I am fun didn’t value me acting human commencement I mean II Peter already part I want to say that these are who you haven’t gotten it needs to work people service console Public Service Commission obstacles good-bye again spirit I deserving split how do you give me three P and also very important foot CBS CS and a has an instable unsubscribe my single also uploading midget at this chain and commonly what you like sloppy or maybe H Aspen Lester so dirty geometry 3d now

intercepting the T given you a fatty get me now Roger is native packaging sir this is a flag now you guys me why and she said it finite value of P the PDF version we did say that distance now the projection of p two perpendicular distance so tricky spot unit Kwanza XY d so these distances so what what is the connection of on and will be differently that the Oh n distance have we are taking yet way the different speech it’s not like smoking it is not this we have this case of the popping of luck from the all he is not flat now you see what say – a – ÿà see all the flu itself of the and ordinates works on that wisdom if the dietary three the cosines of we need elix in ill gifts as

we live in unity get dioxin besides the guided said cosines or we each LM in there all the production of what are its indc on the fluid must be the sum of the producers of these coordinates is on Orion must be equal to the distance P this will be equal to expiry plus yn plus it yeah normal form of equation that Duty LX plus my plus MZ – e is he this is the normal form here now what is the comparison between the general form this is the general form and this is the normal form we now find out the relation between this in this way the general form eh + dy – idiot jinx if you divide this by Googlebot is a speech at the seat and it will be a diet synthesized plus D by genre place here plus Z square plus C skip five plus D by 4 what is here – this here a C square it plus e by the cover a scare the V step the system so this is that we can really get rid to the other dietary cosines part of the perpendicular of offer of the papal blood in the origin with a plan if you have the rise simple side of the physiology that terms we compare this equation and this equation then could find – L is equal to GCD pledge here this is the square root here and this is different came and this is equal to minus P so P is the distance from the origin to depart into flux we are giving that the particular distance the perpendicular distance e- b right so much yeah we need to take a modulus because P must be positive so we need to use a positive value we are taking the villagers so this is the distance of the cash from the origin so we can find out and find out from the general equation comes from the general to accept in the normal form but taking that picking the real constants changing the rapist is the guy simple side we also get that distance following without touch but is by this equations

this is our normal form equation I will find out the intersection of intercept form with this taking me to draw up in your plug and you see a Y ETA and you got a clear plan again we are taking a plan B here they just like now it’s declare now intersecting the points in this way that now we are taking a general form of the equation on in this region by Rahim does he like absolutely does he very good you this is the general idea really if I know the intercept what do you need to find out you activity that the add the coordinate of the gaps and intersecting points on the republican party girl plan and this girl you are just that how do you do gamma and easy to filter on last live on the plan so all of these must satisfy this equation we find out that find out that you see if we put these there points find out that e alpha as e it depended G with each which gives us alpha society finest given or continent alert should kind of be the deal constants in terms of people now in this year we’ll find out p3 v tach /g t GV e / – and with hydroxy gamma dash D / GG go so from this we will find out C 2 minus D by gamma so all these people in the general form this that will give X by alpha us PI by 3 tell us a device ha ha ha – 1 / 2 T there is enough that you see my alpha Y by Jeter keep going mama what are the alpha beta gamma alpha beta gamma are the opponents where the player touches that left in your package enter in Georgia alpha beta gamma we can generate through a general form you can come from the general form we intercept form but is that you have to divide by all this by D and

then find out it easily intercept I hope you like the movie like the life and say

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