Local lines Trains travelling through beautiful places of Japan that make us feel nostalgic Season by season, we enquire local residents to find breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and wonderful accommodations It’s a journey to uncover recommendations only the locals know All aboard to find the home in our hearts This time, the journey takes place on Sanriku Railway Rias Line, a line that opened this March Overlooking the beautiful sea, the train advances, taking in the clean air from the mountains Now we can see it What an incredible view It really is The breathtaking scenery of Sanriku welcome our travellers This is incredible What a luxury Of course, they also enjoy seafood to their hearts’ content Our duo indulges in luxury -It’s vast -It is It’s vast Our travellers also meet people working hard to recover from the disaster They encounter unique experiences enquiring the locals However -Look! -No way! It’s closed today? Evacuate This might stop the train It’s another unpredictable two-day journey It smells so strong I can’t breathe What kind of obstacles will they face? Let’s get started All aboard the journey of enquiry and discovery (The second day) Are you well rested? Yes, I slept very well I woke up too early in the morning Were you okay? The morning sunlight was pretty strong I woke up early, -so I went to take another bath -That’s great You’re active Good morning Their goal is to get recommendations from local residents and create an original travel guide with 10 entries Our time limit is set at 5 pm -5 pm? -Yes, so -Six -Well We have about seven, eight hours Let’s keep up the good work today The weather is great It’s completely different from yesterday Is that the waiting area? The transparent room? We waited for the snow to stop there yesterday Yeah, it was snowing quite heavily yesterday -There’s a shortcut -Yeah -We took a roundabout route yesterday -We did It’s so much nearer this way Where shall we go? We advanced one station at a time yesterday Shall we go to this place? Iwate-Funakoshi? -It’s the neighbouring station -Yeah The first destination of the day will be Iwate-Funakoshi, the neighbouring station It’s a solid plan, just like yesterday Here it is Okay Sometimes, -we should take the first car -Yes (9:29 am) After eight minutes of advancing between the mountains, our duo arrives at Iwate-Funakoshi Station (Iwate-Funakoshi Station) (9:37 am) All right, let’s check the timetable Timetable (Iwate-Funakoshi) Amazing Let’s see -11:37 am -We have two hours Two hours? All right Let’s look for people first Yes, let’s do that -Shall we ask the person at the store? -Sure Hello -Can we ask you something? -Mr Kawai? -Hello -Good morning Is there any place that you’d recommend around this station? The whale museum would be good Whale and Sea Science Museum It’s a museum of whales? It has whales… What is it called? They have skeletal specimens of whales as well as life-sized models It was affected by the tsunami The tsunami reached up to the height of the whales Up to the third floor That’s how high the tsunami reached

But they recovered from it now -Right now -That sounds great Now that we have the Sanriku Railway, there are many people who visit the museum -Is that so? -Yes How far is it from here? -It’ll take less than 10 minutes -Less than 10 minutes? The station is there There’s a railway crossing Go over it and walk down from there After that, there’ll be a street you can turn left onto -You’ll be walking along the railway -Along the railway -Thank you very much -Thank you You’ve helped us a lot Great, the whale museum sounds interesting -That was a great tip -Indeed This way There’s a signboard It’s a bit hidden though This is the shortcut Oh, yeah, you’re right It’s the shortcut That might be it I think I saw it I see something written on it I think it says “museum” Nobody has a house with a dome like that This is it, right? It must be If it’s not this, then what is this? I think it says “science museum” I don’t have good eyesight -I see -Not very good But we have a lot of time We have two hours Also, it might only open at 10 am That’s true Is it open? The tsunami reached that height? It looks like it It was that high? Unbelievable -Is it open now? -Let’s see -It opens at 9:00 -So it’s open now They’re closed on Tuesdays So it’s open today That scared me -We’re lucky -Thank you -Let’s go ask for permission to film -Yeah They happily gave us permission to film The director of the museum offered to give our duo a tour of the museum The Whale and Sea Science Museum was established in 1992 They were forced to close the museum after the tsunami But the museum re-opened two years ago It’s a nature science museum about the Sea of Sanriku, including the whales -Look -Great It’s a sperm whale model That’s its actual size They’re