here we have LP Smart Side. 16 pound sledge hammers into the wall on there not a break got a blemish not a mark no we’re falling back panel whatsoever on there LP Smart Side right tough choice in today’s video we will talk about best and worst options for siding my name is Dmitry Lipinskiy host of Roofing Insights on this channel we say the truth about building products if you’re the homeowner and looking for trustworthy contractor we are helping you to find your best option not only on material and but also how to find good contractor this video took us about three months to make we travel all the way to Chicago to interview the biggest siding installer in Chicago area and actually in the entire Midwest that company installs James Hardie number one siding brand in the world so you’re number one James Hardie installer in Chicago no doubt about it I’m also siding installer by trade in 2007 I actually been installing houses like this all over Minneapolis I started literally like five miles from here it was my first trade every single day I was putting mainly vinyl siding back I was getting paid ten dollars an hour install a lot of siding jobs couldn’t believe that one day I will be living in the house like this myself was asking myself who can afford this houses it was fifteen years ago I still loved siding what I cannot stand is misleading manufacturing commercial so in this video I will share those misleading commercials those gimmicks that companies like LP Smart Side feeding you trying to convince you that their product is the best we’re gonna mainly look closely at three major products James Hardie LP Smart Side and Vinyl and I will help you to decide what’s the best product for your house I’ve been in construction for the last 15 years I started as a siding installer in 2005-2006 I absolutely love what I do and I love sharing knowledge with you guys so maybe you’re confused maybe your contractor is telling you that all products are the same I’m here to tell you they are neither big differences we have 14 categories and three main products today we’re going to be comparing have to had LP Smart Side the fastest-growing siding product on the market James Hardie number one siding brand in the country and Vinyl siding of course most popular option pretty much everywhere you go you see Vinyl siding because it’s also the cheapest so we’re gonna compare them in 14 different categories and I hope it will help you with your buying decision first thing we’re going to discuss is look then cost durability there finishes warranty fire rating how easy it is to repair maintenance requirements ease of installation termites warranty safety how safe it is to install if you do it every day water reaction how does it actually react with water my favorite category marketing gimmicks on this channel we say the truth and trust me there’s one company it’s actual LP Smart Side I’ll show you what they advertise and will you actually get and then value to the property what do you actually get so first thing first look I gave everybody five stars very simple vinyl siding actually improved a lot on a lot of houses you’re not gonna even see the difference if if you don’t know what product install vinyl siding can look as James Hardie or LP Smart Side I’ve seen a lot of professionals who really can do nice quality work with vinyl siding all of them trying to mimic that cedar look they have different designs different looks that pretty much have good texture so there’s so many variations I can’t really give any one of them advantage on a look if you are professional you will know as a matter of fact LP Smart Side I almost gave them four because you’re required to install gaps installers don’t like those gaps because the product expands over time with absorb some moisture we don’t like that load but I still did not take it from them because some people might say that I’m just picking on LP whatever it is we want to find out what happens when we test that I’m giving them benefit of a doubt where I can and LP Smart Side have also pretty long panels so for that reason I think that looks pretty good and all even and look no one gets

advantage there on the cost obviously LP Smart Side and James Hardie are more expensive options so they are getting for vinyl being the cheapest most cost-effective getting five from us even if you go with the insulated siding and you know the best of the best vinyl siding on the market like Mastic Structure or something like this you can still be a little bit cheaper than other two so that obviously is a big advantage of vinyl option next durability really big and this is the first one when it comes to marketing gimmicks LP Smart Side always goes head-to-head with James Hardie trying to say hey you know our product is way better you know we’re durable you can break as they done so many gimmicky commercials trying to prove to you that paved our product is the best of the best you can throw golf balls at us nothing man didn’t crack not a single crack vinyl siding is a great option it’s cheap it’s affordable it looks pretty decent but when it comes to major hail events it’s gonna be probably destroyed just like this one so you can you know do whatever you call that person on their horse trying to pull them guys it’s irrelevant here we have James Hardie fiber cement siding strength test this is a 20 pound sledge hammer being dropped repeatedly on to and directly hitting the face of the Hardie siding at its most vulnerable spot which would be insane as you can see nothing has happened to the Hardie siding I literally rented shooting range went there with my team professional sniper and we’re shooting nine-millimeter bullets