what’s up everyone I’m JesseKazam and welcome back to another escape from tarkov video this is going to be my attempt at an all-in-one everything you need escape from tarkov beginner’s guide there’s a lot of information to this game so I want this to be one place where you can go to get just about everything you need to get into the game and start having fun one of the reasons why I wanted to make this guide now is because we are just in the midst of a brand new wipe and a brand new patch the game which means that a lot of things change right the game is in beta so things change around a lot so I wanted to create something that was also super relevant that included a lot of the changes that have come to the game extremely recently now that being said there’s gonna be a ton of information that I go through here and I’m gonna try to strike the perfect balance of as much information as possible but also move very quickly so this video isn’t unbelievably long but the beauty in that is that I’ve spent the past year making much more in-depth guides about almost every single subject that I’m going to cover here so this is your one-stop shop to get you right in and then if you want to learn something again I’m gonna timestamp everything down below so you can get back to it here and I’m also going to link a bunch of the videos that I’ve made about each of these subjects so that once you start playing or if you have more questions you can go much more in-depth there I also stream escape from tarkov on Twitch and all my links will be down below if you want to hang out ask questions just stop by and say hey and watch some raids I’d love to have you there but with all that out of the way let’s go ahead and dive right in so the first thing before we even get onto the computer or anything is to know that this game is in beta which means it is often very buggy the developers are constantly trying to make this game better so just know that if that turns you off then maybe come back when the game launches in full but the game is in beta and the hype around the game right now is around the fact that there’s a wipe so a wipe is when they basically reset the game back down to zero all of our progression all of our money all the things that we’ve grinded for is going to get deleted and everybody goes back down to zero and this won’t be the last time that happens this is going to happen a few more times before the game goes to like a full release so if that turns you off knowing that’s gonna happen know that as well maybe come back later in the development when that happens less frequently or once it goes 1.0 and that doesn’t happen if that doesn’t happen we’re not sure how they’re gonna deal with that at launch they’re doing this because when they have big content patches and they’re changing a bunch of stuff which they’re about to do with 12.6 they wipe the game so that everybody can progress through the these new changes together I see these wipes as an opportunity to take everything that I learned from playing the last time and apply it and maybe right some of the wrongs I made so that by the time the game goes one point I’m going to be much more proficient because I’ve been able to make the mistakes do all the things and then wipe the character and try again so I’m personally I kind of like that they do that but if you’re not just know that now if you don’t have the game you buy the game on escape from tarkov comm do not buy it anywhere else it is not on Steam yet maybe in the future but right now escape from tarkov comm is the only place to buy it there’s a few different additions to the game the difference between these additions is mainly the stash size so where you put all your stuff it increases as you go down some starting equipment which is in the long run completely negligible in my opinion and then you secure containers which we’re going to talk about a little bit later but it’s basically a pouch where anything you put in there you’re not going to lose those items that prepare for a scape addition has a bigger one The Edge of Darkness has the biggest one that you can get with an addition and then the Edge of Darkness also has free access to DLCs the stash is upgradable in-game with in-game currency the secure containers you can get you cannot get the Gama container in game you can get a bigger one than the Gama container and a bigger one than the beta container and the beta container all by playing the game so you don’t really have to worry about that so I always suggest people start with the standard edition for many reasons one like I said a lot of that stuff is upgradeable in game 2 it’s not a high barrier of entry $45 is not that bad and 3 you can upgrade to a higher tier package of the game all the way up to Edge of Darkness anytime you want without having to reset your character so if you play the game a lot and you really want to you’re really falling in love with it you’re digging the game you think that this money is worth it you want that bigger stash space you want that bigger container you don’t have to wipe your character they’re just gonna send those things to you you can do that at any time so there’s almost no reason not to go with the standard edition first so if you haven’t bought the game yet I would check that once you buy the game and once you install it you’re gonna get – you’re gonna say yes to a few things you’re gonna get to a screen similar to this my account isn’t wiped so I don’t have this screen so we have this picture where you pick bear or you SEC I just wanted to take a second to kind of talk about these the only functional difference between picking these is the clothing items and the language – your character speaks the

bear are the Russian military contractors the usek are the Western military contractors so the U SEC is gonna speak English the Bears going to speak Russian this really only comes into effect when you kind of taunt taunt your enemy or taunt at a friendly or anything like that there might be differences away down the line but every time the game wipes you get to choose this guy again or any time you reset your character you can pick again so don’t worry too much on picking that once you launch the game and you get through all of that you’re going to get to the main title screen so just to kind of let you know the flow of what I’m gonna do is I want to talk about all the menus your character all the things that you see here so that you understand all these different things and then we’ll go into start talking about how to prepare for a raid and all the things that you need to know to go into a raid so we’ll start with the character screen now this is everything over here on the right is your stash so this is all of your stuff that you’ve accumulated your loot your containers your cases everything that you’ve got your currency all the money that you have is up here this is persistent you’re not gonna lose any of this stuff you cannot access it within a raid and you’re not gonna lose it when you play a raid the left side of the screen is what is on your character anything you put over here you will lose when you die except for your melee weapon that’s gonna stay with