– Over 50,000 amazing people have applied to be married at first sight, but most of them are still single ♪ ♪ Now we scientifically selected 16 singles, who have applied to be married at first sight, and invited them to the only island where you can have your honeymoon before your wedding ♪ ♪ On “Married At First Sight,” we make the matches However, we never know whether there’s going to be chemistry So now we are here to help you match yourselves During this three-week process, we’ll be there to apply the exact same principles that we used on “Married At First Sight” as we help each couple figure out whether they’re meant to be married Previously on “Honeymoon Island” ♪ ♪ Kimber and Shannon – Never felt like I met my match until now – You think I’m the match? – Yeah – Jada and Chris – Change is super important to me – I would love to just have that with just one person that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with – Katie and Eric – How does that feel? – You don’t have to be worried You can break me – Okay – Honeymoon Island is pushing me way outside my comfort zone, but I really trust Eric at this point – Brandin and Jona – I know that the couch is uncomfortable So you can move into my room if you want – You’re inviting me to the big bed? – There’s an invisible line, and don’t cross it – But it wasn’t easy for everyone Isabella and Tyler – Brandin–she came up, grabbed my butt, and Isabella just flipped – This is just something I’m not okay with – I feel like you might be overreacting a little bit – I felt uncomfortable and it hurt me – Where do you guys feel that your relationship is now? – I’m going to go home I feel like an absolute fool right now for falling in love with somebody that does not even give two [bleep] about me ♪ ♪ – How are you feeling? – I’m ready for this – Whoo! – Coming up on “Honeymoon Island” – Look at this Isn’t it beautiful? – This is very beautiful – I want to conquer my fears, so we’ll do that together – Let’s do it I feel like me and Kimber are really building deep connections We’re really, really growing – It’s starting to kind of hit home a little bit with, uh, Katie and I– just what we’re trying to do after this – What are you trying to do after this? – It’s kind of like the big gorilla in the room, right? It’s honestly been tough – Do you see each other as a potential marriage partner? – Uh ♪ ♪ The reality is that my lifestyle is going to have to revolve around work in Colombia So this is all exciting, but how am I going to give quality time to someone? ♪ ♪ – At the end of their stay on “Honeymoon Island,” each couple will have to decide for themselves Will they leave heartbroken? Or will they fall in love and propose to their partner? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – You’re so far away – I know. Come here Here we go ♪ ♪ – Good morning – Buenos días – How’d you sleep? – Very well, actually – Good – Surprisingly well for, uh, being on the couch Yeah – 16 people were scientifically chosen to come to “Honeymoon Island” here at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay to find their husband or wife It’s day 14 of our three-week experiment, and five couples match themselves based on chemistry We’ve been testing them with principles such as psychology, sociology, sexology, and now, over the next two days, spirituality ♪ ♪ – We made compromises ’cause he has a bad back, So I said you can sleep in the bed, but if he snores or something–[lateral click] he’s got to go back to the couch – I’m not going back to the couch I just told her to slap me [laughs] ♪ ♪ – So I slept in a bed last night – You did? ♪ ♪ – She was nice She said I earned a quarter of the king bed – Whoa! – I’m feeling I’m like ready to go – Like a new man? – Hey! – Made it to the bed, bro? – That’s right – He’s kind of big for the couch, though, to be honest – Yeah – Thank you I feel rested ♪ ♪ – Good morning, guys all: Good morning – How’s everybody doing? – Good – So what’s up? – So unfortunately, Isabella and Tyler decided to pack their bags and left “Honeymoon Island.” ♪ ♪ As difficult as it was to see Tyler and Isabella’s relationship fall apart, our couples only have one week left to make the biggest decision of their lives: whether to get engaged or break up forever We want to provide support to our couples during this time,

