President Gerald Ford pressed his election efforts on a two day West Coast trip before arriving in Sacramento. He added friends and money to the Republican cause in Seattle and Portland, in the capital city of California, he told its business leaders to create more jobs. It was a short walk from the hotel to the legislative chambers to urge the lawmakers to cooperate in a tough anti crime program. Suddenly, a hand came from the crowd pointing a gun at the president of the United States on assassination attempt that brought some frightening moments on the day the president came to town The day the president came to town is a presentation of KCR a new on now. Four k c r a news here is Bob Whitten Friday, September the fifth nearly became a day of tragedy in the history of this country. The young woman pointed a gun at point blank range at President Gerald Ford as he walked through a large crowd of well wishers on his way to a capital appearance Joining me now is kcr raise capital correspondent Otis Turn. The president spent 16 hours in Sacramento today, meeting with government officials and business leaders. He also wanted to meet the people, but President Ford’s fondness for pressing the flesh almost cost in his life. Casey Ari Steve Swat followed the president from early morning to mid afternoon, and he was present during that tense moment everywhere the president went. Today, he was surrounded by law enforcement agents on rooftops near the convention center at the Senator hotel near the capital There had been previous threats against the president’s life in Dallas, in New York City, and last month a man was arrested in Sacramento for threatening to kill the president. An ambulance was always close by in case of emergency, but the president likes meeting the people, shaking hands with well wishers So he walked a few 100 yards from the senator hotel to the capital way Seconds later, the president, in a jovial mood, passed a young woman who was wearing a red dress and walked another two or 3 ft. Then she thrust a hand through the crowd, a hand holding a loaded 45 caliber pistol A Secret Service agent grabbed the gun, grabbed the woman as six other agents forced the president to double up for protection. Then they hustled him at a trot, the final 100 yards through the capital doors to the governor’s office The suspect, a woman charged with trying to kill the president, is Lynette from a disciple of convicted killer Charles Manson. She was whisked into a Sacramento police car for booking All of a sudden I was standing maybe 3 ft from Ford, about behind two people Of a sudden I saw the Secret Service man right behind Ford. Just reach in and just reach out and push. And I saw this Ah woman start to go down on her arm, go back and I saw the gun and I didn’t watch what four was doing and they wrestled to the ground and we’re slapping cuffs on her. And, Ah, big black gun! They got it out of her hand and she kept saying, Easy, fellas. Easy, fellas. It didn’t go off. It didn’t go off I was standing about 10 ft down the line from he just shook my hand and kept on going. And then all of a sudden, the secret servicemen rushed out from behind him and grabbed us gallon this red, long flowing gown and as they put the harm around her. The 45 look like a 45 dropped to the ground, and then the crowd got everybody away from the from that area, pushed him back and 45 just laid there. What was she saying? Uh, when they got are tied behind this tree that she kept saying that he’s not a public servant. He’s not a public servant The president, right after it happened, turned around and kind of looked back at the spot, and it was clear to me at least that he was aware of what had happened. He seemed to me, uh, is done bewildered days, something like that, and it was clear that he knew what had happened Head of the White. 20 minutes later, presidential press secretary Ron Nessen emerged from the governor’s office with word that the president was not hurt Ron, how would you describe the president’s taking the situation? And is he going to continue a schedule? President will continue on and finish his schedule today. How is he taking this Detroit way to describe it? Hey, essentially had no comment until this point Limit from had not been identified as the woman involved, Nessen after conferring with the police, then made it official would be saw that way. Agent Boondocks turned over the woman who Agent McCarter, and then returned to his duties of protecting the president Later, it was established that the gun was 45

was loaded Agent Boone Door was treated by the president’s position. Dr. William Lukash. The only treatment required was a Band Aid on the cut The woman was identified by the Sacramento City Police Department as Lin Alice from Steve. It was until Mr Dessens remarks that we got what happened. Those first minutes must have been extremely confusing, and you were right there on the scene. Cameramen Ed Ray and I were about 5 ft to the left of the president a little behind him, and it was very confusing because I did see the president what I thought dropped down to his knees. I thought he had stumbled or had slipped. And then, in all the confusion, the president was was really whisked away and we were trying to catch up to the president, and I remember looking down to the ground to see if the ground was wet, because I really did think it slipped, and then you’d hear a few a few statements that I think someone pulled a gun. I think someone pulled a gun, but no one was really sure in the press party anyway, I think, until about 20 minutes later, until we had interviewed some of the eye witnesses, what was the gun