versus self-publishing people in Sao Paulo will call it that’s what he said earlier I didn’t fell for that I was joking okay look at my face welcome to our Channel a few days ago we made a reaction to Julian now Italy and one of you recommend that we do Brazil next scary unicorns I love your reaction video good keep going on reaction you can you please react – you can see now Brazil please it would mean a lot of things what do we know about Brazil well you speak Portuguese and not Spanish if I had said Spanish most of you would have leave the video already so the fact that we know that that you speak Portuguese me to smash the like right now in cement please when do we know also well my favorite Brazilian movies see that the durst City of God love that movie from very long long time ago when I was a teenager I watch that movie and I think it got nominated for an Oscar even for best foreign movie amazing movie and also soccer I play a lot of soccer going up my favorite player was Roberto Carlos and I still remember the 1994 World Cup I think it was 94 it was a big a big game so yeah that’s what we know Brazil we know that it’s the third biggest country in the world after Russia and Canada where I’m from so we know that already also I noticed at you the statue what is it is the price yeah all the bitch at me Louis up any other general the big statue oh yeah I don’t know what we know the woman are really beautiful yeah we don’t know much well we know that right now you’re facing a big problem with the virus I mean it’s the epicenter now in Brazil so hopefully everyone is fine watching us yeah tell us your story in the comments or anything that you want about Brazil so now I’m gonna shut up and we’re gonna react we have in our Brazil please keep in mind that it was a very a few years ago it was a be because they do all the thing in from A to Z in geography called order soubise near the beginning so the quality of revenue was not that great right now they are making much longer video so please keep that in mind yeah we have an Instagram max on this course chief you want to recommend those more things from Brazil you can go there I don’t know how many of you are gonna watch this time reacting to a Brazilian funk videos yeah you can also subscribe and please leave a nice comment we read all the come in so ok I’ll try to my best but in the meantime soccer monkeys Amazon Ronaldo and Samba songs katakana wait a second wait a second wait a second he’s not Brazilian it’s Portuguese it’s Cristiano Ronaldo he’s still playing it’s not Brazilian I think it I don’t know if he’s making fun or something oh no no he’s very famous it’s a missile oh no he embarked with the enormous sea and everything to keep winning the title every time in the best player of the year he but I forgot the Amazon they are burning cameras on right now I mean we don’t look lucky what happens that there’s two sides fighting for the Amazon Oh God yeah but there my son is so big because I think 20% of the world air is good to the Amazon but most of it goes to the ocean so that’s he missed this one but it’s so difficult to make the goal I guess I’m gonna give him the path but I mean above and after weeks of anticipation we finally finished the Brazil video and you know how we start these things the flag now the flag is quite interesting it has some kind of ball in it or demon quitzel discs and the country’s mommy depicted on a white band sprawled across the blue disc some people might tell you that the green represents forests and yellow and gold but yeah that’s not really no okay green the yellow are actually inspired from the former Imperial flag of Brazil which was derived from two royal households the Green River is another flag up that Bingham the darker like the dome thrown the first and the yellow for the House of Habsburg that his wife Maria Leopoldina came from the blue disk and the stars are what make up the most fun part of this flag each star represents one of the 27 states of gamoke separated into nine different constellations that you can typically see a hemisphere straddling cross the blue disk is a banner with the country’s motto order them to be progressive which means order and progress with stars