rather than Tyler and Isabella’s issues distracting or influencing their own relationships in a negative way Anybody have thoughts, concerns? – They literally got into an argument over something so stupid – So we’re at the beach party, everyone’s having an amazing time, and apparently, I tapped Tyler on his butt when everyone was saying goodbye, and Isabella got pissed I think that it was seemingly ridiculous that something so minute became such a huge issue – Tyler and I had an argument, and it happened because I saw you smack his ass – Y’all are gonna end it over me touching his butt? That’s silly! Look at the real problem here, because it’s not me ♪ ♪ I feel like Isabella was obviously very insecure in her own relationship, that she threw her entire relationship to the wayside so that she could prove her–like, how mad she was – I feel like she got to work on herself, because I felt like she kind of want to have Tyler on a leash Yeah, I think she’s really controlling – If they’re not here, it’s not a bad thing – [laughs] I think that you can account for chemistry, but you can’t account for crazy – What? Okay – You happy, babe? – I’m happy I lost, yeah – Oh, sore loser over here – I’m not a sore loser You don’t listen – Where’s Izzy? – We lost I don’t know how she’s taking the losing situation, but– – We were fourth and fifth You were third ♪ ♪ – Whenever she would get upset, Tyler would approach her and be like, “Hey, are you okay? What can I do?” Like, and try to talk to her – Brandin is not the problem It’s really the symptom of larger, larger issues here – All right, guys, as you know, we’ve–we’ve dealt with psychology of relationships, sociology of relationships Today we’re going to deal with spirituality and relationships Okay? Now spirituality is much deeper than just religion We’re going to be dealing with what your core values are, your fears, what helps you to face challenges, and what is that thing that helps you get over those challenges? Have these conversations with each other, okay? It’s time for you to dig deeper, okay? – Okay – Well, let’s talk about it What are some of your fears? – Definitely heights – Heights – The fear of the unknown I like to be able to, like, know what I’m getting myself into – Anyone else? – Failure – Failure – I’d like to play off of failure and say it’s the fear of success – Sounds like we have opposite fears I like a lot of things about Eric, and the fact that Eric and I have the opposite fear shows me that there’s a large part of him I don’t know about We keep discovering more about each other, and the more I learn about him, the more excited I am, because I came to “Honeymoon Island” to get married – Every successful relationship shares some core belief On “Married At First Sight,” that’s one of the things that we seriously look at – Yes – When we’re matching couples What are your beliefs? Are they compatible? What are you willing to deal with? So we want to deal with some of the same things here We’re going to test your spirituality and put you in some situations that may cause some fear – Aw [bleep] – Take you out of your boundaries – We got a lot of those – Um– – Well, guys – We’ll see you later today ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – Hey guys, how are you doing? – Hi guys, how are you doing? – First question is do you know what you’re up for? – No – No, we want to know, though – Prepare for some zip lining today – Yes. This is what we need – I’ve been begging for this – She has been begging for this – Over the next two days, we’re encouraging our couples to participate in activities that they would not normally do By taking them out of their comfort zone, it will force them to let their guards down and hopefully help them to discover depths in their relationship, like core values and spirituality Jona and Brandin have been moving slowly in their relationship because of Brandin’s difficulty with being vulnerable By giving her an activity, like zip lining, she’ll have to put her full trust in Jona, which will hopefully help them to bond on a much deeper and more personal level – How are you feeling? – I’m ready for this – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Whoo! ♪ ♪ – Oh! ♪ ♪ It has been a slow start to get her to open up, so I’m hoping that we’re ready for the next step, because I want to be married, and I want that with Brandin To me–I believe in our energy and that positive energy I feel like I’m really resilient because I believe there’s a reason I’m being tested So when it hits me, I immediately am like, “All right, keep bringing it What–how do I conquer this?” What are your thoughts? Do you have something specific that keeps you kind of going or motivates you or– – I mean, not particularly I feel like you said it really well ♪ ♪ – Something is getting reserved within Brandin, and it seems like she’s just uncomfortable having this conversation – So you ready for more zip lining? – Why are you running away from me as I’m asking you a question? – I don’t enjoy political and religious conversations because, like, I feel like everyone has a different view of things – I–I think those are really touchy subjects

