“Get off the road…” {driver passes by} Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip. And I’m Mihaela of World Travel Bug. MIKE: Also known as Miha, you may recognize her from our “Road Trip Romania” video where she showed me all over her home country. MIHA: And now is his turn to show me around his own country MIKE: Yeah this is actually gonna be an epic road trip around the southwest starting off in Arizona, hitting a little bit of Utah and Colorado, and then all the way down through New Mexico, so come along with us, and let us show you around Our first stop was to pick up our RV at Cruise America. After checking out our digs that we’d call home for the next couple of weeks we began loading our supplies all night on Baywatch seagulls were dancing around notice how many passes I’ve made and how many husband I’ve been dragging things from the truck get back to work so our very first stop here on this epic road trip of the Southwest is here to the Lost Dutchman State Park which is home to the glorious Superstition Mountains, so me what do you think so far I am already impressed and it’s our first date half a day yeah it’s incredible we are waiting for the sunset and for the stars tonight yeah and I’ll tell you what it was kind of cloudy earlier today and it has just cleared up and it is going to be a beautiful sunset and back to him so debrief so as you may have noticed we are here in the desert the Sonoran desert to be precise so I thought I’d point out some of the different vegetation around here I actually learned something I say good guess this is an Ocotillo, oh yeah okay so Miha likes to make fun of me a lot so anyhow so behind us is the Ocotillo as I was saying and this time of year it’s got a lot of green leaves on it and that’s only because it we’ve had a lot of rain lately ordinarily you wouldn’t see this and also because it’s springtime you’ll see little red buds on top oh sorry my camera equipment does not allow me to jump higher otherwise I will go really high okay so do you know what’s behind us coyote yes and then do you see this here yeah yeah it’s a sundial so do they do they call a 12:00 sharp every night that’s a good question all right so these are the Chollas you were talking about and what’s so interesting is look at these balloons I’m you have to be careful they’re very the prickers on there are very sharp but you got some blooms at the end that are actually soft prickly pears oh yes yes these are prickly pears and they actually have some glooms coming in too probably in the next couple of weeks these will be vibrant colors right here we travel

I’ve longed for this place longed for this place for son I lay me down I lay me down hey so Miha right now we are at a place called Tortilla Flat and this is an old remnant of a western town it used to also be a stagecoach stop and now people come here for the general store and there’s an ice cream shop and some other things so yeah we could do that look at the very least let’s go have a look so what was the deal with all those dollars bill maybe just not pluralize it so why don’t the deal with on those dollar bills oh so it’s become kind of a tradition here where a people from around the world and they’ll mainly use American currency but on a dollar bill they’ll sign their name and then they’ll give it to the folks and then they paste it up into the rafters and it’s just kind of a sign to say hey I was here you know if you want yeah sure okay well I won’t get them a hundred oh and didn’t you say you needed to use bathroom oh sure yeah it’s right over there it’s out of order by the way we used to have this kind of toilets in Romania this was the standard toilets in the village just a shot like this hole in the ground I’m glad I didn’t live in Romania during those times so today we are heading a bit north our first stop is tonto natural bridge in Payson and then we’re going to be heading continuing north we might hit Petrified Forest and then up to or not I’m sorry Canyon de Chelly yeah Chaco Canyon is in a few days and we are an amazing road we are all a few minutes ago we were both like wow look at this row look at you know it’s all new and clean and beautiful it’s actually usery pass beautiful beautiful Road near the Salt River recreational area beyond the river is Saguaro Lake which is another recreationally we were at Canyon Lake yesterday and this is all part of the Chain of Lakes that support the water needs for Phoenix well of course this is a very popular area and you know you have to walk water to survive so back in the early I think it was maybe the 1920s 30s somewhere around there Carl Hayden who became a senator of Arizona he actually created a canal system and they also I think it was at the same time they created all these reservoirs to capture water to feed the needs for the Phoenix area they’re all man-made Lakes they all have dams on it and they’re they’re funneling water from multiple sources but essentially off of the Colorado River we’re standing on the corner here in Winslow, Arizona if you’re not familiar

this is where the famous Eagle song take it easy takes place no no this is actually just a this is a popular area of route 66 Oh so we just made it to Canyon de Chelly and I think this is one of the more underrated places parks if you will here in Arizona so this is your first glimpse I didn’t think this guy was better but my God look at those formations yeah it’s impressive yeah let’s hike down there all I know is I didn’t Navajo Nation well one thing you’ll really appreciate is this is one of Ansel Adams favorite places to photograph yeah yeah right I think it was in the 1930s he he came here several times and took photographs actually interestingly enough none of these trees were here when he was photographing I think it was the land reclamation department of the United States decided that to help with erosion they would plant all these non-native plants so you know 80 hundred years ago none of that existed apparently ya know for sure yeah one of the things that makes this Canyon de Chelly so remarkable is that it’s always changing the wind water and sand or just kind of itching out this masterpiece so if you look right down here this spider rock here it used to be connected with canyon de chelly in our rearview mirror we’re now heading to Bali yes this is one of the most iconic road trip areas probably in the country so excited to show you around that area great mom and the machine and we we boondock last night had a really fantastic sight so mija we are about a third of the way through this trip tell me about one or two of the highlights so far it’s quite it becomes too big I was amazed of everything that that I’ve seen so far but if I really really really really have to pick I think canyon de chelly enjoy Oh epic moment epic place for an epic road trip yeah yeah I did notice that every stop was showing something different and it just got better and better spot I feel like I’m betraying superstition in that Lost Dutchman State Park where we camped out was just yeah yeah that was really really cool place

