I think on 9th day or something I got lot of anxiety I think I just held his hand and we were just standing there and I was just getting anxiety and I don’t know what to do so I just held his hand tight and tight now my blood was thickening up and so yes that was the thing which I had which is why I guess I had lot of body pain right, earlier and so I use to get injections every night on my tummy see I will tell you what happens with depression okay it’s like a black hole it sucks you in, alright it’s your pirogative to get out of it and you can only do it by realizing you’re getting sucked How is everyone in the family as well like have they recovered well yes, everyone in the family was recovered and infact the youngest member of the family who has corona positive is sitting with me Rhyansh say Hi, Hi Hello, Hi, How are you now ? I’m fine are you fine? I’m good thank you so much for asking so he was also tested positive but now he is also recovered so this is fantastic I’m happy to see you smile more enough because I remember that image of you where in you speaking about being tested corona positive and the tension and the stress on your face I can still that was printed I was like how did it happen not just one member but everyone in the family it was shock one thing it got printed because in my half and hour line I just cried for 1 second they plastered my that 1 second of moment everybody is like what has happened I was like did you all read my whole message I have wrote everyone to relax and chill and calm down when I show my friend Gaurav for like 1 second I felt and I’m like that if you have seen my marriage or anything that was tears of happiness for Gaurav Wadhwa who is my buddy I’m so happy to see you smile though like genuine smile Welcome to PINKVILLA, Thank you so much for doing this first I want to know because now people are scared hearing to the word corona so the last one month that you were in where in you and your family tell me how had been firstly it was a very very long process because Lockdown was anyways on and we were anyways trapped in the house but when we got tested positive that getting trapped just became smaller just that entrapment became smaller so I guess mentally it was more scary because on the news it was like this happened that happened came from China, now In Italy everybody has been scared about this, so when you get to here that you have that virus it kind of really like gets shaky because I remember the next day we were gonna get tested and night before Suyesh and I were talking about it and we were nervous we felt that anxiousness that anxiety because we were like are we giving exams tomorrow that was the feeling that we were getting however going into it physically getting into it I had problem in beginning about 3-4 days when we realized that I’m not well that was really bad because I had like intense body pain and that body pain was unbarebale and I’m a dancer I’m use to stretching my muscles I’m use to work hard and body ache is something which I’m use to but this body ache was quite also my mother in laws fever was going up it was getting high so that worry was constantly there what is this virus doing to you that people who gets virus keeps wondering what is it going to do to me so this is all mental games I really feel but at the same time it can be tricky with old people

I was speaking to someone else also yesterday and I have realized there are two kind of people \ one who is unbothered about the world and there are people who are too cautious about everything but what do you have to say to people who are talking it too lightly also to people who are taking it too seriously okay too lightly is also wrong I always say there has to be an balance you’re slightly okay about it you’re not to okay about it that is the best kind of combination and we were really following that this virus just creeps in from anywhere people who are taking it too lightly please don’t do so what you need to take lightly is your head, you need to calm your head down don’t get too worked up about it don’t start panicing don’t start being mean to others doing all the wrong things which your head can make you do in panic don’t do all of those things and also don’t dis regard rules there’s a reason why there are rules there’s a reason why discipline is so important in life and I guess that is time it is about to be selfless in life people who are too serious about it as I said they need to calm their heads down they need to not panic so much and also stop creating conspiracy theory in the head stop thinking that this happens then this will happen no whatever information we have stop looking at only Whatsapp I would say look at what doctors are saying and the first thing which my doctor told me was Relax, Chill, Think positive thoughts it did take us long time but we were fine at the end of the day and that is what it matters when you realized not just you but entire family has been tested positive for corona virus what happens is that fear not for us but for our family scares us more you’re not scared because somewhere you know your immunity is better but you get scared for family members right how did you cop up with that stress what we could do as younger one’s was to make sure they were having their medicines at right time talk to the, as much as we could help them out as much as we could be disciplined for them basically again be selfless instead of being selfish it’s very very important that’s is what we did we were talking care of our elders and the young one’s and we put our stress into that but Mohena did someday you feel, not all days are good however strong you are as a person there are days when you feel really low as well also because this is the place where you are confined although you are confined in one hospital still you can’t meet one room, oh you guys were in one room with itself no everyone seperatly exactly there is no way you can physically meet each other it could only be on call right so how did you adjust on your low days the hospital where we were, thankfully we were in the same floor and same ward our room was here, my brother and sister in laws room was in front of us and mother and father in law were right next to us so in the evening we just use to peak and look at each other and are you okay, yes we are, is everything fine yes and then doctors go in then we run in it was not to break rules or anything like that it was just like are you fine, look at our faces physically and feel better for those 5-6 seconds also see you get low you’re going to get low everybody is going to get low at some point everyone will get into depression zone each and everyone in fact my dog also gets into depression like seriously every animal also goes through depression

