good morning buenos dias no i’m gonna leave that gold morning buenos dias people so it is good morgan good morning hello people delete that last part good morning what up peeps so catch it this is how we’re going to do it today we are leaving miami but we’re going to new york and i’m going to the hamptons for the summer and we’re going to do this fun trip from miami to new york we’re going to stop in a few places that you’re going to see and we’re going to show you everything and i hope you’re going to have fun with us yeah about to be you know you had the vlog before so if you didn’t see it let’s go and check go and check it out so uh victoria is leaving her beautiful home here in miami goodbye oh my god i forgot to show you oh my god we gotta go where’d she go i’m spitting myself [Laughter] he’s ready now run get up and run get up and run run you throw your friend run run run [Applause] all right so i had this awesome sweater that i let victoria borrow but i ruined it because i always get stuff dirty white stuff looks great on me but i always ruin everything i think you guys know my boys dragon ball z is sure so nice but the problem is so nice i’m gonna destroy this oh my god yeah it’s ruined so i’m like hey how about we make this into a crop top i don’t know you guys say how good it comes out yeah tell me i’m listening comment below wow that actually looks pretty good really it really i liked it oh my god you ready for your trip okay guys so we are on our way to orlando right now we left like five minutes ago check out the back real quick oh my god this is in polish yeah okay quick update on our trip victoria’s trying to figure out how to get out of london yeah we’re listening to some podcasts i changed my t-shirt because i don’t feel myself what’s your music this is my it’s a drop whoop here we go what up people our first is top numero uno orlando check it out that’s a nice cute waterfall over there we go four hours life and we are finally here yeah come tell the people what you thinking so far victoria i think it’s beautiful yeah it’s pretty good it’s pretty cute but it’s so hot i know we got to take a whole walk raining i know because we were whining

about raining before so now you’re just walking around stretching your legs and getting some steps yeah before it’s really bad luck guys can i get your number right now please you’re so handsome give me your number i think he he thinks that i’m cheetah like a real cheetah look guys he’s like [Laughter] okay so we just ate and now we are about to come back oh my god and this is actually really nice and like i really enjoyed actually like walking around and all the animals seeing victoria run away from animals was hands down my favorite part of the day so far we got georgia next but i think georgia is gonna beat orlando for me georgia is four hours away from here so yeah let’s do it what’s up guys so i really like savannah georgia yeah now we’re gonna get something to drink i’m going for matcha and he wants some coffee in georgia you got this place called river street and it’s actually pretty cool there’s a bunch of stuff you can do uh cool bars and actually savannah so far is like i said probably a little better what do you think so far i mean i like it more than orlando no i really like savannah but like now it’s a lot of a lot of places are closed yeah but it looks like a lot of fun ah merry christmas yay it’s amazing that’s amazing so we just left savannah and we are about to go to next set state which is uh south carolina colombia i wish we were colombia but yeah a big one this is the city um so yeah so see you there hika hika what’s up we’re on day two of the road trip and you’re a little upset because it’s almost over right now because it’s like today we get in the car we shoot out to a hike and then after the hike uh back to airbnb and the next morning is just strictly just driving back to the hampton but we got fishes yeah look in this airbnb pretty cute pretty cool cool tub it’s like it’s like retweeters yeah no no no no no okay guys so a life hack if you are uh if you’re shopping in cvs never ever live without your reset like you see there is a lot of deals one two four six dollars

off okay guys so right now uh we are zero second away um from our the most important stop of the trip which is we’re gonna see in a second it’s from there a bread oh my god oh my god that’s a good one you’re stuck oh my god no it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay you don’t have to worry not everyone has to be perfect in parking you know as good as me at least you know okay guys we got it i’m so excited but the thing that sucks is that they give us some plastic which i don’t understand because i put um dying in so yeah are you excited oh my god i’m so pumped my first time having this salad so let’s see how it comes out there’s a new one right that’s the thai spicy something guys so over there there is a cup and like no one wants to go in front of the cup so like all of the people over here the cars are like going so slow i’m not passing him i’m staying right here this is as fast as i’m going this one’s gonna slow in a second yeah look it looks like oh oh here we are we’re getting there leaves we all can go fast breathe pick your fighter and we’re going over there right breathe wow this is it money shot now it’s my turn victoria’s turn i’m pretty good at it oh man you guys ever come to sag harbor this is this is the game okay victoria if we pause the video oh never mind i was talking trash wasn’t i all right guys well i’ll tell you about my view the view was pretty dope not gonna lie when we get all the way to the top yes there was some bugs they like victoria yep there they go they like victoria a little bit more than they like me but uh yeah no the end of you was awesome but she she got you all right what’s your master plan i’m a tourist i’m gonna walk by oh that was uh that was intense that was scary man again wait that was perfect what do you mean you’re in this awesome little hike oh my god victoria don’t do that don’t do that scary so scary oh she’s so fast i can’t keep up with her look at that speed look at those high knees don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall wow this is this is victorian or if it was an animal this would be this would be here i’ll be a tree all right start as a start as a seed and turn into a tree

