Good day to all of you! For this video, we will make part 2 of of the baked sushi We have here our guest, Era’s Journey Hello! She will help us a simple way on how to make a baked sushi Join us until the end because we have the list of costing For us to know how much will be our earnings So if you are interested in this video, just stay tuned And enjoy watching! Tipid Tips Atbp Spicy Tuna Baked Sushi So if you have watched part 1 of our California Maki, I thought that it will be better if we sell it in front of our house if it has a partnered dish To help us, we asked for an idea from Era’s Journey on what will be a good partner for the California Maki What do you think is a good partner for our California Maki? Actually, there are a lot of varieties in making this sushi But when you search it on Google, the top 10 includes California Maki and Spicy Tuna So those are the top 2 So marketing-wise, it will be easier to sell it to people Also to the Filipinos, they are already familiar with that taste already Aside from that, it is nice if we have a variety because the other one, California Maki, is somewhat sweet, somewhat creamy While this spicy tuna, on the other hand, it’s spicy, and creamy And we can easily find our main ingredient, which is Century Tuna We can find this at the grocery, in the store, anywhere Let us start from the ingredients and our procedure And if you are already excited, let us start Ingredients for Spicy Tuna Baked Sushi We will be using ½ kilogram of rice This is the Japanese Rice But you can also use local rice like Philippine Dinurado Rice ½ tablespoon of white sugar ½ tablespoon of vinegar Any vinegar will do I am using the Nipa Palm vinegar And we will also use 2 cans of Century Tuna The size of this is 150 grams 2 tablespoons of Sriracha But if you can’t find this, hot sauce will do This can be bought at the grocery, or at Korean stores 3 tablespoons of Kewpie This can be bought at the supermarket, or at Japanese/Korean stores 1 tablespoon of liquid seasoning But any soy sauce will do ½ tablespoon of sesame oil And now, we will cook Homemade Furikake But in part 1, we didn’t cook this there If you don’t want to be hassled, you can use this instead Our ingredients can be simple found because you can buy this all at the grocery Era and I will teach you on how to cook this And the ingredients we need are: 3 sheets of Nori (or Sea Weed) It’s this one We just cut it into small parts You can find this at the grocery and at Korean stores ¼ cup of sesame seed 3 tablespoons of black sesame seed 2 tablespoons of white sugar 2 teaspoons of rocksalt And again, we will use this 1 tablespoon of sesame oil And for the toppings, we will use Quickmelt cheese We will just slice from that later And this Nori or seaweed (or lettuce) We will just cut this later So now, let us start our procedure So our first step is cook the ½ rice When we cook this, the same as cooking normal local rice Rinse the rice well before we cook it While we are cooking the rice, let’s cook the tuna so we can maximize our time Heat the pan and transfer the Century Tuna Can we use other (brands of) tuna? Any tuna will do Others use the raw fish itself, while others buy the tuna available at the grocery store But for today, we can save more if we use Century Tuna So it is not difficult to find since – Yes because even in the stores, they have it there already For it to taste spicy, we will add 2 tablespoons of Sriracha Once we have placed the tuna, we could add this right away? Yes So we will add them simultaneously Okay, it’s easy. It can be cooked immediately Yes For the seasoning, let’s add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, or liquid seasoning Then stir it occasionally After that, put in ½ tablespoon of sesame oil And our last ingredient for this tuna is the Kewpie So let’s add in 3 tablespoons (of Kewpie) One Two Three We can now stir it Cook it at low heat

How will we know if this tuna is ready for our toppings? When it is already boiling, you can remove it from the fire So it’s boiling, is this okay? Shall I turn off the fire? Yes, that’s okay already Okay. So that’s how simple the spicy tuna is Okay, now our spicy tuna is ready It smells so good already So now, we will set this aside first Era, what will we cook next? The next thing that we will do is the Furikake So, for others, as we said, you can buy these already But if you can’t find these, we will help you do it That is what I will ask you What is Furikake? So, Furikake is a Japanese seasoning It usually consists of sesame seed, Nori, sugar, salt That is usually the condiments they use in the food they eat They usually top it in their rice, in their soups, sometimes, they use it in their popcorns So there. It is just very easy to make And the ingredients are very easy to find So let us start In low heat, let us first cook our sesame seeds The fire should be low because it is easily toasted We will cook this until it is golden brown There are different ways on how to cook Furikake Others put wasabi powder, chili powder, or miso powder Sometimes, they put dried fish But this dish that we will cook today is just a simple Furikake recipe It has different flavors Yes What will we add next when it turns brown? The next thing that we will add is black sesame For this one, we will just cook this as