(upbeat music) – During the audition, what’s like your strategy? – Probably mostly jazz – Like hard hitting– – Yes – Awesome – But also some palm movements – Palm movements? What’s like a palm movement? Okay, I like that (gentle rock music) – Hi I’m Victoria, I’m 18 years old, from Coppell, Texas I’m a senior at Coppell High School – There’s you and Dayton! – Dayton! – I am Tina Kalina, former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, rookie year ’84, finished year ’89 Here’s you when you were probably eight months old – I’ve known since I’ve been out of the womb that I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader I’ve been dancing since I was two years old and I couldn’t imagine my life without it And this is when I was five? – This is when you were five years old – My mom is definitely my rock Obviously she knows exactly what I’m going through The nerves, the excitement (dramatic rock music) I think the one thing that could be a challenge walking in as a legacy is, people thinking I have an edge on them but that’s why I’ve been working so hard for my whole life basically (upbeat rock music) Growing up in the competition dance world, I have had amazing opportunities I got a $20,000 scholarship to AMDA, which is American Musical and Dramatic Academy for Dance – They’ve wanted you to come live in New York City – [Victoria] I know, I can’t believe that – Since you were in eighth grade but I just couldn’t get rid of my little baby – Even with all these opportunities, I am still 100% wanting to go for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – [Judge] Victoria, 332 – Oh, she was a standout – She did stand out – She did – I’ve known Victoria her whole life but I haven’t seen her in our audition environment All the judges were wowed by her – The competition is very high I can’t wait to see who all makes it (upbeat jazz music) (crowd cheering) – Come on now, come on now, come on! Oh no, that’s a little weak, come on that’s a little weak You gotta be shouting your lungs out! Come on with it, come on with it now! Ladies, are you ready? Here we go! (heartbeat thudding) (crowd cheering) – Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you! I got you some flowers but they’re pretty wilted – That’s okay Everybody’s beautiful – Oh yes – Talented, so you gotta really bring it, you know? I know you can (Victoria squealing) (upbeat rock music) – Victoria? – She was very soft I’m like, you’re showing up here for auditions, you need to kind of pull it together It was sloppy, it was all over the place, like she wasn’t controlled, it was wild – I have exactly the opposite – Really? – Yes, I have fabulous dancer, lots of control Big powerful, takes the whole floor I think she and the girls next to her really kind of owned that line – Yeah – I put the same thing, I put double checks on the dance and I wouldn’t want to be in her group We thank you all for participating in this audition process If we call your name and number, you have been accepted into the final audition, which begins next Thursday with our panel interviews – If they call my name today for finals, I will be so ecstatic, this is just one step closer (upbeat rock music) – We have five names left to call – Oh God, if Miss Kelli and Miss Judy don’t call my name today, oh I don’t even want to think about it, I don’t I don’t want that to be a possibility – Welcome to finals Victoria! (crowd cheering) (upbeat pop music) – My number one goal my entire life was to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader My solo just kind of told the story of my journey to be here and perform – Thankfully she’s earning the respect of everybody in the room with this solo I wouldn’t want Victoria to have any advantage just because of her relationship with me through her mother (crowd cheering) Thank you number 73, Victoria – She’s so good, I’m so proud of her Oh no, I’m gonna cry – So is she – Kelli’s crying too – She kind of was one of the most passionate, emotional solos of the day (woman sobbing) – Wow, you have feelings – Rookie candidate Victoria – She’s just so messy, to me That just, wild child to me Just calm down a little bit, you’re here, it’s all right – That’s why I like her – Really? – Yeah, just let her out of the gate and she’s gone – But does she have the steam to finish? ‘Cause in her kicks, it’s like, at towards the end, she was fading – I gave her maybe – Okay, see? – Victoria (crowd cheering) (upbeat pop music) (both screaming) – I made it to training camp! – I’m just so excited, all that hard work has paid off!

