so we are going to move back on to Exodus and last week Graham covered the passage dealing with the Passover and people putting the blood on their lintels and doors to protect them from the destroying angel that passed through the land today we’re covering the rest of chapter 13 and 14 so because again it’s quite a long, you know a long reading I’m not going to read all of it but I’m going to start by reading chapter 13 verse 17 to 22 and then Tony’s going to do it so crossing the sea when Pharaoh let the people go God did not leave them on the road through the Philistine country that was shorter for God said if they face war they might change their minds and return to Egypt so God led the people around by the desert road towards the Red Sea. The Israelites went up out of Egypt armed for battle Moses took the bones of Joseph with him because Joseph had made the sons of Israel swear an oath he had said God will surely come to your aid and then you must carry my bones up with you from this place after leaving Sukkot they camped to Ethan on the edge of the desert by day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light so that they could travel by day or night neither neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people so just looking at that and just firstly I’m just amazed constantly that out of one book of the Bible we can have so many teachings and so much you you can read a book of the Bible in a day or two days if you you know if that’s what you decided to do but when you take time to just take it and break it down and teach from it and learn from each part there is just so much that is there for us. So God was saying that he knew what was best for his people and Moses listened to him and even when it didn’t make complete sense to him like why would we go the long way why wouldn’t we go the quicker way because then we can get to where God wants us to go quicker but what it’s saying is that we need to listen to what the Lord is saying to us not listen to what our mind is telling us is the best thing to do yeah and it’s so in verse 17 it said God didn’t lead them the direct route as it if that would have meant facing the Philistines and they weren’t ready they were slaves they just come out of years of captivity and they they weren’t ready for war they weren’t ready to to fight and it but he was going to form them into a nation and that’s what God’s aim was he had a plan and sometimes we look at the here and now and we think I I don’t understand maybe that I’m sick I’m not really hearing God but Moses knew that he’d heard God he listened to God and he took that back to the people and the people listened and they followed him and they went into yeah yeah you know sometimes we think with the natural mind this is the obvious way and the obvious route the quickest route and I wonder what the people thought when Moses said no we’re not we’re not going straight and we’re gonna do a right turn yeah it didn’t make sense the natural mind and you know very very often in life were in situations like that where to the natural mind we think why Lord what’s going on it’s only in the course of time that we see the wisdom of God yeah at work in our lives you know we’ve had times of delay in our lives times whether you know the flash is itching to do something you know it might be a move or a house sale or something you’re planning for or hoping for and it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen and we have to really really trust God in those times that he knows what he’s doing with our lives yeah Thank You Tracy I accept that gift

of preaching it’s not my favorite thing but hey you know I’m here and I’m doing it young yeah so God’s presence was there to protect and guide them while he shaped them into a nation ready to go forth and take the land and the cloud was there to guide them so every day the cloud would move and the people knew that they had to follow the cloud the cloud would stop and they knew that they had to stop and build camp and stay until the cloud moved on again and God’s presence was with the people all the time and that’s how he was showing them what I wanted to do and even at night when they couldn’t see the pillar of cloud excuse me because it was dark he gave a pillar of fire that light lit them lit their way let them help them to feel secure and safe out where they were yeah it’s the other you know that that that cloud that pillar like Hurst was saying it was a presence of God yeah and all of these things are there for us to speak to us and just as the pillar was there from the mum and the people now God’s presence with them to guide them and to protect them and we we want you know as we were preparing and praying about this we really felt it’s important to appreciate that the presence of God is with you the presence of God is over your home protecting you and guiding you yeah and I think during this time right now it’s it’s scary isn’t it and we we don’t know what the end is gonna be we don’t know what the Prime Minister is gonna say for the next step of what’s going to happen and in that as well as trusting in the human leaders that God has given us we also above that have to trust in God and we have to say Lord I’m believing and trusting in you I’m trusting in you that you will keep me safe and that we will go in the right direction okay and just as God’s protection was there for the Egyptians its Egyptians yes then also God’s protection is here with us and he is here and we’re praying for his protection in our health and mental health and mental health is really important it’s and more and more these days people are understanding that mental health is just as important as our physical health is also there to protect our finances and our relationships our relationships in this time under pressure aren’t they you know living in a house with the same people or living on your own it can cause tension and issues to rise up but we have to keep trusting God and asking him to give us grace in this time to manage whatever situation and circumstances we find ourselves in so yeah we are praying for you all and we all have a time of praying for people specifically at the end as well yeah yeah amen okay so moving on to chapter 14 and again it’s a long passage don’t want to read the whole passage but will dip in and out okay so the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak to the children of Israel that they turn in camp before pie ha here off over got that right between the mental legacy opposite Barlow’s Ephraim you shall camp before it by the sea for Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel they have being bewildered by the land the wilderness has closed them in verse 5 it was told the king of Egypt the people had fled and heart Pharaoh and his servants was turned against the people and they said why have we done this that we have let Israel go from serving us so he made ready his chariot and took his people with him and the

Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt and he pursued the children of Israel and the children of Israel went out with boldness wow I like that I’m gonna pause right there that they’re children of Israel went out with boldness I love that you know after being subjugated for 400 years of slaves this was their time this was their day and they weren’t going to kind of sneak out they weren’t gonna slink out they were going out boldly and what a way to start you know I think when you come to Christ you’ve got to do it boldly I remember when I came to know the Lord you know it was a little bit secret and private and I remember the Lord challenging me to share my faith to be bold about why I’ve done and remember the first time or a couple of times actually sharing the Lord with someone in my heart thumping in my chest you know and getting so under pressure and then finding that they would just look at me and say oh that’s great you know tell me more or that’s interesting and and suddenly I realized hey this is this is fine there’s no problem so verse let’s just look at him verse 10 Pharaoh drew near the children of Israel lifted their eyes and behold the egyptians marched after them so they were afraid and the children of Israel cried to the Lord and they said to Moses because there were no graves in Egypt have you taken us away to die in the wilderness why have you dealt with us to bring us up out of Egypt is this not the word that we told you saying let us alone we may serve the Egyptians you know slavery and cinders terrible things to you it can really mess with your mind you can end up preferring the prison – of sin and an addiction and dependency and dysfunctionality than then freedom freedom is comes with responsibility and you know these people were conditioned to a slave mentality for so long they they were up and down and you know they see the Egyptian army and fear enters their heart and Moses said oh I love this fear not God’s Word throughout the scripture throughout the Bible is consistent fear not fear not fear not god never reinforces your fear he always challenges so minces fear not don’t be afraid and Moses ministered to the people who said don’t be afraid stand still don’t go back don’t don’t panic and see the salvation of the which he will accomplish for the Egyptians you see today you should see again no more the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace and the Lord said to Moses why do you cry to me tell the children of Israel to go forward lift up your rod and stretch out your hand over the sea and divider and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea we just want to draw a little truth here before we move on you know there’s a time to stand and there’s a time to walk and Moses rightly said hey stand your ground don’t go back stand still God’s gonna show up and deliver us and then the Lord says okay now I want you to move forward because they had received the instruction God said move forward I’m gonna deliver you go forward lift up your rod over the Red Sea when you get instruction it’s time to move but when you don’t get the instruction and you’re seeking God and you’re in that funny in-between place it’s really important to stand and in life there’s a time to stand and there’s a time to walk you know as we’ve been looking at the feedings the great message of Ephesians is of our position in life we seated with Christ in heavenly places we walk in the spirit and then Ephesians 6:10 finally my brethren stand so there’s a time to walk and it’s time to stand and many times in our life we’ve not know what to do not known the direction to take sometimes with our children sometimes with you know finances or church situations or family and you have to stand I remember when our son was 13

