**INTERMITTENT BEEPING** [TRAINDRIVER ON COM]: Conductor 15820, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: This is conductor 15820, I’m listening, traindriver [TRAINDRIVER ON COM]: I receive a message a fold-out step got stuck, and needs to be reset on the trainset at the back of this train Do you have any more information on that? [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: No, not really, traindriver, I will take a look I am walking to the back of the train [TRAINDRIVER]: It’s the last carriage and error report states ‘reset door with red service-button if to no avail, take door out of order.’ Do you know what this is about, over? **INTERMITTENT BEEPING CONTINUES** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Should I lock all doors or should I not? [TRAINDRIVER]: It says here that it needs to be reset, but I will unlock the doors first and we’ll try again, that seems like a better idea, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Go ahead traindriver, when you unlock I will take a look right away. Over [TRAINDRIVER]: Ok, they’re unlocked now VIDEO SPED UP [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Here Conductor 15820 for traindriver 15820 traindriver uhm? **BEEPING STILL CONTINUES** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: I got to the door, […] […] the step won’t retract, over [TRAINDRIVER]: No, now I notice not a single step retracts anymore could you try and see what happens on another when giving the all close? And uh, if no luck, the door will have to be closed shut I will call dispatch that we can’t leave, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Loud and clear, traindriver I will give all close, unlock and try again and see what happens then. Thank you **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Conductor 15820 traindriver, the step won’t retract fully, a small part of it sticks out. Over [TRAINDRIVER]: Oh, than you should perform a manual procedure, I will notify dispatch, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Loud and clear, traindriver, I’d like to see the doors unlocked, traindriver [TRAINDRIVER]: Doors are unlocked [TELEPHONE]: [,…] Marcel speaking [TRAINDRIVER]: Hi this is Vincent traindriver on the 15820 at Amersfoort Vathorst we can’t leave yet because of a problem with a door so if necessary, the signal may be recalled, although this could cause problems with the level crossing, over [DISPATCH]: Yes, and how long do you think this will last? [TRAINDRIVER]: I’m not sure. Something like 5 minutes? [DISPATCH]: About 5 minutes, than I would like to recall your signal Amersfoort Vathorst, signal 1026 is recalled as we speak and if you would like to leave I will hear from you [TRAINDRIVER]: Great, I will call back when we’re ready to depart. So talk to you soon and out for now [DISPATCH]: Nice, thank you, good luck **BEEPING STILL CONTINUES** [CONDUCTOR]: 15820, traindriver, the doors are not unlocked yet. Could you try again, over? [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, as we speak [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Step has now retracted I had the door reset I will try to see if it closes again or not and if not I will take the door out of order

[TRAINDRIVER]: Right, okay **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Conductor 15820 traindriver, the step again fails to retract completely, if you can unlock the doors I will take it out of order [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, they’re unlocked and keep me updated when you’ve succeeded because then I can inform dispatch that we are ready to depart. Over **VIDEO SPED UP** [TRAINDRIVER]: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, at this moment we’re busy working a door-malfunction that’s why we will leave a little later than scheduled We apologize for any inconvenience Please bear with us for a little longer **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR]: 15820 for the traindriver of 15820, over [TRAINDRIVER]: This is the traindriver of 15820, over [CONDUCTOR]: Traindriver, taking the door out of order is impossible because the left-side panel cannot be opened with the key I’m really giving it my best effort here, but it won’t budge and I thus can not retract the step [TRAINDRIVER]: Gee, is a passenger-traindriver or conductor onboard to assist you, over? [CONDUCTOR]: I will now, uh, ask around to see if they can help me, over [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, otherwise I will have to make it over there **VIDEO SPED UP, BEEPING STILL CONTINUES** [TRAINDRIVER]: This is the traindriver of the 15820, over [DISPATCH]: Hey this is Marcel again Did the situation develop over there? [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, we can’t solve the situation. Something keeps a step from retracting fully and to take the door out of order, a cabinet has to be opened and the conductor can not get it open So yeah, we are handling the situation, but no idea how long it will take [DISPATCH]: So you will be stuck there for quite some time to come Okay, I will pass it on. Thank you and best of luck to you [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, thanks **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Here conductor 15820 for the traindriver of 15820, over [TRAINDRIVER]: This is traindriver 15820, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Traindriver I will try again to give the all close again and see if I succeed, over **BEEPING STILL CONTINUES** **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: conductor 15820 for the traindriver of 15820 [TRAINDRIVER]: This is traindriver 15820 [CONDUCTOR]: Traindriver, we now have 2 doors that are malfunctioning. We’re giving it our best, over **INTERMITTENT BEEPING STILL CONTINUES** This is the traindriver on the 15820, I just missed your call, over [DISPATCH]: I just heard the train has been cancelled and you will become the 15822 this gives you an extra half an hour to resolve the problem [TRAINDRIVER]: Yeah, they are not able to fix the problem two colleagues at once are now dealing with it and I just got the word that 2 doors are malfunctioning right now so this could take a while So for the time being the 15822, right, well, thanks for the information [DISPATCH]: May I put down in writing your cellphone? […] [DISPATCH]: I wish the best of luck to you Thanks, bye **VIDEO SPED UP** **(well, you probably know about the beeping…)** [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: 15820 for the traindriver 15820, traindriver could you unlock the doors, over? **VIDEO SPED UP** **(AND YES… THE BEEPING)** [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Traindriver on the 15820, could you turn off the lights on the train, over? **VIDEO SPED UP** [CONDUCTOR]: Wait… People need to leave, that’s why [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Yeah but this door again also doesn’t close [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: I’ll walk up to the traindriver, because I haven’t heard from him since [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Right. I will take this one out of order as well **VIDEO SPED UP** **YES…BEEPING** **VIDEO SPED UP** **BEEPING STOPS** [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Traindriver on the 15820, do you now have a green light, over? [TRAINDRIVER]: This is traindriver 15820, yes, I now have a green light [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Great! I took two doors out of order and that’s what we’ll have to work with [TRAINDRIVER]: Right, well, we’re now scheduled as an empty stock to Amersfoort but I’m trying to get in touch with dispatch quickly to see if we can still take passengers with us [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: But on the last carriage, both doors are disabled so no one can enter or leave there