I’m so proud of you (both giggling) – Oh boy Did you brush your hair today? – I just, I came with it all natural – Train wreck a little bit – She looks like the scarecrow (upbeat pop music) – (squealing) Oh my gosh, I love it! – She has iconic Texas hair Everything’s bigger in Texas (gentle piano music) I felt really good about my rehearsal today but, not being told anything or given any feedback was weird Oh my God, I don’t want to get emotional about this – Victoria? – It’s not my last night, I’m not gonna think that way – The thing that concerns me is, when we have 45 people in the room and we need nine people to maybe audition next year or the next year? When I circled the names that everybody agreed were outstanding, you weren’t circled tonight And that is not where you wanna be The ones that didn’t scream out, yeah, I think was Victoria, nobody noted her With this choreography it’s almost like your overdoing it – Okay – It’s just like you’re all over the place instead of being clean and powerful – Mmhmm, yes ma’am – You did have some judges say they wanted you to tone up the tummy at auditions – Yes, I’m aware that’s one of my weak spots I feel like you’re disappointed and I don’t want that – I’m not disappointed – Okay – I’m not – I’m sorry – If we have 45 people and have to pick 36, at this moment, you have the potential to be in the top 36 but you didn’t deliver that tonight (somber piano music) There’s a little articulate finesse, polished, smoothness, and I think– – Which veteran do you think I should work with to help me with that? (chuckling) – Coach Cheryl’s great – I can do that – No doubt, that’s it – Okay, thank you guys I’ll see y’all tomorrow – All right, goodnight – Goodnight – And the way she opened that door was like– – I know (chuckling) – We’re good – She’s a beautiful storm – I’m so glad I’m not cut, that’s just a relief Oh my gosh Yeah! I have a dance room in my house, so I’ll definitely be there for probably the next 24 hours before rehearsal tomorrow I am making this team – Here Victoria – Thank you I have been waiting to put on this uniform my entire life And I’m freaking out a little bit and I am just so excited – I think this is– – Oh wow, you tie it tight! – Looks great – Oh my goodness! – I want to recreate the picture with your mom Victoria went through the traditional rookie uniform fitting and then I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try to recreate a picture that her mother, Tina and I took, the day of our rookie uniform fitting – [speaker] One, two, three! – (grunting) That’s cute, that’s good We are beginning week seven of training camp We have 42 ladies and we only have roster spots for 36 I’ve decided some of our cuts may not even be dance spaced because we have a room full of great dancers – How are you? Good to see you – Today’s media simulation day Each of the rookie candidates will do a television interview with Brenda Teele, who’s a judge at our auditions and also an anchorwoman in Louisiana – Hi, how are you? – Good how are you? – I am going to put the ladies through some tough questioning today And there will be some surprises, intentionally And I wanna see how they handle them – I’m going to be taking notes and watching behind the scenes while Brenda does the on-camera interview – Victoria, your mom wore the uniform once upon a time? – Yes she did and here I am, trying to do the same – What does it mean to you? – Oh, it’s just so exciting, just ah! I have no words, honestly – We need to get words and help you with your stories – So if you make the team, what do you think it’ll be for you? – Oh there are no words, I don’t think that there’s one word that I could describe how I would feel – Another, there are no words Victoria, find your words, find your stories I wouldn’t put a camera or a microphone near Victoria after today, right now Tonight we are here to see who is field ready So let’s make a triangle (girls cheering) – Every year, the girls get really excited to find out where they are in the triangle Tonight I’m sending all 42 in the triangle so they can see what it feels like to be in that position And it takes a lot of thought into who is standing where Now let’s sure we’re even on the field Look into the 50 and see if your lines are straight (upbeat pop music) – It is so exciting knowing that I possibly could have a spot in the triangle,

even if it’s temporary, having a spot in the triangle right now feels amazing – Okay, so let’s count some authender- six, seven, eight and up, out, three, four and a fix, six, seven, eight Victoria you were guilty of this one You can’t do you head so far over and you flip your hair back then it looks like a completely different move That eight is just a up (dramatic electronic music) – Something happened prior to rehearsal between Jinelle and Victoria You’re 11 pounds up since auditions So I have Jinelle in here because I want her to work with you Jinelle’s volunteered her time to help Victoria with nutrition and I’m not accusing anybody of dishonesty but there is something that’s not adding up and I wanna explore that – Okay, move to the ten and go five yards apart – Just based on