These text boxes are EVP captions from EVPs that I hear later when reviewing audio Coming through here Creepy All right I don’t know if I’m supposed to be in this one but I think I’m being told to not be in that one (eerie music) I’m Brett I’m a psychic medium obsessed with the paranormal Every summer I get to go on a month-long ride around the U.S. and Canada seeking the strange and unusual I’m often directed and influenced by the other side on what to do and where to go This is my journey that I’m sharing with you I left San Diego this morning and the plan is to be somewhere in Arizona by tonight Whenever possible I take windy back roads instead of going for the efficiency of the highway Efficiency is not what I’m after I want to explore and see things like this train museum I just discovered It’s day one of my adventure, which means I’m anxious and a little insecure about being on the trip, about my bike holding up, and about the hazards of riding It also means I’m a bit rusty with the filming process, my gear, and doing my mediumship thing on camera Before filming today I managed to plug my lav mic into my earphone jack instead of the microphone jack so the audio isn’t up to my standards And my camera zoomed in without me noticing because they don’t have flip screens, bringing my face way too close for the first few shots Wow, it’s hot. It’s hot Since last season I figured out that in order to avoid confusion, I need to let the spirits know what I’m doing and tell them my rules I’m Brett I’m a psychic medium and I am filming my interactions with you folks on the other side So if you’re unsure if you’re supposed to be doing this or allowed to be on camera or be on audio or be interacting with me, please ask my team And another thing is please do not use names I’m not supposed to use names So don’t bring up anybody’s name Instead, describe yourself Tell me a little bit about yourself Tell me about the location Tell me anything about these trains Tell me about the other side And if you run into other spirits and stuff, you can tell them also Relay this information So i’m here at this little train museum that is actually pretty massive In Campo, California And I am exploring some of the box cars, or some of the cars I guess they’re not box cars, they’re cars I’m exploring some of the cars This one, in this corner, is supposedly A guy who built part of the railroad or built part of this train or this area, lived in this car This was his car And so I’m just trying to see what I can get I just left this morning so I’m still, I’ve still got the anxiety and the stress and the excitement about coming on my trip But I haven’t had a chance to really get on my trip yet I’ve only ridden like 50 miles from my last destination Or from my official start point And it’s supposed to be like 100 degrees or 108 or something like that We’re going through a heat wave right now so I am boiling inside this building that houses these trains So that’s why I’m glistening I’m mostly here alone in this museum, I think Well, alone as in the only living person in here I feel like somebody’s pulling on my camera a little bit Somebody’s bumping it I thought I saw something go by that way Yah, we’ll have to see what’s going on

I’m feeling kind of like I was going to say I’m kind of having trouble working myself into going and being active with this but I’m hearing somebody tell me “Go easy on yourself.” So I”d love to see what’s going on Typical of the first day of filming, I have my perceived difficulties in opening up psychically but I am open Can I sit somewhere? No I’m even hearing the other side talking about it and it shows up in EVP But because I’m unfocused or not paying attention I continue to question it the whole time I’m here I’m now in a little car I’m not supposed to be in here? OK So who are you? Who are you? Yah, I gotta get back into this I gotta get used to it I gotta get meditative I’m like bouncing around OK, I’m asking for showing me scenes and I see somebody speaking in a loud cone with, uh, it’s white with black stripes It looks like something lifeguards would have We’ll go around and see if I can find it in the museum Is it in the museum? No Why are you showing me this? It’s like announcing to get on the train They would use those? We would. I would If my team can help you in any way, please see them as we’re finishing Yah, they’re aware that I’m having trouble opening up This is how these trips start I start out and I have trouble getting open Oh man, this is such a cool spot and I’m not focusing So crazy It’s so unfortunate You sleep in this car? So here’s the deal with my EVPs I use EVP audio to supplement and validate what I’m picking up psychically And because I may be able to help spirits communicate using a form of mediumship called “direct voice” I get a ton of chatter in my recordings The voices are both my guides and other spirits trying to talk to me, as well as unrelated side conversations between whoever’s around Some matches what I’m picking up telepathically, while some of it has nothing to do with my impressions Most EVPs are barely audible so instead of stopping to review them, I put captions of what’s being said on screen What is the caboose for? What is this? I’m unfocused. I’m not getting an answer Oh man. I keep getting names I keep getting names but I’m not supposed to say names So many people You aren’t supposed to tell me names No names (Morgan Freeman narrating in the background) OK, now I’m getting, “What are you doing?” Getting the “What are you doing?” thing This is pretty amazing Pretty amazing spot