you always and anything in this pouch slot these are those secure containers we were talking about earlier the Alpha container that comes with the standard edition is two by two it’s four sells the biggest one you combine with money the Edge of Darkness is 3×3 and this is the cap container which is you can acquire in-game by completing most of the quests it’s very hard to do but and then there’s multiple other containers as well so anything in here you’re not gonna lose when you die and everything else you’re gonna lose when you die and there is the kind of draw to escape from tarkov the inherent risk of knowing that if I make a mistake if I die I lose this stuff that I maybe bought or found or invested in and then the pressure of knowing that when I get to kill somebody I get to take their stuff whether it’s AI or a player you can to take their stuff you get to extract with it and add it to what you have or sell it or make money and stuff like that so that is the main draw to escape from tarkov now on the top left we have a bunch of menus the overall menu is going to show a preview of your character you can change your clothes here if you want to and then a bunch of stats on how many raids that you’ve survived or died or done or your survival rate your kills a bunch of stats about like the shots that you’ve taken the PMC’s that you’ve killed all sorts of stuff like that I wouldn’t worry about this too much especially if you’re a new player don’t worry about these statistics my survival rate was like 7% when I was a new player so don’t stress too much about that stuff just know that it is here back to the gear screen then we have the health screen so health and escape from tarkov is pretty complicated this is one of those things where I’ve done a few guides like a basic guide and an advanced guide into the health system so you can definitely check those now but the super basic stuff is that you have 435 total health which is down here I’m gonna take the camera away for a second so you can see the other things down here blood pressure this stuff the radiation all that stuff is not in the game yet but your hydration which is 100 and your energy which starts at 100 you can upgrade that to 110 these things are in the game currently we’ll talk about those in a minute but this 435 health that you have is broken up amongst your limbs you die if you take damage to your thorax or your head and they go all the way down to zero you are dead the rest of your limbs when they go to zero they break or get blacked out like a blackened arm or a blackened leg that’s been what people in the game call it and then those have kind of separate effects if you lose all the health in an arm or blacked out an arm your aim gets really really shaky and it’s much harder to aim if you black out a leg you can’t sprint anymore you just kind of limp and hobble along and if your stomach gets blacked out you dehydrate very very quickly now there’s also some effects that you can take I’m kind of like ailments a bleed will just your whole health pool will start to go down very slowly you can have multiple bleeds at the same time a fracture is basically like a simulated blackened out limb it’s like breaking a limb but it still has health so if you jump off a place hot that’s pretty high up you might take some damage to your leg and fracture it so when you have a fracture similar to when you have a blacked out leg you’re not going to be able to sprint but a fracture can be healed much easier than a blacked out limb dehydration is when you have no energy

left and you’ll start to lose health from your entire body and relatively quickly in exhaustion or running out of energy does the similar thing you start to lose health from your entire body and your stamina gets depleted much much quicker and regenerates much much slower so those can be pretty brutal now the meds in this game I have guides specifically around the medication in the game and they can be pretty complex but they can break down to the fact that splints fix fractures general medication with larger health pools they will add they will add health so if you get shot in the arm it’s 20 out of 60 you can use the general meds to get your health back up to 60 bandages will stop bleeds most of the mid tier or late-game medications like this I FAC here will stop a bleed and heal a limb at the same time so you don’t worry you don’t have to worry about bringing bandages and meds for too long you will at the very beginning and then you’ll be able to get stuff like this painkillers will temporarily allow you to sprint when you have a blacked out leg you will take damage though but you will be able to sprint during that time until that wears off surgery kits will let you fix a blacked out limb but not restore it to its full HP so if you lost a leg it 0 out of 65 you fix it with a surgery kit it might be now one out of like 40 and you can heal that limb but it will be easier to break again and then the stimulants that are in the game all have a range of different buffs and debuffs that happen some of them act as painkillers as well these are more advanced meds there’s really cool stuff that you can do here I’ve got a more complicated guide on those but know that as you come across these just double click on them read up about them and see if you want to use them or sell them you can drink to fix your dehydration and add your water and you can eat food that you find in game to fix exhaustion and raise your energy levels if you died in a raid you don’t come back to the main menu with full health you come back hurt and sometimes if you had a fracture you’ll keep that fracture or if you just died everything will just be at lower health you can choose to pay therapists before you get back to the screen and they like after action report you can pay therapists to heal you all the way up or you can use the meds that you have in your stash if you so choose so that is basically the super basic breakdown of the health and tarkov the skills I do have a video about this as well if you’re going to go in detail there’s a lot of soft skills in the game and then there’s a lot more as you can see that will be added to the game these are cool passive skills that get leveled in the background most of the time and you can read up on the wiki or just even hear what these things do some of them are pretty self-explanatory strength is gonna let you jump higher carry more weight throw grenades farther endurance is gonna let you run farther on the same amount of stamina stuff like that this is a very fluid system right now they’re getting changed around a lot I think in 12.7 they’re doing major overhaul of this so it’s good to know because as you get to be a more advanced player is when these things take into you you take them into account more often certain things level very very quickly certain things level very very slowly I’m at 40 a perception but only eight metabolism so these things can this would be a little kind of rough around the edges you do need a level certain skills for quests though but you might not need to worry about that until you kind of get there this system is is is changing relatively frequently but