if galaxy map that will start a trip man and his kid and sick and tired roaming the spam planets and materials and the claim they have been sitting here frontier goal for yourself goose engines that

engage jump drive and a strong sense of engage friendship drive 75% are imitators stopped by the engineer and light weight is anaconda see the Sweeney as I’m gonna keep this time did a picture of a

an indictment to be moving unit that they’ll split the dam shipping have requested land into a landing gear down into anger into anger stop court services and we are terrible storm all said right now hang on the meanings streamer one more turn pudding and on using Astra Should there are anaconda are elusive and lightweight the standalone more so we can get their love faster 67 line users. But house shooting for seven Years per job and its 70 and definitely in the safe zone lights on starboard services for those who hear only as right of its origins send an ad in five jobs as sushi needs

and I can take it from there we can leave now take off and in Europe as thank you and I like anything goes in the trenches drive that preside do have four exquisite crystals so I can trade zones for things to the need here for lighter parts ownership @does not work around one that and I have 20 NFS B injectors for premium so we can get something going in the train Schiff drive nests and you tried to go there we went and 2000 light years to the north is time we go 2000 light years to the south in travel and each frame surf drive each engage friendship drive

while still in all those new objects should engage trenches drive if I lose, This would have a nice low shot even shed being goose engines for you that on every need those

who are all day as the man and a as of inter hander stop or services such as A and perlite, lawyers are gonna make sure like we read all the stuff now Mr. Reed five to life support and greed for Enron and the super depth of ceramics and that’s it , though, lightweight stuff Surface panels also

Alex Amat three galaxy map since some of the manufacture its blue there’s a stop. Here are half a large sentence as she external camera Eckstein and camera takeoff

external camera and a jump drive them one job than a modes of every bad 80 and are going all these people and they did a year of these good folks serve wages are weenies two things and, like weakest thing and will be on our way , should widen and we all feel a little functions a Sweeney polite alloys and productive ceramics to wood Gundy two into the air here is one of four exquisite crystals nation be worth a lot because the land of a U.S

Entertainer slope or services so when the followers also Homeowners of Encino pro line, was up here a week and that those parents by warriors in the bottom really not worth nothing is sorts who would read their offspring of its

two more 18 showed governor of a prayer for takeoff and India of the gulf the golf engage them drive

right has the look in the face of should request a docking 1,000,000 I call my ships over here and see if concerning your stop or services

is for parents for arms for and friends for right back and pick up the soon as the map baffle arts repair for launched

takeoffs and now is time to lightweight two more parts and, C how far this thing can really job hopefully added 70 light years let’s hope

bon bon and 14th and fell out of them scare these as Christ rookie mistake and Reback and embed tour the dead then ship up these as an add to all of my spotlights on weak and we’ve now for their mother 14 ship of the things in Bonnell is price for them over 14 ship of landing gear up there and the rookie move their Jesus Christ

and the gravity assist flopped on this planet so another be careful side door knob recall forward empire state building that’s unfair issue was falling freefall speed 14 ship blew up on the impact was china’s senior is time without the explosion a custom and into a answering your staff court services Durham 83 and one piece this time

I from the winner’s check 6 to 7.65 per job fix that engine I know I need a prorated, I lawyers as more should , said 61 years of 41st and the idea from somewhere so than the kingdom, Faldo and of all along. So they have a whole should now that we’re right there for Stacey sense that they arm and and for the steamed emblem got 31 here and anymore and there are not only have to do we have to do their ended T

and service was this is like we as north terminal for this for the sensor and 69 and and and for this was still not gonna put me at 70 art and tail is not gonna do it so basically 69 will be 70 four we’ve done it and so we can dump dock and computer and storage nope. It goes back as good as is gonna git and so on parole is started

or news wires down hundred non and older for injured and in 22 older exchange of its merits and they see the 1000 1000 light years straight down by sewing thank you weaken these now galaxy map Since the first of the 1000 light years straight down in the weighted toward sagittarius and banning their of the 16 jobs 1000 light years have been all so we going 16 and slash seven Years per job in the trenches drive

So we just the 1000 light

years going straight down from a

bobbled there will make sure we to warrant sagittarius

Buying them into Johnson and 2000 light years at a time to read on 2000 right now and then they’ll be in all the total 3000 nurses thing is going to the spot when an intestinal the Max jump range on it right now there’s 137 and 44 minutes

This and this job drive – in or put this in mind this corner of quick see the galaxy

injuries and this job drive a while and see said the services like the beginning of it so long line of bright stars while the ice year this will we hated and so are having no real heavens in the center’s line of it gigantic black holed a serious or one that rather see if we can find it only get out there we will stand in everything we, Curls functions

using jet there soon galaxy map or the two wand and 33 I can we get here to stop mobile tools 3000 light years and all the way to end so far 22 trips to go

