this is jaco podcast number 88 with echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening I went into a public house to get a plain of beer the public in heppen says we serve no redcoats here the girls behind the bar they laughed and giggled fit to die by out stand to the streets again and to myself says I owe its tommy this and tell me that and tell me go away but it’s thank you mr. Atkins when the band begins to play when the band begins to play my boys the band begins to play oh it’s Thank You mr. Atkins when the band begins to play I went into a theater as sober as could be it gave a drunk civilian room but they hadn’t known for me they sent me to the gallery around the music halls but when it comes to fightin Lord they shoved me in the stalls for its Tommy this and tell me that and Tommy wait outside but it’s special train for Atkins when the troopers on the tide the troop ships on the tide my boys the troop ships on the tide oh it’s special train for Atkins when the troopers on the tide yes making Makkah uniforms that guard you while you sleep is cheaper than them uniforms and their starvation cheap and hustling drunken soldiers when they’re going large a bit is five times better business than parading in full kit then it’s Tommy this and Tommy that and Tommy how’s your soul but it’s thin red line of arrows when the drums begin to roll the drums begin to roll my boys the drums begin to roll oh it’s thin red line of arrows when the drums begin to roll we are no thin red arrows no we aren’t no black guards – but single men in barracks most remarkable like you then if sometimes our conduct isn’t all your fancy paints why single men in barracks don’t grow into plaster sinks while its tummy this and Tommy that and Tommy fall behind but it’s please walk in the front sir when there’s trouble in the wind when there’s trouble in the wind my boys there’s trouble in the wind oh it’s please walk to the front sir when there’s trouble in the wind you talk a better food for us and schools and fires and all your rape for extra rations if you treat us rational don’t mess about the cook room slots but prove it to our face the widow’s uniform is not the soldiers man’s grace for it to Tommy this and Tommy that and chalking out the brutes but it’s savior of this country when the guns begin to shoot and it’s Tommy this and Tommy that in anything you please and Tommy ain’t a bloomin fool you bet that Tommy sees and that is a another poem from Kipling sexy one of my favorites Kipling and and you can follow it you can go back and read through it look it up online and it’s it’s explaining how you know the soldier doesn’t get any respect during peacetime but when it’s time to fight when the troop ship is on the tide then it’s Tommy which is slang for the British soldier then it’s Tommy to the front of the line but the point that I wanted to focus on is is a line in the poem where it says and if sometimes our conduct is in all your fancy paints why single men in barracks don’t grow in the plaster Saints and what that means is that soldiers and Marines and sailors and those men that go out into harm’s way voluntarily they’re not always Boy Scouts they’re not going to be plaster

Saints you know plaster saint-like you have a little statue of a saint of all Christian st. the the the soldiers are gonna be a little rough around the edges they might be a little bit rowdy they might be a little bit brash they might be a little bit drunk they might be troublemakers now they’re not all like that obviously but some of them are and guess what who else is going to go forward yeah who else is going to go put their life on the line it’s these guys and by the way when you are raised in a barracks a single man in a barracks you’re going to find some trouble from time to time and then once you take these young men and you put them in the battle once you subject them to fear and terror and death can we assume now and expect them to act like Saints can we somehow expect that their behavior is now going to transition to becoming beyond reproach in the way they carry themselves I don’t think that’s a realistic outlook now the book that we’re going to look at today is an example of war and it shows once again that war is brutal not just in actions but also in attitude in language and in the way it impacts men both physically and mentally and this book is raw it’s graphic it’s brutish and it’s real and the language that’s in it that’s offensive I leave it in why because war is offensive and the language used in war is also offense and offensive and if you don’t want to hear offensive language or graphic descriptions or completely politically incorrect statements being made then don’t listen to this podcast the book is called excursion in hell and it tracks the experience of its author a guy by the name of Vincent Bramley who’s a young corporal in 3rd battalion of the British Army’s parachute regiment otherwise known as the three Paris now the book starts off kind of with the way that the Falkland Island is starting to escalate and as it’s starting to escalate they get put on there in England the three pairs get put onto a cruise ship a chartered cruise ship called the SS Conibear and they’re sailing south towards the Falkland Islands and now we are starting to get information started getting intelligence and started to get briefed on what’s happening because these guys didn’t even know we’re where the Falkland Islands or I mean a lot of them they didn’t know where they were some random island out in the middle of nowhere they couldn’t find it on a map a lot of them well now they’re definitely looking at it they’re trying to figure out what’s going on there so they’re starting to get some of these briefs we’re going to the book now our lectures were in the early afternoon now the most memorable was by some of the very keen Marines who had been serving in the Falklands at the time of the invasion the Falkland Islands weren’t a British I guess you’d call it a colony but not colony it’s a little British it was owned by the British at the time yeah and the Argentinians invaded it so here we go obviously listening to first-hand experience was better than listening to some officer lecturing us on his personal beliefs at the time however an intelligence officer from way up top gave a graphic account of what the are jeez that’s what they call the urgent any of the orgies we’re up to at the time the intelligence constantly coming in with essential to all levels what I remember most about this lecture was the officer standing proudly in front of us saying the Argentine Army is the best and strongest in South America he told us you will be in for a big scrap if it comes to war gents have no qualms about it at the last recorded reports the RGS have about

9,000 men in fortified positions around Stanley the capital but we also have good reports that they are under fed Rallos low and they have taken to eating horses and sheep which they have been stealing from the inhabitants that’s the local people that lived on the Falkland Islands this tells us that they are very undisciplined and goes to show that conscription is going to be the mistake so they have some of their soldiers are conscripts meaning they’re forced into the into the army oh yeah like a draft like yes my immediately my immediate feelings were 9,000 fucking men and we only have two or three thousand what the fuck is the big brass up to so what was interesting about this is one of the things that I really this reminded me of is these guys never going to walk before mmm matter of fact he doesn’t even mention anyone that has any prior combat experience and so this reminds me of when I was on my all my first deployment like you know I talked about being off the coast of Somalia I talked about being off the coast of Rwanda and that’s what the position that these guys were in and and what our mindset was if I was to go into Rwanda when I was a kid when I was you know however old I was 22 years old never been in combat before I would be completely different person than if I went in right now with my you know all the things that we talk about all the time I mean I’d be sued I just understand combat I understand war better I’m 45 years old I’ve been in combat leadership positions been in firefights I understand these things it my attitude to be completely different almost completely different then it would be than it was when I was 22 or 23 years old sitting there fired up with a million rounds and you know like Laith talking about I remember you know getting ready to go into Somalia Rwanda I had like hundreds of pounds of gear grenades we were so loaded hours knew heavy yeah because we’re going to World War three and that’s the that’s what these guys are like they don’t they’re there’s there they just don’t they never into combat mm-hmm and I see the unity for everything yeah they’re trying to be ready for everything and and just their attitude and you can see it actually carries through this thing is almost like and this is what he says to a lot of times it’s almost like they’re on this giant really hard training exercise obviously it turns very sour at some points and very much much more beyond that but this is what a lot of this reminds me of these guys now some of these guys have been in I guess the combat experience that these guys would have had and I should have remembered this I didn’t you know what these guys had combat experts they had combat experience from being in Northern Ireland so most of them had done deployments over in the Northern Ireland but I think that was a little bit more of a not it’s not it’s not the full kind of combat that are about to get engaged in here so that’s what it reminds me of here in the way they’re talking all right so back to the book on 3 May the submarine HMS Conqueror sank the Argentinian ship General Belgrano with a lost loss of about 300 lives when this news was first brought to us we were skeptical thinking yeah okay once the news was official it wasn’t greeted with total enthusiasm in the bar that night most of us were solemn we now knew war was inevitable they have a bar oh it’s a cruise ship but they’re also they have a bar they’re drinking to get some allotment of beers in there that’s what they’re hanging out but all of a sudden this is real you know you don’t you don’t kill 300 you know enemy sailors and think you’re not going to go to war and it comes back back to the book the night of forum a while we were playing bingo in the bar news came that the HMS Sheffield had been hit by an rgx asset which is a type of missile and was sinking the loss of a Harrier jet was also reported the news hit the troops on board like a sledgehammer until now everything we had heard had been in our favor South Georgia had been retaken and the RG submarine patrol boats had all been hit even there inland positions had been bombed by the Navy and now the Belgrano which was the ship of the it suck sinking the sheffield was the first of their strike backs morale and the bar that night swung from an incredible high to an almost sickening silence and he talks about this but the waiting these guys are now it’s a long cruise down there I think it takes him about three three weeks to get down back to the book the day after the Sheffield

was hit we knew our way was coming to an end the atmosphere was quiet and a morale booster was now much needed the only thing possible for the taskforce was revenge the sinking of the Sheffield had hit us as if we had lost a personal friend tension mounted frustration showed in everyone’s eyes the fitness drills were now carried out in full kit and pounding the decks in the heat was gutty work so the whole time they’ve been steaming down there leaving out there running laps on the all the deck of the cruise ship trying to get in shape for what what’s coming back to the book the main info we picked up suggested a possible move on 20 May so now so they’re trying to figure out what’s going on they’re down these this guy’s you know pretty low on the totem pole they’re trying to figure out what’s going on they’re hearing all these different rumors and and now they picked up that maybe they’re going to go on 20 May back to book our nerves now started the move South was steady and without any real complications but further south we went the further we were going in somehow I and many others still didn’t quite believe the war was going to happen we were lost in our own thoughts on many different subjects home became secondary now I thought about the ifs and winds of our arrival in the exclusion zone and to the landings and battles to follow home was not my immediate thoughts survival was speculation was now rife as to let what the landing procedure would be we were still very much in the dark as to what was happening but the next within the next 24 hours all the bullshit rumors and personal beliefs were corrected by the platoon commander gents he said it’s the green light so they know they’re now going in and now they’re getting into the serious preparations packing and repacking to make our webbing as comfortable as possible we began to psych ourselves up for the days ahead it was nerve-wracking beyond belief yet morale seemed remarkably high throughout the ship though the laughing and joking among the lads was partly to cover the fear not that anyone thought death was going to hit him that was for the guy you were talking to getting the common beliefs the common belief that we hear quite a bit which is not going to happen to me and you know I I will say this as I said for all these shows that we do I’m skipping a bunch of stuff of giving you some of the high points but the way he lays this out and the tension that he builds does an outstanding job getting the tension and capturing it and I’m going through pretty quickly but it’s worth reading because I think it’s worth reading because if you’re in one of these situations especially when you’re in charge of guys that have never been to combat before this is what you got a it gives you good lessons about keeping guys informed about preparing them for combat and keeping them with the right mindset going in so now they actually transfer from the cruise ship now they get onto a warship and eventually they end up on a landing craft that’s that’s heading to shore because they’re going to war again I covered that one in six minutes right now it’s it’s much more well detailed in the book but right now they’re getting ready to do their landing back to the book the area now look like an overcrowded tube train the troops that push so close together that you could count the blackheads on your neighbor’s face i sat on my kit observing the order to keep all noise down no talking I looked around I looked around me at the hundreds of cam faces so they got candid camouflage paint on and hundreds of cam faces all with big wide eyes each face told its own story each each soldier had his own thoughts about the coming battle and the lads as the lads quietly sat about waiting always waiting the story of all soldiers myself I couldn’t help but think that it was still a joke and that we wouldn’t be going to shore my stomach was in knots and the nausea was hard to control the nervousness running through me was the worst of all waiting waiting for that fucking green light doc Murdoch doc Murdoch sat next to me pulling faces like a comedian fuck off doc I said I’ve got the jitters we’ve all got to go somewhere Vince don’t worry the frustration of waiting and all the hassles of the last six weeks disappeared as we washed in stunned silence the battle for Fanning head to our left Fanning head was the our GOP near San Carlos the SAS had mounted an attack there to allow our landings to go ahead without interference the tracer rounds a naval bombardment on the tip of the bay brought us abruptly into the real world

