(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, welcome to Broadway.com, Live at Five It is Wednesday, February 26 and I am Ryan Lee Gilbert – And I am Paul Wontorek – I love it when you– (laughing) And we are joined here in the studio by the magnificent Caitlin Moynihan – Hello – Your hair looks very (speaking over each other) – It was raining today – [Paul] It’s the rain look – It’s a rain look, thank you – And we have a wonderful guest with us today – This is really weird ’cause I just saw the matinee, “Girl From the North Country” – You did – And then one of the people I was staring at is now here – Yes, we’re talking about Colton Ryan (cheering) – So good, so talented – Making his second appearance here on Live at Five We are going to talk– – Second of many – Second of many, yes – That careers gonna be long and he’s just gonna keep coming back – [Caitlin] Every year – Also before we get started on today’s top five, it is the last performance of Ephraim Sykes and Derrick Baskin in “Ain’t Too Proud” – Tonight? – Tonight – Tonight – Why on a Wednesday, are they going away for the weekend? – I don’t know, maybe they have plans (laughing) He’s about to take a trip – I love those guys – But yes, so congratulations to both of those guys on a wonderful run – Both Tony nominated? – Both Tony nominated – And Ephraim, of course, is going to be Michael Jackson – M.J Yeah, exciting stuff for both of those gentlemen coming up but first let’s talk about today’s top five (upbeat music) – We found out who is gonna be replacing Lydia, not full time but for the next few months and she knows a thing or two about the whole being dead thing – [Paul] Is this gonna be a weekly story, are we gonna slowly build up to– – I guess – Yes, yes – So Sophia Anne Caruso left “Beetlejuice” this week, unexpectedly, we’ve already talked about that Presley Ryan, who is great on the TikTok, and understudy in the role and she was on the vlog backstage, we know Presley She is now playing the role through March 29th – Okay – Definitely through March 29 and we don’t really know who’s playing it in April Or May or June, I don’t know, maybe it’ll be her, maybe it’ll be someone else – Maybe, yeah who knows – I don’t know, who knows? But anyway, “Beetlejuice” is over at the Winter Garden Theater My voice cracked on that, and it’s going through what, June, July? – June – June 6th – There are rumors it might be moving – They might be moving – Just throwing it out there – We were talking to Adam Dannheisser here not too long ago, and he was like, signs are good, you know? – He spread those rumors too? (speaking over each other) (laughing) – Yeah you were away, yes He was like, you know what the energy’s there to move it So yeah – Yeah, gonna be interesting so anyway, congrats Presley – And Juliet certainly does not need her Romeo and she’s coming to North America – She certainly is We are talking about the new musical “And”, it’s an ampersand, “& Juliet” which has been a huge hit with audiences in London in the West End and now it has set its North American debut staging It will be part of the 2020, 2021 season of Toronto’s Mirvish Theater This show is, of course, directed by Luke Sheppard It will play the Mirvish Theater February through March of 2021 We don’t have exact dates as of yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do The show features a book by David West Read and some of the very biggest pop hits of the last 30 years, all by Max Martin – I’m really into the cast album (talking over each other) – And Max Martin, I mean, every pop song you’ve loved recently has been probably– – Like N’Sync, a lot of N’sync and a lot of Britney – N’sync, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, I mean just everybody Taylor Swift So the new musical sees Juliet getting over Romeo by running off to Paris with the nurse and her best friends on a whirlwind trip of romance and self discovery “Baby One More Time”, “Everybody”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “I Can’t Feel My Face” are all songs featured in the show Production dates, casting and all the additional details will be announced soon and we will keep you abreast – And then hopefully Broadway? – And then hopefully Broadway– – I don’t know – Absolutely, I’m into it – Just throwing it out there – For sure – And off Broadway audiences are gonna be able to keep on rocking – [Paul] Yes so Courtney Reed was just here last week, talking about Lauren Yee’s “Cambodian Rock Band”, that’s an inside joke You have to say Lauren Yee’s, “Cambodian Rock Band” It’s a big hit at Signature Theater, everyone loves it And it’s now been extended an extra week through March 15th It’s supposed to be so great, Chay Yew directed it and it’s been playing since early February and it’s just gonna keep going, I guess But congrats to everyone over at Lauren Yee’s “Cambodian Rock Band”, I just like seeing you laugh when I say it – I know, every time – [Caitlin] It works, yes And this Tony winner has got a new gig – We are talking about Tony Winner Levi Kreis who was unbelievable in “Million Dollar Quartet” he, of course, won a Tony award for playing Jerry Lee Lewis – Jerry Lee Lewis, yes – Yes, he was so fantastic He is leading the new musical “Pure Country” which is based on the hit movie It’ll be directed and choreographed