Man, I love that voice but if I had access, I’d mute it and everything else that makes noise This car was too loud and there was too much going on anyway so I didn’t stop to film even though I’m clearly hearing someone Man, I wish they didn’t have all these noises Because I’m trying to do filming That’s what I’m trying to do. Filming I’m feeling a weakness in my hand Who is this? It’s a woman I can’t say your name Looking around in here This is the caboose and I don’t know what a caboose does I don’t know what it’s for Yah, so that was me I feel so I’m bummed that I’m not opened up right now because this is so crazy cool I’ve got this whole place to myself The whole place All right, let’s be quiet I’m seeing a conductor I’m seeing the conductor with the hat That conductor hat And these gloves with big, big cuffs that come way out here When were you here? 1896. 1896? I’m just kind of getting, “Go run with it.” What was the best day? August 16th Would I know that? Topeka Railroad Yah, I think… I’m… I think I’m just overheating right now I’ll have to try something else today All right Yah, safe travels to you too At this point I’m actually resigned to leave I already said my goodbyes and was ready to go But this place is amazing It stretches on and there are spirits everywhere (train whistle I don’t know if I’m supposed to be doing this Whoa, this is crazy They have birthday parties on this train Yuck, spiders Coming through here Creepy All right I don’t know if I’m supposed to be in this one but I think I’m being told to not be in that one Some not nice folks in there

If you need help please see my team Wow, this is nuts This is my absolute favorite thing to do I could stay here exploring and connecting with spirits for days but I’ve got to get back to my ride My route sends me through a landscape of sweeping curves just north of the Mexican border This is my kind of riding My least favorite kind of riding is on the crowded and turbulent multi-lane highways and interstates So in order to avoid that I plan and program my routing and GPS as I go, keeping an eye out for interesting spots And Google Maps has pointed out some ruins As I pull up I’m not sure if someone is actually living here Brett to homeless man: I don’t want to bug anybody (dog barks) Local homeless man: You can do whatever, brother Brett: Do you know about this spot right here? This was like a little resort? Man:This was a bath house at one time People would come here and have their own private tub Brett: So I’m not gonna bother anybody? Man: Nah, don’t worry about it Brett: OK, cool man All right You guys take it easy While the “hosts” were nice, it’s still not the most inviting of locations (footsteps crunching on dirt) Yah, that’s kind of the impression I’m getting My impressions of this spot are lots of sex This place was lots and lots of sex Prostitution All sorts of crazy stuff Some unwanted sex All sorts of funky stuff This is a bath house in…Jacomba, maybe? i’ll have to fix that Anyway, that’s it (music) The little roads give out, sending me down to the desert floor and the expansive interstate I’ve got about a hundred miles of freeway riding until Yuma At about halfway and past anywhere to stop, it becomes unbearably and dangerously hot My camera refuses to function I’m getting near heat stroke and there’s nowhere safe to stop Nowhere with shade I’m desperate and scared and my vision is turning white I’m not being dramatic I could die I’m talking to my team of guides and praying, “Please help me get to somewhere safe.” I make it to a gas station where I stumble into the shade and collapse I tried to stand so I could go inside but my hearing goes into a tunnel and my vision goes neon I remain seated there for at least 20 minutes before I’m able to stagger inside where I grab cold water and collapse again This time on the floor next to the bathroom for another half hour No, it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds I almost died. Was dying Thank you team for keeping me alive Arriving at a motel is always a relief and signifies a successful day Today though, that was a very close call I love motels There’s something about them that I find so fun and a bit bizarre I film a bunch and play with my cameras “Fresh remote.” Fridge. Got a fridge It’s me I’m on my bike That’s my saddle bag It’s me

That’s my lamp As I was opening up the hotel room after almost fainting I’m skipping a clip of me elaborating on the perils of the day VO:But I want to share that my team was involved I would wet down my shirt and then it would evaporate and cool me a little bit but I check in with Crystal and I check the internet It seems it’s hot everywhere That’s where I was Threat Afternoon temperatures 111 to 119 Feels like 126 degrees Tomorrow I’m changing directions to somewhere cooler Probably north If you like this, please share with others and subscribe Hit the like button and comment Tell us how the other side has saved your (bleep) And thanks for watching (music)

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