National mottos of the world United states in god we trust’ Indonesia unity in diversity Philippines for God for the people for nature and for the country India Truth alone triumphs United Kingdom God and my rights Brazil order and progress Malaysia unity is strength Pakistan faith unity discipline Germany unity and justice and freedom Turkey Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the people Vietnam independence freedom and happiness Canada from sea to sea Thailand’s nation religion King Australia advanced Australia Spain further beyond Mexico the homeland is first Bangladesh victory to Bengal Russia forward Russia Italy we are held together by pact and by religion United Arab Emirates God nation presidents Argentina in Union and liberty Poland’s for our freedom and yours Romania nothing without God Saudi Arabia, there is no god, but God Muhammad is the Messenger of God chyna serve the people Nopal mother and motherland are greater than heaven South Africa unity in diversity Ukraine glory to Ukraine glory to heroes Singapore onward Singapore Egypt life health well-being Sheila through reason or by force France liberty equality fraternity Japan spread the spirit of nurturing rightness Israel hear o Israel South Korea live and work for the benefit of all mankind North Korea powerful and prosperous nation Colombia freedom and order Peru steady and happy for the Union Ireland Ireland forever Cambodia nation religion King Iraq God is the greatest New zealand’s onwards Netherlands I will maintain

Scotland no one provokes me with impunity Wales Wales forever Austria it is Austria’s destiny to rule the world Qatar state of Qatar Greece freedom or death Sweden for Sweden with the times Hungary with the help of God for homeland and freedom Switzerland’s One for all all for one Algeria by the people and for the people Serbia only unity saves the Serbs Portugal this is my blissful beloved homeland Czechia truth prevails Ecuador God homeland and freedom Bulgaria unity makes strength Kenya all pulled together Morocco God the country the King Myanmar happiness through harmony Azerbaijan the land of fire Belgium unity gives strength Denmark God’s help the love of the people Denmark’s strength Norway Everything for Norway. Oh Man desire honor sacrifice Croatia God and prods Lebanon We are all for the country the sublime and the flag soul away Kia truth prevails Trinidad and tobago together we aspire together we achieve dominican republic god fatherland liberty Nigeria unity and faith peace and progress Jordan God homeland King Albania you Albania give me honor give me the name, Albanian North Macedonia Liberty or death Costa Rica Pure Life Lithuania freedom unity prosperity Malta strength and consistency Georgia strength is in unity Laos peace independence democracy unity and prosperity Guatemala grow free and fertile Mauritius star and key of the Indian Ocean Jamaica out of many one people Belarus long live Belarus Uruguay liberty or death Honduras Free sovereign and independent Armenia one nation one culture

Paraguay peace and justice Tunisia freedom order and justice Panama for the benefit of the world Cyprus, I do not forget and I strive Palestine from the river to the sea Palestine will be free Bolivia Unity is strength El Salvador God Union Liberty Moldova our language is a treasure Venezuela God and Federation Estonia country of good surprises Latvia fatherland and freedom Ghana freedom and justice Brunei always in service with God’s guidance Maldives state of the Mahalo beards Mongolia great Mongul Tanzania freedom and unity Who’s Becky Stan the strength is in the justice If he Opia if you Opia holds up her hands unto God Guiana one people one nation one destiny Fiji fear God and honor the Queen Belize under the shade I flourish Nicaragua In God We Trust Montenegro may Montenegro be eternal Luxembourg, we wish to remain what we are Uganda for God and my country Zambia 1 Zambia one nation Somalia go forward and never backward Namibia unity Liberty justice Iceland It will all work out ok Bahamas forward upward onward together Zimbabwe unity freedom work Barbados pride and Industry Senegal one people one goal one faith Serena justice piety loyalty Rwanda unity work patriotism Botswana rain Sudan victory is ours Libya freedom socialism unity St. Lucia the land the people the lights East Timor unity action and progress Afghanistan, there is no god, but God Muhammad is the Messenger of God Cameroon peace work fatherland Angola strength United is stronger

Seychelles the end crowns the work Grenada a were conscious of God we aspire and advance as one people Ivory Coast’s unity discipline labor Yemen God homeland revolution unity Iran independence freedom Islamic Republic Cuba Fatherland or death Republic of the Congo unity work Progress Syria unity freedom socialism Vatican city by giving mercy and by choosing Mozambique Republic of Mozambique Monaco with God’s help Madagascar love ancestral and progress Kosovo honor Duty homeland S vicini we are the fortress Burkina faso Unity progress justice Eritrea state of eritrea gambia Progress peace prosperity Liberia the law of Liberty brought us here Lesotho peace reign prosperity Liechtenstein for God Prince and fatherland Marshall Islands achievement through joint efforts Nisha fraternity work Progress Sierra Leone unity freedom justice South Sudan justice liberty prosperity Tonga God and Tonga are my inheritance High tea liberty equality fraternity San Marino Liberty On Dora strength United is stronger Central African Republic unity dignity work Djibouti Unity equality. Peace Guinea work justice solidarity Malave unity and freedom St. Kitts and newest country about self Solomon islands to lead is to serve Togo work liberty homelands Mali one people one goal one faith Mauritania Honor fraternity justice Burundi unity work Progress Antigua and Barbuda each enduring all achieving Comoros unity solidarity development Chart Unity work progress Dominica after God the earth Gabon union work justice

Kiribati health peace and prosperity Micronesia peace unity liberty Papua New Guinea unity in diversity Samoa God be the foundation of Samoa St. Vincent and the Grenadines peace and justice Saw Tommy and príncipe unity discipline work Tuvalu Tuvalu for the almighty One wah true in God we stand Nauru God’s will first Palau Republic of Palau Equatorial Guinea unity peace justice Guinea Bissau Unity struggle progress Democratic Republic of the Congo justice, peace work Benin fellowship justice work Cape Verde unity work progress These countries do not have a national motto and I wasn’t able to find a good alternative Thank you for watching this video in Kiddopedia, let us know your favorite national motto by leaving a comment see you soon

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