– And the winner of this year’s neighborhood clean party is (drumming noise) Adley! (cheering) – Congratulations on being the best neighborhood cleaner! – Okay let’s put all these back – Cockadoodledoo! – Cockadoodledoo! – Hiyah yah yah! – AHHHH! – Food for sale! All the food’s for sale! It’s all organized Neighbor! (laughing) – He’s going to give you a big wet kiss mwah (spitting) – Whoa! – Hmmmm – I want to try! (laughing) – I’ve been cleaning the vlog palace – I clean vlog! – [Dad] Who’s cleaning the vlog? – (steps) knock knock knock – Hello? – [Dad] Hi! – Hello! – Come on mom, come on dad! – We’re coming! – We’re coming. All right right there? – Yes! – All right that’s going to be Nico’s bed And I’ll put the house over here – That’s my bed! – My house is over here! – [Mom] Here’s a house where does this one go? – That’s my bed – [Mom] I have never played neighborhood can you help me? – That’s my bed – Yeah, your house, can I see where your house is? – Yes – Mom, this is your guys’ house – Mine and Nico’s house? – Yeah – Mom, Nico your house is right – And here’s my bed – Here! – Should we move it over there? – Yes, right! – Okay, Nico hold on whoooh our house is over here – Here’s Nico’s bed! – Okay – Whoop don’t ruin my bed – Hi Adley – Mom, there’s your bed! – Hi, Nick – Hi Nico! – Hi ya dad! – [Dad] Hi neighbor! – [Mom] How’s our house looking Nico? – Does anyone need stairs for their house? – [Adley] Oh I do! – Here’s your stairs – Thank you! – Wait Nico! – You need to get your work book Nico – Do you want this? Here and you can take this chair because I’m going to use that one – [Mom] Okay – Is it okay if I plant some grass over here? – [Adley] Yes! – Okay there’s going to be some grass right here – Yeah make a bunch of grass – [Dad] Okay! – Would you like the unicorn on the grass please? – Oh yes please! – This is my pet unicorn – Oh hi what’s your name? – Her name is Zoey – Oh hi little, (roar) ahhh a monster! Where did this dinosaur come from? – That’s Nico’s pet just leave it here – That’s Nico’s pet? – Nico come take care of your pet while I take care of my unicorn – [Dad] Oh hi what’s your pet’s name? – Well it’s a dinosaur (roar) – Get in Daddy’s house – Oh he’s going in my house? – Yeah – [Dad] Ahhh there’s a dinosaur in my house – Get him out he’s going to knock your house over! – Get this dinosaur out of my house! – [Dad] Get that dinosaur out of here! – The dinosaur knocked your house over did you see that? – New neighborhood rule No dinosaurs in my house – [Dad] Do you want some dinosaur food? – [Adley] Oh I need some unicorn food! – There’s some unicorn food here Here. Does your unicorn like apples? – Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow unicorn – [Mom] She’s full, the dinosaur’s going crazy – Hey! That’s my house! Oh no are you putting balls in my house? – [Mom] The dinosaur’s hungry – The dinosaur’s hungry! – [Dad] Hey! This is my house! – [Adley] Wait no these are my unicorn’s food! – My house! – [Mom] The dinosaur is going to eat the unicorn food you better get it out hurry! – [Dad] Get that dinosaur out of here! – Aaaahhhh – That dinosaur is the size of everyone! – Come here dino – This is where we get all of our food – Yeah. I’m the food store Do you need some food for your dinosaur? – Yeah – OK $1 – [Mom] Did you get any food? Okay. He’s hungry – Does anyone know how to fix a flag? – We do! Can you go fix the flag for her? – Yeah – Here I got it out for you, I’ll go get my dollar – [Adley] Do you need $2? – [Mom] Just one – I’ll give you one – There you go – Oopsy I’m sorry but I don’t have any dollars – It’s okay. We’re neighbors – Thank you – Hey neighbor – [Dad] Yeah? – Do you want to go look at my house? – Yeah. Look at mine I just got a food store set up and then that’s where I sleep. And this is my house And then this is my grass – Oh well go check out my house it’s beautiful – Ooh where is it? – It’s just right over there – Who’s house is this? Hello? – It’s mine – Oh, hi Nico