this big? There are bones of this whale in the room we’re headed to -It’s 17.6 metres long -17.6 metres -Incredible -One of the biggest ones in the world Yamada Town, where the museum is located, is a town of whales where commercial whaling took place until 1987 -Is this real? -Really? Wow, it’s huge Very big That one over there is a toothed whale Here’s a sperm whale and a minke whale -Minke whale? -Yes This is a baleen whale Whales are either toothed or baleen whales Their fins look like that? -They look like hands -Yeah They are a distant relative of hippos -Hippos? -Yes, hippos So maybe they went back to the sea after being on the land They moved into the sea from land Their hands got shorter because they were not necessary You might think that it’s degeneration, but we actually believe that it was an evolution We like to call it evolution I see Anything below this part was flooded when the tsunami hit Was this part intact? Yes, it was The skeleton was covered in seaweed and looked very dirty, but not even one bone was missing after the tsunami It’s hanging in the air It must have swung a lot I see If we had lost this skeleton, this place wouldn’t have re-opened We weren’t sure what to do, so we asked different people for some advice -You didn’t lose the skeleton -This is quite rare in the world It survived the tsunami, so we couldn’t just throw it away So we restored it

The whale museum was saved by the whales -That’s true -That’s what happened Besides the general exhibition, there is also an exhibition of the disaster -This is the whale museum -Oh, yeah The space in front of the museum is now a park Something is burning There was a fire in the town of Yamada You had to clean everything up -You all came a long way -Yes This is important to see Incredible -This must’ve been a lot of work -Definitely They needed to take the debris somewhere else -It’s terrible -How devastating It must’ve been difficult to clean Various events are also held at the Whale and Sea Science Museum It’s a facility for both children and adults (Opening hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm) The seventh entry in the guidebook is the Whale and Sea Science Museum that teaches us about the Sea of Sanriku -Thank you -Thank you very much Could you tell us which way the station is? -You should go this way -Okay Really? Okay Since they still have time until the next train, they will look for another entry -That’s the opposite direction -Yes Did we cross the road here? I’m not sure… Was it here? -Yes, we did cross it -Okay That’s the station, right? I see a train that’s stopped Yes -We didn’t cross the road here -Wait If we had, then we would’ve seen that It’s the next crossing -Maybe we can go from here -Really? Are we sure? Should we go? To the mountains? Shall we take a chance? -Shall we go? -Shall we? -Hello -Hello Is there anything interesting to see around this area? I’ll go ask my hairdresser Hairdresser? -I just came back from the salon -Your hair looks nice -Look at you! -Hello Hi! Why are you in such a small town? -We’re -You are celebrities We’re asking people for recommendations around here There’s nothing that I can recommend No? No temples or shrines or anything? -Everything got washed away -By the tsunami? Really? -I see -We want to build a temple, so we’re asking everyone for donations -Where’s the temple? -Everyone It’ll be over there Really? Have they started constructing it or not? -Why don’t you go see it? -Sure You can walk down this street We just need to walk down? We’ll know where it is? There’s a big pile of ground It’ll also say “Kaizoji” -Kaizoji? -Yes -Thank you very much -Thank you I can’t believe you’re here Thank you for that I see, all the temples and shrines here got washed away by the tsunami -She said we’ll see the temple name -Yes Will there be a signboard? Wait Is it this? It looks like they’ve just started the construction -Here? -This doesn’t look very nice How much time do we have? It’s about to be 11:00 am, so we have about 30 minutes or so Yeah, about 30 minutes If we don’t see anything in 10 minutes, let’s go back Would they build a temple in such an isolated part of town? Is that it? No, that’s not it Was it the place we saw with the tractor? -Should we give up? -Was it? -There’s no signboard -No We’d know if there was a signboard -Let’s go there and turn around -That sounds good -I don’t think we’ll make it -No We can’t miss the train I don’t see it No -I wish we could ask someone -Wait -Oh? Nope, they’re gone -They went the other way