media day, it pains me to think about who the logical cuts are Okay, good night of work tonight Next time we see you guys is on Sunday, for football 101 Which is a result of our media training, that we discovered there’s some needs for more education We need to see two people in the office tonight Taylor T. and Victoria If you two will stay and everybody else we will see, Thursday at the next rehearsal Okay, all right, goodnight (ominous music) (girls chattering) – I feel a little bit discouraged This is my fourth time getting called into the office But, you never know what’s going through their heads – Victoria? – Last time I got called in because of my weight and I feel like I see progress, maybe they don’t So I have no idea what this office visit is gonna be like Hi – I heard a little discussion about some appointments that Jinelle had made for Victoria to see a nutritionist and doctor and it sounds like there was some disconnect on Victoria’s part I wanna find out what that’s about How you doing? – I’m okay – You are? – Fourth time being called in, y’all just can’t get enough of me – I guess not Two things, media, everybody agreed, she’s rough around the edges She’s not ready, she comes across immature Have not seen progress in the fitness since we last talked Our kind of collective concern is, are you utilizing the resources that we’ve gone our of our way to provide you? – Yes ma’am – So why are you not responding to Jinelle’s texts? – I know that she sent me a doctors request I just know you’ve just never really had a weight issue, so I’m kind of leaning towards the women who have – It’s totally 100% fair to say that but, at the same time, I just wanted to help you And if you didn’t want to take it, you should’ve let me know – I, just not, I don’t like the situation I’m in right now so I was just kind of sensitive to it I’m sorry – I feel like we’re at a point where you really need to take a real mature approach to this as a job – Yes ma’am – And I don’t think you’re ready (ominous music) I think there could be a uniform for you but I honestly don’t want you to crumble I almost feel like, to me you look like you’re under such pressure that you can’t be yourself – I just don’t like being in here It’s kind of scary – What’s the worst thing that could happen? – I go home – I’m prepared for that and you need to be prepared for that too My concern is communication and honesty – Yes I think it was just the topic, I really do – I think you need to develop who’s Victoria and what’s meaningful to you? Okay, goodnight – Goodnight – Goodnight – Goodnight – I’m so sorry Jinelle – It’s okay – I want her to grow up (gentle rock music) – She said that they are prepared for me to go home And that, my immaturity is showing the further along that we go I think I can work hard enough to make this team this year – Good, yay! We’re heading off, we don’t want to be here – [Victoria] It’s so scary – [Rookie] You’re good though – Today’s cameo shoot day, this is our annual photo session Where we take all the publicity photos for publications and social media – [Man] She looks like a cover girl like, full page – So these photos really could make a difference

whether or not someone would or would not make this team (upbeat pop music) (cameras clicking) – We’re not even done yet and I don’t think I’ve ever looked this good Time to go take some pictures – Her legs are beautiful She carries her weight in her midsection – It’s very nerveracking knowing that they’re talking about you ’cause I mean there, you get to zoom in on your face, they get to zoom in on your body – I’m not sure if today’s helping or not with Victoria In one sense she is not at her trimmest state but she’s got probably the best hair and the best legs in the room (suspenseful music) – Hello! – Hello We are in week eight of training camp We have 41 ladies in training camp and we have to get to a final roster of 36 Tonight I’m going to call the group leaders in, I want to get their opinion on each of the ladies that they’ve been working closely with in rehearsals – Victoria on the field looked beautiful She was tall, she had presence Really, on the field impressed me to be honest ‘Cause in the studio she seemed kind of sloppy and she would rush her music But, Victoria sometimes say stuff and I’m like, did you think about it before you said it? – Having them have seven more cuts, ah, what if I’m that seven that needs to be cut? What if I’m one of them? – And so when I have to give my final, I would say do it – Okay – I don’t envy y’all’s job, I really don’t – And it’s hard, it’s difficult Now you kinda see what we’re going through Very valuable, thank you – Yes ma’am – Yes ma’am – Thank you – Thank you – Now we’re at the end of week nine We are one week away from our first football game and we are back at AT&T Stadium Tonight I’m looking for stadium effectiveness Larger than life, power, projection, showmanship – I am feeling the pressure a lot just because, seeing Dayton go home as a legacy – We don’t think you’re ready for the team this year – Seeing a veteran go home – It’s a tough decision for us – It’s heartbreaking – Anyone can get cut – Did you