– [Mom] This is our house – It’s my house – Oh, your house hi – Excuse me – Yes – That’s my house over there – Oh, over here? – Yes – Okay (steps) – Knock knock knock – Hello? – [Dad] Hi! – Hi! – Is this your house? – Yup! – How do I get in? – I don’t have anything in here – You don’t have the furniture? – Yeah I need to buy some different things – You need a bed! It’s almost bedtime – Oh I do have a bed but no furniture – Oh, where’s your bed? – I keep it in this sleeping bag – Okay everyone set up your beds! – [Dad] It’s almost night time! – Oh it’s almost night time, excuse me – Yes – I need to go shopping for my pet unicorn she hasn’t eaten any food yet – Oh, I’m so sorry Yeah, I’m about to go to bed, but I can get you some food Come on in we have apples. We have pears We have grapes. We have lemons We have oranges. We have blueberries What you want? – I’ll take each of one – Each of one? There you go Is that enough? – Yeah that’s enough – One more blueberry because unicorns love them Make sure to pay outside – Okay – [Dad] Bye neighbor! That’ll be 30, 60, $20 – How do you turn it on? – How do I turn it on? Thank you – Lemon, blueberry, apples, grapes, and oranges – Raspberry? – Raspberry – Did you get the grape? – Grape – That’ll be 20, $30 please – Oops I don’t have any money – You don’t have any money? – [Mom] We have money – Oh Perfect – Thank you can I have some please? – Here is 10, 15. Oh, here’s a 20 – Thank you – Thank you – Do you need any coins? – Oh yes add some coins Put my coins in there – And your coins are safe and sound – Perfect. Thank you, neighbor – [Mom] Okay – [Dad] Good night neighbors! – Good night! – I got you a blanket when I was getting money – Neighbor you’re so kind thank you Nico do you want to come stick your head outside with me? – I better go back (Birds chirping) (rooster crowing) – Cockadoodledoo – I’m awake I’m awake Wait our neighbor is not waking up – Daddy time to wake daddy’s not awake – Cockadoodledoo – Good morning! Hi neighbor What are you doing today? – I stayed up all night – [Dad} You stayed up all night? – Yeah just a little bit – Should we sell some books today? – Oh, I need some books I’ll take that little one – Okay – And I want the one with glitter on it – Okay here you go – And my unicorn would like just do that one please – The one with the colors? – No that one – Oh, that one’s a good one – Ready to do some helping? – Oh hi neighbor do you got them? – Yup would you take unicorn back to her stable in the grass? – Hey, let’s go back to your stable The slide is open! – [Mom] You want to go to the slide? Okay we’re coming to the slide! – Welcome to the park you can go down the slide if you want – Neighbor is this safe? – It’s way safe – [Mom] Okay – I love it – Are you going to go down the slide? Good job neighbor! – [Mom] Okay is it my turn? – No, mom. This is only for kids in this neighborhood – Oh okay here you go – Are you going to go again? – Yeah – Okay – My turn! – Good luck neighbors – [Nico] Mommy’s turn! – Not mommy’s turn – Oh where did my car go? – [Mom] You guys have made a mess out of the park (Chatter) – Put the greens over here And the yellows over here – Neighborhood cleanup time. We could use some help

– You’re gonna sweep? I will dust. You’re a little dusty – Hey! Quit sweeping my house I’m trying to organize the fruit over here – Okay – Hey! I’m organizing fruit over here! – I have to sweep your house is dusty – All right I’m holding onto it sweep! Are you done almost? – Yes – Jeez. All right. All right – Blueberry, blueberry – (record scratching) what is that? Neighbor! – Your head is dusty – Oh thank you – Food for sale all food is for sale! It’s all organized. We got great (crash) – Neighbor what are you doing? Quit cleaning everything of mine – I could use some help here! – [Mom] Oh okay! I think you need a mop Are you cleaning that playground Nico? – It’s not working guys! (Trumpet) – Attention neighborhood! It is our annual trick day The best trick wins a trophy – No it’s clean day! Whoever does the most cleaning wins a trophy – It’s annual clean day whoever does the most cleaning wins the trophy! – Let’s see who’s cleaning over here He’s cleaning pretty good Ooh, you might want a trophy! Mom’s mopping the table that’s pretty good mom you might win a trophy Adley’s over here cleaning off her house oh she’s going nuts she might win a trophy Mom’s cleaning Adley, Adley’s cleaning my cash register right now mom’s cleaning the fruit, Adley’s cleaning the food Oh Nico’s cleaning my house now Okay mom’s cleaning the beds Oh Adley’s cleaning the Vlog that’s so nice Nico’s cleaning the vlog? Oh there’s going to be a lot of winners All right 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, stop! (Air horn) And the winner of this year’s neighborhood clean party is (drumming noise) Adley! Congratulations on being the best neighborhood cleaner! – Okay let’s put all these back – All right, cleanness is over everyone head over and get ready for bed! – Okay – We’re going to bed? – I can’t believe I won a trophy – What a big day today – [Dad] Good night neighbors! – Good night! – [Mom] Do you need a night light in there? – Yeah – Okay here’s your nightlight – Should we stay up and read some stories? – Read it? – (knocking) Oh hi Adley! – I really need to find a nightlight I was hopping I could borrow yours? – Oh yes. I have a nightlight for you – Thank you – You’re welcome – Where am I going to make my bed? Brr. It sure is cold (record scratching) – I hope it’s not night time I can’t believe you’re not asleep it’s late – Good night – Did you forget to feed the dinosaur – Why is there a unicorn in my house? – Sorry – What are you guys doing? – [Dad] Is that a dream?