Jesus look at that it’s a fireworks display shouted a lad at the front of the craft shut up and face the coming Beach we hadn’t noticed we were moving towards the beach all heads had been turned to watch the battle so that’s a little wake-up call they’re going in to do their beach landing and there’s a massive firefight going on where the SAS is doing a hit now as they they get on they do the landing the landings on the post and they’re starting to patrol a movement towards one of their objectives here we go when we pass San Carlos to gazelle helicopters had just been shot down by some of the fleeing enemy word very quickly went around that the crew had been shot in the water while trying to swim ashore our anger brought home the reality of war and introduced us to the type of enemy we would be fighting I would personally felt I personally felt that if we could have caught those responsible we would have killed them for the cowardly act so there’s some well cowardly acts I guess is the word used so the guys are trying to swim to safety and they get shot the helicopter pilots they get into a position and they hold up for a while in a in a security position back to the book guard sat behind the the SF gun for two hours on four off there’s no sleep to be had what with the cold rain ponchos flapping all over the place and everyone restlessly changing positions all the time it was a great first night so they’re out there they’re freezing it’s dead that’s one thing they weren’t really prepared for they weren’t really prepared for this cold weather and but that’s how they kick off no enemy contact yet other than what they can see off in the distance they get gathered up for a little morning meeting back to the book Pete gray gathered the NCOs around him for a daily brief and informed us of the things we weren’t interested in but also informed us that a company and C company had had a blue on blue sometime earlier apparently both companies had patrols out to look for the AR G’s who’d escaped on our landing one patrol had spotted the other and asked for mortars on their position seen in turn the other company asked for artillery on the first company so a battle between a company and C company both firing small arms at each other within minutes the operations officer in charge realized the arrow error and radioed for a ceasefire but not before three to four lads and been badly shot up to them suffering head wounds the ops officer was temporarily removed from the task so again we got relatively unexperienced guys they’re out there and again obviously I highlight that because blue on blue is a real thing and people don’t think it’s going to happen I think lathe was talking about this if you would have asked someone in tu bruiser he said what are the chances that we’re going to have a blue on blue on our deployment people would have been like 0% 0% because it was that it’s that taboo yeah and the fact that you know there’s a blue on blue that we talk about an extreme ownership but there’s blue on blues all the time in your body and this is another example of how easy it is to have it happen between two companies in the same battalion back to the book well lads bad news said Pete the Atlantic conveyor has been sunk how the fuck did that get hit ask someone from the rear you tell me Pete wasn’t a happy man nor were we for the ship had been carrying the Chinook’s and luxury kit like Kent’s over boots and so on so there was a supply ship well a ship that had a bunch of supplies on it including helicopters and helicopters is what’s supposed to transport the Paris around Falkland that was the plan that just got sunk and not only gets sunk with the helicopters on it it got sung with the things like tents and sleeping bags that’s going to allow them to be you operate comfortably in this cold environment if you don’t know where Falkland Islands is it down by Antarctica back to the book some bastard should fall for this we thought

all that kit on one bloody ship bad news of our choppers being sunk hit us sorely and many of us were still thinking about about it when Pete announced the next info no choppers so the bigwigs have decided that we start walking a SP ASAP like today Pete gave us a breakdown of what was happening to Parra was on the march to Goose Green 45 commander were word ahead North to a settlement called Douglas we of three para were to take teal Inlet within an hour all kit was packed tightly away last meals and brews demolished weapons oiled and ready and bunkers evacuated brews just talking about tea and the Brits if you don’t know they like their tea and it’s it’s it’s epic and I saw that you know with Brits that I’ve worked with obviously I’m married to a Brit so I know how much they they like tea and drink tea I saw it overseas guys would be they just would be ready to brew tea at any given time the first people of the sri lankan when i was working with the sri lankan guys back in Birken and today they’ve been heavy heavily influenced by the british army yeah and by the british culture because there was a British settlement for a long time they got their tea on to they would brew any you just take a break for 10 minutes these guys to be over there with a little stove little hex lamp brewing up a tea yeah so that’s something that you’re gonna and I I’m talking about it now I don’t highlight it as much as I could in this podcast but that’s what they’re talking about having a cup of tea we want to come in booth yeah doing it through when I worked with guys the SAS guys that would come and stay with us here those guys are the same way kick their pinky on ya gotta have the guy never cup of tea solid back to the book we made our way up the prominent part of Windy Gap where most of the tallien was gathering the CSM of the command sergeant major of B Company was organizing which kit we were to carry and which to leave no tried no tripods for the SSF guns in the SF cons are sustained fire that’s basically a big heavy machine gun yeah that that takes a crew to operate so you have a tripod someone carries the tripod someone carries the gun someone carries the ammunition at least I think that’s how they break it up no tripods for the SF guns and no sleeping bags no Bergin’s Bergin’s is what the Brits called their big backpacks or big ruck sacks all unnecessary weight to be left weary packed our kit the Bergin’s and tripods worse centralized for a later pickup they were to be choppered forward if a chopper became available we also pissed off about the conveyor being sunk and the prospect of the coming tab so they call a March or hump they call it a tab mm-hmm we were we were pissed off about the coming tab we knew that the March would be about 50 kilometers but we were all glad to be moving breaking out across the islands on the offensive we set out at about 2:30 in the afternoon on what was to be an epic March for the regiment with the GPMG that’s a general-purpose machine gun webbing order and ammo slung over every part of our bodies we tabbed or rather hobbled as fast as we could once over the first hill we started to march around the side of an adjoining hill at this time the Marines were walking alongside us ready to break northwards towards Douglas towards the Douglas settlement unlike us they carried full kit Bergin’s and all within 30 minutes we had a short break to let the stragglers catch up a young marine was propped on his back beside me with his Bergen as a support you lot have the right idea he said no fucking extras we look like donkeys here I couldn’t help but agree with him but thought to myself that while we may move faster we’d be coldest at night at that time I didn’t know we’d be marching flat out all the way day and night in less than an hour our bodies were struggling under the weight of kit and ammo the GPMG seemed to weigh a ton we swapped it on every short break within the first two hours of the night march orders were passed slowly back along the length of the battalion that we’d be stopping for 15 minutes in every hour some even started clock watching our boots and wet socks were becoming unbearable to Marcin well being badly on the feet most of most if not all of us blisters and sprained

ankles added unexpectedly to the injury toll I haven’t done a good job of describe the terrain it’s miserable terrain just rocks slippery rocks big steep hills it’s it’s go look at it on you go look at some images of what the terrain and the Falkland Islands is like it’s it’s nightmare – nightmare to patrol on and it’s the pen where it’s snowing okay it was gonna snow not snowing yet but it’s good right but it’s that cold wet cliff which actually is actually in some ways worse in some ways it’s worse to have because if it’s cold enough that it’s snowing snow is snow is generally dry well if that makes sense rain is rain Yeah right you get rained on you’re wet yeah yeah if you get snowed on you can maintain your your dryness so you’re in a really cold environment where it’s where it’s snowing that’s okay the snow it doesn’t make you wet and wet makes you cold yeah that’s none of the worst things is right on that borderline yeah in between because then you get rained on but then when the sun goes down it turns into freezing so that this is the worst worst worst environment you could you could want for this situation that they’re in and all their gear they only have what limited gear they they should have got sunk on a boat or it’s in their Bergin’s but that even the stuff that’s in there Bergin’s isn’t the full isn’t the best winter equipment they would want all that stuff got to sunk so he’s got a guy that’s starting to slack a little bit hmm his name is calf calf move up move up by screamed I can’t Vince I’m fucked I was losing my rag I could see he was out of it but I couldn’t stand the fact that he was going to let us down before we even got there Taff was trying to keep up and mumbling out loud that he could do it if only we were to slow down a little bit but this was impossible nobody could tell the lead elements to slow down the gap got bigger the swearing got louder calf wasn’t the only one to feel the strain many of the lads were struggling at last exhausted we stopped on the slope of yet another windswept Hill Daft shook uncontrollably he had a bad cramp and lay there totally out of the game I informed the medics Steve was sitting beside as usual when it when the unusual order came from the co commanding officer brew up a hot cuppa and make a snack that was the order this shocked a lot of us theoretically it was a no-no sitting in the middle of an advance in the open and pitch-dark practically though it was the best order yet welcome brew was what we needed the seal was obviously aware that the lads were suffering from the speed of the March to me Taft looked as though he was about to die his nine stone frame wasn’t strong enough for the rest of the March Taff could run the British the Army’s British fitness test in around eight minutes and was considered our best runner this proves as do other accounts I heard after the war that the fitness of troops cannot be determined by how fast they can run the Pyro’s always pride themselves on tabbing with kit so that means marching with gear and rightly so but I learned a lesson on our wit on our first night’s march you must have body fat on you to waste for that kind of long tab that we had it barked on so got a guy that’s like you know super thin triathlete kid now he’s now you put a bunch of weight on him he’s hurt and I’ll tell you that that was also that’s a generalization to that not always true I know some guys that we mean and could run fast and they could also hump a rock like it was good like it was good like it was their business mmm now they start gathering up kind of the guys that can’t continue and they leave actually leave these guys that can’t continue in in a perimeter area and then we’re going back to the book we slugged it out for another two or three hours of continuous hills bogs rocks holes in the grounds everything that we could possibly everything that could possibly make you trip or get wet on top of the bloody awful terrain we had the rain sleet wind and freezing climate to cope with exhausted and near the point of collapse we came to the first man-made saying I had seen apart from the small houses at San Carlos with a barbed wire fence there right in the middle of nowhere sat the fence stretching far into the darkness on either side orders from above told us to rest up until first light we have been marching for 15 hours across the worst terrain you could imagine Steve and I attached our poncho with bungees our Poncho’s with bungees to the fence and skiddy calves and Johnny bashed up on the other side creating a tent like

accommodation that’s like their term for making shelter we call it bivy up which is where that’s where when asleep they call it bashed up we take divvy up here in a baby up here they rained hard for the remaining four hours of darkness the wind blew the rain in on us as we all lay there trying to rest in the basher but although we were exhausted someone snoring soon broke into my thoughts and outside around the basher little whispers could be heard and other voices shouting for silence I closed my eyes dreaming of a bath clean sheets and a letter from home I didn’t mind the rain as it hit my face the chance to rest was welcomed and I eventually managed to sleep I was awoken by a nudge from skiddy who was already half packed and ready to move Steve and I crawled from our refuge and quietly packed our kit into our webbing the rain and called had shrunk the webbing so that was difficult to fasten cold and numbness had us wearing out loud we tabbed over more hills through more bogs and marshes my legs ached more than I had thought possible Steve was if anything better than me with the weight every time I started to struggle with the GPMG he took it without complaining carry that weapon he could so brutal March they get to their next destination where they’re going into a layup point or a perimeter where they’re going to stop for a while back to the book my stomach felt hollow the wind and rain drained me of life lying there feeling near to total exhaustion I couldn’t even think of what was to come the battle for keel Inlet my feet didn’t exist anymore they were just two blocks of numbed ice attached to my legs tapping them together brought a pain that felt as if they would shatter and fall off Steve lay next to me lighting up a fag which is a cigarette he looked up through the rain clouds at the darkened sky if we carry on at this rate we’ll all drop dead of exhaustion he murmured Steve said that he didn’t want to look at his feet because they felt like they were falling off I peeled back my wet socks saw blood on my right foot and discovered that the nail of my big toe was hanging off numbness had masked what normally would have been agony clenching my teeth I pulled the nail away by its remaining roots soon the shout went out that we were to get ready to move we were moving earlier than expected to catch the last of the daylight when I stood up my body ached from head to foot I was – one toe nail I took up my kit and moved into line with the others ready to go the last 13 kilometers – teil so far – taken us about 14 hours to March 40 odd kilometers that was still good going we set off very slowly spaced out in one long line we hobbled over the hill in front of us only to see more hills and marshes I began to become conscious of my toe and the more I thought about it the worse it felt however the thought of dropping out at that stage seemed to fate worse than death and so I fought the pain it’s funny looking back but the further we went into the campaign the less I thought of my home or family I wasn’t thinking of Queen and country either I thought of myself and the lads around me letting the side down was my biggest fear that fear kept me walking just doesn’t want to let his boys down you know that’s his driving force not even thinking about his family anymore not thinking about God and country I’m thinking about the Queen here’s a little thing that I had to highlight we were we were annoyed by the lack of info coming down the marching line to tell us where we were and how far we had left to March this is as a lesson I learned a long time ago when I was a young junior guy in a platoon and if you’re in the back of the platoon or you’re in the back of patrolling you don’t know where you’re going is the worst feeling it’s the worst feeling no idea how much longer where you’re going where you are not only is it a bad feeling for the for the people on your team it’s tactically unsound because they don’t know where they are so what happens if you get contact we get split up where they’re supposed to go they know we’re there what they go in the wrong directions they could get going to em enemy formation it’s a horrible scenario and obviously as a leader in any position you’ve got to think does your visitor back of your patrol know where you are does your company know where you are I