because that’s what’s relevant in our life you probably will more likely get a bullet in your wall than something from mid centuries right so a base on those James Hardie and LP Smart Side both goals gets 5 vinyl gets 4 obviously it’s vinyl plastic more likely to break this is one thing you have with a cheaper vinyl or it’s actually not that cheap it just doesn’t have insulated back end when you do have insulated back in it actually performs just like more expensive options like James Hardie, LP Smart Side because it actually will protect it you know you don’t have that air between the vinyl piece and a wall so it’s nice and rigid and it’s bouncing back but I have to say when we were doing to instill bold tasks here at our warehouse I actually have seen a lot of good vinyl options with a good back end with a good insulation behind it when you drop 2 inch steel ball it’s actually performs as good as James Hardie or LP Smart Side this time I try to position it a little bit so it land right on this rib because that’s typically the most rigid spot that’s gonna break if something impacts it really hard you know if you hit it in the center it’s gonna have some give but right here it’s very rigid in vinyl siding so if you can see we got a nice break right here and a good deck now this stuff held up super awesome actually we’ll talk more about durability when we go when we get all the way to marketing gimmicks and what they tell you in their commercials in the sales pitches it’s not always true and I will be reading from warranty when it comes to warranties why this is the most misleading marketing gimmick technique to sell you the product and the usual it doesn’t perform as advertised LP Smart Side trim in siding is a product you can rely on what’s the most popular? James Hardie siding. James Hardie is in demand next one is the finish we’re talking about paint here James Hardie absolutely beats LP Smart Side vinyl siding also beats Smart Side one of the reason is because not many people know the LP Smart Side actually does not paint their product learn a little bit about what we should know what we shouldn’t know I don’t know so it’s a third party well basically what this machine does that takes our our seven pigmented colors and we mix those under very close computer calibration to get exactly the custom color that the homeowners looking for really if you read their warranty you will understand the importance of it but for right now all I have to say is they don’t have control over painting of the warranty so it’s pretty much gets transferred to whoever’s gonna paint it so they give you plywood whoever paints it gets you you get a warranty from two companies so if you ever have a claim it’s probably going to be from one from LP another one from whoever finished it so when it

comes to James Hardie finish it’s something similar to like clay pot so pretty much they bake their paint on it and I’ve put it even in the microwave very interesting when I put LP Smart Side in the microwave it’s pretty much caught on fire when I put James Hardie microwave after five minutes even finish was not touched or ruined or anything vinyl siding also gets five because obviously finish is pretty good and they have pretty good fading warranty these days now when it comes to warranty LP Smart Side is absolutely loser three James Hardie and vinyl siding gets five and five here’s what this is LP Smart Side just from the website I’m gonna put links below LP Smart Side absolute loser when it comes to warranty it literally says in a big print on their website this warranty does not cover performance of seventy-six series foundation siding in Alaska British Columbia Hawaii in Northern California north of i-80 or west of cascades in Washington Oregon or California the warranty does not cover foundations or architectural series panel siding when used in prefabricated or manufacturer’s housing LP if you’re so good if you are so bold and you’re spending millions of dollars on marketing on Instagram YouTube making all this video content why do you have so many exclusions I think ultimately what builders one the panel is just something that they never have to deal with this is where it was actually condensation was forming on the back of the siding so we’re starting to rot from behind why he do not cover your product and in climates when it rains the most because your product hates water doesn’t give them any issues initially in the build through the construction and then even on to finish floor coverings going down to withstand all the rigors of building and then still end up where they don’t even have to think about it it requires a tough panel and that’s what we designed why why you try and I understand it’s hard for you to sell product that hates water you have to be gimmicky you have to use sales techniques to push it to the market but this is absolutely not acceptable and we will talk a little bit more about maintenance a little bit later but this is one of the reasons we are giving them three for their warranty if you guys want to know why in all of those areas LP would not cover their warranty go to youtube and type in LP problems or LP rotted or stuff like that and you will see one story from their commercials and completely different story in real life in the climates where it rains a lot so you dig right there this is one of the better boards next one is fire rating pretty straightforward obviously James Hardie is winner concrete does not burn vinyl siding and LP Smart Side I pretty bad some people think the vinyl siding gonna in a burn but it’s actually melts most of the time if you ever seen the grill you can go in the YouTube and it’s