by Tony nominee Dan Knechtges, which is very exciting “Xanadu”– – I love that you said his name right – Thank you, thank you It features a book by the film’s screenwriter Rex McGee with music by Steve Dorff and lyrics by John Bettis “Pure Country” tells the tale of a jaded country music megastar who suddenly walks away from his successful yet joyless career to return to his roots and rediscover his passion for life, love, and music I’m sold, this sounds great Joining Kreis in the principle cast will be Tony nominee Sally Mays, which is really exciting It will play the theater Under the Stars in Houston Texas, an appropriate venue, April 14th through the 26th I have not heard of this movie, “Pure Country” – Okay so here’s the deal – It’s a hit movie (laughing) – Here’s the deal, here’s the deal It was from the 90’s I think, country singer George Strait was the star of it So it was like, he was a country singer playing a country singer and another fun fact, I was like, wait a minute, wasn’t there already a musical of this? And I looked up on our site, we announced this musical was coming to Broadway in 2009 – Wow – So this has been kicking around – And it’s the same production? – Same creative team – Wow okay, fantastic – So this is a musical that’s been out there for a while – They needed Levi – So I’m very excited that that it’s now getting a production and Levi Kreis is the best, so they got a great star – He is, very exciting – And we are patting ourselves on the back because teambroadway.com has got some really awesome news yesterday – [Paul] We did and we said it yesterday, but let’s say it everyday – [Caitlin] We can say it everyday (speaking over each other) – Emmy nomination, so here’s the difference between the Emmy awards and the New York Emmy awards, height – Height – Emmy award’s about that big New York Emmy award’s about that big, we have one I have one – Still glistening, still gorgeous – In my office – You do – Anyway, John Gore Organization, which is our parent company, we were overall honored with eight Emmy nominations – Eight – Thank you – Yes, yes – Our Tony special, at the (mumbling) which we won previously, was nominated “Front Row”– – Our news magazine show – Which was our magazine show that we did, the episode, did you see which episode it was? – The Angie Schworer – With Angie Schworer, from “The Prom” and Ben Crawford at “Phantom” Yeah and “American Son”, that was nominated “Character Study” the Caissie Levy episode which I’m sure you watched ’cause it has a lot of YouTube views That was nominated and “Gotta Dance” was nominated – Amazing – Which Caitlin produces, every episode of “Gotta” so Caitlin is Emmy nominated too – Thank you – And also the special series we did on “To Kill a Mockingbird” – Yes, “Citizens of Mockingbird”, that was incredible – That also got, and “To Kill a Mockingbird” just did their big Madison Square Garden thing – Yeah absolutely – And also, Broadway Profiles got three nominations Tamsen Fadal show, which is becoming a bigger thing later this year Anyway, on April 18th 2020, we’ll find out if we didn’t win (laughing) it’s a very long ceremony because it’s literally like, now let’s talk about weather Men in the Connecticut area, or it’s very regional Or like, writing for– – There’s gonna be– – Investigative reporting – We’re gonna build a shelf back here for all the Emmy’s we win – We have one (laughing) – We’re gonna get eight of them Also on the site, there’s some great things Photos of “We’re Gonna Die”, their opening night If you’re feeling that way about the coronavirus, yeah Photo and video of “The Minutes” presser, you can watch that as well And “A Girl From the North Country” performs on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon which is amazing – You know where else “Girl From the North Country” is? Right here – That’s right, at the Belasco Theater – Well, boy from– – Yes, absolutely, Paul thank you so much – Thank you Ryan – My pleasure Caitlin would you please introduce today’s guest? – Gladly Yes guys, we got Colton Ryan here with us in the studio today He’s currently in “Girl From the North Country” that is currently playing on the Broadway He previously was in the show when it played at off Broadway’s public theater You may previously have seen him on Broadway when he was in “Dear Evan Hansen” understudying all three of those guy roles But he also recently was in “Alice By Heart” so he’s been really busy You guys can follow him on social media @Coltonthewizard to stay up to date on everything that he’s doing Please leave all of your questions down in the comments below and please welcome Colton and Ryan (applauding) – Hello – [Ryan] As part of the endorsement deal we have going with you, I appreciate that– – I’m really glad to have my first endorsement deal – [Ryan] With the Broadway.com mugs, yeah It’s very appropriate, hello there – Hey – How are you? – I’m great, how are you? – It’s so wonderful to see you I’m fantastic, thank you You just left the stage – Yeah, Paul and I walked hand in hand over here together – They did, yes it was very– – Which never happens – Bonding moment – It was great – We very much appreciate you squeezing us in – Of course – You are very busy You are in a very buzzy show on Broadway right now – Is it, is it buzzy, you’re the news so– – I mean, we do the Broadway buzz If anyone knows about buzz– – Oh my god – Yeah you’re top of the scale there – Wow – You’re opening very soon, March 5th – That’s correct – How are things over there? Are you guys, are you ready to open up?