know that they’re here it’s a really cool aspect of the game this is some of the subtle RPG elements where you can kind of pick a focus like assault rifles or sniper rifles use them a lot and gain some benefits with them now the map screen you need to have these maps in your inventory which you can buy from therapists in order to see them here if you have more than one you can toggle them here the maps are very crude they’re often in Russian there’s not a whole lot of information that they give you if you want to use them you can kind of like you know scroll in right click and create a marker if you want of something that you found but I would basically never use these there’s some really high quality player made maps that show you much more information like loot extraction points spawn points key locations all sorts of stuff like that I’m gonna link that down below we’re gonna pull one of those maps up later I would highly recommend you use those in these maps you can’t always even access all the time while you’re playing the game so I would check out that link below for those maps the tasks these are

any of the quests that you have active in the game right now all of the quests are considered side quests there is like a main story to escape from tarkov and all of those quests have not been released yet they’re going to come potentially with one of the next major updates later on this year we’re not sure though but these quests are the ways that you unlock better gear you can level up your traders with them certain specific quests lot are like unlock specific items or just unlocking a trader which we’ll talk about minute and unlock barter items and all sorts of stuff like that they are also the fastest way to level your character when you look at the rewards the later on into the quest line you go they give you insane amounts of experience experience by the way that you can see in the overall tab here or in the skills you can see how close you are to your next level level using the tasks is the absolute best way in my opinion to level your character especially in the beginning if you’re trying to get to 40 so definitely check out these tasks they force you to do a bunch of weird stuff and go to all sorts of maps and all sorts of stuff there’s a lot of progression it gives you that sense of progression so definitely check out the tasks now we’ll go back and we’ll go to the trader screen now these are the eight traders that are currently in escape from tarkov and they each for the most part specialize in a different thing these are where you’re going to buy and sell a lot of your items on loot and armor all that kind of stuff really quickly I’ve got a video specifically on the traders for more in-depth stuff check that out but propor does a lot of like Russian weapons and attachments and ammo therapist is gonna do medication cases stems fence was kind of like a weird player-driven thing where you can sell something defense and then other people can buy it from fence it’s almost never a good deal I would basically never recommend selling anything to or from fence skier sells a lot of attachments and weapons peacekeeper sells all the the UN or the Western weapons and attachments and he deals and you US dollars as opposed to rubles mechanic does a lot of like higher-end weapon barter higher-end attachments especially as you level him up Ragman does armor helmets and backpacks and rigs and all that kind of stuff Jaeger does some more miscellaneous stuff and some more Russian weapons and attachments and stuff like that now you level these traders each trader has four different levels when you start you’re just at level one and this is all you can buy and you can level them up to new tiers unlocking new equipment and you level them up by leveling up your character doing tasks with that specific trader and by buying and selling from that trader specifically so you’re gonna need to do those things with each trader you buy here you sell here up on the top left and then this is where he will show you the tasks that he wants you to do he or she wants you to do so leveling these up is going to unlock much better gear as you go on what they sell can often seem pretty overwhelming just a bunch of miscellaneous crap and it’s hard to understand we’re gonna talk about the weapon modding a little bit later you don’t have to worry about that too much right at the beginning don’t don’t force yourself to worry about it you’re gonna learn this stuff and there’s much easier ways to find out which of these things that you need than just scrolling through here and we are gonna talk about that a little bit in a second so that’s the traders up here at the top we see the flea market now the flea market is the player driven economy so this is where I can sell something from my stash and have another player buy it from me this changed the game up quite a bit when it was introduced also just a quick note this video was recorded before the 12.6 wipe during the pre wipe event so they mentioned that they might update the UI of this a little bit there’s definitely a few places that that’s needed so if it looks a little bit different from this don’t worry all this information should still be valid with 12.6 they are changing it so it is a find and raid only flea market which means only items that you go into a raid find in that raid and extract with you can sell on the flea market you can also barter if I wanted to trade this gun for something instead of just putting I want you know sixty thousand rubles or whatever I can trade this for a different gun or an optic or anything like that and you can do that here but you have to do something that was found in raid win twelve point six which you know something’s found in raid but this little check mark right here item found in rape so the flea market player driven economy you can only sell things that were found in ray

once you buy that thing you it is no longer found in rate so you can’t resell it once you buy it now it’s yours but you’re gonna have to use it you can’t resell that item so right here on the screen you can browse and you can search through everything or you can kind of break things down by category if you’re looking for something specific you can see the merchants rating which is the people’s like trade reputation which we’ll talk about in a second see the item you can sort by price you can see when something expires or you can purchase it right here if you just click on it and not click on purchase you can unlock a few different things here we’ll talk about these in a second you can apply filters to the flea market and only do barding barter items or remove barter items or do specific conditions if you’re doing armor you can remember filters you can do a bunch stuff here you can only show stuff for a specific currency you can only show stuff from players or traders you can do a bunch of filters here the wish list is where you can start to create a list of things that you know you buy off the flea market often or you want to check on the flea market and that’s just buy always said clicking not purchase just clicking into an item you can click Add to wishlist or remove from