was a 45 automatic semiautomatic, and it had four bullets in the clip. But it did not have a bullet in the chamber so that if it was fired, it would not have shot anything if you pull the trigger. There wasn’t anything in the chamber. It seems that it was loaded. Seems funny to attempt to take someone’s life, but not the have the round in the chamber Perhaps he didn’t know how to use it That’s no one knows the entrance, that is. Yet I understand that you you found out she had talked to a police officer That’s right. About five minutes before the president had left the senator hotel, a woman identified as Lenin from talked to a Sacramento police officer and she asked him, Is this the route the president is going to take? And the police officer was fairly evasive did not really give a straight answer for security reasons, of course. But there was a huge crowd of several 100 people about five deep lining the walkway up to the steps of the Capitol. And I miss from stayed with the crowd 27 year old woman by the name of Lin Alice from pulled a gun. Today we’ll find out more about this woman from one of our reporters who has talked to her in just a moment Lynn From is the woman who is accused with attempting to shoot the president of the United States and Sacramento Today, this person that tried to become another Lee Harvey Oswald, Serhane Serhane or James Earl Ray KCR is Mary Murphy has had, on occasion several months ago to get rather involved with her and some of the members of the Manson family. Mary, tell us a little bit about this woman or first job. I’d like to give you just a little bit of background information on the woman, 27 year old Lynette Alice From was nicknamed Squeaky because of her high pitched voice. She was one of the earliest Manson family members and the head of the family after Manson was jailed at his trial, the thin, freckled redhead said she joined Manson at the age of 16 after her father quote kicked her out of the house and Manson found her crying on a street corner in Venice, California She came of a fairly well to do family, her father, an aeronautical engineer in Santa Monica. She attended junior college and Torrance for a short time and then dropped out. Like other Manson girls, Lynette Fromme was extremely antagonistic toward her family, and in Charlie, she thought she had found her savior at his trial. She said Manson once hit her so hard he knocked her clear across the room. But she said it was just what I needed Though not directly connected with the Tate LaBianca murders, Lynette Fromme was twice arrested for murder. But both times those charges were dropped We had a non opportunity to meet Lynette Fromme and her roommate, Sandra Good, in their apartment in downtown Sacramento, and if you recall we didn’t get a chance to film them, they wouldn’t be filmed at that time. But we did talk to them for on our so sorry. Go ahead What were they doing in Sacramento? Why were they here? They said they had moved here to be closer to Charles Manson, who was then at Folsom. Even though they couldn’t communicate with him. Somehow, there was some kind of mystical connection there. If they could be closer to him just in distance that it would be better for Charlie. And they wanted to be closer to the center of political power in California. They said they wanted to meet Governor Brown and Attorney General Evel Younger, and they had ideas on how the state should be run. I believe she even met one time with Mervyn Dymally in carrying request to see Manson. It wasn’t until she got in the office there. That lieutenant governor found out who she waas. She could be the wife of Charles Manson What, uh, what kind of apartment did they live in? A very modest apartment Uh, I think they said they paid about

$85 a month rent. It was furnished mostly with books. Very plain furnishings. They didn’t have a television set and they did have a stereo which interested me. They also had a picture of Charles Manson Hung almost like a like an image, like an idol religious thing hung over their window there, bay window They had a lot of grains and herbs and teas around. They’re very interested in natural foods and in cultivating them they gathered a lot of things themselves. But actually it’s very plain place. Nothing fancy. Do you know how they supported themselves? I asked him that several times. I kept trying to get back to this idea of Where does your money come from? And they kept saying they were outside of the money system and I kept saying, Well, who pays your rent? And the arguments would go round and round. And finally they started in telling me about how they would gather things out of garbage cans and how they always would find things on the street when they needed them food with Somehow provided things were provided. They didn’t really have to go looking for things because Providence was taking care of them when you were in their apartment. Did you see any weapons at all or any political statements of any kind of material pamphlets, that kind of thing. No weapons, But they were really very politically aware, which surprised me, and there were a lot of underground literature of how this country is being run. Who’s running it? Ah, lot of conspiracy theories. And they would bring out pamphlets from time to time to show me but no weapons and don’t seem to be the aim of their philosophy Where they were, they were they aimed towards political reform, ecology or what? Yeah, them there Mainly. Their main idea in life is to get Charles Manson out of jail and in an interview, we’ll see later. You can hear Sandra good talking about what she thinks Charles Manson could do for this country. Their