What do you need to know to apply for the innovative visa or startup visa. This is my essential guidance for 2019 on how to apply and what you need to know from appendix W which is the relevant section of the rules so the first point is that you can apply with a co-founder so you and another entrepreneur can apply this could be a British entrepreneur or it could be a front or international entrepreneur so you can co-found your business and there’s no limit on the number of co-founders however this the number of co-founders does have an impact on what you need to do to qualify for indefinite leave to remain and that I will come to very shortly the other point is that you cannot invest into an already trading business so this is not permitted if the company is incorporated into which or you’re investing under the innovative visa then that in itself is not problematic but it cannot be trading not the question for many therefore is if you’re looking to invest into a business that’s already running in the UK and co-founded with a British entrepreneur then what kind of due diligence can you do to determine whether this is a viable investment target and the answer to that is there are many incorporated UK companies that are highly credible and viable that have not started trading and through my network on the startup community in London I’m able to introduce you to two companies to give you some investment options if you like if you’re a international entrepreneur you’re looking to co-found a business and join up with a British co-founder to start an operation in the UK so these businesses are clearly those well there’s a range of businesses available but some of them have either qualified for or will soon receive on government funding and therefore have gone through you know some minimum due diligence checks or more than minimum due diligence checks and I think that it will instill some confidence I think if you look into it invest into an early stage startup or a concept stage startup if you like then if you can select a business or co-founded a business that has already been verified I’m either by going through one of the incubators or through actually having received or having received a letter granting them funding which will be received in due course then that’s that’s a pretty good litmus test of whether the the business is likely to be a viable one now under the tier one investor process you can be a passive investor so you when you need to you need to invest two to millions of the minimum threshold is two million up under the innovative visa the minimum is only fifty thousand pounds but clearly most businesses are going to require especially of human vesting or co-founding a business with with a British entrepreneur most businesses are looking for more than fifty to fifty thousand they may be looking for a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand which in turn may unlock the Series A funding or give rise to an entitlement to government funds government government grants so so the the threshold is a bit higher but it’s still much lower than the Tier one investor visa however under the innovative visa process you must you must play an active role in the business of course you’ve got to bring something to the table over and above your money it might be subject matter expertise and it might be access to market if you do want to contact me I’ll be delighted to assist you you can drop me or whatsapp or you can email me my details are in the description below now let’s go to the next stage of my presentation and this is just the the key provisions that I wanted to highlight so on who can be endorsed so the startup and innovates innovative visa categories offer people setting up a new business in the UK which is in innovative viable and scalable with the ultimate aim that business has the potential to become a fully integrated and contributing part of the UK economy so you can applicants can be working on their own as a sole founder or working together as part of an entrepreneurial team and that’s my point I’m presenting a new business idea

so you got to have a new business idea and the business may or may not already exist but should not have already started trading so although it’s got to be a new business idea I’ve said in a previous live stream or I’ve emphasized this point previously that it does not have to be unprecedented and it could be a variation on an existing idea what’s important is that the business is part of the innovation economy so traditional say manufacturing businesses will not usually qualify or if you have a trading business import-export business that sort of business would not usually immediately qualify but there may be some innovative aspect of your business which could be developed which would bring your business into the ambit of what sort under the government policy through through these rules in other words an innovative scalable business business and there many businesses are going through or have gone through a digital transformation in other words to bring them in and the to the digital age I do work with business and consultants who help achieve that and who work with my clients to develop their either their innovative business ideas or to effectively digitalize their existing business and the the the two types of businesses that I’ve emphasized previously on this channel are a SAS business so software as a service business where you take your existing model but you transform it into a software based offering i’m said that it is and to be frank if the if you’re not doing that in your business already then you’ll probably have to at some stage out of out of financial necessity as the as the economy changes and of