welcome back everyone cromulent archer here time for some more project zomboid it is morning yeah 7 30 in the morning all right let’s eat some food and we’re going to repair one of our broken axes excuse me and then we’re going to hit the road and go downtown this is the plan this is what we’re doing all right open some corn weird noise going on in somewhere that did like nothing all right and we have a bunch of food out here yes all right let’s open this we’ll eat half of this okay package is fine all right and now i need one of my broken axes well that one’s actually not broken actually you know what let’s do that let’s not do the fully broken one let’s just repair the one that’s partially broken axe repair axe wood glue go ahead and repair it again it’s not going to do a lot do something all right good enough all right let’s put this on our back let’s get rid of the shovel it feels so much better when i have an axe being an axe man that i am and the fact that we have what four points in yeah we’re almost to level five of axing how are these guys doing still flourishing well watered i don’t have a lot of hope that those things are going to survive all the way till you know harvest but we’ll try we should probably also finally put some stuff inside too just to see all right walk to here so there should be some zombies out here because we led them into the woods so they probably have worked their way back out to the road no they haven’t okay ooh hang on all right let’s actually deal with this i was just gonna go past it but we should probably just deal with it nope bad swing checking make sure no one’s going to sneak up behind us all right good good good good look for watches classic watch isn’t gonna do any good i can’t take that apart there you go is that an axe i think there might be an axe zombie down there caught a glimpse of him right before the tree took it away yep there you go that’s one way to get a new axe as exciting as a katana would be but axe is good too we can get him interested in us got a nice juicy brain over here thank you mind if i do oh and a watch as well all right let’s try and get back to downtown i’m a little worried about going in too high because there’s still there should probably still be some flaming zombies down there and if meeting a regular zombie in the woods is a little frightening being one that’s on fire is another level excuse me

all right you everybody it’s here please catch on fire well i hadn’t really planned on dealing with another herd of fire zombies but i guess that’s what we’re doing now right through this fire please i need you all to share your lovely fire with each other this is snow that’s on fire this snow is on fire there we go that was most fun just walked into the fire pole that would have been helpful all right i think i might just kind of i want to go to the where i would like to get into this warehouse so zombies i’m sure i’ve talked about this before but zombies don’t like to be clumped like they have a minimum like a maximum size of group of zombies they want to have clumped together and when you exceed that size they will once the threat is gone like once i’m not staring at them making them get all worried they will uh start to spread back out into whatever the sizes they’re looking for so i think that’s what we’re seeing here is that the zombies that were further into town that were clumped up are now spreading back and spreading into the empty space that i created by doing the fire stuff creating all these more zombies that we have to deal with this is definitely not what i planned to do i thought it would be not nearly this crowded down here today and i was wrong let’s have my coffee with me so that we start to get tired we can give ourselves a little boost excuse me oh circle back i’m trying not to go too far down because i don’t want to i don’t want to pull in a whole bunch of new zombies like to just kind of deal with the ones we’ve got right now but that presents all kinds of issues of its own how’s everybody doing today good day i am having an okay day thanks for asking still relatively early in the day so one of my one of my days off um my weekend is usually thursday friday because i work on the weekends but because of weird scheduling this week i actually have to work on friday but luckily they moved rather than just having me work overtime which i hate doing they actually just moved my my um weekend to wednesday thursday which is going to suck you know next week when my week goes and goes for six days instead of um instead of the five that it’s supposed to but right now it’s not so bad

i expect we should be having a decent amount of die off happening here pretty soon we’ve already we’ve had a few already but can’t be that much more before they really start keeling over group that lost interest in us down there duffel bag we’re gonna miss out on it’s okay duffel bag is not that exciting we already have a couple they very really very rarely do duffel bag zombies have anything in their duffel bags not never though or alarms going off or something one of the alarms going is going off not that i can do anything about it right now because we’re a little bit busy sorry about the alarm noise we’re just going to deal with it i can’t go digging in my bag trying to figure out which alarm is going off what i hope is obvious reasons it will stop eventually all right yeah i’m starting to see a lot of them fall down well maybe it won’t stop on its own i can’t even take them out of my bag while i’m moving forward stop alarm there we go hey zombie i’m gonna kill the old-fashioned way just leveled up another level x i’ll work for this warehouse you know well let’s eat the rest of our uh food this morning this morning it’s not morning anymore 12 40. all right that’s pretty much everybody it’s a few zombies left a little risky to mess with them i should probably not do that but they do get very weak because they’re burning so if you get a nice little smack in there they go down really fast sometimes the flyer splashes though which is not so great excuse me there we go now we’re clear for the moment all right let’s see what’s in the warehouse a horde of zombies waiting for me maybe um hello oh a holster i thought i would i already have a holster never mind i was thinking on my my twitch playthrough i have a i have a holster but i don’t have a holster but i just found a gun that i wanted to keep so it was like unlike this one where i have a holster but haven’t had a gun i want zucchini no food i’m not really expecting any food in here but we get lucky ham bag of chips oh we need a smoke gotcha okay let’s take a quick look in here this is not really what i came down here for nails some duct tape i mean look at me using the uh the mouse

