“Get off the road…” [driver passes by] Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip, and I’m Mihaela from World Travel Bug… Hey welcome to our second episode of this epic road trip of the Southwest, so come along with us and let us show you around We’re now at Red Rock and this was not planned whatsoever but we’re actually really happy to find this place because we didn’t just my finger round literally everything was closed where we went so and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico we didn’t know what to do we’re so far away from everything and he almost wanted to go home because I don’t know we just hit the moment of very very very low and then I just searched around and we found two nice places we thought okay let’s see this and then we’re gonna plan further and then we found this place he’s actually not only is not bad at all it’s free so we had water and electricity and everything it’s quite full there are other camera vans here and look at it it’s such a beautiful place and we’re gonna go to a very famous spot in we’re in Gallup right now we’re gonna go to a very famous hotel after this so we had plans to go to Santa Fe and to go down to white sands and some other national parks and monuments and it just you know with the coronavirus going on everything is shut down So, yesterday we mentioned we had to make a detour and that detour was to Moab, Utah… one of my favorite places here in the southwest So what do you think so far? I am amazed again, I’m speechless and I’m happy that we had to take this detour so it’s one of the most surreal places I have ever seen in my life I keep saying that I don’t know where we are on Mars or on some other planet I just cannot explain you how surreal this looks to me well and earlier she was saying you know beauty just doesn’t do this place justice like there has to be you know magnificent or some better adjective to describe Moab area we’re actually on highway 128 which i think is one of the most scenic highways in the entire country and it’s just you can see just these Red Rock monoliths everywhere huge canyons you drive down and you’re like right next to the canyon wall you feel like going like this the car and everything and the river is the Colorado River runs right through here carving out its its path so it’s it’s peaceful it’s actually really really peaceful here yes last night we camped out here in Moab I think we’re gonna head toward Canyonlands Escalante and Bryce Canyon Zion so this detour is definitely in Mijas favor I wanted to really explore more of southern New Mexico which I had not done before but since everything was closed the nice thing about Moab and this area in southern Utah is that even if the parks are closed it is so scenic nature yeah so worth coming so you may have noticed we’ve been doing this road trip in a cruise America RV which has been pretty darn nice it has been is my first time in an RV doing a road trip like this it has been amazing I was just telling him a night you go out take a photo and then you go there you have your own toilet carrying it with you all the time I feel like we are two snails carrying our home with us everywhere it’s so comfortable and then you’re in the middle of nature poppin up your wine having it looking at this majestic city I don’t know how to call it anymore it’s it is very very comfortable in enough

room for both of us and you know what’s so nice is every morning I make a nice breakfast maybe some eggs or oatmeal we’ve been stocked up the frigerator and freezer work incredibly well so we have fresh fruit fresh vegetables things like that to cook nice meals while we’re out here in the propane gas lasted it still lasts for a long time yep we got heat which we don’t really need air conditioning but it does have that as well yeah we need the morning yeah hot shower my it was perfect yeah it’s perfect I’m gonna be really sad yeah well we still have like five more days I know one of the things Moab is so famous for is the sandstone arches what a different perspective it is from right here in the middle of the arch you know yeah because if you look down oh my no no no I come on no you prepared that and I wanted to do something else so we found a really cool place to camp tonight to boondock we’re about a half an hour east of Capitol Reef where we’re gonna go tomorrow but if you look at this this stuff just flakes off it’s like it rained mud on these boulders it’s crazy what do you think of our camp spot yes big boulders we rolled down from the hill and we use this rock because actually the wind is coming this way so I think it’ll work out really well tonight I was waiting in the undertone senator to fade away like bones unaware where my heart so I was waiting in the under Kansas bottom sit into a tumble waves the chic meow out of my skin never been so easy losing my directions my bearings have me south of home I’ve been wrong before I was waiting in the undead zone senator to fade away like boulders unaware where my heart I was waiting in the oh my gosh boy not again we just left two seconds ago strange and ones like another who must hurt at first I was hesitant and now it seems I’m soaked we are at Bryce Canyon it’s a glorious day look at the sky the night