course wholly depends on the nature of your of your business I’m not suggesting that if every business has to become innovative but most businesses will need to have at least a viable digital plan and and technology in a plan for embracing technology so either you have a tech business in which case you may well qualify automatically under these rules or you might have a business that undergoing or that needs to undergo change to bring into the innovation economy or to leverage the innovation economy as part of its strategy or you may be I’m purely you know an investor in which case you if you are looking to come in under these rules and you know obviously subject to assessment of any other options you have under for example Sora the sole representative root or tier 1 or tier 1 investor or tier 2 general subject all of that you might be looking at starting an innovative business or joining with a British entrepreneur with a company that already qualifies effectively under under the visa rules either under the startup or innovative visa categories so those are the sort of three ways that one could approach this so just going on you’ve got to present an idea in any sector there are noticed restrictions for example relating to property development as there were under the tier 1 entrepreneur category and providing you’re satisfied that the idea is sufficiently innovative viable and scalable and then I’m you’ve got to be and then you you can develop other businesses as well as your main idea so it’s you know they need to work exclusively on the business that’s endorsed you can develop other businesses as well as your main idea and then it says the categories are not designed for people are establishing a business which doesn’t fulfil those criteria you know 30 is an innovative viable scalable or joining an already trading business or seeking to invest into an already trading business so as I said you can invest into an existing non trading business and the way you assess the viability of that is ensuring that it meets a minimum criteria in other words I mean I would recommend that it’s either been through one of the incubators or accelerators or it and ideally it should also qualify for government funding of some kind just for you to be able to assess its viability before you commit your your funds to such a business and do the the overriding consideration is whether it’s going to be a good fit if you are joining joining up and co-founding an entity with a British entrepreneur then you’ve got to ensure that it’s going to be a good match and you’re going to be able to work together over the three-year period of the visa term onto the innovative visa or if it’s under the startup bridge over the five-year period however of course you can during the period of that switch up your your

businesses it can develop another business but the new business would then need to be endorsed so yeah ideally you’d really want to select a business that you can commit to for either three-year period or the five-year period so that’s just to go to the next aspect to the presentation this is a live stream so if you do have any questions you can you can ask them and I will answer them at the at the end so we’ll move on from this page for. Now it’s bear with me a second please okay great so I’m just going to go to the process. Now watch what should happen in in week 1 of instructing me so what I would typically do with a client in week 1 is we would review the the business plan the proposed business plan I’m often it’s necessary assistance of an accountant for example to to to modify the business plan and I mean off often I find that the the business plans that are produced by clients don’t fully reflect the strengths of all their businesses and don’t fully reflect their their plans in the UK there’s also they need to specifically deal with market research for the UK market and to show the scalability to to national markets and then on to the innovative visa to international markets so normally there’s some work to be done on on the business plan with you and as I say with my partners. Now the next the next phase is in week 2 so if we’re working together in week 2 what I look to do aim to do is have the endorsement its to secured the endorsement within that within that period assuming we’re working fast and effectively together and full time then if we were to to present to two or three targeted endorsing bodies then I would look to get an endorsement within within that period. Now the next week would be week three and in week 3 we would really be looking to prepare the application and there’s a number of things that you can do to just prepare ahead one of the holdups could be you know to prevent you progressing as fast as possible one of the holdups could be with your dependents and your dependents in other words dependent family member such as your wife will need to get and the criminal record certificate from from his or her her country of residence Now that can take some time to get so what i do what i would ordinarily do is just highlight the beginning of the process that you need you need to get there so if we are working together i’m looking to avoid any holdups if you can request that from your local authorities promptly at the beginning of the process they will probably come through by about week three and therefore won’t coupon cause any holdups next we would look to really get a get a decision if it’s possible to expedite and the application is not possible in all application centers because this is still relatively new visa we’ll be looking to get the entry entry clearance so this is this is a vignette which allows you to come to the UK and once you do so i want to once you get that