wishlist right there that’s pretty self-explanatory my offers so when you start you can only put three things up on the flea market at a time and you start with a reputation of about two or three now this reputation is increased by selling stuff on the flea market every 50,000 rubles that you sell it increases very slightly over time I mean you can see this entire wipe I only went from three to four offers but if you live on the flea market and you’re really good at selling stuff and pulling out items that people want you can get up to five six ten different listings the wiki which I’ll link down below shows you like an exact breakdown there if you put something up personal in the flea market and nobody buys it it expires in a few days or 24 hours you lose reputation it’s a little bit it’s not like it’s gonna destroy it or anything or if you put something up and decide you want it or made a mistake and you take that down you take that listing down same thing it’s gonna remove a little bit of your reputation now navigating the flea market can be very easy through these three things here filter by item link search and required search and I’ll show you that if you’re something in your stash if I right-click on this act like filter by item it’s gonna take me directly to the flea market and it’s going to show me all of the TX 15s and it’s going to show me those and it’s going to store them by price specifically so I can just if I want more of one thing I could just filter by item and now I can see and I can buy the one I want if I want to see what attachments fit on something you can right click and go link search and this is going to show me all the things that attach to that core item that I did the link search on now with weapons we’ll talk about this a little bit later sometimes you have to open up the weapon and link search a specific part to find what you’re looking for but know that that’s there and then you can do like with a Bitcoin for instance you can do a required search and this is would pull up anything that I’ve got a Bitcoin and I want to know if other people are selling things and what they want in return is Bitcoin so I’ve got this Bitcoin let me see if I can turn it into a gun I’ve got this whatever X Y or Z and I want to see if I can turn into something else you can do a required search that doesn’t happen too often but between searching in the Browse menu and using those three things and your thing in your stash filter by item link search required search you’re going to be able to navigate the flea market much much better now we’ll go back to the main menu and go to the hideout now the hideout is basically where your PMC exists between raids when you first get here it’s all dilapidated it’s broken down none of these things are working and you have to build it up over time these things that you eat of these kind of sections of the hideout get built up by you have to spend either money you have to find specific items to construct that you have to wait a lot of times for certain ones there are certain times where skills are involved you have to have your strength the level you know two or three in order to upgrade this and then it’s a the wiki will show you but there’s like a tangled web of like you know the Bitcoin farm requires XY and Z to be constructed and that need requires this to be constructed so it kind of takes you on a journey of what to upgrade and when this is a huge money sink while you’re upgrading your character putting a lot of time and effort into upgrading this but in my opinion it is way worth it and it pays off in droves over time so this is going to be where you can craft specific items when you craft items in the hideout they are considered that item you craft is considered found and raid so you can use these items to sell in the flea market you can use these items to turn in for quests

especially quests that need find and rate items you can make quite a bit of money crafting things and selling them you can also craft guns ammo and grenades from the workbench here these recipes are constantly getting changed and tinkered with and added to certain parts of the hideout will increase how fast you can level your skills they’ll increase how fast you heal when you’re outside of a raid they’ll increase your total level of energy and it can be an insane amount of passive income in the form of the Bitcoin farm which actually uses graphics cards that you find in the game to just generate Bitcoin in the background which is very valuable item that you can then sell or barter I have made way more money than I put into the hideout by using these things and selling these items you can also craft meds here as well which can be in the long run a great way to not have to purchase them you can just find things and craft them and then there’s also kind of like a like a gambling game here where you can pay scavs to go find you loot in different amounts sometimes they’ll pull really valuable items sometimes they’ll pull absolute garbage and you lose money but it’s all run off the generator which requires fuel which you can purchase or find in raid and when you’re running out of fuel you know your hideout kind of shuts down and everything moves slower I’ve got a dedicated video talking about the hideout a few actually that you can check those out if you would like as well you can also test out some guns at the shooting range you can actually enter the hideout here and go test out guns at the shooting range you can ink the size of your stash here it is very expensive if you don’t have the edge doctors edition it is very expensive and it does wipe when the game wipes but if you’re looking for something to grind for in the late game you can upgrade your stash there you can also reduce the amount of time it takes to do a scav run which we’re about to talk about in a second but you can make that time or shorter so in my opinion the hideout is very important it’s a great way to make money and it’s something to do while you’re leveling up your character now that is just about everything from these main menus that you’re going to you know the stuff you’re going to be looking at outside of a raid so we’ll start talking about things to get you in a raid now I mentioned scabs so we’ll take a look at that in a second if you click escape from tarkov you click your scab here now the an escape from tarkov it’s pv pv e which is player versus player versus environment which is like AI so the scavs an escape from tarkov R the AI in the Lord they’re just like regular citizens of tarkov that stayed behind after all the stuff happened and took up arms and banded together and they don’t want us there so scabs are going to be aggressive to you always as your PMC because they’re civilians they oftentimes do not have very good loop guns without buttstock not great armor not grant ammo stuff like that but they can be devastating if you underestimate them and escape from tarkov but every 20 minutes you can play as a scav which is amazing because it generates you a random loadout you can go into a raid you can go for PvP you can try and find other PMC’s and kill them you can try to kill other scabs however when you’re