whole life revolved around Charlie, and she actually thinks that Charlie could be president of this country and run it better than the present political leaders You know, many people have asked the question. Why wasn’t lend from under observation by the Secret Service? Why, why didn’t they know where she was trying to keep a closer eye on her? Actually, as you mentioned Mary, she’d been critical President Ford, a devoted follower of Charles Manson. The president’s news secretary, Ron Nessen, said that Miss Foam was not known to the secret service to be a threat to the president, a fact which astonished some, including the chief prosecutor of the Manson case, Vincent Bugliosi During the trial, she and Manson and several other members of the family expressed open hostility. As you probably well know, towards President Nixon and President Ford being the appointee of President Nixon, it’s understandable to me that in their minds he should also be the object of their hatred. I find it absolutely incredible and inexcusable that someone of Lin squeaky farms past history and her reputation would be permitted to get within 2 ft of President Ford. Uh, law enforcement does not deserve any credit for the fact that President Ford is still alive. It seems to me that they should have been watching squeaky throughout the years, as I don’t think they’ve done. And when President Ford was scheduled to come to Sacramento, law enforcement should have contacted the Secret Service and alerted them about the existence of this person. And perhaps this would never have happened The man Julio’s he put in prison, Charles Manson, is in San Quentin prison tonight, serving a life term for murder. Manson learned of the attempt on President Ford’s life today by the prison grapevine, a San Quentin prison official said Manson reacted with what seemed to be noncommittal. Surprise Miss From had made several applications to visit the 40 year old Manson, but the two have not communicated since the 1969 trial, which effectively broke up the group known as the Manson family Madison was convicted in 1971 of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, even though the prosecution never accused him of physically committing any murders by his own hand The killing was done by Manson’s devoted followers young people, mostly girls who lived with him in various Communist arrangements, the most famous of which was the so called Spahn Movie Ranch, where the over living, when the murders of actress Sharon Tate and 600 persons took place Squeaky frome with one of those residents I was eating, You know, I can’t think with I can, that people running around making I took off my clothes whenever I get a chance. It was hot Manson’s entourage was called a family, and it had deep, mystical, mostly incomprehensible overtones. The girls, who were co defendants gouge crosses in their foreheads, the signs of their devotion to Manson. The testimony described the vicious, a ritualistic killing of the apparently random victims without ever radically explaining why they were killed Lynette Squeaky Frome and Sandra Good, who also was picked up today in Sacramento, became the self appointed outside spokesman for Manson, holding

impromptu press conferences when the trial was in recess, reading statements, something they’ve continued to do ever since Manson went to prison. In recent months, several news organizations have received messages purporting to come from them, including KNBC in Los Angeles. This letter said, among other things, that on this, Manson were given a chance to explain his mystic truth There will be many more young murderers, beginning with a person typing this letter At the height of Manson’s trial, when his head was shaved squeaky from Sandra Good and the other faithful girl shaved their heads, Doug crosses in their brows and swore they would carry on Manson’s ideals. Frank Bergholz or NBC News LOS Angeles Just moments after Lin From’s arrest on the Capitol grounds in Sacramento, KCR is Mary Murphy and cameramen Alex Calloway drove over to the Sacramento apartment that lend from shares with another Manson family member Sandra Good. Here’s Mary again. When we arrived at the apartment on P Street just a few blocks from the Capitol, everything was quiet. A few minutes later, half a dozen plainclothes officers from the Sacramento Police Department showed up and surrounded the house. The armed officers entered the downtown apartment that the two Manson girls have shared for close to a year About 20 minutes later, officers brought out Sandra Good, a Manson family member, and another woman, Kathleen Murphy. Both were taken in for questioning on the theory. The assassination attempt may have been a conspiracy, but several hours later, authorities released the two women Apparently satisfied that they were not involved, Sandra Good returned to her apartment and answered reporters questions What’s gonna happen now? Yeah, they’re insight now is that unless Manson gets a court ruled, it’s allowed to speak Country will be bloodier than the Tate LaBianca house put together. People need somebody to, uh, help you with your problems. Then she talked about Lynette. Fromme is character, but frequently returned to the subject of Manson. She has more concerned for your Children, all of you, all of you that you knew what she was doing today course. She knew what she was doing She was moved to do what she did, and you’ll have to talk to her to find out why I can’t speak for her. I know that we’re very, very sensitive to what’s going on in this country right now, and we see that there’s no leadership There’s nobody that people can trust or put faith in. You must let Manson up what? It starts getting crazy when the money won’t spend, you better let him up. You’re gonna eat him And so spoke that young lady of this afternoon, Mary Murphy and other reporters. Justice moved rather quickly today. There was an arraignment for From We’ll have that aspect after this But this hour President Ford is safely back home in Washington, D. C is would be assassin is in the Sacramento County Jail and faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. 