– Yeah I think, we’re antsy to open up – I bet – We, as you know, we did a run at the Public in 2018 and whatever success means, it was a very successful run, at least for us In house, we felt very happy with it and it extended twice and everything And it kinda was the thing where, especially I mean, not for me, but a lot of the cast members are heavy hitters I was just telling everyone that I room with, three time Tony nominee Marc Kudisch – [Ryan] Broadway legend – And it’s, iconic that we’re somehow in the same room together But yeah, with, with people like that, it kind of felt like a safe bet that it was like, all right well this thing’s gonna, it’s doing well here, let’s just go And we all had such a tight knit family at that time that I think even now, we’re only a week away and we still feel that like, a year ago, it felt we were ready so it’s, it feels really special Almost like this weird sort of victory lap already It’s like, we’re here, we’re so glad to be here We’re just buzzing – Yeah absolutely You, as we mentioned, you were just, you just performed a couple of numbers on “The Tonight Show” – Yes – What was that experience like? You hadn’t done “The Tonight Show” before right? – I’ve never, no– – So this was your late night – It was my late night, I’ve– – Debut – I did one time win a daytime Emmy for my time on “The Today Show” – Oh my gosh, a fellow Tony winner – Emmy winner – Day time, asterisk (laughing) Tony, Emmy Yeah no, so it wasn’t my first time in the NBC Universal, Universe Yeah it was my first time doing anything late night And it was really exciting and it was like, Jimmy Fallon was just walking down the hallway like, “Hey guys” and it was just, and people would just be like, “Hey Jimmy” and he would hug them and it was like, like our people who don’t know him at all It was like, “Hey Jimmy” no he was super nice and shook everyone’s hand and it was, it was very easy and very celebratory, I think, for everybody ’cause when you’re in that kind of situation, it’s not your crew so you don’t know how it’s gonna come out and everyone watched it last night and came in today and was like, even though we’re all tired we’re like, oh my gosh, I think the essence of the show is really clear – Absolutely – I think it’s super cool – Let’s talk about that a little bit So it is a show that when you first tell people about, there’s a little bit of explaining that you kind of have to do sometimes So it’s 1934, we’re in Duluth, Minnesota And Conor McPherson is your creator here but they use the songs from Bob Dylan’s song book– – Correct – To populate the whole show So people that are like, what? How does that sort of work? And what did you initially think when you discovered? – When I first read it, I was reading along kind of in the same way I mean, I had no expectations and, I guess probably my, I would recommend to people not having any kinda expectation ’cause it just sort of, not that things can be sort of exceptional or, I mean everyone’s done a lot of different kind of cool theater but this one does feel kinda singular And Conor’s, what he’s doing and the tools he’s operating with, ’cause I would say to you, yeah it is like a Bob Dylan thing but I have friends who come and they’re just like, don’t even mention the song ’cause they’re like, it’s such a dense, O’Neal-esque play – Yeah and the arrangements of the songs are very different – Bonkers – Yeah, right, they’re amazing – Yeah and they’re all, thank you, and they’re all of the time, I say thank you like I wrote them, thank you – You’re welcome – Thank you for Bob Dylan and Simon Hale I’ll accept this on their behalf No, but like with the songs, they’re all arranged in sort of the, stylistically the period They have a sort of, the band is only four pieces Well, five with our in house drummer, or in cast drummer ’cause it switches off between the two people in the cast But it’s just, an upright bass, a guitar, a violin and a piano And it just all has this sort of, it takes all of Dylan’s songs, no matter what period, whether it was new wave synth or it was folkal protest or it was 90’s sort of like, troubadour or cabaret, kind of, smokey I’m just, now I’m saying words You know, that kind of thing He ranged, he went the gambit with all of the styles he could use and this all is sort of, grounded in its 30’s period, the way it’s all been arranged But then it’s once again grounded within the play because a lot of the songs sort of come out of nothing The play is operating and then all of a sudden, someone else from the cast will come on stage Someone who isn’t even a part of that exchange or experience and the song just sort of takes us into this other sort of,