– I don’t think that it’s a conversation that I’m scared to have with you I just try to avoid those conversations unless it’s a necessity, and right now, I don’t really think that’s a necessity – I want to hear their thoughts – Okay It’s over now ♪ ♪ – I don’t like the heights – We got this – I’m nervous, though – We’re going to do it together – Chris is a smooth talker and very confident, which can prevent him from showing his true self to Jada So by doing an activity such as this, we’re hoping that it will let his walls come down, so Jada can see a different side of Chris, maybe even a– a more spiritual side Because if they can’t establish that deeper connection, they won’t be able to form a successful marriage – Uh, we’ll be boarding the tram to take a vertical rise up to 1500 feet above sea level – Yep – Where you’ll be at 120 feet above the forest floor You guys ready for this? – Yes, I’m excited – I don’t know – All right, let’s do it – It’s good to go, though, right? – Yes – My biggest fear is heights [slamming sound] ♪ ♪ I trust you Just give me your hand – Okay – Ah! And, um, I think it’s because it’s– you’re just so high in the air, you don’t have any control over anything You know, anything can happen, and there’s really nothing you can do about it We got to say a prayer before we get up there This is going to be a task for me, but I kind of got to go with the flow and have a– and have faith in God and have faith in–in myself to know that everything’s going to turn out the way that it’s supposed to ♪ ♪ I can’t look back This is too slow I need a quicker pace [bleep] Wait, is this supposed to be locked? All right, it’s locked – We’re good. We’re good – Everything’s locked up? – Yes, we’re good ♪ ♪ – Who’s moving? – Um– – Everybody just stay still – He is looking around He’s hearing leaves hit the air tram He don’t want me to move The thing is toddling It’s just really uncomfortable for him – Are we supposed to have, like, some rope on us right now or something, though? – Everything is locked I’m looking at Chris with his large muscles and his stature I’m like– It’s funny to see him, like, afraid, but I did not know how intensely afraid of heights Chris was until getting on this air tram – How much higher we got to go, huh? How high we going? – We’re almost there now ♪ ♪ – I’m freaking out Oh, my God [bleep]! I don’t think I can do this [deep exhale] I’m freaking out – We’re good What do you have the fe– the biggest fear of right now? – I’m afraid, like–for me, like, heights is just– it’s not having any control – Mm-hmm The things I can’t control, like, Oh, my God, you need to take care of this – I’m just kind of like trying to soak everything in But you’re right, though God has a plan for all of us – I feel like Chris is listening to me, and he’s slowly but surely coming out of his, you know, tenseness – I thank God that my confidence was good enough to where I could be there for him and remind him we’re going to be okay, and I’m letting him know, like, just enjoy all of what this experience is bringing us This is very symbolic for me, to be completely real with you, because I’m so fearful of so many things, like relationships, and, like, now I just feel so at peace, because this is like everything that I’ve ever wanted – You got to be open to that– that, you know, strong people make themselves vulnerable – Yeah – And they have to face their fears They have to face those things that they’re scared of in their life to–to grow I think we made it ♪ ♪ – This is so beautiful – Oh, my God – Don’t look down – We’re [bleep]– we’re going up, okay? Look at this This is beautiful – This is very beautiful It was nerve-wracking, but Jada is very physical Like, she–she held me and– She held me I’m the guy, but she held me Thank you, babe – You’re welcome – For being there for me – You did so good – I feel a lot more confident now ♪ ♪ – Got me a hot date – I’m braiding my hair because we’re about to ride horses, so I have to have hair braids – Yeah, so I haven’t went horseback riding, as I thought, in–I think the only time I went– – He’s never been horseback riding – What? – It doesn’t count at the carnival – It does It was a horse and I was on his back and I was riding it ♪ ♪ – Look Ah, I’m so excited – Spirituality is a really personal thing, and it’s completely different for everyone It’s not just about religion It’s about core values and your beliefs, and–and where you turn to during those times of greatest challenge Kimber is very open with her feelings and beliefs, whereas Shannon tends to use humor to avoid tense and open conversations, and if you can’t talk about your fears and traumatic experiences with your partner, then how will you be able to rely upon them during your future times of crisis? – Your horse is called Bob

