good morning I want to welcome into our online service today really hoping all of you had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ I’m continuing to pray for each and every one of you in our church family and I’m really hoping that you’re praying for each other as well and praying for our nation and our world you know God is good and he is so worthy of our worship I hope that we are continuing to draw close to him even while we have to be apart let’s begin our time of worship this morning with the word of Prayer God in heaven we do come before you right now and we are thanking you so much for your goodness and for your grace we thank you that you are sustaining all of us in the midst of this trial and we just pray that you would continue to do that we do pray for our nation and our world for all of those who are affected by this crisis in one way or another we know there are so many people affected in so many different ways and we pray that you would meet their needs lord help all of us as believers to see every day the opportunities that you place before us to be a light to be a witness to be a help and encouragement to those around us we pray that our time of worship today would be very special we pray that you would be glorified and all that we do and say that you would draw us close to you and to each other in spirit through this time of worship may you be glorified may we receive good from all of this in Jesus name Amen well we’ve been spending a lot of time the last couple of weeks thinking about the nature of our salvation how Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead of course we know that that salvation is applied to us through God’s amazing grace and we’re going to sing about that amazing grace with our first song this morning we’re going to sing this is amazing grace lift your voices at home and sing along with us this is amazing grace Jesus

oh Jesus that you during our message this morning we’re going to be reminded that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God the next song that we’re going to sing is all about that it’s the song speak O Lord and it’s really a prayer that God would speak to our hearts through his word and that faith would be produced as God speaks to us so let’s sing out speak O Lord this morning dear Laura just thank you so much for the truth we just sang about that your grace is so amazing and we thank you for that salvation that is ours through Jesus death and resurrection your grace abounds to us and we just want to thank you and praise you for that lord I do pray that you would speak to our hearts today through your word that we might grow in our faith and our love and appreciation for you that those who don’t know you might come to understand more about your grace today and your the salvation that you offer in Jesus name we pray amen as we come to our time in the word this morning we’re going to turn our attention back to the Gospel of John this week I know we took a break just for one week to look at first Peter chapter one so that we could be reminded on Easter that Jesus Christ is our living hope but as we turn our attention back to the gospel that we have been considering for some time now we’re going to be in Chapter four looking at verses 43 down through verse 54 the title of today’s message is faith becomes cited now as we think about this idea of faith becoming sight we’ve all

heard the same you know the old saying that seeing is believing you know and there are some ways in which this is actually true right there are some things in this world that I just wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes this is kind of a silly example but take for instance a platypus I mean think about it here’s a mammal that has a duck bill duck feet fur a beaver tail and it lays eggs I mean come on that sounds like one of those made up animals like a Jackalope or something like that now that’s just a silly example but there’s plenty of evidence for platypus is existing and so because I’ve seen pictures and video of them I believe that they exist but you know when it comes to the kind of belief that really matters it’s actually the other way around it’s our faith that becomes our sight Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 says that faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen the author goes on to say that it’s by faith that we understand that the universe was created by the Word of God so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible you know it’s this kind of faith that pleases God in fact the author of Hebrews says that without faith it’s impossible to please God because we must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek Him now this kind of faith that becomes sight is not blind or uninformed it is actually the right response to God’s revelation we take God at His Word and see him through the eyes of faith you know we’ve already learned in John chapter 1 that Jesus came to be the Word made flesh to reveal God to us and he and his message must be received by faith and that really is the point of our story today in the Gospel of John so before we turn to John chapter 4 let’s look to the Lord in prayer and just ask him to give us the eyes of faith to see Jesus for who he is today God in heaven we do thank you so much that you are a God who is there a God who has revealed himself to us through your word and in so many other ways the Lord I pray that we would see you with the eyes of faith today and that we would believe in you as we should and trust in you completely Lord open our eyes to see and our ears to hear your word today in Jesus name Amen alright so hopefully you’ve taken your Bibles and you’ve turned to John chapter 4 if you haven’t go ahead and do so now we’re gonna read in John chapter 4 starting in verse 43 we’re gonna be going down to verse 54 so as we get ready to look at this story that shows us how faith becomes sight there is some background information that happens just before we get into the story the story itself we’re gonna focus on most of our time this morning is in 46 through 54 but in verse 43 through 45 John gives us some background information that’s really important to understanding some of the things that are going on in the story that we’re going to deal with in just a little bit so this background what is it well what John wants us to see in these first three verses is the spurious faith of superficial sine seekers now what do I mean by spurious that’s a word we don’t use all the time in our everyday conversation but it’s a word I chose on purpose because it really defines what we’re talking about here spurious is a word that means it looks genuine but it’s not and so there’s a kind of faith that looks real at first but proves itself to be disingenuous and that faith is superficial and only based on seeing signs and John wants to point this out now he does this in verse 43 through 45 so let’s read these verses after the two days he departed for Galilee for Jesus himself had testified that a prophet has no honor in his hometown so when he came to Galilee the Galileans welcomed him having seen all that he had done in Jerusalem at the feast for they too had gone to the feast so after two days in Samaria where Jesus saw that great revival after having that conversation with the woman at the well Jesus departs and heads up to Galilee back to Jewish territory on his way up he has had this conversation with his disciples he’s going back to his home region where he had grown up he was Jesus of Nazareth in Galilee he says that a prophet has no honor in his hometown what does that mean well I like what one commentator had to say about this he talked about this sense of false familiarity that one can have because they have a knowledge of who somebody is and so this false