27 year old Lynette Squeaky Fromme was whisked into federal court around three this afternoon. Four cars accompanied her from the county jail. Miss Foam was seated between two matrons in the back seat of the second car. Security was tight. One U. S marshal was quoted saying they didn’t want another Oswald situation. Soon after arriving, she was ushered into a tiny hearing room surrounded by some 20 or so local and federal officers. U. S Magistrate Esther Mix read the charge Miss Foam was accused of knowingly and willfully attempting to assassinate the president of the United States. Bail was set at $1 million. A description of the gun was read into the record. Ah, 45 caliber pistol. The barrel chamber was empty, but there were four live rounds in the gun clip. Statements by Secret Service agents were also read, they said, as she was wrestled to the ground. Miss Wrong shouted. It didn’t go off. Can you believe it? It didn’t go off. At a press conference later, Douglas Duncan, special agent in charge, talked about why Lynette Fromme, unknown Manson family member, was not under surveillance. I wasn’t personally aware, although our our offices, from time to time known that these people have been in Sacramento purely as an intelligence relations between other agencies and that they have created some disturbance because of their relationship with this prisoner, Charles Manson Why? Why were they not under surveillance because they have never

expressed any interest in president or anything of the federal nature. Were you where we can’t, uh, surveil or make that type of investigation on every person a little bit out of the ordinary, faras every any cause that they might espoused? From the time the president landed in Sacramento, you had an extremely tight schedule. And even despite the incident that occurred on the Capitol steps, he didn’t seem to miss one part of kept right on going bob. Witnesses said that the president was stunned and bewildered by the attempt on his life. I think that’s understandable, but he was fully composed. After leaving the capital and returning to the senator Hotel President Ford praised the Secret Service and emphasized he will not alter his practice of meeting the people during his travels. I think the Secret Service on the other law enforcement agencies on the job, we’re doing a superb job and I want to thank them everything. They did this unfortunate I also wish to express to the people of California my gratitude for the very, very warm welcome that they’ve given me in this state of I would not under any I feel that one in in any way representative, part of the people I just thank you for being so friendly and let me hand with great effort This’ll incident under no sir will prevent me or preclude from contacting the American people as I travel from one state to another, and from one in my judgment is vitally important for a president to see the American people And I’m going to continue have that personal contact relationship with I think it’s vital I am not sure, right In fact, I saw a hand coming up behind several others in the front row Obviously, there was done in that I then saw almost instantaneously very quick and very secret service The only slight alteration to the president’s statement about meeting is practiced. Meeting the people during his travels would have been when he left Sacramento McClellan Air Force Base. There had been plans made that he would come out there. There were about 6 7000 people and that he weaves would have stopped, walked down the line and shake hands with a few of who were disappointed by that. But I’m also sure that he could well understand why he would want to get out of the car and get on that plane as quickly as he could. Steve, you spent more time with the president today than any of us following the event in Capitol Park Could you discern any change and his schedule or the security around him? Onley a minor change. He immediately met with Governor Brown, and I’m told that only came up. The incident only came up with a very end of the meeting He met with legislative leaders, and I’m told by Ron Nessen that the incident didn’t not come up at all. He gave his speech to the joint session of the Legislature. He took some pictures with some local Republicans at the capital for campaign purposes, and then he was supposed to walk back to the Senator hotel from the capital the same way he walked in the East Side. He did not. He took his bulletproof limousine back, and I think there was a sigh of relief when that happened. Really, for all concerned, because although President Ford does like to meet people, does like to shake hands, press the flesh, as you said, certainly they weren’t taking any more chances after this incident, the Secret Service tried to convince him, not Teoh, not to get close to the public. I really don’t know. I didn’t talk to any Secret Service people. From what I understand, the president does like to get close to the public, and the Secret Service was a little up tight and concern and they admitted that, they said. It’s been a rough day and we don’t want to take any more chances. One thing I noticed on the floor of the State Assembly I’ve seen the Secret Service is all of us have a guess at one time, another operating and much of the time they seem to just sort of fade into the background. If you don’t know that, they’re they’re really not obvious. But this time today they were very obvious

