[Applause] ah hello humans and welcome to another episode of dungeon dives in fact this is the biggest episode of dungeon dives yet so let’s just jump into it like always there will be time stamps for specific parts in this video and we’ll start off with how some of the loot will work in this new 40 man raid tier gear is very similar to how it’s done in aq20 to get a piece of gear you will need to collect two sets of five scarabs and these are the exact same scarabs you loot from aq20 you’ll also need two idols and these are specifically unique to aq40 and you also need tokens that drop from specific bosses in the raid in order to get all 5 pieces of gear you will also need to be honored with the brood of nazdormu which is a lot easier than it sounds because you actually start hated with this reputation to gain rep you need to run aq40 and there will also be rep increasing items like the karachi lord’s insignia and ancient karachi artifact that gives significant boosts in rep also with each level of reputation you get a new ring that is better than the last while aq40 does not have any attunements to get into it that doesn’t mean that there is some prep work that needs to be done nature resistance is a big part of aq40 so get a bunch of greater nature assistance potions and gear also aq40 is not an easy raid so far in classic we’ve been doing raids that are pretty simple but aq relies on significantly more coordination by your raid so for this reason i’d probably suggest that you should not pug it with that being said gather 39 of your guild mates and let’s enter the temple of encourage your fans will abandon you you will die welcome to aq40 upon entering you’ll find your first challenge obsidian eradicators are like the little momes from aq20 they’ll drain your raid’s mana and when they get the full mana they’ll explode and do a lot of damage so priest hunters and warlocks drain their mana but if your dps is good enough you could probably just tunnel them instead these anubisath sentinels are up next each of these adds get one random ability from this pool just cast a tech magic on each of them to see which ability they have but here’s the catch when one of them dies all the others heal to fall and they gain the ability of the one that died so it’s your raid’s job to decide which one the kill first and look i’ll be honest dude if you fail to kill these adds you probably won’t get far in the raid so thankfully the portal is right behind you so you you you could just leave now okay you’ll need to fight two of these packs and then you can face the first boss prophet scarum scaring will need to be tanked in the center of the room and he has a one second cast time on his arcane explosion spell that can and should be interrupted if the person with aggro on the boss is not in melee range he will spam cast earth shock which will quickly kill the player so make sure the tank has threat at all times he also casts a spell called true fulfillment and this is a mind control that makes the affected player very big and very dangerous so be sure to polymorph them the most important ability scarem has is at 75 50 and 25 health he will split into three copies of himself two of these copies are fake and one is real the fake copies have a very small health wool but can cast the same spells so these copies spam casting earth shock on your raid would not really be a good idea so the melee in your raid need to split into three separate groups one here one here and one here ideally you’d have two tanks for each group in case one of the tanks gets mind controlled or two scaram copies spawn on the same platform yes that can happen focus down the

copies as fast as possible make sure your tanks stay at their spots and maintain threat and you should be good and scarum drops this loot shortly after the prophet’s death the doors of the temple slide open and you can venture inside the inside of aq40 is a labyrinth of caverns and outcoves that take a long time to navigate thankfully trash mobs within the raid have a chance to drop karaji battle take mounts that can be used to quickly navigate through the temple let’s talk about some of the difficult trash you’ll face at this point these brainwashers should be your top priority as they will mind control members of your raid venka’s guardians will knock up your tanks so face them against the wall menkist warrior packs will summon a ton of small adds on death that will need to be aoe down and keep right and you can face the first optional bosses of the raid these bugs can be killed in any order you’d like and all three of them have unique abilities so let’s go over lord kyr is going to be the most dangerous of the three he has a cleave so face him away from your raid he also has a toxic volley that will place a poison dot on your whole raid that stacks and needs to be dispelled and when he dies he spawns a poison cloud that you should not stand princess yanju has an aoe fear for people in melee range that wipes aggro even if you resist it with a fear ward or a berserker’s rage ideally you’d want a tank that is out of range of this aoe fear just waiting for it to go off so they can swoop in and grab the boss the princess will also heal but it can be interrupted and upon death she will summon a bunch of small adds them is the easiest as he just has a charge and a knock back ability and you can cheese him by tanking him in one of the alcoves