was working with a company recently they had they had a big transition to make but no one knew what quantified that transition it just seemed like this open-ended prospect and then no one knew where it ended or what what quantified hey okay we can we can move to the next phase so it was a tough phase that they were going through you know cutting costs and being restrictive on expenditures I guess that is cutting cost but getting rid of some people this is a tough time yeah but no one knew when that was going to end right they just thought they knew that there was some kind of goal out there but they didn’t know what it was and that was really tough for them in the transition so I said you know you need to set clear goals if you know what they are which is actually the leadership didn’t know they knew there was a certain line a certain amount of cost that they needed cut a curtain certain operating expense that they needed to get down to but they didn’t tell anybody so everyone just thought well we might just be cutting my job next or who you know how long am I going to be here they were just shutting down I don’t know yeah so keep your people informed the people that are in the back end of your Patrol you’ve got to keep them informed back to the book we came to a fourth River River smaller than the rest and stumbled across it in the dark the cold water mixed with our sweat to cause yet more sores on our feet we were now about 1 and a half kilometers from the settlement of teal Inlet the agony of the marching disappeared quickly as it became clear that the task of battle would soon confront us and how does that go one and a half hours of lying in the cold with the winds shooting through us was all the action they had that night so they get to teal Inlet and really nothing really happens because the our Gees had left they do get some updates back to the book we found out that some of the platoon had dropped out on the March more importantly though Nick Coleman one of our Gunners had just been shot in the leg not by the enemy but by a knob and a company so their first you know casualty besides someone getting hurt from marching is somebody gets shot one by one of their own people the knob just a derogatory term for a tool written right it’s not it’s not a not a military right that’s not a fish it’s not efficient military doctrinal term knob hmm just say that turd the CEO and his back to the book the CEO and his band of followers inspected the Lions later that morning so now they’re dug in another position we thought they might instruct us to move our trench or something the usual thing but we were still thinking is that we were on exercise so classic point right there the commanding officer comes around and they think oh he’s going to tell us – we dig these trenches because that’s what we’d be doing if we were exercise hey you need to move this over here that could be a little bit better and doesn’t do any of that the seal looked grim as he approached the six of us taking a tea break listening lads said the RSM that’s the regimental sergeant major we looked at him wondering what was coming during the march to Paris oh that’s their sister battalion two para attacked goose green and Darwin settlements after a long battle the regiment liberated the settlement with the loss of 18 lives including their commanding officer Colonel H Jones many have been wounded and a casualty list is being drawn up they captured hundreds of our G’s the war is now a different concept for the enemy are believed to have shot down members of tu perra showing a white flag more information will be given once known the co half smiled and proceeded to the next line of partly dug trenches skitty keV John and I looked at each other with open mouths thought of 18 members of two pair of dead I weighed the victory for us I for one couldn’t couldn’t have given a shit about goose green or anywhere else on the island at that time it was a thought of losing our mates and the sister battalion that worried me so they think they’ve got about but this other battalion had been in a serious gun fight and taken some pretty significant casualties including losing their leader the leader of the battalion back to the book the condition of our fee was becoming a major problem for the battalion an old complaint suffered by

troops during many wars was afflicting us in modern war trench foot our boots badly and cheaply made coupled with our old-fashioned socks and pussies caused this condition and put these or like have you ever seen those old kind of school World War one they’re like leggings or like gaiters no Gators are they kind of cover your shoes they kind of cover your boots it was characters trench foot it was characterized by a dull thumping ache all over the foot with blueness at the edges some say it’s similar to frostbite which some lads also got now they hold up for the night and then as he’s sleeping we get this corporal be corporal be that’s that’s that’s who we’re talking about right now that’s vince vince Bramley quarry they call him corporal be a bunch corporal be corporal be a voice risk whispered into the trench Steve and I came around together I looked up to see four platoons officer looking down at me yes sir I replied Vince isn’t it yes sir being asked your first name wasn’t unusual between officers and men in the field sorry old boy bad news for you in my half sleep I couldn’t think of anything worse than being woken up orders from the boss we’re pulling out a first light and marching to estancia he said estancia where the fuck is that I asked there’s another 30 to 50 kilometers away towards Stanley we learned Stanley again as the capital Steve and I looked at each other as we sat the bottom our trench too numb to speak I broke the silence first this is getting fucking stupid Steve March here dig there were dropping down like flies and now more do-or-die marching without resting Steve started laughing at my moaning his teeth shining in the dark what are you so happy about I said just thought of more pain for the cause pain Jesus he was right my feet would die before me I thought as I drifted back to sleep I thought of my old Corporal who trained me corporal Deering we hated him for his hard methods he used to say pain doesn’t matter the mind does the work he was right so right his voice was screaming in my ears now four years later it was going to be mind over matter there is wisdom in the Paris training method methods I fought briefly of my parents who over the years had a rough time with my slavish dude I had been in and out of all sorts of trouble before joining the army I said to myself but if I died with a bullet in the head at least it would be better than worrying them into an early grave with my attitude but to drop out now and be branded a wanker would be unbearable I owed a lot to everyone my old NCO my parents and above all to the lads around me a pair of team cannot work without everyone giving their best it’s the lads you fight and work for you come second so obviously more patrolling more boots boots boots over the Falkland Islands another 30 kilometers up and down crappy terrain back to the book we are now within the enemy’s artillery range the co has ordered that we will dig shell scraps for protection no movement like walking around etc until ordered tomorrow so now they’re within enemy artillery range which we don’t like artillery around here not when it’s coming towards us at least see they they’re taking a look at each other seeing where they’re at Steven Tamil looked at my feet wondering if I would be able to carry on I found a bandage hidden in my webbing and cut it up to make small dressings for my blisters and toes I thought the fresh air would do them help leaving my boots off that night was by what leaving my boots off that night was to be my worst mistake so far after a freezing cold and sleepless night the morning light showed me two swollen feet and the hardest frozen pair of boots imaginal imaginable putting those boots back on was agony we marched for about four hours until the whole battalion and rendezvous by the time we reached this point I was nearly crying in pain my hips had bad webbing burns and my feet were too raw blobs as I slumped against a peak a peak Bank Jimmy moorim murmured that I look like

death warmed up I felt like it too within two weeks we look like a Ragan bone or me our faces were drawn with the loss of weight our uniforms matted and soaked our boots were damaged and we were hungry for solid food despite all this morale was very high in the reassuring knowledge that we had marched and taken mostly island without a bought battle or a loss of life so far so they’re making rapid progress and they’re not really coming up against the enemy the enemy is retreating every time they roll into a place they find remnants of where the enemy was or they have intelligence that what the enemy was there but the enemy is just leaving so just them against nature that’s where it’s been for the most part at this point they keep they keep pumping we shuffled together we were informed that we would be marching straight on to mount London that night the battle was about to begin so this is a prominent piece of terrain called mount mount London we had no time for last letters or anything else we packed our kit and were briefed and ready to go within two hours the battalion formed up and marched uphill again spilling out of the settlement towards the summit of estancia the route we took was atrocious we crossed a rock field with some sort the rocks were sharp and jagged in four hours we only covered three kilometers sweat ran down us like water I stopped at one stage to take off my soaking long johns we came to halt as the order turn back turn back hit are yours what’s the fucking matter now someone shouted just turn back and do as you’re told screamed an officer just on the other side of the hill out of the view of Stanley which is the capital allowed lads had been ordered back why shortly after we learned that the cabbage heads so they called the Marines and there’s Marines Royal Marines are down there working in and running some of the major operations and calm cabbage heads shortly after we learned that the cabbage heads running the show hadn’t agreed to our advance they didn’t think we should take the risk of going into battle on our own so the Marines wanted to be there with him so they said hell don’t don’t go too long them yet back to the book as we were milling around a peat fire with nine squadron a chopper came down from one of the mountains some nosy lot lads ran towards and quickly brought back report that some Marines had been in a blue on blue contact that night so another blue on blue a returning patrol had stumbled upon a mortar base team asleep and it shot them as they lay in their sleeping bags there were three to four dead whatever we felt about the Marines we were sorry for them on that day if you’re out there and you use a gun for part of your job whether you’re in the police department whether you’re the SWAT team whether you’re in the military I’m telling you the blue on blue happens and you got to do all you can to train for situations and always be aware that it can’t happen if you don’t think it can happen that’s why it happens back to the book on 10 June we had orders that something was going down soon we stripped our weapons thoroughly oil and oiled and greased them the PC issued 50 rounds per gun for balancing that’s that’s like basically test firing and probably doing some kind of a timing drill on your weapon to make sure that it’s good to go Bob Geddes immediately balanced his gun by firing across the water inlet into the sea Tony Jones was just setting up his when the QM that’s a quartermaster guy in charge of supplies and logistics came screaming over and ordered us not to waste ammo we pointed out that the guns needed balancing but his narrow mind wouldn’t have it he walked away pleased by the thought of saving ammo in fact he caused a major fuckup with all the guns in the battle only two of the six worked 50 rounds through each might have saved lives and would have at least provided better firepower for the battalion so you got a guy the supply guy hey don’t don’t test fire your weapons don’t do that right now save the ammunition now they did realize that they wouldn’t have an ambulance shortage that was gonna be a problem but you’re not gonna have an ammunition shortage if your guns don’t work mmm back to the book the PC came down and we gathered round him eagerly he stood faintly grinning at us spit it out sir said Johnny cook orders in a half an hour tonight lads green light see you by the model in half an hour so in the model he’s talking about

they built a little you know terrain model so that they could kind of draw out where everyone’s going kind of go through the plan and this is what they’re talking about now is the assault on Mount Langdon which is about to begin begins with getting into position and finally they are in position the assault is getting started things start going sideways pretty damn quickly back to the book lieutenant Oliver rushed over to our position right listening he said I felt like saying I was anyway but for the time joking was over the company have had to change their tactics a bit corporals Bramley’s and Cook’s teams will follow myself and Captain Mason into a company positions while corporal Tamil Tamil Rawlings and Pearce will go to another task okay so things are going crazy they start to move he starts to move with with lieutenant Oliver towards this other position back to the book we’d run about 200 meters we were all still together but now the run had become a fast stumbling walk the noise of battle continued to grow continued to our right now as we moved around the slope suddenly a zipping sound whipped across my face I didn’t think anything of it as I walked and stumbled to keep up then three or four more zips hit the ground in front of at in front and at my feet I still carried on I was walking behind lieutenant Oliver as I was walking behind with ten Oliver we saw bodies lying all over the place I thought what the fuck are they doing lying there Jesus Christ fucking lying there and we’re struggling I saw a lad kneeling over a guy in a sleeping bag I remember as I got to them just watching him a low moaning was coming from the sleeping bag I’ve gone about 20 paces when several more zips hit the ground sending a small shock wave all around me for fuck’s sake are you completely nuts or what some guy shouted what asked lieutenant Oliver do you know a sniper’s picking at us we stopped frozen solid in our tracks then fell to the ground our small column now joining the bodies lying all over the place we’d walk into a company’s form up where they had been stopped by a sniper lying there hit me like a sledgehammer the Zips had been that had been missing me by inches they were sniper fire I lay there thinking you fucking idiot Vince I cursed myself all the time we lay there blaming myself for an unprofessional act but then I’ve never been shot at before and my mind had been so occupied with moving that the zipping sound seemed unconnected with the battle so like I said first time being shot at and he didn’t know what it was and I’ve told this story on here before the first time I got shot at or the first time I was receiving fire was Gumby’s I thought someone was throwing cigarettes out onto the road tell me who the hell smoking in that Humvee ahead of me but it was rounds hitting the Humvee so and I was the same way I was just like didn’t it didn’t occur to me when it hits you that that their bullets are you like in shock or ordi just kind of shift into you know yeah I shouldn’t have to game time but it took me not I wasn’t it was a pretty slow transition yeah you know it took me it took me to think through the whole process of who’s smoking a cigarette wait why are they throwing cigarettes wait why do they have so many cigarettes with the entire Humvee smoking a cigarette and putting them all out right now and it wasn’t like a massive volume of fire but it was rounds hitting well yeah could be one yeah that’s the you saw on another Humvee in front yet I be another spark I saw a spark I went over it I thought some don’t yes I’ll show myself own Savior another leak same same thing I will say this though we were the first time I got shot at when I wasn’t in a vehicle you I heard the rounds called over and I know what it was because I was used to it from when we do but I don’t know how else to explain it when you shoot on a range like when you go sight in your rifle you shoot on the range and and some of us guys you go down and you work the targets for the other guys so you’re in basically in a bunker kind of okay are you behind a big berm yes yes and you put the target up for your guys and then when they shoot at you pull it that back down you mark it with these discs so that they know where their shop set so they can make adjustments then you put it back up again so when you’re doing that and you do it at different distances they shoot from different distances they shoot from a hundred yards an issue from 300 yards and then she’d 500 yards and then shoot from 8 under your so you can just hear all these different ones and the further out they get the more you hear the actual sound of the round going over you right and at certain ranges you can hear breaking the sound barrier units and it’s pretty loud it’s a crack whore but then when they get far enough away it did you don’t hear that anymore and it

