so me and moreno he’s flying the drone over there we just got into it’s not an abandoned place it’s more of i don’t know how many places we are in a small town in the middle of nowhere in portugal this town i’ve i’ve been thinking of doing like a series of videos about these type of towns because there’s a lot of these towns abandoned in portugal this house there are also some houses here cool you have to check it out because there are a lot of towns like this in portugal they’re called aldayashisto it’s because of these stones as you can see it’s not focused but it’s these stones and moreno didn’t tell me where we’re going he just told me like oh you’re going to a ghost town and i didn’t know but actually this this is one of the towns that i was thinking of coming and filming so this is crazy mourinho is flying the drone and he’s he’s seeing the houses there are some most of the houses are destroyed because these stones don’t last too long it’s like it’s really pretty we have a lot of towns with these stones but this stone is really cool it’s like this it’s what the house is made of but it’s really fragile you see i just break it with my hand that’s why the houses got destroyed so fast they are cheap to build because these rocks are in the mountains because all of these mountains these mountains are full with this rock these stones you see the mountain it’s made of these stones so people just build the houses with the stones it’s really cool we’re gonna leave the car there and we’re gonna start walking around on this town as you can see most of the houses are destroyed and empty we’re gonna try to look for the good ones okay there’s the floor i’m not gonna go there but you can see it it is really cool oh there’s a year 1868 oh yeah 1868 that’s so old that’s really old yeah that’s really really old what do you think this was a house no that thing down there it was a shed those two are houses you see the chimney yeah this one i don’t know but it’s locked oh he has a lot of things for real for real for real what oh my gosh there’s still stuff inside of these houses no it’s falling off look like any yeah this one is really good maybe there’s stuff inside let’s check it out yeah let’s check it out this is beautiful look at the flowers it’s really pretty looks like i’m in hobbit you know like the the movie yeah the how the houses in the movie are so small and these houses are too so it’s really cool oh it’s full of stuff literally full not even kidding oh my gosh oh but it’s not stable at all no i really didn’t expect to be stubborn

oh be careful oh do you have to film this look so much clothes no way i’m gonna grab my light i thought i thought i literally thought we were gonna film like just destroyed stuff it’s just full of clothes unbelievable like how many clothes these people had i literally don’t oh that was scary i literally don’t dare to walk on any of these floors actually look at the kitchen my gosh this is proper old this is abandoned for such a long time oh this is so cool what no that is cool and the view this road is actually leading to the other house i just have this they were trying to get life back in this place look at this incredible view what it’s open but stuck easily yeah as miranda was telling like we have to be really really careful with the floor but yeah this house is empty this house is close oh look there’s a dinner table with water glitter so cool i can’t stop looking at the view we just got to another house that’s a whale let me see oh no it’s just a tank to wash your clothes there’s like i think down there next to my car i’ll show you later okay whoa it doesn’t look too good it’s only yet attic yeah nothing special and i’m out of light it’s so funny what oh my but someone lived here lucia anton the child’s name here [Applause] it’s top secret not anymore just a bathroom

and yeah this is destroyed looks like some vandals came here and destroyed these things yeah there’s definitely some vanilla yeah vandalism this bedroom is still pretty cool yeah [Applause] but you can definitely tell this game here yeah mostly children’s stuff but look at the spider webs wow there’s a garage let’s see if we can find something inside it’s locked this machine right here still works it’s it’s for a lot of things but you can use it for the corn you put it here you do it like this and all the the dust from the corners will flow or fall away still works so cool i can’t imagine how long ago it was used yeah like a long ago oh it’s open oh prepare yourself for what you’re about to see what not even that look no way yeah i okay so i was very honest with you i i was telling myself like okay there will be something in the garage but a car know that that will be too crazy yeah no there was a car left the eyes what the i really didn’t expected that me neither they that’s what i was telling you like they literally fled away they left everything extinct and imagine the layer of dust like nobody has touched it only for a kitty with its paws and that’s everything maybe even a fight i don’t know let’s try to open it there’s another fully locked oh my gosh look at the glasses i totally did not expected this me neither what the hell you want to see the engine it’s unbelievable it’s so cool [Applause] i i’m i’m literally shocked i don’t know if i’m filming this good but i didn’t show you this machine this machine it’s not a machine but this thing properly yo me and moreno just found this cross like normally people put this cross uh next to the street because someone died on the street or somewhere in this area but it’s really cool to see like they try to kept the person in like in memory like to don’t forget the person you get what i’m saying so this was the tank that i was talking about like people put the clothes in here and they wash it with soap or something in portugal they’re called and we washed it and there’s the water put water in here wash the clothes it’s so crazy to see like an old thing like this it’s so cool and i i can hear like a river or something so probably we’re gonna find uh a bridge or something i don’t know let’s i think i’m gonna take one thank you not stealing just it’s just an orange what did you find what there’s still barrels and everything