Oh, well There’s nobody around, and we don’t see anything We have no idea (Shunichi Kawai, Atsuko Sakurai) -We spent a lot of time at the museum -Yes, we did -It was really interesting -Yes It was very easy to understand what the director was saying It was They couldn’t find anything related to the temple, so they go back to the station What a relief (Depart from Iwate-Funakoshi at 11:37 am) -All right -Where do we go next? Next -There was nothing -Yeah We should skip this station We can skip one station and go to Yamada That sounds good. Rikuchuyamada Next, our duo will head to Rikuchuyamada, two stations away They’re getting closer to Miyako, the terminal station Kids are waiting over there I knew it Local kids know better (11:37 am) It’s a relatively large station It’s bigger than what we’ve seen (Rikuchuyamada Station) Oh, nice (11:44 am) Over here -There’s an open space on this side -You’re right Let’s first check the timetable It’s 11:45 am The next one is at 1:06 pm (1 hour 21 minutes until the 1:06 pm train) Hello Is that really you? -Yes, it’s me -Yes Is there anything around here that you’d recommend us to see? -It can be a restaurant -A restaurant? A lot of people go to Migoto, a restaurant that’s been around for a few decades now -Do a lot of locals go there? -They have seafood -Do they have pork cutlet? -You want pork cutlet? Do they have that? If you want pork cutlet, go to Takenawa over there, where they have cutlet curry Which one would you like? -Cutlet curry would be fine -Really? -We had seafood yesterday -Yeah -Their store is over there -Okay It was on TV the other day -Really? -They have mapo curry Mapo curry? We should get either cutlet curry or mapo curry then -They also have sour ramen -Hot and sour soup? -Something like that -I see -Thank you -Thank you So busy! You look prettier in person than on TV -I -I understand -I’m in the series Omiyasan ( Unsolved Case ) -Exactly. It’s on TV -Thank you -Good luck She’s thrilled -I hope we can get seats -I hope so But it’s not even noon yet, right? It’s getting close to noon -It should be fine then -Okay Is this it? -The signboard looks nice -It does -Takenawa -There are customers -They’re going in -Yeah -You’re right -There are many cars Maybe it’s more crowded than we expected -It’s crowded -It may be the lunch rush Hello Would you have -a table for us right now? -Yes Can we film this place? -No problem -Are you sure? They said it’s fine I wonder what it looks like -Hello -Aren’t you Mr Kawai? -Yes. Hello -Thank you for coming Where should we sit? Anywhere you like -Welcome to our store -Hello Let’s sit on tatami Yeah, nobody is sitting there The name Takenawa comes from an expression that describes a party in full swing I said that I wanted cutlet curry, and someone told us about this place We do have cutlet curry -I’ll have the cutlet curry, please -Okay -Is your mapo curry famous? -Yes, it’s quite famous -I’ll get that, then -Okay Thank you for waiting -Thanks -Here’s the cutlet curry

That’s for me Here you go It looks great -It’s a big portion -Cutlet curry On the journey of enquiry and discovery on Sanriku Railway Rias Line, our duo has lunch at a popular restaurant near Rikuchuyamada Station (Diner, Takenawa) -I’ll have the cutlet curry, please -Okay -Is your mapo curry famous? -Yes, it’s quite famous I’ll get that, then Would you like gyoza? -Sure -Gyoza, please -One plate of gyoza -Yes, please This restaurant mainly serves Chinese dishes and rice bowls But their pork cutlet made only with Iwate pork is also popular It’s especially popular among young people as they serve generous portions Thank you for waiting -Thanks -Here’s the cutlet curry That’s for me Here you go It looks great -It’s a big portion -Cutlet curry It’s a big portion I used to eat cutlet curry every day It’s my soul food Let’s eat So good Amazing It’s an experience different from eating it at home This is very good Thank you for it It’s good Thank you for waiting Here’s our speciality, mapo curry Awesome -It’s a large serving -Nice It’s huge It’s a big portion Awesome This is very spicy It’s curry Curry? It tastes like curry. Here, try it -I’ll try some -Go ahead Take more I’ve been eating curry, so of course I’d taste it Let’s get another spoon -You can’t tell? -It is curry, but I’m eating my curry So I’m not sure which curry I’m tasting right now Please rinse your mouth Mapo curry is one of their most popular dishes As the name indicates, curry is added to mapo tofu How did this combination come about? This is incredible We wanted to know how you decided to combine mapo tofu with curry I cook for my employees Sometimes I get playful with the dishes I make One day, I came up with this idea Then it became popular People come from different places for this -Really? -Yes Now we have people visiting us from places that are quite far It’s very good -Thank you -It’s an innovative idea Yes, no other places have this dish The eighth entry in the guidebook is Takenawa, a popular restaurant with their famous mapo curry -Thank you for the food -Thank you Thank you very much -Safe travels -Thank you Thank you very much -They’re seeing us off. Thank you! -Thank you very much -Take care -Thank you Sorry I couldn’t do much for you No, your food was great Thank you -Great place -I’m glad (Depart from Rikuchuyamada at 1:06 pm) -Okay -What’s next? Now it’s -Six stations to the terminal -Six There’s one that’s easy to guess There’s one called Miyakotandai -So there’s a junior college -There must be things around I think so too Shall we go there? Let’s take the chance Our duo will now go to Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station (Yagisawa Miyakotandai) Please take a numbered ticket Numbered ticket. Here it is Thank you There’s a vending machine I’ve never seen it on a train -Never seen a vending machine on a train -Me neither -That’s pretty rare -Yes, it is

(1:06 pm) Hello. Are you from this area? -She’s local. Good -Great -Can we ask you something? -Sure Have you been to the area near Miyako Junior College? It’s a new residential area -A residential area? -It’s a new one? I thought it was Okay, thank you Let’s sit Actually, it’s the next station Okay, just to be sure, -let’s see how the station looks -Okay Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station is a station that was newly built for the opening of the Rias Line (Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station) (1:37 pm) There are foreigners, so maybe there’s a tourist attraction Sure. Let’s first check the timetable (Yagisawa Miyakotandai) Let’s see… It’s over here The next one is at 3:43 pm So we have about two hours Hello -Hello -Hello Are you from this area? -Yes, I work here -You work here? Is there anything you’d recommend us to see around here? -Is there anything? -Surprisingly, no -There’s a junior college nearby? -Yes Where’s the college? Is that it? -Okay -That’s it Is the school in session now? I wonder It might be spring break But it’s still worth visiting, right? Let’s go there then We can’t go this way? -You can go this way too -Or that way -There’s a railway crossing there -Okay, that way -Thank you -Thank you Let’s go This is such a detour -It is -They should make a road cutting across Maybe they’ll eventually build one -It’s inconvenient if they don’t -It is We can probably cross the railway there You’re right It’s good that there’s a railway crossing The lady on the train said it’s a new residential area -She said that -She was right They are building many new houses Right now But if there are houses, I’d assume that there are other facilities as well That’s my guess We’re heading to the college, but if someone recommends something else on the way, we can go there That’s right There’s a bike shop Should we ask them? -Let’s go in -Okay They enquire at a bike shop on the way to the college It’s open Hello -Can we ask you something? -Sure Anything around here? Around this area There’s nothing here There’s just the college There are no other stores around here -No? -We’re the only store -It’s their entrance ceremony today -Really? Maybe it’s finished by now. I’m not sure -That’s about it -I see Maybe they’re doing something today -Thank you very much -Thank you very much We go in from here We’re almost there Even if it was the entrance ceremony, everyone would’ve gone home by now An entrance ceremony generally starts at around 9 am or 10 am It’s definitely finished in the morning Oh, no I’m getting tired I haven’t fully recovered from yesterday There’s a dormitory It’s a dormitory -They don’t need to walk from the station -Hello Are you a student here? Yes, I am We’re travelling to different places now Can you recommend anything around here? Do you have permission from the school to film? -No -Not at all -We’ll do that now -I can walk you two to the office That’d be great She’s a sophomore student who lives in the dorm, and she’ll show them the way to the school office I’ll go ask if they’ll give us permission to film

(Iwate University, Miyako Junior College) Can we come in? They gave us permission to film the lobby of the office Oh, sorry Our duo asks for more information on places around the station -Is it okay? -Yes, it’s okay The station was newly built, which was big news for us You’ll have to walk a bit, but there’s a tunnel And after the tunnel, there’s a place called Marine Co-op DORA It’s a co-op store The store is shaped like a ship You go down and turn right and continue walking You’ll see a FamilyMart, and then there will be a bridge on your left If you keep walking straight, you’ll come to a tunnel The store is after the tunnel, so you’ll have to walk a bit -It’s a bit of a walk to the tunnel -I see If you only have one hour, you could barely go and come back It might be too far? -It seems a bit too far to walk -I see I understand We have one hour Should we try anyway? -Sorry to bother you -No problem Thank you very much Can we walk through the tunnel? I