actually very very common in construction world we get calls all the time as a matter of fact my company had I think three jobs in the last couple of years where we just installed the siding and within first three weeks or so like very fast people call us they would have a grill there and the heat from the grill will melt you know real big area of the wall so it’s not gonna burn it but it’ll melt it obviously when it comes to LP Smart Side is a wood product so you can have some very nice bonfire work when it comes to repair pretty easy to repair vinyl that’s why it gets five you know if you ever have that melted by the grill area on your wall you know wherever the case happened we’re not gonna ask you another gonna embarrass you it’s obvious but you can fix it easily it’s not that easy to fix LP Smart Side and James Hardie it is fixable but you have to put a little bit more work to it’s a little bit trickier maintenance now maintenance gets tricky is the first two star rating here out of five were given to LP Smart Side obviously vinyl siding is absolute winner once you install it as long as you install it per manufacturer specification vinyl siding instead of the recommends you know you don’t caulk anything you have to follow the rules I highly recommend you do it’s pretty much freestanding it’s gonna be you know you might have some gaps behind the corners and stuff but the water will flow you will be fine when it comes to James Hardie you have to every couple years you have to re-caulk you know the gaps it doesn’t expand contract too much with the moisture and stuff I think overall you know ten years it might actually shrink a little bit but not much now when it comes to LP Smart Side here’s what you have to know and here’s what your sales rep will not tell you this

is right here your full-time job now if you chose LP Smart Side you need a job you pretty much have care and maintenance instructions listen to this care and maintenance you literally buying yourself a job I don’t know if you are willing to do it I know I don’t preventive maintenance check for small construction dance and gouges fill this identation with a sealant that means a ASTM C 920 minimum class 25 requirements then prime before painting make sure sprinklers do not spray water directly onto the trim or siding how much like hold on in case you missed it make sure sprinklers do not spray water directly onto the trim or siding the rain we might have rain are you sure and you make arrangement with God not to rain on your siding because you chose LP Smart Side why sprinklers cannot spring on my siding isn’t that what a program and we thought putting the product into some really extreme conditions that you wouldn’t see on a jobsite would really help differentiate us a little bit more and then really tell the story see this nothing less it’s just all rotted out same problem they have with a area in Seattle where it just rains too much and they don’t want to warrant you I mean I want you to guys think about start reading fine print it has all the answer that your sales rep will not answer directly but indirectly you can find them yourself keep the painting service free of mold mildew and algae do you know how to do it I like I have a deck and a pool I know I have a vinyl siding in my house and I know I have some mildew and algae just part of life I have a lot of trees it just comes how in the world do you keep painting service free of mold mildew and algae is it possible you have trees around the house it will start growing here and there now the question is how do you do it ask yourself how do you clean I tell you how you clean it how do you clean it well I don’t know because this one you can’t sprinkle water on a kiddie water pressure washer I don’t know if I would do it maintain it and half an inch per foot slope away from the house for all adjoining services including page patios driveways grade that water will drain away effectively replace missing or damaged caulking around the joys and seams where different services meet with a sealant that meet blah blah blah repaint your trim and siding before the existing paint fails guys are you kidding me like I have to repaint before it fails I know the vinyl siding in James Hardie you don’t have to do it why do you have to do it your local weather conditions will affect the longevity of your paint performance it’s also backed by an industry leading 50 year limit warranty based on scientific data that comes from testing in a wide variety of climates and conditions again keep in mind LP Smart Side does not give you a warranty for the paint it’s third-party remember that inspecting your trim and siding inspection is an essential part of maintenance perform the following checks once a year so once a year again you have to do all of the following inspect painting for cracking peeling fading or chalking pay special attention to the bottom row and under the window casing and repaint if necessary oh by the way guys here’s another problem with a LP Smart Side and James Hardie too for that matter here’s the problem with maintenance and what I just read ease of installation so a lot of installers will not do it original I’ve seen so many new construction work here in Minnesota builders like very expensive half-million dollar homes while LP sells the product right and no one follows instructions very common problem you know you come in look under the window look right under you know the first row they caught it they never seal it how’re they supposed to buy manufacturer instructions now it’s gonna start absorbing that moisture so they don’t do it because it’s easy it’s fast that’s why installers love it that’s why builders push it not because it’s better let’s face it guys let’s be honest builders push it because it’s cheaper to install installers love it because it’s a little bit faster than let’s say James Hardie so because of that we have a major problem with the performance and I’ve seen it many times I’ve seen LP Smart Side 40 $50,000 jobs absolutely failed with the first three years inspect flashing and gutters for damage or blockage repair any damage found and remove any blockages so the water can drain away freely so pretty