in the room so he doesn’t charge random players in fact you can use this strategy for princess yanju too but you just need to make sure that your tank isn’t losing the healers in the process if vem is the last bug standing he will enrage and upon death he will enrage the two other bugs so no matter what order you kill them you will be dealing with a pissed off bug at the end of the fight the strategy for these bosses is pretty simple you just focus them down one at a time and make sure you’re cleansing poisons and you should be good but here’s the catch the loot tables are different for whatever boss you kill last most people want to kill lord kir last as he drops the best loot but it’s also the most difficult route to take because he’s dealing a bunch of increased damage to the tanks because vem is dead and kir is enraged so if your raid can’t handle this damage or you want different loot killing them last would probably be best if you kill lord kier last he drops the salute if you kill princess last she drops this loot if you kill them last he drops the salute and this is the loot that they all share work your way through the tunnel filled with guardians and you’ll find the next boss battle guard satura be careful though because she has an incredibly large aggro radius this fight can quickly turn into utter chaos if not managed correctly sartura and her adds will randomly fixate on targets throughout the fight for 5 seconds and then return back to the person with the highest aggro this coupled with their whirlwind abilities can spell disaster for their ranged in your raid because of this you’ll want your party spread out in a taunt rotation for warriors so they can keep satura in the same spot during these fixate moments come on over here come on over here no you flipped me off come on no no no no you’re not an intellectual you’re a faker fraud when her and her adds are not spinning around they are susceptible to stuns so your rage should try and keep them stunned as much as possible and this will also help your melee dps not take as much damage from the whirlwinds her three adds will need to be tanked by three tanks and faced against the wall away from the raid to counter their knockback ability that they have killing the adds first will be your first priority lastly sartura will apply a thunder effect on the tanks and enrage at 20 health this fight’s main focus is just to keep the boss and her adds under control during their aggro wipes work together as a team to control them and you should be good she drops the salute to get to the next boss you’ll face the scarab gauntlet think of this kind of like the suppression room from bwl except it’s a mile long and it sucks even more at the end of the gauntlet is the next boss franchise the devourer but the problem is that he has an incredibly large aggro radius in vanilla world of warcraft this spot here was the safe spot where you wouldn’t aggro the boss or the scarabs i’m assuming that in classic it will be the exact same way

so now you can drink up buff up and get ready to pull the boss first off franchise has mortal wound which is a cleave that also applies reducing healing stacks so face him away from the raid and tank swap when stacks get too high during this fight hatchlings will spawn from these big buttholes so you’ll need an off tank to round them up so they can be quickly aoe down when these hatchlings spawn a random player will also get entangled and webs and teleported to the entrance of one of these bug tunnels healers need to be aware of this because these players take heavy damage lastly the most important add you’ll need to kill are these worms called the spawn of fancress one two three of these worms will spawn and after 15 to 25 seconds they will enrage and start one-shotting members of your raid they can be stunned and should be quickly dispatched as fast as possible with another easy boss down he drops the salute enter the gaping chasm on the left side of the room and travel up the ramp and we can face the most unique but annoying boss which is viscous viscous is like most bosses in the raid and the fact that he has a poison volley that he’ll cast on the raid and he’ll create clouds that are well you guessed it it’s poison but here’s the catch in order to damage this boss you will need to freeze him to freeze him he will need to be hit by 200 frost damaging attacks it doesn’t matter how much damage these attacks do there just needs to be 200 of them so frost wands frost oil on weapons rank 1 frost bolts your whole raid needs to work together to freeze him when viscidus is frozen you will need to be shattered by having your raid perform 75 melee attacks on him after that he will explode into 20 slimes around the edge of the room each of these slimes represent five percent of his health and slowly move towards the center of the room and form into viscidus once again this part is where your raid will need to do as much damage as possible to these slimes if a slime is damaged but not killed that will not transfer into damage on the boss if you are a part of a pro gamer guild that all has engineering having everybody use sapr charges when the slimes get really close to each other will be ideal do all that and he should be dead and he drops this loot back track back go to the large entrance in front of you and keep pushing forward on your travels to the next boss you’ll face some more difficult