like, nobody else in the picture right now – ♪ You’re one of a kind ♪ ♪ One of a kind ♪ ♪ And when we collide ♪ ♪ It can’t be denied ♪ ♪ You’re one of a kind ♪ [cheering] – [laughing] Okay, everybody – ♪ You – What do you think? How many couples do you think we’re gonna have tonight? We brought 16 singles to Honeymoon Island who’ve been scientifically selected for compatibility It’s now the end of the second day and based purely on initial chemistry those singles who have found partners will be revealing themselves as couples – Let’s see what love connections we have – I think we’ll see some fireworks and I think we’ll see some fizzle out – And maybe some broken hearts tonight – Oh, my God. I know I wonder who the first couple will be ♪ ♪ Hey All right, Eric and Katie – Hi Not a bad view – Not a bad view – Not at all – It’s gorgeous here Not a bad view here either – Aw, you’re sweet – Look at this – Do we look good together? – You look great together – Yeah? – Eric is my match because he is the kind of guy I’ve been looking for Someone adventurous, well-traveled, articulate, and also with a lot of drive and ambition And I think we both are just ready for that genuine connection And my heart’s going with Eric [laughs] – When did you know that you guys were going to be together? – Well, I was eying him when he walked out I was pretty nervous, but, yeah, we connected right away kind of – We really did – You both are from the same state both: Yeah – We’re from the same state – Same city almost – Look at that – You had to come this far to find each other – I know! I know – That’s so cool – I’m really seeing marriage quality in Katie It’s refreshing to relate to somebody on a lot of things, and I think we have, like, a real shot at making this work [laughter] – We’ll talk soon – We will – Yeah, high five – I’m happy that Katie and Eric have chose to take this journey with each other, and bonding over their love of travel is great However, I’m worried because Katie and Eric both seem to be a bit reserved and are having conversations at more of a surface level In order for this relationship to progress they’re going to have to get deeper – I love it. I like that I like that I’m excited to see who’s next ♪ ♪ all: Hey ♪ ♪ – How’s it going? – We’re great I’m not gonna ask how you’re doing I can see it on your faces – Yeah, no, all smiles I never believed in love at first sight, but that chemistry that we instantly have, I didn’t feel a doubt in my mind

that she was gonna choose me and I was gonna choose her And I just– I cannot believe that this is so real right now – So tell us about this connection – I literally felt a connection with him, like, the moment we shook hands And, you know, our eyes kind of locked and I just, like, felt a spark – Sounds like the beginning of what could be a really extraordinary love story – I feel, like, I’m very, very blessed – Aw [cries] – Scared? – Yeah, I mean, it’s good It’s good It’s been a long time since I’ve actually felt, like, this much chemistry with somebody I have had, like, nothing but heartbreak and disappoint with love, and it’s definitely kind of scary to come here and be vulnerable all over again – This whole sort of social experiment is designed to be very accelerated to help grow that connection if there is chemistry So it’s gonna feel more intense We’re here to support you Just know that those feelings are completely normal, and don’t let anything in the past hold you back from what you could have in your future – You’re just beginning Enjoy it – Thank you – All right – We’re excited for you – I’m not surprised one bit that Tyler and Isabella have matched I believe that they might feel like it’s love at first sight I caution them to take it slow, and get to know each other you don’t fall in love You grow love So I hope they will get the chance to grow something beautiful out of this All right, let’s see who we have next ♪ ♪ – Hey, guys [dramatic musical tones] – I never expected Jona to walk out alone I saw him have chemistry with Kimber and with Brandin, and, frankly, I’m shocked that he’ll be going home What’s going on with you? – Yeah, what’s happening? You here by yourself Talk to me – I don’t know what’s going on to be honest – What do you mean? – I would like Brandin to be joining me here It would be my hope – Okay – I came to Honeymoon Island to start the next chapter of my life, and I really felt like Brandin was the one I mean, like, my future wife She should have given this a shot Like, I know who I am and I think I have something really great to offer her – Her not being here right now is 100% a reflection of her and not you – I’m all in and want to at least give it the best shot I can, and I think she’d be making a mistake not to do the same, but, you know, what am I gonna do? – Look, if Brandin isn’t here and you don’t have a match, this is the end of the road for Honeymoon Island You know that ♪ ♪ – Brandin not being here right now is 100% a reflection of her and not you – I come a from a really warm family and the time that my parents were together, they couldn’t walk by each other after three kids and 17 years of marriage without grabbing, or touching, or–and I want that ♪ ♪ – Hey, guys – Hi – Hey – Hi Boy, am I happy to see you – [laughs] – You look very nice – You had us scared – Running a little late – I just feel, like, all of this has been so rushed that it’s really been difficult for me to, like, feel like I can even function – It’s cool, right? You just want to get to know other people – Like, this is such an awful situation for me to be in Like, I hate it All it does it give me anxiety, and then I wanna just, like, not participate It’s just been moving so quickly It kind of freaks me out a little bit, like, I just was overwhelmed – It has been intense and it is an accelerated process, but now that the two of you are a couple you have the opportunity to spend more time together – [laughing] – Why are you laughing at that? – It just sounds so strange – Look, this is awesome then I feel–I feel much better now – I feel better too – I’m feeling like I’m on cloud nine Life is good I’m really intrigued by all the impressive things she’s doing in her life and the closeness she has with her family, but we have a lot more to get to know about each other But I’m feeling really excited to see where this goes – She showed up – Yeah He held her hand and then she kind of dropped it – It’s gonna be a problem – Yeah – Seeing Brandin push his hand away is very concerning to me, given how important physical affection is to Jona By rejecting his hand, that’s a simple move At the same time, that gesture speaks volumes about the future of this relationship ♪ ♪ – Oh, look who it is – [laughing] Hey How are you doing? – Doing good – Good. Good – Obviously You guys are kind of glowing a little bit – Yeah! – We saw you in the water – Oh, you did? I was trying to be discreet

