>> KIT: I ran off towards the sunlight Then, something collapsed inside me Everything collapsed all around me, and, and, and, I fell And then you found me >> MUSKY: Cannot be the cat at the moment I wish I hadn’t said those hurtful things I just want to say sorry Where is he? Oh, I hope he’s all right You’re a good listener, you know? [scoffs] Nobody ever listens to me [chair squeak] Oof Ooh [cat meows] W-Where are you going? No! [cat meows] Oh… come back! Let’s wait together! [cat meows] Oh, please don’t leave me! Awwh! [cat meows] A wild logo appeared! Whoa Pussycat! [cat meows] Okay Now back in control It would make too much sense to just let me go back, right? Anything going on over here? Wow. We came a long way Oh And that just closed off Okay Would it do me any good to bring her back here? Any hidden items on her track? Probably not Okay Oh, wow Where are you going? Please, don’t leave me alone! [cat meows] Umm Aaah! Oh well It was nice to be near the girl Um… I guess we’re goin’ down Oh [electrical crackling] Oh great. Not exactly the direction I was hoping for Yeah, cat, what’s up with that? Would it have been so terrible? To take her towards the exit? It’s just a rock? Hey! [cat meows] [scoffs] Uh What? Whoa! Okay, that’s a… an edifice Is that a boat? Hey puss! [cat meows] Hey! [cat meows] Hmm Whew! Okay, so this is Yeah. It’s a little boat I wonder where this will take us [rippling water]

I dunno, but let’s hop in I guess not Hup! Is this boat to be interacted with? Hup! Hmm Pussycat! [cat meows] Hup! Hup! Hmmph! All right? Hey, pussycat! [cat meows] Hup! How do I board this boat? You responded to it, you know it’s there Hup! Hey, pussycat [cat meows] [cat meows] Hmm [cat meows] Trying to interact with locations… to no avail Hey, puss [cat meows] Does she have to see this place? Pussycat~! [cat meows] [cat meows] Hmm [electrical crackling] All right We’ll do what we can And if we can’t get back on the boat, we’re gonna do another restart from checkpoint Whew! Hup! Ah [scoffs] Just the way the cat jumps Like, ‘uwao!’ All right [hums] Okay That’s not so far back But it is a pain Also Apparently the cat can see… some of these things even more clearly than she can I mean, obviously, yeah, but Whatever that weird energy effect was Okay, so, cat is here I wonder where this will take us Me too! How— how do we, uh get it to actually do the taking? [cat meows] [cat meows]

Hmm Let’s take a look [hums] That’s not helpful All right Oh, wow That’s not good Hmm All right Hup! Not here Yes [sighing] All right Oh! Hup! That was weird Got hung up on it? I could not move Hup! [cat meows] [cat meows] Hmm All right This does not seem to have a way to progress How are we going to do this? There’s something I’ve missed Pussycat! [cat meows] Hup! Are there any elements with which I can interact that I, for whatever reason, am not hitting? Hey, puss! [cat meows] Hup, ah! Unh Hmm Hey, pussycat! Hup! [cat meows] Hup! Hey! [cat meows] Hup! Hup! Unh She did it again there, she got stuck Not stuck, but, uh Hey! [cat meows] Hup! Hup! Hey pussycat! [cat meows] Hup! Hm All right Just tryin’ to see if I can find out how we do this For some reason, it does not want me to get on the boat

So Gonna… see what we can do here Let’s see what someone does [sighs] Okay (?)’Cause this instance Oh! There is a whole mech mechanism that I’m not seein’ All right, so what is over here? Cat! Cat Pussycat! [cat meows] Hey puss! [cat meows] What?! Bring that back Pussycat! [cat meows] Hup! All right, so there are definitely things broken Okay, there Here’s a thing Hup! [mechanism clacking] It looks like half of Tower Bridge But, but… what happened to the other half? [escalating whirring] [electrical crackling] [boat engine chugging] Okay All right Yeah, so not only was that hard to see, but that was actually not even Not even in the same place that it was in the YouTube video that I just looked it up on [laughs] All right, so can you board the boat this time? There we go! [laughs] Yeah, it should not give me the impression that I can hop on the boat when I still have things to do [chuckles] [boat chugging along] Mrow Okay, so there’s a machine There’s the space Whoa! Interesting!

I have no idea what I’m doin’ over here [chuckles] C’mon, hup! All right, so I’m guessing at some point we can open that? Ooh [mechanism opens, clicking] Oh! That’s what those things are Okay, so the thing glowing purple that the cat saw and that Kit did not was probably something that cat could’ve interacted with I’ll learn these things eventually Eurgh! What a… horrible smell! Have we ended up in London’s… sewers? Okay, so she can go up the ladder, and she can manipulate the machine Since I don’t have strong reason to manipulate the machine yet, I’m gonna try the ladder Unh The joy of which is that I have no cat now Hmm… oh! [grate creaking open] Oh, okay So now we can get the cat up [grate creaking closed] Whoa! We can get the cat up while we’re holding on to it! [grate creaking open] [laughs] Okay Hup! C’mon, hup! There we go [sighing] All right, what’s goin’ on up here? Uwaa! Oh. Yeah. Let go [grate creaking closed] [gasps] Goodness! [pipe clanks] This place is in need of some serious maintenance Wow What’s goin’ on up here? Oh There’s one of those What is this? Hey? [cat meows] It’s, like [cat meows] What do the flashing blue colors mean? Oop! Okay [metallic door moving] Yeah, that looks like it’ll just open the door, maybe [metallic door opening] Yep [metallic door closing] Whoa! Okay [metallic door opening] All right

So is this me going up to get the cat? [grunts] [grunts] Could you try squeezing under here? Don’t worry, I’ll keep it raised Promises, promises Whoa! You just let me go right by her [rats squeaking] Rats? You can put it down now! [laughs] Hey, puss! [cat meows] Nngh Hey, pussycat! [cat meows] Pussycat! [cat meows] [steam escapes] Okay? All right, so now I have a reason to interact with the other machine And now this door mysteriously decided to stay open Hup! [chuckles] Nngh Ooh Come on! All aboard! [boat engine chugging] Oh. We’re just gettin’ back on the boat! [gate grinding closed] Okay [water draining] Oh! [gate grinding open] They have a lot more knowledge of what all this machinery’s doing than I do [laughs]

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