well Let us add in our sugar and salt Let us add the salt After that, let us put in our Nori sheets And stir it And our last ingredient is sesame oil So we will add half tablespoon of sesame oil We can cook these ingredients quickly Yes We will just stir this So let us add in the sesame oil You will know that it is cooked when you can smell the sesame seeds, then our Nori is already crispy So when you see that it is cooked already, you can store it in a container It should have a lid right? Yes, it should have a cover So it will not soften immediately Yes You can store it in a container so it will not spoil Ok now, our rice is cooked But before we start, we will first measure the ½ kilogram, on how many cups or orders it can produce so we will not estimate in our costing later So let us measure it first, Era By the way Era, does the rice have to be always served hot? Because for example, if we are to sell this in front of our house, does it always have to be served hot? It doesn’t have to be always hot because what will happen is, we will still cook it in the oven Actually, you can store it in a container already If you leave it in a rice cooker, if you always keep it warm there, what might happen is it will be burnt It is okay if it’s just in a container So you don’t have to keep the rice warm Yes, because we will still cook it So this is the last cup We will produce 6 cups from a half kilogram of rice That means, our ½ kilograms of rice, we can produce 3 orders because we are only putting 2 cups (of rice) per order Wow, it’s amazing Now, we are done with our rice We measured it already on how many orders we can produce The next thing that we will do is to season the rice But since we are only making 1 order, Era and I will only get 2 cups of rice Then we will transfer back the 2 cups of rice and we will season it Or if you are going to do this as your business, you can prepare 2 orders already So that if someone buys, it is already ready and you can sell it to them immediately And at the same time, you won’t worry if you might waste the rice you cooked because this is just easy to prepare Let us just set this aside So Era, now, how do we season the rice? So the seasoning of the rice, we will put sugar, and then, we will put in our vinegar After that, we will just stir it all in Your rice should be mixed well Yes That’s how simple this step is We will now put it back here and we will now prepare our store Okay now, Era and I finish preparing the things we will be needing Now Era, let’s say that we are already selling in front of our house Let’s say that this is it We are already in front of our house, or we already have a table here, Or we already have a stall What do we have to do first if we are to sell in front of our house? Do you still remember, from part 1? Yes. So the first thing that we need to do is we should have signage It’s better if our signage has a photo so that people around us are aware that we are selling a new product,

and they are able to picture out what product you are selling Second our surrounding should be clean most especially because the product you are selling is food That’s correct And for it to be more attractive Third, the materials we need should be prepared near us So it’s better, for example, this one should be in the chiller next to the California Maki so that the ingredients are within your reach You won’t be confused and the customer won’t see you rushing to get your ingredients That will be our set up Just like what Era said, (the materials) should be near us The container of rice, the container (for the baked sushi), and the ingredients should be inside the cooler And the toppings as well, are placed here on top And these ingredients, should have a label. Right, Era? Because we have a first video of the California Maki, then we also have this spicy tuna Thus, there should be labels so that the seller, won’t get confused We’re okay with that The next thing that we will do, Era, is how we will prepare it when someone is already buying Yes Now, our store is already set up Era, how will we prepare our baked sushi? So the first thing that we should do is to wear gloves So we are preparing in a neat way Second, we forgot to tell this earlier, you should have water in a container prepared here for your utensils Now, we will put our 2 cups of rice Just like in our first video, 2 cups of rice, is equivalent to a 9″ by 7″ medium-sized aluminum tray We will put 2 cups of rice In this part, we will just flatten it It’s that simple You should flatten it properly so that it will look nice Next, we will add the Furikake So, this Furikake, maybe, about a half tablespoon only because this will serve as the first layer So here, we will only put half tablespoon in the first layer of Furikake Later, we will add more This is what we cooked earlier, the homemade Furikake The next layer that we will put is the spicy tuna This spicy tuna that we will put is enough for a medium-sized tray When you think that you already master your business, you can make more of this But if you are to put it in a medium-sized tray, is equivalent to 1 cup of this So now, we will put it on top The one we cooked, which is only one order, it already has so much toppings That’s why, it is so delicious, right Era? [agrees] Then we will still add cheese later That’s