much the point is LP Smart Side absolutely hate water sometimes pull over if it gets too scary and they put in writing this work for you as the you as a homeowner have to constantly check make sure it’s nothing sprinklers on our siding or it can fail and when you have any damage go paint go cover it that’s their warranty for you LP Smart Side 5/50 year limited warranty offers you a five-year hundred-percent labor material replacement future and a 50 year prorated limited warranty you can rest assure it known this products are warranty not to buckled the laminate or rot I’ve seen all of that Plus fungal decayed when properly applied finished and maintained that is the key properly applied in maintained which is your job so if your builder did not do it right if you did not maintain it you have no warranty based on this because of all of that I mean for maintenance they get to too much work you don’t get it with a James Hardie you don’t get it with a vinyl siding ease of installation like I said the easiest to install will be LP second ages while the same vinyl siding also pretty easy to install but in James Hardie you have to be a little bit careful at my break it’s easier to install it’s easier to you know cut LP the the finishes are basically like very roughly not small with probably different smoke so it’s not difficult we have to be more precise with all the cuts and how you finish finish nails so let’s talk about termites obviously termites not gonna eat concrete they’re also not gonna eat vinyl but here’s the deal LP Smart Side will tell you that termites don’t eat their product but here’s their warranty it tells me otherwise section 5 termite damage which does not affect the structural integrity of the products these work together in order to help provide multi-layered protection against moisture fungal decay and termites so it’s exclusion termite damage which does not affect the structure so pretty much yeah it can eat it but it’s not gonna affect the structural integrity of products by the way in their warranty they also have exclusions for the following products that it’s not apply finish maintained in the strict accordance with LP instructions in effect of the time of originally application termite damage swelling or edge check in size swelling or check and normally occurs in all wood products as they expand and contract in response to changes in climate conditions we’ll talk about later misuse or improper storage handling application acts of God such a hurricane tornado hail earthquake so you have a hail exclusion LP why why it was so good well because it’s not that good that’s why all right saved him another really big item so again James Hardie and LP you have to wear masks on your cotton in marketing gimmicks I will explain how LP Smart Side trying to prove to the world to the market that it’s better than James Hardie but I’m here to tell you both products you are dangerous for you if you work with it every day if you cut it every day with the sole you have to wear a mask if you inhale it you can get cancer here from silica hear from some other dusts on their websites obviously vinyl ISM vinyl plastic fantastic just just nothing to it for when it comes to safety next one is water reaction so think about it pretty much its exterior great products I want you to understand that LP for years has been in business of doing the plywood interior products you know your subfloor your walls you know they’re huge company there are number one out there for all the you know framing products pretty much especially for OSB products so now there are actually been at LP plant here in Two Harbors Minnesota so I’ve seen how they make it I’ve seen the trees they make it from I see the glue I understand technology but it’s still wood product it’s still plywood it’s still OSB, right? So someone very smart say well how about we start making siding products well great idea lots of profits unfortunately also a lot of failures so what a reaction absolutely horrible check this out one of the exclusions in their warranty is swelling and or edge checking

such swelling and or check and normally occurs in all wood products as they expand and contract in response to changes in climatic conditions so pretty much if you soak it in the water and weave down and I actual soak it in a coke just for the fun of it it will absorb it like we’re James Hardie and vinyl obviously you can soak it all you want turn your sprinklers sprinkle or your house every single day if you want can’t do it with a LP Smart Side for that reason probably should give them like two or one I think I’m being pretty generous here just because they already been taking some beating for me but they’re getting three on a water reaction it’s expensive and I don’t like products on my house that absorb water and expand like a sponge not a good characteristics when it comes to building products now marketing gimmicks this is the only category an entire board you can see here that we have LP Smart Side one I cannot stand marketing gimmicks absolutely I’m I’m the biggest consumer advocate in construction industry I cannot see what’s happening how billion-dollar