playing as a scab the other scabs will not be aggressive towards you unless you engage with them then they will be aggressive towards you so it might not be in your best interest to shoot other scabs or you can just run out and just run around loot up some miscellaneous stuff and extract with this loot the beauty is when you extract from a scav raid you have the ability to drag all of that equipment everything that you were wearing and everything that you found into your PMC’s stash so every twenty minutes it’s a free kit it’s a free loadout and a free opportunity to go destroy you know pmc or lute some buildings and pull out a lot of value or items that you need so I highly highly recommend that you do this as often as possible as you level up your hideout you can even reduce the amount of time it takes to do scav raids so you can do them more often so I highly recommend doing these as often as possible the scabs are one of three different types of AI that you will come across in the game there are scab bosses which have their specific weapon loadouts the plan is for each map to have one right now only a few maps have them I’ve got videos on that but there the bosses are like souped-up scabs that have completely different AI that are much harder to kill to have much better loot sometimes they have like SCAF guards which are regular scabs was like much better loot and they’ve tinkered with the AI and then there are scab writers or just Raiders which are in the lore XP mcs that decided to defect and now they’re roaming tarkov you can find Raiders on the terror group labs map or the reserve map currently and I’m sure they’re going to be adding them to more maps and they’ve got a crazy aggressive

AI like the actual code with them it’s much more aggressive they’re much more accurate they have much better loot so you can’t play as them currently you can only play as the regular scabs but that is good to know take that opportunity as often as possible so now we’ll start talking about the things that you can do for your PMC to get him ready for the raid so I put together a kit here of stuff that I had now we’ll start with the gun modification in escape from tarkov escaping Dargo has one of the most complex and in-depth gun modification systems these are all based on real weapons real weapon parts real attachments everything is real which makes it incredibly complex but super fun it is definitely overwhelming don’t worry too much about it as a brand new player this is stuff you’re gonna learn over time get much more proficient with but it is pretty intense you buy all these attachments from the traders when you double-click on an item you can see all the different things that have come with if you right-click on something you can disassemble a weapon and you can start to see I mean the upper the lower charging handles buffer tubes optics everything it’s all part of the weapon now to figure out what kind of what fits on what you can go to a trader and click on a specific attachment and the compatible with thing here if you lower that drop down it’ll show you anything that you have in your stash it’s a cap compatible with so somewhere in my satchel I have an ak74 and this suppressor will attach to that so you can kind of go through here and figure that out if you if you want to do it that way another way to do it is if you click on a weapon if I right-click on a weapon and click modding its gonna bring up this modding screen with all the attachment slots so if I wanted to switch out the pistol grip from the modding screen here it’s only gonna show me if I have something in my stash that fits that slot I don’t have anything in my stash that fits that slot if I wanted to put something on here I have an atlas muzzle blade break somewhere that I can attach and then I also have this blackout suppressor that I can attach as well so this is a good way to see if any of the miscellaneous items or attachments that you found in a raid or pull off of other guns will fit other things because it’s only gonna show you stuff that you have now if I right-click and go edit preset now this is going to pull up and this is now going to show me every available pistol grip in the game that I can put on there whether I have it or not so this screen is a great way to learn these are all the optics and optics that I can put right onto this so this is a great way to learn what kind of stuff that you can put on now the thing is if I start slapping things on in this menu and then try to like assemble this gun if I back out right now the gun won’t have changed because I don’t have those things if I try to use this preset system to assemble this gun I might not have those specific items unlocked from the traders yet so it might try to have me buy it from the flea market which can get crazy offensive so be aware until you know how to use this preset system that that could happen but this is a great way to learn now I do have a video on the preset system which basically allows you to put together a gun that you like save that preset and then open it at any time and basically choose what weapon you would like to assemble that on so if I had made that preset I’ve got a few different sa-58 in my stash I can say it well I want to turn this one into that preset click on it it allows you to buy any items that you need from the traders or from players and then assemble that weapon right in there so that’s way down the road once you start getting really proficient with the weapon modding system you can create some presets that just help you save time but for now know that this could be a good way to learn what attachments go on what because like we said this weapon modification system is incredibly complex the the other way that you can do it is like we talked about earlier if I just double click on this if I right-click on this weapon and click link search it’s going to show me on the fleamarket what things attached to it and I can even open this up and see what are the vital parts for and sa-58 what are the gear mods for the sa-58 so this is a great way to once again it’ll show you the traitors and then it will also show you if players have things for sale as well everything is cheap right now because we’re in the pre wipe event and it’s part of what they do everything is not normally that cheap but let it be known that certain you can’t just right-click a gun click link search and we’ll show you everything sometimes like if I wanted to put a compensator at the end of the barrel or a suppressor you have to double click it and click on the barrel