standing up there right down front, and it was very obvious that they were keeping a close watch on. And not only the Secret Service. There were state police, Sacramento City Police, Sacramento sheriff’s deputies. I think exhilarate forces. I mean, people were all over and they all had the badges or the uniforms and he was completely surrounded at all times. really beyond all of that. I have noticed after covering presidents that these Secret Service men and this administration are much more relaxed and treat the media with it with a different kind of attitude than those worked for Nixon or Johnson or Kennedy on they admit themselves. There’s a whole new air in Washington about the way they’re supposed to react. But immediately after the attempt on the president’s life, there was a complete change in the attitude of the police and for obvious reasons toward the press. It was just hold that crowd back, keep that crowd back very difficult to get film and shoving and pushing and trying to keep us back. And with good reason One reporter was knocked down. The Secret Service man picked him up and said, Excuse me. Well, that also happened to our cameramen. It Ray. When we were trying to catch up to the president, he slipped on the steps of the east side of the Capitol, and a Secret Service man picked him up anything. Arms just lifted him off the ground and set him back on his 2 ft on dead went whisking in through the side of the Capitol right after the president Mary Murphy’s job today was not to get involved in this as much as she had her Her real assignment was to cover a peace rally. There had been stories came into our newsroom about planned administrations for the president and some crazy crank calls which we won’t even talk about. But, uh, what was the peace rally today? That was It was really kind of amusing, Bob, because we started out on the east up here on the West steps. Excuse me of the capital to cover this peace rally, and there were two people there, so we quickly decided that at least at that point, there wasn’t a rally, and we had time to look around, see what was happening and come back. So we just wandered around to the west steps of the Capitol, and we weren’t there five minutes when all the president came out and everything just broke loose. So you’re gonna get into the story? We were supposed Teoh. What was it like? A soon as it happened, there were There were a lot of people, a lot of reporters around the president also was there panic or just general confused. I think my reaction was it was amazing how calm it was people. It was very calm. It was almost as if nothing major had happened. You couldn’t believe that an attempt had been made on the president’s life because you thought, surely, you know the sky must fall or something. It was just very calm. I think Only a few people right in that general area where this happened knew what had happened, and almost everyone else thought some commotion. But no big problem. Perhaps the president had stumbled or slipped, and a Secret Service agent right then at the time yelled, Let’s ago, which apparently is a code word or a trigger word for the Secret Service. That means we have something serious here. Let’s get out of here fast. And they did. It would be totally impossible to guard any and all people that are considered even slight. Threats to a man is important. The president of United and especially a president who feels obligated to go out and meet people, doesn’t want it. Sit behind a bulletproof vest the whole time he wants to go out and mix it up Of course, the president had some other things to do while he was in Sacramento KCR is Bill Harvey covered part of that story. We’ll talk to him in just a moment In the aftermath of the attempt on the life of President Ford, the purpose of his visit to Sacramento and what he had to say to businessmen, civic leaders, legislators has almost been for gotten The President’s Day started very early with a speech to the annual host breakfast of the State Chamber of Commerce. Here’s Casey Ari’s bill, Bill Robert, as you know that state chamber host breakfast traditionally has been held in recent years in a Sacramento hotel, but it was moved this year to the mammoth new Sacramento Community Center because of the tremendous demand for tickets from business and civic leaders throughout the state. To hear the president, a record 1200 of ST in the city’s most influential people were on hand this morning to give Mr Ford a very warm welcome. Most of them were highly receptive to his oft repeated call in recent weeks for the unshackling of the free enterprise system to provide the 11 million new jobs that will be needed by 1980 through a cutback and reform of the federal regulatory bureaucracy. Here is Theo edited essence of what he had to say in recent years. A disproportionate percentage of new jobs has come from the public sector rather than the private The result has been the creation of a bureaucracy that contributes very little to America’s prosperity and productivity. It’s simply shares Starting from 0.0 about a century ago The federal government now employs over