why it is so creamy Overload [agrees] There. As you can see, it has generous amount Because when you look at it, the rice is not visible anymore So now, Era finished putting on the toppings (spicy tuna) The next thing we will put is quick melt cheese Actually, we have divided this into two because one box (of cheese) can be consumed for 2 orders There are different ways of putting that Others just slice it in half then they will put it in here But it is better if you will grate it so that, the whole baked sushi is covered with cheese Correct Correct You just need to spread the cheese properly so that the customer can see that it has a generous amount (of cheese) Also, the one you will use, like this, should be of a smaller size so that it will not make a mess Because ours is already making a mess Another thing that is important here is you have to give a generous amount of cheese And don’t regret using your cheese because the earnings here are very high and the capital is very small So that, the spicy tuna baked sushi is more delicious We have placed the quick melt cheese We will now put Furikake in it We will put 1 tablespoon of Furikake The last toppings or layer that we will put is the Japanese mayonnaise Now, this is when you will ask your customer if they want to add more spicy or Sriracha in their baked sushi Now, Era and I finished preparing our spicy tuna baked sushi We will now put it in the oven But since we will not be using an oven, and we will be using an improvised (oven), we will be showing that to you Since we will use an oven, Era, what temperature shall the oven be set to? So, the temperature we have to set in our oven should be 200 Celcius You will pre-heat it Then you will bake it for 8 to 10 minutes For those who will use an oven We will now prepare our improvised oven We will use this as the improvised oven We will use a pan I will use a tin molder (llanera) to place our baked sushi on top Let’s place our baked sushi Make sure that the lid will surely cover it or the baked sushi is really covered

so that the heat will not go out Let’s get back on that Let’s bake it for 5 to 8 minutes or we will check if the cheese is already melted We will now check our baked sushi if it (the cheese) is melted There Wow The cheese has melted So this is ok We haven’t baked the spicy tuna for 5 minutes yet Okay. There The spicy tuna baked sushi is delicious There, the cheese has already melted Now, our baked sushi is cooked And what we will do now is we will put a cover on top There are two different types (of cover) we can use Just like how Era and I made it in part one, the foil, and the cling wrap But for us, we will use cling wrap because for us, cling wrap is better because you can see what’s inside, the baked sushi looks more attractive And of course, don’t forget the label, or the logo of our business So that, your baked sushi will be popular Our finished product is okay You can now hand this to you customer And of course, don’t forget to give our Nori sheet We cut this one earlier already as we mentioned in the first part of the video, these are available at Korean stores, or grocery stores, pre-cut Before we proceed to costing, we will have a taste of this quickly if our spicy tuna baked sushi tastes good In scooping this, you can use a Nori sheet, or lettuce If you will make this your business, you can offer to your customers if they like Nori sheets or lettuce Or it can be both, but you will charge an additional amount Let’s go. Let’s start tasting it Let us first try it with Nori sheets Excited It looks delicious because the cheese is really melted Yes And the smell as well [agrees] It makes me hungry This will be quick Wow. Take a look at this You can really see the layers The rice, the tuna, and the cheese Cheers So it’s delicious You can really taste the cheese It’s so creamy And it’s true, it’s really spicy So it’s spicy tuna, so our baked sushi is so spicy We only put 2 tablespoons but we can really taste the spiciness So if the spicy flavor is your favorite, you will really like this dish because there is enough spiciness. Right, Era? [agrees] It is really enough The taste is really balanced Now, Era and I will try this with lettuce It tastes good Then, the good thing here is, the order is expensive, but it is just simple to make [agrees] Right? You can really save much money from this Then if baked sushi is your favorite, if you find it expensive to order outside, you can just make at your own Then, what’s really nice about that is they can make it as their business. Right? Yes It tastes good It is also delicious if you use this, right? [agrees] The lettuce and the Nori, they both taste good for me How about for you? Yes, they are both delicious If you are to make this as your business, you can suggest to them if they like lettuce or Nori But if they like both, you just have to charge for an additional amount Just like what Era said earlier So now, we will start costing, for us to know how much capital we need, to have an idea of how much we can sell this, and how much is our possible earning So now, let us start So in our costing, we will go through our ingredients first First, rice We bought 2 kilograms for 176 pesos In one kilogram of that, we have 88 pesos But since we only cooked a half kilogram of rice So in a half kilogram of rice, which is 44 pesos, we were able to scoop 6 cups 44 (pesos) divided by 6 (cups), is 7.30 (pesos) So the result shows that one cup of rice is 7.30 (pesos) But since we made in a medium-sized tray, we used 2 cups So 7.30 (pesos) times 2, is 14.60 (pesos) So let’s round off the amount we spent on the rice to 15 pesos Next are the sugar and vinegar Let’s say it amounts to 5 pesos 2 cans of Century Tuna, 57 pesos 2 tablespoons of Sriracha, 2 pesos 4 tablespoons of Japanese mayonnaise or Kewpie That’s 20 pesos For the soy sauce and sesame oil that we used, let’s price it at 5 pesos The half box of quick melt cheese we used, that’s 40 pesos For the Furikake we made, as you can see, there are more leftovers of the ingredients we used

