hey miles here milesbeckler.com this video reveals the number one best online business model for 2021 and beyond specifically you’re gonna learn what this business model is why this is the best business model right now and how to get started and how to get on that path today for you also i’m going to jump on the computer and map out exactly how i would approach this business model if i didn’t bring the kind of expertise that i had but you’re going to run it through the lens of i’ve already built multiple businesses and i’ve made millions of dollars online so i’ll show you what i consider the fast path to making this happen what you’re not going to find in this video are advertisements over the video and you’re also not going to get a pitch at the end of this video i don’t have a course to sell you around this i have a very successful business five separate websites doing wonderfully so i’m just trying to make this information freely available for you so you can move forward all right let’s jump in so what is the best business model it’s what i call info marketing okay or info publishing it’s essentially selling information okay why is this the best business model for right now so we are either still in or coming out of a crazy lockdown pandemic type experience within our world and what’s happened is user behavior has forever changed within this period people are consuming more content online people are buying more things online and education has shifted online in a broader sense in the last one year than ever before okay this is an absolute radical shift in our culture even harvard is fully online at least for this fall semester of 2020 and that’s a 49 000 price tag for online learning people are buying online education studying online education and seeking out online education more today than ever before this means the pool of buyers interested in what we do is greater than ever before okay you also get wonderful margins in this business model my wife and i have many streams of income and we get about 95 margins on the information we create and sell scale is possible here if you’re not delivering one-to-one sessions if you’re not delivering in small group theoretically the online business systems can sell thousands of these things each and every day for you obviously there’s a whole world of advertising that ties into that and that’s the last one is that you can advertise this stuff very very cleanly simply effectively with facebook ads and facebook ads have gotten cheaper and more effective as a result of everything that’s going on so that’s why this is really powerful okay the next step is how do you actually do it and so to do this you need to truly become the expert and what is the expert means that means that you know enough about the world that we’re getting into and again i’ll give you a real clear real world example here in a second but just the structure okay you actually need to be able to help people achieve results that’s what an expert can do doesn’t mean you’re multi-times published you’re on all the news networks not at all it can be a very very niche expert in something you’ve been doing for a very long time or you can study up and figure out how to do this okay so once you are on the path you need to be able to create a result for yourself and then you want to be able to create results for other people okay and when you’re creating results for other people this a helps you refine the system refine the model refine what you’re doing and b it will help you get testimonials and ultimately you’re going to end up with your system so for me in the the real world example of miles beckler i spent 300 000 on facebook ads i’ve been doing facebook advertising uh since 2014 since it was a very very early ad product um i’ve bought tens and tens of thousands of dollars of education and facebook ads and today the way my team and i run our facebook ads we have our way of doing it and that’s what i’m wrapping up into a course at this point in time okay so that’s how it works but what if you’re just getting started what if you don’t have expertise first and foremost i want you to think real quick back have you become a firefighter and did you pass the firefighter test if so that is absolutely perfect for this kind of a world what result are you able to create have you already created that other people are looking for were you a lawyer you passed the bar exam and then you learned how to build an entire legal practice because they don’t teach you how to market your lawyer services um there’s how many students are coming out of law school right now that would love to learn how to actually build a practice and make 250 000 a year as a lawyer because that’s their goal okay if you’ve done that you can help them with that but again let’s jump on the computer now and let’s do the example the um i don’t know nothing about nothing example and we’ll start there to build up so what would i do in this day to be honest i would go into the world of credit repair debt reduction and kind of like frugality slash budgeting okay and the reason is it fits into the big three the big three are money um relationships and ultimately health and wellness and so this is directly into money now i’m what i’m going to do is i’m going to draw this out in a way that i want you to