I think a spiritual kind of, or at least universal place where it asks, big questions like Bob Dylan did and I think you’re using the play as a sort of you’re reflecting on the things you’ve just seen and going, oh that’s right The two kind of live separate and they’re completely together and that’s what’s so unique about the show – Absolutely, absolutely You play a young man named Gene What should we know about Gene going into the, tell us a little bit about him – What you should know is that Gene is the lead and that Gene is the, and Gene is the girl from the north country in a lot of people’s interpretations – But also based off Bob Dylan? (laughing) – I think visually, they already get that I think that’s very apparent – Yeah absolutely – So, you see the weird haircut they gave What was the question again? – Tell us a little bit about this man, Gene – Sure – That you play – This man boy – The real version of, yeah – Sure Gene is, his relation to the house, the setting where we are, is that he is the son of the owner of the house, Nick Laine and his wife, Elizabeth Laine, he’s their child Their biological child and he has a sister who is adopted and her name’s Mary Anne And he is a young, aspiring writer who’s having a little trouble right now with some vices like drinking – [Ryan] Sure – And fighting and whatnot and, like a lot of the characters, but I feel like it’s interesting with Gene because it’s generational A lot of the people in the show are a lot older but like a lot of them, he’s just searching for feeling I mean really, he’s like, he might be looking in all the wrong places, or honestly could be, as this happens on the stage, he’s feeling quite a lot but like a lot of young people, he doesn’t realize he’s having any at all – [Ryan] Sure, yeah absolutely – And he’s supplementing that with other things Especially ’cause it’s just so, the time is so hard – Yeah I mean it’s Depression time – Yeah it’s like, it has a name (speaking over each other) – You have a lovely ensemble, the people that you’re mentioning that you work with You’ve all been together, a lot of you did the Public together and now you’re here What is, what’s the dynamic with all of you? Are you a big happy family all back there? Your roommate– – All right, here’s the tea No I’m just kidding Everyone is like– – You’ve said, you’re working with some amazing people, legends – Yes Like Marc, like Mare Winningham– – Absolutely – Jay O. Sanders, our dad I don’t wanna keep saying names ’cause I’ll probably forget someone No I mean, we sort of have this, because we did it, we were in the trenches before making it, we have a very familial vibe It is, we all razz each other It’s always positive It’s always sort of like, I think once again, it’s a little unique because, the tone of the show is so specific that we all just already have a vocab with each other that’s like– – [Ryan] Certainly – A lot of times, we’re bonding over the fact that that a lot of us do musicals very regularly or we enjoy doing them and this is sort of an anti musical, even in its, even our director’s like, you guys, if you go out there and (mouthing) ’em, you know what I mean like, (mouthing) ’em I don’t know if you’re allowed to curse on here but like– – Yeah it’s the internet – He has such a Bob Dylan rock and roll approach, being like, shove it down their throats you know? And we’re like, yes, and we’re so used to being like, (panting) (laughing) you know, like you’re presenting at the end of the song and he’s like, look down, don’t tell them Don’t show them anything And you’re like, and then you do it and we all did that together at the same time and we felt it collectively work Which is so, just not– – [Ryan] It’s a different experience – It is and it’s not, it’s not new, it’s not like, it’s things people have thought of before but it’s so fresh because I feel like there’s so much in what Conor’s trying to do that is so reverential to the theater but also still is irreverent in its way of just going with what feels right and feels good – Of course – Versus doing like, doing a play, what we should be doing here, what song we should be doing here It’s all from a place of like, this just feels good man, it feels right – That seems very freeing for all of you – It is – Another thing I want to ask you about, something, “Little Voice” is a show that’s coming up on AppleTV From Jessica Nelson and Sara Bareilles What can you tell us about– – Where’s my publicist, oh I don’t have one, oh god, oh god, what do I do? – I don’t want you to get in trouble with Tim Cook or anything but what can you, what can you tell us about that? I mean, that’s very exciting, it’s coming soon That’s all we know If you go to the website, it just says ‘coming soon’ – Yeah actually I got a, I had an exciting email today about how soon it might be – Oh fantastic – But I can’t say