the 11-inch sa-58 barrel I right-click on that click link search now it’s going to show me the muzzle brakes I can attach to it and some suppressors and stuff like that certain muzzle brakes now if I buy that I can also right click that link search and now it’ll show me the barrels that attaches to but then also the suppressors that go on that muzzle brake so a link search is always showing you in both directions what can attach to that item the link search is in my opinion that the best way to figure out what you can put on what it’s an easy way to do that but even that takes a little bit of time cuz you might have to go through here and be like Oh what attaches to this thing let me see you’re not gonna get everything first time but that’s kind of a super over brief overview of the gun modding system once again I have a video on that check that out but it is very complex and the more you learn about it the more fun that it gets the next thing to talk about is armor what armor you bring into a raid now I’ve got a specific video dedicated to this I highly recommend you check it out but some of the basic stats are you’ve got an armor points which is the durability of the armor and an armor class which is just a class the armor the classes range from one through six six being the highest class it’s gonna stop the most stuff the higher you go a lot of times they can be heavier or they can have different debuffs so my movement speed is slower my turning speed is slower the ergonomics are less it’s just harder to move around in these chunkier armors now the armor points as I get shot that’s gonna start to weaken if you make it out of a raid and your armor gets damaged you can right-click and repair that armor and you can repair that armor through propor skier or mechanic and each of these as you go up is going to repair it to a better durability but it’s going to cost more and when you as you can kind of see right here when you repair something it lowers the overall durability so this is 65 out of 65 if it got damaged down to 30 out of 65 and I repaired it it would repair up to like 58 out of 58 and there definitely comes a point where even though it’s a high tier armor if the overall durability gets down far enough it’s not gonna do very much so you’re gonna have to play with that around you know 60 percent of its original durability is when I start to question if it’s worth keeping around but that is a general overview of how the armor works in escape from tarkov it’ll show you what it covers as well in armor areas so this does not protect my arms it is just my thorax and my stomach helmets are similar in the sense that they’ve got armor points helmets and face shields and they’ve got armor classes the helmet is class 5 the face shield is also class 5 they have different or more point as well when you attach them they stack the helmets also have a ricochet chance which is a something unique to them which is just a chance that any bullet basically bounces off depending on the ankle so having high ricochet is awesome but like we said the movement speed and stuff like that can be changed as well there’s a little bit more to it check out that video but that’s the super brief overview now the next thing to talk about is the ammo that you use in your weapon now once again going for a hyper-realistic there’s a bunch of different ammo types in escape from tarkov for each caliber which can be very overwhelming as well but know that the information isn’t shown in game but know that the ammo types will have different statistics and I’m gonna link down below an ammo chart for you to take a look at so you can look at these things and I’ll also link down below the battle buddy app which veritas another content creator made it’s amazing the ammunition have a few basic things that you should know about which is the penetration which is how likely it’s going to penetrate through an armor the armor damage which how efficient is it’s going to be at destroying the armor even if it doesn’t penetrate it and flesh damage which is how much damage is going to do to a limb that’s not covered by armor so in this case my arms or my legs now you can be proficient with most of the ammos in escape from tarkov as long as you understand them and that’s the most important thing because there can be times if you get an ammo that has very low pen and a high flesh damage if you don’t know that you can come across somebody who has armor on put a ton of shots into them and they’re tanking it because it’s a much slower round and it’s meant for flesh damage or something like that or vice versa you could use really expensive really high armor pen rounds on scavs that you don’t need it and be wasting a lot of money the general rule of thumb is that the armor class requires a similar penetration times 10 so armor class 5 requires around 45 to 50 penetration from an ammo to pen this reliably give or take but

that’s the general gist of it so that’s the mo there’s all sorts of different types that get unlocked there’s a tons of different animals that’s just something that I really really highly recommend you look into even just a little bit because understanding the ammo even if you don’t want to memorize all the spreadsheets and stuff that’s fine but if you understand it you’re gonna save yourself a lot of headache certain ammos are only found in raid certain ammos can be bought after specific quests and certain ammos they’ll only let you buy a few hundred of them some of the top tier stuff that’s changed all the time as well but know that about the ammo now the next thing is you see I threw that ammo into that magazine right here we’ll talk about some of the gear that you need and how you need to set this up so first of all we’ll talk about ammo and magazines so I just unloaded that so if I have this magazine in there it’s got 20 rounds it’s a 20 round mag in this game from tarkov if I shoot for instance nine of these bullets and reload I kill somebody in I reload this is basically what will have happened I’ll pull out this magazine it’ll still only have 11 rounds in it and I’ll put a new one in if I shoot some of this reload again I’ll reload to this one and if I shoot some of that I’m gonna reload to this 11 out of 20 mag the game will actually automatically reload to the magazine that has the highest capacity or has the most ammo in it not highest capacity so if I shot this down to you know 17 I’d reload back to this mag but it’s important to know that this isn’t a Call of Duty style game where if I just have 400 bullets and every time I reload its to a full mag you can reload two mags that are half full or almost empty and then what you’re gonna need to do is bring ammo into a raid you can put it in your secure container down here so you don’t lose it or you can bring it here and periodically throughout the raid you’re going to need to refill those mags in your stash here that happens instantly in a raid you load it in one round at a time so you are making the call there of how many mags you bring in how much extra ammo you bring in if you bring in a ton and you die it feels like you lost a lot but if you bring in too little run out of ammo in the middle of a raid that can be frustrating as well the other thing to note is that you need to have an open space in your rig to put a mag if I brought eight magazines right here and then the one in the gun if I reload he’s got no place to put this mag before he reaches for another one so he’ll drop it on the ground you can pick it up if you want but just know that as well if you fill this up or if everything was filled up even just with other stuff little stuff if I don’t have a place to put this mag it’s not going to work I can’t put it anywhere he’s just gonna drop it on the floor so just be aware of that and know