we made it to the end of the road here at Bryce Canyon might be the highest point it’s a rainbow point and I think it’s got to be over 9000 feet so much snow yeah 90 115 feet and it is chilly I should absolutely be having a jacket on and it’s so windy too I mean I went up here to get some pictures already it is freezing up here we’re gonna get back it’s cold we have to come up with some new adjectives because the scenery is just so spectacular it’s surreal it’s like we really feel like we’re we’re on another planet and I think we were like one planet is the capital reef but neither planet Bryce Canyon another planet was Moab oh my god where died we’ve been driving interstellar or stuff yeah yeah that’s a good word for it yeah yeah so then last night we camped out at KOAT and it was in Cannon Ville is that the town and it was it’s right in between Bryce Canyon and Escalante so it’s a great location really beautiful campground yeah yeah not far and so today we have spent the day here at Bryce which is about been bout my fourth time here but I hadn’t driven all the way to the the very end to the rainbow rainbow point and wasn’t it cool when we hiked down a little bit and we hit him too those spires and everything so now we’re gonna be leaving the park Bryce Canyon and we’re going to head west on scenic byway 12 and I’ve been on this stretch before and it is incredible so you’re in for a treat I mean if the scenery hasn’t been incredible enough it’s going to continue yesterday we were when there were some clothes you’re thinking oh yes and the scenery was like for two miles just some trees and so on do it and we are happy we could put some miles behind us because scenery scenic point City point City Coit it took us a couple hours to go like 20 miles so our next destination plan we’re gonna hit the Vermilion Cliffs page lake powell area so those are our next few days so yeah you’re in for even more spectacular scenery I really feel very very I I don’t think many people are definitely not many Romanians from have seen water obviously then probably not even from us you know to do such an expensive road trip in the southwest now you understand why I get frustrated when I talked to foreigners and asked them if they’ve ever been to the United States and if they say yes invariably the only place that they’ve been is New York or LA or maybe San Francisco or Seattle well the Southwest this is an area that is unlike any other in the world and it is really a remarkable part of the country Guddu trail number 301 that’s what this is it’s amazing

well it has been a long day of driving and I am meet but we found a really nice place to camp tonight and you probably hear the generator running because we’re boondocking and we’re gonna cook the most expensive frozen pizza I’ve ever purchased I think it was about 12 dollars yeah Emil has been dying to have it tonight seems like a good night so we’ve the nice thing about this cruise America RV is it has a convection oven in the microwave so we’re gonna bake this bad boy and have just a nice simple evening all night on backwash seagulls were dancing all around so these beautiful Vermillion cliffs behind me were named by John Wesley Powell and he and his team were the very first to explore the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and then subsequently the Glen Canyon Dam was built and Lake Powell was created and named for John Wesley Powell yesterday we follow the road we drove all day so right off 89 a we have the Vermillion cliffs right behind us but this is also a really interesting attraction this is called the cliff dwellers and a lot of people would think that these are maybe built by Native Americans but this is actually a fascinating story and I don’t know what exactly but in the 1920s I believe it was there was a woman who came here and she was a famous dancer and she I think was having trouble in her marriage and so she decided to go on this epic road trip and she saw this beautiful area here and decided to call home so she built these little cliff dwellers and I think she actually had rooms to rent and things for tourists yeah so right now we are at Lee’s ferry which is at the very end of Marble Canyon and we’re just south of the Glen Canyon Dam that holds back Lake Powell and I guess in some ways this is the beginning of the Colorado River because this is where all the rafters go through the Grand Canyon and it’s a very unusual site because you don’t see any rafters here usually this is full of rafters preparing for three five maybe a week or two week long trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon yeah yeah it really is right now because it’s coming from underneath the dam and but as it goes through and all these tributaries feed into the Colorado you’ll find it gets very dirty or murky just east of the Lee’s ferry turnoff is the marble canyon bridge I think also known as Navajo bridge and man it is really a beautiful view of the Colorado

