Hello buddies, today we are going to see the movie “sancharram / the journey” Language: Malayalam Director: Ligy J. Pullapally In the DVD commentary she said the movie is based on a real story with some fiction Now let’s see the movie In the opening scene, A girl is standing over a dam reservoir, when she was about to commit suicide She hears someone calling her name Then she stops what she was about to do In flashbacks, A family from delhi has arrived to their hometown to stay in ancestor home There’s a little girl in the family. Kiran Kiran tells mom that she miss her friends as they moved to their hometown Her mom replies back “This is my ancestral home, don’t worry you will love it here and you might find new friends here” When they were sightseeing the place, their neighbor calls them for a marriage Kiran sees a little girl in the marriage She follows the little girl That little girl asks kiran “Shall I tell you a secret?” Then she swooshes in kiran’s ear in a playful manner Kiran asks the girl for her name. The little girl replies with “My name is Delilah” asks back “What’s your name?” Kiran replies “My name is Kiran” There comes a little boy. His name is Rajan One day, when kiran and rajan was playing delilah asks if she can join them too Rajan says “Girls can’t play.” Then grabs delilah’s ribbon and says “Come and get if you can.” Kiran mildy beats him up and give her the ribbon back Rajan then gets up and says “Let’s meet up tomorrow.” They all have become friends now. As the time flies they all have grown up Delilah comes to Kiran’s house Kiran is writing a poem as she loves poetry Delilah is a playful girl Delilah gives kiran “Jaamun Fruit” to eat They both share it with each other Delilah takes out a thorn to pierce Kiran’s ears says “Earrings would look great on you!” Then she pierce Kiran’s ear See this didn’t hurt right? asks Delilah Kiran touches her ear and sees blood in her fingers Delilah says “Sorry, I didn’t know that it’d hurt” Kiran replies “It’s alright, not an issue.” One day they both are taking bath in a pond Delilah says “Let me teach you to swim” Delilah nods “No” symbolically by touching her ear as she trusted Delilah when she pierced her ear They see a palm reader on the way back PR says “Let me read your palms, beautiful girls.” I will tell you about your fortune Even though they hesitated at first Delilah shows her hand and says But you should tell us truth PR sees kiran’s palm and Then she rechecks with Delilah’s palm PR says “A childhood love will ripen.” Kiran and Delilah laughs and says “That’s absurd” PR says this love will be like between “Shiva and Parvati” (God & Goddess) Kiran and Delilah asks “Are you nuts?” and leaves PR says “Above all else know thyself.” At school, The teacher is taking class on Poetry asks “why do we write poems?” Rajan replies “Because it’s flavorful to read” Then teacher asks kiran about her opinion about poetry Then the teacher asks Kiran about a poem and what it’s about? Kiran replies “It’s about hell” Because the poet writes about loneliness in love. That’s the hell As usual, Delilah plays with stick toys

Then see goes to her grandma’s room Her grandma is grooming her hair As she sees grandma grooming, Delilah helps grandma to groom hair Delilah loves her grandma a lot At kiran’s place, her mom shows her their antique gold ornaments and says “Take whatever you like!” Kiran takes an old bangle from that and says “This is the one I love!” Her mom says “This one has a love story and it’s been gifted to the first girl in our family who fell in love with a poor soldier.” “I know you’d choose this.” says her mom Next day Delilah sees kiran’s bangle and asks if it’s expensive? Kiran replies “Not much worth in the market” but it’s my favorite bangle Kiran goes to delilah’s house to study While studying Delilah couldn’t solve an equation Then kiran helps her out and teaches her Delilah solves few equation and ..looks kiran in a flirtful way Suddenly it starts to rain Then the power goes off Delilah says “I will light up some candles, you be here.” Delilah gets bored of studying then she annoys kiran with her stick toys says “I’m a princess, nobody is here to save me from this boredom” Kiran takes one of her toys