you have 30 days to convert that into a biometric residence permit which you pick up in the UK. Now having said that you do actually have three months after you get the endorsement letter to apply so you can actually control the timeframe more or less you can you can control the timeframe the other thing is you know we wouldn’t necessarily need to apply for the endorsement immediately and as i said you wouldn’t need to apply what having got the endorsement letter you would necessarily need to make the application made the visa application immediately but you know she mean you you want to you want to get on with it then there’s potentially a four week time frame it may well take longer this is best case but assuming there’s no holdups then optimally this is what i would seek to aim for so after after that it would be in week five that you would you would pick up if

you assume you came straight to the UK you would pick up your biometric residence permit and that would either under the startup visa that would give you a two two years of leave in the UK non extendable and under the innovative visa which you’d have to switch to after a startup visa under but if you’ve got an innovative visa straight to wait an hour to give you three years up to indefinitely to remain so there’s no extension period necessarily with and with all of my clients I’d be looking to have a plan in place which allows them to apply for settlement after the three-year period service although the innovative visa can be extended indefinitely yep one more name to just get indefinitely to remain after three years that’s the advantage of this of this route of the innovative visa route if you can go straight onto it then it gives you an accelerated pathway to indefinite leave to remain and I think as part of the government strategy of trying to attract the best and brightest to the UK once the only other immigration routes that achieved this in three years are the exceptional talent route and also the the Tier one investor pathway at five million at 10 million you can do it after two years but all of these are you know incentivized programs designed by the government to attract the best people to the UK so if you if you get the innovative visa you should look to qualify after after three years I’m going to come to how you can do that very shortly so next thing I just want to look at with you is continuous residents so let’s start with you first of all I went to with family members from. Now although I’m going to do that in the next video in this series properly so do feel free to subscribe if you would like to see that and click the notification bell so that you’re notified when you you will not release more videos so year one in year one you need to be looking ahead at the at the coming three years under the innovative visa and let’s just pause for a moment to have a look at the provisions so continuous residents what it says his applicants for settlement have against for settlement on the innovator category must have continuously resided in the UK for at least three years immediately prior to the application so that’s your application for indefinite leave to remain in determining if an applicant meets this requirement of continuous residency you must be satisfied as the decision maker must be satisfied that the applicant isn’t not had combined absences from the UK in excess of 180 days in any consecutive 12-month period so that’s the key thing any consecutive 12-month period I need 12 months you take within this this period you must not have been out for more than 180 days the plus side of that though is that you can’t be out of the country for about half the year effectively so under the innovative visa catch but you’ve got to be working I’m exclusively on you UK business so any other business interests will have to be switched on to a passive basis you know your other business with businesses will have to be managed and if you have any investments that wouldn’t infringe the rule but you got to be working working on your on your business and satisfying and the endorsement body of the same so let’s just go back to the diagram so let me just let me just illustrate this point for you briefly so if we get to the end of year two when that 12 months is is looked at in that first year so this 12 months no more than 180 days absence in that 12 months is its permissible and and that’s that’s simply for the purposes of your application for indefinite leave to remain so then we’ve got the second full year and then we come to year 3 Now at the end of year three you would be entitled to apply for indefinite leave to remain and that’s the document there that you would get confirming settlement and it says in the comments indefinite leave to remain and then you’d wait for a year before applying to naturalize as a British citizen so

you’re your naturalization and then subsequently you’re Bush as possible would be would be granted after that year and the reason for that is you need one clear year before applying to naturalizers British citizen and that’s what again one of the advantages of the innovative visas you can go straight ahead to do that whereas if you’re on say metier to general visa you would have to complete the five years get indefinite leave to remain and then you’d only apply to naturalize a year six so you effectively save a year by going down this this visa pathway incidentally if you want any help with looking your visa options I’d be very happy to assist you I have a free consultation service you can either drop me an e-mail or you can contact me on whatsapp and I’ll respond within the day so let’s go to the next the next part of my presentation so the next part is just about this that what