just sounds like he’s talking about like a little zip like a little yeah you know yeah it’s a but I knew it was the first time ever got shot at I knew exactly what it was yeah I knew what was going after the first time I got shot at not in a hum brain and which by the way I got shot at first that was the first time I ever got shot it was it was I’m in the Humvee yeah alright going back to the book the battle is raging on the hill artillery shells were landing they’re adding to the ricochet of bullets if you slowly raised your head you could watch the free firework display because that’s what it looked like the odd shout could be heard and the odd scream but it was a sound of rifle machine gun and artillery that dominated the night so we’ve gone from hey we’re out on patrol we’re looking now they’re in full there’s a full battle going on after about an hour we were all getting pissed off with this fucking sniper something had to be done and quick he was holding up 130 months so these guys are pinned down there they’re pinned down and the idea was the finding the planet they come up with they’re going to use a milan called the milan it’s like a short-range kind of it’s like a bazooka but it’s wire-guided so you can actually steer it a little bit it’s a missile a little hand carried missile and that’s the plan is to use that to shoot from where they think the sniper shooting from so they get in position they get the Milan in position and then they’re going to once they shoot with the Milan they’re going to shoot their machine guns at it standby shouted captain Mason my feet were forgotten my mind emptied of any thoughts but my eyes were completely alive staring at the area of the fin just talking about this terrain feature that looked like a shark fin and possible target fire Jin’s led off to Milan the rocket washed off the small portable frame and picked up its deadly speed after 120 metres it was at its deadliest we were only about 90 meters from the target by the way if your sniper shooting at you from 90 meters that is scary he’s not missing ginge managed to guide the wire missile to wire guide the missile on target the explosion ripped into the night sending sparks everywhere Bob pressed the trigger and our gun burst to life for a few seconds then stopped stoppage screamed Bob I tried to lift the feed the cover off the top of the GPMG but the night sight was in the way I ripped off the night sight for the weapon then fluid in the sastras hands it’s another guy’s ass I cleared the gun and reloaded bob was just about to fire again when a zipping sound ripped into the ground right in front of our tripod we both ducked behind the bank the enemy’s bullets whizzed over our heads and all around us ginge was laughing and shouted they’ve seen you all right fucking brilliant isn’t it my knight and the bloody guns packed up Captain Mason shouted over from behind us reload reload cs9 wants another one up there so they wanted to hit again what was it hit that sniper position again with the meal on which they do and they eventually take care of that problem and are able to move on now they start coming back down from that from that supporting position because that’s what they’re doing is the most part they’re assigned into supporting positions to get the high ground and support the assault as they’re happening they come back down from that we reach the bottom of the hill at about zero zero three zero hours the battle had been going for some three and a half hours we came up to the F ap that’s a first aid post and walk past a line of guys lying there moaning in half silence the medics were busy with all the wounded there seemed to be about 25 guys working and wounded in the group we were sitting some 20 meters from them in the darkness and we could only just see the scene by the light of the moon a sergeant from battalion HQ came over and told came over to us and Lieutenant Oliver and captain Mason stood up to meet him we have three confirmed dead at this moment he said Murdoch Scott and Greenwood we know there are more but we can’t get to them as yet so Murdoch if you remember the guy was making fun of making funny faces when they were on the boat coming in confirmed dead the conversation continued around our coming task and that the RSM was coming to meet us i sat in a trance I couldn’t believe that we had lost guys today it seems crazy that I should think like this why I can only put it down to the fact that I was still in my own little world of make-believe we would win the war without getting anyone killed the death of those three guys hit me like a brick total shock Murdoch or simply doc doc who had been chatting with on the way to our start line after we bumped into be company now dead Scotty from the MT platoon that some Motor Transport protune like

Greenwood recently looking at nicknamed fester because of his sleeping habits my mind was blank to the conversation around me Jonny nudged me Vince were moving mate this woke me to the reality of it all is now fully alert for surely there was more to come so now they’re getting to another like I said their job has been doing supporting supporting arms which is basically cover and move on a big scale that’s what they’re doing you’ve got a group this machine-gun platoon with the Milan with the heavy machine guns they’re getting into elevated positions to cover for another element up to another company or another battalion to go in and assault a target this is classic cover and move situation and they’re in the cover position in most of these situations and that’s what’s going on when we come back to the book they’re in another elevated firing position back to the book corporal beat get ready I waited for the command sergeant major to give the orders to fire the wait was longer than I expected and my fingers stayed on the trigger frozen waiting as I sat waiting for the command other voices came to my ears from among the sounds of battle the voices of the wounded everywhere their cries pitched in with those survivors still struggling and screaming frantically at each other to move their move here but the wounded were unlike anything else their cries could be heard above the uninjured their shouts were desperate my mind went blank my eyes were wide open with fright for them my mouth dried as I lay there the second seemed like hours their anguish moaning and crying is here in my ears now as I write no matter what I wear others did to try and ignore them they somehow Group seemed to grow louder and louder I burned with frustration one victim who I later found out was Baz Barret seemed so near groaning and shouting help me please don’t leave me for fuck’s sake help I can’t move someone further along to our left called out for Christ’s sake I’m dying don’t let them bury me here please please I shouted out hang on don’t me don’t move for fuck’s sake keep I had I started to call from my position I wanted to help them a platoon commander grab my arm leave it corporal B leave it I looked at him why because a sniper has already picked off about five or six guys that have tried to help the top says no more okay I slumped to the ground with a feeling of total helplessness it was the worst feeling that anyone can imagine as I tried not to think it was real the cries continued Oh God I’m hitting the chest I’m all wet please help the crying went on and on some wounded guys had been dragged or had crawled away from the main impact area only to be pinned down elsewhere my mind seethe with anger corporal B stand by the CSM screamed the command to follow killed off all the cries and moaning the weapon broke a stream of fire at the Argentinian positions three to five rounds bursting across the summit the steady rate of fire continued as the CSM shouted across to change direction using our tracer rounds as indicators all six guns opened up our tracers ripped across the summit to the other end of the mountain the bullets bouncing and ricocheting in all directions so hammering the target they’re hammering the the enemy from where the enemy is shooting and obviously I mean one of what a wretched description of being within the sound of the voices of your wounded men who you cannot help because they’re pinned down by snipers eventually they this I mean this goes on for a long time they’re in this supporting position they’re laying down fire during thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds back to the book the CSM sounded stopped stopped worn out we rested our heads on the ground the battle had now been going on for some 11

hours how long we had lain there firing I did not know the CSM came over well done a company are moving through to our left now we’ve covered them and given them all the help we could give the rest is up to them we can’t fire anymore it get to them it’s too close now it’ll be light in an hour or so pull the gun back and dismount it sir did we get any ask Bob more than enough he replied and walked away had we killed we must have I felt nothing afterwards just relaxed I hadn’t seen our targets they had been hidden in darkness we hadn’t killed at the end of a bayonet or through a rifle sight we had killed with a spray of machine-gun bullets it didn’t seem personal It was as if the enemy hadn’t existed at all they complete that mission and then yes they crawl back to a little bit of a covered position away from where they had been supporting and then here we go back to the book about 70 metres away the ground exploded in a massive earth shrapnel and rock then another shell came over this time further to our right I look down the hill as the shell exploded and saw an unbelievable display of flying red sparks deadly shrapnel the ground shook a shell after shell fell behind us the first minutes of shelling were terrifying so they’ve been this is it now now they started we mentioned that they were on artillery range and we all know what an absolute horror show artillery is back to the book in the distance a booming sound began that carried over the area someone screamed incoming incoming sure enough the air disappeared there was a whoosh and the explosion killed any remaining piece the shells came in thick and fast I lay watching the red glowing shrapnel flying by now the shrapnel was creeping up towards me the explosions getting so loud I thought they would definitely the shells were landing about 50 meters away four or five shells would hit an area in salvo then the next batch would hit about 10 meters nearer the booming from Stanley could still be heard in the gaps between explosions in our areas as I lay there watching the shrapnel getting closer I found myself shaking was it from cold or fright my legs shook and I couldn’t control that at all the next salvo landed 30 meters away I curled up into a ball as the shrapnel splintered the rocks around me a piece of shrapnel landed in my little alcove still burning with fury sizzling into the dirt by my waist four or five more shells landed around us and then it stopped as if had never begun the air was misty as though a fog had swept over us I lay back praying it was over in the half light of the false dawn I could now hear shouting all down the hill some guys were screaming like mad one voice went right through me the scream of a man who knows he’s about to die all over the hill people were shouting medic medic I was about to crawl from my hole when another shell hit the ground I hadn’t even heard it coming I fell on my face and stayed there for a few seconds another shell landed near by this time a shower of dirt fell on my back I crawled back into my hole and curled up again waiting my body shook uncontrollably the shells landed in six salvos the noise and explosions around me making my head spin as if someone were banging it against a wall I willed to stop but the shells carried on landing around me then this second bar bombardment within minutes ended as suddenly as it had begun so horrible horrible situation that they’re in and much like we talked about the Germans having their mortars dialed in and their artillery dialed and it’s the same finger in the Falkland Islands there’s obvious terrain features so when you’re holding a city like there

the Argentinean military is in the city of Stanley well they know where they’re going to get attacked from and they know what a good firing position so they have those positions dialed into their artillery and they can just start hammering them back to the book I can remember the OC shouting behind me move move their artillery will be here soon again so now they’re trying to move Sargent P waited only for me to squeeze myself through the gap before he took off again after we had gone about four or five steps hand dropped out of the rocks grabbing at my ankle and denims the shock of it made us jump instantly sergeant P was back with me we both looked at my feet still holding my denims was a wounded RG his eyes were staring at me bleeding perhaps full of sorrow sergeant P shouted speck step back Bremer’s I tried to step back but the wounded soldier tightened his grip on me I leaned back a sergeant P pointed his weapon and fired two bullets into the man’s head the noise of his weapon echoing around the small gap Tommo and Johnny were behind me now the AR G’s head bounced quickly as a two rounds entered him his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth opened to the release a trickle of blood and saliva which ran down his chin onto a shirt collar at the same time his hand gave up its grasp on my denims and dropped onto my boot I flicked my boot as if I was playing football his hand and arm dropped across his body and from his mouth came a low whistle of air mixed with blood all this took seconds but it seemed like a lifetime to me each date detail remains with me today the sight of this guy dying at my feet shocked me but I was growing harder although shaken I felt no remorse at the time the deadly game of war lay at my feet only I mattered the rights of wrongs the rights and wrongs of war can never be argued from the armchair decisions are made on the spot questions asked afterwards that lone RG could have been rigged to a booby trap or even armed the kill was done quickly and professionally I felt that I should have acted as quickly as sergeant P come on move he shouted sergeant P screamed in order for me to follow him as we trotted further into the clearing we had to jump over the twisted pile of corpses my mind was never nor has since been so alert adrenaline was rushing through my body so quickly that I felt I was floating with excitement mingled with fear a little further into the clearing lay three or four Argentinians visibly shaken shaking visibly close together on the ground we ran half walked through a deadly sickening area of death they looked up as we arrived all had been seriously wounded and were moaning and crying one held up his hands across his eyes and shouted mama I felt he thought that we were or I was about to shoot him he were known calling for his mama in a low wail one Argentinian sat in a trance his eyes wide and staring at nothing tears ran down his face the only sign that he was alive none of them moved all look like they expected to be shot by us but we ran past the whole area was littered with weapons helmets clothing and food and ammo a few bullets whizzed overhead and smashed into the rocks a corporal shouted that tumbled down this is another another prominent terrain feature tumbledown was firing at us we ran into a tight gap in the path and all came to an abrupt halt as it was a dead end four or five bodies lay sprawled there close together this time they were our own men the camouflaged pair of smocks hit my eyes immediately CSM Wix was standing over them like a guardian screaming at some of his men to cover the further end of the path and the small crest the CSM and Sergeant Pia exchanged quick words I wasn’t listening my mind was totally occupied with looking into the crags from the enemy I turned to look at her own lads dead on the ground load down when they tried to rush through this gap I felt both anger and sadness the CSM’s face showed the strain of having

seen most of his company either wounded or shot dead that night’s fighting was written in every line of his face we all doubled back into the clearing we had just run through we spread out and waited for our next move a wounded Argentinean lay right next to me 10 meters away he’d been hit in the chest and screamed as he held the wound a lad from B company ran across the clearing at him and ran his bayonet through him the screaming Argentinian tried to grab the bayonet from him before it took his life our lad scream shut up shut up you cunt the enemy soldier died as the band that was withdrawn the lad walked back to his seat among the rocks as if nothing had happened to my right 3 Argentinians were crying with their heads in their hands were they the dead man’s friends at their feet lay one of our lads moaning in pain as a medic attended to him I could see his back was peppered with shrapnel I swung to my left and fell against some rocks I now felt the shock of it all coursing through my body i wailed softly my throat feeling like I wanted to choke my eyes watered and I shift my head to force myself into reality but this was reality I looked for Bob and Johnny I couldn’t see bob but johnny was there staring right at me our eyes met telling each other that we felt the end had come lad resting with his rifle pointed towards tumbledown turned fell into a tight ball curling himself up as he hit the ground screaming incoming incoming we all dropped to the ground crawling behind rocks wherever we could the first shell went over us onto the west side of the mountain then the shell started to creep up towards us and one thump into declaring hitting a rock about 30 meters away the ground shook as if we’d been hit by an earthquake shrapnel pry pierced the ground or bounced off of rocks all around us grant Grinham screamed out the shrapnel had hit his leg two of his mates were pulling him into better cover as the shells rained down us around us again soon after corporal Stuart McGowan McLaughlin was hit in the back by shrapnel he was later killed by a direct mortar hit as he was being taken to a first-aid post I lay there trembling as shells roared over us each explosion shook more fear into us we had centered our group about halfway along the mountain BOC shouted us to split up a bit otherwise a direct hit would cause a heavy loss three or four anti-tank lads got up and ran to a bunker on the other side of the hill as another salvo came rushing in on us a shell crashed into the rock above the OSI sending shrapnel and rock in the opposite direction to us he looked up at all of us as we looked at him expecting him to be dead since the shell it only landed a few metres from us all he shouted across well that was a naughty one wasn’t it we laughed unanimous in appreciation of his complete calm the shells came in for over an hour we just lay there hoping that it would end soon I’ll a looking straight into Johnny’s face who at times would poke out his tongue or do his grin again the shelling stopped as usual as suddenly as it began I stood up and saw keV Connery crouched by rock keV I screamed he looked over and smiled get your arse over here you twat he had started to walk towards us when two or three more shells hit home we all flopped the ground once more the vibration of the explosion shook us on and the earth landed on our backs we jumped up to see keV running towards us

