hey everybody uh getting ready to do some uh cooking uh from memorial weekend uh me and my grandson are gonna start off today uh we’re gonna get us some party wins going and then uh this afternoon we’re gonna have uh a steak and uh and uh corn and uh uh salad so uh the uh last night i uh uh thawed out some wings rinsed them off real good and i put a little bit of canola oil on there with my uh with my uh rub and some italian dry italian seasoning and uh mixed it up real good and uh put it in the refrigerator and uh now i’m gonna go out there and uh light the uh the grill get the charcoal going and uh we’ll be uh i’ll take i’ll take you out there all right uh out here getting the charcoal started uh father’s day i got me some grill grate i’ve been messing around with them trying to get get to know them real well this is what we’re gonna do our party wings on today the steak corn and uh some onions and uh i got me some uh the bottom of the bag of lump coal and some regular charcoal started and uh as soon as it gets going good we’ll uh spread them out and get the party wings on all right we’ve got the uh charcoal going we’ve got the grill hot got the grates hot screaming hot too i’m gonna spray a little bit of canola all down and then and put these wings on oh like i say you just put your favorite kind of rub on there we’re not doing them hot we’re just doing them well easy on the pallet and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put them scan side down first you know so far i’ve enjoyed these uh grill grates on what on what i’ve cooked on it so far and uh what’d your dad say the uh the chicken taste like the other day heaven that and uh steakhouse well chicken so what i’m going to do is i’ll uh i’ll let these hang out for about six minutes and then i’ll turn them and go from there and what i’ll do to get to add a little smoke flavor because i got some competition uh pellets what pellets put some down and uh again i got my coals all the way up against the uh the bottom of the grate and what i’ll do now is i’m going to lower it about halfway and close the lid all right i checked it about three minutes in and i think i need to turn them the temperature on the tip on the gauge is uh 350 degrees and uh you can see how the wood pellets are doing well as far as uh making a little bit of smoke yeah these things are looking good real good but uh we’ll tamp them out and make sure they’re 165

i won’t say everything in the neighborhood i hope you’re going to be fine come check them out about another three minutes all right just put a heck of it all right this is six minutes 130 i think what i’m going to do is move them up here to the top shelf and let them hang out just for a while so looking at uh about 155 been on there for a total of 12 minutes up there oh i’m going to give them another 10 minutes yes sir 170 they’re ready to go now that’s a total of 25 minutes that we have on this one all right we’re going to plate them up tear them up all right we got we got the wings done now uh we didn’t do it in the beginning but you can uh when you go to your table you can dust them with your favorite hot sauce and your favorite uh powder cayenne or jalapeno or uh ghost powder gold pepper powder just whatever you care to uh to do at the table make it your preference at the table let me go ahead and give this thing a try see how well we did now i i think i put them on there make them crunchy i put them on there just be soft oh wow good stuff very good all right we’ll see a little bit all right put me some corn up here and uh i’ll let it sit up there for about five minutes and now i’m gonna turn let it stay up there for five minutes and then i’m gonna turn it in between those and let it stay for five minutes then i’m gonna put my steak down with some onion down i’ll put my steak down with corn up here on top and continue to do a cook i’ll lay some onion down on the flat top here get it caramelizing smelling good go along with the steak all right it’s gonna be all right oh yeah what do you think man that looks good huh that looks good good buddy

all right marinade rip off man that looks good huh that looks real good what are you going to eat cheerio both of them [Laughter] hold on that’s mine and that’s mine that’s yours all right all right yeah we’ll uh come out here in about a minute and a half and rotate them man it’s going to be some goodies oh that’s going to be good well so you better not be leaving none of it what uh tell y’all what i uh uh marinated the uh the steaks in overnight uh four tablespoons balsamic vinegar four tablespoons soy sauce four tablespoons of garlic powder uh um one teaspoon black pepper one teaspoon onion powder and uh what else is in there oh uh one tablespoon of worcestershire salt oh yeah oh i’m gonna get put out man i’m gonna take this corner um all right here we go looking uh ready all right see what kind of kind of temperature we got looking for uh a 1 45 to uh 140 145 first you got to get it all the way in the middle so that’s 147 148 all right now all we got to do now is uh let the fun begin yeah festivities begin all right i’ve let them last about uh five minutes now and uh let’s see look at that nice cool pink on the inside beautiful beautiful all right what we got is uh some boneless tenders chicken breast uh i put some uh uh about uh three tablespoons of uh my rub when you put any kind of rub on it that you want to put on there i got some uh about a teaspoon of uh

italian dry seasoning and a teaspoon of uh chicken bouillon with uh about two teaspoons of tablespoons of canola oil and um about two tablespoons three tablespoons of uh water just to get it all mixed up now i’m gonna spray some canola oil on the grate i got it screaming hot today i got uh some oak i mean some uh hickory wood that was left in the bottom of the bag so i’m gonna go ahead and get what was left out of that what i’ve done also is i’ve pounded the uh the thick end of the breast so that we can have uh the same thickness from uh from the thick end all the way to the tail okay stop and we’re gonna uh cook these for about three minutes each side and then i’m gonna uh rotate it in order to get those crisscross mulch that we’re after all right give these bad boys that’s what i’m told that you need you need uh just a brown mark if you got a blank mark on there it made you run a little too hot but i think i could have had it just a little bit hotter that’s all right all right we’re going to let that go and uh i’m not going to do any crosstie on on the other side so i’m going to let that go for about like six minutes then i’m going to tamp it all right i’m gonna call that done that’s the backside uh that took 10 minutes according to my fire i’m still learning still learning how much charcoal to use what have you these things are going to be good now all these that i’m putting over here for mine and uh this one is yours oh you gotta be joking this is yours you gotta be joking that’s like it’s tinier than my hands you’re young son you’re young i’m 13 you know grandpa grandpa need more eats how about this is mine and that’s yours i’ll tell you what there’s gonna be some furniture moving up in this place you’re gonna be kicked out all right man let’s go get plated up all right what we have today is uh country style rib those of you who don’t know what a country style rib is nothing but a boston butt cut into slices sometimes you get uh boneless and sometimes you get uh you’re born in just got lucky this time but it got boring all right it’s been about about 10 15 minutes still learning my fire what i’m going to do is since i got a good char on i’m going to put them in this aluminum pan a little bit of water and some seasoning in it and cover them up put it back on the grill and let’s put them cooking their own

juices all right let’s see what we got here looking pretty good let’s see let’s get a big old fat one that one mm-hmm you gotta turn it on first joseph it’s really 165 let’s see 165 all right i think we’re gonna pull and uh since it’s labor day we’re going to be uh laboring on them ribs country style ribs now i don’t know what you’re going to eat this this is my plate it’s your plate what you’re gonna eat ah man i told you yesterday there’s gonna be some furniture moving up in here gonna be a fight all right i enjoy doing this for everybody uh happy labor day to everybody um like i said in the past uh invite somebody to your table make a memory put a smile on the face stay safe stay well and eat good see you next time

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