In this video we will be riding the AREX Express Train from Incheon Intl. Airport to downtown Seoul Station The platform at Terminal 1 is split in two sections The front half is for local service, and the back for express service The express service doesn’t stop at stations between the airport and downtown Like the Seoul Subway, AREX also uses short musical tunes to signal train arrivals/interchange stations Announcements are in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese KTX trains used to serve the airport, but service was cut after low demand The abandoned platforms are still visible. (We’ll see them later.) Most of the train announcements were edited out in this version of the video Listen to the announcements in the unedited video. Link in description below Express trains have airplane style seats. Regular trains only have longitudinal seating The frequency of express trains isn’t very good It’s only 10 minutes faster than the local train Total journey time is about 43 minutes long Half of it is underground A local train for Terminal 2 arrives on the opposite platform This is where people board local trains to Seoul Here are the abandoned KTX platforms The trains are really quiet and smooth Passing a local train We pass the last stop on Yeongjongdo island

We now leave Yeongjongdo Island We will travel on the Yeongjong Bridge, connecting the island with the mainland It is 4420 meters long, and was completed in 2000 The bridge is comprised of two decks Trains travel on the lower deck The bridge cost $1.4B USD to build There were some good views on the other side of the train, but all of the seats were taken on that side We are passing a major station

There are KTX platforms here This appears to be the KTX platform The tracks you see are used by the Incheon metro The Incheon metro is a separate system from Seoul AREX meets up with Incheon metro at this stop But we will pass it because we are on an express train In the background is the Depot for the Incheon metro We now go underground to pass the city of Incheon We will resurface later, but soon go back underground when we enter the city of Seoul We will pass some stations whilst we are in the tunnel We now cross the Han River

The river originates from North Korea Because of how close Seoul is to North Korea, the river is lined with watch towers and barbed wire The Han River also divides Seoul in half, similar to the River Thames in London Sorry about the tint, not sure why my camera did that

We arrive at Seoul Station, which is the central station of Seoul Link to my video of the Seoul Subway Line 4 in the description below The unedited video of this ride is also down below

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