first Brazil is the largest country in the South America North America South America and you know this was a quiz question because when I was young everyone thought that engineering with the capital never heard of the city before I feel yeah yeah that’s why because I think that when you’re young and you’re you’re learning at school this is always kind of those trick question what is the capital of Brazil and people are gonna say oh Jenny or Sao Paulo but it’s Brasilia then print the capital Wow the one that you don’t know yes that’s it that’s interesting west region of Brazil and actually administers itself in its own federal district much like Washington DC Brasilia was actually built in 1960 as they were switching from the old capital Rio de Janeiro get it right we’re not Portuguese not Spanish this was done in an attempt to provide a more regional neutrality for the rest of the states in Brazil by centralizing the capital Brazil is divided into 27 federate units 26 of which are States and one Federal District c’mon tended to be more near the middle graphics especially a catacombs like this we grow food we got out the money we have so black we are so white stop cutting our trees in terms of disputes or civil has two disputed areas with Bolivia on the memorial River and two disputed areas with who rely on the quarter wide river and in the muscle we have a bit Vera that nobody cares about funny back story Oh divine actually used to be part of Brazil known as the suspect inna province Olivia Deanna there was war they gained their independence their show has a ton of islands off their coast but the farthest reaches of the Brazilian domain would have to be the four island and archipelago chains in the Atlantic Fernando de Noronha the veruca’s actual the st. Peter and st. Paul rocks which is a non permanent resident science lab station and clean bad day and Martine baths otherwise the Western mainland orders look kind of funny if you look at the map it kind of looks like Brazil has River Tourette’s syndrome in which they have a lot of half rivers then they jump onto the next adjacent River which is like a couple hundred kilometers away it’s like and I’ll take part of the Rio aqua day but then and I’ll cut through and make my way over to the Rio Poros I’ll take the real Santa Rosa but then I’ll jump over to the Rio Preto it’s all I had to do centuries of this space we perform four empires and today you have this massive piece of sovereign complexity and that’s just the borders way DC was inside the borders [Applause] what do you think that goes if everybody just kind of automatically defaults to one image the Amazon yeah yeah Amazon is a very imperative factor to the nations domain however there’s a lot more to it in terms yes they’ve been trained first of all about 60% of the entire Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil mostly in the north region and of course no surprise consists of the most heavily compact equal region on earth and all the ten million species of animals and insects known to human beings about half of them call the Amazon rainforest home it’s always wanted to go there fascinating of the Amazon today now we all know that there’s a huge deforestation problem going on in Brazil in the Amazon to provide more agricultural land however even Brazil’s own citizens are harshly criticizing the action it’s a little tricky though because with Brazil’s rapidly growing population more resources are demanded of the people so it’s kind of like we get it it’s bad but I mean what do you want us to do our country is growing and we need to provide you people with more stuff use alternative methods like what we’re working on it otherwise outside of the Amazon the rest of the country has a vast array of contrasting scenery almost equally as fascinating along the coast you have the Mata Atlantica or the Atlantic forest the cerrado or the tropical savannas in the center this is also the area where most farms and ranches can be found also keep in mind Brazil as one of the top countries and meat production and exports myself you have the cavea or the pine evergreen forests in the north you have the small mountains especially corner of Venezuela in which you can find with the most notable natural landmarks being the tripoint border between Venezuela Canada and Brazil found a rhyme about fibers in the county but still it counts pariah is when the strangest-looking yeah one side know it’s hard to play inspired the scenery for the movie up with the old guy bit boys you know what that’s a girl it’s on Disney you can’t sue me for copyright infringement rights were using clip of your movie my corner box here because in accordance with fair use limitation right I commented and gave your critique on your material just letting you know you can’t sue me one of the most remarkably bizarre the usual spots in the country that would have to be the famous flooded deserts of the displaced but it makes this place

located on the north coast of the mother mount state is like as there are virtually no nonetheless the area draws in thousands of tourists yearly as it contains the almost paradoxical juxtaposition of elements and its scenery it’s not every day that you see a desert Wow [Laughter] before begins that little pie graph thingamajig like that we always do here in the demographics section I feel like it’s very crucial to mention one important thing about Brazil’s people now everybody knows that one of the most dramatically unique traits of Brazil would have to be as people when asked what do you think a Brazilian looks like the stereotype is somebody in the mud bronzed toned body and with slight dramatic features one reason why this stereotype has been perpetuated so extensively is because in a strange way it’s true over the course of a few hundred years since colonisation brazil’s population is actually virtually invented an entire you erase that never exactly existed before and it makes up nearly half of the entire population I’m talking about the potable people now although the definition is vague and up for relative dispute essentially this is the easiest way I can describe Carnival people are kind of like people that are either too white to be black or white about 47% of the people identify as white Wow seriously I didn’t know that 43% resident was white though because I think that everything that we see usually it’s about the past no part of Brazil I mean especially yeah that’s what I think when I think about the woman in Brazil for example I don’t I don’t think I know Brazilian woman like I cannot name any of them yeah quite interesting fact 1.5 Asian in a very small portion about 0.5% population are Amerindians speaking of Asians at about 1.5 million strong Brazil is actually the country with the largest Japanese population outside about 70% of will be in the city of Sao Paolo nations have actually historically been migrating to do so on trend oh that’s your regional distinctions Brazil has quite a buffet of ethnic enclaves for one you can typically find more black people in the north and especially in the Bahia state where they make up over half of the entire population a bientot school state you have one of the largest white populations in the entire country with immigrants coming from places like Germany Italy and the Netherlands in fact many of these places have remained relatively untouched by the rest of Brazil and many of the communities still retain the motherly the country the members of the community came from oh there’s a joke in Brazil that nobody has met anybody from the state of a curry it’s so far and secluded that you may as well just call it North Bolivia it’s my Brazil no too bad we won in the world still arms deal with it and of course you have the various native tribal groups there about two hundred and forty tribes that a little over nine hundred five people claim to be a part of ethnic the government has recognized 690 territories and reliables for these various people groups that make up about 13 percent of the entire country’s land mass in the Amazon right that’s what I was going to say because I saw the conflict right now today a lot of people are scared they’re gonna be in things because they are burning the forest they are burning their way of living and they were there before everyone else you know yeah the native they were there so it’s a big conflict right now in Brazil and now the virus has stopped out a little bit but it’s a big thing because I think the main argument for the burning of the forest and non burning of the furnace is the climate change and because a lot of the air that we breathe go through their mouths Amazon people are scared if we burn too much we’re gonna run out of oxygen or something like that yeah well at the same time I think that 70% and 80% of the air doesn’t go through the Amazon in the world so people are saying that slow down I mean everything’s gonna be okay so this is a debate about that what is not good for burning doe like the issue in the north of Thailand is never be good yeah I know we gotta shoot down about the burning especially during the crop season the burn yeah I think you felt like a key culture yeah but I think it’s more complex then don’t Purdue it or do it because their population is growing too many people are not enough space the amazon take a lot of the space so i think it’s kind of a fascinating debate i don’t think it’s that black and white thinking and for this one yes has a list of about eight uncontacted tribal groups that deliberately choose to remain disconnected from the rest of the world the governmental agency speculates that there are still many untamed undiscovered tribes currently living in the vast uncharted forests of the Amazon culture wise I really depend