– I feel like with Shannon I have found kind of what I was looking for on this island I know that he’s outgoing and friendly, but I want to get to know what’s underneath what I’ve seen so far – You guys look good together – She’s my better half – Oh, well, we know that – I came to Honeymoon Island to find love and it seemed like it’s going down that track I can see it with Kimber ♪ ♪ both: Hey – Hi – You’re here by yourself – Chris was very up front with me in that my connection with him was stronger than his connection with Jada He asked me on the date on the boat He told me how attracted he is to me So I’m a little surprised that I haven’t already talked to him – What was your thinking coming here? – That we both felt the strongest connection with each other I do know that he was talking to Jada – Who do you think is a better connection with–with him, you or Jada? – I think I do He did call me his future wife He said that We just had that instant chemistry ♪ ♪ – Chris not showing up with Jocelyn after he told her that she’s his future wife is pretty shocking That’s not how you treat a future wife We need to figure out what’s going on here Well We want to talk to Chris, so we’re gonna ask you to step out for a minute Don’t go anywhere – Okay ♪ ♪ – What’s going on? – Hey, Chris – Hey, man ♪ ♪ – What’s happening? – I’m just– I’m kind of a little conflicted with what–what I want I think Jada’s a great fit for me personally, like, she’s awesome, but I’m a lot more attracted to Jocelyn than Jada physically – Okay – I’m sorry I’m just being real with you guys I ain’t trying to put you out through the loop – No. No. No. No I want you to do something for me – Okay – Close your eyes ♪ ♪ Let’s say you’re in a relationship with someone one of these women It’s grown and grown You’re in love and you’re getting married Door’s open, she’s walking down the aisle ♪ ♪ We’re not here to help singles find a partner for a few weeks or a few months We’re here to help them find someone to spend the rest of their lives with, Someone to marry I want Chris to realize the gravity of this decision since it will impact the rest of his life Chris Open your eyes and go get who you see – All right I’ll be back – Handle that – All right ♪ ♪ – This is a no brainer Chris and I are partners I feel, like, he, you know, really wants something serious and so I feel really confident that Chris is going to choose me – It’s definitely a little scary right now, but I feel like we had a great conversation and I feel really good It seems like Chris might be my match ♪ ♪ – Wearing the same thing – We are. We’re like twins Did you do– did we do this on purpose? – You two are matching – We are matching We’re coordinating Great minds think alike Thank you – I’m happy with my decision to choose Jada because I’m looking at potentially a woman that’s gonna be around my daughter A woman that’s gonna be a part of my life and part of my daughter’s life, and I think Jada’s a sweetheart I think she’s an amazing woman, so I’m glad I picked her You look gorgeous – So do you– Well, you look handsome – She had, like, the big cheesy smile when I went to get her – [laughing] – We have a lot of couples who have instant chemistry on Honeymoon Island, but our singles who don’t have a match are going home – ♪ It’s just another one of those days ♪ – I feel like I was blindsided I, like, got played and dumped – ♪ It keeps me crying ♪ ♪ ♪ I’m disappointed I came here because I want to find love So I’m upset that didn’t happen for me – ♪ ‘Cause I’m better off as one ♪ ♪ ♪ – I usually do not go for, like, the guy that every girl wants, but the dialogue that we got to have really allowed me to see, like, his heart And those are the things that matter to me outside of, like, the surface level I was not surprised that Chris picked me over Jocelyn Our conversation was kind of more in depth And so I kind of felt like if he were going with his feelings too, then it would lead back to me, and I guess it did – ♪ Light up the sky ♪ – Thank you for your help – Absolutely, yeah Thank you, guys – And I’m glad you guys chose each other – Thank you – I am too – ♪ Take on the world ♪

– We now have five couples who have matched themselves and are now continuing on their journey It’s our job to guide them as they hopefully build their relationships toward marriage, but we have a lot of work ahead of us – I’m a little giddy over this one This is good ♪ ♪ – ♪ How do I explain this feeling ♪ – This season on “Honeymoon Island” – Whoo! – Life is good, and I’m feeling Brandin completely – Y’all like love at first sight – I’ve been praying just to find the right woman – He’s my soul mate We just, like, came together like this Boom–[laughs] – I feel most secure with physical touch – I’m definitely good at it – Yeah – [laughing] I did not expect to, like, connect with somebody like this so fast [cries] Sorry – Just when you get comfortable it’s like, “Bam!” – So what do you feel about, like, kids? – I really don’t think I want kids This could be a deal breaker for us – I’m not good at being vulnerable If he can’t understand that, it’s not going to work – Do you think Brandin is really feeling you? – You said today, “I’m about to walk out and go home.” Would she chase after you? – Jocelyn – I have a stronger connection with you – No doubt in my mind – I want to see where this goes with you – I don’t trust him 100% – You’re just arguing with me like a child I’m done – I was blinded by love, and, like, now all these red flags I don’t know, like, where this relationship is right now – If you wanna go I’m not gonna stop you – Oh, my gosh – At the end of this three week process, each couple will have to decide for themselves Are you gonna leave this island with a commitment or go home alone? – My mind’s racing Am I doing the right thing? – This is too much pressure Who will fall in love and make the ultimate commitment on Honeymoon Island? ♪ ♪

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