visualize what we’re doing okay it’s not as important about the bits and pieces that i’m telling you but this is the idea so over here is where people are where they’re starting okay and i’m gonna put a frowny face on here because they have terrible credit they have a 427 credit score and they have let’s say minus uh 23 418 dollars in debt could be student loan debt could be credit card debt i’m going to write debt here just to make sure it’s clear since i use dashes okay now if you are in a similar position to this okay if you have bad credit if you are in debt you can be your first experiment on actually figuring all this out and making this work if you don’t you may very well be connected with people on facebook you might have family members you might have people at your church who if you step up and you say hey i want to teach a group of people how to take control of their financial world i want to teach a group of people how to boost their credit scores how to get out of debt and how to build a savings account so they can buy a house are you interested it’s free i will do weekly or monthly coaching with you to help you figure this game out let me know okay how many people are going to raise their hand for that there’s going to be some people who step up and want your help with that i think you help yourself first but if you’re not in this situation if you have no debt and if you’ve got a 780 or an 810 credit score you’ve already done it so now you just need to teach others so what’s the goal that’s the goal okay so the goal is over here so we’re going to put the person with a big old smiley face on and they have an 800 plus credit score and then they have 25 000 positive in the bank and zero debt okay this is where we want to get people to okay this is what people want people who want to buy a house that’s what they need to get to if houses in your area cost a hundred thousand dollars that twenty thousand dollars is going to go towards it plus five grand for fix up this that the other this is the position they need to be in to be able to buy a house how many people want to buy a house everybody okay money’s cheap it’s it’s something that everybody’s thinking about right now so this is the plan i would execute on now i don’t know anything about this world to be perfectly honest i have really good credit but it’s kind of haphazard to be honest so i would spend a year of my life digging in learning everything there is to learn about this and ultimately what i’m looking for are the core pillars that they’re going to have to go across and i’m assuming it’s going to be at least three pillars but it might be five it might be six it is irrelevant i would read all of the books i would listen to the podcasts i would go through the courses i could get access to available for free online there are plenty of free online educational systems i may even go as far as hiring an expert on upwork to coach me literally hiring an hourly expert who is a massive expert in this area how do i figure all this out and what i’m looking for is what are these steps that i need to help someone or myself and it’s best if you’re going through this yourself because you’re going to really get that experience so we want to figure out what is the first step that they need to take what is the second step the third step the fourth step the fifth step and then they are where they want to be so within this world i can tell you one of them is going to be frugality okay how to spend less literally how to live your life while spending less number two is going to be let’s say savings okay so after frugality is savings and maybe in here already mapping this out budgeting is going to become important and maybe budgeting is right down here now the cool part in this is if i’m teaching this um there’s a lot of affiliate stuff that already pops up for software tools and and for apps and things that can help people along this process so i’m going to teach people first i need to figure out how to learn live on less money okay so frugality is key for me because i’m in debt currently and i need to get out of debt therefore i need to make sure i have an excess every month so i’m going to jump into the world of frugality and then i’m going to create a budget for myself and i’m going to stick to a budget then i’m going to save and i’m going to start paying off debt so i’m going to put pod here excuse me get that off of there okay so that’s payoff debt now there’s something called the snowball method there’s a bunch of methods for this i would figure out what is the absolute best and fastest way to pay off debt and keep your mindset right et cetera et cetera so once we’re paying off debt now there’s credit repair okay i’m just gonna put cr for credit repair because you know if somebody’s destroyed their credit if they got a bunch of creditors calling there are ways to mail letters to certain people etc i don’t know nothing about that but i guarantee you your library which you can get access to for free would have books that will teach you how to do that and if you go read even seven books on the topic on these topics frugality budgeting how to pay off debt quickly and how to handle credit repair let’s say you read five books on each of those that’s 20 books that’s an average of about two books per month for the next year anyone can do that you will know more than 95 to 98 of people in the world so at this point credit repair and then how do you save okay like the actual process of of saving up so i mentioned saving over here again i might have these out of order i’m just going off of the cuff and then from here somebody’s got a