– Bob? – Yeah, what about Bob? – Feeling confident? – Yeah, me and Bob is chilling You ready Bob? – Bob seems cool – I can’t wait, for one, to go horseback riding, you know, with the ocean next to us and have my lady with me, you know, hanging out and being able to talk to her and open up – How’s it going over there? – Good You’re–you’re not scared to ride a horse? – No. Like, my real fear is, like, losing my parents or something happening to my family – Something you can’t control – Yeah, I can’t I can’t get over that – I understand it It was sad when my father passed away But you just have to deal with it – How long ago did your dad pass away? – About four years ago – Wow – And, you know, like, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, like, last year, and it was devastating to me But I can’t harp on it I just, like– I just kept thinking, like, she’s going to make it out of this This is the first time I’m really opening up about my dad and my mom when she had breast cancer, but I’m grateful that she’s okay You know, most of the time I hold up my emotional block and not let nobody in, and I feel like I’m really letting myself go here – I get the impression that I think more about the uncontrollable stuff than you do – Yeah, but you can’t think about that Like me growing up in Detroit, like somebody getting shot is not, like, a out-of-the-question thing, you know? I went to a club and I just left, and then it got shot up You know what I mean? – So how do you not– how do you not– How does that not scare you? – I mean, it scares me, but I can’t live my life being scared You know? – Yeah Shannon is super funny and light-hearted and goofy sometimes, but when Shannon told me about his father dying, it hurt my heart and it just made me realize how much he’s capable of opening up and being completely honest, even when it’s not the easiest choice I feel closer to Shannon than I’ve ever felt, and I’m just feeling really lucky to have found him – What if, like, me being– coming into your life– I can help you kind of, like, cope with stuff the way I cope with it? – Yeah – You know? ‘Cause I had dealt with that Like, I had to plan a funeral for my father, and that was difficult, you know? So, like, I have dealt with your fear I feel like me and Kimber are really building deep connections, and I opened up about, like, my family and my deep, darkest places in my life, so we’re really, really growing – That’s so sad that you had to do that I can’t even, like–I just feel like my life would be over without my parents – But don’t even think about it, ’cause you have them here now You don’t have to deal with that until it actually happens – But there will be times that I’ll want to just, like, express how afraid I am – N-not like I’m just I’m some hard rock where I’m never scared of nothing You know? – It’s what it seems like You can’t tell me one thing you’re afraid of – Wanna tell you what I was really afraid of when I was a kid? – Yes – Freddy Krueger I was– – Oh, that’s dumb – Yeah, so my fear is dumb? I was scared of Freddy Krueger, I was scared of, like, the dark, the basement, ’cause I thought Freddy Krueger would jump out and kill me – That’s funny – I want to conquer my fears, so we’ll do that together – Let’s do it ♪ ♪ – How are you guys doing? – Good – What you up to, man? – Just hanging. Starting to kind of hit home a little bit with, uh, Katie and I– just what we’re trying to do after this – What are you trying to do after this? – It’s kind of like the big gorilla in the room, right? Because of my work, it’s almost, like, I’m kind of in a position where you and, you know, Brandin are in You know, where, like, I’ll be away– – It’s going to be a distance thing – Yeah – How does she feel about it? – I think she’s okay with it in theory – Right, that’s what I’m getting at – You know what I mean, man? – But you don’t know – I don’t know It’s like, you know, I do music and I travel a lot I met girls who said they were cool with it But then you get caught in– in these situations where you actually, like, see it firsthand – You’re on tour You’re going to have screaming fans and groupies and messages on fan pages– You know, you’re a good looking dude, man – Thank you, bro – Can she handle that? – I’ll second that – But, you know, can she handle that? – Traveling a great deal for work, like Chris and Eric do, can cause insecurity and even doubt in a relationship without a solid foundation of trust and shared core values It’s critical to their relationship that they make sure that Katie and Jada understand that no matter what the distance is, that the relationship takes priority over their career – Well, one thing I can say is that I think– ’cause there’s so many different things in the real world that just distract us, and temptations, and being able to– we don’t– Like when we’re here, we have to work things out We have to fix things – It’s just you two, right – Jada and I had a discussion about how she feels about me being a–an artist and traveling a lot on tour and my social media– like, on my Facebook, 1.2 million followers– and just wanted to know what– if that’s going to affect her in the long run I–but how do you feel about dating, like, someone like me, just, like– – I don’t know I’ve never–I don’t know – Does the whole music thing– – I don’t– – ‘Cause I travel a lot Like, I’m not really – I don’t know how– – Home a lot – I don’t know – I just want to know how you felt about the whole thing – I can’t say that I will be okay with that You’re a smooth talker too You got to be– You got to be watching out for these smooth talkers – I know that we have to try and we’re going to have to work hard to make this possible, and I know that it is possible, and this is what I want,