see what I saw? (upbeat pop music) – Is Victoria struggling with her kicks? Victoria’s end pose is pretty but I thought her kicks were heavy – Victoria, you were late on the leg lift And it can’t be because of the boots because we can’t use that excuse – I wouldn’t say I’m to the point of cracking just yet but my heart’s racing Oh, I’m just trying to work as hard as I can – Okay, let’s see the kick line just the kicks (suspenseful music) – Emotions are high and raw right now, there’s a lot of pressure on a lot of people – It’s when the players are out, there’s TV cameras, this is network television These are straight lines Everyone in the stadium can see if that one girl’s wrong – Cut it short, don’t cut it wide, you’re swinging wide, you’re swinging wide, you’re swinging wide – Oh I’m sorry I don’t wanna be the one that is the sore thumb right now – [Cheerleader] Victoria walk off you yard just a hair? – Tonight, if I look like a sore thumb that could mean something bad Gotta keep pushing and gotta get through this rehearsal – All right Y’all feel a little closer to game day? – Yes ma’am – This seems different than forward and we saw great things and we saw some things we still need to fix And we need to see a couple people in my office here at the stadium tonight I need to see, Jaylynn and Victoria If you two can stay and we’ll see everybody else Monday Okay, all right, goodnight – I think Kelli and Judy like my big and bold self so I need to show that for sure and not be shy or sad or emotional in there – Victoria? – If tonight is my last night, it’s just ah, I can’t think about it (ominous music) Hi – Hello Tonight was tough, rough, fun? – I thought it was very exciting being in the stadium dancing – It’s exciting First of all, we are very, very proud of your audition Your training camp You as a dancer, you as a legacy You’ve learned a lot in this training camp about this organization from the inside and we’ve learned a lot about you You know we’re making roster cuts We see you on this field, we see you on this team We see you in a uniform

And we don’t have enough uniforms to give you that chance this season (gentle music) – (whispering) Yes ma’am – You’ve stood tall and courageous when most 18 year olds couldn’t – Yes ma’am, thank you – You can do this I want you to be really successful here You could come back next year, audition and totally just own it – Yes ma’am Was there anything specific that stood out tonight? – It’s comprehensive – Okay It’s okay If this year I can’t look my 100% best and y’all don’t think I’m 100%, A++ Victoria, then I will definitely use this next year to grow Or however long it takes – We do see you on this field and we see you on this team – Yes ma’am Just not this year? – No – Okay (melancholy music) – [Kelli] Okay – You’re making me cry more – Let me help you here – Hey my friend Love you – Love you more – I just want to hug my mom – I know – I can’t imagine, I don’t want to tell her – It’ll be okay – I don’t even think I can speak, I really don’t There’s always another year, especially next year Just another year to prepare and get to my A++ self – Anybody that says she was a shoe in, that’s just bull She’s worked hard – She’s worked real hard – Victoria when you think of those people that you’re like, oh they were born to be in the DCC, that is you – Yes – Yeah – Victoria will rebound She’s tough, she’s strong She has huge potential here and I hope she comes back – Hi everyone, my name’s Victoria Coming in as a legacy, so young and I think I was overwhelmed last year – You really need to take a real mature mature approach to this as a job – Yes ma’am – And I don’t think you’re ready (upbeat pop music) ♪ You control it ♪ ♪ No you can’t control it ♪ – When I saw Victoria come out, she looked great She’s toned up – I like seeing people back ♪ Open own it ♪ ♪ Hey– ♪ – Ooh! (suspenseful music) – Ooh! – Oh! (upbeat music) ♪ You control it ♪ – (chuckling) There’s such a tiny space to dance our biggest and boldest I guess I just went a little too bold Hopefully they didn’t see that I slipped – Only Victoria Thank you ladies – We got to go out there – We did – That’s good! – The best! – Good job (upbeat pop music) ♪ I wanna see my name in lights ♪ (girls screaming) – I went through the process already, I know what to expect walking into tomorrow but the nerves will most likely be there so I still have to dance as big and bold as I can I would say today’s very crucial It determines whether or not I’ll move forward to being one step closer to achieving my dreams – Number 71, Victoria She looked great – Yeah – Yes – [Man] She worked hard – The one thing that I caught this year is that the focus is different – [Judge] Last year was a wake up call, I feel like – [Kelli] I agree – Yeah – When you get smoked in life there’s something to be said for the comeback – People are really rallying on Victoria’s side because she’s really worked hard this year to be what we need to see on the dance floor (suspenseful music) We started with 400 ladies and today we are down to 80 That includes 28 returning veterans that are entering the process today – During the last auditions, you took a lot of heat on social media Just curious to know how you handled that? – I did get some direct messages that were not the loveliest