familiarity can lead sometimes to us to dismiss a person because we think we know all about them and certainly this could have been true as Jesus was getting ready to head to Galilee there would have been many people who might have heard of Jesus Christ maybe even heard of his parents Mary and Joseph maybe even had some inclination about the the birth that was in question and so they thought they knew who Jesus was based on this false familiarity there’s an old saying that says familiarity breeds contempt and sometimes that can be true maybe that’s what Jesus has in mind here as he comes up but another thing that John wants us to see is even though Jesus knows this is the kind of welcome he’s going to receive we see in verse 45 something that sounds almost like it doesn’t fit he says so when he came to Galilee the Galileans welcomed him now it one-hand it sounds like Jesus is saying I’m going to a place where they’re not gonna welcome me but then John says they welcomed him what does that mean well I think it means the Welcome that they gave him was not the Welcome he deserved part of it was that familiarity that bred contempt but another part of it was that their welcome of him was based on a faulty sense of faith and so I think what John wants us to do here in verse 45 is read into verse 45 something that he’s already told us back in John chapter 2 we look back at John chapter 2 verse 23 we read these words now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast many believed in his name when they saw the signs that he was doing now at the outset of that verse it sounds pretty good right they saw what Jesus was doing at the Passover Feast and many believed but I believe that belief was spurious not genuine and why do I think that well we look at verse 24 it says but Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man for he himself knew what was in man the reason I think that faith was not genuine is because it says Jesus knew what was in their hearts and because Jesus knew what was in their hearts he did not entrust himself to them he knew their faith was only based in the fact that they had seen him do miracles they had seen him do signs that faith was only on the surface which is what superficial means only interested in him almost as a sideshow what kind of trick will you do for us next and so as Jesus comes to Galilee I think this is the kind of welcome he is about to receive because it says they too had been in Jerusalem for the feast so they had seen and heard of some of these things Jesus was doing and perhaps they’re wondering what other miracles what other signs and wonders will he perform when he’s here amongst us and so their interest in him was one sin of wanting to see more signs and wonders not really interested in taking Jesus at his word and trusting in him completely by faith so this is the background to the story now the story itself begins in verse 46 and the story opens with this scene we see a desperate dad show up seeking salvation for his sick son from Jesus let’s read verses 46 and 47 so he came again to Cana in Galilee where he had made the water wine and at Capernaum there was an official whose son was ill when this man heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee he went to him and asked him to come down and heal his son for he was at the point of death so we see here Jesus comes back to Cana in Galilee this was where we had seen that first sign where Jesus changed the water into wine now as Jesus comes into Cana another man comes on the scene this man was from Capernaum 25 miles away but he had heard that Jesus had come back into the region of Galilee and he came on a desperate mission his son was sick lying in his bed almost at the point of death and so he had heard about Jesus and something he had heard about Jesus caused this man to seek out Jesus wanting Jesus to save his son from physical death and so he pleads with Jesus come down and heal my son for he’s at the point of death his requests come with me right now 25 miles will head down to Capernaum you can touch my son and he will be healed we can understand if interview our parents out there you can understand that the desperation on the part of this father you’ve ever had a child that was really sick you can understand even more how this father probably felt so he pleads with Jesus come down and heal my son now Jesus response here is very interesting in verse 48

