– Ladies and gentlemen, please rise – What am I doing? This is insane – He nervous. He nervous – Oh, my gosh – Holy [bleep] Getting married at first sight is a huge risk, but it’s one I’m willing to take to find love – Eight days ago, eight singles took a brave leap of faith in order to find love – Hi – They married as complete strangers – Kiss your bride [cheering] – It feels great to say I have a husband now – Well, this is really cool, guys I’m glad that we’re all here together – Yeah, yeah – Our four couples are legally married and have been celebrating their honeymoons in Costa Rica Kristine and Keith – It’s been pretty perfect so far – I’m on a honeymoon with a stranger, and it feels like she’s my best friend already – Stephanie and AJ – We weren’t told we were going to be put on the spot to be doing it – That was the first time that I really seen him mad, so it took me off guard – Jasmine and Will – I’m feeling disappointed Everyone’s just sharing laughs, fun, and she’s, like, over it – Kate and Luke – I cannot marry a man who won’t respect me It could have went in so many ways, but this is how it went He kissed me last night and then had to stop because he said that it made him feel repulsed and dead inside ♪ ♪ – And tonight, now that the honeymoon is over, it’s time for our couples to move in together – You’re earning your way to my heart, girl – If it’s only based on food, then we’ll be together forever – Tastes good – [giggles] – Having someone by your side just changes your whole outlook on everything you do It makes it all a little bit better You can do it your way I’ll do it my way – When I see him snap and get mad, I just start to feel a little uncomfortable – I’d like to think I could come back here and spend the night and be okay – Marrying a stranger is a huge risk If this doesn’t work out, I’ll feel devastated – Do you feel like that I’m not attracted to you? ♪ ♪ – In all my time, and in all the couples that I’ve counseled, I’ve never heard anyone say something so vile to their spouse Then you need to get the heck up out of here Four couples were matched by us, the experts, and married as strangers Then, after seven weeks, they must make the decision for themselves – So at this moment you have to decide – Do you want to stay married – Or do you want to get a divorce? – ♪ No holding back, no holding back ♪ ♪ ♪ – This is “Married at First Sight.” – ♪ There is no other way ♪ ♪ It’s all or nothing ♪ – ♪ I’m looking for real love ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ – We are leaving Costa Rica – I’m not excited to get back, – To see our families Yes, he is. He misses Grandma – I miss my grandma – We’re getting ready to board our flight leaving from our honeymoon, and it was a really good one, right? – It was. It was the best one I’ve ever had – We’re already planning our next trip – You didn’t catch that? – Oh, yeah, I did ♪ ♪ – And we’re back to work tomorrow ♪ ♪ – Our four couples are returning from their honeymoon, and this season, we’re providing them with a neutral space to move in together But before they start packing for their new home, they’ll spend a few nights at one of their places This will give our couples an opportunity to see how each other lives and prepare them for the challenge of creating a home together as a married couple ♪ ♪ – This definitely isn’t Costa Rica anymore – Yeah, you can say that again – I am 100% looking forward to my new life with my new husband Getting a new place together is, I think, gonna be the best bet It’s a fresh start for us, but in the meantime, I’m definitely interested in seeing Grandma’s house since Keith was living here before we got married – Hello – Hi – Welcome. I haven’t seen you since the wedding – It’s so good to see you – Come on in, come on in So nice to see you both – It’s great to see you too – Okay, come on in – Growing up at my grandmom’s, I loved it here, and she cooks Maybe ten years of my life, I lived with my mom and then I was just like, “Man, Grandma’s house is cool, man I’m staying over here with her.”

All right, so I guess I could show you my room – Yeah. Oops, sorry – Potentially be staying – Okay – All right, let’s check it out – They’re so cute, aren’t they? Young people – This is the humble abode – So I walk upstairs, I see his bedroom for the first time and, oh, my God – This is it – Okay There’s just clothes everywhere There’s shoes piled to the top It’s definitely not what I expected This is like a teenage boy’s room, and I can see I’m definitely gonna be in charge of decorating our new place – You’ll fit right on that bed – Your closet is full You have stuff packed up to the ceilings This is not gonna work The bed’s nice, though It takes up your entire room Tonight, we’re staying in a hotel – Okay – Do you like that funny room? – I don’t think I’m gonna fit – If you love and respect each other, it will work Love grows every day [laughter] ♪ ♪ – Welcome to mi casa – All right – My place is very much city living, where I sacrificed space for location – Want to show me around? – Okay, so look around That’s it, okay – [laughs] – Other than working at my apartment, I don’t spend a lot of time here That little corner right there is Future Force offices – Your office? Pretty small – This is the bedroom I have storage problems Those are my Christmas decorations – Oh, my gosh – This is all my stuff that I want to keep along fits in this box This is my whole life, growing up until now, in this box – We should go through that later AJ’s place is really cute, but it’s not big enough for two people, and the fact that he’s been single for five years, el nervous – And this is pretty much where we eat dinner – Okay – This is where I haven’t even really sat when I’ve eaten for the past five years I normally will get my food, I’ll put it here, I’ll shove it down as quickly as possible, and get on with my day That’s why I’m so hard-pressed about wanting someone to eat dinner with I want to eat dinner with you every night That’s allowed, obviously My apartment is still very much an apartment It doesn’t feel like a home, and I feel like Stephanie is going to bring that aspect, and I’m looking forward to that I mustache you a question I’ve had an apartment for a long time Haven’t had a home in a while Nobody’s sat here in the five years I’ve owned this couch There you go That’s your spot ♪ ♪ – So this is my house It’s kind of, you know, just simple – It’s nice It has been a little hectic since we got back from the honeymoon I had to get Bentley because we are gonna be staying at Will’s place until we move into our own place, so just nervous about how that’s gonna go Family? – It’s