and it took a while for me to not have that self doubt that I wasn’t good enough But I wanna prove them all wrong Those negative comments, I use them as fuel I want to show everyone that this is my goal and I’m going to achieve it – All right, final cuts are coming and it’s between Charlotte, Kelli and Judy Who are you cutting and why? – Oh no (suspenseful music) Miss Charlotte, I have not seen you dance before (laughing) Tonight will be your last night – And she cut me! (chuckling) – Please welcome from Coppell, Texas, Victoria – Last year getting cut, I don’t really like to look back on the past This is a new me and I feel as though it’s a better version of myself And I’m here to present that to them (dramatic music) ♪There were nights when the wind was so cold ♪ – Oh God, beautiful Judy and I both love emotional performances that have great musicality, are very fluid and technical ♪ Baby baby baby if I kiss you like this ♪ ♪ And if you whisper like that ♪ ♪ It was lost long ago but it’s all coming back to me now ♪ Victoria came back really strong this year She’s dancing with great passion, great heart, great strength (girls clapping) Number 35, Victoria (upbeat pop music) – I’m so excited for you to work! – I know, oh my gosh! Today we are here at The Star for uniform fittings It would be such an honor to be able to represent this organization by wearing that uniform Oh my gosh I love it, I love it! And I never want to take it off – But I’ve seen everybody in individual groups, I’ve definitely seen some people that have really stood out in my eyes and I’m gonna pick out my favorites Can Victoria come out? (girls cheering) – Travis pointed me out with, along with two other rookies – [Travis] Amanda and Lisa come out? – This is fuel to make this team and to get through training camp – Let’s here it for this group (girls cheering) (thumping pop music) ♪ White shirt now red my bloody nose ♪ ♪ Don’t say thank you or please ♪ ♪ I do what I want when I’m wanting to ♪ ♪ My soul so cynical ♪ ♪ So you’re a tough guy ♪ ♪ Like it really rough guy ♪ ♪ Just can’t get enough guy ♪ ♪ Chest always so puffed guy ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I’m that bad type ♪ ♪ Make your mama sad type ♪ ♪ Make your girlfriend mad tight ♪ ♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪ ♪ I’m the bad guy duh ♪ (girls cheering) – How many spots are truly available? – 36, we have 43 in the room, so we’re seven people over – I just know Kelli and Judy are gonna ask me about every single individual girl so, there were a couple girls that I felt like were, had a hard time picking up on the actual style and detail of the choreography – If they are returning– – Is their spot guaranteed? – No – Right I can’t take my eyes off of you for sure Victoria I definitely think– (girls cheering) I remember I loved you last year and you have definitely just grown and grown and grown, so congrats on that (air whooshing) – So, what we would love is your opinion, now that you’ve seen the girls with your combination and some of our palm routines – For me, Victoria was my favorite today and she’s a newbie But she was my favorite last year But to me, she was the best one in the room (suspenseful music) – Good evening – [All] Hello – We’ve given all 43 ladies new costumes They’re all the same so they’ll be on a totally equal playing field visually for tonight’s rehearsal – Show me something now (upbeat pop music) – Okay so Charm, we have 43 ladies in training camp Ultimately we need a squad of 36 I’m going to give you 36 dots that represent your vote if you had the Charm Squad – Okay – Okay here we go, watch this Victoria is a yes The new girls are just hungry and they want it – Yeah – So they’re dancing They’re dancin’ – Tonight is our show group audition Show group is a smaller squad within our full team that performs on our USO tours, television shows, travels the world It’s made up of 18 ladies This year we have 11 returning veterans that want their spot back on show group Everybody in training camp tries out Rookie candidates can and usually do make show group But just because a rookie candidate makes it doesn’t necessarily mean they have made the permanent squad We still have seven weeks of training camp left where there’s a lot going on that could still have