17 and go no reach 3000 light years , actually pull the softest time

so much data in which it says is seriously than I was scanned the whole entire systems as the data that I really want seeing the state’s arm, and turning in banning is trying to get their E sap checking Wilson that shiny and China today as one take me a while but you know I’m gonna hammer this and I will get there and I’m gonna do it is a software does last night with a live stream on you to the nice and I need to go out there for a new scan all that data to a problem be out there who knows, a couple months is scanning systems and the whole entire systems as one said that there are not leaving will stay there for a long time because when I did that on a terrace today they would not go as can be a lot to one sign that said the comments of this summer’s scan mission for everything planets from care where there’s no longer with them along to take me to functions thank you so let’s see here in progress and yet this week, flat as a 2600 like your mark to changeups to do this job of

have more than gold 3009 years

and if that

I climb the role is to 3000 galaxy map through 2000 more than the 5000 acres of here for 400 16 2100 -24 was one of whom are, the if several of this 24 and them to return you live what’s

really that city cars and we are here for rumors were , so I don’t wanna go the other way when ago this way It connects their 900 50 OK shoes and raptor them

and do this 130 to end this job drive one side and on them, it’s a map or the role that I wrote up for this galaxy map shot through to 23,000 armed services like and furs and touring as the lights are your way back there so we’re almost a mantra zone here and transfer beeline right here tried it in here to type it sends the mail P and to the end to view terrace are eighth. Fares and routes to as in their trotted in their first to 1010 thousand light years away when applied the roe said new , parade tune, harden thing over here if it rots that have plotted failed as a whole lot better than it should consider will go well for my clearly we need to pull-up role are so right here to win almost an entrance and we’ll see an interesting week All were down there to

This is a sphere – students to hottest thing right now some final route of the mother 14 rout should When the , one man out on shares of that right now and looks like it’s true for the mysterious are those of its address to bring us closer to the entrance of the yellowed as you go with suck you go galaxy map

, CIA for one of the year is this is definitely the front door right here right now this area , the Paris that the Nist seconds. It’s a bit Fourth 5th six and so on and we almost bare-fated you there are indeed their bats Murrow for certain problems are based rancher five eighths as Wright eight speed- to eight and a row near the dam right time ago to sagittarius the plane is aliens out there some way on you need to be indeed Susan dietz ship and Sunday to a station will rename it will put the right on the set of it and a strange if drive discovery scanner and Ozal at object service can there and a shove drive its cover a scanner 12 more to go as hard as thing the duma’s plotter out once you get here because of a dutiful school stars only nine in the star as mother of pardons system kept failing building, send E to various butcher refueled says more powerful than detects should have to be check is not even a percent and with this thing it’s and on the exploration voyage to sagittarius they shall we dance edges are easily run spanning whole entire systems planted our planet this time it’s only take so long but we have to do it that data spending data caching and exploration rank is, should do the roof when I did that

engage friendship drive your mind that are the Astra Asher of four CCS was fact the force attack you think you discover a scanner under the sway over eight and a strange if drive Astra wake up its cover a scanner safe if you have a feeling and then shipped home all I need is the of the audience Sydney definitely feel a kinship that people that place game were full of marketers riff in Nome ACC that VR eight said engage some drive thank you discover a scanner of a lot, to map galaxy map some fuels are right engage jump drive external camera get a picture of that Ekstrom camera case jump drive that ended and after pushing the buttons anything

done if one game this air force command you after download force attack when the PC and in the gap in programming itself it works for the singing down you to run it can use force attack for and play a few games , banneker this dam system their two sons should 14 healing and should have you , I’m gonna set a serious E all agree on Rei know galaxy map galaxy map mall mos that’ll see the ship and jump flaws of its them right here budget data and should arm here on here as the metal at AG and are you getting there shall be ideal for hours of balls and Ed Scannell can and should that is dame is gamy of this it’s a 60 to see the one side media had to you all the way up all have pleaded for help move the Doc said that all can and should not be no and then a solvent Al already doing it no end in our business Azevedo phylicia should often the dissents as if it closer and closer in the Seattle Star chess fog and using a plea PlayStation folk and do you play your old truck food has yet it had play your own trucks emulator once in a blue moment a game is poll the sale in our funding can I ran out from the on the game like that the player one day so you can see it nice and smooth and crystal clear engage them drive or summer brawl of the galaxy mapping software to go engaged of drive and lost them on the light years we’ve done by addition, the push and around 4000 right now are right for the goat them those fires form load the ship here where this is a better job for status 34 light years as a waste of a job so we’re gonna do spurring injecting that we Peres said and on priority to

growing one eighties and check this you go where you go house eBay zero to this isn’t java 131 years now is ready this 74 as 90 to 13083 as the whole entire trip right does four jumps right there and we can do it in one job engage jump drive will grow like to see the style of selected the good and brighter who and I can see the Netherlands and even pretty good And I am planning at the moment as many kiss me off my eye is on another of the dead and we definitely at the front door we can see it as we want a 14 rout and we go to the meeting and said if eighths galaxy map So are sitting suited the muscle noun that your row to start a change , take their then I’m looking for another spot to connect to the bee here I am connected three and connect with their own. Learn English alone there’s nothing odd if you can’t speak and then you learn you doing good So it’s see where’s we can point to

alter the one. The thing is like China move back to solve the number one that is if only 11 ago for the ship one field where are you feeling , Cordero some as soon as paying over here failed I and the list are there for now and changeups and east of drive and east of drive 24 hours of sponsor with any player like the old formula one there like project cost to codify a 135 and a 20 five to run ago of the stream running over the one a quick break so will begin time in fall city exile camera be some eight in some drank we come on back going and some nice to hear a picture of that I are in a couple minutes of the bed

and we fall

on scale

and ease of drive


I and the ongoing owners China plot and other out if galaxy map

effect. The story

if she was missed all full

move her

at the

annual stop him take a break and come back later proved almost there are no another way

up here

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