Heey ukulele fans, nice to have you back and that you’re And that you’re watching anothr video of me, Evelyn About a ukulele. And today I’v got something special I’ve got, well I ‘ve got a new love actually Today I’m showing you an unboxing and review of Flight And it’s about this one This beauty, look at it Okay, we haven’t seen it yet, except a very beautiful bag It’s a very sturdy, cool bag, I’ll talk about that later Further more you receive some goodies from Flight There’s a booklet from Flight with some beginner chords And some advertisement about Flight artists And a nice sticker sheet With a couple of a nice stickers, I like this one And this one, and here’s Elise also nice And let’s take a look what’s inside of this The bag, by the way Nice bag Let’s open it Okay, the bag is well stocked With a thick filling, a very luxurious bag And here he is By the way, this bag is waterproof and has a good quality I also have a hardcase, and ths one is about the same quality s the hardcase So Here it goes! Look at this! This is, ladies and gentlemen: The Flight Mustang The Flight Mustang I will go tune this one and I’llshow and let you hear All specs in a bit. I wish I could let you feel the uke But unfortunately that’s not possible Okay, I’ll tune it and I’m bac in a sec Heey, I’m back again I’ve tuned it in the mean time Sounding like a uke And this one in particular I’ll show it to you first And see how Piezo pickup Look at this What are we dealing with here? With this fantastic beauty I have a new little friend wit this one This is, once again: the Fligh Mustang Later on I’ll let you hear how it sounds, for now the specs It’s a tenor ukulele from the Royal Series Officially called: Flight Mustang EQ-A Tenor ukulele The body is made of solid acacia The complete body; the front, sides and back And as you may or may not see it, it’s lightly curved The neck is made of mahogany And let’s take a look at this headstock It’s looking majestic. I don’t know how I came up with that word, But I have no other words for it, I think it’s amazing I love very special things and this is really very special

The tuners Actually the ukulele arrived here sort of completely tuned That says something about a ukulele The tuners are very How will I put this The tuners are very precise You can wind the tuners quite bit to tune the strings That’s a positive thing, becaue of this you can tune your Ukulele very precise. And the more precise your uke is tuned, The better it plays of course and stays in tune Okay, so we have a scalloped cutaway This comes in handy when you want to play on the higher nots And it has an extra benefit; because of the wood is not cut away completely so you don’t have that much los of tone and volume I like it very much Right, then we have here, as I’ve shown earlier, an extra sound hole It looks a bit like mosaic, or stained glass. You can look into it The benefit of this one is,that normally when you are playing The sound goes away from you Flight has ensured that you asa player also hear the sound better so that’s coming through this Apart from the fact that this s a wonderful feature It’s really great Like I said: everything is mad of solid acacia, there’s this nice inlay rosette The fretboard and bridge are also made of acacia That’s also a bit unique, you don’t see that very often with ukuleles The nutwidth is 38 mm This is a little wider than the standard ukuleles That plays very well because the wider the neck, th more pleasant you can play There’s some sound already Right, the nut and saddle are made out of bone Because of that it sounds warm and acoustic And also for something special I already noticed some benefit while playing just now, If you take a look at the dots inlays, they are not in the middle Again this is something nice, different and unique with a ukulele But it’s not only unique, but comes also in handy Because while playing scales fr example, Or playing chords high on the neck, Because of the dots, you can easily see where you’re playin For example when it’s a bit dak in the room Then it’s possible you don’t se the regular dots so good And then you see the dot inlay better, because they’re not placed in the middle of the nek It’s a acoustic electric ukulele, which comes with a piezo pickup It’s a passive pickup system Over here’s the input with the electronics under here Later on I will show you how te piezo works and how much noise you hear The benefit of a passive syste is that you never have to chane batteries I’ve had it that at the time o playing you have to change the battery When you’re at home this is no a problem, but when you’re out playing, this could be annoying So for me it’s a benefit that the system is passive The uke is finished with naturl high gloss I’ll show you the action. Hope you can see it The action is nicely low to ply with In a bit more of this. This uke’s got d’Addario strings on it I’m going to play something on it First I play acoustic, then I will plug it in my acoustic amp Let’s hear the sound of this ukulele

Unplugged, recorded by the camera’s microphone (Rode Videomic Go) Only now the tone has faded a very long sustain This one Listen to the sustain again A very nice, crisp sound. You hear a lot of midtones. Alrigh, next one It’making me happy actually I’m just getting happy about this ukulele How it sounds, how it looks, also how it feels There’s one thing I forgot to mention, The neck has a matt finish And that plays better; because if the neck would have a gloss finish, like over here then the playability becomes less, so this finish is perfec Okay, I will plug the uke into an amp, with the cable

And let’s see how it will soun playing plugged So it’s plugged in an Roland A 33 amp. All knobs are on 12 o clock, treble, bass, volume But the master volume knob is just a little bit open And it’s very… this is the sound Listen to this: no noise! Zero noise. For me this is the first ukulele that sounds with no noise being plugged That says something about the piezo and the pickup system That’s just very Sorry I’m very happy about thi ukulele Later on I’ll put some reverb n the sound, but first A clean sound, without reverb Just one more thing about soun and it’s quality The output volume is really vey loud I thought and expected that since this is a passive pickup, That the output would be a little less loud But nothing could be further from the truth I think it’s even louder than the active pickup system that’ on another uke of mine And maybe I’m repeating myself but on the other ukes I always here a bit of noise when pluggd in Not here Okay, Aint she sweet (Plugged in) Now also, that sustain Very long Cool! Just a sec. I’ll put some reveb on it The upper notes are also very in tune You know what, this is a ukulee in the price range of 550 eur’s If I compare this one with othr ukes of the same price range Is the quality of this uke a lt higher/better I would rather think it would e up to a thousand euro’s In terms of quality; How it feels, plays and sounds Just that let’s see, I’ll play some pop for you I hope I was able to visualize and review this Mustang well fr you

That you could have seen it enough during the review it is a fantastic instrument i my opinion It’s a high end uke of the Flight brand You get so very much for the money If you liked this video, pleas leave a comment below Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel See you next time, bye!

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