[rushing water] All right. Let’s see how that works [chuckles] Okay [birds cawing throughout] Right. Last we’d left off We’d, like, just come through just come through that weird area with the clockwork and the time And now, we appear to have just Kit Everything here seems rather… unearthly Is this another dream? No. No, I— I’m not dreaming But still, this all seems to be… somewhere else I looked into that crystal ball, and is this some kind of a vision? Maybe it is! But you’re walking slowly like you still can’t actually see anything, so [chuckles] >> FEM VOICE: Have no fear, Kit. I am here to help you Hmm >> KIT: Who are you? How do you know me? Can’t call for the cat >> VOICE: The theosophical powers of Helena Blavatsky are renowned throughout Paris and beyond [laughs softly] Your uncle asked me to establish contact Madame Blavatsky? >> KIT: Where is he? And where’s my father? Howdy, Phoenix! Woo! [chuckles] >> BLAVATSKY: Your uncle will rejoin you shortly Your father is unwell, but my vision is obscured by the brightness of the Node >> KIT: The… Node? Ah Yes. The Node was the big electrical tower in the underground city Well, ‘tower’ Yes, hello Cole! >> BLAVATSKY: The Rare Source The Untameable Energy The Great Shaper [laughs softly] Eiffel Tower back there Come, Kit. I have the answers you seek Ooo~! Mrow Yes With everything well-lit, it’s not clear how much of this she can actually see If she has her blindness in this scene at all But because of how slowly she’s moving, I can only assume she does Be careful, my dear The underground is not a safe place Do not trust people you may encounter They may not be what they seem >> KIT: Should I trust you then? >> BLAVATSKY: That will be for you to decide [laughs] They still treat you like a child, but we both know you are not a little girl anymore Remember I’m on your side Let me see You just got done telling her Yes, I see a power strong enough to control the Node it’s up to her to trust you or not Very few people can do that and retain their sanity >> KIT: Why are you telling me this? >> BLAVATSKY: Despite a lot of work and money, the Node has not been located yet But, you are special

You could do it We believe in you! Help us, and we’ll both get what we want >> KIT: What is it that you want? >> BLAVATSKY: Some people would like to keep everybody else away from the Node Rather selfish, don’t you think? >> KIT: Well, I’m not interested in any ‘node’. I just want >> BLAVATSKY: To get back to the surface, I know But that’s not what you really want, now, is it? I know your heart’s true desire: to have your family back Above all, your beloved mother >> KIT: Yes! But that’s not possible anymore There’s—there’s no going back I dunno about that >> BLAVATSKY: You are mistaken, dear What you are longing for can be yours You will only have to make a simple choice [laughs softly] >> KIT: I— I— please explain! Is she gonna do a ‘the evil witch’ thing? [screeching meow] Whoa Hodge coming to save me? There we go Am I still here? Was that woman just an illusion? She definitely seemed real! I mean, she was a real person, but I don’t believe she was, uh… that, uh Well, I don’t know how spooky she was in the real world Still can’t switch to being a cat [laughs softly] Will we ever get to the laboratory Monsieur Monet told us about? We’re trying to find Tesla’s lab Whoa~ [chuckles] [electrical crackling] [gasps] Sparks of electricity! This looks promising [snrks] This is not dangerous at all Um. Okay? Oh I have to find something to interact with? There it is They… they make you interact with these levers and they’re so tiny Ugh, down, down, always further down I mean, they light ’em up purple, but you can still only see them sometimes Okay, now I can be a cat She promised I could be with Mother again, but how? And what did she want from me? Just have to find out! And you interrupted her [scoffs] I wonder if you did it on purpose That sounds like a cat thing [laughs] All right, this is not safe Oh no wait, she can crawl down there Hodge Wonder if there’s a thing up here Oh, yeah, there is a thing [moving blocks] Oh, okay Does that still tell me I can climb down? Or is it death if I go over the edge? [grunting] Okay [chuckles] All right, uh, come down there Oh! No Kind of not fair