100,000 people whose sole responsibility is writing, reviewing and enforcing some type of regulation 100,000 people whose principal job is telling you how to do your job It’s a bureaucratic bureaucrat’s dream of heaven, but it’s a nightmare for those who have to bear the heavy burden Just a list. All of the rules and regulations established last year required 45,000 pages of very small type in the Federal Register I mourn for the trees that were felled in America’s forests to make this exercise in governmental nagging possible The regulatory reform legislation I propose will seek to eliminate the obsolete, the unnecessary, the impractical and, yes, the impossible Let’s retain what is truly helpful and required in federal regulations It’s a minimum amount Let’s get rid of the rest and the sooner the better If the United States is to grow in a substantial, meaningful way, the impetus has to come from the private sector Jobs are the symbol of a healthy free enterprise system. Jobs, particularly in the private sector, are the fuel that makes our economy run Obviously, to achieve the full economic potential of America and Americans, we must make it possible for our industry to maintain its competitive edge in world as well as domestic trade We have no choice but to compete. And I say with emphasis to excel, Help me help your representatives in the Congress Help your governor help your state Legislature help us all to free the free American enterprise system Give America the means and the Americans will find a way, thank you very much Following his appeal for support for a regulatory agency reform, the president left almost immediately to return to his hotel for a change of clothes before a meeting with Governor Brown and addressing the legislature. On That was the situation which set the stage for his walk to the capital on the dramatic assassination attempt, which we’ve already reported on in detail Bill. Those attending the host breakfast represented what would be a list of the corporate giant. So a California Bank of America, Southern Pacific Del Monte Foods on and on. We even had the Russian ambassador at the Russian ambassador, the Russian consul general in San Francisco. There. Well, you did you get a chance to talk with him? What was the reaction of the audience to the? I didn’t get a chance to talk with the Russian consul general, but you’ve got to understand. The audience, of course, was heavily sympathetic to the president’s philosophic point of view. And as you’d expect, their reaction would be largely favorable. And it was that. But we do have a sampling that we took from some of the foremost businessman in the state Well, I thought the president’s comments were very, very timely course We’re all proud to have him here in Sacramento on the host breakfast, but he properly talked about the excessive government regulation, which is a burden on our economy. He talked about the need of getting America back to work. He said that the private sector was the the best mechanism that we have in the country to do that. And certainly I agree with that. And I think that the audience agreed, hardly is indicated by their applause. I think the president is on the right track and support him 100% in these efforts Well, I think the president gave a very determined statement in which he stated that we’re either gonna become free Americans again because our economy to grow or we’re gonna go further and further in the direction of a planned a socialistic type economy. I just came back from Canada yesterday on to see rates of inflation. They’re approaching 25% on the problems of British Columbia on the journey that’s creating in that area. It gives me great concern for our own future if we don’t turn our country around and let investment forces get into position again in order that we can create new jobs and through the

productivity of the country and stop this never ending hijacking, if I may call it that of wage increases which you’re only based on force, not upon the fact that way have created a bigger productivity pie to share amongst all the people in our country. Well, President course had a very receptive audience for the things that he had to say, and he’s been saying a number of things that Governor Brown has been saying to hopeful thing is that the message gets over to the legislators here in California, and the members of Congress back there is the president is that way. Require some action on the part of government. Remove some of the barriers. The president, Dr Bad It’s a really I talked to each of those three gentlemen also about the problem That the Ford visit to California might pose to the launching of a Reagan challenge to the Ford candidacy. And each of these three gentlemen answered to the effect that they couldn’t see any basis for a viable Reagan challenged afford under any circumstances, which is interesting comment, which was. You’ve been fined Reagan supporters there among Reagan supporters. But as they put it, if a party has a candidate who is doing a job, there’s no way you can disowned that candidate and putting another candidate and expect to win an election Thank you, Bill. While the president was on the West Coast, he gave seven or eight addresses, speeches and perhaps the most interesting one is certainly not an ironic one was the one that he gave before the Legislature joint session in Sacramento will be back with that story after this President Ford also addressed the California Legislature today, calling for what he termed a citizen’s coalition against crime. Having just escaped an assassination attempt, the president urged a mandatory prison terms for criminals using dangerous weapons. It was the first time a president has addressed a joint session of the Legislature, joining lawmakers in the Assembly chamber where Governor Brown, the other constitutional officers and the justices of the state Supreme Court. President Ford read calmly from