Wow guys this build is insane the mapping is great the bossing is incredible and it has a lot of defensive layers so it’s not squishy either overall I think and all my time playing peewee this has probably been one of the best builds I’ve ever had the opportunity to play and I’m really actually surprised that blade fall and blade blast or not more meta than they are considering that there’s a number of mechanics within those skills that you can abuse pretty heavily to get really great numbers without really insane investment so what I’m gonna do is basically kind of go over the build what the play style is like some of the itemization and the skill tree so first it is a two-button build essentially you have a blade fall and then you’ll see it leaves some lingering blades and then you trigger those with blade blast and you’ll see that the AO e’s have a really nice overlap so this overlap is the mechanic that we are abusing to do all the damage you saw in the introductory montage so that being said it’s a physical spell we aren’t converting any of the damage we’re doing all physical damage on top of that it is a power charge build on the assassins so we are stacking as many power charges as we possibly can and using those power charges to scale out the rest of the build so that being said first I’ll kind of go over the gems and you know how everything kind of works and comes together so here you see we have blade fall supported by either awaken spell cascade if you can afford that or regular spell cast scape they both work great awaken spell cast gauge just gives you more coverage when mapping and depending on the size of the boss your fighting can give you a little extra single target damage as well we have unleash support this allows us to bring multiple volleys down and leave more lingering blades we have concentrated effect because the closer and smaller the AoE of blade fall the more overlap we’re gonna get from the blades when we detonate the and then of course we have blade fall itself and something important to recognize here is that blade fall can have a maximum of 40 lingering blades now obviously as you can see we put down way more than 40 blades coming down in that volley and you also notice that the only blades left on the ground are sort of in front it’s not really leaving any blades in the back of the volley so the way we deal with this to maximize our damage is as soon as we can plate fall we immediately cast blade blasts and then we cast it again and what this does is it blade fall kind of comes down in a gradient cascade so when we press blade blasts twice like that we’re detonating the first set of blades that initially hit the ground and then we’re detonating the second set of blades that hit the ground at the end so in this way we’re detonating way more than the 40 blade cap that you would normally see and blade fall if we just waited for blade fall to finish and for all the blades to wind up on the ground I asked for blade blast this is in our six link we have blade blast awakened brutality support intensified power charged on critical support awakened controlled destruction support and awaken increased

area-of-effect support we don’t have a lot of support options since this is a physical spell so we can’t use elemental focus we can’t use physical or lightning or added fire damage so we have a limited number of supports that we can choose from and in my playing and testing I think the two best things you can use they’re things that really increase your AoE so originally I was running just increased area of effect and I was running energy shield agents that have intensified but from what I can tell more AoE is actually more damaged even if we put in energy leech support here and even if we’re leeching so we’re getting the maximum amount of damage we could do which you can see here would be 39 percent more damage our blade blasts don’t have as much area of effect and so they don’t overlap as much and so you actually end up doing less damage even though it’s a more damage multiplier so really I think stacking increased area of effect with intensify support is actually gonna give you the most damage because you’re gonna be overlapping those blades and so if one blades a in this bill gives you 500,000 you know damage per second and now you multiply that out because all your blades are overlapping you’re doing millions upon millions more damage than if you just had a sort of flat more multiplier but the blades weren’t really overlapping so that’s really going to be the best gem setup for that as far as your auras we have war banner cast wind damage taken support steel skin we have Val grace for a little bit of extra dodge we have flesh and stone blood and Do not use Blood and Sand, it only works for melee. This was an oversight. Just put war banner here and add increased duration to Steelskin/Grace or a level 1 clarity if you need the mana Sand pride and we have an enlightened support just to give us a little bit more comfort in our mana if you don’t have an inline support don’t worry about it’s not a big deal to build still place fine the spells aren’t too expensive and because one cast put so many blades down you really don’t have to spam it too much so the mana really isn’t an issue on this build and then in terms of what we use socking our wands I like to use – you can use flame – and we’re supporting with arcane surge to get that more spell damage and a bit more increased cast speed and then for bosses honestly really don’t even need this sometimes I don’t even bother to cast it but we do have orbital storms with curse on hit and vulnerability so in terms of the gear I mentioned this is a power charge build so we do have to void batteries then we have this helmet the most important mod here is the +1 to maximum power charges you can get this by harvest crafting on a warlord helmet and then if you have the currency you can awaken orbit together with an elder home for nearby enemies take 90 percent increased physical damage for an amulet really the important mod here I think is the physical damage leashes life really helps with the sustain it’s an elder mod they’re pretty cheap on the market and you can sort of craft around it from there for the Rings we have a shaper ring and a Crusader ring the shaper ring has life gain for each enemy hit by spells because blade fall is casting down so many blades and there’s so much overlap with blade blast you actually get back a considerable amount of life even just for having 13 life gain for each be hit by your spells then we have a Vermillion ring that I slammed with a crusader or to get the spell damage but otherwise it’s pretty normal it’s just Dex which we need in this build some life some resistances and then +1 to minimum endurance charges the gloves are sort of nice quality of life you definitely don’t need gloves like these but the level 20 blind gives us another defensive layer for any enemies that might be outside of our flesh and stone’ aura make sure that they’re blind and then on top of that if you use an essence of insanity like I did here you get 16% more cast speed for your blade fall which really just makes the bill feel a lot smoother and allows you to transition from using blade fall to moving pretty quickly bail it’s pretty standard the cooldown recovery speed doesn’t do anything for this bill I just happen to craft this belt early in the league and really haven’t found anything better yet to replace it but a good stingy advice with life razz and perhaps hinder on spell hit for the jewel that you would sock it into it would be a good addition to this build and then finally the boots tail and boots are extremely easy to craft and harvest we create a lot so tailwind is essentially up a hundred percent of the time and then we have the unveiled craft 20% increased movement speed with twelve percent chance to gain onslaught for four seconds on kill so that’s pretty much it for the itemization so you see that nothing here is really expensive the void batteries are depending on the league they can be pretty cheap a lot of the mods that we’re using on the influenced items are not bill changing with the exception of the helmet and everything else is pretty much just life