that you’ve got to give your PMC room he will not reload it to the backpack there has to be room here if it’s a one slot mag like a very small capacity mag he can reload two single slots here so make sure there’s room in your rig now anything that you want to use while you’re in a game has to be in your pockets or your tactical rig or you’re gonna have to tab into your inventory into the rain so for instance if I have my grenades in my backpack here and I press G in the raid I’m not going to throw them they have to be in your pockets or in your rig same with meds you can go you can tab in your inventory right click a Med and use it you can right-click a medication from your secure container as well but in order to hotkey them they have to be in your pockets or in your rig your characters not going to take off his backpack and you know right in the middle unless you tell them to so grenades are bound by G by default you can bind them to something a specific number if you want and then your medication you have to bind in order to be able to use so you can either drag it down here or you can just hover over something and press the number on your keypad and bind it that way so now I thought for I’m gonna use my Med if I had five I’m gonna use my painkiller in raid so that is some of the overview of things that you need to know before going into a rate there’s countless people with horror stories of bringing the wrong caliber ammo not bringing extra mags not knowing they had to refill their ammo on the fly not knowing they’ve got all their meds in their backpack and they don’t know how use it you’ve got to be able to do that you’ve got a secondary slot here for a weapon a holster slot for a pistol I wear face cover earpiece earpieces are tactical headsets which you can’t wear with certain helmets if they cover your ears you can with others these are designed to heighten some ambient noises dampen other ambient noises and make it so that you can hear other players better I would recommend using them when you get the chance to but they’re not required and then an armband I’ve got another video which I’ll link down below that kind of goes into a lot of that stuff in depth but those are a bunch of things that you should know before you

hop into a raid you do not have to bring all these things you don’t have to bring a rig you don’t have to bring armor or a helmet if you don’t have those things but I wanted to make sure that you understood what each of these things did so that you can go into a raid and have that understanding now finally I’m gonna cut the camera here again and before we hop into going through what you would use to start a raid in the bottom left corner here you can see the weight system so this has been recently introduced and it’s how heavy your character is this is a heavy kit so I would be going into a raid at 38 kilograms now what happens is as you start bringing stuff as you start looting things that number goes up and as you kill players and as you start to bring more stuff out of a raid that number will go up as you get heavier you start to get some d buffs to your character it’s harder to move around your stamina is gonna deplete faster your walking speed is going to be slower you can’t walk as fast it’s gonna be harder to get up to a full sprint stuff like that and it’s scales so the heavier you are the more of those d buffs that you get eventually you’ll start to lose stamina even just by walking eventually you won’t be able to regain your stamina unless you’re standing still crouched or prone and it makes it much much harder so these is where a lot of decisions come in on what do I want to take out what do I want to maybe ditch what’s important to me stuff like that once this number goes yellow from green so it’s green now I don’t have any d buffs once it crosses over to the yellow threat whole that’s when you’re gonna start to get those debuffs the heavier you are the more those D bumps you’re gonna get and then when you get super heavy it goes to red and when you’re in the red zone you cannot sprint at all and you’re just so slow every it’s so much harder to get out of a rain but there have been times where I’ve hobbled my way out of a raid even in the red so it’s up to you to decide that in the moment I did do a video explaining that whole system in much more detail and how to kind of combat some of those effects but be aware of that as well as your looting especially as a newer player going in you’re not going to be going in really heavy but if you have a really good raid and you’re taking a bunch of stuff out you might get pretty heavy now that is everything you need to know now if you click escape from tarkov you click your PMC you can go into a raid these are the maps you’ll see ones are locked these ones were hoping to get soon but you can pick your map you can see this is important there is a night time and a day time and it’s not always left and right these times will just continue to go so sometimes the right is the daytime one sometimes the left the nighttime window is pretty narrow it’s like you know 2,200 to like 400 it’s it’s a pretty narrow dark time window which is why most people use date times there is night vision there are flashlights or lasers or you can go in with none of those things to a night time rate if you want beware talk off at night is basically a horror game it is terrifying but you pick the time of day it’ll show you a little bit about the weather you’ll click next this is incredibly important there is an offline mode that you can do solo this is one of the things I recommend to new players almost more than anything else you can go in you can check offline mode you can check if you want random time or weather conditions you can turn on or off the PvE you can assign a difficulty to the PvE and amount to the PvE tagged and curse means they always know where you are enable bosses means you can test out the bosses scav war means the scabs are going to be fighting each other this is an incredible way to learn the maps learn the extractions learn the spawn points learn loot location test out weapons test out builds test out your aim practice your aim practice against the PvP and all of this is no risk you’re not gonna gain anything if you go to an offline rate you loot a bunch you extract as soon as you get back to the main menu you have none of that stuff you’re not gonna get experience either but the flip side of that is anything you bring into an offline raid if you die you don’t lose same thing with ammo if you bring a bunch of ammo you shoot a bunch and you extract you get all that ammo back this is a complete wash but it is a no risk way to practice the game this is incredibly important for new players in my opinion I did this a bunch even I soul sometimes will start with an offline rain just to practice a more warm up a little bit but if you don’t want to do offline you click Next this is where you can ensure your gear now you can just click ensure all the insurance system works like this anything you ensure if when that braid ends nobody’s taking it out of a raid you will get it back in a few days like IRL days like one to two days but if anybody finds that