do you need to do in those three years so you’ve got to carefully manage this so the first thing is to qualify for indefinite leave to remain you can invest fifty thousand into your business and this has got to be actively spent furthering the business plan assessed in the applicants previous endorsement. Now this is this is very important because the money has to be spent furthering the business plan assessed in the applicants previous endorsement so the the business plan that is assessed and endorsed if you like it’s got to be the one into which the 50k is invested so in other words the plan for the investment of the 50,000 needs to be dealt with at the beginning you did not simply put forward a business plan mother’s yeah yeah even if it’s endorsed the the business plan could create a problem for you later if it doesn’t contain the investment plan or reflect the way in which the 50k would would be invested the two are going to be connected they will look at whether the 50,000 has actually been invested into the business plan that was assessed in the beginning so that’s very important. Now I don’t suggest there can’t be any changes to the business plan it’s appropriate in most commercial circumstances for most companies to adapt their business plan over a three-year period be odd if they didn’t but there’s there’s got to be some consistency here and and continuity so that’s the first point next point is this one of the other criteria you can fulfill is that you’ve engaged in significant R&D activity and you’ve applied for intellectual property protection in the UK. Now that the question is what is intellectual property protection you can protect a trademark but read in context this is in – this is intellectual property protection in respect of your research and development activity so ordinarily this would be a patent application that’s not to say that you need to have that ready at the beginning of the three years but you do need to have some plan in place if this is your target criterion for indefinite leave to remain let’s have a look at the next option so here I’m just going to deal with your other different options for qualifying and these are all under the heading of settlement success criteria so this says endorsing bodies must confirm in their endorsement letter that the applicant has achieved two of the following so this is the endorsement by the time you get to indefinite leave to remain said two of the following to the first two so first three of these so 50,000 is invested I’ve dealt with that the other one is the number of the business customers has at least doubled within the most recent three years and his currently higher than the mean number of customers for other UK businesses offering comparable main products and services. Now the one of the interesting things about this is that it it’s accepted under the rules that you could have a business that’s similar to other businesses offering comparable main products or services. Now if they’re comparable bear in mind my point about a bit of business being a new business idea being new and it being unprecedented it can’t be unprecedented because if it if it was and there wouldn’t be any other comparable products and services so that I think that that just reinforces that point but this as I’ve said before is not necessarily one of the criterion that I would ordinarily recommend people go for all the people would be happy to go for because it’s challenging to assess the mean number of customers of other UK

businesses offering comparable main products and services and you you’d need a effectively an expert report on that so I would not suggest going for that and then the third one is the businesses engaged in significant research and development activity and is applied for intellectual property protection in the UK so as I say that’s the one that clients would normally normally go for nobody aim to achieve so let’s have a look at the other criterion so here they are the business has generated a minimum annual revenue of 1 million in the last full year covered by its accounts so a couple of my clients are aiming to achieve this as the basis for their settlement criteria because they they do have a revenue up to that level already and they’ll be looking looking to exceed that so that’s perfectly achievable but that would not be achievable for everyone of course the next one the business is generating a minimum annual revenue of five hundred thousand in the last four year covered by its accounts with at least one hundred thousand from exporting overseas Now this is one that some of my client are going for and again it just depends on on the nature of the business but that would be achievable for many scalable businesses again if you’re investing into a a British company with my guidance the guns have their partners that I work with then most of them have a highly viable plan for achieving that and and more the next is the business has created an equivalent of at least 10 full-time jobs for resident workers so 10 is going to be quite a stretch for some people within the first three years especially on if it’s a completely new company and the business is generated the equivalent of at least full-time jobs for resident workers with an average salary of 25 K a year so five full-time Java 25 so is going to be a hundred and twenty five thousand pounds you need to budget for two it to achieve that criterion and that’s achievable for many people as well so if the intellectual property route research and development isn’t viable for you or for the I’m you know co-founder that you’re partnering with under this visa routes then you you might look for the employment option that is this is a lot higher than the