River and also we just saw some baby condors which is pretty special so our next stop we’re just outside a Page Arizona and we’re gonna see one of the most recognizable sites in all of Arizona something Neha has been dying to see and these games like surprise no idea were coming here I thought we were just going to park on stage ball leak foul Pete God I combined them I’m too excited guys I’ve got tears in my eyes look at this it’s too much beauty I cannot believe I’m here and there is nobody else around God I keep I got so emotional I know it’s stupid but look that’s quite extraordinary huh oh my god and I thought I have seen the most amazing sight as much as we’ve traveled there’s still so much to see yeah I’m still a bit sleepy right now so right now we are approaching the Glen Canyon Dam overlook I know it’s actually a really cool little walk down here this sandstone formations and everything well we made it to Lake Powell unfortunately it’s kind of dead here and there’s no place to camp and everything’s closed but gosh isn’t it beautiful I mentioned earlier this lake is named for Wesley Powell he is the first person and his expedition to go down the Colorado River and this is just a spectacular place for boating skiing any water activity you can think of this is our last night boondocking and we are very close to make Powell actually in Lone Rock but we are very close to the place I mean look around outside yeah it’s actually right on the other side of that Bluff one of the most exclusive resorts in the world but you’re pretty happy with our exclusivity Yeah right it’s not too bad no one around us so we do have one more day of this trip but we’re gonna be actually the last night we’ll be in Flagstaff Arizona at a KOA just so we can kind of clean up the RV before we return it tell me all your secrets so we were just there you know talking googling whatever cooking outside and I see a big thing so we’re on the overpass just outside of page or just before you get to page and there was such a beautiful view and then we looked across the street and there’s just really some cool hiking opportunities as well there’s more than one way to skin a cat as they say or in this case get down to the waterfall level

Oh the Explorer in me never dies so we are driving towards Flagstaff and I thought okay this is it I had the most epic trip and then we stopped here the Painted Desert look around I didn’t tell me anything whatsoever about this look yeah we’re a little bit north of Flagstaff a little bit south of page a little bit west to Tuba City and it is spectacular even the clouds are came here so a lot of people think The Painted Desert is just part of the National Park area but it actually encompasses a large swath of land that comes all the way to highway 89 to the west so right now we’re just in the outskirts of Flagstaff and I really wanted to show you around like right now where we’re at is a place called Sunset Crater and many many years ago I don’t know how many but there was a massive volcanic eruption so that’s why you see all this black soil it’s it’s kind of like black sand and then not too far from here is will Pocky which is a great old Native American ruin and it has a lot of really cool things here I wanted to show you but unfortunately like so many things it’s been a pretty fantastic couple of weeks I know and I think it had if it had been a month I would still feel this food yeah probably it was such an epic trip we’ve seen amazing places in our home yeah it’s just perfect yeah yeah it’s really nice to be able to drive around and not have to search for a bathroom and not have to search for a hotel everything is self-contained it’s pretty cool so I have to ask you I asked you about halfway or so through the trip what your favorite place had been so far so now we’re nearing the end if you can only name one place what is the one that stands out the most wine huh I have to run them there is one where I cried Wow I must have been filming so I think I will pick that one bodies very almost at the same place with the second one and I’ll tell you the second one as well so I’m picking Horseshoe Bend ah one of the most iconic places in Arizona and usually I don’t think I can explain some sometimes probably just because I don’t want to but it was not just how beautiful it looked but how it made me feel there it I just had a perfect moment of serenity looking at the most spectacular beauty of and it was pretty cool when we just kind of sat back and relaxed right on the rim and and actually because there was this c-virus thing going around there were only like at the most a half a dozen people and at the least it was just you and me yeah it was pretty amazing to to experience that I was going to say I think this is what made it even more special but I it’s not that I mean it is really the beauty of nature and that was literally the cherry on top yeah and boy isn’t the Southwest just a special gem I believed you when you say said so before but now I know what you mean yeah yes please tell me I think if I had to guess I would say maybe Canyon de Chelly

or Escalante no capital reef yeah capital reef okay I don’t know there was something about these place anything there’s just so many places in the southwest so being from Romania I assume you would highly encourage people to come here to the southwest yeah I would definitely it’s the nature here is spectacular I’ve traveled a lot yeah in my life for fun and for work and for many other things and I’ve seen a lot in the world but here I have to say it’s pretty unique there are some pretty pretty unique places that I have never seen anywhere else on this planet yeah well thank you all so much for watching and we hope you enjoyed these videos and if so please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe for more Road Trip travel videos so until next time we’ll see on the road you

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