[TRAINDRIVER]: Right, do you think it’s a problem if we unlock the doors and we take them on the front trainset? [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: That we just set the rear trainset as empty stock, that sounds viable, over [TRAINDRIVER]: Ok I will call dispatch, if I can’t reach them we’ll leave as empty stock if I can, we maybe could be allowed to take passengers with us [CONDUCTOR 2 ON COM]: Right, okay **VIDEO SPED UP** (AND NO BEEPING!) [TRAINDRIVER > DISPATCH (TELEPH.)]: We’ve got the rear trainset as an empty consist. It’s closed…[inaudible] Right, so not earlier than half an hour Yes, 15824, that’s what we’ll do Yes, okay and than just see what you want to do with the rear trainset, if we leave that in Amersfoort or take it with us for the whole journey or whatever yes, okay Great. Bye **VIDEO SPED UP** [TRAINDRIVER]: Passenger-traindriver at the back, over Allright, I can’t get in touch with him, do we alter comm-channels? I’ll set it to [CONDUCTOR]: Shall I tell the passengers or not? [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes, that they can board here Include that we have tried our best to leave at .54 but that unfortunately was not possible anymore **VIDEO SPED UP** [TRAINDRIVER ON TELEPHONE]: This is Vincent speaking Hi Rear trainset will be left behind in Amersfoort. Okay. Thanks for letting me know Okay, bye [TRAINDRIVER]: Conductor 15824, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Conductor 15824, I’m listening traindriver, over This is traindriver 15824, I have just been informed that the rear trainset will be left behind in Amersfoort So you know as well, over [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: Loud and clear, traindriver, you will get a new conductor in Amersfoort I will be travelling to Amsterdam with you, over [TRAINDRIVER]: Okay, great Yes, it works! [NEW CONDUCTOR ON COM]: A very good morning traindriver 15824

this is conductor 15824 calling in for a comm-check, over

[TRAINDRIVER]: Good morning, traindriver 15824 here, at the same time, the rear set has been decoupled right? Or has it rolled back onto us, over? [PERSONNEL ON COM]: Are you talking about the train on track 2A? [TRAINDRIVER]: No, track 7, who am I talking to then? This is the 15824, over **BAD RADIO MESSAGE WITH PARTS DROPPING OUT** [TRAINDRIVER]: Right… [sighs] [TRAINDRIVER]: Here the traindriver onboard the 15824 for the conductor on the 15824, over [PERSONNEL ON COM]: 15824, over [TRAINDRIVER]: Here the traindriver of 15824, I have been split in Amersfoort I still have to do a brake-test, but somethings goes wrong there, so we can’t leave yet [PERSONNEL ON COM]: Traindriver I get that the brake-test has failed so far, do you want to unlock doors, over? [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes [TRAINDRIVER]: Geez…[sighs] Why isn’t it filling up? (brake-system) [TRAINDRIVER]: Conductor 15824, traindriver 15824 here has the rear trainset been completely disconnected now, over? [CONDUCTOR ON COM]: This is the conductor on the 15824.Super, thank you [TRAINDRIVER]: Yes but, that wasn’t the question Huh!? [STAFF, OUTSIDE]: Did it succeed? [TRAINDRIVER]: No, it won’t accept a brake-test I thought we we’re lucky by now but Are you calling or what? [TRAINDRIVER]: No, why? [STAFF]: Than I’ll announce we will be leaving later [CONDUCTOR]: Good morning dear travellers, the rear part of the train was defective and has been decoupled

we now have to do a brake-test but we’re experiencing some problems, the reason we haven’t left yet Please have some patience [CONDUCTOR]: Right, now? [TRAINDRIVER]: Now things are looking good Let’s see how the air responds [TRAINDRIVER]: I’ll never understand the software. I don’t know what happened it started rolling or the rear trainset connected with us again I don’t know [STAFF]: No something went wrong there as well because it had air-leakage as well [TRAINDRIVER]: Right well, than that was the problem. We can depart [CONDUCTOR]: Good morning. You’ve noticed, it’s very busy on this train

it’s also a smaller train than you’re used too on this time of day

we had to leave behind the rear part of this train in Amersfoort because of a malfunction in that part

that’s why it’s more crowded I’d like to request you to put your luggage overhead or under your seat and not on the seat next to you so as many passengers as possible can enjoy a seat Apologies for the inconvenience and I wish you pleasant journey [CONDUCTOR]: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it’s 19… 9.17 AM and 3 minutes later than scheduled

we will arrive at track 14B at Amsterdam Central Station

This train terminates here

You can transfer here to the intercity-service to Zaandam/Alkmaar, track 8 at 9.29 AM

intercity-service to Haarlem, track 2A 9.34 AM

intercity to Hoorn/Enkhuizen leaves from track 8A at 9.49 AM We were 3 minutes later because a trainset was left behind in Amersfoort due to defective doors that’s why the train was busy between Amersfoort and Amsterdam CS I wish you, also on behalf on the other colleagues onboard this train, a very pleasant day The station of Amsterdam CS in a few moments

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