he jumped into our little opening Jesus fucked me he said I’ve had a right night of it – where’s Johnny crow and skiddy mate I asked keV look into my face and said Johnny’s dead he’s dead Vince killed outright skiddy has been wounded only me left Oh for fuck’s sake how in the attack of Bursa rounds hit Johnny square in the chest I reckon he was dead before he hit the ground can’t explained we carried on chatting about the situation in general Rick Westie was brewing up for us when we heard the booming sound again from Stan Lee incoming someone screamed not again Johnny shouted you’re getting more scared with each bombardment we hit the ground and fought to get legs arms and bodies more comfy and secure than each others at this rate they’ll get us we can’t have luck on our side forever you know I shouted as the shells exploded around us I lay next to CAV we both faced the mess tin where a couple was brewing a shell landed not three meters away sending shrapnel and dirt in our direction rocks and earth fell around us then over us as if we’re about to be buried alive both keV and I automatically reached out to cover the mess tin in the water that was coming to a boil the dirt landed on her hands and the brew was saved everyone burst out laughing talk about a time of crisis to all let’s have a cup of tea Johnny shouted brutal the you know great account and I know if we’ve been done gone through a lot of accounts of being shelled with artillery that’s a that’s a very descriptive and granular one and it’s not over back to Bill Kevin I walked up and over the hill Ricky followed us armed with a smock order with every pocket filled with mags for SLRs we came to a clearing Ricky was busy looking to one side of us when suddenly keV and I heard moaning we stepped up on a Ledge and came face-to-face with a wounded RG sitting beside him was his friend who obviously wouldn’t leave him the wounded soldier had been shot in both knees and in his chest and arms blood showed on all the wounds his face showed no pain merely pleading his mate stood up and put his hands up no one had seen these two until now I pointed my rifle and bayonet and nodded towards the wounded guy he started wailing and moaning and put both hands together as if praying to me Kemp pulled a pistol from his belt well Vince we either shoot them or help them what will it be keV lowered his pistol and looked at me I raised my rifle and framed the wounded our G’s head right in the sight the man looked down as if he was expecting death knowing that he could do nothing about it he wailed louder I lowered my rifle keV he looks like my neighbor I’ll help them okay yeah okay I’m off to find some goodies he walked off my motion to his mate to sit on the other side of the wounded guy while I place my weapon to one side of me and went down to help the wounded are geez mate shook his head looking at my rifle me friend me friend you friend you helped my friend we all friends now he pleaded I looked at him and gave him a small grin he grinned back I didn’t trust him one bit the wounded guy started to cry it was then that I felt sad sad that I had thought of killing them and that we were all in this mess together we had different views and different homes but there we were all together I still hated the enemy but just then when that guy started to cry I felt different we all had to be hard hard to the facts of what was happening to all of us kill or be killed I made my way back to where our team was stationed I got there as Rick was sitting down the OSI was busy with

orders Vince were out of water got me Johnny asked no reply replied just then Captain Mason shouted a navy have you seen Peterhead occur around I saw him last night with gate with gin with ginge and West sir I shouted perhaps West you’ll note Captain Mason looked at me with serious eyes all the support team who were sitting there looked at Captain Mason and me I felt something was wrong the OSI motioned me over I got to him and crouched down corporal B James McCarthy was killed and so is Philip West the shell was meant for your gun team a flashback of what had happened filled my mind the smock pulled from my back the spinning head the deafness and must have missed you by inches corporal B you okay yeah I’m okay I’ll go find head occur then captain Mason came over sir he said to the OC PD editor was killed also the Bears have now found his body I stood up and walked back to my spot I was gutted beyond belief Pete had always been my mate we’d spent many times together drinking in the shop I met his family too now he was dead only a short while ago I’d been sitting beside him he’d said what a good spot he had now he was dead killed by a shell that was meant for me I’ll never forget that I survived while he was killed so they they do some movement they actually get back up into their positions to where they were actually the word ginge had been when he had been killed going back to the book we turned around to where gingered lane and walk back from the skyline to find a gap through which to find the gap to its sergeant p and led us in this way we avoided being seen from tumbled out on the ground i saw bits of clothing and flesh everywhere resembled a slaughter yard we walked down ten meters or so and there was more and more stuck on the side of a rock was clearly a large piece johnny and i moved closer to it in my stomach churned as i saw the nose and cheek of a face we looked at each other our eyes wide I put my bayonet under the flesh and flicked it to the ground before burying it quickly neither of us spoke I had no doubts and p10 confirmed to me that this was the remains of a mate he told me later that he had died instantly for only the waist down remained I felt gutted beyond belief I had been told of the direct hit that had also killed two others to see with my own eyes the body and remains well those was another story over walking over the crest we bumped into Pat Harley with him were one or two others although I’ll no longer remember who they were as I was talking to Pat I noticed a helmet on the end of the nacelle are planted in the rock face nodding towards this Pat mentioned that he had come up and found Jordy laying dead we rounded the rock face and at our feet lay doc and Geordie both on their backs they’d died in an open space with the infamous tumble down looking down on them Geordie had died trying to save doc the bastard sniper had caught him in the

open as he reached him Geordie lay with his mouth slightly open gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach then he died quickly evidence around him showed that he had tried to reach doc he had been had he been calling for him help himself Pat looking cut up took Georgie’s fags saying he’d want us to have these rather than the rear-echelon we turned our attention to doc who is more depressing doc hadn’t died quitly quickly he must in fact have been fully aware of his injuries the top part of his skull was blown away the brain visible smashed by a sniper’s bullet only the fragmented skull had prevented the complete collapse of the side of his head how he survived the impact God knows laying beside him were items from the first aid kit he’d been carrying field dressing half-open safety pins in his right hand fingers near the ground his left hand held a morpheme syringe this had been used that’s in needle pointed towards him they must have been his dying act his radio mic was still attached to his throat the close friend told me many months later doc fell on his radio the sending switch was stuck and he was on permanent send to all of us we could hear him gurgling and moaning as he became aware that he had been shot badly Vince and sent the Sigler’s nuts but we were all helpless the sniper picked at anyone that moved Jordi tried and lost his life for it we eventually had to turn on to the emergency frequency to establish communications again doc had remained conscious and eventually died on a part of that mountain alone with a lad who had bravely tried to rescue him so just to explain that you know on your you have what’s called a push to talk button on your radio and however he fell he fell and and landed on that push-to-talk so that he was broadcasting his ill his death and his dying was broadcast over the network for everyone to hear these guys they still have to fight and they start gathering its of intelligence they think there’s a counter-attack coming in by the way this this intense fighting is is a matter of days so everything that we’re talking about is happening in a couple days and now they think that there is a counter-attack coming so they dig in they get in position they set their machine guns up from where they think the counter-attack from the Argentinians is going to come from and then they start getting mortared again hit with artillery here we go back to the book we all hit the ground again as a shell landed no sooner had I started to pick myself up when a high-pitched scream rushed into my ears a deadly sound I can still hear it today I look down to where the shell had hit in the same areas before the ground was smoldering smoke lifting and evaporating five meters away from the hole laid two bodies the sight of one of them will stay with me until I die as Paris Mach was riddled with smoke escaping from every corner the arms bottom and collar the lad turned onto his back screaming oh god help me help me please I ran down the hill in fright and concern I dropped to my knees by the screaming soldier his eyes met mine did he register me I only saw Denzel Denzel the character we all loved I wrenched my eyes to his legs one was hanging off ripped to shreds the bone clearly visible his screaming turned my stomach it was like nothing I’d ever heard he tried to look down at his leg don’t fucking look this way I barked lay back down hear me he dropped to his back

holding his top thigh Jonah Jones a 9 squadron lad came to my side Vince I’ll deal with him you see to him he said pointing – Craig Jones Craig lay very close to Denzil Clive rushed to help me Craig hadn’t any visible wounds he lay quietly as Clive tried to talk to him I tried to pull a smock open and pull his trousers down to check for a wound Denzil screamed and moaned behind me help me help me Jonah was busy seeing to his leg I pulled out my knife and started to cut through Craig’s denims and quilted Artic clothing my frantic cutting was too slow and I knew it the doctor skidded him beside me pulled out his scissors and started to cut through Craig’s leggings I pulled the ripped material to one side we had reached the skin his legs had massive lacerations in all directions spilling muscle and bone but there wasn’t hardly any blood the doctor shouted to me to tie his muscles together I pulled out my field dressings and tied the lacerations together the doctor was joined by a medic who went to Denzil I was half conscious of cries of medic medic stretcher bearer all down the hill Craig was lying still I slid up beside him and looked into his face it was pale with no color at all his eyes stared into my face you’ll be ok Craig just hang on mate hang on clive held his head stroking his forehead repeating my words Craig can you hear me I shouted the doctor pulled and tugged frantically at Craig’s clothing trying to reach more obvious wounds Craig you’ll be ok hang on he looked at me and his slight smile came across his face his eyes laughed at me bright and wild his grin spread then all expression faded he faded away Craig Craig don’t keep in there his eyes closed he died then in there he was a young soldier 20 years of age the records will say private Craig Jones the doctor motion to bear to get him on and away Denzil was also lifted and carried away I fell onto my bottom Gillan Clive patted me on the shoulder I tried to get up but fell to my knees again I hadn’t realised until then that I was crying crying without knowing it I cried with all the pain and sadness it didn’t seem fair Johnny came to my side and kicked me up he picked up my weapon and started to guide me to our bunker again I glanced at Steve and sass sass was crying as well and Steve had his head buried in his hands I stumbled to our bunker weeping when I sat down Steve wake put around his arm around me and whispered he done a brave thing Vince I couldn’t have gone down there after those shells landed in the same spot he done all right mate his gesture didn’t register I cried with exhaustion hatred and pity Craig and Denzel remain with me today Craig who died and Denzel who lost a leg and so nearly his life when people write or tell the of experiences of this kind I know now that they can never really tell the facts for anyone to totally understand for often the reader is wrapped in his own make-believe game of war for me personally this five minute experience changed my whole life and attitude towards war wars will always be fought and I would go again for my beliefs but I hope never again to see a face fade from me it took nearly a year after this

war for Craig’s face to go before I slept nearly a year to wipe out denzil’s smock on fire and his screen until I died it will remain a part of me and because it is war there is no time to mourn and soon after that they are marching for their final assault on Stanley which is the capital city going back to the book after we had dabbed about 1000 meters with wireless Ridge clearly visible above us the absence of troops and the silence of guns and Stanley began to produce some puzzled looks along the line of the support company roc shouted for a halt we collapsed on the frosty ground to wait for orders I looked up at the sky thinking what now who’s fucked up this time let’s just get this part started a few shouts came down the line I leant forward and saw that the line was breaking up in the men laughing sergeant Nick Mathews was sitting behind me beside me what’s going on Nick I asked fuck knows Vince the shouting continued as messages passed down towards us a guy three or four positions down from us suddenly turned round and shouted the wankers have surrendered a white flag is flying over Stanley put your Bray’s on end X and X the last part of the message had an ironic ring because for some of the task force the whole thing had seemed like an exercise so end X is a term we said all the time in training when you want to stop the exercise you say end X it’s short for any exercise so that’s one of those things where it seemed like for some of the guys they were just on this big exercise and so they literally said hey it’s and X end of the exercise right now Nick and I looked each other bollocks I said we stood up to see the remains of three para coming off Longdon in their red berets joy washed through my body Nick and I hugged each other nothing more was said the message had reached everyone I slipped off my helmet and put on my beret which it stayed close to hand throughout as I stood looking down a moody Brook the red berets stuck out like sore thumbs against the grass I felt proud the Brea on my head meant more than any task the army had ever thrown at me it meant victory the feeling is indescribable now that’s that and they spend obviously it’s over but it’s not like you just get to steppin and it’s instantly over they spend time there they go through some pretty significant looting and he talks about that a bunch and and he kind of kind of comes to goes kind of berserk and looting and they’re all just gathering up war trophies and whatever they can find a value and they go into this one sort of a bunkered position to loot and they on one side of the bunker it’s all a bunch of weapons and the other side is other kind of more personal type items and they they have so many weapons that they don’t need anymore so they go and they start taking stuff from the other side them little like I said personal items I think it was and they walk out of there and then the next day they find out that the side with the weapons on it was all booby-trapped with 70 pounds of explosives so they went in there if they would have picked up like two or three things off of that it was a pressure plate of pressure release so if they were picked up two or three things they would gotten killed hit him and his crew had gotten killed and that’s when he realizes you know what he talks about he’s like I was so greedy I wasn’t even thinking anymore hmm they go through that they eventually they get done they ship away and eventually end up to an island and then from from a different Island they fly back to back to England and here we’re going back to the book we stepped off the plane at RAF Brize Norton the