– [Ryan] No of course not – Actually, this is kind of the same topic but a little off topic It’s funny you would ask ’cause I was wondering if you would ask because when I first posted about it or whatever and said, oh my god I’m doing my first television series and it said Sara’s name in it, people were like, are you gonna be on her album? Like, what? (laughing) I was like, just read, just read It’s in the title, it says television and they’re like, are you doing back up singing, like what is that? And I was like, I still have people Actually that’s more about me and inadequacy, probably at social media ’cause I still have people come up to me now, my closest friends, they’re like, you’re in a show? On Broadway? And I’m like, yes My dreams are coming true, how do you not, know that? But it’s actually, it’s a reflection of me and being like, they’re like, well you don’t say anything So what was your question? (laughing) – It’s about 20 somethings pursuing their creative dreams in New York city and you’re a character named Simon, right? Is that– – Wait, what is my character’s, it’s not Simon – It’s not Simon? – It’s Sam – Sam, sorry yes So yeah, you sing in it That’s all people really, you sing in it – I do, I do Actually you know what’s crazy? In it, singing is not my first talent I’m her guitarist, I play guitar Which is funny ’cause– – Deep scoop here – That’s the scoop right there – That’s the scoop – No but when I got it, I didn’t play guitar so that was fun ’cause I really practiced hard for like– – Guitar bootcamp – Yeah and even when I didn’t know I’d gotten the show, there was like a six month period of like, waiting and, but I had faith and I just kept practicing So by the time we started shooting eight months later, I came in on the first day a little nervous and sweaty being like, I know I can sing but today’s the day we play And I was like, all right so when should I plug in, do you guys wanna practice? And they were like, this is television, you’ll never play that You’ll never even touch it – [Ryan] Just move your fingers – Yeah they’re like, okay we’ll do one for fun Like it was like that kinda– – [Caitlin] Aw – Which actually was really freeing ’cause learning the guitar has been the most cathartic thing I’ve ever done but it was so nice to be like, okay I don’t have to stress about it here – We’re very excited to see it – I am too I think it’s gonna be– – You’ll have to keep us, and before we open up questions, I know you are gonna be performing at 54 Below, Feinstein’s 54 Below– – Am I? – Soon, March 23rd I believe? – Sure – You are, right, no, yes, I think so – Is it Maggie Roger’s? – Maggie Rogers – Yeah of course – And then I believe just to keep you posted– – She’s my witchy queen – You’ll be going back for the senior class from your alma mater – You have your fingers on the pulse – And that’s April 19th, March 23rd and April 19th He’s going to be at Feinstein’s right? – I will be there – By some, someway somehow I will be there – Fantastic – It’s in print now – Caitlin, what would our viewers like to know from Colton? – Yeah so Sasha wants to know, what’s been different about this time doing “Girl From the North Country” because you kind of had a good time off between doing it at the Public before coming to Broadway, so did your intentions change, or did how you approach your character change from Public to now on Broadway? – Sure Hi Sasha, I’ve gotten much worse since then so that’s, that’s been an big uphill battle No, it’s been funny ’cause us leaving it has been actually a nice reflection period, just you know, ’cause I think everybody, when we left it then, was like, oh I know, I know the song we should add here for me I know, everyone had that like, I know what line I should say right there So it was good to walk away and really, and come back, I remember when we first read it with everybody I’m just like, weeping ’cause I’m remembering how special it already is and how much, actually how little I needed to attempt to add to its stew ‘Cause it’s like, the things we’d already built were so nice but also remembering that the bare bones were so good That was a nice thing for this time, remembering how special the play it is itself and just trusting in it, so yeah – What happened on your press day? You had– – Oh my god– – You had a little mustache – I knew that was gonna come up – What happened? It looked great, it was full – [Caitlin] We do have a lot of questions about the mustache – Are there really? Are they flooding in? (speaking over each other) – Let me address this here Do I talk here to the camera? So when I had the mustache, that actually was the real answer that I built in for the character I was like, I know what I need in this year off I was like, I need a mustache And I couldn’t grow one at the time so I just kept like, pushing and then I got it and right when I got it, I remember, actually you know it’s funny, I showed it to Conor the first day and I had this whole explanation of like, it’s because he’s trying to be, the most adult version of him, he’s a boy, he’s trying to be a man