think we can If he recommended it, then I’m sure -It’d be terrible if we can’t -True FamilyMart seems so far He described it like it was very close He said it’s very far from FamilyMart Are we going to the national road? Road number 106? But he said to turn left at the FamilyMart Yeah, that’s what he said -Do we go this way? -We turn left at FamilyMart He said to cross the railway Should we ask the people here? Good idea Excuse me, but we’d like to go to a store named Marine Co-op -Marine Co-op? -Yes If you go this way on this street, you’ll come to a tunnel Once you’re out of the tunnel, you go down Then you’ll see a big supermarket -That’s Marine Co-op -I see -We’ll go towards the right? -Yes, and follow the street -Understood, thank you -Safe travels This is it, right? This is it The tunnel is 800 metres long Mr Kawai -Hello -Where are you going? Harbour Land -No, Marine Co-op -Yes, Marine Co-op Marine Co-op. Is it this way? No, it’s the street above Above? We’re walking, and they told us to go through a tunnel -It’s above -Above -Thank you very much -But there’s no sidewalk Sorry That was close -Yes, I’m glad they talked to us -Me too I’m huge so I stand out Yes, that’s good The ladies are watching us to make sure we’re going the right way -You see? -True Good If we arrive at the store in 10 minutes, -we’ll make it in time -Yeah We’ll walk through the tunnel like this? -That’s a bit scary -Yeah, it is Now they can see the entrance of the tunnel, but there’s a lot of traffic The air doesn’t seem very clean -I agree -Yeah It says it’s 875 metres long It smells so strong It’s hard to breathe On the journey of enquiry and discovery on Sanriku Railway Rias Line, our duo faces the biggest challenge at Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station The air doesn’t seem very clean -I agree -Yeah It smells strong It’s hard to breathe We have 780 metres left Just 380 metres left It’s 2:55 pm now

If we don’t arrive in five minutes We’d be in trouble We’d have to go back then (Depart from Yagisawa Miyakotandai at 3:43 pm) After walking through the tunnel for about 12 minutes, they finally arrive at the exit It says “co-op” right there That’s it. It’s still quite far Yeah I wonder what they sell there It’s not really about what they sell It’s the shape of the store That’s right Shall we go in? Are these supposed to be waves? -Yes, they’re waves -Right? You’re right Good eye. I thought something melted You have a good eye (39 minutes until the 3:43 pm train at Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station) It’s a co-op store So why is it shaped like a ship? They said that it’s the shape of the store that makes it so unique It’s over there We’re finally here How does it look inside? Since they’re short on time, they ask for permission to film right away -What should we do? -Don’t worry They said it’s okay. They’re willing to talk about this building -Hello. Is everything okay? -Hello Why is it shaped like a ship? It’s shaped like a ship because this is a harbour town The name Dora comes from the musical instrument, dora, a gong -For ships -Yes, as in the departure gongs Those things are shaped like waves We wanted to feel like we’re out on the sea So that’s the story So are we close to the harbour? Yes, we’re close There’s a harbour called Fujiwara pier I see The overall idea was to make it look like the sea Marine Co-op DORA is the biggest co-op store in Miyako City We’d love to spend more time looking around inside of the store, -but we have a train to catch -Sorry We need to get going soon We’d like to make this an entry Our mission is to find 10 entries -Ten recommendations -I see -This will be an entry -Thank you The ninth entry in the guidebook is Marine Co-op DORA that’s uniquely constructed to look like a ship Thank you very much Thank you very much -It’s cold. You should go inside -Thank you very much This was worth visiting It’s shaped like a ship all the way -That side too -Yeah, it goes right to the end Yeah, like that We’re going to Miyako Station next We shouldn’t make any more stops I wonder if Miyako is a big station I don’t know, I’ve never been there I can’t picture what it’s like (4 minutes to the 3:43 pm train) Here we go My legs hurt Now They’re getting closer to the goal There are two stations left They are now heading to Miyako, the terminal station Will they be able to find the 10th entry? (Miyako) The train is coming The outbound train is arriving Please take a numbered ticket Here you go -Hello -Here we go (3:43 pm) -Look! -There! -Nice! -Look at that! -Wait -Look at that Yeah, we see something

