We cam directly to pool The Land is surrounded by water on all sides. that is the reason why it is called as Hippiei island We cover the left over places tomorrow Today we only have one evening So going directly to Hippie island It is very hot We can go either by boat or road You can rent bicycles here Boat closes at 6:00 so we are going by road only Sugarcane juice There is a pipe connection from there to this whole You get all types of non-veg and veg but no drinks

There were no cooldrinks so we took lime soda We are going to sunrise point We need to climb Sunrise timings is at 6:45 pm today First i thought it was easy but no it is little bit tough

It was very difficult to climb this hill you will not find steps in some places so be carefull Please visit this place if you are coming to hampi You can get up at 4:00 and start by 5:00 and reach here by 6 and start climbing You can park you car at hill starting point Dont come with chappals it should good grip It is little risky and you should have good shoes Come early morning so that you can see nice places I thought to take video while coming it was to dark but i will take now While coming we came in other way but this is little better

He is from kurnool In those days women used to come at 3am to the temple itsims They used to catch the fire sticks come here in the morning I cant believe that finally we came down If you come from the same place you can come directly to this location. it is very peacefull Get a good camera and come This place looks good There is no water We are going to german bakery. we are very hungry More 3 km to go but they parked all the cars as construction work is going on You can stand here and wait for rikshaw by tourism from here you have to walk one km they charge 20 rupees two ways There are lot of autos. we thought there will be few and we started walking

If you guys come here please wait and come in auto If you remember the picture on our notes with ratham. it is taken at this place Looks like most of it is with one rock You can see forests to near eyes brows These sculptures are at front and back side of the wheel. these days no one will take such care We missed the boating yesterday so we are going there directly There are big ones and small ones also He said first 400 per head but then in the end he took 1300/-

if come through boat it is only 20 rupees and 5 min. but if you come by road it takes 20 km We have to leave by 5:00. the boats will be closed. if not then we have to pay 100 per each Maximum we have covered all the places I recommend this place actually it is very good Staff are also very respectful Here you can just walk around but you dont such freeness in hotels

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