– Good night guys (birds chirping) (rooster crowing) – Cockadoodledoo we’re having a picnic at the park bring some food! A barbecue! – Neighbor! Neighbor? – He’ll think this is another dream – You’re going to get a big wet kiss muwah (spitting) – A unicorn kiss? Eww what’s everyone doing in my house? Hey! My food! You’re drawing my food you stinker – We’ll organize it again – What are we doing today in the neighborhood? – It’s a barbecue today Make sure your bring unicorn food because the dinosaurs and unicorns are going to be there – Okay – We got a chair here for you – What does Nico’s dinosaur like? Hey Nico Does your dinosaur want blueberries or lemons? – Uh both – Both? – Guys I want to you that we’re just setting all the food up the barbecue is in the nighttime – It’s in the nighttime? Okay I’ll get food ready all day – All right. Here’s what I brought to the barbecue We got some buns, pears, ooo ribs, a hot dog – Oh and I got – Hi neighbors – Hi – Look what I brought for the barbecue – Some corn – I brought a picnic basket and has a drink and a pop – Yeah I’ll go fill this up with sugar – Perfect – Okay brought all the cups – Does anyone need any food cooked? I got a grill over here – Oh we need some food cooked for ribs and hamburger and hot dogs cooked oh and some turkey – Okay. I’ll start cooking Don’t you have a flipper? I need a spatula to flip the meat – I do! – Put it on here – Here I’ll cook the meat – Okay Here’s another ribs. Thank you Some chicken – Oh I like these dogs – Do you want cheese on your hamburger? – No – Oh I want cheese on my hamburger – There you go. Tomato? – That’s a good hamburger Neighbor can I get a drink? – Yeah, grape or orange – [Mom] Just mix it – Shh. Shh There you go – Thank you Does any body want some corn? – I’ll take a corn – Can I have some mix? – Yup mix – Here’s your mix – Thank you – You want some ice cream? – Yeah – Okay – We started a little early – Uh guys the sunset – The sun set? It’s nighttime Hurry. Let’s clean up the barbecue. Okay All right. Okay. Good night neighbors – It was a good barbecue guys – Good night neighbors – Can you come sleep in my house tonight? – Oooh yeah I’ll come sleep in your house – Okay come on – Oh you guys are having a sleepover – Yeah – Nico can I sleep at your house? – Okay. You got to tuck them in – Okay. Ready? – Night night – Night Nico – You’re tired? – Me too. Night (birds chirping) (Rooster crowing) – [Adley] Want to wake everyone up? – [Mom] Yeah – [Adley] Okay – Cockadoodledoo – Hello? It’s morning everybody – Neighbor, Nico is already awake? She’s working – [Mom] Oh, no. He’s still asleep How come he’s always the last one to wake up? – I’ll jump – [Mom] Wake him up guys! Nico get your dinosaur That’ll wake him up – Oh guys – [Mom] Ready? – Aaaahhh! There’s a dinosaur Nico you stinker Oh hi neighbors what are we doing today? – Yoga

– Ow he bit me you stinker – That’s what you get for sleeping in – You want to do yoga? Okay let’s go. All right Whoa Nico’s all right yoga body slam! Yoga time – Whoa look at your yoga! Good job Adley Good job Nico! This is my yoga – Whoa whoa careful Aaahhh food fight! – Good bye!

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