and replies “Who’s that? Get back into study!” Delilah says “I’m a princess, no one is there to save me!” Kiran says “I’m just a poor hardworking farmer, who has a house of own.” But I will love you and cherish you forever Hearing this, Delilah breathes for a moment says “I love you too.” Kiran breathes for a moment. Feels crazy about it Delilah says “I want to travel the world, so i won’t stay in a poor farmer’s house Then knocks stick toy in kiran’s hand Kiran says “Princess, you’ve broken my heart.” Delilah didn’t realize what kiran said As Delilah sits and enjoy rain near window says “Come here, listen to the beautiful music” “Let’s dance for this beautiful music!” Then makes kiran to dance Kiran feels somewhat crazy inside While studying Delilah’s fingers touches kiran’s leg Kiran feels it sensual and desirable Gets scared and leaves While kiran is sleeping, Delilah is dancing like Kali, flashes in and out of the shadows, mesmerizingly as the drum beat intensifies After dreaming about Delilah, kiran gets scared and worried why she dreamt her friend like ecstatically with desire wakes up, looks in the mirror, wondering “what’s happening to me?” Next day, Delilah takes kiran to a dam reservoir There they see a cocoon Delilah then leans over to see it, gets slipped and about to fall Kiran saves Delilah and says “Promise me that you won’t come here again.” Then they both goes to Delilah’s house As Delilah says she wants to get rid of dirt in her cloth Delilah tries to take her “churidar” off Kiran gets uncomfortable, feels confused, everything starts to rush for her.. gets scared and runs away Kiran is confused, why she feels sensual and intense about Delilah.. who’s her best friend Next morning.. Kiran goes to Delilah’s place sees her playing with a chick, kissing and loving it passionately Seeing this, kiran’s feelings for delilah grows strong and intensively Kiran’s love for delilah adds a bit more fuel to the fire

Rajan also seen delilah playing with chick and enjoys it After seeing rajan enjoys delilah’s expression kiran gets bit angry and leaves Next day, rajan approaches kiran to help him express his love for Delilah. Rajan asks what delilah likes Kiran replies, “she likes music, dances, new clothes, magazines And she loves her grandma a lot Rajan asks what else..? Kiran stuns for a moment and says .. she like rain, night, rainy night Rajan replies that he likes them too, as he doesn’t know how to express the love Just tell me what to write in letter, I will do the rest says, Rajan Rajan gives letters to Delilah While Kiran and delilah are studying Delilah asks kiran why she doesn’t bother to ask anything about rajan’s letters? Kiran replies, “That’s your personal, why I should bother?” Delilah reads rajan’s poems in old letters She’s reading it intensively as soul is pouring from heart As kiran’s love for delilah have outgrown her.. Kiran recites rajan’s poem unintentionally As Delilah came to know it’s actually Kiran’s poems.. Kiran leaves scared After kiran leaves, Delilah reads her poems delightfully and passionately with heartful of happiness As her grandma walks in, Delilah hides the letters like love notes from a lover Her grandma says Nowadays you’re keeping secrets from me A family who seeks for bride, passes by delilah’s house. The marriage broker says let’s go this house There’s a beautiful girl in this house. Let’s give this one a try Delilah gets ready in “Kasavu saree” looks stunningly beautiful “I’m going to kiran’s house for dance rehearsal” says to her mom Then she sees the bride seeking family approaching her house Delilah tell her mom that somebody is coming Her mom says it’s rude to get rid of guests visiting us. Invites them in The bride seeking family says the groom has wealth, factory and will be going to USA in few months “We are looking for a quick marriage.” says, Bride seeker Delilah tells her mom that she wants to leave Delilah is dancing in kiran’s house with a group of women Kiran secretly sees delilah by hiding behind a pillar As delilah notices kiran, she dances with passionate expressions Rajan tells kiran that he saw a bride seeking family leaves Delilah’s house. They might fix Delilah’s marriage Kiran is worried she might lose