this morning we were hit by the English summer in full blaze as we entered the airport lounge the doors were slung open – screaming crowd of relatives who charged towards us my mother climbed over chairs to hug me with all the rest of my family in close pursuit my wife came up to me I was tense and made unsure by all the noise and shouting it made me scared in a peculiar way Karen looked hard and almost angry hello Vince was all I got from her so he’s home obviously his wife with a little bit tense about some things back to the book actually before we go back to the key they do a little quick greeting with their family but then they get back on a bus with the rest of the people the battalion members and they start driving back to their compound back to the book always very quiet on the journey the English countryside made me feel like an alien Johnny tapped my shoulder from behind Vince the trees man look at them I looked at the trees they were part of what was making me feel like an alien they were all in full bloom bright green leaves in the wind there was traffic on the roads shops people walking about doing their own thing it all seemed unreal after only three months away it was a shock to see civilization again the odd thing was I felt anger anger at everyone for doing their own thing It was as if something in my head was urging me to shout at them as they walked along the streets hey you licking your fucking ice creams there’s a fucking lot of injured guys over there friends have been killed but all you’re interested in is yourselves just for us I know the general public was concerned but it just didn’t seem like it then I wasn’t expecting a medal or even a pat on the back I really didn’t know what to expect even so I found it hard to be calm there was no way I could relax if I had been asked to go do a tour in Ireland I would have gone more than anything I felt the pinch of no longer having my friends around me we had been together so tightly over the last few months that it was in this now I had had a set an arm severed the buddy buddy system that we had needed to literally survive wasn’t there anymore and the sheltered life now seemed too far they now seemed to me far too boring to endure I made a point of not talking about my experiences to any member of my family including my wife but I do remember sitting up in bed one evening turning my wife and giving her a very mild insight into what had really happened I was sick to death of the press’s views and of the publicity of a country still high on war I told Karen what had happened to Denzil and Jones the blank look she gave me with a half smile told me she wasn’t interested and couldn’t understand me at all I never said anything again I tried to look at it from her point of view instead she was sick of the war of the army and of me going away whenever I bumped into one of the lads I seemed more at home and relaxed talking our private language with him than I did with civvies and my own family if I had had my own way I would have gone out on the biggest bender ever but I knew that was the easy way out these these remind me of one soldier’s war you know you come back and there’s no doubt when you come back from war you’re gonna feel some of this I’m gonna tell you right now you’re gonna feel some of this when you see civilians walking around licking their ice cream cones it’s gonna it’s going to it’s good it’s a rough transition mmm back to the book there’s no doubt that I was slowly unwinding over the long leave but the boredom also gave me more time to think about my experiences worst of all were my nightmares about the war at first they came nightly later they faded and returned intermittently I always had the same dream of denzil’s smock and Jones’s face passing before me I would wake up

in a bed so wet that a bucket of water might have been thrown over me the nightmares lasted about the six months or so today I can see and understand everything that has happened to me I know now that I wasn’t alone the most comforting words I ever had to help me did not come from any of my family my family were concerned but could never really understand what I was going through those words came from my friends in the pub as we drank during leave Johnny turned me in said Vince I’ve had a few turns in the night you know that made me sit up and see clearly but I wasn’t alone and we are not alone you’re stronger so that’s something that I hear from a lot of vets and maybe you’re thinking that this is something you’re experiencing that no one else is not true not only are other guys going through it other guys have always gone through it you’re not alone back to the book I fully believe that we as a nation performed the most excellent of tasks I’m fully behind the decision to send the task force and I wouldn’t hesitate to fight again for our country and its beliefs people who whinge about the decisions taken in war they weren’t involved in to me are the most misguided of all the most striking events to affect me throughout the war were obviously the deaths of my friends eight years ago i regarded those friends as those in two and three pairs only now after learning about others experiences and after watching and reading others accounts i see that the whole task force was my friend i watched a marine sergeant in a TV documentary his eyes showing the emotion of his story and the sight told me we were all the same i still feel a bit angry that the wounded went unnoticed a propaganda film on the task force’s arrival home showed only the pairs in the Marines and the Navy homecoming can you remember seeing the badly wounded coming through the gates I think not nobody wants to see the effects of carnage never again will I think that war is just a game like they showed on TV it is very different from how it is portrayed in books and we call ourselves into the killing game don’t we I remember very clearly watching from a window of my quarters five or six kids playing a war game some were even dressed in combat gear and carrying small toy machine guns I watched with interest in their tactics in attacking a cardboard box that was meant to be an enemy held position the two kids defending rolled over and pretended to die when overrun by the goodies after being tagged by their friends they got up to resume the game from me hi we start to practice what is in human nature to defend and kill the one big difference between their game and the real one is that you don’t get up after really being shot or is the legal killing of people and can be very scary war is kill or be killed we also must remember that a lot of the command structure at junior rank level can almost be too difficult to maintain in the heat of battle then what becomes a winning factor is the determination of the private soldier his lone get up and go and do attitude we must take our hats off to the junior ranks of all services for they are the backbone of the war machine in that they have to kill at close range we are lucky to have what is perhaps one of the best fighting forces in the world thanks to our system of

training and to our discipline even today I feel frustration about the war I was so psyched up to carry on with the fight in the Stanley that the Argentinean surrender may be disappointed as well as happy I tried very hard to keep out of fistfights now as I wouldn’t like to lose my self-control am I alone in feeling this are there hundreds or thousands of other time bombs out there other experienced veterans may be sympathetic to all I’ve said we can only wait for the next war now to practice the art of killing again I hope I’m there to help finally I must quote a First World War veteran who told me so many years before I joined the army you’ll like the armed events but not war it’s horrible boy he was right I didn’t like it then again I did and I’m going to close this book out with the beginning of this book and it reads this book is dedicated to the soldiers of three para whose comradeship a determination throughout the campaign makes the author proud to have served with them so that the members of free para who never returned are not forgotten their names and ages at death in action are listed below private Richard Absalom Military Medal nineteen years old private Gerald bull eighteen private Jason Burt seventeen private John Crowe twenty-one private Marc dodsworth twenty-four private Anthony Greenwood twenty-two private Neil grows eighteen private Peterhead occur 22 Lance Corporal Peter Higgs 23 corporal Steven Hope 27 private Tim Jenkins 19 private Craig Jones 20 private Stewart Lange 20 lance corporal Christopher love it 24 corporal Chris McCarthy 27 sergeant Ian MacKaye Victoria Cross 29 corporal Stewart McLaughlin 27 Lance Corporal James Murdoch 25 Lance Corporal David Scott 24 private Ian Scrivens 17 corporal Alex Shaw 25 private Philip West 19 and you notice those names those men their ages and their ranks they’re all

they’re all junior ranks with one sergeant sergeant Ian MacKaye who was awarded the Victoria Cross for storming of 50 caliber machine gun position but the rest of those men are privates and lance corporals and corporals young men and as Kipling pointed out there’s no plaster Saints by any stretch but damn they might not be Saints but I’ve known men like these and I’ve seen them with my eyes and as I have said and as this tale of the Falklands confirms so once again war is hell and it’s a hell that can bring out the worst in men but it can also bring out the best don’t forget these young men who like so many others answered the call and fought and died in that awful place to protect their brothers and furthermore and if you read this book you will realize that we all have a little bit more to give mentally and physically you can go further you can push harder you can be more ruthless if you have to be and you can also show more mercy you can be better I can be better we can all be better and we most often get better not from the easy things and not from the good times but from the hard times and the challenges and the suffering in life that pushes you to your breaking point and demand that you give absolutely everything you have but you have to keep going so no matter what keep going and I think that’s all that I’ve gotten for tonight the ruffle yeah it’s crazy how how I got that crazy that vicious in like that short period of time it is in it anyway we got to remember that that’s what we have one perspective from one squad in one platoon and there was no me the story of two Kara the one where the battalion commander yeah H Jones won the Victoria Cross by the way what about that what about that story yeah and not to mention them Royal Marines that were down there as well what about their stories yeah and that’s the thing that just it’s I still can’t wrap my head

around the amount of untold stories that there are and they’re not just not just the fact of the stories mm-hmm but to think that these because this is this battle was a very short time compared to Vietnam or World War two or World War one or even the wars that we’ve been fighting today that have been going on for years and years and years but it’s not so much like the story that that like we’re missing the story but these people existed everywhere yeah and they exist everywhere and and yeah it’s it’s it’s an incredible take a look at the book buy the book and read it and it’s I actually I got into some of the graphic stuff some of the some of the interaction to them when they’re not in combat is actually it’s real crude and I didn’t you know I didn’t cover much of it not that I wanted to get to more of the combat concentration that’s kind of I didn’t realize that I had I didn’t cover as much as sort of just a straight-up crude behavior then they that date I mean they’re all the bull for a while they’re drinking they’re getting drunk when I come home it’s there’s some there’s some some crude behavior and and things that are taking place and that’s kind of why I jumped on the opportunity to read Tommy bye-bye Kipling because that’s totally true now you know they say in it kind of our way of saying that in the SEAL Teams we we’d say this we that guy is a in case of war break glass kind of guy so yeah meaning we don’t want them around all time we want to keep them over here beside in the glass but yeah if something happened yeah break glass and we’ll get as if it’s on this frogman out now what’s what’s jacked up about that is that’s that played more of a role when I was first in the SEAL Teams and the more the older I got the more mature I got the more I realized like that’s that’s okay but it doesn’t really work what you need is to have someone that you can have out of the glass yeah and that learns into what you have to do as a leader is you take those guys that instead of putting those guys in a glass jar or behind a glass box somewhere and keep them there in case of war what you do is you do what you do with a freaking wild dog you have to train them you have to bring them out get to socialize them amongst the humans so that they can so that they can interact because a guy that you have to keep in you know in behind a glass barrier from the rest of the world the chances of you needing him for that type of situation are pretty minimal so what about all the other situations that he’d be beneficial for yes so what you have to do as a leader is teach those guys that have the attitude of you know I’m just I’m just nothing but a straight warrior don’t care about anything else I’m here to go to war otherwise leave me alone what you want to do is you want to get those guys out into the world socialize them like a good attack dog that that’s not going to bite anything in front of it’s going to actually bite what you want it to bite and then you have something that’s a much more valuable not only for you as a leader but for them yeah because they have a much better opportunity so there’s still a few guys left in the old mold of in case of war break glass but most of the guys now are actually more versatile than that and I’d out there when I was young I was probably falling category I wasn’t exactly the guy you wanted to throw out in front of the Admiral to look at right and sailed it this is our model guy right here yeah it’s you know it would have been that way now at the older I got the more I recognized how important having that both sides of the of the coin covered and you couldn’t just be a freaking rampaging Berserker all the time you had to actually be a professional you had to be a professional yeah and so I definitely had my share of time spent in that loan mm-hm working today but what’s good is I think guys knew that about me and that therefore when I came up to and said hey man look we got a we got to do better than that or hey we can’t be acting like that they knew that I wasn’t coming to them from from uh what’s that word from the ivory tower yeah I wasn’t looking down on them like oh I can’t believe you like that word hey we don’t act that way we’re naval representatives I wasn’t coming to like that I was coming to hey we’re professionals we gotta get we want to get hired to do jobs we want to kill bad guys we got to get missions we got to get mission approval those were the things that that you know I kind of passed on to to my

