you hi long time no see I know but I want to make this video because I will be travelling pretty soon and I thought it might be interesting to document this process because I have a feeling it would be really annoying so right now I am in chair Republic and I have to which is my homeland and I have to get to Iceland which is where I work over the summer for like past 2 or 3 weeks I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell do I get from point A to point B in these crazy times I have my laptop here right now I’ve been getting a lot of comments of people that are around me but how do you want to travel during this crazy time how do you imagine it’s going to happen when nobody can go anywhere and so that’s one or I’m also getting a lot of but how do you want to fly when there are no flights and there are flights there just very few of them but yeah so I know for sure few things I know that once I get to Iceland right now I will have to go to quarantine for 14 days which is ok and I also know that there are flights from London to Iceland so once I get to London I think it will get easier but right now I have to figure out how to get to London ok maybe it’s good to say to some people that just because you can’t find tickets online it doesn’t really mean that those tickets will be valid I was hopefully I might get to London from Berlin because there will be a bus going from Prague to Berlin but those connections are I don’t know not good still it looks like my best chance to get to Iceland is to get to Frankfurt in Germany and from Frankfurt to fly to London I will try to document all of this but for right now I feel like I can’t really do much let’s wait until tomorrow or maybe the day after and then we will see what’s going to happen so another day is here and last night actually I figured out a possible way for me to get to Frankfurt in Germany because I found out that there’s a bus actually going from Prague to Frankfurt so yeah I have to first of all I figure out if the bus actually really goes we’ll see how this goes I hate calling so much okay so it seems that the flight on 15 is flying that’s confirmed and see how fast things go if something goes wrong I will not get anywhere it’s not like it matters too much like I will die from it I’m very much aware of the fact that this is firstworldproblems a girl I can’t travel oh my god I don’t know if my flight will be flying is so stupid oh my god so today was a good day we found out ok so last night we found out that there is this possible connection and today I’ve managed to call all the people I needed to call I’ve called the Icelandic airline I’ve called the German airline I’ve called the bus provider I’m going to send some emails now and I’ll be back in the afternoon and see what’s going to happen and if maybe I should start buying the tickets

so another day today is Wednesday I think yes it is Wednesday 13th and on Friday I’m flying so yeah last night or afternoon like the afternoon I bought the tickets and I’m taking the route that I was talking about so I will go to Prague from Prague to Germany Frankfurt and from Frankfurt I will fly to London Heathrow from London Heathrow I will take the flight to Iceland where I should get on a Friday afternoon I think like 4 p.m. or something like that I think this is a good route it’s not too crazy I’m feeling pretty comfortable with all the time I have on my hands with the transits and stuff so I can only hope that there will not be any like crazy changes in for exams like restrictions happening overnight ok let’s talk about price and time invested in this yeah the ticket from Frankfurt to London was 366 dollars that’s that’s crazy that’s for me this is oh my god so there is like three hundred three hundred and ninety six dollars and the flight from London to capela week was four hundred and ninety three point something dollars let’s say four hundred and ninety four which is four hundred fifty five euros so in total on those two tickets I spent 821 euros which is eight hundred and eighty nine or something like that in dollars so that’s the price for the flight tickets and now we also have to add up some cost for the bus the Train and then also I still don’t know how I will get up north in Iceland so that’ll probably take up some money as well usually I’m spending like 218 euros or two hundred and $36 on a trip like this now it is basically like three times more which is understandable there are basically no flights there is a very few of them they are flying and of course there’s hope and emic things going on so okay one more thing so we talked about the price and maybe but let’s talk about the time as well so tomorrow I will start a journey in Prague at 6 p.m. I think that bus takes like six or seven hours and then the flight is at we have to wait till 5:00 8:00 a.m. flight day waking hours let’s so for 25 hours I will be on the road plus there is also the train that goes from my town to Prague 25 plus the train in Czech Republic 28 and then I still have to get up north which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to eight hours so yeah now I guess it’s time to pack and get ready the journey is waiting let’s go so it’s next day another day and I started packing yesterday afternoon like night okay I didn’t want to pack okay I didn’t feel like packing so I’m doing it now it’s the morning I’m leaving today at 12:00 something I have a train that goes to Prague so I’ll have to get out of here but there was one thing I wanted to talk about it I’m not sure if I mentioned it this video is not supposed to be like showing you oh it’s totally possible to travel right now and the pandemic is not that bad I definitely don’t think that and I’m pretty much aware of the risk I’m taking you know it’s like it’s like if I didn’t have to travel I probably wouldn’t right now I don’t recommend any of this this video is supposed to be only informational and just to show you how traveling right now actually is so I’m not trying to condone any careless behavior if you need to travel of course I wish you like it is harder than usual but it’s possible if you don’t need to travel don’t it’s easy as that so I have all the papers I need this is a contract from my work that states I am starting

