Hi Guys Want to share few important points of our travel from Chicago to Delhi in this Pandemic which is very important in this Corona time The first point is keep hand sanitizing wipes in a good amount because everywhere during where u touch ,sit you have to clean it properly if you are going to stay in Hotel have your blankets pillow cover bedsheets etc we carried this with us just for extra safety third is regarding : Lappy bag with Carry on bag in AI flight? or a handbag for ladies I carried one lappy bag one 7 kg (max 8kg allowed) and one ladies purse which I was able to fit in carry on bag as well because I have left space for it they weighed my carry on bag lappy bag they did not Suggestion keep some space for your ladies purse so that if they don’t allow you can fit in it Next If you are traveling with Kids for kids 2+ years — Keep some videos to entertain them bcz its a 12 hr journey We observed few families so it may help u because with masks and current situation even kids get exhausted if you get a cap for kids which has the transparent shield you can carry 5th for safety AI is giving white overcoat kind of dress for middles seat I have told you some important tips now Vinay will explain about quarantine procedure …so keep watching till end watch the video till end because we have covered A TO Z all important tips so that you can plan a safe journey So lets start some important lessons which I learned in this journey may be useful for u as well First 23 kg is not equals to 50 lbs so as many of us need to travel domestic airlines first to reach Chicago AI allows 23kg but US domestic airlines allows only 50lbs max so if exceeds even 23.5 kg you have to through or pay extra Lesson2 Atlanta airport was so crowded so be on time for ur domestic flight to Chicago So start accordingly so that you can finish all process easily

Keep ur mask for US domestic travel it’s mandatory Like AI US domestic flight won’t provide To plan better my Journey I stayed 21st night in Chicago Hotel near to Airport It was a small two-seater aircraft If you have more luggage after reaching Chicago take a trolley which cost 6$ Scan ur credit card , remove and take ur cart we had more luggage 4 checkin 4 small carryon for two-person we put bags on cart and started for Hotel provided shuttle which was free We have to call hotel to get the shuttle outside of Chicago airport at shuttle stop We booked hotel close to 2 miles from the airport so that we can reach Chicago airport on the morning of 22nd June You need to tell 30 mins before when u want shuttle to arrange they will drop u to AI terminal SO we reached hotel this is our luggage Medha is looking tired In US hotel you only have to put ur luggage in your trolley and move to hotel room Water they won’t give but people recommend to use tap water in the US bcoz its clean for drinking, you can carry ur bottle either We took this hotel because its near to the airport as well ask Kitchen is also available so that u can make tea etc You can also select hotel which provides free shuttle, near to airport provides Kitchen Have ready to eat food , or drink hot water in this time The bathroom was neat and clean but we used own towels, bedsheets etc due to COVID Awesome view from 6th floor of our room We took Shuttle on 22nd Morning 6.50 am Terminal 5 reached at 7.20am They will put tag on ur passport

Try to reach early on airport as even 5 hours before there is a huge line It’s a nice feeling to see Indian Flag Medha is happy and saying I am happy bcoz I m going to India 🙂 Social distancing marks r on ground 6 feet plz follow You will get an undertaking form which will be submitted at ticket counter better u fill it before or have a pen with u People were not following marks After baggage drop, u will get ticket and PPE kit mask shield and sanitizer Then go for security check Breakfast options r available after security check u can have burger masala tea etc You can wait for your flight maintaining social distancing Lets see how boarding started it’s for a person sitting in the middle seat its lightweight If you come early you can wait here boarding started Now screen displayed that flight is on time Food packets were already on seat 2 bottle of water , better after security checkin u fill ur bottle its mostly junk food , snacks you can bring ur food you will not get anything in 12 hrs of journey

adjust ur food packets like this please don’t do like these people you have to sit like this with the shield Shocking 🙁 don’t have words now Flight started moving i was happy as was waiting from long to travel 12.46 it finally left the US Lest see food items we got Sonpapdi Nuts packet Some packed snacks Looks mostly junk foods Catch sikanji Sanitize ur food items cup cake yogurt sandwich burger etc you can bring your home made foods better only two bottles for 13 hrs washroom was so dirty, bring ur wipes and gloves

Important question before landing, you will get a form to fill like do u hv cold cough fever address number etc last 30 days travel history and this form is for the Ministry of health Duty-free stores are closed at IGI After deboarding crowd is being managed by CISF YOU will be assigned with a group of 30-40 people then temperature check, immigration, luggage process in the same group have arogya setu installed and Indian sim to get OTP Based on destination state represntatives r sitting in blocks like UP,HARYANA, PUNJAB In COVID- triage facility you have to show docs like death certificate , medical docs , age proof, id proof etc case by case to decide home or institutional quarantine then only u will move fwd They will give list of hotels UBER was also available outside IGI Have patience things r well managed We experienced and wanted to share

Not so much crowd at IGI IF U LIKED THE VIDEO PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO ASK ANYTHING Share it with ur friends who r traveling Sharing is caring 🙂 Jai Hind

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