Hello friends! We’re going to the hospital today for Hojin’s annual full body checkup I hope my son’s growth and development is normal Let’s go Why are you not listening to me? Hello Today is Hojin’s body checkup, right? Yes Give me that Does he have a vaccine appointment today? None for today Hojin’s right leg Please hold Hojin’s legs Yes Face here 92 cm Hyemin, 92cm Hojin is doing great Hojin, can you look forward? Where is your sister? Who’s attending to your sister right now? Is your grandmother taking care of your sister? Say “Yes” Appa, please help Hojin to sit down so I can check Wait Appa, let go of your hands 14 kg What’s the recorded height earlier? 92 cm Look at Hojin Hojin is doing a great job Eomma is here Why? Why are you scared? 14 kg What about height? 90 cm? 92 cm Appa, can we check Hojin again here? Can he do it? Stand straight Very good! Hojin, where’s your mother? Does Hojin have bad teeth? None Thank God Hojin is very strong Why his skin is red in this area? And also it seems like itchy Because it’s hot in there Good job Hojin The doctor said that in Hojin’s state now, he can be as taller as 180 cm 180 cm? Are you going somewhere today? Because you keep on taking pictures

That’s good for Hojin Crying again He’s scared fo so many things Absolutely Today is free of charge and you can go out directly Yes. Thank you Thank you Take care Say “bye bye” kid Today is free of charge? Yes What did the doctor say? Hojin needs to eat lots of meat and milk So he can get taller and taller Hojin’s height right now is a little bit taller than his age? Yes. A little bit taller So we need to monitor his height after a year In a year, he’ll gain 5 cm So if his height is like this, he’ll be taller soon That’s because of my genes lol The maple tree looks so pretty So we just came back from the hospital for Hojin’s checkup So the doctor said that he’s taller than his age Thank God! And the doctor also said that it’s possible that Hojin will be taller in the future if he’ll gain 5cm after a year I hope Hojin will be taller He has no problems with teeth also The dentist just reminds us to brush Hojin’s teeth carefully Because Hojin is taking various kinds of food now His growth and development is normal as well But the doctor said that Hojin is a little bit late in speaking long sentences So we think that the delay is because Hojin is absorbing 3 languages He’s learning Korean, English, Tagalog Hojin is a little bit confused But the doctor told us not to worry about this because not all kids on his age can speak long sentences And also, kids have a different learning phase So, we think we need to communicate well with Hojin So he can practice his decoding and encoding of things We need to do something Do what? Your driving exam Today, we need to go to the driving license center Because I need to get the application form for my exam soon I’m reviewing right now And also, my vision is needed to be checked before they give me slip for my exam Hope my driving license process will be good We’re now here at the center What’s that? [My husband is talking about the physical driving exam and different kinds of road and lines I need to practice] You need to do all of that We can do it now?

Yes. We can’t for today The application has ended already today We need to arrive here before 9am So we’re late already You need to take something Take what? Safety management What are you talking about? The thing like you need to know this and that Something like you need to be careful with this and that I need to study all of that? No. I don’t mean that Are you talking about the seminar? So I need to take the seminar first before the application process That’s 8:30 in the morning In the morning? 8:30-9am The seminar is just 30 minutes? No. You need to be here before 9am Every Tuesday, it’s 2 in the afternoon So you need to be here 30 minutes before Today, the seminar has ended already What a waste Are the noodles available later? Yes. Will give the noodles later NAK-GOP-SAE So this is the intestine They just serve small amount of intestine It’s a little bit spicy Aunt, please give us 1 white rice Shrimp Octopus Intestine We, Filipinos, we are eating rice with dishes

But here in Korea, the rice is always in the last part of the meal Do you understand lol When we’re in Philippines, we’re always eating rice together with the main dish But here in Korea, rice is always in the last part Is it bland? No. It tastes good Delicious They give free rice from 11am-3pm The trees are turning into green color It means that summer is coming We’re now here at Seongnamdong Because we have lots of time remaining before my visa extension Our appointment is on 2pm So we’ll just go here for sightseeing Buy your clothes I don’t need new clothes What will you buy? Check some clothes for you Look at these ELSA! Something like this one? Is it small? The shoe perfectly fits Hojin’s feet that’s why I’m worried Ah, Hojin needs some space This is one is expensive Sorry. Can we get a bigger size of this? Is that ok? It looks good, right? Hojin is crying Let’s go Let’s wait for Appa He doesn’t like his new shoes. He’s wearing it off Honey. It seems like Hojin is not ok with his new shoes He’s not comfortable because it’s new for him Quiet

Eomma is here Look at these Let’s go You don’t like to enter? Look Hojin Oh car! Do you like it? Oh (sigh) Say thank you I like the style This one is perfect for couples Like that one I like to buy this one But it seems smaller in the leg part There’s no bigger size? It’s size 36 but the leg part is small You already have that one No. This is like a cardigan You already have that at home Look. It’s small Is that the biggest one? There’s no big size Do you like to eat tteokbokki?

No. I’m full you know Tteokbokki, let’s meet again next time There are lots of good clothes But the thing is, it’s so hard to find our size My problem is that I can’t find clothes in my size Yeah right It’s difficult to find bigger sizes There are like stylish clothes like this But bigger size is not available Almost free sizes are only available That’s why people here are really serious in their diet Honey. The reason why there’s a big mirror here is because it’s near to the self studio Because there’s a self studio here, they come up with a big mirror on the side so people can manage themselves Look at their self studio. It looks good You can take selfies inside Mine is grapefruit yogurt smoothie Cafe mocha We’re now heading to the immigration office for my visa extension I just need to bring my alien registration card and passport I bring my old and new passport just in case they need it My duration of stay will be ending on June 30 So my visa needs to be renewed before that Last 2018, they gave me 2 years extension so it’s ending now in 2020 So right now, I’m not sure if they will grant me 2 or 3 years extension I still need to extend my visa because I’m not yet a Korean citizen I’m still acquiring an F-6 visa I need to take the written and oral exam to acquire dual citizenship I forgot the name of the center If I pass the exam, I can now get my dual citizenship And if you have dual citizenship, you don’t have to extend your visa ‘Coz you’ll be Korean citizen whenever you’re in Korea and Filipino citizen when you’re in the Philippines Does Hojin have a mask? We’ll go at that point Do I need to fill out forms there? Some documents Do I need to fill some documents? Yes, you have to Sit down here

Look. They have social distancing method as well Katrina I need to fill that out? Yeah Look at your camera lol I have to do this They have a heat sensor camera at the entrance to monitor the body temperature of people who are going in and out of the center Number 46 is taking so long Go hubby. Go! Go! So I was granted 3 years extension Last last year, I got 2 years But now they added one year so it become 3 years So we’re done for today We’re going home now right? Yes Finally. We can go home now We can take a rest now Earlier there’s no wind so it’s a little bit hot But now, the wind really blows hard so it’s cold The weather here is really weird We’re done for today Thanks for watching, guys See you in my next vlog Bye

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