or 14 and had a scary way and just just mention that one so one of our children had this really scary incident the baffled us and the doctors from a few weeks and it was really frightening because we were we found out that he had a tumor in his lung but we didn’t we didn’t know if it was malignant if it was benign if if we just didn’t know we didn’t know what it was or why it was there but obviously it was scary and you know you’re also dealing with child who they themselves have questions and concerns and and you have to give them peace and security well as well being honest with them but you need to just have faith and peace in that time and I remember being really scared but knowing that even though I was afraid the only place that I could turn to was God because he had the answers and he was the only person who is going to be able to give me peace at that time because the professionals couldn’t give us peace and it was only then through the amazing work of Birmingham Children’s Hospital who once they soar started to action something it very quickly all happened and he had surgery and it didn’t go the way they thought it would and he was down there they thought it would be about an hour and a half it was over five hours that he was down there and you can imagine his parents that is a really frightening time and so for me my focus was not just focusing on what what was happening with our son but it was also about trusting and praying for God’s peace and wisdom presents and guidance for the surgeons during that time and then waiting for the answer to find out what it was what it was yeah so from the time he had this x-ray and there was a tumor in his lung the size of an ostrich egg yeah I’m you imagine that and then we had like three to four months of complete uncertainty naturally over your child and you know we look we all go through stuff like yes we’re pastors we’ve been pastoring for 30 years doesn’t make us immune from the challenges of real life and it’s in those times where you can’t actually do anything but like here you know Moses said stand still and see the salvation of God and there are always seasons in life where like now you know we can’t actually do anything we have to wait and stand still and see the salvation of God and we will come out of this yeah so yeah we praise God for His goodness and faithfulness but it didn’t make it any easier it doesn’t necessarily make it easy you know yeah but you have to you have to stand but then there’s a time when God says to move yep and that can be scary can’t it you know I’m sure this this was a scary time um yeah you imagine the Pharaohs army behind you and the sea in front of you know where to go it looked impossible that’s the time where you have to completely trust in the Lord yeah so verse 21 Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the Lord caused the sea to go actually let’s just read verse 20 cuz that’s powerful it came so it came between no let’s go over at verse 19 the angel of God who went before the camp of Israel moved and went behind them the pillar of cloud went before them from being before them and stood behind them and it came between the camp and the camp of Israel thus it was a cloud and darkness to the one and gave light by night to the other so that the one did not come near the other Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the Lord caused the sea to go back by strong east wind all that night and made the seed of dry land and the waters were divided the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea on the dry land and the waters were award to them on their right and the left the Egyptians pursued and went after them into the midst of the sea all Pharaoh’s horses and chariots and his horsemen and it came to pass in the morning watch that the Lord

looked down upon the army of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and cloud and he troubled young Egyptians I love this bit o my sister god bless you my sister in new zealand i’ve just seen is it is tuning in hi Caroline the other side of the world we love you and he got completely distracted and he took off the chariot wheels so they drove them with difficulty and the Egyptians said let us flee from the face of Israel for the Lord fights for them against the Egyptians and the Lord said to Moses stretch out your hand over the sea that the waters may come back upon the Egyptians on their chariots and on their horsemen and Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and when the morning appeared the sea returned to his full depth while the Egyptians were fleeing into it so the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea the waters returned covered the chariots and horsemen and the army of Pharaoh but the children of Israel walked on dry land in the midst of the sea and the waters were a war to them on the right hand and on the left the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore thus Israel saw the great work which the Lord had done in Egypt and the people feared the Lord and believed the Lord and his servant Moses Wow well in in this last sort of section of passage day we just want to unpackage a couple of things really where do we begin the first thing to say is is a reminder that the whole of the the Old Testament and these events of the people of Israel are written for us the Bible was written for us the Old Testament was written for us I just want to remind you that in 1 Corinthians we’ve read this before but this is so so important that the word is typology so the the drama of Israel leaving Egypt which was real it wasn’t a story it wasn’t a fairytale like Graham said last year sorry like last week like Graham said last week you know it wasn’t just put there as a nice sort of illustration of something it happened it was historical it was real it was true and God has lessons in there which are types but for us so 1 Corinthians 10 I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud all passed through the sea they were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and the sea they ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink for they drank the spiritual rock that followed them and the rock was Christ and then down there verse 11 now all these things happened as examples and were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come so all of that is is written for us and this drama of the exodus is a type or picture of salvation our salvation and what we see here is that in salvation there are there are two sides of a coin judgment and grace and they go together and you can’t have one without the other yeah and there’s this idea today that you know we can invent God according to our own thinking and image and our own liking he’s a man-made God that many people want to invent he’s got to be kind he’s got to be like a big uncle in the sky he just overlooks things and and he just wants to do us good and dish out candy and you can think what you want do what you want as long as you don’t mean any harm that’s fine but this could be further from the truth and we have we cannot worship a God that we construct in our own image we have to understand that there is a God who who reveals his ways and we see that ultimately in the cross and Jesus came not just to be loving and kind but to show grace but grace doesn’t work without judgment there’s no grace of Mercy unless you’ve been rescued from something yeah you know and the thing is and this is what people some people struggle about so

