To reach Kartarpur corridor (Dera Baba Nanak) from Delhi There are many modes of transportation including direct flights and buses (to Amritsar) But I am going to travel on a train The reason behind is I got the ETA (or permission to travel to Kartarpur) just 2 days back Then I started searching for seat availability in trains There was only one train left with a few seats available in the ‘II class’ coach This train runs between Delhi and Amritsar It takes 8 hours and Rs.190 I don’t think there is any cheaper way to travel between Delhi and Amritsar than this I was initially planning to travel in an AC compartment but because only 2 days were left for the journey there was no seat availability in AC trains Today is Friday and trains towards Chandigarh and Amritsar are usually full in the weekends These two friends have brought me to this place They are sharing important information about this place They are locals from Amritsar They are Indrajeet and Manbeer I am enjoying their company I wanted to start my Kartarpur’s trip from Amritsar Because here is the most prominent Gurdwara of Sikhism I’m talking about the Golden Temple or the Harmandir Sahib It’s just in front of me Mr Manveer is going to drop me somewhere on his two-wheeler He will help me in getting an auto-rickshaw That shared auto will take me to Verka railway station in just Rs.10 This is the speciality of our country Thanks for being a part of this video I don’t know how to do vlogging in such situations! Sometimes I get nervous because of such people staring at me That’s with the Golden Temple behind me and here is my hostel I got a discounted price of Rs.202.50 through booking.com Otherwise, it was costing Rs.250 Location of this hostel is quite good Jallianwala Bagh is hardly a 100 metres away from this place And Golden Temple is almost 200 m away

There are many hotels in this location SIR, WHAT WOULD BE THE COST OF THIS CAMERA? 150 g of Roasted chickpeas costs Rs.20 Okay! this is 160 g (not 150)! The train ticket from Verka to Dera Baba Nanak cost Rs.15 Next train will depart at 1:40 PM This is Verka junction railway station If you are also planning to visit Kartarpur from Delhi Then you should know that the nearest major city for Kartarpur Sahib is Amritsar There are many direct flights, trains and buses for Amritsar However the most comfortable and budget friendly way to travel is a train If you also want to take a train Then prefer a train which arrives Amritsar at 3 or 4 AM Because you can catch another train at 4:15 AM from Amritsar which will take you to Dera Baba Nanak this direct train to Dera Baba Nanak will charge you Rs.15 so basically you are doing a night journey from Delhi to Amritsar By 6 AM you will reach Dera Baba Nanak from there you can start your journey to Kartarpur at 8 AM There are only 4 trains to reach Dera Baba Nanak 1 is available from Amritsar and the rest 3 are from Verka now its 1:20 PM and the train behind me will depart at 1:40 PM (to Dera Baba Nanak) So the first train to DBN from this station leaves around 11:30 AM Second departs at 1:40 p.m. and the third around 4:30 PM It takes one and half hours to reach Dera Baba Nanak from Verka Total distance from Amritsar to Verka is 8 km You can travel by road or trains to reach here from where this train has arrived? oh! This has come from Amritsar The best things about train journeys are You can see the real countryside and meet locals I prefer trains over flights for a more authentic travel experience there are very few people in this train It’s 3:15 PM and I am about to reach Dera Baba Nanak this one and half hour long journey was very comfortable and scenic I wish there is a direct train from Delhi to Dera Baba Nanak Even from Amritsar, there is only one direct train to Dera Baba Nanak I suggest these three trains starting from Verka should be extended to Amritsar This will be convenient for the visitors travelling to Kartarpur

Now let me introduce you with Mr Surender Can you please come here? He is a local from Dera Baba Nanak He has shared a very important piece of information there is a free bus service from Dera Baba Nanak railway station to Darbar Sahib Gurdwara that is a yellow coloured bus There are two major gurudwaras in Dera Baba Nanak First is Chola Sahib According to him a robe of Guru Nanak is kept at Chola Sahib Gurudwara Besides that, there is another Gurudwara called Darbar Sahib Gurudwara You can get rooms in Darbar Sahib Gurudwara It is also closer to the border Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us we have reached now Mr Surender has shared another information This railway track earlier used to connect with Pakistan Towards Lahore “This station was built during British rule” The gentle policeman asked me to rush as the yellow bus is going to leave now This is the free bus service which connects the railway station with Darbar Sahib Gurudwara It took almost 10 minutes to reach the Gurudwara Mr Yogendra shared that this bus also takes you to the border point at 8 AM It comes back at 2:30 PM And then again it goes back to the railway station From there you can get a train to Verka So this is indeed a good initiative for people travelling to the railway station and the border check post Visitors can also get rooms to stay For single visitors like me, they provide a hall instead of a room “You can store your luggage in the cloakroom” This is an open Hall And here are the rooms Yes I am a YouTuber “I am one of your subscribers” “I am happy to meet you here” I am even happier that you recognised me “I have come from Anandpur Sahib” “Tomorrow I am going to visit Kartarpur” I will also go with you “She is my mother” There is a famous and historical Gurdwara in Anandpur Sahib The world will become a better place if people from all the religion stay together in harmony I have started experiencing the positivity here which I am expecting from Pakistan tomorrow You people are so positive “Even we are going to visit tomorrow. let’s go together” I’m so happy now it’s 5:15 PM and I have come to visit the local market Suddenly, I heard someone calling me This gentleman has come all the way from Kota to meet me He is Manish “I just came to meet him” “I am one of his greatest Bhakts” I don’t have any Bhakts. They belong to someone else “After my parents, I love him a lot” Thanks a lot for this honour (Random chitchat) Let me share this

this is room no. 30 also called “the hall” Single male visitors like me, Manish or sir are usually allowed to stay in such halls However, if you’re travelling with your family Then you can get a private room However, this isn’t bad. In fact here I can interact with a lot of people If you can come out of your comfort zone then you can enjoy such travelling experiences If you don’t like this then you are always welcome to stay in the hotels In most of the Gurudwaras in India, you might get to stay in such halls if you’re travelling solo If you’re okay with this then you are always welcome in the Gurudwaras its 10:30 AM. another new day I’m still in the same Gurudwara The first day I stayed in the hall for free The second day I got a private room for Rs.200 after I got up I was going to refill my water bottle There is a water cooler for filtered water in this premise While I was going I saw someone waiting for me “I have come here especially to meet him” The way he met me was very overwhelming After meeting him I just kept thinking about him People like him always makes me realize that I am one of the most blessed ones in this world who is liked and loved by so many people “I planned my trip to Malaysia just because of him” “His videos inspired me to travel” “He is the only reason behind my trip to Malaysia” “He told in his videos that knowing English is not mandatory to travel the world” “After Malaysia, I visited Singapore just because of him” Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that my videos helped you He also surprised me when I was visiting the market He suddenly came to me and said that I have come to meet you from Kota But now Manish is leaving for Kota I’m happy to meet him as well Thanks to all of you for meeting me in such a lovely way These ladies are now preparing food (Langar) Is this Gurudwara Chola Sahib? its 5:30 PM

Time to finish this trip I have refilled my water bottle And now these people have offered me a ride to the bus terminal “Brother, where are you from?” I am from Delhi “But Delhi is a city!” Yes, it is a city ok. bye Sat sri akal This gentleman is although going to Amritsar But I cannot travel on his bike with this trolley That is why he is going to drop me to the bus terminal lets see how will be the journey from Dera Baba Nanak to Delhi! I am paying Rs.1,110 from Amritsar to Delhi in this Volvo bus “I wanted to meet you” He’s from Hyderabad Today he visited Kartarpur How was your experience? “It was truly amazing” What a pleasant way to finish this trip!

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