And the first day I walked in, he goes, I love it, it’s like you’re trying to be a man And I was like, yes And I thought I’d have this huge fight over it and he just hugs me immediately and it was like Gob in “Arrested Development”, like he was holding me and I was like, I’ve made a huge mistake I was imagining the whole year later, like the summer and the sweat I never had one, it started to smell, it was like, it was gross But it was the first day of tech and under the lights, I knew he was just being nice that whole time and then finally under the lights, he goes, under the lights, yeah I just don’t know And he was really sweet and was like, it’s actually your decision And I was like, it’s not really (laughing) you’re my boss But he was like, no no no really, it’s yours And I was like, it’s not, I’ll go shave it right now So I did and I came in the next day but I made a bunch of memes about it if anyone wants those – RIP – They’re all over the board – Gene’s mustache – RIP, yeah It’s Broadway folklore now (laughing) – I think we can squeeze in another question – Let’s do one last question And Brian says, Colton what is it like to know that over the past few years, you’ve been able to sing songs from such diverse geniuses like Pasek and Paul, Duncan Sheik and Bob Dylan? – Yeah it’s been a very fast, quick run for you You’ve hit the ground running – Yeah and Sara B – [Ryan] Sara B, yeah – Wow I’m getting emotional What’s it felt like? I mean, grateful I don’t really get it but I, but I know that each time, I just like, feel so emotionally overwhelmed by I mean with Pasek and Paul, that was like my debut and I grew up listening to those guys doing like, I did “Dogfight” in college, I was like, dying over their stuff And then of course, Duncan was like, you know – [Ryan] Your spring awakening – My god, of course yeah I was in the car with my, I was in middle school when it came out so it was like my friend’s older sisters would be playing it in their car, I was like crying And we were in the back, like all my guy friends were like, what is this? And I’d be in the back, I was like, yeah what is this? (laughing) So getting to meet him and Steve and working with them was like, I don’t know what the, there’s obviously no tether between all three or four They’re so– – [Ryan] Talent – Yeah that’s exactly right At least to me, iconicism They’re just all sort of like, their own unique individual artists who have a huge stamp on their style and what they have to say And so, yeah I guess now I’m just, I got to meet all of them I didn’t get to meet Bob, that’s the only one I’m still waiting on – [Ryan] He saw the show though? – He did – And so, he’s at least– – He’s felt– – He’s felt the– – At some point if we met him, he’d be like, I know you? – I know you You had a mustache going? (laughing) – He’s like, no I saw you and it felt like you needed a mustache That’s what he’s gonna say I saw it and I was like, that guy’s, he’s okay but that mustache would really ground everything he’s doing – Well even without the mustache, still a fantastic show And you should still go see, “Girl From the North Country” officially opens– – Should I, I should just announce it by the way, while I’m here, I’m gonna be Lydia Deetz this summer – Oh thank you, all right – In June – Now we don’t have to worry about keeping up, all right great – I should’ve started with that, but it was actually really exciting I sang Dead Mom on the stage of the Winter Garden just like the old days It was really exciting – So you have that to look forward to in June – Yeah I’m leaving my show, I’m going to that one – But until then, be sure to head over to the Belasco Theater Opens on March 5th, congratulations – Thank you – Wonderful having you, please come back and see us anytime you like – Of course, anytime – Especially when you’re playing Lydia We’d love to have a conversation (speaking over each other) Thanks so much, Caitlin, would you please take us out? – Gladly, yes thank you guys so much for tuning in today We are live at five every single weekday here on Facebook and you can listen to us where you get your podcasts by searching for hashtag Live at Five and hitting that subscribe button Be sure to tune in tomorrow, we talk to Andrew Burnap of “The Inheritance” (upbeat music)

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