someone released from the team ♪ She might’ve let you hold her hand in school ♪ – I really like Victoria ♪ ‘Till you had to graduate ♪ ♪ No I don’t need to hear you talk the talk ♪ ♪ Just show me what your mama gained ♪ – I thank y’all so much for helping tonight Let’s start with Victoria – [Jacie] She’s improved so much from last year, like– – Hasn’t she? – Yeah I feel like she’s a little bit more confident and more sure of herself and that stood out to me – We had fun last night, I hope y’all did too I know it was a lot of work Judy has the names of those that we’re picking for show group tonight – Our first person on show group this year is, Daphne (girls cheering) Tess (thumping pop music) Kelsey Victoria (gentle pop music) – Now I’m gonna break the ladies up into two groups, just so I can see them dance more full out than what they would in a mass group (upbeat pop music) Group one ♪ I want you to know that it’s our time ♪ ♪ You and me bleed the same light ♪ ♪ I want you to know that I’m all yours ♪ ♪ You and me we run the same course ♪ ♪ I want you to know that it’s our time ♪ ♪ You and me bleed the same light ♪ ♪ I want you to know that I’m all yours ♪ ♪ You and me run the same course ♪ Yeah! Yeah Good job, very good, I love it I loved every ounce of the performance Wow, you’re super fun From the very beginning, like there was just energy, I love watching that for sure – We have one more cut to get to get to 36 This final cut’s gonna be hard, very hard It’s not obvious, it’s not comfortable, it’s not gonna be easy (upbeat rock music) ♪ Bless my soul that’s the way it is. ♪ – I thought Victoria looked amazing I thought she was beautiful, I thought she was sexy, I thought she was fun and energetic – Okay, (suspenseful music) this is kind of difficult to explain We’ve been saying all summer that we’re gonna pick 36 And after the last rehearsal, that’s changed We wanna just kind of give you guys our decision so that it won’t be looming over us tonight So we’re not gonna have a squad of 36 Look around, look all the way around ♪ I’m a champion ♪ (girls cheering) ♪ I’m a champion ♪ (upbeat pop music) – Guess what? (chuckling) – Woo, I love you guys so much! – I didn’t even get to say congratulations, you’ve all made the team It was the first non-announcement announcement we’ve ever had! ♪ I’m a champion ♪ Congratulations you all made the team! (girls cheering) (upbeat rock music) – I got a chance to roll out the number Now get the chance to close it out It’s my good pleasure to welcome you to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! ♪ You’ve had your fill but the feelings go ♪ – And Miss Victoria (girls cheering) Victoria’s been a rockstar I mean she just came back one of the strongest people in all of training camp (girls cheering) This is the beginning of our new team (girls clapping) – One, two, three, D-C-C woo! ♪ Hey look mom I made it ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ Hey look mom I made it ♪ – Look at my uniform! (mom screaming) (upbeat pop music) ♪ I could dance all night ♪ ♪ To the best song ever ♪ (crowd cheering) (person whistling) – Tonight is our meet the team event and this is the first time that the entire squad is performing together in uniform, on the field ♪ And we danced all night ♪ ♪ To the best song ever ♪ – Tonight is a very great night, it’s emotional, it’s emotional seeing the parents

watching their daughters for the first time I’m extremely happy that we finally have our team – Good evening and welcome to our families and our friends of our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (upbeat pop music) (crowd cheering) We are 24 hours away from our first game So please welcome the 2019 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! (crowd cheering) (upbeat rock music) (smoke whooshing) ♪ Put your arms around me tell me everything’s okay ♪ ♪ Darlin’ hold my hand ♪ ♪ Oh won’t you hold my hand ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I don’t wanna walk on my own anymore ♪ – It’s so crazy being out there and it feels real (crowd cheering) – Families and friends, thank you guys so much for joining us Ladies we’ll see you in the locker room ♪ And I’m strong enough for both of us ♪ We have our team, we’re gonna hang out (crowd whistling) – Oh Victoria! – Bigger than life! – Victoria worked so hard for this It was a definite year of transformation, that’s for sure – Perfect, perfect – My husband’s the one that cried like a baby – Oh! – She’s a future DCC! ♪ There’s no place I’d rather be ♪ – Okay, before you go out there, when you look around your circle, you realize just how special and different everybody’s journey has been to make this team When you step on that turf, remind everybody why y’all world renowned, enjoy it – Yay let’s circle up and– – Shine bright out there! (girls cheering) – The energy in the crowd is crazy already and I just cannot wait to hear them going more crazy when we step out onto the field – DCC let’s go! – [Announcer] Here they are ladies and gentlemen, the all new team, never equaled, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! ♪ Got the green light ♪ (upbeat pop music) (fireworks popping) ♪ Take this home tonight ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh I just want to feel this moment ♪ ♪ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ♪ – Last year getting cut was definitely a time where I was questioning whether or not I’m worthy enough Because I did get beat up not just from myself but from other people so I was questioning whether or not I wanted to go through this process again And I can totally tell you that this was all worth it Going through the first audition process to getting cut to getting back in training camp and finally putting on this uniform and having it be mine was totally all worth it (bright rock music)

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