work today no tomorrow actually so it is valid I hope then I have my tickets and I also have paper that is confirming residency from last year and I also have a paper confirming health insurance in Iceland from last year those are just just to be sure basically I don’t I don’t think I will need those the only things I will need is my work contract and the tickets basically so yeah it’s just annoying to pack everything and especially all the cables oh my god can this world be Wireless I have to go now I’m at the airport right now and there is less people than the force that I expected there’s a guy driving on the bike it’s in the middle of the night anyway it’s like 3:00 a.m. I’m not mistaken so there wouldn’t be as many people anyway the first flight I think starts like 6:00 a.m. so there’s two like three hours to go before there’s maybe more people I think that in London might be busier than this also I have to explain to you later what the hell happened on the borders but yeah otherwise things are going smooth so far wish me luck you okay so few days have passed I’m already in Iceland so let’s talk through what happened and what happened at the borders would happened at the airports and all that stuff so it all began with

the bus so that was very funny actually I got a little bit nervous in the beginning because there was a guy in front of the bus that was waiting with his wife or something and he was scaring people for no reason around that you need the test to go in in to the bus that they will not let you in the bus if you don’t have the test yeah what that wasn’t true but still somewhere in the back of my head I was getting anxious like what if I get stuck right here right at the beginning you know like I I managed to get all the tickets for the flight and all that and and then I won’t even be able to get on the bus that’ll be that would be crazy I don’t know what I would have done but yeah I got on the bus and the ride was fine we got to borders with Germany and the first check was like the check side because it was a full bus of people so they asked us to give them the passports they asked us to go outside of the bus so I was thinking like oh maybe they would be asking each person something but no they just it was like in school they just called the name and you would go get the passport and that’s it then we continued and there was a second check and there was a German side and the Germans they where German yeah the Germans were a little bit more strict but not in the sense that they would care about the virus or the pandemic they were just curious if we have cigarettes or drugs or something that we are just trying to get into Germany and one of the policemen he was going through stuff of people he had gloves on sure but he was going through all the stuff like possessions and like bag bags so he checked my backpack as well and he asked me like what I’m going I told him that my end destination is Iceland and when he was going through my stuff from my backpack I told him like look there’s just food and electronics and he’s like okay you’re fine but there then we continued and from that point on everything went really smooth and there was no problem basically nobody wanted to see my work permit or like work contract or any other documentation the only document I needed was my passport basically and my word like they would ask you like why are you coming here and you would say oh I’m just transiting or I’m going to work and they would be like okay really like nobody was stopping me from doing this I don’t know I don’t know maybe I’m just imagining like maybe because I imagine it would be much harder it was confusing like there were no temperature checks or something like that like what you see in the TV so that’s what really makes me think like all of this is really a lot of like a media bubble where the media of course tries to portray that this is bad and that you can’t travel you can’t do anything you have to stay home and all that stuff but that’s not really my experience so at the airport it was the same it was just empty but also at Frankfurt I was there early in the morning so usually it’s not like I’ve never seen Airport empty like this even when I was transferring in Beijing in November it was I think it was pretty similar to that even though I have to say that yes all the shops were closed maybe like one or two shops were open just so you can buy something like a sandwich or something and yeah then the flight was fine nothing got delayed or cancelled when I go to London that was even crazier than I would have expected or believed yeah nobody checked me there at all and I didn’t talk to a single person at the borders that was crazy to me like then I can just walk in and be like oops I’m here yeah basically the most impressive part of this journey is how nobody seemed to care about the virus at all so yeah once I got my luggage I had a rental car waiting for me in front of the airport and that’s about it then I drove for like six hours up north but because I got some sleep but at the airports I wasn’t that tired so it was fine there well seriously it was too easy for the amount of work I put in and the research and all that and how scared everyone was and my family my grandma you know she was very scared about this and in the end it was just ridiculously easy so conclusion airports super easy not many

people pretty empty all the shops are closed except for a few of them you can travel you shouldn’t if you don’t have to you shouldn’t totally shouldn’t travel at all and yeah I’m not sure how to end this specially like I hope this was helpful to someone it was fun to make if you have any questions just ask me in the comments I will be going through all the comments I can answer all your questions and that’s it from me for now you can subscribe if you want for another video in 6 years and you should click the Bell button so you get notified if I make another video I might make another video actually hear from Iceland maybe how is life here what I do here I work at the farm so I might make a video about landing season and lambs and sheep in Iceland maybe I’ll be making more videos from my travels like stories and things I’ve done and seen and experienced that might be interesting I have some photos and maybe some videos that I might edit together and comment on them but yeah that’s it from me I hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching and see you next time ciao

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