you this is rasa welcome to your guided meditation come into a seated or other comfortable position rest your hands and close your eyes flip the case from the outside in to inside take a conscious breath and set the tone for this meditation practice see this practice as a ritual coming into yourself as an opportunity to explore the inner self you’re in a world that is deeper than the thinking mind it’s time to sort yourself aside and focus on your inner being your connection open your arms wide inhale big and puff up your chest now exhale deeply fully breathe and taking oxygen in like a tree into its leaves branches and exhaling audibly inhale deeply once again as much as you can exhale and sigh let it go now cross your arms on your heart palms touching your chest feeling lifeforce piranhas cursing through you let go of your responsibilities the role you play your title and just blank out on your identity for a moment visualize the space you have within pure uninterrupted space anything is possible such a breath to be your anchor through this experience place your arms to rest and let it relax your eyes are resting your face relaxed and open your inner vision is switched on now your focus is with the space with it your inner ear is also open and ready shutting the physical world out even more as you activate your inner being your portal your source of energy transcending now a little deeper shifting into another layer another deeper wave of your inner world activating your senses even more

there are energy currents within each part of your body begin to connect your breath seeing the breath as energy waves inhaling pulling energy in exhaling energy moving through and out just like the waves in and out in and out calm and steady as you practice visualizing you enhance your ability to see with your inner eye to tune in to sense to understand the deeper you go inside yourself the deeper your connection is with the world in spirit and in the physical so tune in with your focus and your ability to simply being present in this focus present in the cadence of your calm and peaceful breath visualize the swirl of energy lines and circles forming in the middle of your solar plexus in your chest feel as if you are opening from within as you do the ripples of energy continue to swirl to tangle your skin on your body your arms you are opening up to become a portal containing energy and light and as you continuing to swirl in patterns within you you are opening up as a portal of unlimited potential to receive to understand to translate energy between two realms physical and spiritual visualize soft warm colors interchange as your Center peacefully opens up the energy waves of your inner portal warms the whole center of your body more the swirls of energy deep into your

belly and see it activating your intuition your gut feeling casting bright light of energy there this makes you feel connected and the short move the light into your inner ear energizing your ability to hear spell the light onto your inner eye enhancing your ability to see now move the energy and shine it’s light across your whole head enhancing your ability to understand to translate the language of spirit see your whole head and face lighting up becoming open and exceptionally integrated take a moment to watch this happen and to activate it all you are in the full thrive of your activation now feeling open and enhanced this is the moment for you to connect with your spirit guide in whatever way awards that are flowing to you in this moment let your spirit guide now that you already let your desire for this connection be known observe your body changes since you made your intention the energy of anticipation and openness continue to feel relaxed and steadily calm your Innerspace come open wise your inner portal is ready to receive to read inside and any knowledge that needs to come through at this time begin to sense your spirit guides presence as they come closer your energy is activating enhancing further let your body become so light

as if it doesn’t even exist now feel as if you are levitating your buddy is floating health by the energy of connection you are ready allow for whatever is called to move through you to move through you ask what do I need to know what do I need to hear what do I need to see what do I need to understand show me now still floating still feeling calmly energized and open make a request for any further steps to

be shown to you in the form of signs and any other ways in the time that’s yet to come express your appreciation begin to feel the energy to settle in your solar plexus yo buddy settling back onto the surface the connection with a spirit guide shifting still there but settled shifting slowly until it is back into its regular daily state but this time it is improved and stronger inhale and send that nourishing breath package deep into your belly you can do this one more time and exhale audibly out of your mouth letting any energy residue out grounding yourself back into your physical world you need to know that you are strong wise powerful and cable there’s so much you can do and the support that you have is boundless feel the expansive freedom in your body feel the balance that you integrate each time you come to your meditation practice there’s no bound to what you can reach within yourself travel your focus towards your hands begin to move your fingers stretch your arms stretch your feet ankles and legs take your time to reflect if this calls you when you already open your beautiful eyes welcome back thank you for being here and until next time you

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