2p skyhawk good evening everyone this is i i am good evening everyone i am sebastian you hear from me from nigeria this is literally my first um voiceover video on youtube literally so the name didn’t actually deceive we were actually performing a highway landing using using three different aircrafts with excellent level simulator and i already know what some people have in their minds right now that msfs is latest and it’s out so why am i using it yes i would have used it but it’s a bit buggy for my system and well it doesn’t really have the playback system which i really like to use just you know look at how how my landing was and inspect my landings so i started to use xplane also because i’m more used to it and i actually wanted this video to be a big success as soon as possible we’re using the cirrus jet 340 which is used for private you know flights and for private use and well not very experienced pilots can actually operate with these serious vision jets it’s also called the supervision because you know it has big windows as you can see my nerving aircraft is actually really easy and the aircraft is quite small it’s you know like almost equivalent to the size of a bus so what we have to do now is to line up with the runway or should i say highway you have to pardon me i’m not really using the script for this voiceover so [Applause] and the frame is a bit low today i think it’s because of the recorder i’m using so it’s going to be a bit slow but i said only a bit so the video is still enjoyable so we’ve aligned with the highway and we are you know prepared for final approach 50 40 30 20 10 5 retard and touchdown we successfully touched down a highway we are oh i almost forgot we departed from frankfurt park from you know a small general aviation airport at frankfort and uh we just landed at a highway in frankfort i do not live in germany neither do i live in frankfurt so it’s i really don’t know the name of the germany unfortunately one of our wings is striking the rail of the highway and in real life that could start a fire anyway x-plane is still one of the best lightsabers out there oh sorry msfs well seems like the best now but uh explains still good and was the best before msfs came out anyway the touchdown was actually pretty smooth well i guess but we can look at how our touchdown was from the instant replay okay that was way back just moving a bit

forward and perfect uh was not bad but it wasn’t buttered anyway it wasn’t bad and this looks really disturbing you know the way i’m passing through the cars so let’s try another aircraft now this is a cessna 172 skyhawk and we’re going to try to land the cessna on a runway this asmr is quite a flexible aircraft and it can land pretty much anywhere even in a bush but well we’re just seeing if it can land on a highway for airplanes for cars next up we’re going to be trying to use our boeing 737 on uh on the highway just to see if an aircraft as large as a boarding 737 can land on the highway so you have to stay tuned so you can see the boeing 737 land on the highway because you know i’ve never actually done that and this the video is going to be my first time trying to land a 737 and for now let’s focus on the cessna the cessna is also a very flexible aircraft and it’s really easy to control most first-time pilots actually fly the cessna 172 toto and academy plane yeah unfortunately i am not in an academy i am in i am an 11th grader i am 15 so you know just an enthusiast the winds outside are pretty strong i had a tough takeoff because uh i don’t know just started veering to the left during takeoff this looks like it will turn out to be you know really good because we are slow and maneuvering this aircraft is actually really easy anyway before i forget just so while every time before i land before i align with the highway and you need to subscribe to my channel and more videos like this will definitely be coming out need to also like this video and share the video so it can go viral yes now we align with the highway see this aircraft is really easy to maneuver and i like these type of aircraft i think the ces 9172 is my favorite propeller aircraft i don’t know maybe it’s because it’s easy to fly but yeah the frame rate is you know a bit poor at this moment but it will get better and 50 40 30 20 10 five retard retard so this london was actually very successful as well i think this was better than oh but anyway it seems better than the one we did with the cirrus vision jets and but i’ll just like to see your comments on which one was better down in the comment section down below

