traveling’s he believed it were actually travelling so what we’re doing today is I’m going with my buddy Tim no not that Tim another Tim what we’re doing is we’re heading down to his hometown of threatening yeah don’t hold me to that pronunciation either because I don’t think it’s right anyways Brenton area this is forest south and Vietnam is huge again I mean is down on the water it’s very close to Cambodia and we head out here because my buddy Tim had a daughter just heard one month old now when the child turns one month old there’s a huge celebration in Vietnamese culture now while we didn’t have the celebration today I do want to bring you with me as we tour through the city and Tim took me to some of his favorite aids in his home town you know felt so good to get out and do some traveling but like I said we did it was a few days ago I gave you a blast to the past for help I don’t know it’s max here my kind of eats I’ll catch it and right yes yeah what is hot down here in the south I thought Saigon was hot the delicious-looking marinades actually makes your mouth water I’m in the smoke oh my but what really got me sad they don’t have a soon which the poor chopping up a Sun doen which is gonna be the rib love the rib I’m like um bum whoa first thing gets me excited you see that big thing arising you see you’ve got again you got the chocolate that bought him consciously heating that up that Romar gonna leak into the rice for me it’s all about the base you got to be doing your rice try on any meal for it to truly be exceptional my expectations are set high right now we have about four five ladies here and they’re just constant moving constantly working because people just rolling up on the bikes getting it going to get people across the street here you got people inside these people everywhere eating here alright I’m excited this place like well-known in this city it’s been opening forever let me ask how how long twenty-one years during lunch hour we used to call this the waiting restaurant because you never get a seat right away you have to wait for a while before you can I always always call it the waiting restaurant super popular we’re already in the neighbors little side where’s the patio I guess a little yeah so we’re we’re taking the neighbors sidewalk to have to set up seats because this place gets so busy no morning simply with no cafes to that day I’d get a I’m gay nowadays man I’m excited they pile this up I mean this table is decked out absolutely loaded with the comb tommnow so what I got is actually presume the pork chop and I got this unknown which is gonna be the ribs as well you see right now the things that interests me are actually their dad which is gonna be the likely a little casserole you can see little strings and noodles in there and then they’re pickled veg is different down here than anything out seen in Saigon as well in just a minor tiny little details which I noticed you see they fry up their eggs but looks like they’re doing the scallions in oil when they fried up already that is clutch all right was it dig it in he’s an upcoming there gave it to rice get some that pork skin on there and a little bit pick a badge Wow two things really blew my mind away right at the beginning and sir rice the rice is so fine here it’s a perfect texture locals love it really really fine that’s when we find his textures a broken rice I’ve had and then the nope Chum extra sauce shipping on there loaded with garlic kick of sweetness it’s got the spice coming through that is a big thing plays on that spicy touches sour sweetness I got to get that more with that jab that casserole get the egg in here get some meat they’re just gonna get better and better and better that fried eggs I’m pulling just a little bit runny I love that they’re cooking it even more with the scallions and oil so it’s like a scallion flavor overload get a little bit – a gives you some texture but really I can’t get over the rice the rice texture is just unreal

on this I’m super curious about the pickle bed Joe I like that they add it here I’ve seen that a lot in the markets I find in Saigon it’s like a pickle but it’s nice and salty and a touch of sweetness at the end just a maybe a touch of fermentation not too sour predominately salty and sweet so this is typical Thai you’re going to see the meats really thin here the pork chops are not you know they’re not like Western where they’re really thick I’ve been here but it can still be extremely tender first thing I noticed is this is just sweet and sticky from that sauce the main thing is doing it on such high heat they’re really getting a lot of smoke and char on this meat now if you’re gonna charge so much you’ll see him take it off and they’re gonna cut off some of the char stick charge so intensely that sauce is too good you want to use all that and got me scraping the bowl and asking for seconds oh yeah we’re old now get second sauce that sauce the nut mom’s on point is salty who mommy touch a sweet spicy I rarely have to do this but these flavors are so intense I’m having to reach for my side soup so much to cleanse the palate but is just so ultra sticky when you touch it and look at that char that’s why I love getting the ribs because I get a stronger char on it use your little fattier and more melt in your mouth that to me when you come Tom says what you want right there I love that rib so much everybody support shop I think it’s an obvious mistake you got to get the rib oh my y’all what I’m gonna be clean when I’m done with it they’re gonna like me they’re not gonna have to do the dishes very much here about to like just play this whole chaos of the tape right here ten US dollars not bad but now we’re going to relax if I get a little something sweet just enjoy the day actually never seen him cut these before so now in the house like that jagged shape I didn’t rise the actual cutter thingy wherever the name for it is it’s weaved as well it makes sense but it’s just one of the things you never think about famous well buddy cool this but corner but basically the same thing one with the meat fueling and hook without the meat most famous a cool place enough yeah if you come here in the evening again the waiting is long you’re on nice gonna beat the heat by coming to just a little spot that’s gonna do the simple so they got this movies their coffee they got the juices but one thing I get used to is that bit nummies Tom they’re supposed to open at 9:00 about 9:25 right now they’re setting up this guy no be aware such a cool place to run cuz actually their home tears go up to actually where they live downstairs a business but especially third generation so what you see started with the grandparents now the parents own it okay get the children doing the work getting a set up and getting ready to go for the day hey it’s called Mahan customer which is the first customer that opened up and built that register only if y’all understood how many times I am ah hey I get to somewhere series it opens so many times absolutely gorgeous I wonder what type of Darien they’re using here as well I feel like it’s kind of like the Arash takes the most popular but we’re here in the South Sunday you can’t get a few different varieties and tell you what when you get the combination here you get the combination all kinds of stuff going on I think I finally got it all mixed in here straw did not work I gave you a spoon