The cat can only fall so far, I guess? It doesn’t really communicate that to ya Have we…? Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge, listen [Hodge meows] Did this already open? You telling me I don’t have to go back up there? [laughing] Okay [electrical buzzing] All right This looks fun My goodness I never imagined there could be lightning underground! Tesla can do all sorts of fun things with electricity! [laughs softly] All right A lever! Let’s pull it for no reason! [chuckles] All right, so what’s Gosh. I can see energy pulsing through those conduits! ‘Conduits’~! Oh, it’s another elevator Okay Oh, we’re finally starting to go back up Finally [laughs softly] But not for long All right, so Ooh! No! Oh, come on Gosh. I can see energy pulsing through those conduits! (?)Them… death zones Hey! You said there was energy pulsing through the conduits! If I have to do it again then you were wrong Hm. Oof [hums] Okay Now we’ll go up, and not die ridiculously Oh, we’re finally starting to go back up [chuckles] Okay, so this is a wall Ugh, just what I was hoping to find Another locked door Hodge, listen [Hodge meows] [laughs softly] All right. Can I go up? Yeah [mechanical grinding] Oh! Okay. So that’s the thing I needed to hit Oh, and I can still go up further here. Okay Woohoo! Can I keep going? Okay

One of those that he has to stay standing on Ooh This is no place for a cat Oh, I go up No? I think I go up Oh. No, that’s not in the same plane Yeah, that’s behind me All right Okay Well if that’s not the way they’re going Is it? No? I guess we do We just go up there and wait for her? That’s just weird All right, hup! Hey—! Cats All right No! [sighing] All right It’s weird to have both a long jump and a high jump I’m not in the ruins anymore It feels more technological here that are mutually exclusive like that Okay, if I… ooh I wonder what this shaft is for Perhaps it’s a lift shaft? Okay, I should probably pull the lever first Ah, okay Yes Oh, hup! No Cat’s gonna come through First I don’t wanna fall off, I wanna go across to the other side How do I do that? ‘Cause you are just gonna fall right off, and I don’t want that to happen Is there another way to come back here? Uwaaa! Oh That ain’t gonna work that way No! Okay? So this is that side of that Oh. Yeah, what’s in there? I can… maybe reach that No Ah. There we go! All right Uwaa! Oh, there’s a switch

Oh. I needed to have her on top of that, didn’t I Oh wow That’s what I need to get to the other side Hey! Come back! Hey! Grr Woo All right, so… being careful not to die, we hop on We hop over. What do we got? “Helena Blavatsky biography unlocked.” “Gifted medium, telepath, philosopher, or charlatan? “Renowned on both sides of the Atlantic, “this enigmatic woman from the Russian Empire “has been a vocal advocate of Spiritualist beliefs “for quite some time “Now Madame Blavatsky is the driving force “behind the newly founded Theosophical Society “claiming that reincarnated ancient Masters will “guide mankind towards a new, better, and universal religion “Whether she is truly able to communicate “with the spirits of the dead “or is just another skilled swindler is hotly debated, “but nonetheless she is highly regarded “in certain high society circles “Another mystery surrounds her apparent association “with some people bent on reaching the Node “for their own reasons “Perhaps it was Madame Blavatsky herself “who first detected its radiating presence “somewhere beneath the city of London “Her ability to make Kit feel as if she had been “instantaneously transported from London to Paris, “apparently just to have a friendly chat “and consider a businesslike proposal, “certainly demonstrates considerable talent “Madame Blavatsky’s most astonishing claim “is that she is able to restore Kit’s family, “returning it to its former happy state “How that would be possible remains a mystery “Alas, if only Hodge had not interrupted her explanation!” [chuckles] Summoning spirits? No, that’s nothin’ The most impossible thing is bringing the family back together [laughs]

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