trash these wasp packs come with these lashers which are basically little sarturas that will fixate random members of your raid these wasps have a poison called catalyst poison that will need to be dispelled quickly that is because a member of your raid that has catalyst poison will be one shot by the stingers which will randomly charge people in your raid and if that member of your raid has catalyst poison on them no that’s a lot of damage and speaking of awfully deadly and annoying enemies now it’s time to face princess hoo-hoo wrong hoo-hoo ron is a fight that is hard and fast the catch is that nature resistance is very very important for this fight especially for melee huhuron has an ability called poison bolt this is an aoe spell that afflicts the 15 closest people she will also cast wyvern sting on the 10 nearest targets which will put them to sleep but if it’s dispelled it will deal 3 000 damage so only dispel it on your tanks and oh yeah tanks will also have to deal with her acid spit ability a stacking dot that will require you to have two tanks during this fight your melee will play as the meat shield for these abilities they’ll need to be stacked with nature resistance potions and gear to survive this onslaught of damage so your ranged dps can focus on killing huhuron but that doesn’t mean that range doesn’t have problems too noxious poison is a dot that will be placed on a random player and silences them for 8 seconds this poison spreads to other players around you so your raid will need to stay spread lastly she will periodically go into a frenzy which needs to be removed by a hunter with tranq shot at 30 things will get wild when she permanently enrages and starts dealing massive damage dps will also need to deal massive damage but also keep track of their aggro and kill her as fast as possible huhu ron is one of the more difficult bosses in this raid but if you manage to kill her she drops the salute down the hallway to the next boss you’ll face these anubisath defenders these are the same mobs you fight before the last boss in aq20 these are the four different abilities they can possibly have and it’s possible that they can reflect these schools of magic just use the tech magic on them and make sure your raid is flexible and can adapt to these abilities and just listen to your raid leader because these can be more difficult than some bosses as you approach the next boss the foul stench is in the air the funk of forty thousand years for no

mere mortal can resist the evil of the twin emperors when you are wannabe starting something you are going to need to pull these bosses to the edge of the room over here it’s very important that you keep the twins split because they will heal each other if they get too close vectorlash is going to be the target the melee and your raid are going to be focusing down he has an ability called unbalancing strike which will inflict high damage and increase the tank’s chance to be crit he has a knockback that will target a random member in melee range so face him near a wall and lastly vectorlash will mutate bugs around the room and make them big these need to be grabbed by an off tank and focused down or there will surely be blood on the dancefloor also vectorlash cannot be damaged by magical spells so casters you will be attacking his brother veklor veklor will explode the bugs around the room that do aoe damage he also casts a blizzard that you shouldn’t stand in and he casts a shadow bolt and an arcane burst that he uses on people in melee range that blows them back so that makes them pretty difficult to tank right well that is why veklor needs to be tanked by a warlock one warlock will be on each side of the room and they need to use shadow resistance potions shadow resistance gear and talons and be spam casting searing pain on veklor and they need to not stop till they get enough threat also veklor is immune to melee damage every 30 to 40 seconds the twins will teleport and swap sides five to ten seconds before this your melee will want to start running over to the other side this is because one vector can’t take melee damage so they would be useless and two after the teleport the twins will have threat on whoever is closest to them which should be the tanks now despite veklor being very unfriendly to melee you’ll want a tank to grab that initial threat from the teleport and then the warlock tank will pull the threat from the normal tank and then that tank can run away rinse and repeat the stance of swapping threat and maintain communication just beat it and the twins drop this loot after killing the twin emps you’ll face the worst trash in the whole instance to play it safe you should pull each pack into the room that you killed the twins in these packs are mostly just combinations of adds that you’ve killed previously in the raid but they’re still extremely deadly your first priority should be these mind slayers these are the guys that have the mind flay and the mind control also when they die they do a drain mana and a fear for anybody close to them so they should be pulled away from your raid when they die next are the slayers these need to be tanked far away from casters because of their aoe silence and they will enter a frenzy that needs to be removed by hunters with tranq shot lastly they will also knock back the tank which wipes aggro your last priority are these karachi champions they also