so that was nice okay now uh it’s actually pretty you know crazy seeing a cessna you know drive where other vehicles are driving okay so now let’s try to use a boeing 737 to land on a highway i know it might seem impossible but i don’t know let’s just see if it’s possible because i don’t know never a short anything but if it is then well okay oh no i accidentally forgot to change my aircraft location in uh from the bush runway to the reel on me but anyway it will be quite an interesting take off wouldn’t it so we just put our flaps to 10 reduce our auto brakes and finally we use our parking brakes then full throttle because something tells me that this runway i mean you know will be short i really need your comments down below to tell me if this is crazy or you know and share it if this made sense to you well even if it didn’t but if you liked it i’d really appreciate you to share this video okay we’re about to collide with the fence and i think i should rotate at this moment i don’t know if my back tires hit the fence but anyway i would never know this was quite a foul takeoff anyway we’re still flying so let’s just you know go on with this but i don’t see this going well anyway let’s still go on with it because who knows it might the wright brothers never saw the invention of an airplane going well but it did or did they i mean and turning to align with the runway we are quite fast aren’t we yeah this is one reason i’d not like you know commercial aircrafts as big as this because it’s really hard to maneuver them and well oh oh no oh no oh no that was not good was it well if this were real life you’d be dead so i don’t know let’s just respawn and start at a real runway this time welcome aboard the boeing 737 on a legitimate runway made out of asphalt we’ll be taking off now so we need you to be fastened the placebo is securely fastened because we’ll be landing on a highway let’s see how that’s going to turn out this time around something tells me that this will actually be successful because you know i am determined

and let’s take off less talking more flying and to land on the runway so so so v1 v2 so i we were a bit too fast at last landing so this time where i’m reducing the throttle so we can slow down fast enough to land 100 banking oh now we are stalling and we’re going to hit the bridge so i still again i don’t see this being successful and i’m sure you don’t so we just hit a bunch of trees and it’s officially a crash ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch well this is just sad but you know one thing about me i never give up so we’re gonna try this again and well we might get it this time because guess what i’m determined so let’s try this one more time and see if we get it spoiler you’re gonna get it so let me come down to my own nigerian accent right now we are going to get it so don’t even worry don’t worry yourself eh i’m so boogie it’s okay don’t even worry about it because we’re going to catch this time so if you’re getting impatient if you want to see a bunch of landing on the highway i’m going to do it now i’m going to be serious now this time let’s not be too slow let’s not be too fast let us just like let the total be half ahead then let us just get near the runway then we are lying then we now lower the trucks anytime i’m forming i don’t know i get distracted so get down you get done

so so so three hundred two low flaps 200 we’re starting to stop let me increase the speed yes we have aligned we have aligned with iran with the highway no we have not aligned with the highway we’re going to try something a bit dangerous we’re going to land on a curved road so yeah just sing if this is interesting please share this video with people who you think will be interested in this type of absurd aviation things to be honest today i tested myself immediately i thought of making this video i don’t know i’ve never thought of something as as i don’t know i don’t even if people in my school if they find out these type of videos that i made do ask me question whether i am still normal so i think we are kind of aligned so we are landing now and i need to use i’m using a bit of rudder work now because so to make a chapter and oh that is ugly we actually passed it but we are hitting some trees let’s just ignore the trees well in real life well not all highways are surrounded by trees like in abuja the airports road highway is not you know it’s not surrounded by trees so that means if i was to do this sort of landing at abuja which i actually should have i don’t know why i just didn’t do that i should have done this landing at abuja because the airport road highway is actually very wide and no trees around it and that have been very cool and touchdown right oh no touchdown now we have successfully touched down at on the highway with a boeing 737-800 now we really need to use our spoilers and our parking brakes yeah so if this was an emergency landing well we would have known this to an extent but you know something like the fire would have happened hey we are going to hit that

bridge i want to heat it well that will happen well thank you very much for watching this video and i really need your comments and your opinions on in the comment section below i also need some ideas on videos to make in the comments and i promise i will do them if i can which i probably will unless it’s impossible and well in this world nothing is impossible unless it’s not done well it’s that came out wrong sorry but then i really like you to share this video with others subscribe like and expect more of these type of videos coming thank you very much for watching this video and i’ll see you again soon

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