and this is where that background information helps us to understand the reason for Jesus response read verse 48 with me so jesus said to him unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe father comes pleading with Jesus to heal his son and Jesus responses unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe why does Jesus respond that way well why is Jesus here on this earth Jesus the Savior is seeking those who will believe in him through faith in his word not just because they see signs and wonders with their physical ours and so this statement that Jesus makes to the man it’s interesting because the word you and the Greek is the plural word for you now in English we don’t have a plural word for you the closest we could come up with would be to add the word all at the end of it you all Jesus is essentially saying to him you all won’t believe unless you all see signs and wonders it’s clear here that what Jesus is saying in the statement is that Jesus is lumping this man in with those other people in Jerusalem and in Galilee who may be looking to Jesus not to believe in him based on his word alone but only to have that kind of not genuine faith that comes just from seeing him do signs and wonders and so this statement almost could be formed in the form of a question are you just like all these other people have you only come to me because you won’t believe unless you see signs like everybody else Jesus is seeking those who will believe in him by faith not just by sight da Carson in his comment I like what he says about this passage he says that the Gospel of John in the Gospel of John John is very conscious about helping us to see that too much interest in raw miracles alone can be spiritually dangerous and there’s a reason for that miracles in and of themselves cannot compel belief now that’s not to say signs and wonders and miracles aren’t important to the Ministry of Jesus Christ or even important to faith they do have a role and their role is to verify and point to the legitimacy of the messenger and his message to show us exactly who Jesus is and to confirm that he is indeed the Son of God the savior of the world but they can’t produce faith true faith is always the basis for seeing who Jesus is not the miracles alone it’s not that we see and believe it’s that we believe Jesus and the miracles confirm that belief and we see who he is that he is the savior of the world so the question might be worded this way to the man are you like everybody else well how can this man respond how can it be demonstrated that this man isn’t just looking for a sign that he’s not just like everybody else who only is superficially interested in Jesus hoping he’ll perform some kind of trick well the man’s response to Jesus in verse 49 is the official said to him sir come down before my child dies it’s just to repeat his request please Lord come down my child is on the point of death you can hear the desperation in his voice how will it be demonstrated whether or not he’s like these other people or if he’s gonna believe Jesus Christ at his word alone will we see Jesus provide the answer to this question Jesus salvation of the sixth son must be received by faith without the benefit of physical sight and this will demonstrate that demands faith is either genuine or not the way Jesus performs this miracle is going to demonstrate whether or not this man is just like everybody else notice what Jesus says in verse 50 the man just pleaded sir come down before my child dies Jesus says to him go your son will live the Savior’s salvation must be received by faith

without the benefit of physical sight I’m sure what the man expected was for Jesus then after that second plead for Jesus say okay fine I’ll come with you probably expected Jesus to go with him maybe you don’t know how he was traveling but however he was traveling to travel in the same way with Jesus down to Capernaum to maybe wave his hand over his son or to reach out and touch his son and and to heal him in that way and he would see with his eyes the miracle happen but Jesus doesn’t do that Jesus simply says go your son will live Jesus offers physical saving to this son and says your son will live but this saving must be received by faith the man can’t see this miracle happen with his physical sight he must trust that Jesus has done this and so this is where that faith rubber is going to meet the road so to speak this man has a choice right here doesn’t he he can either take Jesus at his word and go on his way back home believing that this miracle has occurred or he can say oh my goodness this guy doesn’t have time for me he doesn’t really care he hasn’t done anything and he could run off and try to seek desperately for some other means of salvation for his son and his response to Jesus miracle here is going to demonstrate whether or not he has this kind of faith Jesus is looking for how does he respond well we see the end of verse 50 and this is awesome we see that seeing the Savior through the eyes of faith results in salvation for several notice the man’s response Jesus says to him go your son will live I love this sentence the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way as he was going down his servants met him and told him that his son was recovering so he asked them the hour when he began to get better and they said to him yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him the father knew that that was the hour when Jesus had said to him your son will live and he himself believed and all his household this was now the second sign that Jesus did when he had come from Judea to Galilee so Jesus offered that salvation to the son but it must be received by faith and so here we see that the father has this choice is he going to look at Jesus through the eyes of faith and take Jesus at his word or is he going to be one of those seen is believing kind of people and only believe if he actually sees the sign performed before his very eyes but what does the text say it says the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way this is where in the story we see the man’s faith becomes sigh we see this in a couple of different ways and it leads to more than one kind of salvation first of all it’s through the eyes of faith that the man is able to see his son as saved from his sickness Jesus pronounced the word your son will live the man believed the word of God and so through the eyes of faith then he’s able to say okay Jesus said it I believe it that settles it for me able to see his son has already healed because Jesus has pronounced the word now it’s given in the text to us that there’s every indication that this man after hearing the word of Jesus Christ is able to see this miracle as having happened it doesn’t seem that he’s in any particular hurry to get home the journey was 25 miles if the man was on a horse or a chariot he could have easily gotten home that very day the miracle took place we’re told later on at the seventh hour that’s 1 o’clock p.m a journey of 25 miles on horseback or by chariot could have been accomplished easily in the amount of time that would have been left in the daylight if he was walking even that is possible you could walk about 4 miles an hour if you’re in a hurry and so that would be about a 6 or 7 hour walk he could have been home by you know 7 or 8 p.m. depending if he was really desperate to get home if he