We can still use this on more orders So let’s just price the amount we spent at 5 pesos So the Nori is 10 pesos But if you will use lettuce, you will just add the additional amount The total capital for the ingredients we used is 159 pesos The 159-peso capital, let us add 10 pesos for cooking expenses when we cooked the rice and the baked sushi Let us also add 25 pesos for the aluminum tray, for the foil or cling wrap, whichever you used, and the sticker on top Let us also add 10 pesos for the labor since we made it within a short period of time because it is very easy to make Therefore, the total capital is 204 pesos Just like the California Maki, in part 1, you can sell this at 450 to 500 pesos But that still depends on your location The important thing is you will do the costing And in our area here, we can sell this for 400 pesos We will price this at 400 pesos Now, from this, we can possibly earn 196 pesos That is for 1 order only If you will make this your business in front of your house, it is not impossible for you to sell 5 orders in one day since this is very popular nowadays and many are curious about this baked sushi And one more thing is, it is easy to make Thus, it is not impossible for you to sell a minimum of 5 orders within one day For example, we are able to sell 5 orders already, our 196-peso earning, multiply it by 5 Therefore, we can possibly earn 980 pesos within one day For example, you are consistent in selling this, you are able to sell 5 orders in one day, our 980-peso earning, multiply it by 30 days, we can possibly earn 29,400 pesos within one month With just 5 orders, we have huge earning Then if you will be consistent, you will be hardworking, if you will take care of your business, you are decided to earn, it’s not impossible for you to sell 10 orders Let’s say that we are able to sell 10 orders within a day, our 196-peso earning from one order, let’s multiply it by 10 We can possibly earn, 1960 (pesos) So you will just add hard work, perseverance and a little strategy, it is not impossible for you to earn that in just one day Example, we are very consistent in selling, you are able to sell 10 orders in one day, the 1,960 (peso earning), multiply it by 30 days Thus, we can possibly earn 58,800 pesos See. The earnings are very high with just making this simple baked sushi Just take good care of your product, and you will include hard work and strategy, it is not impossible for you to earn that within 1 day or within 1 month Now, Era, do you have more business tips to add for this baked sushi? So my only advice is for you to take advantage of your social media accounts So in the first part of the video, I already mentioned this, that in our area, there are groups there They place their business there So for those who are looking for online deliveries, it’s there. It is already posted in those posts on where they can find, let’s say someone who is selling baked sushi So if you are already popular on those groups, they can easily contact you Or if not in groups, take advantage of your profiles and post the products you make because it can help you a lot And also, lastly, take care of every customer you have because with that one customer, as long as he or she was satisfied, he or she will be the one to advertise you So you still had a free advertisement Just be consistent in making baked sushi that is delicious I hope, in this video, we were able to give a business idea for you Before this video ends, we will just give shoutouts real quick Shoutout to Ma’am Evelyn Realosa She said thanks for the tips Shoutout to family Realosa from Camalig, Albay And shoutout to Ma’am Maria Deluana Channel She was really looking for the recipe of our chicken tocino because she really wants to make it From UAE And shoutout to Sir Alvin Lavin He said that our videos are of great help Shoutout to all of you I hope you continue to be inspired to earn even if you are just at home

And I want to thank Era’s Journey, for being with us here, for teaching us how to make no-bake sushi Thank you for having me in your channel as well I am inviting you to like and subscribe to her Youtube channel, Era’s Journey You can also see good content on her channel Do you still have anything to add, Era? Thank you for having me as well in your channel And also, for those who haven’t watched part 1 of this video, link is on the description, down below Also, follow me of Facebook, Era’s Journey And on Instagram as well Okay, thank you very much to all of you! Bye-bye! [applause] [music]

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