companies trying to gimmick their products and become a marketing companies instead of being good products ready all systems go I mean it’s late al you see all the mildew that was behind it can you see how it’s rotting down the line I believe that good product always wins and I believe that LP Smart Side used more gimmicks than any other company they constantly go after companies like James Hardie they’re trying to I mean do some silly test they don’t prove anything like for example their hammer test at the expo I’ve seen them guys said like seven eight years every time you go to expo well LP is performing this task and LP I’m calling you out if I see you on the very next expo building Expo in Vegas next year wherever I’m gonna come to you booth with my videographers with my phone I’m gonna call you out I’m gonna embarrass you because you are the biggest manufacturer of OSB product you know the cold you know no one in North America installed siding James Hardie or LP over studs but you keep doing this test you embarrassing yourself you know it’s embarrassing for entire industry here we have James Hardie fiber cement siding strength test this is a 20 pound sledge hammer being dropped repeatedly on to and directly hitting the face of the Hardie siding at its most vulnerable spot which would be insane as you can see nothing has happened to the Hardie side we will do tasks to the floors you know like laminate floors versus hardwood floors or carpets what you would not put a subfloor under it you know how come or if I would do shingle task can I do shingle test without all plywood no it’s a part of the building it’s part of the code and you know it because everybody buys you pretty much have a monopoly on OSB products on the market but but when you go to the expos you forget to put it on your walls why because you mark you our marketing company you’re running marketing gimmicks instead of designing better product instead of competing fairly and creating better competitive product you decided to use marketing gimmicks to show consumers how your product is better well guess what I love the Internet I love all of this I love to educate consumers more and more contractors will be calling your silly hammer task I challenge you to do the same test and I have done it you’ve seen it and I’ll do it again I will come to you booth I will install the plywood I only embarrass your entire team at that Expo try me and the last one is value to the property honestly guys no one beats James Hardie number we give them 5 points because of that a lot of magazines a lot of studies real-estate studies that have been done over the years if you install James Hardie it’s actually adds value to your property LP Smart Side also will add value but we’re giving them 4 and obviously vinyl siding is vinyl siding it’s considered to be cheaper option they’re given we’re giving them 3 stars here so here’s the final results vinyl siding 4.7 stars out of 5 James Hardie 4.6 and LP Smart Side 3.7 5 star system comment below if you guys are in business if you the contractors I want to hear your opinion feel free to disagree with me I’ve been in this game for 15 years I have so many siding guys in my network I probably have 10 siding installers in Minneapolis right now I

can call ask opinion as a matter of fact we travel all the way to Chicago to the biggest James Hardie contractor in Chicagoland area they do about eight million dollars a year I consulted with them as well I asked him why do you do James Hardie they’ve been in business for things like 20 30 years they could switch to any product but they stick to James Hardie they will install you know some LP we actually went and their big project three million dollar projects were you know LP and James Hardie were installed together and you know we looked at the performance so this is not just my opinion I have no beef with LP I just want to show you what I see what I hear if you the consumer I want you to make educated decision based on the real knowledge from real installers not from marketing person at Department of the manufacturer or from the sales rep from the company who’s just trying to pitch you and make some you know make a sale so I want you to make a decision based on the real number here at the Roofing Insights we say numbers don’t lie we welcome all opinions comment below even if you don’t agree with me maybe in the entire thing or in certain categories I want to hear from you I want to learn from you I want to have healthy debate conversation– who makes the best siding because we do listen and next year I might redo it completely I do it every year so this is my 2020 siding guide I didn’t do metal if you guys wanted my opinion on a metal siding comment below we’ll make those if we see demand we’ll see more questions about it would like to do that but this is it if you the homeowner and you’re looking for trustworthy contractor check out our Roofing Insights Directory if I give you the contractor to the business with I don’t sell the information to him I pretty much just connects you and recommendation if you do that if you do hire contractor in my network I will back them up by my $20,000 guarantee because I do know how to hire good contractor who will not mess up a job and who will not take your money and run away with it all that information is in description or comments below let me know what you think and I’ll see you guys in the next video Here we have smith here we have LP Smart Side 16 pound sledge hammers into the wall not a break got a blemish not a mark no we’re all in that panel whatsoever on there LP Smart Side right tough choice

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