savings plan and boom now they’re happy they’ve gotten where they want because ultimately what we do as information marketers is we are actively selling people transformation okay they aren’t buying the steps they aren’t buying all of this they’re buying the ability to transform their life okay and they transform their life from being someone who’s broke tired of being broke in debt frustrated wants to own a home to being actually in a position to where they could go into a office like a loan officer or to a mortgage place and the mortgage person would be like yeah you qualify for this much you actually can buy a house and you could help that person create what might end up being some form of generational wealth for them it could completely change their family their situation and this is what you’re working with now on this path i’m going to zoom out a little bit more because i want you to see how much bigger than just this is okay so this is just the first part of it and so we’re going from essentially from debt to let’s just say positive here but at this point in time well maybe they want to actually learn how to buy a house okay and that’s what they need to do so from here you need to help them buy a house maybe it’s a buying a house that could be house hacking that could be they buy a triplex where they live in one and they rent out the other two and now they’re getting cash flow and they’re getting paid there you go to buy a house how would you like to get paid to live where you live i mean a lot of people be like yep i’m all about that some people be like nope my privacy is too worth it but some percentage of people who want this transformation will also want this transformation and this is how in an info product business we can create all kinds of different products to service all of the different aspects of our people so what would i do in this process okay so this little map i want to zoom back in on this section here but i’m going to clear this out so a we start by doing the research if you don’t know how to do this if you haven’t done it we go into research mode okay and how do you do research you go to the library and you just dig into the books i would recommend going into the books and not the blog posts i would recommend going into if you can find video training series at your library if you can find audio books on this stuff at your library which they absolutely have access to um go through the courses not the blog posts and the podcast episodes okay one of those two is bubblegum okay podcasts and blog posts are generally bubble gum and you need to be getting nutritional value you need to be eating your meat and your veggies and your all the good stuff okay so we research it out and we come up with a plan based on research okay and the plan is step number one is this and under step number one we have these three little sub things that we do okay and then step number two is this and then under step number two we have these little three things that we do and step number three is this and we come up with boom and from there to there to there now you can go to the library and read the books to learn this stuff you can obviously go to library and get the audio courses the video courses you can interview people if you’re connected if you have a community at your church or something you can ask around if anyone has done this and could help you with it you can learn from them and obviously you could go on upwork and you can hire an expert who will physically you know you pay them hourly and they will coach you in this process you can actually hire out to get coach to go through this you know one of the fastest ways to get good at facebook ads is hiring a pro to help you set it all up and get it all done correctly so this is it once you have this research plan what this can be turned into essentially is these are the modules and these are the lessons inside of like a video course and this is what info marketers are doing okay they’re figuring out how to help people achieve their goals and the people are starting out here they’re starting out frustrated because they’re in this situation and at the end of the course they are stoked because they’ve gotten the result that they want and that’s the path that is the magic of it now there’s a couple of things you can also do on the process because i’ll tell you personally from from my personal experiences teaching on youtube has helped me understand this game of marketing so much more clear they say that if you really want to become an expert at something you got to teach it okay if you really want to understand something you have to teach it and this is why i mentioned in the beginning you could reach out to people through your social media through your private network through your friends your family members does anybody want my help doing this or start a little group hey i’m going to get my credit under control i’m going to get out of debt does anyone go on does anyone want to go on this ride with me i will we’ll be doing uh weekly masterminds to to get everybody on path i’m going to be going to the library every single day to research this because it’s time i get my ish together okay you throw that out at your church you throw that out in your facebook your family your friends some text messages people will sign up with and for you and you just go forth helping them as you’re going forth helping them you can absolutely create content so this idea that you learn that you share with your mastermind group on your tuesday zoom call for free okay this idea you might turn it into a blog post if you like writing okay you might turn it into a youtube video if you like you and youtube you might not feel ready for any of that and that’s perfectly okay but the more you teach it the better off you’re going to be and the other way to think about