all me, actually – Oh – No, it’s me– – And your mom – My mom. Good boy. Sit I’m a bit excited and nervous to have Bentley in the house Jasmine is really, really, really attached to her dog Bentley is what she puts top priority on It’s like her baby – I think Bentley likes your house – Don’t dogs pee when they’re in unfamiliar settings? – He won’t pee – That’ll be our first marital dispute if, you know– – If he pees? – Yes – It means a lot to me to finally get to see where my husband lives I am nervous that Will lives in a bachelor pad, and he may just not be the cleanest person – See, this is the guest room – Are you guests supposed to sleep on your couch? – Well, right now, if it gets that crazy, they sleep on the couch, but – You need to buy just, like, a little futon – Uber – Uber? – Yeah, get out – Uber is the futon? – Yeah, no, I’m gonna get a futon, and then it’s just, you know, suits, clothes, a couple– – Well, at least you have everything, like, nice and, like– – Yeah, couple random pairs of sneakers – My closet isn’t even that, like, nice – See, look, and you were all like, I’m messy I think you owe me an apology That was just vacation me – No, no, you was kind of messy You were being messy – But that was just vacation You’re supposed– we had housekeeping Jasmine claims that I’m messy from our time on vacation where my clothes were all over the place You can tell a lot about a person from how they live I set a low expectation for her thinking she was gonna walk into a trashy bachelor pad She’s, hopefully, pleasantly surprised

– What’s all this? – My medals from my runs I’m actually very proud of this My certificate, as you can read it, certificate of achievement for being the world’s greatest uncle – Signature, the Munchkins – Yeah, it’s all my friends’ kids and they all had, like, a little story of why I’m their favorite uncle – Aw – It was–it was– I got to show you the video I was almost moved to tears – Family is very important to me I’ve always wanted children I was in a four-year relationship with someone, and we lived together, but he did not want to have children You’re so silly Will is very active with kids, so that points to signs of him being a good father It’s just very heartwarming, and that’s why I got married at first sight – Now you think you’ll be cool with it? – Yeah, l like it a lot ♪ ♪ – Hi, how are you? – Hey Now that our couples are back from their honeymoon, I’m checking in with Kate and Luke I heard things didn’t end well for them in Costa Rica, and since they’re living together in Kate’s apartment, I need to find out what’s going on We’ve been getting updates about how things have been going, but how are you doing? – Um, apparently, he’s not really attracted to me ♪ ♪ – Yeah, tell me– give me the steps leading up to you finding that out – On the honeymoon, Luke tried to kiss me and then, like, he had to stop, and he just said that he couldn’t do it because it just– – It just what? – He just–he said that he felt repulsed and dead inside after we kissed ♪ ♪ – That’s unkind I don’t think that anyone deserves that kind of language, especially when you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship – Literally on the honeymoon – That’s when the best you should be coming forward, you know? – Yeah, it’s scary – Yes – The more that I talk about what Luke said, the realer it gets It’s very troubling I’m worried that if it’s already like this so soon, is it gonna get worse, and how bad could it get? ♪ ♪ – Outside of calling you names, that’s pretty abusive I mean, would you agree with that? – Yeah, I mean, like, if I was dating and someone said that to me, I would have just left, but, you know, we’re married, so I’m trying to, like, understand where that came from – Okay – My usual initial reaction to someone that would say something like that to me would be to write them off and just say this person’s a bad person, but I jumped into this knowing it could be a huge risk, so I’m gonna, like, keep going I made a commitment, and we should try to work through this – Now, I’m a little nervous as to what the next week will hold I don’t want this to be a situation where there are gonna be things that are gonna come at you and make you feel bad about yourself I don’t want you to be verbally abused because what he said bothered me I know you want your marriage to work, but you want it to work well because just staying together doesn’t mean it’s working Is there anything else he has said to you that has made you feel bad? – No, everything else that he said to me has been wonderful – All right, well, let’s– let’s talk to Luke – Okay, I’m gonna get out of here [both laugh] ♪ ♪ – In all my time on “Married at First Sight” and in all the couples that I’ve dealt with and counseled, I’ve never heard anyone say something so vile to their spouse It’s abusive, it’s rude, it’s uncalled for, and we cannot allow this We cannot stand for something this vile ♪ ♪ So tell me, as far as you and Kate go, how’s it been? How’s the relationship been to this point? – Um, it’s definitely lots of ups and downs already We are just whoo – Right, right, so a roller coaster-type situation? – Yeah, for sure – Okay, all right – I’m definitely nervous to talk to Pastor Cal After Kate’s talk to him, I don’t know what she’s told him, so I’m kind of going in blind There’s definitely things that happened on the honeymoon that I don’t want to bring to light It makes me uncomfortable to talk about those kinds of things,

and I would prefer not to and just keep it private – How about intimacy? – [chuckles] – Tell me about the only kiss you had – At our wedding? – No, no, no, the other kiss There was another kiss – Mm-hmm ♪ ♪ – You know what I’m talking about? ♪ ♪ You kissed her, and then you responded, “I feel repulsed,” or, “That was repulsive, and I’m dead inside.” – Yeah ♪ ♪ – It bothers me because that’s very, very harsh ♪ ♪ But if you can’t turn it around, respect this woman, be the man that I’m expecting you to be, then you need to get the heck up out of here ♪ ♪ – It’s definitely a lot of emotions kind of going through me Pastor Cal is my first expert experience, so having him lean into me about what happened on the honeymoon is not what I expected, and it’s definitely freaking me out as well – It’s like this: you have two sisters, right? Are you protective? – Of course – So you get it – Yeah I know I didn’t handle the situation the best, but I respect Kate as a person The last thing I ever want to do is hurt Kate Just a lot of pressure from her [laughs] – Right – You know, some drinking involved, gets a little more intensified, and then you feel thrust into the situation