Delilah Next day, Kiran goes to pond, and asks delilah if her marriage is fixed Delilah nods playfully and says “No” Hearing that, Kiran feels relaxed Delilah says “I’m going to teach you swim.” Kiran leaves without any answer Delilah goes to kiran and sits near her As kiran’s has no words to express her love for Delilah, she keeps calm Delilah makes a move and express her feelings for kiran As delilah express her feelings, kiran starts to express her love for Delilah Delilah says “Don’t know if it’s right or wrong, I feel afraid.” Kiran hugs delilah, tells her not to be afraid of it “Will you be with me forever?” asks Delilah Kiran replies “I will be, I love you and I will love you forever.” Then kiran gives her favorite bangle to delilah to express her love As time flies, they are happy together Delilah and her grandma talking in their garden “Nowadays you’re looking so radient!?” says, Grandma Kiran comes to meet delilah Grandma sees kiran and delilah behaving like lovebirds… she feels this looks more than a friendship Grandma loves delilah a lot

she goes to delilah’s room, sees her sleeping peacefully. she pampers delilah “Sleep well, My child” while delilah is asleep While kiran is reading love poems in school, she is caught by her teacher Teacher asks “What are you reading secretly, if it’s notes let me read it aloud.” She reads it and gives a shocking expression over kiran and delilah Teacher warns kiran and delilah, and says she won’t say this to their families now Delilah gets afraid of teacher, and when kiran tries to pamper her, she shuts her and leaves They talks about warning under a tree Delilah is scared what if teacher tells it to family Kiran says “Don’t worry, I know she won’t say.” Kiran then hugs delilah and shows care towards her Rajan, who followed them, sees them hugging Goes to delilah’s mom and tells her about what he saw Kiran drops delilah in her house Delilah’s mom beats her up, scolds her asks “What’s between the two of you?” Why are you spoiling our family’s reputation? Delilah says “I love her.” As delilah’s mom beats her up, kiran’s bangle gets broken Delilah’s mom says “You need a man to survive” Delilah replies “Mom you are alone, you take care of the house, why can’t I be like you?” “But I was married and that’s makes me respectable.” If “If your father is alive he’d curse you.” says delilah’s mom Delilah mom says, Because of you, our whole family will be excommunicated Delilah says, please leave us alone, we will go and live somewhere “You will spoil kiran’s life too.” says, delilah’s mom “Your grandma pampered you a lot and spoiled you, This news would kill her” “You want Kiran or your grandma to be alive? Delilah’s mom thinks what to do next? Delilah’s uncle and Vicar says it’s a shame. It’s better to arrange marriage soon And asks about bride seeker, Delilah’s mom says they’re still interested for marriage It’s not my daughter’s fault. It’s Kiran’s. Says, Delilah’s mom Kiran comes to meet delilah, her mom asks kiran to leave as delilah is not well, she won’t come to school Kiran says, I just came to see her. Delilah’s mom asks kiran to leave Delilah sees kiran from her room window Kiran, looks frightened and worried, why delilah didn’t come to school Delilah’s Uncle comes to her room, scoffs saying ‘Had a lot of pleasure, didn’t you?’ Then vicar comes in, says, “Lord, forgive all the sinners.” Delilah’s mom says “You always wanted to travel the world. Now you can.” Delilah sees kiran’s house from her room window. Grandma comes and holds delilah’s hand and leaves Delilah signals kiran to meet up in their secret place They hug each other Delilah says “Everything is over.” My family fixed a marriage Kiran says “No, it shouldn’t happen like this, if you have refused, they wouldn’t force you” Delilah replies, “No, you don’t understand what happened to me in my home.” “Just give me sometime, I will think of an idea.” “Shall we go somewhere?” asks kiran Delilah replies “We don’t have money. How long we will survive without our families help? How long we can live this secret life?” “I can’t do this!” Kiran says “You know I will love you forever” and this is not an infatuation