but in the back of my head, I hope that I can trust that Jada is understanding of that – Do you see qualities in them being the one? – Yeah, I mean, I hope so – I can see it in your eye, bro You talking about– – Yeah I know, right? You can see it – Yeah All right – Little lover boy – A softy over here, man – He really is, though – I know it sounds extreme, but I want to let myself go all in on it, um, and I don’t know if she is It takes balls to be all in, like, right now Like I’m–I’m doing it, but, like, as I’m saying words and hearing them come out of my mouth, I’m like, [exhales sharply] ask– all right Like, I feel the weight of it The fact that Brandin is having a really difficult time opening up–it’s making me go, “Am I nuts? Am I just– have I lost my mind?” But my gut is 100% telling me I would be the fool for not doing this So I think it’s really important to talk to Pastor Cal I just want to make sure I’m doing this right, because this is my first real moment being really definitively clear, I think, with the guys and hearing it come out of my mouth that I really think Brandin might be my forever Hey, man, I’m like– I’m 100% on– – It sounds like you’re falling in love, bro – I know, man – I’m trying to be open to you – You’re in–you’re in the deep end of the pool I like it – Yeah, man, I think I’m going to be inviting you guys to the wedding – Whoa. Okay ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – Your career takes you– – It takes me back and forth to Colombia and Canada – Katie and Eric need to push past the superficial They need to really work on emotional intimacy and closeness, and also, it’s important to be affectionate Without that physical component, the relationship goes from romantic to platonic, which leaves both partners feeling unsatisfied How much potential do you see in this relationship? – I see a lot of potential if she really is who I think she is, in terms of her affinity for travel and her flexibility with her career – So that’s really important to you – Yes It’s honestly been tough with significant others– is that they are always okay with it in theory – Right – But then, you know, the reality of me being gone can be an issue, and so I’m not sure how I kind of gauge that with her, before, you know, she just realizes like, “Oh, he’s actually gone for a little bit of time.” – I’m curious though, man, because this is “Honeymoon Island.” – Yes. Yeah – Okay? And the whole idea here is to find somebody – Yeah – That you can marry So do you see each other as a potential marriage partner? – Uh ♪ ♪ I do I genuinely do It’s–it’s just I’ve–I’ve been– This is, uh–this is–it’s almost like déjà vu with me It’s almost like I’ve been here with a couple of other people, and then we never make that leap, and then– – Why do you think not? – All of a sudden it’s, “No, I don’t want to leave my friends “I have a life here I am deterring my career I’m living in your world, not mine.” And I got to a point in my life where I thought that maybe it’s a unicorn I’m chasing You know, that– who am I going to find that’s comfortable with me, you know, traveling here and there? – Are you overthinking? – Maybe I’m overthinking I know I might be over thinking – Okay Yeah, and those conversations have never come up between the two of you – No, no. Not yet I think for us it’s been so smooth sailing that we haven’t asked the hard questions – Right – I feel like Eric prevents himself from having meaningful relationships because he’s constantly looking for the perfect woman, and Katie could be that woman, but he can’t expect her to just fit perfectly in his life He has to ask her what she wants He has to realize it’s a two-way street It can’t just be about Eric If at the end of all of this, what do you think she would say if you proposed to her? – Uh ♪ ♪ I’m not sure, you know, and that’s where I need to really, like, have a hard talk with her – Dude, it’s time, man Lay it all out there, man Don’t play around with this – We’re all at a different pace, ♪ ♪ and Brandin and I are on a very similar pace and page, but that doesn’t mean we’re on the exact same page all the time, so– I’m a little bit more willing to throw myself out there, and I think be vulnerable without hesitation than Brandin I’m willing to get stomped on, I’m willing to get hurt, but I’m not willing to leave here having failed and not given my everything – What’s up, guys? – What’s going on, Pastor Cal? – How are you guys doing? – Good – Great, great, great – What? Okay – Oh, man – No, I’m just joking – In the beginning, Brandin didn’t even want to hold Jona’s hand, and she still seems more reserved than he, but she does look happy I just hope Jona’s expressiveness and his all-in attitude isn’t too much for Brandin I just wanted to check up on you guys to see how things are going – Um, I’m learning how to read her better