and you’re like, “Oh, this is my wife I should be accommodating I should do what she wants, kind of thing.” Wasn’t about it, but was still trying – Okay, is she undesirable to you? – Right now, not 100% about it, you know what I mean? – Okay, okay – I’m working on it I’m really bummed out there’s not that immediate physical spark, but I think attraction can grow once you get to know someone a little more I feel like right now, we’re kind of at a low point, and I’m really hoping that we can turn it around – Here’s the deal: she’s confused – Of course – I came here prepared to take the pressure off and to say, “Look, if you’re feeling this, great If you’re not feeling it, let me know.” – Okay – Do you feel like it’s retrievable? – Of course – You do? – Yeah – Okay, because we don’t force anybody to stay in it That’s why I’m asking you the questions, are you in this? – Yes, absolutely – Okay, all right Let’s see what happens, man Let’s talk to you both together – Okay – Kate and Luke both want to repair their marriage and do what it takes to make this marriage work I respect that because I believe in marriage I believe in redemption I believe that people can come back from the worst things in marriage However, I also believe that a lot of work has to be done It’s so important, at this point, that Luke provides the atmosphere where Kate feels emotionally secure If he does that, they may have a chance ♪ ♪ There will be conflicts, and I just want to make sure you guys have a strong enough foundation already to tackle that We talked and I asked you very pointedly, “Are you in this?” and you responded and said you are I asked you and you said, yeah, you are, but I know the passion is not there yet, am I right? – Yeah – So that’s something that maybe you guys can work at if you’re saying– – I mean, I’m there, but whatever – Right, well, he admits that it’s not you, that it’s him We talked about that, and I think that’s something that you guys have to talk about, okay Do you see why we chose you to be together? – Yes – I do – I’m saying yes and you’re looking at me – Oh, okay – Do you feel as though he sees it? – I think you’re still trying to figure it out a little bit, but I think that you’ve mentioned some ways that you see why, just not fully– – Right – The thing about marriage, I think that you both are attractive people, but what you’ll find is that once you start valuing each other, once you start seeing each other for your intrinsic worth and not necessarily for, you know, just exterior, you’re gonna start noticing that attraction will grow You know, focus in on what’s important and talk about these things openly and honestly Don’t pull punches, but don’t throw verbal punches either

I think that once you move in your home together, this is when real marriage begins. All right? – Okay, thank you – Okay ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] – ♪ Take my hand ♪ ♪ We’ll run away ♪ ♪ Run until the sun meets with the sea ♪ – Have you been inside City Hall ever? – No – Have you been in the Franklin Institute? – No, I haven’t been to any of those I haven’t even been in Rodin I’d love to go to Rodin – It’s really cool being a tourist in our own city together I’ve been around Philly a lot I’ve lived here for years, but by myself, and so walking around the street, holding hands, being together, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and now I have that – All right, I want to see if I can get the angle this guy’s on without falling Think I’ll be able to do it? – Yeah [laughs] – It feels fantastic to be able to just set out with no destination in mind and aimlessly walk around Philadelphia with someone by my side Did I ever tell you why my father’s named Arnold and why I’m named Arnold? It was my grandfather’s, my father’s father’s brother, so it was my father’s uncle I’m full of useless information, so the fact that I can relay it to her He was drafted into World War II He died his first day of battle – Oh, my gosh – His name was Arnold Sometimes she pokes fun of me for it, and other times, she actually absorbs it and says wow so I’m named after him, so a little bit of family history there – Aw – I mean, it’s just a fun time This is exactly why I chose to be married at first sight – Do you want a pastry or anything? – We have a chocolate croissant and we have a– – Okay, you just talked me into it – A chocolate croissant? – Yeah – Good, ’cause then I can eat a bite – I know That’s why you were offering– telling me to get one – AJ and I have been married for nine days now, and every day, we get closer and closer towards love, and it’s definitely something that we see in each other, and we’ll be there soon enough – Do you think we can go to the farmers’ market maybe? There’s a place there that sells honey there, all different types of honey – Oh, I think I’ve been to that place – And you now those honey sticks, the plastic ones? I used to eat them as a kid We can grab a few dozen of them – A few dozen? [both laugh] – I do see myself falling in love with Stephanie We’re both on that path, but neither of us have jumped that hurdle yet – It’s nice to finally have a husband to go around with – I know, there’s stuff that goes on in this city so – Well, even last night, remember, I saw the two couple holding hands and being all cute walking, and I looked at them and I was like, “Aw, that’s always what I wanted was to walk around real cute with someone, and now I have that.” – It makes you wonder if other people are walking around saying, “Aw, I just want what they have.” – I know, so it’s really cool – Well, on that note, let’s go walk around and hold hands – I’m very glad that I took this leap of faith to get married to a stranger because I want love in my life more than anything It’s the one piece of my life that’s been missing ime that I’ve been looking to fill ♪ ♪ – Oh, so you want to keep me? – I do I’ll say those words again – You want to keep me? – I do ♪ ♪ – ♪ Thought you were the man I remember ♪ ♪ But you ain’t measure up to my level ♪ ♪ Boy, you better run back home ♪ ♪ ‘Cause those days are gone ♪ ♪ Look at me now ♪ – Hey, what’s up, big guy? – Not much, how are you? – Long time no see, man The couples are just one day away from moving in together I want them to talk openly and honestly about their finances, about who’s cooking, who’s cleaning, what are their roles, what are their expectations? These are the things they need to discuss before they make a decision whether to stay married or get a divorce ♪ ♪ Good to see you guys I just want to talk to you about a few things First of all, let’s talk about, as far as your finances go, have you