didn’t really believe he was desperate to find another hope for a cure he might have tried to get home that very day but he doesn’t get home till the next day because we’re told in the story it’s the next day that the servants meet him on the road and tell him your son is better and so I believe he takes his time because he’s already seen through the eyes of faith that his son has been saved from this sickness Jesus said it and he believed it there’s a second way his faith became sight in our story and this second way his faith became sigh I believe led to an even greater salvation than just a salvation of his son from physical sickness at some point in this miracle story I believe something has happened that led to the spiritual eternal salvation of this father and his entire family it’s hard to pinpoint in our story exactly when this happened because we are told in verse 50 that he believed the word that Jesus had spoke to him so maybe it occurred there we’re told later on that it’s after the man finds out the exact hour that Jesus had said the words your son will live that that was the exact hour that his son started to get better and when he hears that down in verse 53 it says that he believed and all his household is that when that eternal salvation occurred it’s hard to say maybe it occurred immediately when he believed the word that his son would be healed maybe then when he heard about the timeframe that just confirmed that saving faith already or maybe it was here at this point in verse 53 that it all comes together for him and he’s able to see not only is Jesus a guy who can save my son from physical sickness but he’s able to see through the eyes of faith that this saving Jesus this life-giving Lord is a lord to trust not just for physical healing but the one who has actually come to be the savior of the world you know the Samaritans heard the word of Jesus Christ and they believed that Jesus was the savior of the world I think this man through this miracle is able to see through the eyes of faith as this miracle is accomplished that Jesus is the savior of the world and he believes and puts his trust in him now some may say well of course he trusts in Jesus Christ I mean he got everything he wanted in the story right he came to Jesus yes his faith was different than the others he was willing to believe Jesus just at his word without seeing the sign accomplished but still he asked for healing for his son and and he got it but remember what we said earlier miracles can be helpful but they can’t compel faith not everyone who sees God work miracles has put their faith and trust in him in fact many people in the Gospels saw Jesus Christ do amazing things some of them even benefited from those miracles we’re going to see this as we go through the Gospel of John they’re gonna be those who benefit from the miracles that Jesus performs and yet are most likely in that crowd that is chanting crucify him so much later on you know a great study of this in the Old Testament is in the book of Exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy you see the generation of the people that came out of Egypt the Israelites who were saved by so many powerful signs and wonders and miracles by God brought out of the red brought out of Egypt by the plagues taken across the Red Sea by a miracle fed in the desert by manna and yet when they come to the promised land they reject God they don’t trust him that he’s able to help them to take the land and they perish in the wilderness many of those people seeing all of those signs still rejected God no this man still had to have faith even though this sign was accomplished for him he still had to see that this sign appointed to a savior and this Savior could be trusted with his life so this teaches us about this kind of faith Jesus has come into the world to show his followers that for those who trust in him that faith is a faith that becomes sight this is the