everybody loves soccer in fact many places prefer basketball and skateboarding has actually been a huge thing that’s been exploding over the past many years and no not everybody has been to a cognate Vaughn oh and another thing there’s currently a war going on in Brazil it’s been very brutal it’s been going on for decades and getting quite intense right now I’m talking about the cookie Brazil people will ridicule you if you pronounce the word for cookie differently from them and especially it’s a whole Rio versus out publicly people in Sao Paulo will call it that’s one said earlier this conflict has led to the violence and deaths leading in the victimization of people too caught in the crossfire no no I didn’t feel for it I didn’t feel for that I was joking okay look at my face no no he’s making a joke because he used bullet shine boy Toyota something ett pronounce the word cookie two different way into different part of Brazil he was making a joke that they were going to war over that real war joke okay you’re gonna die no no no he’s making a joke but people are really upset about that is called deep are bullies exaggerating this to me just to make fun first off pretty much all of their neighbor nations get along with them although Argentina has a huge competitive hatred for Brazil when it comes to soccer but oh yes oh yes then just like I mentioned before in the Angola video they can along with other nations of the former Portuguese Empire like Angola Mozambique sulfonium fancy big-goblin VJ and so on they even get along with Portugal and have no bitterness towards the former colonization now when it comes to the US per se they’ve been good friends and have a deep history of trade and alliances however recently there’s been kind of dawdling off making friends with other people that kind of give us old shifty knives then we have Fez whele and Cuba Brazil has sided with the Venezuelan government more in the past few decades and has built a 1.5 billion dollar port in Cuba then we have Iran recently there has been testing the waters on attempting to build ties with them although they haven’t really improved much recently nonetheless Brazil is quite the popular guy not many people dislike Brazil except for maybe the Brazilians in Brazil that they complain about their own country’s administrative affairs but that’s a lesson you’ll have to learn by talking to an actual person so yeah but that’s dead teens were almost out of time in conclusion Brazil is so much more than just the Amazon in soccer and we didn’t even scratch the surface of Brazil in this video and to find out more I recommend just talk to a Brazilian good side of the cookie you’re on I’m gonna put that in the thumbnail I’m gonna put your two name of the thing and I’m gonna say which one is very something like that just to tease you a little bit but I was gonna say I know when people talk about government because I know that there’s a lot of controversy about it and I don’t want to see the clown running Brazil right now they kind of don’t believe that believing comes first it theory and everything about what’s going on in the world right now but I think we need to differentiate between when people say that we don’t we don’t like something you need to differentiate the people I don’t think anyone has problem with the Brazilian people before love reason people and then we talk about and mr Tiffany political decisions it’s the same about America about Russia about China nobody hate people from that place we just hate sometimes the politic of it but people often don’t differentiate between the people and the politic so when people see someone from a race that let’s say the people who looked they saw to see a Chinese like when that various started right yeah all of discrimination to our Chinese you see a Chinese and you’re gonna detonate on him because you think that is a reflection of the government but there’s a big distinction to be a between a government and the people and someone and I think for Brazil to remain I I’m sure that people are Brazil are amazing that sometimes their politic is gonna give a bad effect on the surface about the country but really look absolutely amazing I think it’s almost in every country don’t ya you know that Brazil is like it it’s a lot of thing like going on it’s really interesting country like we have I ignore it for a long long time and it’s open like it being my destination to go you know even it’s really far because it’s a lot of like them and stuff and yeah a big forest you know but a little bit sad for what they are doing it for Amazonia ok well it’s hard it’s harder to react to that because it’s going really quickly so we’re gonna need to react to more if you’re from Brazil

watching say I’m the comment and maybe if you just ask more from Brazil anything we’re gonna try to do more yeah thank you for watching everyone and feel very soon

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