a prepared text making no mention of the attempt on his life. But he said there has been an alarming increase in violent crime. He said far too many violent and repetitive criminals never spend a day in prison After conviction, the president called for a mandatory sentencing of anyone committing a crime with a dangerous weapon, process should be ignored or the legal rights of dependence be reduced. I am not urging a vindictive attitude toward convicted offenders. I am saying that is a matter of public policy. The time has come to give equal weight on the scale of justice to the rights of the innocent victims of crimes of terror and violence If most serious crimes are committed by repeaters, most violent crimes by criminals carrying guns. If the tiny minority of habitual law breakers can be identified by modern data keeping methods, then is it not mandatory that such offenders, duly tried and convicted, be removed from society for a definite period of time, rather than returning to the streets to continue toe, pray on the innocent and the law abiding majority? Mandatory sentences need not be severe It is the certainty of confinement that is presently lacking We will never deter crime or reduce its growth. If potential lawbreakers feel they have favorable eyes of escaping punishment, the more experience in crime they get, the better their odds of not suffering the consequences That is wrong, and it must be reversed. And the quicker the better The drug problem in America couldn’t make several speeches by itself Here again, we have a very small number of deliberate criminals who destroy the domestic tranquillity off millions and millions of decent citizens What is particularly outrageous is the tragedy

they bring to young people who should be learning to face life, not run from it Here in California, according to the latest figures, I’ve seen less than run out of every five convicted. Hired drug pushers ever served time in prison One way to keep a convicted murder from killing anybody else One way to keep a higher drug pusher from ruining anymore Live is toe. Lock them up for a reasonable but certain term of imprisonment Loss of liberty is both a deterrent to crime and a prevention of repeated crime, at least while the offender is behind bars president or should be treated humanely And we cannot expect judges, Mr Chief Justice and Juries to convict and sentence the guilty to places of confinement are that are cruel and degrading But I consider it essential that we reduce delay in bringing arrested persons to trial, sharply limit the prevailing practice of plea bargaining caused by congested prosecutor and court calendars and significantly increased the proportion of those convicted of violent crimes and repeated crimes who actually served time in prison. If we fail to ensure domestic tranquility, any other successes, we may have a public officials will be forgot Peace on 10th Street in Sacramento is as important to the people who walk and work there as peace in the Sinai desert One man or woman or child becomes Justus dead from a Swiss switch. Bates Blade slash As from a nuclear missile blast, we must prevent both, Thank you very much President Ford speech lasted for about 25 minutes. It was interrupted six times by polite applause. His remarks were prepared in events of the attempt on his life, but that incident added a note of urgency to his call for swift and certain punishment of violent criminals The legislature in California, Otis has been trying to our attempt to deal with problems brought up by the president, and his speech hasn’t yes, through the Assembly. Just last week, as a matter of fact, sent Governor Brown a bill that would impose mandatory sentences on persons who commit certain types of serious crimes, kidnapping and so forth with a dangerous weapon. The president also is, you know, they called for mandatory prison sentences for dealers in hard narcotics, heroin and so forth A bill that was addressed to that problem was recently defeated, but the first bill use of handguns is now on the governor’s desk is not indicated where they will sign. Following his legislative address, the president returned to the Senator hotel for a few more meetings. He spoke to state Republican leaders, the attorney general, Evel Younger, and taped a TV interview. About 2 30 this afternoon, Mr Ford left the hotel and headed for McClellan Air Force Base on a four and one half hour flight that would take him back to the White House Okay, they’re entering the million base operational area That’s where most of the cowed appears to have gathered Highway patrol motorcycles in front, all decked out in their finery. There’s the president at Highway Patrol, car moving out in front The crowd waves as the president goes by. He’s in there by himself, smiling and waving his Secret Service men behind him Members of the White House press corps Presidents automobile is going to go all the way around Bank of Air Force One big limousine pulling to a halt right in front of the ramp

Yeah, there he goes. They obviously were successful. They fired up one of the engines. Um, I don’t know, Roy They didn’t like last night early this morning when he would go over to the crowds. They didn’t seem toe like that, either. Area smiling, waving, clasping his hands. I can’t see the gold cufflinks. Maybe I can’t tell if he’s wearing it or not They were given to him by the host breakfast this morning Ontario’s He’s aboard Air Force One behind him, members of his staff There’s Ron Nessen going up glasses, briefcase in his right hand. Ah, a few more members. And that’s about it, Uh

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