great hope of trusting in Jesus Christ that there is coming today when those of us who trust in him now will see him face to face because Jesus has died and rose again and made a way we’re going to see him this is faith that is becoming sight for each and every one of us and so this is this the great hope this is what is demonstrated in this story now as we seek to apply this message to our hearts today what should we do well I think the first thing that we need to do in applying this message to our hearts is we need to be ready to reject the spurious faith of the superficial sign seekers it wasn’t just the people in Egypt that came out that had this kind of faith it wasn’t just those who lived in Israel during Jesus day who have this kind of faith that’s not genuine that only looks to God to do what they want him to do and only believes if they see signs and wonders we need to reject this kind of faith it’s not genuine faith why not well three things about it when it’s superficial we already talked about that it doesn’t get below the service it only is enamored with the spectacular second thing is it’s it’s always self seeking it’s always only about what has God done for me lately and if we don’t see God do exactly what we want when we want it how we want it where we want it then we’re ready to say okay forget you God and that’s what the Israelites in Jesus day we’re doing do something for us do this do this do this do this and the moment Jesus doesn’t perform up to their expectations they’re ready to say crucify him because of its superficial self seeking nature it’s also short-lived at the moment we’re not seeing something with their eyes that we think is amazing that God is doing we’re ready to say okay well I don’t think God’s here I don’t think he’s around we need to reject this kind of faith it’s not saving faith so if a person is trusting in this way thinking that they’re going to be saved they’re trusting in the wrong thing now even as believers it’s possible for us to start thinking of our faith in these ways start thinking that God is that genie in the bottle who should do what we want when we want it and when he doesn’t do what we want then we’re ready to become disillusioned with him now if we’re truly a believer having that kind of faith doesn’t cause us to lose our saving faith but it does weaken our sustaining faith you see we come into a relationship with God by faith in Jesus Christ and that’s a relationship we can’t lose we learned that last week that’s a secure salvation but where we also walk by faith and we trust in God every day and that’s sustaining faith and when our sustaining faith is of this spurious kind and it’s going to be very weak and we’re gonna find ourselves discouraged and disappointed often not victorious in the way that God wants us to be so we need to reject that kind of spurious faith the second thing we need to do is if we’ve never done this we need to receive Christ by faith in His Word to see him as the Savior that we desperately need if we’ve never done this if you’ve never done this then this is what you need to do receive Christ by faith take God at His Word Romans chapter 10 verse 17 it says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ as we said at the beginning in our intro faith is not blind faith is the proper response to the revelation of God so many people want God to show them something but God has shown us something God has revealed himself to us in this precious book God has given us the Bible and the Bible tells us that Jesus came into the world to save sinners like us he died for our sins he rose from the dead by the way the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are two of the most historically verifiable facts there have been many people who have set out to disprove Christianity thinking if we can just prove the death if we can disprove the death and resurrection of Jesus then we’ve got it but they couldn’t do it so you believed the word that Jesus died for your sins that he rose from the dead and you will be saved faith comes by hearing hearing by the word of Christ a god at his word if you’re already a believer if you’ve already received Jesus Christ then rejoice in your Savior as you walk by faith in this life our faith grows every

day that we trust Jesus Christ were able through our faith to see him a little bit more clearly I loved first Peter chapter 1 where it says though you do not now see him you love him though you don’t see him now you rejoice in him with joy inexpressible and full of glory that faith allows us to see God doing things more and more in our world around us and as we respond to God’s Word by faith were able to see how he is working in and through us and around us in this world that we live in and then finally we apply this message by rejoicing in the fact that one day our faith will be made so my favorite hymns it is well with my soul says then Lord haste the day when our faith will be sight the clouds be rolled back as a scroll the Trump will resound and the Lord shall descend praise the Lord O my soul we rejoice that one day we’re gonna see Jesus Christ our faith is in the living Lord he is an unstoppable God as we close our service today we’re gonna sing about this God that our faith is in it’s gonna be a new song for many of us it’s called you cannot be stopped and as we learn this song it’s going to remind us of exactly who it is we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ who is unstoppable who died for our sins and rose from the dead so we trust in him we have life everlasting let’s pray God in heaven I pray that you would drive home the point of this message to our hearts help our faith to be our site that we would respond rightly to your revelation by believing in you with all of our heart and trusted in you every day of our lives to sustain us and satisfy us we pray this in Jesus name Amen Jesus

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