and res so if we go over to the tree I think this is where the defensive layers and the DPS and the bill really becomes evident so the first thing is that we’re using militant faith which is conquered by High Templar Dominus which turns the pain a tomb and key stone into inter conviction the reason the inter conviction is so goodness bill is we have ten power charges which means we get 30% more spell damage per power charge one of the things that you could use in this bill would be the badge of the Brotherhood amulet which sets your max frenzied charges to your maximum power charges and obviously you can’t use this key stone with that so yes if you had ten frenzied charges and you did not have inter conviction you would have 4% more damage per frenzied charge so you have 40% more damage but I think what’s really important to recognize is with inter conviction is that it says gain power charges instead of frenzied charges it doesn’t mean you can’t have frenzy charges so if you want to get close to the damage of badge of the Brotherhood without actually purchasing it just get this Keystone enter conviction and then craft frenzy charges onto your amulets they still work just fine so in that way you get the 30% more damage from your 10 power charges plus you get 12 percent more damage from your three frenzy charges which actually ends up being more damage than badge at the Brotherhood so I think that’s definitely an option to consider because currently in harvest badger the Brotherhood is a 50 exalt item and I don’t think it’s worth 50 exalts when you can get more damage out of a few crafts on your jewelry and then socketing a much cheaper timeless jewel with it with a key stone that works really well for our power church build so that’s where a tremendous amount of the damage comes from this build is through inter conviction then the second thing we have in terms of our defensive layers in this bill is we are a block build we have a roomies flask and in addition we have a threat of hope jewel that allows us to pick up glancing blows as well as some reduced mana cost of our skills and additional life you definitely don’t need any cluster jewels in this build I did pick up a three passive federal cluster jewel but if you don’t have the currency 4 or you haven’t rolled one yet you can just path down and pick up barbarism for the same amount of points it does net you a little bit less life but you also get +1 to maximum fire resistance so you do get some extra mitigation so it’s really not too bad of a trade-off and so I really don’t think this cluster jewel isn’t anyway necessary for this build-up here we have an intuitive leap jewel we once we got a lot of currency we did get a corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you but otherwise these are like a 25 seat jewel and it allows us to pick up some extra block and some spell damage we also get 2% increase spell damage per 100 maximum mana there’s actually quite a bit considering we have 1700 mana a little bit extra block and some mana regeneration rate and then we pick up our last power charge and because we have 10 powered charges in this build this is actually a great little minor node because we’re gonna get 40% increased spell damage from just that small passive so we pick that up as well here we just have a little bit of life and critical strike multiplier with my gear I didn’t struggle with resistances but as you can see this could be a good spot to pick up a little extra resistance if you need it we pick up the disciple of the forbidden 1/2 wheel which gives us a lot of quality of life we get multi-port we get critical strike chance for power charge and we get mana regen for power charge so this sense of being 80% increased mana regeneration rate and as you see on the boots we have 70% increased mana regeneration rate if you’ve cast the spell recently so between that and mystic bulwark and this small passive here we have a lot of mana regeneration so this build really doesn’t struggle with mana when you’re mapping and we kill bosses so fast that by the time we run out of mana the boss is already dead anyway so it doesn’t even much matter otherwise there’s really nothing going on with the tree it’s a pretty typical assassin ascendancy set up here we do have a Watchers eye with 12% chance to deal double damage while using pride these were actually pretty cheap this league I think I got this one for one-and-a-half exalts they’re really not that expensive at all and I got very lucky and found one with two grace modifiers which is great because when we trigger Val grace it counts as being affected by grace so

