Want to welcome you to The fifth workshop of the taking flight through covet 19 series And this particular workshop of the series is called marketing your summer to fall 2020 experiences My name is shirley favors and I am a ud career service advisor and I will be your host today Also, our co-host will be mrs. Kelsey o’rourke Who is the employer of relations director of ud career services? As far as our housekeeping goes What we’re going to do protocol goes, uh, this webinar is being recorded and um So far, uh the time being your microphones will be off but 20 minutes into this particular presentation What we’ll do is we’ll open it up to questions and I welcome your questions. Uh Either on chat or if you feel free you want to talk on your microphone, we certainly would uh, welcome that as well And if you have uh, some in-depth questions I welcome you to email me at the email address below Just for an overview since this is the last workshop of this webinar Uh, if you had an opportunity to attend the others these were the uh, the previous titles If not, uh, as I understand you’ll be able to perhaps view them, uh at a later date The first one was full-time job and an internship search. Uh, you were at that time um, actually informed of job searches job search strategies That would work. Well in this type of pandemic, and then also the industries that are currently hiring I know that it is a a very uncertain time for all of us. There are some companies that have been closed until this week So we’re still just learning what everybody? What everybody’s doing? Uh, another session was parallel plans for internship. It discussed alternative activities and it gave you a lot of leads on online courses and jobs uh also and so You might want to look back at that one and the third one was networking And uh, it discussed how to build uh, intentional relationships with industries and insiders and it recommended You use the resource says that are best for this Uh the other one was power of uh handshake and that was really um, I think uh quite educational for a lot of us because uh handshake has quite a lot of capabilities so it not only uh, you can find jobs in there, but As you learned through that one or we’ll learn through that one it Helped you to network with employers and their student employees throughout the us as well as access other job search resources Now today the agenda what we want you to think about is now that you’ve gotten all that previous information We want you to think about today What you will do with what you’re learning be it online course or volunteering or part-time or full-time employment training during the pandemic we need to think about how we’re going to market our skills and accomplishments that we’re making and also the uh, We want to build our online brand And the way to do that Is to think about these questions because we feel that it’s important to prepare you to Think about what you’re going to say Can you describe a time when your plans changed well? This is a good example. So it’s up to you with what you do with it Another question, what did you do during covet 19 If you have some questions and you don’t know after this we certainly invite you to also uh for further guidance perhaps uh Schedule some uh career advising appointments so we can help you out Would you say you’re adaptable to change you need to think about what it is you’re doing or If the outcome is a little different and what the results were It may be worth sharing with them so they can see some skills in there that you are adaptable to change

Because many jobs many employers look for those type skills And what mediums can you use to market your skills we’re going to talk about that today And we need to talk about how to put together accomplishments that you’ve made in the past Use numerous mediums, uh for great online exposure We’re going to talk about how to update your resume We need to have you emphasize uh acquired skills We need to have you identify accomplishments And if you have websites already You need to think about including that on your resume as well as your volunteer work because with everything we do We need to think about what we’ve done as a volunteer And what? Particular skills were required and if those skills Are that something that you learned? It’s it’s worth your while to list them on your resume or to at least include them in an interview And also list them in your linkedin your facebook instagram and twitter So we’re going to also talk about how to craft a cover letter to include those very things and how important it is to build our brand all while we’re putting all this information together so that We can reach a larger audience So marketing your skills and accomplishments during a virtual interview Well, we can say this with the changes that are taking place Uh, should you get a company that’s interested in talking with you more than likely you’re going to experience more virtual interviews You need to think in ways where If you have on your resume certain skills But you’ve learned in the past two and a half weeks or more that how to do some things remotely you might need to go back to your resume and include those because many of the employers because of the pandemic are thinking of different ways how they’re going to operate and that may uh, actually, um justify Their interest in talking with anyone to see if you have the skills that it takes to work remotely So you need to set boundaries, even if hours and locations are flexible I myself are learning the same thing. It’s so different. It’s very different. Just working remotely But you need to uh, think about that also find a time to connect with mentors it can be pretty lonesome, but because of the uh type of Online and virtual Mediums that we have We need to learn how to use them and become comfortable using them. You need to practice over communication what we mean by this is You’re not going to see the person perhaps that you work with But it’s going to be helpful for you and the person that you work for to perhaps set up a time when you uh Maybe have a video meeting with them or chat with them just so they you can keep them up to date On uh projects that you’re performing for them And you want to ask for feedback And you also want to document your achievements because in the long run those achievements Which also people call accomplishments? We need to make sure that we keep records of what we do So that it will be easier for you to pull together your story as far as what skills you bring to the table and You need to be able to keep a record of all these things so that it is easier For persons that you ask to for a letter of recommendations To recall what you’ve done So we want to update the resume In most resumes you might see A skill section you may not it is not mandatory actually to have a skill section It’s just that when we’re first starting out if we’ve not had a job we might we might feel more comfortable creating the number one simple bullet list and so listing, uh the particular uh skills that we have learned and what we perhaps know about the position that we’re uh, going to enter into Another way we can do Is we might list the particular?