but they are better at getting out of it the us because they don’t think so much about it see I will tell you what happens with depression it’s like a black hole it sucks you in it’s your pirogative to get out of it and you can only do it by realizing you’re being sucked if you don’t realize that you’re being sucked and if you keep letting yourself go it is difficult to get out but if you are aware that there certain things playing on my mind which is pushing me into this black hole instead of thinking that the black hole is your life you need to look outside and see oh there’s the life and I need to jump out of this and get to that as you said when you communicated with your family members you can deal with negative thoughts when you can communicate when someone is in depression what happens because of the stigma half the time there is no communication because they feel they will be judged if they speak to people and I think that probably keeps the level of depression for everyone is very different and communication is the only answer to it you keep it within you you become a heavy person you’re supressing yourself you should leave those energy’s open come in get out instead of supressing everything inside how did you spend those 10 days without much of contact without much of anything to do so usually my friends make fun of this about this okay so just like last to last year while I was in YRKKH, I had done Vipashna course so 10 days of morn thought me a lot in life and I feel, like that is my crash course for this for me this has been at least being at home has been easy Hospital for one where the training of Vipasna came to use because we didn’t have a fan there was obviosly no AC and there was no fan also, No there was vent like so you can just breath through out the day it was so hot and we were sweating it out good thing but 9th or 10th day was too much I think what really helped was my husband just having him there I think on 9th day or something I got lot of anxiety and I think I just held his hand we were just standing there I was like I’m getting anxiety I don’t know what to do so I just held his hand tight and tight I took positive energy from him I kept breathing breathing is something that really helps and talking to somebody really really helps sharing what you exactly feeling at that point of time without thinking what I’m going to look weak or whatever it is you share exactly what you feel and be honest about it and you you share that you feel much lighter, much better walking around feels better but how did you cop up with it like with corona virus what happens is I guess you can do more research about it but virus basically for some people it thickens your blood then you can get a clot when you get a clot that’s when there is problem, the danger now my blood was thickning up that was the thing which I had which is why I guess I had lot of body pain earlier so I used to get injections every night on my tummy so I use to be dradded I use to ask today also they said yes that was quite irritating first it was so hot there and then I’m getting like poked they use to keep taking my blood then they obviosly had to check what’s happening with my blood and my husband he was not going through this

I use to be what the hell and he use to be what the hell you two were in one room we both were in one room like couples were in together thank god for at least there was some respine it is a good news that your family is tested negative at the same time I read that post of yours and in couple of time I’m reading another post where in you are mentioning your brother who has been tested positive am sure he is taking care and under right care right now did it come like little shock because you feel that now you have just recovered from your family someone has got it I mean how is it going there obviously when you get to know about it what happens is it’s like that only till the time you don’t touch the hot iron you don’t understand so same thing had happened with us we were taking all precautions but when you got that’s when you are like this is what we were reading about thinking about but didn’t know what it felt like thankfully we had that much of experience where we could tell my maternal side that guys everyone’s going to be fine because everyone has been doing everything to keep their immunity up and touch wood everyone is heal, hearty and fit all you have to do is continue that immunity boosting keep continuing that whatever wrong with your body work on that keep your body strong and you will be fine so everyone was prepared and ready my brother was way to strong about it that’s a good thing but at the same time I was worried about rest of the family my father he is older my niece younger but at the same time we knew because we had seen the entire older and elder person recover here we knew it that they will be fine thankfully other all tested negative and soon after my brother got to know my brother is also tested negative that’s good news that’s what I want to say everyone that don’t be scared apart from that I also saw on your post you also mentioned few Immunity booster how did you guys keep up according to food what did you guys eat during this time what do you want people to stay away form junk obviously there is no point but otherwise what do you suggest people to probably eat to sustain or increase their immunity I’m vegetarian so I’m gonna talk about vegetarian food only no offense to non vegetarian we had lots of fruits, juices and lots of Kadha I was having Kadha 3 times a day at least no 2 cups so Kadha was something which really worked for us I feel firstly warm water and second all the spices you require for your body to stay warm inside Indian food that has spices that is very good again Haldi [turmeric] fantastic Mirch keeps you warm Jeera and all of these things they go inside and do good work which works for your body then Vitamin C tablets we had we were doing warm water gaggles my mother in law because she was having fever earlier she was taking steam whatelse were we doing Things that you don’t do No AC for sure no cold water at all you also also also another thing if you have any cold or cough just stay away from everyone no cold and cough person should be near anybody else

isolate yourself see how long it is lasting see if it there;s the next day it’s bothering you you need to get yourself tested you have to get yourself tested your friends your family I know so many people who were concerned by this entire thing it was all a shock for them as well so have you spoken yo them how is it going there I had spoken to like everyone was calling and everybody \ even if they weren’t there on social media they were there constantly talking to me over phone people who I was not in touch with for so long was like messaging and stuff like that and really I felt very touched my family like maternal side family everyone was constantly calling and talking to each one of us my friends were constantly in touch with me my colleagues like you said Moushin, Shivangi Shilpa everybody Ali everyone was in touch Shakti was like messaging me so much I was like we were not in touch for while and she was constantly messaging me are fine I said I am fine next also Kruti and all these my dancing friends it was very sweet of them and I felt very nice after a point of time I needed them to stop also because physically I am not feeling that bad after a point of time I was feeling fine even like in hospital mind was still going here and there and coming back and here and there body was fine so I am like okay guys stop talking to me like you kow even if I am feeling better you are putting thoughts in my mind yes exactly so told them enough now stop messaging me honestly since this corona virus thing has happened to me I don’t look at my Whatsapp and I just don’t look at my Instagram I just stopped I don’t know why I just feel so much calmer so much better Thank you so much Mohena to speaking to me I always love talking to you I love talking to you and I love your look today

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