we actually get a little extra dodge chance there by having that mod so that’s a nice little trick you can do that if you’re using a vowel or like maybe a vowel hast see if you can get the 12% chance that you’ll double damage while using pride alongside something where you’ll get a benefit when using a vowel skill even though you might not be using that aura and your build normally so that’s pretty much it for the tree that’s pretty much it for the gear in terms of the flasks we have you know classic alchemists Quicksilver flasks of adrenaline we have an ample diamond flask of warding we have a bottle of faith flask which also you don’t really need because we do get the additional base crit chance from our sentence II so the flask does help a little bit for bosses because you can put the consecrated ground on them and they’ll take increased damage but I definitely think that there’s other options for you to put in this place we have a roomies which because of glancing blows really takes our block to the next level normally we sit at thirty eight twenty when you hit the flask you’re at 72 forty which actually makes it a really great defensive layer and one other thing worth mentioning aside from this seething divine last divine life flask of stanching is that we don’t have a heat flask and honestly you don’t need a heat flask in this build and there’s a pretty great reason why so these two new passes were added in the most recent patch and they came with a couple notables that in my opinion if you’re anywhere near this spot on the tree you should be taking these and one is anointed flesh and the second is an updated crystal skin so starting with anointed flesh as you pass through it you’ll notice that you get 5% reduced effect of nondamaging ailments on you and ailment duration reduction 30% reduced effect of chill and 30 percent reduced freeze duration and then same thing 15 percent reduced duration 15 percent reduced effect and then on our amulet we anoint crystal skin which is a little bit similar we get +1 2 all right as 15% chance to avoid elemental ailments so between these two were getting 2% to all maximum elemental resistances which is great mitigation for our build but the thing that’s really great is that this avoidance and especially the duration reduction on freeze means that although we’re not immune to freeze it’s basically unpacked ‘fl to this build so the classic example is you go to open a strong box that has freezes you when activated you don’t have a freeze flask and you die well with this build because the freeze duration is so short before the monsters can even really attack you the freeze ends and you’re free to fight back against the mobs so we don’t need a heat flask for that reason and it’s really a great addition to pick these up because not only do you get that mitigation from the extra maximum le res but you gain sort of this quasi immunity to freeze where even if you get frozen it really doesn’t affect you and even when you’re doing maps with children you’ll notice that it really doesn’t even slow you down so I think annointed flesh and crystal skin are really great pickups on this build I think they’re really great pickups on any build and of course if you happen to get shocked or something you’re also getting some reduction from that and you also have a chance to avoid it so overall I think picking up those passives gives us build a lot of extra quality of life and a lot of extra damage mitigation as I said earlier you could craft frenzy charges for more damage I chose instead to craft minimum endurance charges to get a little bit more physical damage reduction I think another great option for this build you know if you haven’t had an opportunity to craft in a mule and you’re sort of you have enough resistances and you’re kind of looking something you could just buy to put in the amulet slot I think a really great item that you can get is an impressing the reason for this is that not only do you get vulnerability for free you don’t have to worry about casting it it doesn’t reserve any mana but every time you kill a rare or unique enemy you get maddening presents for 10 seconds which reduces the damage that monsters deal and their action speed so I think if you do pick that up I think then you can probably afford to craft the frenzy charges on the rest of your jewelry and if you don’t pick it up I think it’s a good idea to get that little extra mitigation by going the endurance charger out instead so that’s pretty much the whole build I think it’s a great build it can be a really cheap build really the most expensive thing you need to get going are the boy battery ones and the plus one to maximum power charge helmet everything else in this build is stuff that you can acquire over time it will add damage to the build but it will mostly play the same regardless so if you guys are thinking about doing this

build you know I think it’s a really great build I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it and most importantly it can do all content it’s a fast mapper as you saw it can do all the guardian’s it can do Cyrus 8 may be deathless maybe not depends on how bugged or not bugged but the fight happens to be on your particular run but it does chew right through Cyrus because you have all that overlap and it’s a good build for that fight too because you have a lot of regen and you don’t necessarily depend on your flasks so if you guys have any questions about the build about gear itemization the passive tree or the play style just leave a comment below and I’ll probably see it and I’ll leave a little bit of feedback for you you know to help you get along with your build thanks

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