blasted had all my new friends there the saguaro cacti are so an owl is that most of the time it’s a lot oh yeah well I’ll tell you what I say maybe in another third when we’re about two-thirds done with this trip we’ll sit down and I’ll ask you the same question cool laughs we’re not bluffing we are in Bluff Utah yeah and I think this place gets its name because there’s this massive sandstone wall that runs through not quite through town but along the edge of the town and we’re right now at the bluff fort which was established I think in 1880 I’m not sure who this was occupied by but it’s a really cool visitors or you know tourists stop when you’re coming through town so we’re at the very edge of Bluff Utah and mija she got some little prickers in her shoe which is just no fun he’s topped right next to it so as I got off the car look she just got off the car she didn’t get out of the car she got off the car well the reason I wanted to bring you up this sandy little dirt road here is because there’s this massive hole in this granite where there’s a bit of a cliff dwelling or somebody started to make something so let’s have a look oh this is natural yeah this is natural but then they would close them off and make rooms and stuff with walls like this yeah and then look right here – it’s way more black yeah right yeah so for the smoke not to go into the living in the bed so we just left Monument Valley not too long ago and we’re now just a bit north of Mexican Hat Utah and your first impressions I never know Lawrence needs early birth default trip so far more teaming Valley was spectacular truly spectacular we got but now the landscape keeps on changing and we’re like wow wow look at that Google it look right he’ll be in front like right on the word a little better pleasure is still every two minutes a day photos yeah the thing that I feel like I’m on Mars I’ve never seen in any world yeah and while we’re still in this red rock landscape it’s completely different than Monument Valley there it’s a lot more smooth sandstone here it’s much more jagged and there’s a river running through and the lines of the moments like somebody painted everything and I’d really the art intent is just the artists feature yeah so our next stop is to Mesa Verde which is just outside of Cortez Colorado and there are they have a lot of cliff dwellings so it’s a really fascinating look at native history here flattering table oh great a people that’s right yeah yeah yeah mija um she speaks quite a few languages which is very helpful when we travel well we’re here at Mesa Verde unfortunately it is closed due to kovat 19 we can’t even do the loop to see some of the artifacts and stuff that’s too bad we drove all this way we’re gonna go now I don’t know somewhere that it woke what someone’s on the same side surprise

you’re scared to meet so I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see snow well since we couldn’t go to Mesa Verde we’re gonna go to Durango I’m gonna show her around there a little bit but in the meantime we’ve hit quite a bit of snow which I actually didn’t expect certainly not this level down up in the mountains for sure alright we’ll head off to Durango made it here to Durango one of the things they’re very famous for is the train that goes up to Silverton they all saw some lovely restaurants a couple of nice historic hotels and if you’re an atlas Atlas Shrugged fan Durango should ring a bell yes the John Galt line the the coolest building is right up here on the corner and I think we want to be on that other corner to take a picture it’s a hotel but it’s I think of one of the oldest buildings here it really is yeah they have a ski resort up the mountain it’s called purgatory yeah so I think skiing and the trainer the two more popular things to do here but you can fly fish and mountain bike lots of outdoor activities it’s a fun little town whoa we have been searching and searching for a place to camp it’s getting close to dark and we finally found a road that said scenic overlook or something and there’s not a single person here Wow I think this is one of the best boondock sites we’ve come across so far word Angels peak I believe it is in northwestern New Mexico you get some good photos I think we should keep this place a secret it’s just too good yeah this is vibration my I think my fillings might come out now we’re heading to Chaco Canyon and unfortunately there’s a large hour long road of very uneven yeah dirt good so we made it we made it here to Chaco Canyon and this is a place I visited about ten years ago and have been really interested in coming back to spend a little bit more time so this is just a ruin there’s not much intact here but you as we go to some of the other sites you will see more and more structures that are intact and what else is very impressive is how large some of these buildings were this one is Pueblo Bonito which means beautiful village yeah and it is quite impressive have a look isn’t it cool that you can just kind of walk through this entire compound and it

is just massive it just goes on and on look at this see her own yeah I think so yeah I forgot oh these are called Kiva’s yeah Kiva and I don’t know the exact definition but I believe these were Sarah Mel ceremonial areas so you can see the seating in there and then in the middle they probably would had a fire or this would have had a roof on it and stuff this was all part of Peplow bonito this entire area but it was demolished I think in modern times but I’m not positive about that and this this was much larger village but unfortunately it was all destroyed by a landslide Mae highs a little bit afraid of heights but I’m really proud of her for pushing through how look yeah what if you it is from up above so what did you think of Chaco Canyon oh well it was a totally different site than everything else now oh yeah well so today we’re gonna head to El Morro and which is another cultural National Monument also in New Mexico yeah and then our next stop after that will be Santa Fe New Mexico well we hit some major detour on our treatment will happen I guess yeah it’s it’s quite significant but you know when life throws you some lemons try and make some lemonade so stay tuned for the next episode click the thumbnail below to watch the next episode and if you enjoyed this video please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe for more Road Trip travel videos so until next time we’ll see on the road MikesRoadTrip.com

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