talked about how that’s going to work? – We put our toe in the water of that conversation – Okay, Jasmine, you’re smiling – Yes, we have – Okay, and? – Will doesn’t agree with me at all – Okay, explain – Well, I said 70/30 He was like, “50/50 Like, bills are gonna be split 50/50.” How do you feel about just, like, gender roles? – I mean, I will do certain stuff, like, I mean, I’m gonna take out the trash and, what else is manly, taking out trash? – Paying bills – No, that’s 50/50 – 50/50? – You don’t think so? – No And then as we started talking about it more, we got to, like, 60/40, so it was kind of– – 60 which way? – Like 60 me and 40 so – Okay Is that where you are now? – I think so – Yeah, we’re at 60/40 – Okay, I hear you, I hear you, but here’s the deal: you’re an assistant director – Mm-hmm, yeah – Which means you may very well be making more money than him still want him to take care of more of the bills – He’s a man – What does that have to do with– – That would be like me saying you’re the woman

You should be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant – That’s fine – I don’t know how to come back from that – I don’t know how to combat that either – First of all, tell me why – You know, like, I came from a traditional background, you know, like a man handling the majority of the bills My dad was like that man who kind of did that My mom was the caretaker, cleaned, cooked Just took care of the household, and my dad brung home the bacon, if you will – So–but here’s the deal Who’s to say that that’s the best way for it to be? – Yeah, true – I mean, every marriage has to find its own norm, you know? And what becomes normal for you, as you work it out, may be something that looks completely different from another couple that’s doing their thing, so get out of the traditional thing, girl – I am. I’m trying I think it’s gonna be an adjustment for me to kind of leave that mindset of what I’ve seen growing up and just how I perceive a man and perceive gender roles It’s gonna be very hard for me to just break out of that norm – What about children? Have you talked about that? – I want children – Yeah, we both want children – Okay. When? – You were like, “Next week.” And I’m just– – When did I say next week? – No, we, like, agreed, like, a year and a half, two years – Are you guys being affectionate? – Uh, we kiss – You kiss? Okay Have you guys consummated the marriage? – No – How do you feel about that? – I don’t know, he and I are weird Like, we aren’t as lovey-dovey – But you’re not in no buddy zone, are you? – No, no, no – Do you want him to try? – Yes I am willing to compromise when it comes to the financial roles, but when it comes to intimacy, I need my husband to take charge and I’ll follow I need him to at least initiate – He can push the envelope a little bit – Yeah – So we got that straight, right? – Yeah, put the foot on the gas – Yeah, my brother – [laughs] – I don’t want you guys to pump the brakes to the point where eventually it’s like, “Okay, this is becoming sort of like very friendly,” because you guys get along The friend zone is a dangerous place to be if you want to start a family This is not let’s meet a friend at first sight It’s let’s get married at first sight Let’s build a life together Let’s build a future Let’s make a family And if they don’t quickly get out of this little friend space that they’re in and start acting as though they’re married, children may not be an option for the two of them ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ – Pastor Cal, how’s it going? – What’s going on, AJ? – Hi – Hi, Pastor Cal – Oh, my God – Good to see you – Do you know my wife, Stephanie? – Yeah, yeah, she looks familiar experts did a fantastic job in matching us two Everything seems to line up so far I’m looking forward to hear Pastor Cal–I almost called him President Cal–to hear Pastor Cal’s advice because I know he listens with an open ear – How are you guys doing? – It’s been great – You like this guy? – I do – Ah, he’s all right He’ll do in a pinch – He was nervous on the wedding day My friends were like, “Is Steph? He’s really full of energy He’s a little crazy.” – We knew that from jump Like, this guy is– – You guys are the best I can’t thank you enough – That’s great There are a couple things I want to talk to you about First of all, you’ve already established yourselves, you know, financially, but now you have to sort of do it together Have you talked about how you’re going to work that out? – We talked about that day two? – Yeah – Holy crap. Seriously? – We talked about all the in-depth stuff first Now we’re like, “Oh, what’s your middle name? What’s your favorite color?” – Wow biggest fear was telling her how much I spend on a haircut each month, but she didn’t even flinch It’s not astronomical, but it’s definitely more than the average bear, or the average man, the average male bear But, yeah, our finances, I mean, we were both very structured with them coming into this and pretty much identical, equal, I mean, almost down to the penny, and it was just a very easy conversation Do you mind if I – Go ahead – Do you want to go? The way we discussed it, we both believe in having a joint major account – Absolutely – And then each having a little private, separate account, and this way if she wants to buy me a gift or I buy her a gift, she’s not gonna see on the statement it came from a jewelry store, so she may not know what she’s getting, but she knows she’s getting jewelry and that gives it up – You know, you’re doing all the talking, but she’s talking volumes with her face – I know – I have a lot of facial expressions – I know, that’s why I have my peripheral off