whether it’s a player scab or a PMC if they find your item if they loot your body and they take it out of a raid you will not get it back and you wasting the money on the insurance now it is almost always worth ensuring your gear this is I mean this is probably a million ruble kit if not close to it 800,000 ruble kit and I only paid thirty seven thousand rubles to insure it if I get one of these things back one if I get the backpack back from insurance if they take everything and to leave my backpack that’s paid for the insurance if I get one of these guns back I’ve I’ve made money by doing that and then not having to buy this gun again so in general unless you’re really strapped for cash it is very advisable to insure your gear you don’t have to insure all of it you can insure specific items if you don’t want to insure your backpack or something like that you can insure your bag it will insure the Maggs but it will not insure the ammo ammo meds and grenades can’t be insured you can also insure from therapist for a higher fee but the difference is when you you will get a message in your messenger down on the bottom right whenever you get something back from insurance prop or once you get it back from insurance gives you I think about 48 hours of IRL time to claim that insurance and drag it back into your stash a therapist charges more but she gives you a longer time so if you played on the weekend you can’t play again for 4 or 5 days you might want to insure with therapists so that you don’t spend the money get your insurance back and then not be able to actually claim it so that’s the insurance system I’ll go ahead and insure everything from propor you click ensure you pay the money now you can hit next again this is the lobby if you are playing if you want to play with some people everybody that’s you hit start looking for group and then you’ll show up in this list or if your friends hit start looking for group they’ll show up in this list you can right-click them invite them to group and party up you can have up to five PMC’s total in a raid and then you hit ready and you are into that raid they also put the ready button back through most of these so if you know it’s already insured I can just click customs left side ready if you want and that brings you into an escape from tarkov raid and now once you get into a raid I wanted to bring up one of these maps I was talking about earlier to explain some of the camp mechanics when you’re in a raid so once again I’m gonna link this down below I would highly recommend you use these maps instead of the ones in the game but this is a customs map so it’s showing me where SCAF spawn is showing these certain quest things it’s showing me these little green things are the spawn points and also some of the extractions showing all sources of where the SCAF boss is gonna spawn keys loot and all sorts of stuff like that the way escape from tarkov works and once again I’ve got more detailed guides on this as well that you can check out on the channel is basically if you cut the map in half most maps work like this half of the player spawn on one side half the player spawn on the other if you spawn on this left side of the map your extraction is gonna be on the right side of the map so they design so it’s pushing you from one side to the other to extract so you’re not going to be able to just hang out in a small area and then extract you’ve got to run to the other side everybody that spawns will have a guarantee extraction that’s open for them and if you double tap oh it’ll show you what it is using these maps are great because you’re gonna be able to if you have it up on a second monitor or your phone you’re gonna be able to see what’s the name of that extraction and then find it here and then be like oh that’s my extraction now I can go there all the other extractions that pop up when you double tap Oh with the question marks are potential extractions so it’s the Smuggler’s mode is one I use all the time where if I spawn on this side of the map and I’ll see Smuggler’s boat is a potential extraction if there’s no campfire down there when I go down there that extract isn’t available to me so if I’m coming into extract on this side of the map and I’m over here the smugglers boat is a little bit closer I don’t have to I don’t have to expose myself on these bridges I can run out of my way to check it but it might not be there if it is there it’s a more convenient way to extract and I can get out but if it’s not I’m gonna have to loop back around so I just wanted to pull this up to show you and talk about that’s how the flow of these raids work they push you from one side to the other you do your quests you do your PvP you do your PvE and you extract on the other side of the map there are some dynamic extractions some of the potential extractions are like that like the dorms v exit you have to pay a driver to take you away you have to pay rubles certain Maps like labs and reserve have dynamic extractions where you need to not have a backpack or you need to flip a lever before that extraction opens up there’s guides on those dynamic extractions they’re gonna add more of them but on most of the maps it’s just if you get to this place you can just wait there for a few seconds the little extraction countdown timer pops up on your screen and you extract from the raid so that is that’s it like I said that’s a really long video

especially for my channel but I thought it wasn’t really important to have a video for all the new players that they can kind of learn just about everything they need to know before they hop into a raid if I miss something which I’m sure that I did please drop a comment down below if you’re not new to escape from tarkov and you played a bunch or if there’s just something that I missed that you see and if you like this content or are the other guides that I make think about dropping a like on the video or subscribing like I said links below is gonna be a ton of my more in detailed guides about a bunch of these subjects I also strategy guides I do stuff where I review clips and we figure out what we could have done better my whole thing is I’m always trying to create content that helps shorten the learning curve of the game and gets you and your reigns having fun as soon as possible I think it’s all about getting better and having more fun at the game so thank you so much for hanging out like I said I do have a twitch that I stream on I’ve got a discord which is linked down below where you can ask questions get help with quests even find some people to raid with and I’ve got a weekly podcast that I do with Veritas and another amazing content creator in the escape from tarkov community who coded the battle buddy app which has so much of the information that I just gave you all coded into one app that you can download an iOS or Android which I will link down below so if you’re interested in the podcast that’s linked down below as well thank you for listening to me talk about all this stuff I hope that it helps hit me up if you have any questions and I will definitely see you all on the next one you

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