wheel to scroll through boxes who am i um i need the buckets we’re still not to the point where we can build our own water collection thing so those buckets are very helpful for gathering water outside and they nerfed like two patches back or one or two patches back they nerfed wood axes in terms of their damage i’m actually sure we have a trowel now we have shovels which does the same job but just in case but since they’ve met since they’ve nerfed it i haven’t seen a wood axe so i have no idea how it feels now it’s what i really want in here there’s finding lots of things to carry water in all right that’s that’s gonna be it for buckets i’m not carrying take any more buckets and take up a lot of space and we’re not really getting that much out of them well i didn’t even talk about it when we were dealing with those zombies that the uh that was sack already i think i do i’ll take another one just in case um that that’s one of the things about being about walking away is that the area kind of gets unloaded and so the time doesn’t pass for those zombies while you’re gone which is why they were all still on fire when we got back all right there your zombies outside it’s not very good shape but i will take it something about hand axes when you find them they’re almost always in bad shape okay this place was kind of disappointing i suppose you should check upstairs not there’s usually anything up here man i guess that’s something a couple of points of electrical stuff all right so we go up those stairs you go literally um on the roof but we don’t need to go on the roof so i’m just gonna scooch it’s already 15 20. i started running a light in like three hours a lot of time to do much more looting down there it’s like i hear more zombies the fire’s gone out now because we’ve been in the area so now we just have a bunch of zombies that aren’t on fire this is a storage facility which would be nice to go into not gonna be great for food which is definitely our biggest issue at the moment i wish it would rain not snow rain the game doesn’t for whatever weird reason doesn’t simulate rain it doesn’t simulate snow i mean it’s not really that weird a reason

why they had not have had not had a reason to do it oh i did not even see you um it doesn’t simulate snow as something that builds up in like a bucket so uh when the snow stops you don’t get like a bucket full of water which you would get in the real world all right this is getting a little hotter than i would like at least we’re just a force to be reckoned with an axe right now can’t wait till we’re like fully leveled in axe stuff just we’re about halfway there a little over halfway there i’m just gonna chew through them hey blade blockers i need those all right the sun is starting to go down so we just gotta get out of here i bet you when we come back this whole area where we burned all these zombies we’ll have zombies in it again because places like groups like this one that’s down the street will spread out red knife it’s already started some random zombies that are shown up in the group that was weird it looked like i impacted him but it didn’t make any noise and he didn’t seem to take any damage from it and fork possibly ice pick and fork grumbling zombies somewhere close by seems to have stopped now we must have left him behind i’d love to like deforest a path through here that’s a lot of trouble it’d be hard to get zombies to leave us alone long enough to do it would be even better as if we just got a car and then we could just drive back and forth you almost got me there get kid good job came at the boss and you almost took him down oh me behind me there he is they accidentally put my headphones on backwards and was very confused i almost got killed because zombies didn’t sound like they were coming from where they’re coming from oh now we’re getting tired we’re almost there and we go okay it’s another hand fork okay well i wouldn’t exactly call this the most successful looting trip in the world but i’ve definitely seen worse in terms of loot we got a single bag of chips we’ve already eaten there were more zombies there than i expect there to be so i also it helps me feel better about my decision in the last in the previous episode to not go to downtown

as feeling like a the right decision because we were it was later in the day i don’t know sure we would’ve even had enough time for all that burning that we that we did there and to actually do any looting zombie come here um who is that sounds way closer then there you are i was like that sounds way closer than that zombie that i can see down the block a lot of you down there all right so let’s me let me drop these buckets out here hopefully we don’t get bothered by zombies while i’m doing this fuck it mr bucket i can’t remember that i remember the jingle from mr bucket when i was a kid but it ain’t coming oh well all right you want to come in here i still really would like a key for this place oh all right close the door okay back home that was kind of a weird episode um that’s about it for today and i will see you guys later thanks so much you

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