this is the evolution of victoria the tree what a tree look it doesn’t wind stuff now guess who i am i’m a lumberjack who’s gonna cut you down okay oh oh yeah hey get back here dude dude what what what are you what is what are you doing is that like you’re running away flip that that even help it makes you slower get back here dude gazelle gazelle gazelle oh got you beat hello cows they know they’re scared of you [Laughter] come on it’s coming hey they want to attack you look at them yeah i think they might want to kill me yeah they want to kill there’s like five of them like watching you hey they’re gonna you saw this thing they’re gonna attack you come back here right now come back they’re like getting come back eat it and come back now look at this one welcome to virginia guys so we drove four hours from grandfather mountain and we’re finally in virginia what do you want to say about virginia um if you have been virgin neck clap your hands yay finally we are in lynchburg virginia we are about to cook something because today we decided we’re going to cook because we have a kitchen also maybe we can show you around our airbnb for tonight’s nice place i like the vibes right they really do it’s like wood red nice like the paint tomorrow we’re gonna have photoshoot in here okay guys let’s check out what we’re gonna have for dinner i can decide what i want what do you want to have nothing on the side of nothing oh my god yeah i was thinking about the same one glasses way i’m just gonna hang out [Laughter] guys we are cooking our dinner i’m gonna have some cauliflower rice with veggies danielle has chicken with um i thought we’re gonna share those these beans okay so we’ll have it there there’s no chicken i don’t want to chicken and we’re gonna have some rice and avocado i know this is a lot too come here yeah but that we bought it to share like i told you i want some beans too right tell them you got a lot of stuff i don’t know okay can i give you kimmy can i give you something oh my god like i really wanted those like i know you just said something in polish i meant like i’m gonna with him so i don’t wanna i don’t care no i said like i’m really i’m really mad because i want me i want some beans no i don’t want it now victoria no i don’t want it no no no no

so we left uh virginia like an hour ago and we are on the road and next stop is maryland we’re going to maryland and yeah we are going to get our nails done but she’s going to get her nails done that’s it there’s nothing else i’ll be sitting in the car because like in maryland then there’s a lot of cases of corona and also like we don’t want to risk so yeah we’re gonna try to be extra safe in this state oh my god family family abuse not here not in my family bro we’re gonna leave daddy okay bye he locked the door he hugged her we are in baltimore we’re walking to downtown dan is on a mission to find a crab cake and we’ve had a drink crab cakes are like super popular like apparently they’re like the bomb where are the palm trees palm trees where are you i miss you so much i’m gonna come back to florida right now no dude you’re staying right here with me okay so danielle i got my crab cakes that’s what it is yup it’s a crab meat all poured up in a ball fried and my salad but i’m helping him so it smells like i just ate salad no all right um yummy potato fries and then this thing over here oh yeah right okay people daniel your bee bishnek [Laughter] our last stop we got some coffee it’s 9 p.m and we are about to head home at home southampton in 4 hours yeah just about do you want to say victoria uh we still need to feed our baby oh yeah baby we adopt that’s the adoption we are foster family nah we got it in oh my tired driver yeah i’m shocked thank you thank you thank you daniel um we are inside hometown we just get home we drove like 17 1752 miles right around that’s so amazing that’s so amazing good job longest road trip i’ve been on um we just want to say bye because it’s so late we’re so tired he has to drive for like another like 15 minutes okay guys so thanks for watching guys hope you like it and see you soon right yeah i’ll see you guys soon more adventures to come that’s a little oh action okay bye

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