and I’m learning how to communicate better – Mm-hmm – I feel like I’m definitely not as good of a communicator as he is, and I have put myself in a lot of uncomfortable situations – Right – When I have problems, I’ll, like, say, like, the gist of the problem and then be, like, “Okay, bye.” Like, he can voice his feelings and everything really well, but when it comes to that, I’m not as outspoken – I know we had, um, introduced to you guys about spirituality – Yeah – Mm-hmm – Religion and politics are, like, no-nos You never talk about those – That’s how I feel – Yeah, exactly, but I’ve been just curious if you talked about– You know, talked about that ♪ ♪ – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – [laughs] Did you grow up in religious families? – I did – You did – Mm-hmm I’m from Mississippi – Well, duh Yeah, I guess you’re right – My father was a preacher – Get out – And, uh– – Are you serious? – Yeah and he’ll still quote scripture to me, and he’s really dead on with it Like, spot on Like, he knows the right things to say, and my brothers had that upbringing, but I guess once I was born, it fizzled a bit as far as the whole family dynamic But I do have a tie to it, so I guess I was able to sit back and observe and take from it what I saw was positive and leave what I didn’t think was positive – What about you? – I was raised in the Catholic Church, but I don’t necessarily believe in all the things that the Catholic Church believes in It’s just–it’s–it’s a tough subject, you know, because I was raised in a religious family, and my mom still does go to church every Sunday and– and it’s been an argument between us, because I’m like, I don’t feel like– Like, I feel like as long as I have my morals and my values, and I pray, like, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to go to church every single Sunday to feel God’s love You know, it is a touchy subject – It is – It’s very hard to tiptoe around that, because there’s people that– unless you believe specifically what they believe, um, you’re wrong – Right, absolutely – And that’s the part of it that I don’t enjoy – It has been a slow start to get Brandin to open up, and we’ve hit some roadblocks as far as conversation goes, and Pastor Cal is helping to knock some of those roadblocks down, and he’s helping to get her to open up a bit, and I’m starting to get insight on why Brandin was hesitant earlier I’m getting all the information I need, and it’s feeling good – My big concern here is to make sure that you guys are at least talking to each other and asking questions – That is one thing that I do love about him, though, is he is always receptive to hearing out other people – Oh yeah, he’s– – Listening to their opinions – I really want to find a solution to any problems, big or small, because I don’t want to be bit in the ass later I’m not here for a short-term relationship I don’t want another girlfriend That’s not my agenda, you know? – So what do you want? – I want long-term I want marriage I want a family ♪ ♪ I want– I want that connection I mean I want all of that – Don’t laugh What you’re talking about is really deep You want a lifetime partner – Yeah – Am I right? – Yeah, absolutely – And understanding though, Brandin, what he really wants in his life, are you okay with that? ♪ ♪ – I’m realizing that I literally have someone sitting in front of me that I’ve always dreamed about and prayed for, and that’s scary, because it’s all happening so fast, but I’m asking myself, like, Brandin, what is wrong with you? Like, open your eyes and realize what’s in front of you Like, this guy is incredible, and he’s everything that you’ve ever wanted and more ♪ ♪ Yes ♪ ♪ But I don’t feel like I’m prepared at this moment to say, “Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” ♪ ♪ But I think we’re well on our way, and – You have an opportunity here for something incredible – Right – You know? Let it grow ♪ ♪ Don’t put any roadblocks up Let it grow ♪ ♪ – I love picnics – Sloan’s Lake’s It’s a lot of fun – Yeah? Like in Denver? – Good sunsets over there – Yeah – Um– – I don’t know if it’s going to be as good as this, but– – Yeah For Katie and I, I’m very happy with where our relationship is going, but there are a lot of things that I need to start asking to really take this to the next level I’m nervous, but at the same time, I’m going to be honest and hoping that, you know, she’ll do the same So I got done talking to– – Yeah, so you had a little talk with Pastor Cal – Pastor Cal, yeah – How did it go? – Right, um, because– – It makes me a little nervous that I wasn’t there, like– – Yeah – Were you talking about me? – There’s a lot of stuff to– – Do I need a sip of this beforehand? – You can take a sip if you want, yeah I mean, one of the questions he asked me was, like, “Realistically, Eric, what hasn’t worked in the past, you know, since you’ve traveled so much?” I said, “Well, the reality is that my lifestyle is going “to have to revolve around work in Colombia “So this is all exciting, “but how am I going to balance, you know– how am I going to give quality time to someone?”