Skills and then uh, give a little more Information about it. So this is the skill list with expanded bullets in this case This is uh, your customer relations management And this person goes into four years leveraging sales force earned sales for certification and things of that nature Another way we can do this is additional skills. Uh, Listed after each job. So on the resume, you might go ahead and list the job the location And your title and when you work there and a little description of what you accomplished now on a resume We don’t necessarily list what the responsibilities were because that is the description of the position what you want to share With a future employee employer is what you contributed toward that particular position And then you might also include the skills that you’ve learned while you performed that position a fourth way would be resume skills section you actually would use the Particular skill as a title in this particular example, you have digital marketing And then beneath it just a slight, uh a brief explanation Of search engine optimization And pay, uh, click advertising and affiliate marketing You need to identify accomplishments It may be a little difficult and you may be thinking at this point what accomplishments have I made now accomplishments are not just limited to working It might be extracurricular activities that you participate in or class. Uh Presentations or projects that you’ve had so you need to ask yourself. Did I make or save the company money in any way? or the organization money If so exactly how much? Did I reach my goal Maybe there was an assignment of a certain way But you found a unique way to finish it therefore saving them time or money And the third one, did you exceed your goals often? If so to what degree? if you think back on assignments that you were given and you were always uh When you think back on it, you think that well, I completed it quickly. You might also mention that Now accomplishment statements They are Examples i’m just giving you examples here But in the chat, uh when this is over, we will also provide you with a list of 39 Accomplishments, uh statements that you can look at and use as guidelines so when I guess we’re talking about accomplishment statements We need to be able to Talk about some experiences that we have and quantify them and in quantifying them Uh, it will let you know just as this example digitized companies internal microfilm library for more than 5 000 files So there’s your quant quantity there scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for 70 weekly athletic classes Assisted management with the direction of 25 events per year including complex public events more than 20 000 Attendees so i’m sure you get the idea here So you need to think about experiences that you’ve had where you’ve made a difference in perhaps, um a procedure Maybe a student organization that you belong to as well Now you might want to just look at this screen and uh Take your time viewing it and then any of these skills that resonate with you, you might want to make a list Or maybe take a picture of this screen Because if you’re volunteering now, or if you volunteered in the past You have to think about some of the duties that you were asked to do And when you’re talking to employers Or you’re putting this on your resume or in a cover letter or online? These are some of the terms that we tend to overlook But this is just as important because some of these very skills are ideal for many of the employers

