nearly 12. I’m just outside of St Louis on the side of the road at a truck stop, tonight plenty, plenty of space in here it’s good big truck big truck i’d almost get one this is what i’m going to do today i’m going to go and have a look at the arch and in st Louis and uh i’m going to go to a museum and in the museum it should be a ahh, this is saint Louis big arch over there dude mowing the lawns pretty much like four wheel driving this is crazy there seems to be a lot of things named after martin luther king hmm right’o here i am smack bang in the middle of uh st Louis there’s a guy running behind me the sun’s bright as all hell in this hot as, good and now we swing around here because the sun here’s the building and there goes the arch that is quite cool this is a thing here water squirting out of the ground oh now I’m stuck! Oh NO! I’m Stuck! thank you (general intrigue) ahhh those things it fell off Yep another one err err Yip I’m a real boy! wee way up there it’s warm yeah there’s that nato building there which is quite cool and then I spin around hopefully see some of it the sun’s right here so i’m hanging out in the sun in the shade for a bit while I wait for a restaurant to open it’s quite early here but uh thanks to the sprinklers I had a bit of a cool down and uh I got some weird looks there by some homeless people interesting place I got a ticket and uh also just in case you’re wondering is the arch very big well it’s definitely larger than something smaller than it just how big is it that is just huge you can see the plane flying up there straight over the center that looks nah its big just in case they don’t make it back I mean because it may break this thing was built during the uh what wasn’t America’s engineering heyday that’s for sure this is the uh the Mississippi in st Louis river boats cruises and stuff its the gate way to the, the arch I made it up (bit of a way down there) so this is out the window of the arch and I am (Mumble mumble) um this is terrible and that is St louis Nah! I”m not liking it Nah Nah! nah, didn’t work didn’t work this is why we have drones so that was the ah, the arch way there it is there Huge so I went up that side over the top and down that side Jolly Good

just finished at the st louis arch and now i’m at a museum believe it or not i like to go to museums sometimes more than one a day and i’ll probably go to another one after this yeah, yeah the reason why I am at this museum and why I drove all the way to st Louis is not because of the big arch and because it’s the starting point from it is in fact because there is a certain steam engine here and it is the closest one I could find that steam engine as a well it’s this one that is a big boy so its big, this is the Big Boy I’m walking to the front of the firebox right I’m at the front of the firebox Big that there, is… Big the wheels are bigger than me just WOW! and we’ll keep on walking yep that’s the ah first cylinder and ah, we’ll keep on walking that’s ah One Two and then that’s another one Three and that’s Four Big old driving wheels and then we’ve got another set of cylinder there”s the ah (exhale) you could, you would have people living in there and you could drive down the tracks and you wouldn’t even know i mean they’ll be freaking out because this is a lot of a lot of steel moving around huge and uh we keep on coming down here to the front just huge uh right next to the big boy is the Centennial and then on the front let’s see what we got there you got a snow mulcher that’s just chill-axing on the front America does thing’s Big (small trains in a small world) this is the first time I’ve seen a collection of gauges this is a Doris and this is a moon and that’s a moon and this is a traffic truck this is another Doris oh yeah yeah okay a whole bunch of ’em (scoff) corr look at that a wagon, ha, another one that’s two an entire display of stuff this is the uh the vehicle display in the museum of transportation in, so it’s a whole bunch of stuff there’s a outdoor well indoor outdoor theater showing American Graffiti good movie should watch it George Lucas Harrison Ford yeah and Ron Howard there’s cars and things i’ve seen some funny things in my time this is not one of them and neither is this contraption this one here is quite normal looking but sweet kinetic bouncing balls what the hell is that (Knock, knock, knock, knock) (loud exhale) well it seems real enough and it’s massive too huge really really big like that’s up there so it’s large i don’t know aye so this place is called Ellie springs it’s uh it’s quite phenomenal so it looks like they’ve dug into the hill a bit and uh down the spring and it’s gone haywire so that is the amount of water coming out of the spring 80 million gallons a day crazy amounts so it’s pretty much trying to find some nice clean water to swim in and wash it doesn’t get much better than this it’s quite cool this is it

very cool I’m in a small town, American… Oh (distracted by a chip) they’ve got that having a feed, its good at this place, you order it and eat outside i only think I’ve seen these places in movies it’s quite cool, small town America lets do a Donut yes here we have a nice little wee park in the Washington State Park Place we have something I’ve been doing pretty much every day and let’s transfer everything from the uh from the drone and the phone to the hard drive pretty much what the tailgate gets used for When the weathers amazing what do you do? yeah that’s right continue on a road trip YEAH! the truck behind me there he’s attached to another truck there’s dude underneath they were stuck on the motorway and the ah F150 Dragged them both off two big Dodges what did we get up to? just shy of 60 She was screamin’ so now I’ve pulled those trucks off the ahh off the motorway I’m in Illinois now I pulled them to another state even got to use the tow function on this

so i got some M&Ms thinking they’re normal M&Ms and uh They”re not it is the biggest M&M I’ve ever seen huge so I’m in Springfield uh Illinois big old museum behind me there it cost 15 bucks to get in so uh I’ll give that a pass but it’s only uh that one guy and something about baseball yeah was about that guy Old Abe what a lad and uh there we have a big old railway station there’s some props in there from Steven Spielberg movie and stuff it is so hot here it’s so hot like 100 degrees 100. It is hot this is a downtown Springfield Illinois train going on in the background big ol’ railway station what does this say “here i have lived a Quarter of a Century and have passed from A young to an Old Man” A Lincoln Feb 11 1861 so i found a little wee street and uh it’s pretty old school looking apparently this is a Abraham Lincoln’s neighborhood let’s take a look look at that there’s a house over there and a yard on that side scaffolding so this is it here Abe’s house, so it’s ah sign and another one that camera shows you where to take the photo from and this is the wrong spot wait one there we go that’s Lincoln’s house so behind me there you can see in the mirror in the window is the cemetery where Abraham Lincoln um is and his wife and a few of his son’s are okay so I’ve just snuck into Indy It is massive! it’s it’s massive, so this is the corporate box area this is the back of it that is phenomenal Indy nothing’s running today but I am here pretty damn cool big place lovin’ it just have me some long john silvers yeah it’s all right

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