On the journey of enquiry and discovery on Sanriku Railway Rias Line, our duo leaves Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station and heads to Miyako Station Look at that -Wait -Look at that Yeah, we see something There’s a steam locomotive A steam locomotive -That could’ve been an entry -No doubt -It’s right by the station -By the station We’ve made the wrong choice Our duo finds a retired steam locomotive one station before Miyako This could have been an entry if someone had recommended it At 3:49 pm, our duo arrives at Miyako Station (3:49 pm) -It’s a big city -It is (Miyako) -Is the time limit set at 5 pm? -Yes -So we have about an hour -Exactly All right -Hey, we saw them just now -Yes Hello You’re visiting Japan? Please repeat -Do you live in this area? -Yes We’re English teachers English teachers? I see Any stores you like? My favourite store is Sakusaku -Sakusaku? -Yes Sakusaku is my favourite store -They sell souvenirs -That sounds good -Souvenirs would be good -Everything is tasty Oh, really? -Shall we go to Sakusaku? -Yes, Sakusaku Go straight, then right -Left -Right, then left -Yes -Okay -Thank you -Thank you very much Sakusaku sounds like a western confectionery store -This is it, right? -It should be -It says Sakusaku there -You’re right Is it a miscellaneous goods store? -Excuse me -What? Can we talk to you? What kind of store is this? -It’s a miscellaneous goods store -I see Sakusaku is a miscellaneous goods store It’s a bit different from what we heard We have Miyakokeshi -Miyakokeshi? Like Kokeshi dolls? -Yes We had these made specifically for us, so you can’t buy them anywhere else It has kelp as hair and sea urchin as the sash clip Black-tailed gull is the bird that represents Miyako You can see the birds painted here This is the Miyakokeshi This is a book in which people who love Miyako, talk about Miyako It’s a magazine There’s a CD that comes with it It has songs like Miyakojin , Blues -It gives a strong impression -It does So this magazine, Miyakozine , is made by the locals here? Yes, the locals talk about how much they love Miyako It also has an old map of Miyako -An old map? -Yes This store represents the love the people of Miyako have for their hometown Maybe they can recommend us a great place ( Miyakozine , 1,080 yen) What should we see in Miyako? -The beach -Jodogahama There’s nothing but a beach called Jodogahama It’s a national park with a famous sawtooth coastline But it takes 15 minutes by car from here -Fifteen minutes by car? -We have to walk, -and we need to finish before 5 -Yes I can drive you there -Would you fit in my small car? -Yes, it’s fine You’d be surprised how easily I fit in -As long as your head is inside -I should be fine -Yes, please. Thank you -I’d be happy to -We’ll take you up on that offer -This is a great place -I’ll go get my car -Thank you They accept the offer to be driven to the park I’ll sit in the front It’s fine, I’ll be sitting on this side -Bring the seat all the way back -My head is fine Thank you This is so nice of you (4:20 pm) It’s the first time we’re going by car -Don’t you think so? -Happy to help The three head to the beach by car

We wouldn’t have made it -if we walked -That’s true We wouldn’t have made it in time Yes, we’d have run out of time Will you have time to film? We just need to get there before 5 -You just need to get there? -Yes The signboards say Jodogahama This is incredible Very nice (30 minutes left until 5 pm) Thank you. What an incredible view This looks amazing We can see the sawtooth coastline Yes, you’re right It looks amazing -It’s San Francisco on the other side -Yes Really? -Simply put, yes -Exactly Sanriku Fukko National Park is a park that opened in 2013 after the disaster It covers the entire Sanriku coastline from Aomori to Miyagi Jodogahama is one of the most scenic places in Miyako Because of its beautiful scenery, people visit it all year around -It was very kind of you to drive us -You helped us a lot -It would’ve taken one hour to walk -We wouldn’t have made it Yes So This will be an entry What would you say? -You approve it -It’s approved! The 10th entry in the guidebook is Jodogahama, a beautiful beach in Miyako We found 10 entries before 5 pm -Thank you, nice work -Thank you very much How was it for you? This was my first time on this kind of trip I enjoyed asking the locals for recommendations and visiting them If we hadn’t talked to the foreigner, we wouldn’t have met the Miyako ladies That’s true -This place would’ve been left out -Right Possibly -But we got to enjoy this view -Yes, at the end -We were very fortunate -That’s right -We had wonderful encounters -We did I hope to travel again with you to somewhere else Maybe when it’s warmer to walk around -Yes, I’d love that -Great, thank you Thank you very much Discovering new places through new encounters We were supported by everyone’s generosity To everyone who helped us on this heart-warming journey, thank you very much Subtitles: SDI Media Group

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