They’re looking for these very things here. So you want to look at those to see? As you craft your cover letter You want to think about Again, the same things that we’ve been talking about this afternoon the skills but also what accomplishments or achievements do I have that I need to Make reference to that relate to the particular position in which you’re applying We also have in the chat List today, there will be uh templates that you can access For assistance in helping you put together a cover letter In ways to incorporate your volunteer, uh Working on a cover letter You want to relate uh it to the job at hand and you want to include it only when appropriate? There’s some things here. Now. I have uh, you exclude volunteer work. That is uh, Uh related to politics or religion. I have nothing against either but it tends to avoid uh, biasing the employer unless you are applying for a political or religious organization You want to use it to eliminate illuminate Or accentuate your skills and identify transferable proficiencies also in the chat we have a list of transferable skills You didn’t begin to have skills when you start at ud you had skills before you came to ud and you’ve been building on them ever since and so it’s important to take inventory of yourselves just to see Because you’re very talented But this is a very trying time and sometimes we’re so close to things. We don’t realize the talent we actually have You want to be able to list uh additional information and and avoid if you’re talking about volunteer and you may have a tendency to think well, I I don’t like to mention it because it was unpaid We don’t really put reference on whether we were paid for it or not We need to actually put more emphasis on what you did on the job and if it relates to Jobs that you are applying for then. It’s important to mention that You want to place it in the second half of the document that is if you have more detailed, uh job experience, you might Bring the volunteer Skills down further on the skills list and then you want to identify it And enhance to enhance your qualifications We also want to build our linkedin Now some of you may not have a linkedin as of yet But those of you who who have it we we still we want everyone to build on it go back And after you build your resume You want to go into your linkedin because it has to say the same thing because after all we’re building our brand And it’s not only as a resume It only reaches a certain number of people so you have to think about how can I reach others? And so building your linkedin will help. I thought i’d take apart some of the uh sections of linkedin And I know sometimes headlines. I don’t see a lot of information you do want to include your name You also want to think about if there is a particular job title or industry you’re interested in Then you do want to include those as well You also want to include When you would be available to work in this instance, we have a person that’s graduated in. Uh, 2020 uh also, uh one seeking, uh entry level, but it’s really important if you have some skills that’s related to The industry or the field that you are interested in to also put that in your headlines As we have here hard skills such as what you’re seeing here Okay, this person is digital artist and then the hard skills here would be the selling and sales management Now when we these three things we continue to talk about Don’t forget To go into your linkedin account and you want to click on add profile section

And within the drop down you will find background Courses are in there as well. So uh, uh, I know that some of you perhaps have taken uh advantage of summer courses because there has been some courses that were offered free from uh, the end of april until now there’s some things I have listed at the end of My presentation where um, you can look to see if you’d like to take advantage of some of those courses that are being offered Uh, you also have your volunteer Experience that you want to include and here’s your accomplishments here. You want to continue to update those? So just as an overview The dues we want to make the effort to get a high quality professional profile photo we want to use all the characters available, uh in um, to you In the search field of your headlines and your summary and your job titles You want to expand on your default headlines? by adding industry keywords and relevant Variations to the to your job title, you want to fill out every section of your linkedin profile now We may not think about this but as employers and recruiters go in and they look at look at your linkedin if nothing if some things are not finished they may think well does this person um How’s their performance on the job? Can I can I count on this person to finish? So you want something that represents you whole you you want to complete the linkedin? Profile as as best you can You want to build a large network of valuable linkedin connections? You want to add? to the job and industry specific keywords hard skills to your headline summary And work experience linkedin sections. You want to back it up with your listed skills and accomplishments and quantifiable measurable results You want, uh, the label short term gigs as Contract and temporary, so don’t refer to them as gigs but contract or temporary And you want to engage your connections by posting quality content To the news feed and meaningfully commenting on other posts now the don’ts You don’t want to list skills. You don’t actually have You don’t want to skip your profile summary section If you list skills that you figure you had But then in an interview they ask can you elaborate on that? You need to be able to tell your story. So that’s why they’re saying that you want to include jobs that uh Not to include jobs that you only have for a few months or don’t want to talk about in the interview now this is different if you find that you take a micro, uh internship, or you have established rapport with an employer who perhaps can only Employ you for a short amount of time, but it is worth. Uh, mentioning the project You don’t want to leave off your college degree because it’s not relevant to your career and you don’t want to overuse special characters like your uni code symbols and emojis And you don’t want to set your search location to your current location if you’re trying to relocate So all in all i’m telling you this afternoon that is a great way to market Uh, your abilities is for a larger audience is to reach out and use all your social media platforms So at this point, I want to share with you there was an article that I read About a young lady who is a college student just like yourselves Who had actually set up an interview of an internship? Job, which she was looking forward to returning for the second summer? and uh then Covet 19 happened. And before she knew it. She was uh Contacted by that company and was informed not only uh, would she be able to come back? and work for them, but they decided to Just cancel the internship program altogether So she was devastated And she thought well, I thought that this was a time where i’m supposed to build on my skills. Now, what do I do?