and I’m focused on you so much She’s talking more than me with her eyes – She is just so cool, so cool – She makes fun of me because I talk too much – Sometimes I got to tell him to zip it so I can talk back I don’t have a problem shushing him if I need to – Do you feel like you respect each other’s intellect? – Oh, yeah – Yes, I find her intellect attractive, highly attractive She talks about work, and it’s like talking dirty to me She talks about getting a promotion or something, I’m like, “Tell me more.” – You have a freaky attitude [laughter] – My doctor gave me a sign off I’m good, I promise – Listen, you guys have not had any arguments yet – Nope – Okay, well, they’re coming – Yeah – We understand that What we both agreed to do is to– if we see us getting into an argument, we walk away – So when you’re away, jot down notes of how you’re feeling and then you come back more calm, and we’ll discuss what we have written down, unbiased – Yeah – Don’t cut me off, I won’t cut you off, and we’ll talk about it – That’s smart I really like that If there’s an issue, look at that issue as an enemy of your marriage Resolve it Get it out of the way – Protect the marriage – That’s right, so you keep the good in and the bad out That’s your job – This thing means the world– this thing– this marriage means the world to me, and I will go out fighting the hardest for it – I think you guys have such an awesome foundation on which to build just a stellar marriage, you know? You really do Cherish it, because it’s real ♪ ♪ – ♪ Four weeks in the summer ♪ ♪ I should know better than to ♪ ♪ Let things grow bigger than a kiss ♪ – I wanted to tell you that I did enjoy spending the night at your place last night – Oh, did you? – Yeah – I enjoyed having you there, you know? I know you were pleasantly surprised that it was no mess or guy stuff going on – I thought it was actually gonna be more sports stuff, like, around – The trophies is at my mother’s house I mean, I don’t have the man cave as of yet so – Okay – That’s where all of that goes But, um, yeah, besides Pastor Cal’s visit, how do you feel about that? – Um, I don’t know, I feel better after talking to him, but there are some things that we’re gonna have to discuss as far as our intimacy – Oh, yeah, yeah You were surprised that we haven’t been more intimate, correct? – Yeah, I guess Sex is very important in a marriage I think that is definitely one of the ways that you communicate Because it hasn’t happened yet, I’m thinking that Will is just focusing on being respectful I do want to be respected by my husband, but I do also want my husband to be aggressive and just take lead in every aspect of our marriage – Well, let me ask you this, do you feel like I’m not attracted to you? ♪ ♪ – No – Okay, as long as you know that I’m attracted to you and you don’t look at me like, “Oh, yeah, he’s cool This is my pal.” – Yeah – Yeah, I’m not your pal – No – I am sexually attracted to Jasmine There’s no difference between, like, girls I’ve dated in the past and me being married and the speed that I’m moving I always try to get to know a person They want to feel like they’re not a object and just a piece of meat So, I mean, then we’re fine then ♪ ♪ [solemn music] ♪ ♪ – Oh, hey, Pastor Cal – What’s up, big guy? – How you doing? – Good to see you, man – – How you doing? – I’m hanging – That’s good ♪ ♪ So tell me, how you doing? – Life is good right now so – How did we do? – You did pretty good She’s a little firecracker – That’s cool. That’s cool – You missed, you know, the height and, you know, the butt – We missed the height? – You missed the height and the butt – And the booty – And the booty I actually asked for someone that was tall and had a butt She is not tall with a big butt – I think you did pretty good, man – Yeah, same here, same here I’m cool with my wife being fun-sized I can’t have everything I want [laughs] – Wow. Let’s talk a little bit about finances, because once you move in together, you got to start divvying up financial responsibilities and what have you Have you thought about that? – We’ve, uh–we’ve gone over it a bit – We talked about it but – We don’t know what our bills are yet, I guess

– Yeah, as soon as that road is, like, clear, or just stopll just either drive and look at the map again – Well, we did decide to– – What? – Yeah, I’m horrible with that stuff – I don’t know what that is – All right, just forget that – Yes. You want to interpret? – Yeah, so we did discuss having, like, one joint account at least for, like, bills and savings, and then we’d still have our own separate accounts – Okay, okay, that’s good because I know one question we had was whether or not you would be okay with someone who may not make as much as you make right now ♪ ♪ So how do you reconcile that, or what is the solution to that dilemma? – Well, we talked about our jobs, and he talked about how much he made, and he was talking how much he had left and to save and I’m just like, all right I’m kind of just gonna take over from here – Right, okay, but are you comfortable with just–with her– I mean, this is not the situation where she’s just gonna be in control? – No. I could take over Give me the ball – It bothers me that Keith makes less than I do, but I am happy that he is in school, that they didn’t just match me with a sloucher He has those ambitions and he does want more and that’s what’s really important I think there will be an issue and it’ll come up when our bills actually come up, like, when we figure out, like, what the breakdown is, what we’ll need, and figure out how he can make up in other ways – Okay Tell me about traditional versus conservative roles I mean, do you have any– ’cause I know you’d like her to do the cooking – Yeah, I’m more traditional, if anything – I mean, do you have any traditional expectations? – Cook – I don’t know why he doesn’t want to get in the kitchen – You don’t cook, or you can’t cook – Both – Both – Really? – Mm-hmm – I live with my grandma, man I live the lap of luxury – So you were kind of taken care of? – Yeah, yeah – Okay What I’m seeing is that Kristine is doing the cooking, she’s taking care of the finances, she’s pretty much doing all the heavy lifting, and I know she feels as though she’s good with that for now, but that cannot be sustained They have less than six weeks before they have to decide whether they will stay married or get a divorce She will break under that weight – There is trouble down the road, There is trouble down the and you don’t even see it coming – Um, yeah [laughs] – It’s different when you’re cooking for someone You see her sitting down, she’s eating the food, and you see her enjoying it It’s a whole different ball game – Pastor, for you, I’ll think about it – Okay, okay – Whoa, whoa, wait, wait – Forget about me, right? Like, I’m just not here – You know, I’ve been spoiled my whole life I’ve always been with my grandmom, and the only thing that I had to do was go to work, go to school, so I don’t cook. I eat – Okay, how are you guys as far as your intimacy goes? – I thought that was coming – You knew that was coming I know, I know, I know share yet – There’s nothing to share yet We both are like, “Okay, are you ready to do this?” “Not really.” “Yeah, me neither.” So that’s kind of the – Let’s talk about that Tell me what actually goes through your mind when you get to that point – I’m really attracted to him, you know, but I still go back and think like, “I didn’t know you a week ago.” – Yeah – I want to give you permission to be married – Okay – Do you understand what I’m saying? Because you’re going from single not knowing