– I am kind of wondering how that would look, you know – Yeah – Long term – Or in all honesty, like, that actually has, like, dismantled my prior relationships – Really? – Um, the problem always was it’s one thing to romanticize and fantasize about having a significant other potentially move with me to another place – Yeah – It’s another thing for that to actually come into fruition, or, you know, be–become a reality – Right Sometimes it’s hard for me to vocalize what I need in a relationship, but I’m trying not to do that this time around In a relationship, you can’t be selfish You have to think about the other person I wouldn’t have a problem with you traveling, um, one week a month ♪ ♪ – Okay, okay – It might be hard sometimes, but– – Yeah – As long as we got to spend, like, weekends together As long as we could talk on the phone while you were gone – Okay – I just see relationships as a give and take There are going to be times when your partner is flourishing There’s going to be times when you are flourishing You know that I have lofty aspirations, and I just want someone who’s supportive of that – Okay, so that’s good to hear I mean, that’s kind of a nitty-gritty conversation I needed to have, because it’s been the hard question that needs to be answered – We’ll figure it out as it goes, you know? ♪ ♪ – Cheers to gaining more clarity – Yeah Cheers – Cheers [sighs] ♪ ♪ – Whoo! ♪ ♪ – Whoa – That is really cool – I don’t know what’s going on Like, I see dancers, I see fire, people spitting fire out of their mouth I see Pastor Calvin and a table Like, I don’t know what all this means, but it looks good ♪ ♪ – All right – Yeah – That was awesome – That was so cool – Man, that was crazy – Amazing – Good afternoon, lovely couples! – Hi! – Hey! – It’s so good to see you guys here at St James’s Club Morgan Bay From the beginning, your first day on “Honeymoon Island” this has all been about one thing, and that is hoping to find somebody who you could have chemistry with and grow in love with and you could lead this relationship to marriage ♪ ♪ That’s been our goal That’s why you’ve come here We’ve taken you through the psychology of relationships We’ve shown you the sociology of relationships We’ve given you exercises through the sexology of relationships, and now, with spirituality, we talked about fears We talked about some of the things that were holding you back, and we’re going to deal with some of those today and you’re going to go through an exercise that’s going to help you to get rid of some of those things that have been holding you back, so that you as a couple can move forward to successful, happy relationships ♪ ♪ So I want to welcome you to this very special New Beginnings ceremony – All right – Let’s go New Beginnings – Now, New Beginnings is really important, because in order for anyone to move forward, you have to let go of your past Everyone comes into a relationship with baggage I’m going to ask you to get a piece of paper, each of you individually, and I want you to write down something that has been holding you back Then you as a couple, you will read that thing, not only to each other, but to the entire group standing here ♪ ♪ And then, I want you to get rid of it You’re going to walk to that fire, and you’re going to take those issues, and we’re going to eliminate them Fire purifies – I’m definitely nervous right now, because you have to let your partner know your fear, what you fear the most, and me saying that not only to her, but to everybody in front of me– Me, being a strong person, I don’t want to make myself vulnerable in that sense – I want you to dig deep, okay? ♪ ♪ – I’ll probably just think of it when I get up there – No, don’t do random [bleep] What? – I mean, it’s going to be real But it’s going to be what I think– I got to wait until I get in the moment – I know. [bleep] ♪ ♪ – Are you ready to reveal yourselves? Have you been thinking about it? I want you to dig deep ♪ ♪ We’re going to start with Katie and Eric Please come forward – I was worried you were going to say that – We’re two weeks into our time here on “Honeymoon Island” at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, and our couples are reflecting on spirituality and how they can face their fears We’ve asked them to write down things that are holding them back in life, so they can share them with their partner and hopefully move past their fears together Eric, why don’t you start? – Yeah, I’d like to start with, uh, I want to rid myself of selfishness