And so, uh what she did first was she sent She thought well I’ll go back online And i’ll go to google because she liked to write so she googled To get a list of all top rated, uh magazine uh companies and she decided to Pitch each one of them or send them um What? What she could do in the writing. She sent them resumes and she also uh had arranged that on her linkedin After doing that and reaching out to so many mediums She began to get calls from um many of the companies and many of people online this resulted in full-time length articles that she began to publish so she now is a freelance or is Actually a freelance writer She ended up also just through the she thought well what i’m seeing with this, let me reach out, uh, the social medias and uh, maybe Use instagram and she did and this resulted in 1 000 plus more people following her and she began to actually um Still write articles and things of interest to her that would impact Uh various people and she hashtagged those captions And as a result of that She is freelancing on the side So what i’m telling you this and I thought I would share this Let’s think put our thinking caps on we may be able to do that and gain more notoriety just in uh In addition to the resume and the cover letter and the linkedin we might want to look to instagram and twitter twitter Okay at the end of the article What that student suggests is and what helped her She first figured out her passion and what she excelled in and that of course i’m sure will be different for you It might be some of these that we have listed or some that are not on here like public speaking. Okay, so think about that Then you want to display those same abilities on your facebook your instagram and twitter And in addition she took it a step further and you might want to do this yourselves and consider Setting up a youtube account for podcasts motivational talks or do-it-yourself videos And then we need to have you get ready for a virtual job interview because as I mentioned earlier You’re going to see an increase of that In order to get ready for that we need to know How to answer questions in an interview it can be the same but of course, uh, we need to think about Uh some things here put those same thoughts together that we talked about earlier the skills and the um, Accomplishments And so if we think about a formula as to how we might answer questions in an interview, you might feel a little more comfortable And so we’re suggesting that you use the star method And so in starting out answering the question And this is very it’s really ideal to answer questions that are more behavioral type questions but you describe the context, uh within which you performed an assignment or task or faced with a challenge and it can be in school or uh work or volunteer the task A lot of times when we’re given a particular situation be it work or class we get the assignment But we then have to find out. Well, I know what I want to do But you might have to ask Around to see and gather what it is Uh you will need to do and so the task would be the next step here Describe your responsibility in that situation. What exactly did you do to gather data? So you have a clear understanding of what you need to do? And then the action you would describe how you completed that task or that endeavor And you have to remember when you make reference to a group project in an interview I know it’s just uh uh Most of us will say we did this and we did that but we need to remind ourselves

When we’re in an interview, and they’re interviewing you you need to think about I was in this group And I contributed this amount of data or this amount of marketing, uh goals or whatever it is you presented to the group Or contributed to the group You will want to make that clear in the action statement, but then also quantify it As we talked about earlier in this presentation Your accomplishments? Okay, so you might want to say I did this or I pulled together uh the video for the group The results so we have situation task action and results At this point you would explain the outcome or the results that generated by the action and emphasize the accomplishments, uh that you Not only contributed but what you learned? Now these next screens, uh, you might want to take your phone in and take make a copy of it So this evening what I want to make clear to you It is very important that the this at this time it’s so uncertain to us. Let’s make use of it And so we have such uh resources to help us to think so we have dosomething.org Okay, and then you have also the hub inbound marketing certification courses And it teaches you the basics on uh engine optimization so you might be interested in that You also have uh some certifications Getting certified at this time on certain things will strengthen your resume and your brand also So you want to look at all of those so the takeaway? Um this afternoon is be prepared to answer questions regarding what you did or are doing During this summer and the fall Because of emphasis will be placed I’m sure on this time period right now and you want to be able to identify skills and accomplishments That you learn through those experiences And then you want to be open to contract Temporary employment within industries not necessarily pertaining to your major Yet can help you acquire skills and grow Help you to grow personally and professionally You want to take advantage of all Online courses. I know of some that. I looked at the other day and I think they were free up until yesterday But there’s still some free ones so you don’t miss out on the opportunities and you want to practice virtual Interviewing, which we can help you do that uh, by the way, there is a um, in the chat with the virtual interview practice Um, there is uh a tool we have called big interview where you can practice interviewing And you want to communicate? The main word this evening is to communicate be it. Uh Face-to-face or virtually and more than likely it’s going to be virtual. But then you need to keep the communication lines open And so now we’re going to open for questions and comments in the chat And if you feel more comfortable, uh turning on your microphone and asking questions we welcome that as well Good afternoon Good afternoon So I sent an email To I sent an email question because I wasn’t sure how questions were gonna work. Okay, uh-huh but um, basically what I started doing was using two online coding services and basically uh you code by playing games and My question is how do I like phrase that so it doesn’t sound like cha well to me It sounds childish, but i’m not sure if it sounds childish to other people If that makes sense, well, yes, it does make sense. But then I don’t uh, I would suggest you not second guess yourself You’re doing something and so that you’re you’re actually reaching out To someone and you may get a lead from that so I I wouldn’t call that childish at all Okay