nice oh big barrels yeah so this was for the boardwind it was not for normal wine but of course we are portable people like to drink pork wine yeah a lot of wine oh no i’m going to break it imagine if there’s a corpse oh no don’t say that oh look at that house i want to go in that house it’s so cool can you see it so beautiful i bro i think this is a fountain put yourself in there feel the water no no put yourself two feet yeah i feel it i don’t know it looks like it’s boiling i don’t know but the only thing i know this house they have stuff inside okay well i really want to see it oh my god look no way they just stopped in time i really didn’t expect the ghost sign to be dead cool but i’m already completely surprised i mean you can tell we are in the middle of the mountains there are so many flies and just oh yeah it’s disgusting look at the talo it’s like we’re in a hotel and it’s ready it’s so cool it’s a little bit stuck but no just just go no yeah no i think we are both in shock oh my gosh bro i never expected any house to be in a quite pristine condition like this or even that much furniture inside yeah me too i really thought it would be going to be empty houses yeah that’s what everyone would expect from a ghost yeah some stuff of them there’s even all pictures over there yeah the cabinet it’s like falling off but that’s better look at the children and i don’t have light i don’t get it i’m just speechless about this me neither child yeah look there’s a picture of the child yeah it was a girl they had a daughter you see the sheets like childless yeah it’s pretty childish yeah so let’s try this door okay okay it’s opening wow it’s the kitchen this kitchen is nearly pristine look at 2018 2018 what’s a recent calendar doing it do you think it’s like the last houses where people live that’s where inhabited were left two years ago i don’t know this that’s too weird 2018 crazy i mean there’s so much stuff if they left even the last dishes and all the glasses are still standing what the hell everything is inside look this is okay we just got into another level what it’s like the plants aren’t even dead no they still look quite alive i don’t know what to say look at the ceiling oh and the chandelier like okay there are not rich people but this is some nice

things what that’s all nothing else that’s a dog oh this is actually done here in the mountains this was the couple we lived there take a look it’s literally in the mountains place that back i didn’t want to demolish anything look another picture so we continue and it goes down and i will keep saying it that we are completely surprised because that’s the way yeah and i think this is the last house on this town so let’s check it out last house this one is closed close to closed oh [Applause] oh look at the town look at the view of the town look this is a carriage for cows to transport things like like wood and other things okay let me check what’s here stairs okay yeah i think there’s no more houses so i think the village and here this is incredible like it’s almost dark we are just walking around an abandoned ghost town should i call it that yeah it’s a ghost town i don’t know if it was focused i think it’s in focus i don’t care my orange you gotta eat it yeah really why not do you see the the tree full of orange okay so i hope you like this week’s video it was so different from everything we saw it’s like an abandoned ghost town the middle of nowhere in portugal that’s a good title uh no but it’s so crazy i like i said in the beginning of the video i thought of doing like a series of videos that i explore old villages called aldaesh chishtu it’s a traditional portuguese town there was an idea that i had to explore those towns because they are really amazing and historical and really traditional and i love traditional stuff about portugal because my grandparents are very traditional and i’ve lived with those things like if you ask me certain things in here i know what it is because i lived with those things like if you know what i mean like i i know it yeah so yeah i hope you like the view the houses and this video i think we showed you everything like this was beautiful like i said i love these villages so yeah don’t forget to hit the thumbs up leave a nice little comment comment what you think about the video these type of videos because it was really different don’t forget to subscribe subscribe to explore if you’re not already and we’ll see you on the next time bye maybe we can make some popcorn it’s literally if you how can i show you like with a small yeah with this for example no this is too big so i just it’s called aldehyde

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