old diet tier 1 entrepreneur criterion of two full time jobs you’re looking at five but again it’s it’s 125 thousand pounds and if you have a small team and that’s going to be achievable for many so that’s the settlement criterion let’s just go on to the next part of my presentation so the next part is just about the innovative teams and I wanted to come back to us so how are you affected if are under the settlement criterion if you’re if you’re with a co-founder. Now if you’re with a British co-founder of working with me and you’re connected with someone on my network a British co-founder then that’s no problem because they’re not gonna they’re not looking to achieve anything under the these routes but if you have another international non-va European Economic Area a co-founder who is applying onto this route as well then effectively you have to share out hub the assessment success criteria or double them so that’s not necessarily a problem but let’s look at how it can be done in some examples so the provisions provide applicants do not need to be the sole founders that their businesses whilst multiple innovators in the same company can receive endorsements each applicant must have been endorsed and for achievements in their own right where there are multiple innovators endorsed by the same company the settlement criteria relied on must have been multiplied by the number of innovators associated with the business this can be achieved by either applicants using different success criteria so that’s the the the idea of effectively I’m sharing out the the successes of the business and here’s the example so the applicant said two of them remember they’ve got a meet to each so you’ve got it hit four in total if there’s if there’s two of you so in this example the applicants can demonstrate that they have created ten jobs for restaurant workers that’s one secondly at least fifty thousand has been invested into the business that’s two number three the business is generated a minimum annual gross salary of 1 million and before the business is engaged in

significant research and development and applied for IP protection so that the – that that would ordinarily be appropriate or or the easiest path ways would be investing 100,000 so 50,000 each if you have one go at one Cove international co-founder you invest 100,000 so that’s 50,000 aged they’ve hit two criteria in there then you do R&D and apply for intellectual property whether on the trade market or or patent route as I say in most cases that would be a pattern pathway it could potentially be a copyright pathway although the copyright is ordinarily automatic speed to me if you’re thinking thinking about that that criterion and targeting them and then the last one being that you’ve created five full-time jobs at 25k each so those are the four where if you have an international co-founder you you’d be looking to achieve that. Now if you’re coming into it a you know co-founding a company on or investing into a non trading company in the UK then you’ll be looking at that business saying okay how can they help me or how can I help after you help them to develop the business and in the process also meet the residents criteria as well as making a success of the business and the way that one would do that is looking at any IP that they’re developing and that’s that’s important and then looking at how many jobs are likely to created over the period and then look at anticipated revenue and on the basis of of that assessment you can make an informed decision as to whether to invest or God and co-found the the business with them so just going back to the criteria and there are listen there are other examples here but I think I’ve made the point and you have the provisions here so let’s go on I think we’ve finished up the presentation almost it’s just an additional point at the end here to complete those provisions so look is here’s my my diagram the overall diagram and I’m going to be producing similar videos to this animated demonstrations of off the criteria. Now because we’re live I’m going to check to see if anyone has any questions so just bear with me a sec let’s have a look at more questions have been asked I guess to Sbarro asks what what do I need to achieve by the end of the three years for permanent residency so thanks for much for that question so to answer that directly let me just come back to the live stream so what what you need to achieve is you need to hit two of the seven criterion for indefinite leave to remain and those as I say the settlement called the settlement success quite criterion there’s some straightforward ones and some hot and and some some harder ones potentially harder ones the most straightforward ones are simply investing the 50,000 that you need to have under this visa route anyway so if you invest that you’ve hit one and number two is you in terms of perhaps rank of EES is you apply for some intellectual property protection of your assets in the UK during during the three years. Now a potential backup our third option again in rank or firm ease is the creation of jobs so under this visa route you need to create and five you would if you were choosing this criterion evenly you would need to rely on the fact that you’d created five jobs at twenty five thousand age which would be one hundred and twenty five thousand pounds investment over the over that five-year period. Now that could include your fifty thousand so you just needed another 75,000 to actually fund and those jobs when you’re looking at your financial planning so I hope that helps the as for the other seven criterion that they’re actually all all within this video I’m within the diagram type I’ve done on this on this livestream so let’s see if there’s any other questions on just a highlight of course if you want to touch base with me you can do so on whatsapp or email my details are below let me just go back to YouTube and see if there are any other questions so the other question is about its from Mora and that’s that’s saying that she’s