action here slivers almost julienne things of jellies see some peanuts in there you see all the beans he’s a actual terrarium mung bean got lean for this one not much will be the good I see cheddar in the middle this piston bees heat high since Lent close you down and get the difference in texture Jim mommy from halls of beams refreshing get the coconut anything with coconuts ten times better and then the style ring now ring just kind of enhances the flavor everything because you got stout ring everything will be tasting like darienne you might when they see me sweat and rub me some ice extra ice little about 10 is it cools you off it’s not too sweet if it’s too sweet he’s Mexico terrible on this heat you get enough of the savoriness and mugginess and that crunchy Isis de cuyo watch local life go on and you sit down in fact and relax oh this is something that heats so fast I forget to slow down go brain freeze action whoo that cam indeed who’s not ending can’t get to the bottom you know I didn’t used to be a big beans in my dessert gob but the longer I’m here in Asia the more and more I get to where I just crave it hits a spot every time go coconut will eyes oh they’re in Coe beans perfect and we picked up actually a little sweet walking around earlier we got the bond cam my pronunciation got approved so we’re good but actually what it is gonna be the fried up dough coated in what I do believe is a palm sugar and a ton of sesame seeds is just sticky sweet barely can get it out that bag it’s holding onto everything oh and of course what’s really special about this is the inside is gonna be stuffed with a mung bean mixture extreme glass shattering and crunch on the outside a little bit greasy Joe but what I love about hers is the mung bean mixture here on the inside it’s a little bit salty so it’s a big play on salty sweet it’s doughy its crunchy in the best bark you get it fresh it’s a little bit warm still it’s absolutely delicious those are so irresistible in their fresh Wow make sure you guys some the wipe your hands way backwards is a sticky journey for sure all right nice little way to pull off right now we’re going to rest a little bit longer and then we’re going out to the countryside we had a very very famous lunch spot beautiful area got a kids party going on over here there yeah there was a music this place is gorgeous you got the lake here and it’s just surrounded by little huts where you can eat we walked all the way around trying to get away from the play area cuz it’s so loud with the music just every time that’s somebody in it it’s loaded Saturday this is the place to be what do they recommend no no this isn’t the most food coma thing I’ve ever seen in my life I’m getting in that sucker after we smash this lunch beast I’m sorry never can say no to spicy

notes ultimate Premal appetizers in my opinion man that gets out here fast I’d say what makes me happy actually more than anything is this huge bowls of rice but what we guys we actually got what I do believe is a squash kind of just like a little flower it’s fried up a bunch of vegetables we got a shrimp salad with a load of stem and then get a actual prawn dish over here ready to go I think some other things on the way as well get solid you know start off with a salad anyway he’s got the shrimp salad right here it’s got just a meat in there which it may be pork but you see it’s got those load of stems in there you see the fries shot you see the peanuts you see that carrot this main cut a nice little jagged fashion as you would expect out here on the water fresh seafood light touch of sweetness we’re just letting the freshness of the ingredients do the talking you get that pork fat note in your mouth with that shrimp and you get a little peanut fried shallot so we do is got two seafood dishes going on here got the shrimp and one at the fish and another put the same type of sauce but I do believe it’s called it’s called kala and the type of cooking method oh-ha which is gonna be actually nucleolar sauce they’re gonna do it down in those pots to kind of reduce it down making it more of a sauce it’s gonna be a little bit of sweet the mommy pack just get this beat on that sauce a little bit of rice it’s one of the best ways you can cook in Vietnamese cooking in my opinion get all that garlic and shouts finely chopped and then cook down to start to caramelize oh it’s just so sugary sweet and you get the fish sauce coming through it and then the seafood the freshness of the seafood just takes over oh man we did chili there’s some spiciness you know I forget the breeze when I eat this there’s no better flavor than this soak into every granule rice the way it has so much substance for just being the blossom tell us a little bit maybe the way you got a bite through it to get it what to call those fried shallots an Egg McMuffin touch of sweetness even more of an umami bomb not to mention having this where the other two dishes are low and slow you’re cooking it down this is just pure wok I get that smokiness that aroma infused into it my breath is smelling like garlic right now it’s why you gotta love the South get after that fish get that chili out of there for me cuz I don’t think anybody else gonna get after it look at that glisten though all over that rise oily coastal mouth really pure white fish meat is so soft little bunnies think I’d be careful other than that gorgeous the fish one’s actually oilier then the prawn worm that’s all right she gets all over that rise it’s the best part meal isn’t it thank you to the South I love so much garlic in this you just feel it on my breath of oil the garlic the sweetness that’s how you cook right there and it’s kind of fighting me that so many people show up gonna move to a bigger Hut I’ll put that was a big meal it just getting started y’all yes so I didn’t really film I’m sorry I’m very really to this day struggle with the balance of one thing to bring y’all with me and film everything and then not living life behind the lens sometimes I feel like when I do film I don’t get the full experience I do like to put the lens down and just live in the moment people are trying to converse with me people were trying to get to know me so I decided to put the camera down just really get to get to know them as well or as much as we could that being said though there’s still a great day we still had so much food I hope you enjoyed it I still dream about that calm

Dom and I would take that ride any day down to the south to eat it I hope you enjoyed we got a super super super special episode coming next time which will be tips daughter’s one month old celebration don’t worry I got a lot of it filled so it’s gonna be really good I’m excited to show y’all and that’s gonna do it so y’all I will catch you at the next video

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