much is that God is a righteous and holy God and he judges sin and we are accountable to him and when I came to know the Lord it wasn’t just like coming to some kind uncool I realized I’ve fallen into the hands of the God of heaven and earth oh my gosh I needed a savior and I saw that Jesus took my sin on the cross and he bought what I deserved he was judged so that I didn’t have to be judged and that was the grace that was the mercy of God so in this act of deliverance for me the same act that saved the people of Israel judged the arming of Pharaoh the waters of the Red Sea did two things and the cross does two things the waters of the Red Sea provided a path of salvation and deliverance of the people but only because those were same waters cut them off set them free delivered them from the army of Egypt which God judged and destroying and so when we come to Christ and this salvation this great salvation we enjoy it needs a deep and profound appreciation of the God that we serve and the God that we love again you know last week Graham brought this out and the whole issue of the of the blood on the doorposts and the lintel the people had to apply that blood and there’s another drama right there being acted out of of an animal being sacrificed as a substitute the an animal gave its life and provided its blood and they took that blood and they applied it and in our day it’s not the blood of animals it’s the blood of Jesus but it’s applied to our lives and I I wonder I want to give you one one more scripture to kind of bang this home and again this this is the thing about the Christianity it’s it’s offensive there’s no two ways about that a lot of people find it offensive they always have they want the idea of all this blood and death and and you know the sacrifice of Christ on the cross the graphic cruelty his suffering and death it’s it’s like no we just want to airbrush that out the idea that God the Father and Son and spirit were involved in this together yikes we don’t like all that stuff you know but it’s raw and it’s real and I’m Paul says in in Romans chapter 5 he says verse 8 God demonstrates his love toward us in the world we were yet sinners Christ died for us much more than having been justified by his blood are we saved from wrath through him you know people say oh god save me from my sin God save me from the devil God save me from my my you know bad language she’s saved me from my lustful thoughts he saved me you know from my mental health issues all of that may be true but do you know what the first thing that you were safe from was actually the wrath of God it’s true you we’re saved from God’s wrath that’s what the blood does first of all that’s what the the the parting of the Red Sea did it saved the people from God’s judgment his righteous judgment and oh my friends that we will be so much stronger in the Lord and you know found it in our Christian faith if we understand these really really basic simple truths of the nature of the gospel the nature of our salvation it’s just so awesome so amazing every day i am i live in gratitude and appreciation nation of cuts goodness and grace yes somebody’s put up there you cannot

airbrush the reality of his sacrifice you can’t do it yeah and you know they’ve been people that try and reinvent what Jesus did oh it was just thick sacrifice he was just showing an example of love it was unfortunate and God brought lessons out of it no my friend that’s not what it was about Paul says God was in Christ not counting our sins against us but he gave himself for us on the cross oh this is so important you come yeah you know somebody’s asking and what version you’re reading from and it’s a new King James Version just in thank you new King James and we have the NIV yeah so we love them all we love them all amen so the last thing we want to share from this passage is about baptism because the drama of deliverance from Egypt is actually a picture of water baptism and that’s what Paul said in the passage we read in 1 Corinthians 10 they were baptized into Moses in the Red Sea and we are baptized in water and our baptism in water does exactly the same thing as what happened to the people of Israel baptism is a cutting off yeah baptism is a freedom from our past the people of Israel came through the Red Sea that the Red Sea closed over them and if God hadn’t delivered them they they would have perished in the water and water of baptism is a is what is it is a picture of burial Paul says in Romans 6 we were buried with Christ in Baptism baptism is burial except instead of putting someone in in the ground and cover them with earth we do it with water but the reality is the same the baptism is the going down if you if you didn’t bring them up they really would die and that’s what the drama of baptism is showing just as the people went through the waters of the Red Sea we go through the waters of baptism and our baptism is as real and powerful and effective as what happened to Israel when they went through the Red Sea your baptism your water baptism cuts you off from your past it sets you free as dramatically as the people of Israel were set free from their slavery to Egypt your baptism cuts you off from the devil’s power it cuts you off from demonic power it cuts you off from sin it cuts you off from the world because Egypt is was a picture of the world it’s worldly values it’s worldly culture and God brought them out of that and so we have the blood of the Passover and immediately after the waters of baptism and you know what salvation is a whole package salvation is a is a job lot now I when did you get baptized held of you I was 1516 yeah but you’ve come to know the Lord before yeah when I was 13 yeah yeah so oh so nights similar she came to know Lord at the age of thirteen baptized company years later I came to know the Lord at the age of twelve I was baptized at the age of sixteen and in the sea in southend-on-sea in anything I was cold it was April 1972 and it was cold in fact it wasn’t just cold there was a the waves were rising the guy who baptized me whereas a Jewish convert a beautiful man of God called Dave masters and and he took a bunch of us into the sea to baptize us it was perishing Lee cold and that the swell was so great he didn’t really have to put us down he just stood us there and a wave came along and swamped us but but the point is this there was no need to wait two years three years if we had understood this we should have got baptised straight away Peter said that on the very painting cost when they said what must we do when the people who heard him preach what