Who? So perfect Do you mind if I weigh in shirley? Not at all? Okay, so victoria this might be something great to put under your skills section or under the education section of your resume and I would focus on like the technical terms of Um, the languages that you’re learning to do your coding in And so so any of those real common technical coding terms um, go ahead and highlight those basically this is what I learned or skills gained or gained knowledge of And you can even say that you gain those skills through um doing gamification exercises because that’s the fancy way of saying they made They made it fun learning for you. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, but so so gamification would probably be your your million dollar word That would end up on your resume or even in an interview response Okay. Okay. Thank you. Liz And and remember victoria to list that not only on your resume But then you want to go back into your linkedin and list that under accomplishments or either courses because uh you you learn some new techniques Okay And good for you for doing that course this summer that is just amazing Anyone else Shirley what advice do you have for students that are uncomfortable? Linking their personal social media such as their instagram and facebook to their job search Are is that? necessary to to tie your social media into Your job search materials is not necessary. This was uh, basically a suggestion if you find that it’s difficult, uh reaching out and actually um Gaining a larger audience or followers if you’re comfortable with that if not Perhaps you might feel better making an appointment to come in to see either myself or uh some of the other Career advisors where because we are each individuals and I want you to feel comfortable I don’t want you to leave your thinking. Well, she told me to do this, but I don’t like doing it No, you need to be you first of all, and we want you to feel comfortable, but you may feel more comfortable um having a zoom meeting with us so we can uh discuss Some of those specifics that you feel uncomfortable about and there are other resources. I haven’t even listed But today they only gave me 40 minutes, so I would be more than happy to talk with you would you recommend like Setting up an alternate account in that situation if we don’t feel comfortable linking our accounts together You could do that, yes But then with the resume you might want to pull those skills together that you mentioned there but uh, I can’t I feel a little uncomfortable answering that because again i’m learning too and I don’t want to tell you anything. That’s wrong So if we can talk about it more on an individual basis Uh i’d feel a little more comfortable myself Victoria I think it also depends what what your intention for including that is so if you’re trying to show, um, Let’s say you create something Um with coding you get to the point where you’re creating a website And you want to show that off that could be done through a portfolio rather than an e-portfolio rather than social media so it depends on your intention for For connecting those. Um And as shirley said she can talk you through other ways to To do that if you don’t want to tie in your personal account, certainly Certainly, and now you mentioned portfolios uh, we also have a a link to uh, e-portfolio, uh builder and so you might want to look at that but it also includes 30 links to students portfolios which you can look at To use as a guidelines And so if I were you, uh, you might look at that click on I clicked on a few of them. It can be Deceiving but what you do is you take the link and put that in google and then you can access any of those 30 students E-portfolio, so you might find that helpful picture for you Thank you, you’re very welcome Anyone else or any questions in the chat we might want to address No questions in the chat, okay

Well This point I want to thank everyone or is there anything else that my colleagues that are here? Uh want to include before we leave, okay I want to thank you for coming and I wish you well and don’t let this period overpower you With what we’ve talked about today Let it empower you and maybe You can become a little more Use more innovativeness Innovativeness to think about some of the things that you can use in your search and let us hear from you Thank you

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