guys was hey that’s cool be a frogman but be a discipline fragment be frogmen that can represent and I think that’s another thing in the book when there’s no war going on how would you know they’re there the kind of maniacs you know yeah and and then when the war breaks out they go even more maniac style and it’s almost like they get into that mode of like oh who cares anyways we’re gonna die we’re gonna die we’re just you know who cares but after you go to war for all extended period of time you’re like actually you’re not going to die actually there’s a decent chance you’re gonna live and there’s a decent chance that you need to continue to build you know the the reputation of the SEAL Teams not just as we’re killers but we’re professionals yeah so and we should have a reputation of both and we do by the way think professional killers is right but yeah it’s a great book there’s a lot to learn from it there’s a lot to learn again I that that the way that they’re going from peacetime and again I know that they were doing tours in Ireland at the time and that was no joke and they took casualties in Ireland and there was many soldiers killed in Northern Ireland but that wasn’t comparable to what they went through in the Falklands so it was interesting to see how they handled approaching combat for the first time yeah I’m not a part that I think these books really bring to light is just the physical conditions that they go into even talking talking to you guys when you guys talk about how hot it is and everyone’s well you add a detail like there oh yeah so I’m like you know all my clothes are all wet from my sweat and usually that’s not part of the movie when you watch a movie yeah or like these guys feet are falling off you know because it’s cold and I’m sitting in a combat outpost in Ramadi and it was nighttime right the coolest part of the day and I wasn’t doing anything and I hadn’t been doing anything a while I was literally sitting in a Combat Outpost you know the boys were out in an overwatch position and I was back to I’ve been coordinating but I did it wasn’t that it wasn’t that established of a combat outpost yet so I still had all my gear on but I was just sitting there I’ve been sitting here for let’s call it 2 3 4 hours and I was sitting there and I just kind of put my I was sitting down and I angled my back to like a 45-degree angle I was kind of looking at the ground but kind of resting a little bit and as I look down I was full athletic sweat dripping off me like that fast and I wasn’t doing anything yeah yeah that’s so yeah that’s the basics we taught our yeah that’s where you know not to mention get legs getting blown off all the stuff probably yeah man yes crazy yeah it’s um the physical and the other big thing is the physical conditioning that you need to be prepared for is is humping with a rucksack on yeah that’s a big deal yeah you know that you know they don’t show a lot of that no in any kind of military training you know just show it they don’t show it enough they should yes they should I mean we just did another trip up to Yosemite and we got our boots boots boots boots on sir and it’s it’s if you’re not conditioned for that it’s gonna be hard and you can make it really day yeah maybe you can make it through two days but also you’re not carrying I was telling my my kids up there up in the mountains you’re not carrying any weight compared to what you carry with uh when you have gear when you have the when you go tactical if you don’t have it you probably have thirty pounds maybe if you’re just if you’re just camping or whatever got a couple you got a couple liters of water you got a sleeping bag in the ground pad you got some trail mix maybe a little bit more food but you’re talking 30 40 pounds perhaps yeah you get geared up bro I would weigh guys with before we’d send them out on training operations at gram training operations they they’re they’re rocks weigh like 110 pounds your gear alone your your body armor helmet what ammo magazines you know magazines and ammo grenades your gear 60 70 pounds then you put water and you’re talking I think I think I weighed like three can or something with like going on seriously like Robocop yeah real heavy on world I think he’s part two where he shocks himself because he wants to get rid of the messed up director see if I can give him he falls down right he’s unconscious good man they’re like hey we got to help him they try to pick him up oh he’s on heavy to move yeah yeah that I think happened – we were on a training exercise in – you bruiser and I got put down they said a jock or you’re dead so I made down and I just laid there and lace came over to throw me in the back of the

Humvee I was like Robocop down there so they’ve got a couple buddies who’s I can’t move Jocko still not moving deadly and I’m they’re like okay you know you know you were like making that extra effort to be deadly oh yeah for you know like you’re like I’m not even fully participating in a training exercise I wanted these guys to be prepared to put a grenade in my mouth at me there so get some awesome well speaking of lots of stories maybe you could tell some stories about how to support this shit I’d be happy to know no shade or hey hey did did you get into drinking pomegranate white tea and subsequently Jocko white tea because your wife is a brick knows entities she turns you on that she didn’t really because they drink tea with milk and I don’t yeah but you know hey you can get real credit but yeah she doesn’t get credit for that one does she drink 11 tea – thanks – yeah she D drink her but the catalog says she’s a cup of tea cup of tea or anything she says okay one thing I did robitussin cured everything is the same thing like that I don’t know who that was yeah this is like Chris Rock I don’t remember specifically where I got the first cup of jockle white tea from but I do remember that it was in the desert when I was I was at the Training Command and I was would be giving the debrief or sitting through the guys briefs and we beets going on like two three four hours of sleep so you needed a little bit of kick yeah somebody else somewhere I got some just some teeth yeah it wasn’t yet jakka like just a regular column yeah and yeah that’s why I drank I was like ooh this is nice yeah this is nice too cold on wait was it called the album yeah yeah well I definitely had a cold because you’re at the desert you don’t want to drink hot tea unless you’re British yeah yeah kind of productive baby drinking hot tea no matter what they don’t even drink iced tea I don’t really like hot tea that much and that whole island they don’t really like iced tea like you can’t go to restaurant off somebody’s tea they look at you like you’re weird yeah yeah which I’ve been looked at many times there yeah prepared let’s face it you you’re kind of weird brother sorry anyway you got if we want to support ourselves first off I’m going to talk about my little story it’s not short story long one no please getting I told you Dennis teakettle damp rag I got sonic kettle bells right so the first ones I got get all the the designer ones they’re cooler my opinion yeah I don’t think I’ve ever yeah I use the regular ones before at other gyms but anyway I get the cool ones right once if someone takes a picture of me and I have them I look like extra cool with the prime won’t usually have different cars thought patterns are yeah yeah you’re here to win I get it and I can dig it fully but I got the chimp once those are what one food carry whatever the 16 killer went up to the werewolf just the other day I ordered the gorilla hmm what’s that 170 something thought oh good one so I got a pair incorporate that in I’m getting stronger man I’m getting good at the kettlebell you’re gonna need them 88 like I got yeah wait what is the one that’s it it’s Bigfoot right I don’t know what that is but my biggest kettlebells I currently have yeah our 40 kilograms yeah like yeah 80 an ounce well it’s 90 something because 2.2 pounds per kilogram okay so it’s like we can do the math if you want but nonetheless that’s heavy oh I don’t know hmm I don’t know if I’m ready for that and given my current exercise program with them are you seeing Tanisha’s are doing math exercise yeah maybe more bring a calculator or whatever either way that’s the one I got and so this will okay I’m gonna recommend it if you’re into kettlebells you want to you know get your kettle bells on get down on it once they’re cooler that’s my opinion okay lot of cool stuff whether I got a jump rope and stuff like that too um you know what else I did 100 burpees in 10 minutes oh right worth where you at yeah yes you remember last time anger did it I did it Brandon just so you know echo is now he notoriously bad cardio not like that anymore you credits giving you credit but still we could use that as sort of a statement to say if echo could do it come on Brandon yeah actually I think the statement is look how far echo has come look how far and I think that’s a statement we’ll make I just made it they are excellent come say you can do a hundred a lot of people thinking 100 burpees in 10 minutes is a joke actually yeah I could I can dig it I mean I’ve been doing burpees for a while not that kind you know not the thing my they’re just in my routine oh yeah that many but I’m familiar with them so I’m like okay you can you know you can kind of gauge like

okay I do this many so what 100 take out of you you know can I regen 40 30 20 10 yeah so how I got how I did it was 25 one minute rest 25 one minute rest 25 one minute rest 15 and then last two minute minute a half maybe I don’t know something like that you ever take and then 10 and actually sorry 11 I did 101 burpees and it was 9 minutes flat that’s good yeah Brandon wish you got here’s what I found here I don’t know if my cardio is good or bad is better than it has been better than a long time just in general even though Jitsu and other stuff what silver stuff also oh you know I’m worried you know when you run and I don’t know you know getting honest yeah whatever a life men what’s their life those critical challenges at you either way so yeah I did 101 in 9 minutes flat um what it was was I wasn’t breathing as hard as maybe you might think like I don’t that wasn’t the the issue wasn’t the breathing was like just boom push up and with the lactic acid okay yeah yeah how’d you feel legs weird yeah legs fully shoulders not chest like I think you know doing a push-up one every you know second hit that much for me but strangely my shoulders and this part that like weakly that’s a rats they’re like sore the next day in a weird way it was weird man nonetheless yeah it proves that burpees you’re good exercise yes fully got you some funky work out there yeah it’s good and then so I go on YouTube I see this one a guy does hundred in a row I’m like dang because 25 was I didn’t know I was gonna be like hey I’m gonna do as many as I can how long did it take him to 100 in a row ah 3 minutes and 33 seconds if I’m not mistaken de crédit yeah here’s the thing though here’s the thing I think it’s the thing on another thing or not that’s on a single question ok so what really is a burpee I mean as far as like ok so when I first started doing burpees I wouldn’t derpy is you your chest touch the ground and jump up in the air ok so what about my hands do they have to go above my head or and they got here yes oh agree it’s a little clap over the head oh I collapsed so what do you mean over the head like technically has to be above the head so if I go into this or does it have to be políticas doing this I do a little bit of everything and depending on tired I am okay you see what I’m really tired yes I collateral is barely happening and it’s happening like like a six inches in front of my belly yeah okay so here look but if you want to be like technical yeah I mean a really technical perfect Burpee would be like both hands clapping up above your head as you’re six inches in the air yeah you do too many of those you can’t do as many those though no not at all another kind of the difference between the dynamic jump like a high jump and not a dynamic jump is real big huge huge and there was the line um for me here’s the line get your hands above your head get your feet off the ground that’s it I think that’s yeah I did it I agree I was otherwise you’re like hey you didn’t jump three inches yeah but what if you know if you want to do that what you should put your your foot you put your 135 on the ground a barbell with 135 on it and you hop over that same each time chest to the ground on one side chest the ground on the other side chest yeah that’s another way if you’re going to choir I liked when you can’t cheat then you can’t cheat that right you have to jump over and that’s what’s cool about like Burpee pull-ups you go to your chest to the guy I don’t care how you do it chest to the ground and get your chin over the bar that I don’t care what are you doing between those two yeah that’s perfect every much all right well then I have to be honest and here’s my disclaimer the push-up it I didn’t touch my chest to the ground yeah like poker I mean was it like was it like an incomplete but probably some of them were like having I guess I don’t dude I’m not like every single time shit yeah here’s the thing it’s to your discretion all right it’s like no it’s like that’s you know when you have to do a Berlin let’s face it if we wanted to you know get some Guinness Book of World Records Neri old I’m sure yeah but we we I think you’re right you know what a burpee is yeah I know it were pious yeah to get it right yeah so mine and just to kind of in the spirit of honesty so I didn’t touch my because here’s the thing if I was to if on the top part if you touch your chest over every time you actually slow down enough that it’s not hitting your cardio as much yeah but today my opinion yeah maybe I mean I guess add it up yeah I guess and you know what I saw though when I saw the guy doing the burpees he was on a I think it’s just a regular gym floor maybe a mat or something and he’s doing it and after while he starts banging his chest like oh you so I’m like oh you’re getting a bounce on the bench I don’t think see yeah it about so I’m thinking you know what that could be easier for me if I did on a mat I think

it’d be easier then having to stop your body weight is not a touch you know but it’s going to be what you used to for sure but I didn’t touch my chest and there were like four of them that I didn’t put like four because when I started the set I’m like oh shoot those you know three I didn’t put my hands above my head so I was like yeah you know so maybe like four or five of them didn’t technically count but I feel like if I would have put my hands above my head on those four it wouldn’t made a difference that’s what I think but if I’m like you know the kind where I’m assuming at the muster you know I’m filming this girl she’s doing the perfect Burpee while I’m filming chest to the ground in fact when she went chest to ground her hands came up off the ground for like a second I’m like dang this goes you know what they call those okay I think they call the game day push-ups I don’t know maybe I’m wrong yeah I just call that yeah which is weird zone you have a game day every day gave it back so that’s why you call that do that every day but either way she doing that and then she’s going into the and her hands are straight in the air like she’s straight up whatever Sandiego CrossFit San Diego master not enough Texas I put the clip in all their video okay slow man I’ll check it out yeah and she had the perfect form Obispo full-on and I’m thinking when I see that compared to the hundred and one that I did know night and day man maybe like he’s not doing this whole year in my hands are going like this they’re going like this so they’re above my head and what I’m going like that may be brand new Peck Worth is doing eight inch or twelve inch vertical leap on each one like a beast yeah all about and he’s actually doing it the correct lane sorry Brandon if that’s the case all right good well the goal is now hundred I’m gonna follow the protocol I know when I do hundred yeah like in a row you know okay yeah that’d be good yeah I’m gonna follow the protocol for sure oh I’ll report back anyway back to the kettle bells that’s that’s a good one the jumper of stuff that’s a good one on the audit one sets the cool ones my opinion just go on there check it out go on it calm slash Jocko boom for yourself and the podcast also good way to support when you buy these books the jock reviews did I chime in to everyone some oh go to our the website Chaco podcast calm and chime in much today yeah man I was always kind of a heavy one yeah heavy and I have nothing to eat so you know what part of gonna chime in what I really like generation but the sector decision not to yeah I got it yeah well you know how you like bills at the NAD my way you’re like this is just one story yeah you know you to and it’s absolutely a sliver really it is it’s a slippery one dying and one generates one guy there’s four five thousand British servicemen down there yeah it’s one five one four thousand so this this is my comparison you know when you’re driving in traffic or Street whatever the freeway and all you see is cars no my car infinite cars traffic is everywhere just cars and cars and cars and that’s nothing new in fact kind of irritating really but if you just take one little step like in your mind and and look in the car and looked at the person in there and make sometimes two people in there sometimes little little family each one of those people has their whole life story all the little ups and downs and special things and you know Hodges challenge struggles and triumphs all that stuff each one of those little things there’s a little guy in there and and even then that’s nobody compared to everybody so that’s analogy I was going to make but seems kind of trivial you know compared to like guys on the freeway I like how guys only bad off believing yeah I got it I called companies yeah anyway back to these books if yeah if you want to get any of these books one or more whatever they’re listed by episode on the website chuckle podcast.com and and by the way we started off today before he record retailer record sure I said to echo you know you heard the book the what’s that saying don’t judge a book by its cover the cover of this book you can judge it by its called excursion to Hell by Lance Corporal Vincent Bramley and the texture on the cover looks like hell it looks like it’s a picture of him it’s blown up real big but yeah you can judge a book by its cover you can tell it’s gonna be a real story yeah looks like he took it straight up excursion to hell on that cover but if you want this book go to jackass comm set a little tab on the top you know top menu whatever books from podcast chuckle podcast books whatever it’s called well when they’re listed there by episode click through there get it through there good way to support yourself of course and the podcast takes you to Amazon also would you view other shop any other shopping what’s the bonus bonus but if you buy support inactive good that still supports support anymore big-time yeah like what like a like a 100 terabyte hard drive how much does that cost like 4 to 5 grand oh not 45