Delilah says “we will both have to marry other people”, but we can continue to see each other Kiran asks delilah “Even after marriage?” Delilah says “Yes.” I can do it Kiran says you don’t know me, “But I can’t” Delilah says, “If it’s so then, we have no choice, we will have to part.” Kiran grabs her hand and asks, “I thought we will always be together?!” Delilah says “we have no choice” and leaves Kiran thinks of an idea.. gets angry, breaks mirror Then she goes to a pawn shop and sells her ornaments to get money Goes to a telephone booth, seeks help from her uncle Then goes to a clothing store, buys white kurta Kiran goes to delilah’s house, where delilah’s mom asks “Why have you come here?” “Aunty, just let me explain!” “We will leave somewhere” says, kiran delilah’s mom replies “Girls are supposed to marry boys, not girls!” Kiran says “Aunty, please don’t force her to marry.” Her mom replies “I didn’t force her, she said she likes the groom so we are getting her married.” “It’s all her decision.” Delilah’s mom tells kiran’s mom “Ask your daughter not to come to my home anymore.” Raise your daughter right Kiran’s parents asks her if it’s true? Kiran says “Yes.” Kiran’s mom asks “Aren’t you ashamed? what have we done to you to deserve this?” “You should get a treatment.” “Or we should get you married soon, Then only you will become Normal.” Kiran says “No, I can’t marry a man. I don’t want to ruin someone else’s life too.” “I love delilah.” Kiran’s dad asks “How’d you live, where’d you go?” Kiran replies “I will work, uncle said he will help me.” Dad says, “Your uncle is a man. It’s quite different for him.” “Nobody will accept you in this society.” “Understand your limitations, You have everything here, If you leave you will suffer.” Kiran says “That’s not true.” Kiran’s mom says “If you leave this home, don’t ever return.” Kiran’s dad says “Is this what I raised my daughter for?’ Grandma sees delilah’s mom and asks why she locked delilah away? Delilah’s mom replies “she’s nervous about marriage.” and says some more reasons “You don’t like this marriage, if delilah gets married she will leave with her husband and then you will become lonely?” Grandma says “I’m not worried about being a lonely woman.” “But I don’t want delilah to end up a lonely young girl.” “You are forcing this marriage to please others.” “But you don’t understand, what others think of us, doesn’t matter at all.” Kiran goes inside delilah’s room says “Wake up, I got money now, come let’s leave, my uncle will help us.” Delilah says “No, I’m not coming anywhere.” “It’s better for everybody that way.” Kiran asks “Really? Is that good for you?” Delilah says “Yes.” “There’s nothing between us anymore.” Kiran thinks if delilah really loves her, she will come with her, no need to force her Kiran gives a goodbye kiss to delilah and leaves While kiran is walking on the road, two women comes up and asks “Aren’t you coming to your friend’s marriage?” Kirans leaves unanswered Delilah’s family is in church for her marriage Vicar asks “With willingness of your heart, Do you take this man as your husband?” Delilah keeps calm and looks at everyone around her For a moment, she imagines like there’s no one around her She realizes her mistake that she lost her love Runs out, everyone comes up and asks her “what happened?” She realizes her love for kiran and shouts at the sky “Kirannnnnn.” Kiran stopped commiting suicide by hearing this sound Then kiran tries to see cocoon, gets slipped, somehow escapes and comes up and lays down She realizes that she has same dirt on her shoulder like Delilah did. She gets mixed emotions after seeing it. She finally laughs

In that moment, cocoon will become a butterfly. Kiran sees it and smiles In the movie, they’ve concluded it like Delilah sees the same butterfly as kiran did Portrayed like as, They are imagining about each other Then kiran chops off her hair and threw it in water Palm reader sees this and laughs funnily “I told you so!” Director left this movie’s climax to viewer’s perspectives In my perspective, I felt like “This too, shall pass” and “whatever happens, life has to go on” when kiran chops and threw her hair What’s your perspective in the climax? Do Let me know in the comment section

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