I think that comes in many aspects I find myself a lot of times talking about myself That’s something that Katie’s noticed and has reminded me kindly that it’s not all about me, and I really need to dedicate quality time to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, so – I appreciate that Katie? – Um, I want to rid myself of insecurity It’s a major issue in my life, I’ve found, and especially in my relationships I think my insecurity kind of hinders me from developing real feelings for people, and I hate being vulnerable, which is something that is key to falling in love, so I really want to go there with Eric and see if we can make this work Eric and I haven’t known each other for too long, but I really do feel connected to him, so to share something so intimate about myself to him– it feels really good So I think this will only bring us closer – Shannon had pointed out to me here that I’m always comparing everything about him to something I’ve been through in the past, and I feel like I need to start fresh and, like, give this relationship a chance and not think that it’s going to turn out the same way that the others did – That’s good – My fear is, like, letting someone into my world Like, right now, my life is the way I like it, you know, and it scares me to let somebody in, so I think that’s something that I really need to work on I will crack jokes when I’m in defense mode I don’t want to be hurt You know, I like to control most situations, so I stop people, you know, before they can hurt me I see potential with Kimber, but, you know, I don’t–I don’t know So I’m still scared about doing this, but I want to give her a fair shot – I think one of the biggest things I’ve had a problem with is feeling unworthy or undeserving of someone like Brandin in my life, and in this moment, given this opportunity, I want to be worthy and I want to have everything you have to offer, and I don’t want to be afraid of that ♪ ♪ – So something that’s been a huge aspect for me in this journey is what life is going to be like after we leave here and getting to know John in the real world, and that’s something that’s really been holding me back from fully indulging myself in this experience I can’t get past that thought of, like, how the hell did I find someone who literally treats me like the man of my dreams? And so this all feels like a dream and a fairy tale, and it doesn’t feel real, because so much has happened in such a short amount of time, and having those thoughts forces me to keep my guard up And so my biggest thing, in all of this, has been fear of, you know, life after “Honeymoon Island” and what it’s going to be like – So for me, one of the biggest fears that I have had has been a fear of being humiliated or opening up myself to someone The fear of humiliation has been, like, heavy for me That’s probably the one thing that I have held on to from my last relationship, because he was just lying and cheating and I was the silly one The fear of humiliation is actually why I’ve been guarded this entire time, why I’ve been slow to let my guard down and be vulnerable around somebody Sometimes, like, we naturally can trick ourselves into thinking about the negative more than the positive, and I refuse to let that, um, rob me of an– an amazing person and an amazing experience with Chris – Oh, that was really good – Chris – Um All right, um ♪ ♪ I think, uh– I think my biggest fear is, uh, is–is trust Like, growing up, I’ve just seen a lot of, like, negative things in my life, so, I think I transfer it over into my relationships, ’cause I always, like, assume people might not be around for the right reasons, so I tend to put a wall up I think with Jada, I’ma to try my best to let those walls down and, um ♪ ♪ Risk the chance of getting hurt, ’cause that’s what we’re all here for, right? So I’ma put my trust in her and see what happens I chose letting go of my fear of not trusting, because my social media presence from me doing music– some girls come around for the wrong reasons, and I want a girl in my life that’s there for me and not for anything else – Let’s eliminate those fears, those challenges, once and for all ♪ ♪ – My fear of trust has now been burned, and I feel a sense of relief You know, we looked at each other, and at that very moment, I feel like it really is bringing me and Jada closer together [applause] – This has been about preparing you to go to deeper levels in your relationship, where you could eventually look at each other as life partners and want to spend the rest of your lives together It’s “Honeymoon Island.”

This has a purpose, and I hope you’ve gotten to that point where it’s serious enough where you want to move on to the next level What do you think, Jona? – I’m absolutely committed to what I came here for I didn’t believe, maybe, when I came here that it would be possible, but it’s in front of me, and I plan on moving forward and sticking true to that – Before we leave, I do have one surprise ♪ ♪ – Oh! ♪ ♪ – Next time on “Honeymoon Island” [toilet flushing] – How was your pee? – [screams] – [giggling] Killing it – Oh, my gosh Hi, Bella Like, you’re the first girl I ever introduced to my daughter To actually meet my daughter is a huge step – I travel quite a bit, so it’s never really served me well for relationships in the past ♪ ♪ – So Eric traveling a lot for work does scare me – You’ve gone from feeling very secure, I think, to maybe feeling a little insecure ♪ ♪ – Is she marriage material? – We’re talking about kids’ names and do you want a boy, do you want a girl – Are you there? – You know, you tell me your daughter is one in a million, and I’m going to ask her to marry me – I–I– Uh – We haven’t known each other for super long, but Shannon and I live together – Oh – Wait, what? – Oh – There’s a part of me that’s wanting to come storming in and pounding my chest and say, “Who the hell are you that you think you’re good enough for my daughter?” ♪ ♪

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