have a knockback and an aoe fear and enrage so they should be dispelled the other packs you’ll face here are the nullifiers and the wardens these null fires are the same ones you’ve killed at the start of the raid they need their mana drained and your raid needs to focus them down one at a time the waters need to be tanked far away from everybody else because they have these abilities but once the null fires are dead they should be pretty easy carefully work your way through these packs hold left and you can face the second to last boss which is oro who is um where the hell is he primary ability is sweep it’s a cleave attack that will knock back anybody who is hit by it so face him away from a raid and a tank is going to need to use intercept to charge back into the fight midair same blast is another dangerous ability that stuns everybody in front of him for five seconds so it’s very important that you have at least two tanks for this fight during the encounter aura will burrow back into the ground and you’ll need to dodge his quake ability this is signified by a bunch of flying rocks on the ground and during this time scarabs will also spawn that need to be rounded up and killed make sure your raid stays spread as when oro re-emerges he will deal damage to anybody above him when the boss reaches 20 health is when things get crazy he attacks faster deals more damage scarabs spawn and quakes are happening all around the room so he’s not really an easy boss so things can get pretty bonkers but when the boss is dead he drops the salute with all the other bosses dead in the temple of encourage you can face your heart will explode before we even talk about c’thun we need to talk about the poll c’thun has an ability called i-beam which is casted on a random player

and chains to other players each player it chains to makes it do significantly more damage this combined with the narrow doorway the whole raid is forced to walk through to start the fight can be problematic for your raid you betray your friends so to pull the boss you’ll want all of your raid mounted up on karachi mounts facing the wall ready to pull to start the fight you’ll need a tank a hunter or just someone with a lot of nature resistance charge forward and soak the first beam after the beam is casted then your whole raid can get into their spots positioning and personal responsibility is imperative for this fight to make it easy for everybody assign each group in your raid to a specific part of the room this will help everyone stay spread and avoid taking damage from the i-beam the i-beam is going to be the number one reason why you will wipe on this boss c’thun also has an ability called dark glare where he will turn red and fire an instant killing laser beam and slowly rotate around the room it’s very important that members of your raid maintain proper positioning and by the end of dark glare they should be on the opposite side of the room to avoid being stacked up during phase 1 claw tentacles will also spawn these tentacles will appear below a random player and knock them up and it’s important that a tank gets them asap and they are focused down the next priority are these eye tentacles that will cast mine flay on random members of your raid have dps kill them quickly and make sure none are up during dark glare when c’thun’s eye dies the rest of the old god will rise from the darkness and you’ll have to deal with phase 2 of the fight some new adds will be summoned during this part of the fight giant eye tentacles will have the same i-beam ability c’thun’s i had but they can be interrupted and stunned normal eye tentacles will also spawn on a much faster rate during phase two giant claw tentacles will also spawn under players and deal massive damage to anybody in melee range so make sure a tank grabs them as quickly as possible and focuses them down phase 2 is all about ad management because c’thun has a shield that stops him from being damaged the only way that he can be damaged is a random player during phase two will be eaten and teleported inside c’thun’s stomach players in the stomach have a stacking dot on them but they need to kill the tentacles to lower c’thun’s shield so your raid can damage him when the tentacles are dead or the dps inside the stomach are taking too much damage they need to go to the teleport pad in the middle of the stomach dps tanks and healers have a chance to be teleported in the stomach tanks should get out as fast as possible healers should top everyone up before leaving the stomach and dps need to stay in as long as possible to burn down these tentacles c’thun will turn purple and the raid will have 45 seconds to deal as much damage as possible it’s likely that he will need to go through two vulnerability phases to kill him i know it’s crazy it’s a classic wow boss that actually has mechanics that you need to pay attention to but when you manage to defeat the old god he drops this loot when c’thun dies he will also drop his eye that can be turned into this cool cat just outside of the arena and they will tell you to go to the caverns of time and this rewards you with some rep and you get a choice between these three items and that ladies and gentlemen is a q40 hopefully you could make it out alive it didn’t catch too many diseases in this disgusting bug tunnel and hopefully i’ll see you again soon bye bye

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