each other in one minute to 30 minutes later, “Oh, my God, we’re married.” It’s a lot to take in, but I want you to know that it’s okay, okay, if you choose to Do you understand what I’m saying? – Yes – It would be different if there was no attraction, but because things are going so well, I don’t want that to become a problem Does that make sense? – Yeah I know the moment will definitely come, and when it happens, it’s gonna be like fireworks – You are married – All right ♪ ♪ – All right, ready to pack? – I guess so – I am excited about the move, but I am kind of, like, heartbroken to leave my house I love my house Look – That’s for Valentine’s Day? – It don’t have to be Especially since it’s been just me for a couple of years – So you just randomly bake heart cakes? – It’s gonna be different Right now, you’re just standing there – You’ve just, you’ve got a story for each pot I don’t think it will be an adjustment for me and Jasmine to live together I mean, on our honeymoon, we were kind of shacked up for a week straight, so, I mean, it’s just, like, it became normal just sleeping next to her – Have you ever lived with, like, a woman or a previous girlfriend? – Um, yes, yes

– Was it with a girlfriend before? – Yes – How did that go? – It was cool. Cordial – I’m actually glad to hear ythat Will has lived with someone in the past because, you know, you learn how to respect each other’s space and kind of what not to do – I mean, I’m a very respectful person, so I know, like, you just be respectful of someone in their space – Women can be very particular – How about yourself? – I have lived with an ex before – Jesus [bleep], okay – Yeah, so we both have experience in that – This is confession hour, huh? – [laughs] It didn’t mean to be – I feel like I’m still learning stuff about my wife Just to go to a deeper level, it doesn’t have to be physical so, I mean, you know, you can kind of explore a person’s mind and really get to know who they are You were cooking every night? – I was. I wouldn’t say every night, but – Just a regular little Jazzy Homemaker, huh? – Mm-hmm – It leaves you even more intrigued It just has to happen organically, so, I mean, I think the more time you spend with someone, the easier it is for organic things to happen – Cool – We should be packing these things – Pack it up – I’m looking forward to us moving into our own place as husband and wife Hopefully, Will will embrace his position as man of the house, and I want to start practicing to make some babies soon Teamwork makes the dream work – Where there’s a will, there’s a way – Mm-hmm ♪ ♪ – I definitely want to bring my books – What about the globes? Because I like these I think it adds character, even though they’re yours – Fine, I mean – I am so excited to move into a new place with AJ This is when it becomes real life This is when we will realize that we are married and we’re together, so moving in together is the first big step for us – I’ll wrap, you tape In the past 11 days, I got married, met my wife at the same time, went on a honeymoon, and now, we’re moving in together It’s a lot to handle I’ve never lived with a significant other before I haven’t even had a roommate since about 2007 That’s why this scares me a little bit, and I am really nervous – All right, you grab the books. I’ll grab– – No, I’m not grabbing that right now – Oh, I thought you really wanted to bring them, right? – No, I do not The movers will take that – Do you want to bring that? – We need a discussion to figure out exactly what is gonna go I’m not just gonna decide on the fly what I’m gonna rip out of here ’cause I still come here every day It needs to look not like an empty place I’m gonna walk into and want to blow my brains out because it’s so empty, so, I mean, we can have a discussion about it, but I’m not just gonna start ripping this place apart right now – Okay I understand why AJ’s getting frustrated when we’re packing his apartment because his office will still be here and we haven’t even seen our new place yet and we don’t even know what the new place needs, so he doesn’t know what to pack – I don’t want to go emptying these drawers out, put them in boxes because then you have to put everything back in I can have the movers carry everything out together in one piece Tape the drawers shut so they don’t fall out Let them handle the weight That’s what they’re made to do That’s what they’re paid to do – Um, when the movers moved me last time, they told me to take everything out of the drawers – I’ll slip them 100 No way we’re doing that You can do it your way I’ll do it my way – If I see AJ upset, I initially want to take action and try to fix it and make him happy, but when I see him snap and get mad, at a certain point, I just started to feel a little uncomfortable with it – This is no longer my apartment This is my office I don’t want to leave a whole bunch of stuff here, but at the same time, I’d like to think I could come back here and spend a night and be okay – I’m trying not to take things that he’s saying personally, but it’s really hard to do, especially when he’s talking about staying the night apart I think change stresses people out and because he never lived with a significant other, he might be nervous about that I just wish he could work it out in a better, more constructive way – Rather than having to bring stuff and make it an absole, let’s figure out what we need first – Yep – You on board for that? – Yep – Sounds like a plan, Stan? – Sounds good to me – All righty – And even though I know the negative emotion isn’t meant for me, I don’t like to fight I don’t like when things go wrong I’m still upset inside ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] – ♪ That boy, he knows ♪ ♪ He got nothing on you ♪ ♪ Nothing on you ♪ – All my life, I’ve lived with women You know, women as far as like my mom, my sister, my aunt, my grandmom You know, there’s just a lot, you know, of womenness I’m the only guy, so I’m about to move back in with another one, but I’m happy Give me a little space That’s it