Grand for 2 5 for the in depends which one you get or like a lawnmower can you buy a lot more from Amazon you buy anything on it which you can now I yeah what do they do they come with a big forklift truck and bees aren’t that big dude whoa no no I’m sorry I’m thinking driving one more Oh what do they do back it up here is a lot more I don’t know you probably can’t maybe okay a treadmill I know you can get a treadmill yeah that’s right mother pretty big well either way you can do your shopping boom click through there takes like two seconds small action really big reaction by way of support I actually have been thinking that that is actually not the best analogy I’ve been using so like you went along you would think that but you’d be wrong I think a better you ever heard the expression death by a thousand cuts yes it’s more like that you know life by a thousand clicks clicks sure support this doesn’t like some bonus yeah man I dig it because they all add up together yeah the sodium’s little but it’s big but you have to go in it with all the other ones yeah so now you have a bunch of little sodium’s foam huge reaction huge support widespread huge support by this little action from you know what it is actually the sodium’s better cuz look if I’m clicking through I mean listen I’m listening to this podcast I’m like you’re not going to support them buy one of these books I’m going to you know buy lawn mowers treadmill whatever I click through the website just that two seconds of going to the website first clicking through that’s like so much potential in my click just like the sodium so much potential energy and they’re specially when you mix it with the water you mix it with the Amazon the click boom support you follow we can move on clock yeah there you go sucks on my point anyway guys to everyone for egging that on in some manner yeah I respect your extreme ownership situation wall just know what you’re gonna do to fix it next time or you sub sub you could subscribe to the podcast on iTunes stitcher and Google Play if you haven’t already I think it seems well I wanna say it seems obvious but yeah if you don’t you haven’t yeah that’d be good later support yeah cool stay updated all that stuff also on YouTube subscribe to that one I’ve been putting some stuff this is kind of weird to me because we don’t have that many YouTube subscribers I forget how many I look but it’s not a ton it’s not as many people have listened to the podcast yeah yeah for sure but not a lot of people are like on YouTube you know okay I’m gonna watch you you know chuckling YouTube yeah like that you’re less compelled to do that especially if you’re not on youtube just to what did you miss some of them deleted yeah you know that’s something but consider like if you never glad when I was working with a group this last week and they’re full-on caught up on the podcast every single episode legit dudes getting after it and I mentioned the deleted scene that came out and ate and there are three of them none of them it seen it Oh see there none of them seen it that’s that’s a good scene it’s funny anyways yeah I know I use bad language right got a refreshing Brad you know how you like you can cut loose my coffee chocolate boys on your off no you’re on your deck alone I was going off yeah so subscribe to the UTI yeah if you’re on YouTube or if you’re if you’re thinking about getting on YouTube good start there subscribe to I can we can be your first subscription and don’t think that it’s a decaying inscription to you nothing one click oh man one collect no no money just click one click and here’s the thing it’s a total non commitment situation you can literally subscribe and ten seconds later you can unsubscribe then you can do that again you guys enjoy sex so easy so it’s really that a small action big reaction situation another one also chocolate the store see that time I stayed quiet already accepted Lord into your Travis moved on uh-huh but actually back to the YouTube real quick there’s other stuff other than just a video version about yes that’s our point okay yeah one of the points there’s other little videos that you put together sure excerpts we like I call ups sure some people call McNuggets sure jock will make dummies yeah they’re on thank you anyway stop by the store it’s called jaw closed or jaw closed or comp there’s some shirts on there there’s some travel mugs on this some bumper stickers on there I read there we were out of bumper stickers I didn’t know that anyway but we’ve got some more on there there are some rash guards on there dope yeah and there are some hats on there are there there should be that last sign over and I still have it I think a day you know today they should be on you owe me by the way hats by the way you got it check yes oh yeah there it is and I’m not saying to support these vodkas buy

our stuff I’m not saying that I’m saying Quanah let’s say check out the stuff on there Canadian yarn art this stuff sells itself yeah see now you’re not getting my references no and I was born in Canada too so that can can offer to not a tenacious be fair yeah yeah hey mess all good Canadian a yarn art all the way we don’t sell that no it sells itself it’s and so does this stuff it’d be potentially from Canadian art yeah maybe please go check it out if you like something get something good way to support also psychological warfare what psychological warfare is if you don’t know it is an album with tracks choco tracks and what he does is on the tracks he’s talking to you each track is to each track he’s talking to you about different stuff yes weaknesses different weaknesses so really this is what you need is the algorithm stuff doesn’t cut it yeah yeah because John no technically not you all the type of toothpaste better use it right now I didn’t believe her thought that well maybe turn depends you know how there’s a controversy about right being in the two-piece you know I’m just saying except important I’m really egging you on today I’m Jai apologize everyone you brought it up for us anyway what it’s really for this album is in your campaign against weakness mmm that’s the new fritz not journey anymore to campaign against right yeah Andy good bread he gave me though because I don’t like saying journey done what every messaged you and said hey quit danger nice a campaign he can its weakness which is actually from the podcast which all legit players hey big time anyway I think Sandi for that one but that’s the one I’m using for right now until like a better one comes up if that’s even possible no in your campaign against weakness every single day for the rest of your life now that you’re in the game right now it’s for the rest year that campaign lasts forever yeah there’s no discharge of the war yeah so late I’m gonna help next time it’s fish anyway so if you’re trying to wake up you know early everyday or you know five days a week however long and you know however much and you got that day we’re just live wake up early and you don’t want to you just don’t feel like it that’s really the thing you don’t feel like it you know so chocolates are for for you with a little spot diet stuff procrastination stuff workouts of creativity stuff that’s a big one and I don’t listen to the creativity one that’s cause you feel like you’re all creative no but here’s the thing I’m like one of those things you know I like you know how like let’s say you had a like a pimple or something is it I know I’m going deep but if you have a zit some people they’re like I’m gonna pop this in some people they’re like no leave it alone let it go away and you soon saying so I’m like I’m the ladder when it comes to create TV I like men I’m not creative I’m a creative block don’t don’t force it don’t like get jock on here telling me pragmatically by the way but kill your jaw if do it now good idea thankfully it’s a little bit more than that but you know that’s kind of a philosophy I’m not saying that’s the best way in fact I may be a factor in you with a lot oh you’re missing another good tenacious d right now that I just made but that’s kind of the good thing about this is that that’s not what it is no no like you’ll explain like you know part of it and this is a total paraphrasing situation but you said it in a really good way before when you’re like memorize the feeling after your workout or something like that see that’s like that’s not your not Inspira inspiring me to go work out you’re kind of pragmatically telling it like you mentally wage a an effective war on that little weakness there that’s what it is anyway tracks doing this for all kinds of situations called psychological warfare chuckling that’s a good one also I have some other options now if you want to kind of support this podcast Channel origin main dot-com for your jujitsu needs we are now unified fully with origin made in America like me I would say like echo but echo is actually made in Canada no I was technically made in America okay closed Ismaili heard of made in America like echo and me and delivered weight of delivered in Canada can they get stuff from origin in Canada yeah just like me then okay so there you go origin main comm for your jujitsu needs and check them out also if you want to check us out alive if you want to check out origin live now what kind of company is telling you hey come to our factory into we’re all about you know what kind of company our company we’re going to be up there in Farmington Maine August 23rd come on up it’s too late to

enter into the origin camp the immersion camp if you have a Seinfeld for that you missed it you’ll have to do it next year but on August 23rd we’re gonna be up there we’d be cruising be hanging out really getting after it up at the factory you can come and see what that’s all about also and I’ll just I’ll just put this out I was kind of hesitating but listen we have some supplements coming for you as soon as we as soon as as soon as I started with Pete who is my partner at origin as soon as we kind of started talking as soon as we sinasohn looked like we were going to solidify a deal we started we started uh he’s got he’s got a little like which gives the opportunity gave the opportunity gives the opportunity for me design the supplements so a little while back we had that opportunity designed them made them went on them legit and we got the formulas down and we’re going to ramp up production now so in a little while you’re going to see you see the chocolate line is what’s coming out interesting okay so echoes had is little bit coming in we’re all them yeah and yeah they’re good to go so anyways well I’m gonna let what I need to do what we need to watch out for is the demand so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to put them up so you can order them they won’t be out until mid-september but if you order them earlier the order they’re better we can support you for supporting us yeah kind of like the book situation yes yes so that’s that also choco white tea if you want to support the podcast and support yourself and if you want to deadlift in the neighborhood of 8,000 pounds you can get Jon Kauai tea if you don’t want a deadlift 8,000 pounds that’s cool drink something else yeah yeah drink something else that’s that’s fine if you want to support your brain we got books do I support your kids brain get them the bed the brain and their body in their life get away the warrior kid I get the kittens cool now kids come up to me and I sign their books they’re all fired up so they’re changing yeah you change your kid will get on the path no kidding yeah and it’s good for the parent too because you can reference that oh yeah see chance you know it’s legit basket even my youngest daughter her friends are reading it and so they come over and they’re like Darrell they’re excited yeah so that’s cool too yeah give it to your kids whoever your neighborhood kids whatever gives all the kids you so they can get stronger and faster and smarter and better which is a really big thing to give a kid yes everything you know what i’ma give you I’m gonna make you stronger faster and stronger and better smarter smarter a human being is that a good thing to give someone yes it is so do it also if you want the first addition of discipline equals freedom Field Manual gotta order it soon and there’s so many questions that I get asked all the time are in this book they’re answered in this book food intake workouts they’re in there a lot of them yeah they’re in there all everyone that asks me about all different martial arts work sites all in their sleep what about sleep it’s in there how do you wake up so early it’s in there rest and recovery it’s in there all the stuff is in there it’s all in there and there’s a whole section it’s like what I’m thinking about on a daily basis so check that out that’s like a big one like what you’re thinking yeah people want to know what I’m thinking about a big deal for some reason they ask me like what are you thinking in here I answer it that’s why I wrote that book yeah well it’s like any situation where it’s like you’re faced with a decision to do this thing and it’s hard but you know it has to be done or should be done or whatever and there’s so many times where you just when you shift or someone tells you something Hey look at look at it this way and you know like my dad would always say do it and it’ll be done you had a big daily thing all it took was really thinking a certain way compared to your neck see AB BC BC says do it and it already does yeah it’s true you get that book from Amazon from Barnes & Noble whatever a little book store is around you go and tell them to get it or you can sit around and watch life pass you by it’s up to you also extreme ownership it’s still going strong why is extreme ownership so going strong is it because the massive advertising campaign that we put onto the the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal no actually we didn’t do that you know why it’s going strong because of word-of-mouth that’s what it’s going strong for because one person gets it they buy it for this person that person buys it for someone else that person buys it for their team that’s why we’re still selling that thing like crazy why and why was it

going through word-of-mouth because it works functionally works it’s not theoretical it is pragmatic it’s functional it’ll make you a battle better leader and it’ll make your team better period do over and over and over again that’s why it’s so on so get yourself and your team so you can implement that and you can win then for your business if your business needs some leadership assistance or guidance or wants to improve and wants to go from doing well to do an awesome excellent front that’s our leadership consulting me Lafe babban JP Danelle Dave Burke will come put your team into full attack mode you can email info national on front calm now we have the muster coming this is important september 14th and 15th in San Diego I think it’s 70 maybe 75% sold out at this time in fact the hotel is sold out so we’ve got rooms at another hotel you’re getting we register so booked a block or two away so if you want to come it’s gonna sell out so register fast you can do that extreme ownership calm while you’re waiting for the muster or while you’re waiting to see us up in Maine at the origin factory grand opening where we make stuff in America while you’re waiting for that if you want to link up with us and and maybe just cruise a little bit you can find us we’re actually on the interwebs the Twitter the Instagram that Facebook Ebola echoes that echo Charles and I am at Jocko willing I talked about the snapchat last time didn’t get around to it I mean I’m going to of course comment progressive and plus my I wasn’t around my kids so they have to instruct me that’s cool sounds good I was already or Jade jaws scary Jade jaws could instruct me yeah you really charge you for that though so they probably stick with the kids yeah I’ll stick with the kids or not whatever and finally a to all the servicemen and women around the world from our military and from our proud allies thank you for going forward and protecting our way of life to the firefighters and the police and to the other law enforcement and to EMTs and first responders thank you for protecting us here at home and the rest of you that are out there listening that are facing challenges of your own struggling with your own battles large and small whatever those battles might be fight hard keep going and keep getting after it so until next time this is echo and Jocko out

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