due to apply for indefinite leave to remain so he’s saying that he’s due to if I’ve thought indefinitely to remember his wife as European Union citizen you may be eligible for preset or status yeah so thanks for asking this question that’s that’s an important one what I would say to what I say to that is if you have a European Union citizen spouse then that changes things completely so you would not need to apply under this route at the moment pre brexit you first of all they would have an unfettered right to start a business in the UK and you would be able to apply as the an on e a family member but relying on their GU rights and and you would be able to come to the UK in that capacity so that’s a different application I’d be very happy to assist you with that application if you needed help and that would mean you would not need to go down the the innovative visa route for. Now of course it looks like we approaching in No Deal breaks it so I actually advised a client recently he was going to apply under the innovator that’s for giving all the innovative user criteria the the Tier one investor route and he in fact he did not need to invest five million under that route which which you would otherwise have done because he would be entitled to rely on and European Union right to come to the UK so that I was able to help him avoid a and to make a significant investment because another visa route was available and as a prerequisite to my assessment if I’m working with you I always check whether there’s any other rights you can rely on or any more straightforward visa routes that might help facilitate your objectives better let’s just have a quick look at any other questions that have been asked okay and then there’s a question about the startup fees and applying with a dependent if you want to and about the cost for that if you’re in touch base with me I can just drop me a message on whatsapp I can send you through my pricing for assisting with the process be very happy to help you and then Subaru follows up saying so the settlement criteria is two out of seven options that’s exactly right yeah that’s exactly right I’m asked by Mindy how much they charge for consultation I don’t charge anything I have a free consultation service I’m said basically I don’t charge anything unless I get people the results that they that they want so unless I get the outcome that you’re looking for I I don’t charge for it I do ask for some to be paid on on it on account date before I start working with people I’m Saburo also highlights other any chances for that a UK VC says for venture capital invest they would invest 50k into the for an innovative visa so no I mean there certainly is the prospect of VC funding so one of the does go back so one of the things I will do with all of my business immigration clients is give them access to a specialist in fundraising and in applying for government grants for businesses and that particularly applies to the innovator and startup visa roots because the threshold is quite high and so I I will connect you with my with my network and in particular the consultant that I work with who helps startups and innovators raise funds so yeah that’s definitely viable and there’s very significant funding available if you if you if you do meet the criterion I’m under these visa roots so you can potentially fundraise in the UK however you need to show that you’re financially viable from the outset and so you need to have 50,000 for the innovative visa route. Now there’s a way that you can avoid that in other words the startup visa doesn’t have any minimum criterion but it still has a financial viability assessment with it so the financial Philip so of course one of the criterion is viability that includes financial viability so if you don’t have 50 thousand the question is how you go into where’s the money going to come from to set up your business in the UK so really I think 50 K is a

helpful sort of threshold for whether you can actually achieve what you want to achieve in the UK especially if your business is not going to be embracing you immediately the question is that you know where’s the money going to come from so it’s going to be very difficult for you to secure an endorsement if you do not have 50 thousand even under the startup visa route there are exceptions to that so you know you always feel free to touch base with me but you you will generally need to have 50 thousand available. Now if you’re but if you do have the funds and you pass the assessment and you’re endorsed they’re not that unlocks lots of possibilities in the UK government funding potentially as well as MVC and angel funding so you need to demonstrate financial viability first if you get through then I would do everything I can to give you as many opportunities as possible for fundraising so let’s just have a quick look have a quick look to see if there are any other questions great said and lots of positive feedback thank you very much guys for your your kind comments I’m always always happy to assist and I hope this was helpful I will see you in the next live stream I’m going to be producing as much helpful material as I can on the UK visa routes over the coming weeks and also on other international options so feel free to to contact me if you want a free consultation and I will see you in the next video bye for now

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