I think I got to pick out which shoes I want to, like, really take – Okay, I already see which ones you can leave here – Which ones? – These green ones over here What is this? – What do you mean? Those are Clarks – Clarks? – Yeah – I don’t care what they are – I’m Jamaican These are my Jamaican Clarks, girl – Going through Keith’s clothes, his closet can definitely use some help Some of these clothes can stay with Grandma Let’s just hide those here I’m definitely an expert in making sure my man looks good next to me – What about reds? – Oh, I like the red The red can come Luckily, got a fashionable wife I like that jacket Oh, God – If I could wear it every day, I would My friends would tell me no more – Yeah, I already say no more – I usually don’t wear pajamas I usually sleep naked – I haven’t seen that side of you so – Yeah, I know – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – Can you grab the boxes? Just hold this – I’m a little bit anxious about moving in together because, I don’t know, I feel like it’s really weird at this point to just move in with someone that said they weren’t attracted to me, but we had a talk last night, so we just have to work through it Thanks for, like, talking me down last night – Yeah a little nervous about – Everything? – Doing this today – What was your main concern? – I just feel like, normally, people wouldn’t just be moving in together so soon Like, people find roommates randomly, but, like, we’re in a relationship, like, a husband-and-wife relationship, and, you know, it’s not perfect – Marriage – Yes, we are married, and normally people wouldn’t just be like, “All right, let’s move in together. Everything’s great.” For some reason, moving in with him is more scary to me than getting married to him Now, I kind of, like, know who he is and it’s a little bit more stressful It’s just so many major life steps that just keep happening – In a row? – In a row – You need another hug, is that what you’re saying? – Maybe – Okay. You good? – Mm-hmm – I do not know how long it will take for Kate to trust me I just feel bad that I had hurt her so bad to start I just got to keep trying to show her that I’m willing to step up to the plate Marriage means a lot to me, and I really want it to work I don’t know, just optimistic that it would work out ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – It’s moving day, and we, the experts, have chosen neutral spaces for each of our four couples that best suit their lifestyle and taste Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s beneficial for our newlyweds to start their lives on equal footing so they can begin to build their marriages from the ground up – Here we are – This is it. We’re home, babe – Can you get in? – That’s how I had to do Whoa! That bed is low Do you sleep on a low bed? – No – That’s weird to me We’re gonna–that’s gonna be– – Once we put my box spring and my mattress, it’ll raise up It’ll be higher You just won’t see this – Every time I go to bed, it’s like a bad dream. Ah! What makes me feel nervous about today is just that I’m moving forward in this process It’s getting real There’s enough space on either side that we can do it like that because that’s the thing, you and I both have a lot of stuff to leave out – I know, but I don’t like the look of stuff out, so I put mine in the cabinets – Oh, you’re gonna hate me Whatever – On “Married at First Sight,” people don’t make good matches because they agree on everything or like all the same things or even are attracted to each other when they first see one another People make good matches because underneath, they share common values and they’re able to open up and be vulnerable with one other We just hope that in the time left in this experiment, our couples will give one another the chance to find out why they were matched – We can put the garbage bin in here It’s sitting over there – I didn’t see any recycling bins either, yes, ’cause I don’t recycle – [gasps] It’s just me – Ah, take that back – Just me, I produce one bag of garbage a week ♪ ♪ – Okay – She has her own norm, I have my own norm, and now we have to smash them together and create a completely new norm that is best for both of us There’s two nice shelves in the shower for the shampoo and stuff like that, which is awesome – Well, I brought a shower rack too angs on the showerhead? I hate those things – Oh, well – They make the shower so much smaller – Smaller? – Yeah, takes away the size – No, it hangs from the showerhead – Yeah, I know No, never mind – Definitely a different tone today

His attitude can change really fast He can be really happy, and then all of a sudden, ustrated and he’ll just not talk, or he’ll get angry – Move it, sister – I want this to work out so bad, but I’m realizing living together is gonna be more of an adjustment than we thought You go like that, and it just–it’s– [dramatic music] – ♪ We’re all waiting for the world to wake up ♪ ♪ Open their eyes to the sunrise ♪ – In less than six weeks, it will be decision day, and moving is a big stressor in life for anyone, especially for people who got married as complete strangers, so, naturally, they will face challenges as they take this next big step together – Here we are – Oh, this is nice – Finally, after a few days of hotels, we have our place of our own Oh, this is perfect – Oh, nice – Okay, just enough space I can prep here As a real estate agent, I would never go and just get a place just sight unseen, but it’s a great place – I got a grill, yes! Grill life ♪ ♪ – I think as long as I keep the toilet seat down, we’ll be good – Yes, that would be very helpful – And just don’t throw stuff around Put my sneaks in the mudroom – Make sure you undress in the mudroom, just butt naked Just– – [laughs] – I’m kidding – Now that me and my wife have our own house, the physical intimacy may increase I mean, I think when you live with someone and you’re in each other’s face all the time, I mean, it just naturally would happen Got a little spunky there ♪ ♪ – It’s our first night in, and he’s been going on and on all week like, “Can you cook. Can you cook?” So I decided to make him something I know he’ll love Well, he better enjoy it If he doesn’t, there’s gonna be a problem, so we’ll see – Mmm, starting to smell all right – Does it? – Yeah – I’m in pain over here with these onions – You’re in pain? – Yes – Oh, you’ll be all right – Want to help? – Ha! – I’m happy to cook tonight, but this isn’t gonna happen all the time He’s gonna have to get in this kitchen at some point What about tomorrow? – Uh, can we talk about that later? – Whatever – While she’s cooking dinner, I kind of just decided to go in the back and try to set up something nice for her, make it a nice little ambiance and a nice romantic setting for us for our first dinner in our new house, and I just wanted to put a smile on her face ♪ ♪ – Oh, baby, this is beautiful Thank you – Oh, no, thank you – I come out and there’s candles all over the place It was really romantic It was nice to see that he was trying to help me enjoy myself He really just knocked this one out of the park – Oh, this is nice This smells good You might have to stick around – I might have to? I think you’re stuck already – [laughs] ♪ ♪ – What do you think? – You earning your way to my heart, girl – I definitely think our marriage is gonna last If it’s only based on food, then we’ll be together forever This is so nice – Well, thank you – It’s our first meal in our first place – Mm-hmm. I hate that I have to go to work, but I know, that does suck Thought you’d at least be able to stay the first night around – It’s just ten hours – So long I’ve gotten so used to having him around We haven’t spent a night alone or apart since we met, but Keith works four nights a week at the hospital, so I guess it’s something I’m gonna have to get used to – Thank you, wife I like this Mmm, tastes good – Me or the food, which one’s better? – I can’t answer that [both laugh] – ♪ All this magic in the air ♪ ♪ Got me on another wave ♪ ♪ ♪ – I’m really excited to get into the house and kind of start that day-to-day routine Once we’re in the actual space living together, it’s gonna, like, really set in, and I’m looking forward to it – Oh, a dishwasher Oh, no, you’re like, “We’re gonna have a dishwasher, and the name is Kate.” [both laugh] – I would never make such a sexist joke [gasps] Look at all that ice – Oh, it does have ice, yay! I feel like I’m going on a roller coaster because one day it’s like we’re having so much fun laughing

and nothing’s on our mind and we’re just, like, taking it in the moment, and other times, we’re, like, having serious conversations and it’s hard, but I still hope, and I do think that Luke is committed, and I’m committed to trying to make it work Do you want to see how the bed feels? Do you like a firm mattress or a not firm mattress? You better like a firm mattress ’cause this is a firm mattress How do you feel about that? – I’ll make do – Yeah? – Yeah – Our marriage feels more like a friendship than a marriage, but that is actually what Luke said he was trying to do, be friends first I respect that – Would you like your surprises? – Yes, I would – Just, like, close your eyes and sit somewhere – Close my eyes and sit somewhere? – Yeah – Okay, I’ll take my shoes off – Are your eyes closed? ‘Cause I hope they are – No, they’re not – Well, then stop it All right, your favorite wine, so I got two bottles of Duck wine – I remember you talking about this – Yeah, Duck wine, it’s a fancy wine so we have some wine, and I know you like whites – Thank you – Kate was very awkward to come into the new house, and she was a little reluctant last night, so I just wanted to get her something today to help her transition easier and kind of brighten her mood so she’d be excited about coming to the new place Those are all for you I still want to give this marriage everything I have, try to make it work The last thing I want is a divorce – Thank you ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ – Hey, y’all, look at my sexy husband in scrubs Okay, pose, baby. Pose There we go Ah! It really sucks that Keith works nights The first night at home, and he’s leaving me – Not like that – Sad face. He is leaving me – I got to get the money I got to go get the money – I don’t want him to go I can’t wait for him to get home We’ve been married almost two weeks now, and I think we’re gonna take Pastor Cal’s advice It’s time for some fireworks – See you ♪ ♪ – It’s the first night in the new apartment Someone is tired Hopefully, we get a good night’s sleep We are right off South Street, which is a very rowdy neighborhood It looks like it could be fun to walk everywhere, though I think that’s what I’m, most looking forward to – Hi, honey – Is walking and exploring, eating and drinking our way up and down the street, right? – Yep – Yep – But we’re excited We’re gonna spend some time tomorrow making it home Make it our home home Be nice But we are exhausted from a long day of moving, so I think it’s time to go to bed – Good – Good night – We just moved in together – We just moved in together We’re extremely tired from packing and unpacking and transporting, so I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm, but I’m extremely excited about this – Yeah, you don’t sound like it – Yay No, this is a huge step, and I couldn’t be more happy to take this step, create this chapter with Stephanie by my side – Bye ♪ ♪ – ♪ Baby, can’t you see ♪ ♪ That your dream girl looks just like me? ♪ – How do you feel? This is, like, the first day of the rest of our lives – It’s kind of getting more real – Are you tired of me yet? – No, not yet – Oh I am looking toward getting closer to Will Us moving into our own place and, you know, coming together as husband and wife under one roof, I’m hoping that that leads to physical intimacy and he can feel comfortable enough to make a move I just want you to be thoughtful about our marriage and that there’s more than you now, so you’re thinking about somebody else You’re thinking about me now – Got you I do hope I fall in love with my wife, Jasmine, but it’s not easy for me to fall in love just because of barriers that I’ve put up because of past relationships, and I don’t think anything worth having should come easy, so, I mean, I think it should be work for the other party, as I think it should be work for me to make someone fall in love with me, so I’m gonna let this whole sex thing marinate for a couple of days just because once somebody says something and then you just kind of do it,

it just seems unnatural and a bit forced As long as you don’t keep giving me a list of demands every day, I could expedite that process Then I want her to kind of not expect it too Good night – ♪ So let’s go ♪ ♪ Throw the map out the window ♪ ♪ ♪ – Next time on “Married at First Sight” – We finally had sex last night It was fabulous It was fantastic – The couples have moved in together, and for the first time, they’ll entertain each other’s friends – Are you worried about your friends approving? – Of you? – Mm-hmm – As long as, like, you are, like, treating me right – My wife meshing with my friends is very important to me Hopefully, everyone gets along Kind of like when people are weird in public and then just, like, stand in the corner. Kate? – This is supposed to be bringing us closer together, but I don’t know if that’s really working – When she gets hammered, she will fall asleep during a concert standing up – It feels fantastic to sit down and get to know Stephanie and Stephanie’s friends I think I just fell a little bit in love with my wife – So have you guys been intimate yet? – No – I am currently not satisfied with the level of intimacy that we have – I’m just gonna fall asleep here – I don’t know what to do at this point I need some affection

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