it is if you don’t have a community if you don’t have a group of people who are willing to if you don’t want to throw this out to your friends and family if it’s something like you’re going to help people with dating or weight loss and you don’t want anybody in your family to know or to get like emotionally involved in that you could just start writing out blog posts now how do you start writing out blog posts well i’ve got on my blog you can go here milesbeckler.com and there’s a start your blog post okay so this is my post it’s step by step it teaches you how to start a wordpress blog so you can start documenting and keeping a record or a journal a weblog which is what a blog is originated as a weblog of what you learned what you’re learning as you’re going through all 20 or 30 of these books okay and then i recommend you start an email list so on your blog you would have a free giveaway and you start your email list how to get an email list started for free is right here there’s some new free tools out they give you landing pages they give you auto responders they have support there available to help you out because here’s what can happen in this situation number one in specific to this scenario right i get my financial house in order okay my credit score is going up i’m out of debt and i’m actually saving money and i’m on the path to buying a house stoked okay for me this is helping me live a a potentially a better life in many senses so i’m getting a really good result in the next year because i’m learning all the tactics number two i’m helping other people so i’m learning it better because i’m forcing myself to teach what i’m learning okay everybody else is super busy we’re all so busy life is super busy taking time out of your day to learn this stuff and then to share it with some friends some family members some community members so they start to get on the path and here’s what happens they get positive results too so now when you’re a year down the road and you are on the path you don’t have to be there to teach this if you’re on the path and you’ve got three or four or five other people on the path you now have testimonials and maybe if you’ve written a blog post about what you’re learning each and every week you’ve got a blog now that has 52 different blog posts about one topic on all of these subject matters then you put a little lead magnet out you grow a list you might have hundreds possibly thousands of people on your email list who are all interested in what you’re doing they’re interested in your journey and they want to replicate your success and your students success and this is when you can create a course a video course an ebook a real book whatever and along that path you can promote affiliate products you can promote all kinds of things you can offer one-on-one coaching you could create a small membership where everybody pays 30 bucks a month and they get to ask you questions and they get all of your insights as well it’s an unlimited path is what this ultimately is but it stems from your willingness to dig in and commit to becoming one of the most helpful people in that world yes there’s people already doing it if you go look on google you’re gonna find credit repair people i wouldn’t care i eventually could outwork them all to the point and out strategize them all to the point where i dominate that space if i wanted now this isn’t for me okay well you’re seeing what i’m doing what is for me i’ve been doing this internet marketing game stuff since 2003 i have over 17 years experience in this world i’ve made millions of dollars online and it’s something that i have down to an absolute science so i’m really good at teaching this to you that’s what i’m doing but you need to find something that you’re at least willing to commit to helping other people with and often it just works so well when it helps you in the process so you can get the result of better credit in this world okay you get out of debt and better credit and you get a budget and you actually get your financial house in order you help other people do the same thing they love you it feels great you build a body of content that proves you can help others ding ding ding this means you’re the expert because you can help others then you can start a course you can launch your course out to your email list you can run facebook ads to your course you can run youtube ads to your course magic can happen and that my friend is the entire path if you’ve enjoyed this video let me know in the comments i do appreciate it i will have some links to additional videos that are relevant to this how to map out a course and how to get some of the bits and pieces started so that’s all in the description if you want that i appreciate you i really hope you move forward uh creating value for yourself creating a new world for yourself and helping other people remember the last note here that you can have anything you want in this world as long as you help enough other people get what they want and as information marketers as digital marketers this world of online entrepreneurship our job is to help others get results and i hope now you can see clearly from me laying this out in this video since you made it to the end you can see a clear path and i hope this is helpful to you and if it is acknowledge what i have just done was actually a step on that path that i showed you i now have helped you understand this game a little bit better that’s my job in this world i play in and you can go forth and commit to another audience in their world and you can help them get going in that whether it’s the credit repair or buying a house whatever it is how to get dates how to lose weight how to raise your kids successfully how to homeschool your kids oh my gosh how many people are at home with their their homeschool kids at this point in this world um it could be at home ergonomics feng shui anything it’s amazing

i’m gonna call it now thank you very much i appreciate you get at me in the comments like thumbs up subscribe do what you do i appreciate you and i will see you on the next video until then be well

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