must we do to be saved he said repent be baptized in water and you’ll receive the Holy Spirit and the people of Israel they they came through the Passover you know the the they were delivered from the destroying angel and they came out of Egypt straight away through through the Red Sea and out and under the cloud of the presence of God so it was immediate and it was powerful and we want to challenge you really today two things have you given your life to Christ do you know a God who has judged sin and set you free and giving you a renewed mind and his his presence in your life have you ever done that if you haven’t you can do that and we’d love to lead you in a prayer but secondly have you been baptized in water have you experienced the cutting off of the world the flesh and the devil from your life because the Red Sea drama is a powerful picture of just that and if you have been baptized that is wonderful today’s message will cause you to be more glad and appreciative than ever of what God has done in your life but if you have we just want to encourage you to get baptized now it’s difficult right now yeah in the lockdown but you know we right yeah we did yeah but we will as soon as we can we will get another one organized yeah we will we will get on it and we will gladly baptize you which we do regularly alive spring church the baptisms are wonderful wonderful occasions yeah and you know baptism is for believers so people ask do we baptize children if if they believe if they’re old enough to have a real testimony of believing the Lord that we baptize them but we don’t christen infants because they need to make people knew we need to make their own decision and that’s really important we it’s not that we believe in adult baptism we believe in believers baptism yeah so that’s the important issue with children we do a dedication service where we get families up with their children and we just commit them to God and ask the church to help us to raise our children in a godly way because it doesn’t just take like one person doesn’t just take one person to raise a child as it the saying goes it takes a village you know it takes a community and that’s what we want to be we want to be people who are gonna help our children yeah yes yeah yep believe and be baptized so you don’t have to pray anymore about that you don’t have to say well I’m gonna ask the Lord Jesus what well if he wants me to be baptized his word is already told us all who believe him our baptized will be we need to obey the Lord Jesus his command to be baptized and Joanne starburns god bless you good good to see you and praise the Lord so we’re gonna finish now with some prayer yep and also just about the children Laura Rosie and Becca are doing a great job and getting some families involved as well in doing a family devotion time they’re doing an Instagram page where you can send things in and they are sending out children’s work interactive videos and things that we can watch each week with our children with activities to do and just helping them with their faith during this time yeah so do make sure we honestly we just want to honor our amazing team as mum and dad of life spring ministries which is the umbrella

for all the churches that we are involved in an overseeing we want to bless everybody particularly here at LifeSpring Church Wolverhampton and really really we just we love you and honor you and thank you for all the hard work you’re doing and do make sure your children are getting involved in that I just I just want to be there’s so many great comments coming up here here’s one Thank You Toni I never thought of God’s wrath I’m completely grateful for the forgiveness of my sin the pain Christ endured for my sin Wow today I’m convicted about the wrath of God and then she says something really interesting the image of Noah’s Ark thank you Jesus for the forgiveness of my sin and sparing me from your wrath exactly right Noah’s Ark is another type of baptism because the waters that judge the world save Noah the same water the same act of God for one was judgment for the other was salvation the same water that that bore Noah and his family up in their Ark judged the world that he left behind and when it came out that ark he came into a new world an unrecognizable world he went through the water with his family and out into a new creation and that that’s again another powerful illustration of baptism so thank you for all that yeah we must we must get on and pray now yeah yes thank you yeah we’ll do the prayer of salvation and then while I’m doing that if verse Allah can note any prayer requests that pop up okay and then she’ll lead us in those prayer requests I don’t know if you know you might need to write something down but so what while I’m praying for anyone who wants to give their life to Jesus if you’ve got prayer requests we will try and capture them and then we’ll cover them before we close up today so if you haven’t given your life to the Lord or if you’ve never appreciated that salvation is involves a judgment on sin and that God saved you from his righteous judgment on sin if you’ve never appreciated that perhaps you want to come into an awareness of that today by praying this prayer okay so we’re gonna lead you in that pray after me to commit your life to Christ oh I just feel the Holy Spirit moving in people’s hearts right now God loves you his love is real and raw it cost him the life of his son God gave his best for you in Jesus and he wants you to give him your all to him today you pray this prayer after me Heavenly Father thank you that you love me with a real love not a soppy love but a powerful love that sent Jesus into this world to take my place I come to you today I ask you to forgive me of my sin deal with my pride and self-sufficiency take away my guilt and shame I trust you for my salvation I believe on your name and receive you Lord Jesus into my heart today thank you for loving me thank you for hearing me oh man our men you know you can tell us if you prayed that prayer you can put a comment oh that would be awesome that’s your way of testifying that you’ve received Christ and we’re very happy to see that amen god bless you yeah enjoy the rest of your day thank you bye bye

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